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    Total Drama Island 
  • "Not So Happy Campers - Part 1":
    • Once all of the campers have arrived. Chris has them crowd around the end of the dock for a promo shot...
      Chris: Okay. One...two...thr- Oop! Okay, forgot the lens cap! (presses button) Okay, hold that pose... one...t- Oh, wait. Card's full! Hang on...
      Leshawna: C'mon, man! My face is startin' to freeze!
      Chris: Okay! Okay, everyone say 'Wawanakwa!'
      Campers: Wawanakwa! (dock collapses under them) Aaah!
    • Trent and Noah silently walking away from Owen as his desperate attempts to cover up an Accidental Innuendo result in even worse ones.
    • Chris tells the campers that will be using communal bathrooms, Lindsay objects.
      Lindsay: But I'm not Catholic!
      Chris: Not communion, communal.
      Lindsay: Huh?
      • Compated to the edited version of the above:
      Lindsay: Where's the spa? I'm confused.
      Chris: Wow, that's a...shocker.
      Lindsay: Huh?
    • DJ's reaction to the first challenge:
      DJ: Oh, shit.note 
  • "Not So Happy Campers - Part 2":
    • Courtney trying to cover up Katie and Sadie's poison ivy incident.
      Leshawna: Aren't you missing two white girls?
      Courtney: They're getting a drink.
      Harold: Yeah, if they drink with their butts.
      Ezekiel: (laughs) That's funny.
    • The montage during the hot tub building challenge in the second episode, where it cuts from the Killer Bass' Teeth-Clenched Teamwork to the Screaming Gophers' perfectly synchronized co-operation.
    • The Reaction Shot of Harold, Noah, and Cody gaping in shock and then quickly backing away from Katie and Sadie after Ezekiel makes his infamous sexist remark.
    • Leshawna and Heather's argument is so over-the-top you can't help but laugh at it.
  • "The Big Sleep":
    • Gwen and Trent, two of the only campers still awake, begin a conversation, as they begin to bond romantic music plays in the background and it's a very sweet scene. And then, with no warning whatsoever Owen sleepwalks right past them. Completely naked. Cue the most horrified, traumatized expressions ever.
      Owen: (in the confessional) Did I mention that I ate the entire dish of baked beans and maple syrup? Funny thing about baked beans... (twiddles his fingers) they make me sleepwalk.
    • Chef Hatchet in a pink tutu, scattering sleep dust.
    • Chef dressed as a big, fluffy, pink sheep.
    • Owen getting pumped about the challenge:
      Owen: Stay awake for 12 hours? I could do that in my sleep! Woohoo! (falls asleep)
    • When Chris read a book on Canadian history to lull the contestants to sleep. Even funnier is the dramatic build-up;
      Chris: I didn't want it to come to this. I said that to Chef Hatchet last night. I said, "Chef, I don't want it to come to this." But, darn it! These campers are tough! And so, I've come up with the most boring, sleep-inducing activity I can find.
    • Two words: Cody's dream.
    • Two more words: Accidental Kiss.
    • Tyler's Dream, not to mention his reaction afterwards.
    • Owen sleep-swimming with salmon... up a WATERFALL.
    • Gwen and Trent trying to incite a reaction from Justin, especially:
      Trent: Yip! Yip! (flails his arms around) Yip, yip, yip, yip, yip!
    • "Once, upon a time...there was, inside this boring kingdom, a boring village. And inside this boring, sleepy, village, filled with very boring children, who did very boring things..."
  • "Dodgebrawl":
    • Harold's Imagine Spot while getting into the cafeteria, with cameras snapping pictures and everyone excited to see him. Made funnier by some characters acting completely out of character, like Noah, Justin, Heather or even Chris.
    • During the introduction of the episode's challenge:
    Chris: Today's challenge is the classic game of dodgeball.
    Noah: (sarcastically) Gee, throwing balls. Another mentally stimulating activity.
    • Chris getting interrupted while explaining the rules.
      Chris: Remember, the first rule of dodgeball is...
    • Noah "cheering" for his team:
      Noah: Oh sorry. (very sarcastically) Woo hoo! Way to throw those murder balls! Go team, go!
    • Tyler's classic attempt at an insult.
      Tyler: Oh yeah, you're going down! We're gonna bring the dinner to the table, and then we're gonna eat it!
      Other Killer Bass: (Facepalm)
    • Like most reality shows, Chris introduces almost every episode by calling it "the most dramatic" campfire ceremony EVER. At the end of this one, in which Noah, who did nothing to help the team, was voted off...
      Chris: Alright, so it wasn't the most dramatic campfire ceremony ever. But I still get paid! Ha ha, bonus!
  • “Not Quite Famous”:
    • The sudden, abrupt transition from Owen admiring Izzy to Beth aggressively spinning flaming batons.
  • "The Sucky Outdoors":
    • Just look at Duncan in this picture.
    • Katie and Sadie's argument being mimicked by a pair of squirrels.
    • Duncan noticing that Katie and Sadie are missing.
      Duncan: Hey, has anyone seen Tweedle-Dumb and Tweedle-Idiot?
    • And Courtney's explanation for their absence.
      Chris: And it looks like the Bass are missing two fish.
      Courtney: Oh, you mean Katie and Sadie? I'm pretty sure they got eaten by wolves last night.
      Duncan: Darn shame.
    • Geoff trying to hit on Bridgette
      Geoff: Wow, you pitch a tent like a guy!
      Bridgette: (gives him a confused look)
    • Courtney Tempting Fate. Her expression immediately afterward just sells it.
      Courtney: Things could not possibly get any worse!
      (cue a single drop of rain, followed by a heavy downpour. Courtney's face goes neutral before screaming)
    • Izzy, Owen, and Heather getting mad at a bird for tweeting after they slept in a tree
      Izzy: I don't know how raccoons sleep in trees because I am so stiff.
      Owen: They must be really limber
      Heather: You know what crazy girl? I don't wanna hear another word from you, or the bear hunter here. If you two hadn't been acting like bear bait all night, we could've slept in our tent!
      (bird flies on the tent and tweets)
      Izzy, Owen, and Heather: (simultaneously) Shut up! (bird falls off the tent)
  • Duncan apologizes to Courtney for scaring her with the hookhand story earlier in the episode. Courtney maintains that not only was she not scared, there is no such thing as a hookhanded serial killer.
    Duncan: Yeah, you're probably right. (produces a hook from behind his back) Or ARE you?
    • After Courtney storms off, Duncan laughs and folds his arms behind his head - only to wince as he stabs himself with his own hook-hand.
  • Duncan's fear of Celine Deon music store standees in "Phobia Factor".
    Tyler: Dude, she's made of cardboard! Get in the game!
  • In "Up The Creek", Chris starts the race with a starter pistol...and shoots an eagle out of the sky.
    Chris: That's gonna provoke some angry emails.
    • Cody of all people saving the campers from angry geese with a loaf of bread - that he pulls from his nether regions. We later find out he also keeps soda down there.
      Gwen: Why do you have that?
      Cody: I was gonna make us a romantic picnic lunch...
      Gwen: With bread from your pants?
    • Trent falling into quicksand. Cut to Chris laughing his head off in the confession cam, admitting that he set up the quicksand, but didn't think anyone would actually be dumb enough to walk into it.
    • It turns out that Izzy is apparently on the run from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, as they show up in a helicopter to arrest her during the elimination ceremony.
  • "Paintball Deer Hunter":
    • "The rest of you are now deer."
    • Bridgette's upset about 'shooting deer'...until Harold mentions that Heather is a deer. The Mood Whiplash Bridgette goes through is hysterical.
    • The confessional cam segments are sometimes filled with Tempting Fate, none moreso than this one:
      (a bandaged and wheelchair laden Cody is seen in the confessional stall)
      Cody: Okay, I know I got mauled by a bear, but I'm feeling confident about this. Heather's mean as a snake, dude! Her own team shot her like, 18 times! They'll never vote me off.
      (Cut to Leshawna and Owen in the confessional, explaining why they're voting off Cody)
    • Owen monologuing about being in total sync with nature... then realizing he's lying on a snake.
    • DJ really behaving like a deer, he hops on his four and eats grass! Duncan's "WTF?!" face when he begins to do so really sells it.
    • The series is not shy about its groin shots, but the one that deserves special mention is the kick Courtney gives Duncan after he cracks too many jokes about them getting their antlers locked together. A single tear runs down his face, and in a voice two octaves above normal, he quietly whimpers that he can't even bend over in pain.
    • When Cody finally gets cut, Beth volunteers to wheel him down the Dock of Shame (as he's in a body cast from his bear mauling). She says goodbye by planting a kiss on his cheek... which gives him just enough momentum to roll off the dock and into the water.
  • Most of the times Geoff struck out with Bridgette were pretty funny, especially "If You Can't Take the Heat."
    Geoff: Heya Bridge, you look good when you're cooking dinner. Kinda like my friend Evan's really hot mom. (smiles serenely)
  • "Who Can You Trust?"
    • Heather pantsing Gwen, coupled with the look of smug karmic satisfaction on Gwen's face when Heather later gets dumped into a pond of stinging jellyfish.
      Gwen: Sometimes the universe just gives you a freebie. (Gives the sky two thumbs up)
    • Lindsay accidentally poisoning Trent when she messes up the blowfish recipe in "Who Can You Trust?"
      Trent: (slurred) I thought you said you passed biology.
      Lindsay: I said I took biology.
  • "Basic Straining":
    • When Gwen gets word that Chef will be putting them through boot camp:
      Gwen: Whoever's sick, twisted idea it was to put him in charge, all I have to say is... I'm kinda impressed.
    • One challenge had all the contestants, eliminated or otherwise (don't ask; it'll take all day) must dance the dance from, and I'm not kidding here, Michael Jackson's Thriller.
    • Made even funnier when they're dancing to the actual song. Nightmare Fuel does kicks in, however, when you realize the camper's movement is in almost perfect synchronization with the song.
    • Chef trying to comfort Lindsay for forfeiting the challenge...
    Chef: Listen here. You have nothing to be ashamed of. (Puts megaphone close to Lindsay's face) EXCEPT BEING A LITTLE BABY THAT LET YOUR TEAM DOWN!!!!!
  • In "X-Treme Torture," DJ and Trent are forced to skydive. Then Chris pulls out a stack of forms in midair...
    Chris: (shouting over the engine) If you could just sign these...
    DJ: But we already signed insurance forms!
    Chris: Yeah, but these are for organ donation! I have this cool cannibal challenge I wanna pitch to the producers.
    • Harold's speech at the end of the episode:
      Harold: Farewell, Total Drama Island! I loved, I lost, and I saw boobies! What more could a man ask for?
      Leshawna: You're a man?
    • Gwen and Bridgette spend most of the episode trying to find out who wrote a haiku poem to one of the girls at camp. After ruling out their love interests, there's this exchange:
      Gwen: Okay, so the haiku candidates are Duncan, Harold, DJ, or Owen.
      Bridgette: Well we know Duncan was crushing on Courtney, so he's out. And Harold is...
      (both girls watch as Harold emerges from the confessional stall, his pants around his ankles)
      Harold: (in a suave voice) Ladies. (trips on his pants and falls to the ground)
      Gwen: Okay, You take DJ, I'll take Owen.
    • During the moose-riding challenge, Geoff tries to show Bridgette a tattoo he has on his butt, but the moose almost instantly bucks him off, and he lands in a pile of smelly socks. That in and of itself is pretty funny but the real clincher is when Chris calls for an instant complain about his poor make-up job, oblivious to the fact that Geoff is flying over his head, half-naked!
  • "Brunch of Disgustingness":
    • What disgusting thing do the campers eat first? Two words: BULL TESTICLES.
  • "No Pain, No Game":
    • Geoff has to last 10 seconds in a barrel full of lake leeches. When he can't take it any more and finally jumps out:
      Chris: Ooh! Close shave, Geoff! (cut to the timer, which reads 00:09.9999999999999999999) Nine and nine one hundred thousands of a millionth...whatever! It's not ten! You're out!
    • In a few previous episodes, there was a scene of a wolf on a cliff howling at the moon before or after the elimination ceremony. In this episode, Chef Hatchet takes the wolf's place for an unexplained reason.
  • "Search and Do Not Destroy":
    • Gwen and Trent's first kiss being interrupted by Chris and his instant replay.
      "Aww! What a trust-building, heartwarming moment! Did I see tongue?
    • After Heather plans to sabotage Gwen and Trent, the confessional then cuts to Lindsay peeing in the confessional without her noticing the camera. It happens again later in the episode, but this time she noticed the camera and tries to cover her face with her magazine.
    • Owen's key being wrapped around a bear's neck, Chris even saying he was hoping that challenge would go to Owen. Even better, it didn't even open any of the chests.
      • It also seemed like Chris legitimately forgot to mention it as well, not that he probably would, he just forgot.
    • Chef waking up from a dream and complaining that every kid except him gets ponies.
  • "Hide and Be Sneaky":
    • Gwen punching a squirrel.
    • "Who cares about friends? In this world, there are shepherds and there are sheep. And Lindsay is a major sheep. Baaaaaaaah!"
    • Chris asking Chef to demonstrate the power of his super-soaker. Chef obliges...cut to Chris as a tiny speck in the distance, blown away by the water blast. "Not on me, dude!"
    • As Heather and Leshawna fight in the bathroom, Owen and DJ, both standing outside the bathroom at the time, enjoy listening to the sounds of the brawl, but as soon as the guys hear sounds of glass breaking, their smiles drop as they retreat.
    • Izzy mimicking everything Chef does while he's on the hunt. Including scratching her butt.
    • While Bridgette is trying to sneak away, she gets a string of lights caught around her leg.
      Chris: (Watching) Heh heh. I love this show.
  • "That's Off the Chain!"
    • The swear filled "The Reason You Suck" Speech Lindsay gives to Heather is both this and awesome! The highlight is the censored beep that is at five-seconds long complete with the finger. Both times!
      Lindsay: Like how you're a two-faced, backstabbing, lying little (BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!)
      • Everyone's reactions to this is worth mentioning too. Chef, Owen, DJ, Duncan, and a goose of all things are shocked, while Gwen and Chris smile. Heather is stunned for a moment, and when Lindsay finishes by calling Heather's shoes tacky, everyone laughs! Even the goose!
  • "Hook, Line, and Screamer":
    • The serial killer being a Camp Gay wimp.
    • Owen asking Izzy if he'll make it to second base.
      Owen: Owen's not getting to second base, is he?
      (Izzy shakes her head)
      Owen: I didn't think so. First base?
      (Izzy shakes her head again)
      Owen: Is he getting up to ba-
      (Izzy punches him)
    • Geoff mindlessly walking around the camp with Chef, dressed as the serial killer, simply walking behind him. And then Geoff asked him if he heard the ice cream truck!
      Chris: By far, the worst blunder yet.
    • DJ encountering Heather in the communal washroom causes him to run away screaming for a solid 30 seconds before Izzy slaps some sense into him.
      Chris: Dude, you're safe!
      DJ: I am?! (sighs in relief and Chef hands him a water bottle)
      Chris: It's just Chef! (DJ gasps when he sees Chef in costume) He was gonna scare the bejebbers outta you, but apparently, Heather beat him to it.
      DJ: Bro! Did you see her face?! That's some serious ugly goin' on!
      Chris: True, but you still bailed even before Chef got a crack at you.
  • "Wawanakwa Gone Wild":
    • Gwen vs. the Road Runner duck.
      Gwen: Uh... Last time I checked, ducks waddled.
    • Duncan vs. the Raccoonmech.
      Duncan: Whoa... that's more than meets the eye.
    • About Heather and Duncan's alliance:
      Duncan: It's a win-win situation. If she succeeds, I have an alliance. If she doesn't, she gets eaten by a bear.
    • Izzy accidentally shooting Heather with a tranquilizer dart. In the butt.
      • Duncan laughing non-stop in the confessional booth.
    • This exchange:
      Duncan: (to Heather) If you want, you can borrow my chainsaw when I'm done with it.
      Heather: Great, the bear can use it to skin me alive after he's finished mauling me! Thanks.
  • "Haute Camp-ture"
    • Noah and Izzy getting into an Argument of Contradictions when Izzy brings up Noah kissing Cody's ear in "The Big Sleep".
      Noah: Did I get anything out of this experience? No. It was completely and totally uneventful.
      Izzy: (pops up out of the water) He kissed a guy!
      Noah: (agitated) No, I didn't!
      Izzy: Yes, you did!
      Noah: Didn't!
      Izzy: ♪Didddd!♪
      Noah: Did! Not!
      Izzy: (continues to tease Noah by singing "Did")
      Trent: Ahem! I can break this tie; he totally did!
    • Courtney's response to having a coconut dropped on her head:
      Courtney: This is a coconut. We're in Muskoka, people! If you're going to drop props on my head, at least make them geographically correct!
      (cue a sled, a pile of snow, and an Eskimo falling on her)
      Lindsay: (to Eskimo) Are you Tyler?
    • The shear ridiculousness (if not necessarily fairness) of Leshawna's elimination, starting with campers on Loser Beach voting for her because they miss her and escalading to any mention of her name counting as a vote, to Chris counting the "vote" of a parrot. Twice.
  • "Are We There Yeti?":
    • "Oh, good day, Mr. Sasquatchanakwa...." Said by Owen completely nonchalantly before realizing the monster approaching.
    • After Duncan is eliminated, an unending gag of Chef switching back and forth between taking of his Sasquatchanakwa mask and his Chef mask and Duncan's reaction changing back and forth between fear and relief ensues. Makes one wonder just how many masks is Chef wearing at the moment. The sadistic grin on Chef's face is also hilarious.
  • "I Triple Dog Dare You":
    • The sheer horror on Heather's face after she sucked jam out of Owen's belly button.
      • Also, the look on Chef's face as he dumps spoonful after spoonful of grape jelly into Owen's belly button. It can really only be described as a combination of disgust, confusion, and bewilderment at how much jelly Owen's belly button can hold.
    • The sheer amount of dares that boil down to "Lick Owen's X."
    • After Gwen drinks powdered fruit punch from a communal washroom toilet on a dare, Heather begins taunting her about how Trent would need a hazmat squad just to kiss her. A sick Gwen simply belches in Heather's face to get her to shut up.
    • Heather's Humiliation Conga, with her having to drink a puree of Chef's mystery meat, swim with leeches, act like a chicken, slap herself silly, eat a live cockroach, kiss one of Chef's stinky socks in a puppet play rendition of The Frog Prince, get shot out of a cannon into a pile of pig feces, and the coup de grace, have her head shaved by Chef.
    • After a now bald Heather is eliminated for techniqually not accepting the dare, she unleashes a scream of defeat that is loud enough to be heard from Playa Des Losers, followed by the shot of a terrified squirrel that turns its head to the camera while dramatic music is playing.
  • In the final episode, Heather tore off Justin's shirt to distract Gwen so Owen could take the lead. Unfortunately for her, Owen gets distracted too.
  • ALL of the video care packages.
    • Owen's parents are even fatter than he is; in fact, his dad actually tips over the couch with his weight!
    • Duncan's parents are accompanied by his parole officer and list off his offenses (one of which includes him selling his father's hairpieces as pets, which even his mom thought was Actually Pretty Funny). This leads to his dad questioning if they should love him, which leads to an argument and eventually the parole officer asking about one of the crimes Duncan committed (as he apparently didn't know about it).
    • Heather's parents don't miss her at all, and are actually throwing a party and having all of her stuff moved out of the house.
    • Gwen's mom is apparently going through Sanity Slippage without her around, as she had hired a neighbor girl to pretend to be her in her absence. Gwen's brother lampshades this and assures his sister that he had no part in it whatsoever.

    Total Drama Action 
  • After Owen won the first challenge, he got to pick out which trailer the men would get.
    Owen: I'll take... the squashed one! (guys disapprove) What? It has more character!
    (girls cheer)
    Chef (as monster): (steps on the girl's trailer)
    • As for how Owen won the challenge in the first place, he ate all the food the key could be hiding in. It was prop food. Duncan shares our reaction laughing his ass off in the confessional.
  • Beth's Epic Fail of a cheer in "Riot on Set".
    "Owen! Owen! He's our guy! If he can't do it... Uh.... He's not our guy!"
  • One group trying to figure out which way to go.
    Lindsay: North is nice, but East is least, West is best.
    Leshawna: Can't argue with that. Wouldn't even know how to.
  • Leshawna's horrible dancing in "Beach Blanket Bogus", made even funnier by the horrified Reaction Shot we get from the spectators.
    • And Harold happily dancing alongside them.
    DJ: Yeah, I bet I know Leshawna's real nickname back home: La-BOMB-a!
    Heather: Prima balleri-NOOOO!
    Harold: Two words: FUN-KY! (BEAT) What? I loved it!
  • All of the That's Gonna Leave A Mark segments during The Aftermath. You can't help but laugh at Duncan getting hit in the kiwis by a bird.
    • Especially in the Third Aftermath, where the team logos injure people.
    • And then there's the one where Chef bumps his cart into the cart of a yeti who responds by hitting Chef's with a golf club and then giving him the Finger.
  • The scene in "Aftermath: I" where Geoff notices a scared looking Billy in the background of Izzy and Chef's fight scenes, Izzy then cheerfully reassures him that, "I would never hurt that intern." The "Lie" hammer immediately swings down upon her, but she dodges it. We then get several zoom-ins to the poor intern standing off screen, who then silently drops his clipboard and runs for dear life.
  • From "Full Metal Drama", Izzy's alter-ego Explosivo and Admiral Lindsay, Her Hotness. That is all.
  • Pretty much the entirety of "Get A Clue" is hilarious, but the funniest bit occurs when the lights are turned off.
    Lindsay: Something brushed up against my leg!
    Beth: Something brushed up against MY leg!
    Harold: I keep brushing up against things that feel suspiciously like legs!
    • "MUUUUH-DUH!"
    • Harold playing his electric keyboard as a dramatic sound effect.
    Harold: (plays keyboard)
    Courtney: Where's that annoying music coming from?
  • How about Heather trying to cut off Courtney's hair in "One Million Bucks B.C."?
    Heather: (after laughing maniacally) What? I'm not crazy. I'm bald.
  • From "Masters of Disasters": "Hey! You dropped your chips in my pop! Hey! You spilled your pop in my chips!"
    Justin: Where?
    Lindsay: Oh, I love ducks!
    Izzy: ARGH!
  • The Dream Sequence in "The Sand Witch Project" where DJ throws a spoon at Chef, it's Chef's completely unimpressed expression that really seals the deal.
  • Any time Courtney gets beaten by the other campers in challenges because she tried too hard. Especially the times she ends up losing to Lindsay.
  • Duncan, Harold and Heather finding out that the reward for the heist movie that they've been busting their asses over is a special kind of cash which can only be used to purchase tap water.
  • In "Dial M for Merger", Justin tries to calm down Beth by telling her to focus on his beauty, but she starts crying because of the dangerous situation they were in, which convinces him that he's hideous.
    • The final challenge recquires the contestants to disarm bombs by figuring out which tire they should cut. Justin tries to rely on his brain and decides to choose the tires using "Eenie Meenie Miney Moe", which he struggles saying right!
      Justin: OK brain, now's your turn. Eenie Meenie Miney Moe. Or is it Eenie Miney Meenie Moe? Brain, don't be messing with me now!
  • "Super Hero-ld":
    • Chef disguised as the villain sabotaging the contestant's costumes is already funny, but the best part is his reaction when he fails to sabotage Duncan, due to him not using any fabric.
    • The whole superhero presentation, with Chris as the judge, is hilarious. First, he gives Beth 3 points for her (in his opinion) lame power of talking to plants.
    Chris: Seriously. What are you talking about? The best brand of fertilizer?
    • Not only does Justin copy Beth's costume, he also comes up with even sillier ideas for superpowers which aren't even superpowers!
      Chris: Seriously? Wood chips?
      Justin: I can also float. And light a fire as long as I've got matches. And I never stay too close to the flame. Ouch.
      Chris: Lame. Two points.
    • Duncan's costume is the laziest made and it's not even a costume. It's just an eye sticker on his forehead. And he pretends he can see in the future, but...
      Harold: Yeah, right.
      Duncan: Harold is about to experience a painful life lesson (hits Harold).
      Chris: Even I saw that coming. Two points.
    • Courtney arguing with Chris that Lindsay dressed as Wonder Woman wins the challenge for not being original. Also, Chris lowering Courtney's score due to her stepping on Lindsay's invisible (and therefore, imaginary) jet plane.
  • "The Princess Pride":
    • Courtney sings about what her ideal prince will be like, after she sings the line "my prince will tame wild whales", bad boy Duncan breaks a whale in half over his knee. Where did the whale come from? Who cares, it was funny!
    • Speaking of said episode, Chris selling the Princess Courtney CD "call 555-SELLOUT to get your authentic Princess Courtney CD before everyone else downloads it illegally!"
      Harold: I'll take one! I'm going to listen to the beautiful love song and think of LeShawna.
      (later, Harold's in the make-up confessional with a note from LeShawna)
      Harold: (reading) "Yo Harold, if you play that skinny rich girl song and think of me, I'll have to kill you." (stares awkwardly at the confessional camera)
    • "Playing with the Princess Courtney doll is more fun and less dangerous than playing with the real Courtney, guaranteed!"
    • Chris making two Beth dolls kiss.
    • The bit where Justin falls. The way that he suffers is just so damn funny that it's hard not to laugh even though he's suffering.
    • The ending of that episode:
    Chef: Princesses, ATTACK!
  • Lindsay's cheerful but awful singing from "Rock 'n Rule".
  • "Top Dog":
    • Duncan going crazy after being lost in the woods. He ate Courtney's 32-page relationship contract, then came back to camp swinging on a vine like Izzy.
    Courtney: Lord of the Flies, much?!
    • Courtney's cheer.
    "F-I-S-H-Y! You ain't got no alibi! You fishy, uh-huh! You fishy, uh-huh! Come on get your fins up, fins up! Come on get your fins up! Get your fins up!"
  • The barrage of challenges Duncan has to go through in "Mutiny on the Soundstage", such as running through a minefield while wearing a blindfold.
    Duncan: (as he runs) The mines are BURIED! The blindfold is redundant! REDUNDANT!
    • In the same episode, Chef finally discovers the one type of movie that can scare Duncan (since horror movies don't scare him):
    Chef: Now playing... the miracle of childbirth! (The movie begins rolling, and Duncan screams in horror.)
  • In "Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special" the show follows what the cast has been up to since the season ended. Gwen is shown to have started an environmentally conscious blog, alongside Katie and Sadie. Not to be outdone, Heather mocks her rival in a way that's both mean yet funny:
    Heather: (as Gwen) This is the loser Gwen show, where everything always sucks and the world is terrible. (as Katie) Like,! No singing? That is so sad, don't you think Sadie? (as Sadie) I know! It's totally like "oh my gosh!" Isn't it like, awesome how the same we are? (as Katie again) I know! Now look at my butt. (as Gwen) Ugh, how dare you interrupt my loser video blog? (takes out a picture of Duncan) I wish Duncan was here so I could kiss him, even though I'm too scared to tell him much I loove him because I'm too cool! (kisses the picture) P.S, save the whales.
    • Gwen's counter attack when she shows Heather being licked on the mouth by her cat Bruiser, followed by a shot of Bruiser licking his nads.
    • And when they're both at the studio being interviewed by Josh, the following exchange occurs:
      Josh: You've been through so much together, sharing a cabin at a summer camp, a trailer at an abandoned studio. Why not bury the hatchet? Isn't your friendship more important than this blog war?
      Heather: It's just see, Josh, Gwen is a gigantic loser.
      Gwen: (laughs, unimpressed) And Heather's breath reeks like cat butt!
      (the two of them glare at each other for a second, then...)
      Gwen: (tackles Heather and screams)
      Heather: I'm gonna take you down!
      Josh: (excitedly) Cat fight! Cat fight!
    • And from the same episode, the cast trying to figure out how to get to New York:
      Izzy: I think I know the way! But it's not gonna be easy...
      Noah: Yeah, this should be interesting.
      Izzy: Okay, Cody! I need you to gather assorted lengths of lumber.
      Cody: ...Uh, right now?
      Izzy: Owen! Can you track down a medium sized boat motor?
      Owen: (pumps fists) No prob! I'm on it!
      Izzy: (grabs Noah's shoulder) Noah! I'm counting on you for three gallons of diesel fuel!
      Izzy: Perfect!

    Total Drama: Revenge of the Island 
  • "Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!"
    • This season, Chris seems to have acquired a habit of bombing everything he doesn't want to see. Among the many things that exploded in the first episode are the boat the new campers rode in on (while they were in it), the paparazzi, a luxury cabin, and Owen.
    • Staci sinks away below the water and Mike and Zoey come to her rescue. However, they awkwardly offer each other to rescue Staci instead of getting anything done to actually save Staci. In what could've been her last stand, Staci reaches up and grabs Mike, dragging him down until Zoey joins in the rescue.
    • Lightning rescuing Cameron from drowning:
    Lightning: I'll save you, little girl!
    Cameron: I'm a boy!
    • When Chris shows everyone the McLean Brand Chris head for the first time:
    Chris: Is the cleft on my chin really that big?
    Scott: Yep. And it looks like a butt.
    Chris: (scowls) Moving on.
  • "Truth or Laser Shark":
    • To cover for his absence, Scott lies to the guys on his team that he's been out with one of the female contestants. When they ask which one, he replies that a gentleman doesn't kiss and tell. Sam's response? "You kissed a gentlemen?"
    • Chris asks the person whose real first name is Beverly to buzz in and Brick wonders why any girl would be embarrassed about being named Beverly. Then B buzzes in. Chris exposes the team to the mutant shark anyway.
    • "'s your cat!"
    • When Dakota and B are on the chopping block Dakota is viciously filing her nails the entire time.
  • Pretty much all of Scott's and Dawn's interactions in "Ice Ice Baby".
    Scott: No I'm not gonna LISTEN to the snowball, I'm gonna chuck it!
    Dawn: But it's full of negative energy!
    Dawn: You weren't held enough as a child.
    • What makes it is his reaction immediately afterwards.
  • "Ice Ice Baby":
    • The mutant rat taking down the Eagle with Mind over Matter powers and then the campers. Followed up by the reaction to the mutant cockroach.
    • Brick and Zoey using Anne Maria's hair as a moving shield during the snow fort challenge.
  • "Finders Creepers"
    • Brick continuously wetting himself.
    • Sam making funny noises followed by Scott slapping him.
    • What Anne Maria says to Jo when she yells at her:
    Anne Maria: Eesh okay, keep your sweatpants on.
    • After Jo says something to Cameron that isn't straight out mean.
    Cameron: That's the nicest thing Jo has ever said to me. Hey! I'll take what I can get.
  • "Backstabbers Ahoy!":
    • Scott flushes Brick's alarm clock down the toilet. Cue it immediately going off and launching him into the ceiling.
    • When Cameron tries to do a push-up in Backstabbers Ahoy!
    Cameron: Step 1, lie down on the ground. Step 2, "push up".
    (strains, before farting which pushes him back onto the ground)
    Cameron: Awww.
  • "Runaway Model":
    • The teleporting frog.
    • Everything involving the yeti.
    • The icing on the cake has got to be Sam running up the wood steps to the yeti while making video game noises.
  • "A Mine Is a Terrible Thing To Waste":
    • When Cameron gets in the mine-cart:
    Cameron (excitedly): My first time riding the rails!
    Cameron (despairingly): I don't like it!
    • When Jo tells Lightning she's never never kissed a guy:
  • After Chris strands the cast in the middle of the lake, Lightning doesn't get up right away and it leads to:
    Lightning:(Still asleep) Lightning wins the superbowl!(Snores) Yay!
    Jo:Wakey-wakey, muscle mouth! (kicks him into the water)
    Lightning:(Awake and after resurfacing) Ah! Where the cabins go?
  • "Uh... Sha-friends?"
  • "Grand Chef Auto":
    • When the contestants have to steal Chef's go-karts, he calls in the laser squirrels until they turn on him when nuts get involved.
    • Lightning makes a deal with Fang to take him to Scott to get the shark to stop chewing on his butt.
    • Chef manipulates the contestants into vandalizing Mount Chrismore and blames Duncan... who shows up and blows the entire thing up.
  • In "Up Up and Away", Heather tries to play the same trick she did in last season's finale by pretending to cry and then beating her opponent down when they start to show sympathy, this time on Lightning. Except it takes multiple hits to get him down.
    Lightning: (gets smacked) AH! What is wrong with- (gets smacked) You're crazy. (gets smacked)
  • Zoey's Out-of-Character Moment in "Up, Up and Away in My Pitiful Balloon", when she sees the briefcase containing the season's prize money.
    Zoey: (entranced) Money! Removing all common sense and fear of danger.
    Scott: Too bad you'll never win it. (Zoey pushes him down) Owww!!
    Zoey: (angrily) Just watch me! (reverts back to her normal self) If that's okay with you.
  • Lightning thinking steak grows on trees, and tries to acquire one by punching it.
  • While it's actually not funny what happened to Scott after his elimination, it's undeniably hilarious how he responds to Cameron getting hurt by beeping "Yes".
    • Later when everyone runs from the mutants, Scott slowly wheels away while beeping "No".
  • One of Brick's best lines in the entire season, "Fashion school, here I come!"
    • "Yeah, you heard me."

    Total Drama All-Stars 
  • Chris acting like a loon in the prison cell, pitting cockroaches against each other and replacing Chef with a cashew.
  • Before Chris splits up the contestants into the teams, Gwen assumes she and Duncan won't be on the same team, "unless Chris considers Duncan to be a hero," which she laughingly dismisses. A few episodes later, Chris switches Duncan over to the Heroic Hamsters.
  • The return of Fang:
    Mike, Zoey and Scott: Fang!
    Gwen: Who?
  • After Gwen suggests that the Villainous Vultures don't have to act like villains just because of their label:
    Heather: No way is that going to happen! I —
    Jo: — don't trust —
    Duncan: — anyone —
    Scott: — on this —
    Robot/Alejandro:(beeps twice)
    Lightning: — team!
    Gwen: Heh, I think that went well...
    Villainous Vultures: (laugh evilly)
  • When Lightning accidentally pushes the robot off the cliff (thanks to Scott's fear of sharks), it makes a beeping noise that sounds suspiciously like "uh-oh".
  • When Lindsay is voted out in the first episode, Chris introduces the new elimination transportation, the Flush of Shame. The Heroic Hamsters, who lost the challenge, all react in disgust except for Sierra who decides to take a picture of it.
  • The scene where Chef throws the shovels to the Villainous Vultures had a couple gems:
    • Scott is grinning as he prepares to catch his shovel; instead, he catches it in the face!
    • Lightning catches both his and Heather's shovel. When Heather demands hers, he says that when one shovel gets tired, he'll use the other one. A whack later, and Heather walks off with her shovel, with an imprint of Lightning's face in it, while Lightning sports the most hilarious dope-slapped look ever!
  • Lightning's Vomit Indiscretion Shot in the confessional in "Evil Dread", twice!
  • Lightning's... contributions to the team's digging effort in "Evil Dread."
    "Ain't nobody telling Lightning where to dig! I'm my own man!" (he then proceeds to shovel water)
  • Mike's personalities playing Go Fish in "Evil Dread" (except Manitoba Smith who's preoccupied at the moment).
    Svetlana: Go with the fishing!
    Vito: Eh, yo! It's Go Fish, not 'Fishing'!
  • After Sam got hit in the groin in "Evil Dread", Chris offers Chef a bag of nuts.
  • After the first commercial break in "Evil Dread".
    Chris: An hour has passed, and the teams are still tied at one-all. Which raises a pertinent question... WHAT IS TAKING SO LONG?!?!?!
    (the contestants all talk at once with Courtney saying the Heroic Hamsters don't have shovels, Sam saying he has sand in his shorts, and Lightning saying he's amazing.)
    Chris: Blah blah blah, whine whine... Hurry up! I have dinner plans!
  • Sierra starting to see Cameron as Cody in "Saving Private Leechball"
  • Chris said using paintballs would violate his parole for being hard projectiles. So what does he have them use? Leeches
  • Scott getting a leech on his face each time the starters gun is fired.
  • Jo is mad at how bad her team is doing in the challenge while in the confession. A tablet showing Lightning tells her she'd regret voting him off. Jo doesn't get how Lightning said that. Chris tells her he left a pre-recorded message, just in case.
  • After another challenge goes awry, Jo gripes, "Some team! I'm stronger than Old Heather, Ale-hand-walker, Count Gwenula, Stuncan, and Sharkbait combined!"
    • And when looking for the other team: "Smells like sweat and bacon in here...Sam!"
  • Chris mocking the Villainous Vultures on their second consecutive loss.
    Chris: Way to loooose!
  • Almost everything Chris said and did in "Food Fright" counts
    Chris: (after Alejandro held back his vomit) Tastes so nice he ate it twice.
    Chris: (Cameron returns from Boney Island) Two things: 1. How are you still alive after a night on that island, and 2. Why do you smell so rank?
  • Sierra's creepy thoughts of every one of her teammate as Cody. Bonus point for Cody's head on Zoey's body.
  • "Since when do I blow kisses?"
  • Scott during the eating challenge. Due to eating too much gruel and pancake, he MANAGES to stop the Wretched Rolling Pin course and didn't get booted by the Great Crusher boot. He even ask for Chris to help with the boot. Not a good idea.
  • "It's not game child, IT'S GAME MAN!"
  • Pretty much anything that Scott does in "Moon Madness"
    Scott: There's no way I'm going to get taken down by a gang of bunnies.
    Scott: Help! I'm getting taken down by a gang of bunnies!
    • How he crosses the old bridge. For context, he runs across it while screaming as if he was being chased by a murderer.
  • Anything that Nice Heather says and does.
    • The Villainous Vultures' reactions on her change of attitude when she hugs an alligator.
  • Good old Sierra who has recently experienced a serious case of Sanity Slippage.
    • Sierra begins questioning her existence, and in trying to get Zoey's attention, screams in her ear.
    Sierra: Don't worry Cody, I'll be your eyes, ears and as many nostrils as you need me to be.
  • In "No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition",
    • Heather's response when Chris announces the "Fun Zone":
    "Is the Fun Zone just a house on fire?"
    "Do we have a psychiatrist on the island?"
    "Maybe should only bring SANE people into the show next time."
    • Duncan trying to act like he's a bad guy even though he's in the heroes team... but keeps failing.
      • Eventually Chris keeps making jokes about him like "Duncan and the rest of the do-gooders"
      • Lets not forget how Chris ALSO catches Duncan's lies by showing footage of Duncan BEGGING a bird after taking the egg, making the bird cry...AND HIMSELF CRY.
      Chris: I'm bringing you back for the next All-Star Season. It would be total sweethearts vs. total BIGGER sweetheart.
      • And then Alejandro joins in on the fun:
      Duncan: Makes sense that the two biggest villains are the ones guarding the eggs.
      Alejandro: Yes, we are like two mother hens.
      Duncan: ... (groans in embarrassment)
    • Larry's egg hatches and one of his babies looks like Chris. Chris' response? Nervous whistling.
  • In "Suckers Punched", namely most of the fights that the contestant has to face. Especially when Chef rigged it.
    • Cameron believes it's over for him once he learns what the challenge is.
    Cameron: (writing a will on some toilet paper) This is the last will of I, Cameron Corduroy Wilkins.
    • Scott has to face Fang and goes into a blank trauma state.
    Chris: Come on bro! Move it or lose it!
    Duncan: Oh, I think that's already happened.
    • Then when Scott gets his ass handed to him, he has this nice conversation with Courtney.
    Courtney: Wake up and smell the gloves hitting you in the face, Scott!
    • Sierra faces the mutant two-headed rat's mother. Cameron was very glad that she ditched him over the rats...that is until the mother takes them/it back and Sierra goes crazy on him again. Cue to Cameron's long 'No' shout
    • Cameron's "How hard can one giant mutant be?. Not a good idea dude.
    • Duncan. Remember the bird that he begged not to cry in the previous episode? Yeah it's back and ultimately...he gave up because he couldn't bring himself to injure it.
  • "Hold that gasp!" (explains the twist) "Now you can gasp!"
  • Scott getting tackled by a pig with a heartfelt "OW!" after imitating his sister's pig call.
    Scott: SWEE! SWEE!
  • Alejandro's boat stalls about three inches from the finish line. Alejandro wastes time trying to restart the motor while Chris and Chef laugh their heads off at him.
  • Courtney pointing out that the building that Duncan blew up was a mansion, not a cottage.
    Courtney: IT WAS NOT A...GRRR!
  • The semi dark humor at the end of the episode. We're shown Mal nonchalantly dropping pictures one by one of Cameron with red X's, whistling "Hall of The Mountain King", and visibly trying to look innocent.
    • Even better is that he was doing it in front of the confessional's camera. He was clearly bragging about what he was doing to the audience (like always) but this time he was actually making a joke out of it.
  • Alejandro trolling the others by not inviting anyone to the spa hotel with him because "he couldn't possibly choose favorites". His smug expression is priceless.
  • Scott's awkwardness around Courtney made for some funny moments:
  • Chef eating over a dozen containers of ice cream because of how worried he is about Chris.
  • When Ezekiel leaves Chris hanging over a pit of toxic waste, Chris spends most of the time just laughing at Ezekiel and not taking him seriously. He even asks why Ezekiel is mad at him, then proceeds to list off all the horrible things that has happened to him since season three, thus making Ezekiel even madder. Chris eventually does get scared when he gets closer to falling in the toxic waste, but it's still hilarious that he hardly took Ezekiel seriously.
  • Zoey's confessional after a shot of her in the fetal position in the corner of the cage Zeke has them imprisoned in while Courtney and Scott argue loudly and violently.
    Zoey: Oddly enough, this isn't the worst party I've been to.
  • Mal's understandable Face Palm when Scott thinks driving a wedge is referring to a wedge of cheese.
  • Mal's response to Alejandro trying to reason with him after he overpowered Alejandro after learning about Mal's true intentions:
    Alejandro: My people have a saying, "Burros muertos no hablan."
    Mal: Dead donkeys don't talk?
    Chris: (laughing over the loudspeaker) "Alejandro Dead Donkey!"
  • At the end of the challenge in "The Obsta-Kill Kourse", there's shots of dramatic tension between the cast...and Scott, who's still stuck on the zip line, is yelling for help.
  • What did Mal force Vito to do? Perform in a ventriloquism show.
    Vito: Yo, Dominic! I hear your dog has no nose. How does he smell? Terrible! (Rimshot)
  • This gem:
    Scott: I wasn't scared of the bear, I was screaming to confuse it. Yeah, that's it.
  • The ending to "Sundae, Muddy Sundae". Zoey is mulling over Alejandro's clue in a room full of Chris self portraits. Chris promptly bursts though one, giving his standard closing speech completely ignoring an outright terrified Zoey.
  • Sasquatchanakwa's literal toilet humor; also, the bear really 'does it' in the forest.
  • Scott's huge "ARE. YOU. KIDDING ME?!" when he finds that the diamond he's looking for is in Fang's mouth.
  • While Svetlana is listing the reasons why Mike is the best personality and deserves to be in charge, her last reason is that he is a better dancer than Vito.
    Vito: Oh, hey, hey yo! (sighs ashamed) It's true.
  • Chef opens the case to show the million, only to open the wrong side, causing all the money to fall onto the dock, and Chef spends the rest of the opening with a sheepish grin on his face.
  • Mike and his personalities make it to Mal's tower, only to be trapped under the door briefly. They would have gotten out sooner if Chester had put all his effort into it. Then they get into the tower only to see all the stairs.
  • Chris saying "diet" instead of "die" because of a typo.
  • The eliminated all-stars being trapped in balloons, filled with Owen farts.
    • Owen farting so hard he hurt himself.
    • Lets not forget his water ski attempt at the end of the episode.
  • Chris' reaction to Heather and Alejandro dating.
  • Anything that Heather and Al do when they're dating. Annoyed by the overly pleasant and happy atmosphere after Mike regains himself, Chris changes the rules just to get them to stop, announcing that whoever gets to the suitcase first gets to keep it, even an ex-contestant. Upon hearing this, Heather and Al immediately turn on each other, after acting lovey-dovey for most of the episode.
  • When Gwen sees the final challenge, she says that floating away in a balloon (like the other contestants not freed did), directly into the sun is looking pretty good right now.
  • Mike getting Fang to chase after Al, after punching him and sending him flying! Mike even gives Fang's Tooth to Al and Fang starts chasing him even after the island sinks.
  • Chef hitting Chris with the meatball cannon after Chris criticized his aim. He even shoots Mike despite him winning or not.
  • This line:
    Mike: (as they float away on the roof of a destroyed cabin) We should do this again sometime.
    Gwen, Zoey and Cameron: No!
  • The exclusive scenes:
    • Lindsay lands on a giant crocodile, and compliments it's coat.
    • Lightning gets flushed into a river in Paris. When he sees the Eiffel Tower, he deduces that he's in Germany. Then he gets hit by a swan boat with Bruno and Blaineley inside.
    • Jo ends up in an Egyptian pyramid and is confronted by a swarm of scarabs. She tells them to do their worst, only for more to appear. Her screams can be heard under a manhole.
    • Heather ends up in the Yukon, gets her tongue stuck to a pole, and is attacked by a polar bear. Pretty funny by itself, but then Alejandro ends up there in the next few episodes. Upon being seen by Heather, he gets slapped by her.
    • Courtney gets confronted by sharks, and she uses her sundae from her elimination episode to defend herself. The sharks throw up all over her.

    Total Drama: Pahkitew Island 
  • "So, Uh This Is My Team?"
    • Ella being glad the teddy bear is safe, and happily sings a song to a bird as she falls to her death.
    • The look on Chris' face when Ella floated down to the ground being supported by a single, small bird. He couldn't believe it.
    • In the first episode, Chris thinks the team names are translated to the Soaring Eagles and the Ferocious Tigers. Sky, however, points out that the actual translations are the Floating Salmon and the Confused Bears. Chris' response?
    (to Chef) This is what you get for using a free online translator!
    • Beardo's funny noises, especially the pacman sound he makes when he is eliminated.
      • And the fact that he actually speaks when being shot from the Cannon of Shame.
    Beardo: "It was nice meeting all of you!!!"
  • The various food rewards provided by the show's sponsors
    • Darwin's Food Safari, which Sugar actually appeared in an advert for.
    • Petting Zoo BBQ "Someone else touched your food, guaranteed."
    • Jimmy's Beaks and Feet "Our chickens walk the walk, talk the talk and now we put them in the frier."
    • Humpty Dumpty's Beef Shack "At Humpty's, all the king's horse feed all the king's men."
      • "Or, if you want, Chef's making chicken."
    • Spoiley's Second Hand Food Emporium "Where one man's trash is another man's tapeworm."
    • Chef's Total Drama Yum Yum Happy Go Time Candy Fish Tails
  • Rodney's "Breakup" with Jasmine. Then he hooks up with her again in the next two episodes, though she can only look confused at him.
  • Jasmine explains to Samey that she never had many friends because she says they feel intimidated by her. Not only is it obvious why, but she said this before she punched a tree once and broke it in two.
  • "I Love You, I Love You Knots"
    • The entire episode is made of funny due to the challenge being truth or dare. For the truth portion, Chris uses a trained certified chicken named Clucky to tell who's telling the truth.
    • Rodney always suffers from truth challenges, which has him trying to answer truthfully what girl he likes the most (which rose up to three with Amy technically Samey and Scarlett). He fails the first two truth questions. But by the third one, he only sighs in defeat and gets his whole team electrocuted.
    • After Sky's resulting burp from having to drink a jug of mineral water was less then impressive, Jasmine and Topher almost sound disappointed.
    Jasmine: That's it? I'd thought she'd get at least ten feet of air.
    Topher: C'mon! Chris is trying to put on an entertaining show here!
    • Dave's dare.
    Chris: For a point, you must...kiss a person sitting next to you!
    • Ella tries to say that she wishes to change the aspect Sugar hates the most of her so she becomes friends with her. Not only does she answer truthfully (or not?), but it infuriates Sugar that she said that, causing Cluckey to get terrified of her and making Chris shock them all for scaring the chicken.
    • Sugar eating a live Tarantula, not waiting for Chris to tell her that she was only supposed to pet it.
    • Jasmine tries feeding a lizard using her mouth, but the lizard ends up tangling her whole face.
    • After being humiliated with truth questions, Rodney boasts and makes fun of Cluckey by telling her he eats six eggs a day in his farm. This comes to bite him really hard when Ella is unable to shock his team with her button, so the infuriated chicken lets her fury out, snatches the button, and shocks the whole team multiple times.
    Chris: Cluckey, no! He's not worth it!
    • Then she's dragged away to Chef's kitchen for not being professional. It's implied that Chef cuts Clucky into pieces, shown in the above "Chef's making chicken," line.
    "Jasmine, Scarlett, Amy, please understand: This that you, I, I mean it's- There's love, and raccoon poop, and 'hey', with all the shocking! Bgaak! Because chicken I love girl island. Three! Uh-oh! Yeah!"
  • Although Chris' face being stuck smiling is very creepy in "Blast From The Past" some of the moments at which he's smiling are very funny like when he's getting attacked by the scuba bear and threatening to kick Ella off the show.
    • From the same episode, Scarlett's confessional after she defeats Sky in the challenge:
    Scarlett: The laws of force in motion are simple. With Skye being the pivot point, I knew the inertia caused by the mass of the dueling stick would— [beat, realizing no one will understand what she's saying] she swung too hard and fell down.
    Shawn: ZOMBIE CHEF!
    • The elimination of both of the twins, but especially Chris's line.
    "And to make it fair, maybe Samey should come out first this time!"
  • "Mo' Monkey, Mo' Business"
    • Jasmine's scream when she finds out the monkey her team was supposed to find torn off its blue collar and mixed up with dozens of them.
    • Scarlett trying to make Max confess he trapped their team in the net she meant was for himself.
    Scarlett (in confessional): Now I need to find a way to make him admit it.
    Jasmine: I bet Sky made this trap!
    Scarlett (in confessional with a smug grin): Much easier than I thought.
    • Scarlett explaining her plan to lure the coin from the monkey.
    Scarlett: Our best chance to find which monkey has the coin is by conducting a neuroscientific experiment. I mean, it's no secret that there's hyperactivity in the mueronuerons in primates, right? [chuckles]
    [her teammates stare at her, confused]
    [her teammates all voice their approval]
    Scarlett [in confessional]: Use. Little. Words.
    • Sugar's complete disregard of taking stuff out of a monkey's body. Then she later explains she did it before with her dog swallowing a pigeon...that she was going to eat for dinner.
    • Sugar tossing the coin into the vending machine from a considerable distance and managing to hit the machine slot. Made funnier by Jasmine's surprised expression and by Sugar's expression afterwards, as she was completely confident she was going to win the challenge.
    • Ella singing a long number that humiliates Chris and Chef before she blasts herself off the island.
    • Ella calling Max a gnome during her final song.
  • "This Is the Pits!"
    • The animals concerned about Ella's whereabouts.
    Chris: I shot her! [Animals look horrified] With a cannon! Off the island?
    • After the team takes the wrong routes to finish the challenge of the day, Chris penalizes them all by having Chef burn the meat reward by spraying oil and igniting it with a lighter. Chef ends up getting burned for no reason.
      • The ways they came out are funny as well, Shawn, Dave, Sky and Sugar crawl out of the confessional toilet, Jasmine uses Topher as a human battering ram to smash their way out of a gopher hole, and Max and Scarlett found an elevator!
    • Max's reaction to lighting his own bed on fire.
    • Everyone thinking Scarlett and Max are a couple, much to the former's dismay. It gets to the point where Chris puts them on different teams because he thinks they're too close.
    • This:
    Sugar: *shouting* IT'S A CAVE IN! *cavern rumbles*
    Sky: It is now!
  • "Three Zones And A Baby"
    • During Team Kinosewak's discussion before the challenge's first zone, Topher holds his baby akin to how one would handle a purse or a shopping bag.
      • He even balances it on his head at one point.
    • Max's softer side towards the baby he has to carry.
      • It gets to such a ludicrous level that he ends up trying to keep the baby when the contestants have to return them.
    • Sugar not taking Max the least bit seriously.
    • Shawn's reaction when Sugar intentionally awakens a rattlesnake sleeping on top of a sleeping lion, causing it to bite the lion, before the lion eats it. Followed by her gleefully laughing at what she just achieved.
    Shawn: Yeah, you scare me quite a bit for a living person.
    • She does this as she's trying to get her baby back which she LEFT ON THE RATTLESNAKE THAT WAS ON TOP OF THE SLEEPING LION. If the face she's making as she stomps back into the Lion's Lunch doesn't sell it (during which she kicks another snake out of the way with no reaction whatsoever), this line will:
    Chris: Will this be the end of Sugar's short life? Saying 'I hope so' seems wrong, but...
  • "Hurl and Go Seek":
    • Everything with Sugar and the Juggy Chunks drink, from how she actually tries to get Chris to give her more and how it took the most time to make her sick.
    • Chris reassuring Chef when he's concerned with the expiration date, by telling him they were made from meat, eggs, and mayonnaise (three of the most easily spoiled foods), and that he had kept them in a warm place.
    • The fact that the company has a poison hotline.
    • Dave's shoe hitting people in the face.
    • Everyone (except Shawn and Jasmine) getting food poisoning and acting as zombies.
      • Followed by Shawn mistaking them for zombies and having yet another zombie panic attack.
    • Max throwing up on the tree. Not so much the throwing up part, but because of the fact that he called it beforehand, as if it were an attack.
    "Evil vomit!"
    • "Sugar, please stop talking, Forever!"
    • "Ah, love, so stupid."
    • Chris' reaction to the island malfunctioning.
    Chris: Well, Dave is gone, and it might seem wrong, (the tree Max vomited on earlier starts to spark) but it is what it... (the tree sets itself on fire) is? (a blizzard blows around Chris, before the scenery repeatedly changes behind him) Who's next to... too... to... cannon? (spiky rocks shoot up around Chris) Um, yeah! Here, on Total. Drama. Pahkitew-WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?!
  • "Scarlett Fever"
    • The Christmas trees appearing from the ground.
    • Max getting electrocuted over and over again.
    • After Scarlett reveals her true self, Max is seen sucking his thumb in the fetal position in the confessional.
    • Max's idea to stop Scarlett from blowing the island with every contestant on it.
    Max: I have an idea! Someone think of something.
    • Shawn's response to Jasmine being surprised there's lasers
    "I have the same thing in my yard for zombies. I tried land mines at first, but you know, squirrels."
    • Shawn's Girly Scream.
    • Sugar eats an egg and a bird flies out of her mouth.
    • Scarlett's reaction to the self-destruct shutting down after her plan failed is just an understated moan of mild annoyance.
    • "I demand the host narrate an explanation"
  • "Pahk'd With Talent"
    • How Chris decided to choose the order of challenges made by the last three? He tossed sharp darts at pictures of them with interns holding them as targets. He stabs one off-screen.
    • Sugar climbing to the top of the tree due to believing there might be a bridge or a bus stop at the top.
    • Shawn getting attacked by a monkey with a chainsaw, before it bites him in the head in a manner similar to the grease pig in "I Love You, Grease Pig."
    • "Sugar Silo"
  • "Lies, Cries and One Big Prize"
    Chris: I am so confused with what is going on with Dave and Sky, like did you hear that? Like wha?
    • When Chris announces the name for the final challenge:
    Chris: The double duo of deadly death.
    Dave: Is it going to be dangerous?
    Chris: The double duo of deadly, dangerous death.
    Dave: (whispers to Sky): It's gonna to be dangerous.
    Sky: (in the confessional): He was brighter before, wasn't he?