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The real Chris McLean is dead; a sadistic criminal mastermind with an obsession with him escaped from a mental institution, killed him, and stole his identity

Think about it. This criminal could have easily escaped from the crazy house near the island that the already famous Chris lived on. Since the psycho with a chainsaw, hockey stick, and hook had escaped from jail to the camp site in that one episode, there must be a jail close to there...

This criminal murdered the original Chris, stole his identity, and possibly had plastic surgery to look like the original Chris. On gaining this false identity, the criminal decided to continue his dastardly bastardly pleasure of hiring interns, setting up obstacles, and forcing the poor interns to test them and fall to their deaths. Since that wasn't enough, the fake Chris then decided to bring teenagers to the island, put them on a TV show, and torture them mentally on television for the sake of money.

  • Didn't someone, when they arrived, say that Chris looked different from the posters/ads?
    • Yes. Beth said that Chris looked taller on TV.
    • Then he'd meet up with the fake Scout Master Lupus
  • This'd also explain beyond just pure narcissism how he thought the rubber Chris doll was the cutest thing in the world and 'really understands [him].'
    • This theory is becoming more and more likely with recent events...
    • Such as?
    • Or maybe it happened over the course of the series, didn't Chris have a Flanderization of becoming more sadistic each season, well maybe it was because he got murdered and replaced somewhere along the line.
      • As noted above, because Chris looks shorter than he does on TV, this idea wouldn't really make sense.

Chris McLean has connections to The Government.
And so, they look the other way when he does things of dubious legality and then broadcasts them on international television.
  • This one has a bit of evidence supporting it thanks to the Area 51 episode of season three, "The Ex Files."

Chris is Satan.
The contracts? The "remote controlled" hail cloud? The storms in "camp castaways?" For the later two, Chris Satan didn't use any tools or anything — just his evil powers.

Chris has an upgraded portal gun.
That can shoot invisible portals, have portals in the air, and change the size of them. This shows how Izzy and Owen had a much longer run to leave the woods and how the diving board reappears. And for the secret about the island? Two of them (islands, not portals), one with nobody but the main cast on it (c'mon, it can't be the same thing, other episodes contract this.), and the other one.

Chris will develop a 'relationship' with one of the contestants.
He's already shown very little regard for set rules, and there have been 'illegal alliances' in the past. Not to mention that he's gotten to see the craziness that love inspires. How could he resist stirring up more chaos? Especially since getting somebody to fall for him would stroke his already massive ego and let him prove that he's just as alluring as the other handsome guys on the show. The main question remaining is who...
  • Lindsay seems likely, given all the Chris/Lindsay Ship Fic, and given that Tyler returns in The Musical and he's seen just how much drama Love Dodecahedrons cause. On the other hand, the age difference could torpedo any of this before it gets off the ground.
  • Chris' voice actor has confirmed that Chris is flirting with Lindsay.

Chris is in love with Chef Hatchet, or vice versa
There was one episode (was it "Camp Castaways?) where Chef cuddled Chris. In another, (probably "The Chefshank Redemption), Chris awkwardly tried to ask Chef out, which some fans interpreted as a sign of them having a relationship.

Chris plans to milk the series' budget completely dry until there's no cash left for the reward.
The final season will end with him announcing that as a reward for their sticking with the series, all the contestants will receive the same amount of bonus cash... then, after letting them freak out and celebrate, add that comes to a grand total of pennies, or even a negative amount, because the producers wound up dipping into the prize money to meet his exorbitant demands.

Chris will stop an Elimination Ceremony after the voting.
That's the real reason why he mentioned that each challenge "could end with an elimination" in World Tour. He plans to, at the most dramatically appropriate moment, have the losers vote somebody off, go through the entire ceremony, and then stop them from taking the Drop of Shame, saying something along of lines of "You would... if this was an elimination round!" After all, he makes the rules, and he had mentioned this before. In all likelihood, he'll deliberately do this to make the benefactor a Elimination Houdini and create even more tension, as now the one who nearly got voted off will know they've been targeted, and the other teammates will be extra pissed that they got spared.

The most likely candidate? Sierra. She constantly compliments and sucks up to Chris, and so long as Cody's around, he'll likely want her there for the entertainment value. Cody might also be possible, as Sierra would flip if he gets eliminated before her, and since he acts as the lynchpin for Team Amazon, he'd be caught in the crossfire even worse, desperately trying to maintain order — and protect Gwen, which would only make Sierra more incensed if he openly favored Gwen over her.

  • This happened in the Peruvian Amazon episode

The jackets Chris ordered will come...
during a challenge in place with a dangerously hot climate. He will also probably make the contestants wear them, or else they will be eliminated.
  • I'm backing this one, it seems likely. Or they come back during K2 but Chris would rather them climb it "in their undies" according to the flip book.
  • Jossed. They never show up.

Chris is rigging the game in Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot's favor.

Notice how Team Chris has only lost once, and it was because Heather cheated. Then, Chris revealed that it was a reward challenge. It's entirely possible, and likely, that he's rigging the game in their favor.

  • Um, if he was rigging for any team, it'd be the one that keeps winning every week even though they're a sucky team. Actually, the only reason they're winning is because Alejandro keeps throwing challenges.
  • OP, what's are you talking about? Team Amazon have won five challenges so far, one of which they only won because Alejandro helped them and another because Chef liked freaking exploding donuts, while Team CIRRRRH has only won once. The NY episode was a reward challenge to begin with, since the rewards were already in the apples. Chris didn't meddle with the challenges and he had no way of knowing which team was gonna lose. HOW is the game in their favor?
  • Oh, and get this, episode eight's up, Team Amazon go to elimination and guess what? AFTER they vote Chris decides to cancel the elimination. If anything, Chris is rigging the game in Team Amazon's favor.
  • He's totally rigging the game in Team Amazon's favor, when the lost both the Amazon and Newfoundland Chris just decided to cancel the elimination.
  • Actually, he's only biased against Team Victory. Check out episode 8; if Heather didn't get voted out, it should have been a reward challenge...but Team Victory didn't win a reward (other the first class thing, but that goes to the winning team every episode so it doesn't count).

Chris is Haruhi.
Or, alternatively, he is Kyon if he actually had grown up with the Reality Warper powers. Several reasons:
  • Camp Wawanakwa, and probably the film lot as well (possibly the entire Earth that they do the world tour) is an alternate dimension that is only accessible by Chef - the esper or slider, who would be a mix of Koizumi and Kyon (since he plays the grumbling straight man to Chris), plus a whole bunch of Ho Yay. Ever wonder why we see no real people during the world travel sites or in the Aftermath studio? No laws about subjecting kids to this sort of torture? The people in these places are either in a different dimension (where they took Celebrity Manhunt with them) or Chris has bended the wills of those around him.
  • Which brings me to my next point. The ridiculous, laws-of-physics-breaking nature of the show that we blame on it being animated could be accounted for by the fact that Chris WANTED it to happen (jumping off a thousand foot cliff or Trent falling five thousand feet without dying) so he could have interesting challenges without the contestants actually dying (as we saw in the Remote Island episodes, even Haruhi wouldn't wish someone dead). It would also explain the increased animal aptitude, the Genre Blind contestants, (as well as their adherence to their stereotypes), etc.
  • Why? Because he was bored and used his powers for his own amusement, just like Haruhi. And, especially if he is a not-so-disillusioned Kyon, he would still be looking for supernatural beings. Chef, as above, would probably be the esper or slider. The world tour is to send the contestants throughout those places in order to look for aliens. The movie sets were actually different eras in time, such as the Western, space, caveman, and war genres.
  • Finally, the ambiguous age is an indicator that Chris is not all that he seems. Word of God says he was 25 at the start of the show, but Sierra says he was born in 1978, meaning that he is lying to throw us off (since we also don't know the exact dates of the events in Haruhi-verse) to the actual year.
There, that's all I got. Feel free to add, disagree, or provide other instances of potential candidates for Haruhi within the younger cast.
  • If anyone's Haruhi, It's Izzy.

Chris planned the whole Duncan/Gwen/Courtney saga.
Think about it. Chris had plenty of time to think this through between Japan and Jamaica (heck from Egypt to the Yukon, he could pull this off.) Why else would he forbid Duncan to leave a second time? Why else would he award victory to Team Amazon when they didn't complete the challenge's initial objective? Why else would he send a GIANT ROBOT AFTER HIM FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD?!?!?!? Of course, there is the motive for him to agree to all this. Why would Duncan agree to this sham when he probably knew it would hurt someone he likely cared deeply about? A better question would be: WHY WOULDN'T HE? I mean, come on, he knew what we all know: the girl's a total lunatic. Granted, she's less of a lunatic than she was last season, but still a lunatic nevertheless. What makes me say all this? Um, 32 page contract, anyone? And another thing, during their first confrontation, she said "Abandon". What more do you need? Well, that, and there's also the question of Gwen's reaction if there was a revelation. My answer: he probably wasn't thinking that. When it came to a big decision like this, we only tend to think about how it'll affect us. Not anyone else. Nor would he think of the consequences it would bring. As for the face carving thing, though. Maybe that was a sign of regret. Maybe that was playing for the cameras. I don't know, the point is that I believe that the entire love triangle was set up. If this is true, then Courtney and Gwen will both be furious enough to actually (albeit temporarily) end their feud. Not saying this will happen, but it might.

  • Not sure whether Duncan was complicit or not, but I think that's pretty much confirmed. Chris did strongly hint that he broke the door lock leading to Duncan and Gwen kissing and Tyler witnessing it. Chris also has two motives for pulling such a stunt. First, the obvious angsty-teen-love drama affair is gold for ratings (given how much Blaineley seems to enjoy it.) Second, and more importantly, Chris is still sore over all the crap Courtney pulled in TDA. Thanks to all her lawsuits, his budget was cut and he couldn't indulge himself as much as he wished. He never really got to get back at her in TDA thanks to those overprotective lawyers. Now, however, in World Tour, her lawyer protection is no more. And suddenly, Gwen and Courtney just happen to find Duncan in London? The opportunity was too, too perfect! He knew bringing back and keeping on the guy both of them were in love with would cause tension between them. Engineer a few coincidences here and there, and then sit back and let the players take care of the rest. Ratings skyrocket, revenge is had, and Chris wouldn't be afflicted at all since Courtney would be too angry at Gwen and Duncan (who are completely guilty from any logical standpoint,) to think too hard on 'why' everything happened as it did.

Chris is Sierra's father!
This explains why Sierra's family knows so much about Chris. Also, they both use hair dye (or wigs, who knows.)
  • Plus, could Sierra's mother have taken her Chris obsession too far?
  • My guess is that Sierra's mother was a random groupie from Chris's boy band days that he had a one night stand with. Chris probably has no idea that Sierra is his daughter, and if he did he probably wouldn't care.

Chris kept Lindsay and Tyler from kissing out of jealousy.
"It's a half-hour show." Sure. Because simply blowing a kiss takes up so much time. Either he's doing a poor job covering up his jealousy over their status as Official Couple... or he's smart about shipping and is deliberately trying to give the in-universe Total Drama fans more justification for shipping him with Lindsay. (Giving them justification for shipping him with Tyler is probably unintentional. Possibly.)

Chris will get fired in a season and Owen will replace him.

The main reason is that the writers love Owen, plus the fandom won't complain that much because he's not competing and compared to Chris he's the lesser of two evils.

  • The fandom would probably still complain about Owen getting more unnecessary screen time than needed. Contestant or not.

Chris will have a fall from grace and end up a contestant in the future
It's implied throughout that he's not nearly as popular as he once was and Blaineley even says he was the second choice and she was the first. So in a future season, he's fired and loses everything, forcing him to become a contestant and the other contestants will use this to take their revenge on him.
  • I had an idea for a fan fiction that involved him becoming a contestant for an episode after being fired, while Chef hosts, to boost up ratings in-universe. It's a good idea, in my opinion.

Chris will stage a "Battle of the Bands" against the Drama Brothers and Der Schnitzel Kickers
(Assuming they're all OK during after the finale), it will happen either before or after ROTI. Perfect for unnecessary drama, seeing how Duncan has some conflict with Harold, Cody, and maybe Trent.

Chris is a sexual predator and has sexually abused or made unwanted advances on several of the contestants
Considering how much of a shamelessly sociopathic megalomaniac he is, I wouldn't put it past him to do this - the man pretty much personifies everything that is wrong in showbiz and celebrity culture. There's even evidence from the show and its crew; notice how Chris seems to be unusually interested in Lindsay, and according to Christian Potenza (his voice actor), Chris is indeed trying to flirt with Lindsay on several occasions where they interact (though Lindsay's not smart enough to pick up on this). In fact, it's completely possible his show specifically features teenage contestants (many of whom are attractive females that Chris is implied to have personally chosen for the show) specifically because of Chris'...preferences. And to expand upon the idea even further, the series' in-universe cancellation/hiatus is the result of Chris' sex offender status finally being exposed by his victims. If sexual abuse scandals can bring down the likes of Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby, then I believe Chris McLean would be no different.

I also believe Josh and Blaineley of Celebrity Manhunt to be this, considering they're shown to be every bit as sleazy, vice-ridden, and immoral as Chris. Besides, why do you think Josh is so obsessed with catfights? And it's also why Blaineley kept trying to cause tension in Geoff and Bridgette's relationship and then have Bridgette sent to Siberia (once they're separated, she'll have Geoff to herself; the whole ratings and spotlight thing was just a convenient excuse), why she was so friendly with Owen in "Niagara Brawls", and why she was squealing over Justin in the first World Tour Aftermath.

  • It's not just Lindsay either. Chris is pretty weirdly happy about Gwen's underwear being exposed in "Who Can You Trust?" and is just generally weirdly friendly with the contestants. And unfortunately, Chef's hands aren't clean in this regard either. He's pretty clearly shown to be attracted to Justin in "Total Drama, Drama, Drama Island" and "Monster Cash." Maybe the hosts aren't outright predators, but they are certainly inappropriate about the contestants at times. They might not even realize it's inappropriate because Chris grew up in the industry and they're generally not respectful towards teenage stars.
  • There was also that one time when Chris openly stated he wasn't wearing swim trunks when entering the hot tub with Alejandro..

Chris is an Author Avatar for the series' real-life producers
Given that many of the more questionable writing choices of the later seasons were mandated by Executive Meddling, that would explain why the teenage contestants are as horribly mistreated (as characters and otherwise) in the later seasons as much as they are by Chris himself (who by the way, says himself that he hates teenagers). Just read the analysis page, and tell me the people behind the show do not have a dim view of teenagers and their world.

Just look at how bland and phoney his smile is - it's the embodiment of plastic insincerity. It's implied he's been in showbiz for nearly his entire life, so he's clearly known nothing but wealth and luxury for as long as he can remember. But we all know how Celebrity Is Overrated, and Word of God confirms there is a Freudian Excuse for his behaviour, so maybe his sadism, smarminess, and obsession with fame and ratings are secretly a hopelessly self-destructive attempt to fulfill a deeply-hidden dissatisfaction with how empty and artificial his rich and famous life has been and how his job is literally the only thing he's got. He tries to stave off his misery by lashing out at the world, acting all smug and mean, and telling himself he enjoys what he does. He's like Envy from Fullmetal Alchemist - he's a horrible person because he hates himself and his life, and in order for him to change for the better, he needs someone to fish that confession out of him, just like how Harold's bonding with Heather in the Island special was the start of the latter's development.

Chris drugged the contestants during All-Stars.
This is the real reason why everyone was so stupid and OOC. Basically, Chris wanted to try and stir up more drama and had seen people act more aggressive or stupid while under the influence. Deciding not to use alcohol, as it would cause hangovers and cause the contestants to get wise to what was going on, Chris drugged all of their food. The reason why everyone was largely in character for the first few episodes. The drugs hadn't taken effect yet.

Chris will be permanently written out of future "Total Drama" seasons.
If the producers were aware of Chris' villainous actions, then they would have a reason to permanently write Chris out of "Total Drama".

Chris is stil going to maintain his Karma Houdini status in the revival episodes.

  • Season 1: Chris was thrown in the lake by the guys.
  • Season 2: Geoff showed embarassing clips of Chris on live television.
  • Season 3: Chris lost his jumbo jet to Sierra, who accidentally destroyed it with the cake she made for Cody.
  • Season 4: Chris was arrested after the government caught up to him in the finale. Despite his arrest, he was allowed to host "Total Drama" for two more seasons.
  • Season 5: Chris gets little to no punishment for what he did in the ballooned eight and everyone else in All-Stars.
  • Season 6 (aka Season 5b): Chris gets absolutely no punishment for what he did to Sky, Shawn, Dave, and Jasmine in the season finale.

Knowing Chris after his arrest in "Revenge of the Island", it is possible that he is still going to be a Karma Houdini in the newer episodes coming soon.

Chris changed the rule about not singing after episode 1, he just never mentioned it
After Duncan quit, he realized that there might be a few other contestants who'd be willing to take advantage of the clause to escape the competition, so he just dropped the rule quietly. He still acted like it was in place, but whenever anyone forgot to sing (looking at you, Cody), he'd just look the other way.

Chris is trying to give the TDROTI contestants super powers.
The island is now a radioactive waste dump, and he's bringing 13 teens there to compete for at least a month. The trailer shows that the animals of the island have mutated due to exposure, and Chris wants to mutate the newbies as well so he can make them use their powers to his benefit. The rumors of a season five with a heroes versus villains theme is true, and everyone is gonna have some kind of super power.

Chris will finally get the Karmic punishment he deserves in the finale of 'Revenge of the Island'.
A monument of himself gets blown up, he spends one episode trapped in an outhouse, at least one person he's responsible for mutating tried to kill him...could these all be signs that his luck has finally run out, or is this merely wishful thinking?Confirmed, Chris is arrested for turning Total Drama Island into a waste dump.
Chris is an Incubator.

All the contestants made contracts with him and wished to be famous. In exchange, they have to complete the challenges he sets, this universe's equivalent of battles against Witches. Some of them wished to win the million dollars, but only retained possession of the money for a few seconds or minutes.

Instead of becoming magical girls and guys, the campers gained the superpowers detailed in the WMG near the top of the page.

Chris used to be alcoholic.
Before his time in prison we can see he is holding a drink. In tda we noticed that likes champagne, drinks wine and he is drinking a martini in the massage scene. In TDWT he has a a bar on his private quarters and in TDRTI he is drinking a "coco loco". Its seems that he is trying to leave it in tdas because he drinks coffee more often.

Chris is possessed by Bill Cipher.

After Total Drama Action, Courtney's lawsuits left Chris utterly broke. Having fallen on hard times, Chris is desperate for his cushy lifestyle back. He hears rumors of Bill and decides to try summoning him. Bill makes a deal with Chris: He'll help him regain his fame and fortune in return for a puppet. Thinking Bill will possess an actual puppet, Chris accepts the deal, only to have his body taken from him by Bill. The reason Chris slowly got more and more sadistic and outlandish in his challenges is that Bill is the real host now, and he's managed to regain a little bit of his power by being in Chris's body for so long.

Chris will end up having a Karma Houdini Warranty

Gwen will take over as host in season seven.
  • That's why Chris obsessed with making her into a villain. He sees the potential for her to be just as sadistic as him.

Gwen is not her real name, it's... Ebony Dark'niss Dementa Raven Way.
Think about it this way, Gwen is a goth goff and has a good relation ship with someone. She also has a stalker... because she is "so beautiful, it's a curse." She acts like something Trent just did was not so bad... and then hates him for it. Now the reason Trent plays along is because of some my immortal-y thing. The "not real name" came from "Camp Cast-Aways".

Gwen does win the show in reality.
Since her plans with the money didn't sound enough like good TV viewing to the producers, they actually wrote Owen's winning to make it interesting TV. Don't worry, Gwen still got all the money, but the producers gave Owen a suitcase of fake money and just used it to get all the campers riled up in Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island and to lead up to Total Drama Action.

Gwen could/will turn out to be the new antagonist in Total Drama World Tour

Why is she hanging out with Heather and Courtney of all people in the trailer? They were the bad guys from Island and Action. And they're her worst enemies! And in one picture, she's throwing a glare at Sierra while everyone else (Heather, Courtney and Cody) is smiling. I don't think she'll get along with Sierra because Sierra will likely see her as a threat to her crush on Cody. If this happens and she takes over the previous roles of Heather and Courtney (dueling with Alejandro?) how far are the writers gonna take throw her character off the rails this time?

  • She's hanging out with Heather and Courtney because they're all on the same team, and even then she's seen glaring at them on occasion, as for the Sierra thing, I think that it's either the Cody issue or that Gwen just doesn't like Sierra because of her enthusiastic/spazzy personality.
  • Gwen as an antagonist? Actually this isn't a bad idea, in my opinion.
  • Gwen could be cheesed off with Sierra for losing her team the challenge, or maybe she could focus her attention on Cody after doing the whole I Want My Beloved to Be Happy Shtick with Duncan, although this is unlikely to happen due to Cartoon Network heavily promoting the Courtney/Duncan/Gwen Love Triangle
  • I believe that Sierra will see Gwen as a "friendly rival" for Cody's affection (Think the relationship between Might Guy and Kakashi from Naruto)
  • Jossed, she isn't the antagonist, though the love triangle leads some to view her in a negative light.

Gwen will get a creepy obsessive crush on Duncan that'll make Sierra and her ex look sane.
as a Take That! against Gwuncan shippers and Duncan fangirls
  • Very unlikely to happen

Gwen will be the ultimate winner.
I think Gwen will win the final season. I'm also think that the writers are going for Earn Your Happy Ending for our little goth girl, that can explain why she didn't win in America or Canada and why she went through all that bulls
  • in season 2, I think if they do get her and Duncan they'll break up and at the very last episode Gwen gets the money and she and Trent are happily reunited.

Gwen is related to/descended from/a metaphor for/based on/is a reincarnation of/actually is Elphaba

Come on, don't tell me you don't see the similarities here. They were both unpopular at first, then made a friend or two, then got a boyfriend, then get caught up in a Love Triangle, then get blamed for something really heinous (Gwen pulled this off twice), then become unpopular again, but manage to stick with their respective boyfriends in the end (well, in Gwen's case, for now, and in Elphaba's case, in the musical only).

Gwen's entire character is a massive Take That! to somebody one of the writers knew in high school
  • How exactly is she a Take That!? Compared to most of the other characters, Gwen is portrayed in a fairly positive light. It's not until later seasons that she starts picking up more negative traits, long after her overall character has been established.
  • I think that the above poster meant to say Heather.

Courtney will become a co-host for a future Total Drama show.
Regardless of how Total Drama Action turns out, Courtney won't be pleased with her portrayal and claim to be the victim of Manipulative Editing. In order to placate her (and to help lampoon reality series with multiple hosts), the producers make her a co-host alongside Chris. Chris isn't pleased by this development at all. Throw in another contestant cherry-picked for drama and let the clash of the titanic egos begin...!

Courtney was so weird about her relationship with Duncan because she's never had a friend, let alone a boyfriend, before the show.
Her profile from season one outright says that she has no friends in her normal life, and the way she ends up acting (unreasonable jealousy, an inability to tell friendship from cheating, ridiculous rules to try making things work) make so much more sense when you view them as the actions of a girl who has no clue how a relationship should work and who ends up going very overboard trying to force it into what she thinks a perfect loving relationship is supposed to be like because she doesn't understand that you can't plan out romance the way she does everything else in her life.
  • Hey, that actually makes a lot of sense. Thanks for pointing that out, it saved Courtney's character for me.
  • Thank you! You just saved Courtney for me as well, and that makes a LOT of sense.

Courtney's settlement included an agreement to bring more drama into the show.
Yes, it sounds like an Author's Saving Throw, but think about it: Chris brought somebody else back onto Action simply to stir up 'the doo-doo', offering to pay big money if they did enough damage and kept the show entertaining. Plus, she'd had a chance to watch the first series, and see how much camera time was devoted to Heather: playing the antagonist means more exposure and attention, and keeps the ratings rolling in. So the terms were set up to deliberately enrage the other players as much as possible, as well as giving Courtney an unfair edge... one she was perfectly willing to capitalize on. If that meant that in exchange, she had to act like a horrible person... well, so be it. She could always blame it on Manipulative Editing later, right?

Plus, part of the whole theme of Action is acting. Something Courtney may be quick to remind the others of during the lead-up to The Musical, or the third series proper. Now, whether or not she's believed — or has avoided/will avoid Becoming the Mask — is another thing entirely...

Dolores Umbridge is Courtney's Mother
What betters explains Courtney's controlling, almost-psychotic attitude? A controlling, almost-psychotic mother, of course. Plus, those ridiculous rules that she came up with for Duncan feel a lot like Umbridge's proclamations..."I will have order," indeed.
  • So you're suggesting that Umbridge somehow got laid?!
    • I think I need some Brain Bleach...
      • Seconded. But Umbridge and Courtney look nothing alike though...
      • Father's genes. Who knew the Imperius curse had so much power?
  • Or Umbridge could have adopted Courtney as an infant.

Courtney has Abusive Parents
It would perfectly explain her negative attributes, Courtney even mentions herself in 2008: A Space Owen that "Momma didn't raise no sucker", meaning that she has at least one parent (likely a mother) back home who constantly puts immense pressure on her to be the very best and browbeats her when she falls short of perfection.

If the writer's hadn't decided that Justin didn't work as a villain after all, Courtney's derailment wouldn't have happened.
In interviews about the first season they said that the reason Heather was the only really villainous contestant (Chris and Chef not counting since they're outsiders from the ground) was because they interviewed tons of kids in the age demographic they were aiming at about what they liked in reality shows, and one of their major dislikes were your standard Reality TV villains. This one villain trend kept up in the second season, with Justin at the beginning then switching over to Courtney as they decided that he didn't really work.

So, if Justin had kept scheming away Courtney would have kept the role she had when she first got back into the show, as the disgruntled Straight Man trying to keep the people around her from screwing up her chances at winning. Which might have still made people within the show see her as a bad guy, but would have been a natural advancement of the character when she's already been screwed out of going as far as she should have through other people's actions once (twice if you count her not getting the million in TDDDI because of the guys refusing to let go of her balloon , which I'm sure she does).

Courtney will make it to the finals in All-Stars.
If the final two are comprised of one original contestant and one new contestant, which seems likely, Courtney could be the most logical choice given that she is the only original contestant competing (excluding Lindsay, who was eliminated first) who has not yet made it to the final two, and by extension has not won a season in any part of the world (as Gwen, Duncan, and Heather each have.) Alejandro and Sierra do cause a bump in the theory, as they're stuck between old and new, being neither originals nor TDRI-newbies and could end up in the finals themselves. (Though Alejandro seems less likely to make it this far again based on a combination of his previous ranking/win in Canada, and the emergence of the Malevolent One who may reveal Alejandro's lie regarding his legs and be the cause of his elimination.)
  • As of "Sundae, Muddy Sundae, Jossed

Courtney will be eliminated in double elimination with either Scott or Gwen.
  • Courtney has been involved in 2 double eliminations beforehand; Owen in Action and Blaineley in World Tour so her getting eliminated with another contestant seems plausible this season. In addition, it would serve as a high mark of her relation with either one. I could see Courtney and Scott taking their relationship seriously after taking the Flush of Shame together just like Sam and Dakota in Revenge. Gwen and Courtney getting eliminated together would be a good closing to Gwen's make-up arc with the latter. Earlier on, Duncan had warned the two about Mal, which they both laughed off which could come to bite them in the ass.
    • Jossed, Courtney is eliminated by herself.

Courtney is scared of green jelly because...
...she once had an unfortunate encounter with SCP-447, and learned exactly what it does when it comes in contact with dead bodies.

The reason Duncan went to juvie will eventually be revealed and he will turn out to have been framed, mistakenly imprisoned or to have taken the fall for someone else.

No, this plain isn't happening. First of all, it'd be one of the most ridiculous Dracoin Leather Pants ever. Second, Gwen, Owen, and Heather already know what he went to juvie for. Third, his bio says that he's done a lot of crap and the video from his parents (it's in the outtakes) show him doing stuff like the "Happy Nude Year" incident.

  • Just let the little fangirl believe
    • That comment has made my day.
    • Mine too. Worth posting the rebuttal in the first place.

Duncan didn't actually purposely vote Courtney out.
Just like it first appeared, he really did accidentally hit her name because he was mostly asleep and not paying attention, but once it was over with his personality wouldn't let him admit that he'd just ruined his relationship because of a stupid accident so he insisted that it was on purpose instead.
  • Here's my theory, Duncan thought if Courtney won she would not share her winnings with him.

Theory about what happens after Duncan comes back
At this point in the competition Courtney and Gwen are friends or have formed an Enemy Mine depending on how you look at it, but only because Duncan's not there. When he comes back, Courtney reverts back to Clingy Jealous Girl mode and this causes her friendship with Gwen to slowly fall apart; meanwhile Duncan is becoming attracted to Gwen, but Courtney doesn't realize or notice it. Eventually Courtney turns on Gwen during a challenge to win immunity; this leads to the scene where Duncan and Gwen go to the cargo hold and kiss.
  • Jossed. Duncan and Dwen kiss in the confessional behind Courtney's back,

Rock!Duncan from the Newfoundland episode is the town's resident Eldritch Abomination.
It eats sea birds from afar, which looks like spontaneous death, and it lures lost travelers to its main body and then just lets them go for some reason, which is why Courtney and Gwen thought Duncan was out on a rock in the middle of the ocean. So they didn't forget to add Cosmic Horror Story elements to the creepy coast episode after all.

Duncan survived a drive-by shooting outside a music store.
This is why he's averse to both singing and Celine Dion music store standees.

Duncan is secretly backing Heather to win.
Sure in 'Hawaiian Style' he seems to be pro-Cody, but seriously why would Duncan of all people back Cody? Maybe Gwen asked him to, or he did it because supporting Heather is extremely unpopular with the contestants and slipping Blaineley a Heather flag (even though Blaineley butted heads with Heather constantly on the show) was as far as he felt he could go (for now.) This is also why he was so happy with Harold performing the challenge for Cody. Duncan has always underestimated Harold and since he can't publicly support Heather the next best thing is to get a 'loser' to bat for Cody.

Duncan is becoming a jerk to take off his leather pants
"Take off his leather pants! (by the way, did you notice that Tyler's hair resemble Kemo's, in one episode?)

In 'I See London...' Duncan allowed himself to be kidnapped by Courtney and Gwen as a publicity stunt for his band.
The tabloids write themselves: 'Lead Singer of Der Schnitzel Kickers kidnapped by hormone crazed groupies' (which is basically what really happened too.)

Duncan wrote Total Drama Action
When you look at it like that, everything makes sense:

  • Geoff's transformation into a jerk is because Duncan got along with him best when they were torturing Harold.
  • Trent turns into a Stalker with a Crush Satellite Love Interest is because Duncan sees him as a "evil" rival for Gwen.
  • Justin being Justin is because Duncan is secretly jealous of his good looks.
  • Izzy, Bridgette, Lindsay's, etc. Flanderization is because Duncan never got along with them or knew them as more than one dimensional stereotypes.
  • Owen being The Milestone is because Duncan is still angry at him for beating him in TDI when he lost the challenge.
  • Leshawna Taking A Level In Jerkass is because Duncan is angry at her for exposing him as a "softie" in TDI.
  • Courtney being a jerk is because Duncan liked her more when she was "bad".

I think that's all, but there may be more.

Duncan kissing Gwen in World Tour was a Batman Gambit
Duncan wanted out of his relationship with Courtney, but she refused to acknowledge his attempts to break it off, so Duncan realized he would have to do something that would make her hate him. At the same time, Team Amazon had a lot of strong players that would cause a lot of trouble for Duncan after the merge. In particular, Courtney and Gwen's budding friendship made a strong combination. Duncan intended for Courtney to quickly find out about his and Gwen's kiss, but through Chris (with video footage) rather than Tyler. Once Courtney did find out, Duncan intended for Team CIRRRRH to have a winning streak, during which Courtney, Gwen and possibly Heather would be eliminated. By the time the merge came around, the only real problem (in Duncan's opinion) would be Alejandro, making it a race to gain the support of the other competitors. However, Duncan didn't count on Team CIRRRRH having a losing streak instead of a winning streak. His plan was a partial success, eliminating Gwen and distracting Courtney from the game, but it wasn't enough to get him into the finals. After his own elimination, Duncan realized he had genuine feelings for Gwen, and decided to continue their relationship.

Duncan blowing up Mount Chrismore...
Wasn't just out of spite for him being milked for more screen time via his contract, but also for how Gwen was used via her cameo in the episode before his. One thing that Duncan is known for, is his holding grudges far longer then they need to, and Chris burying Gwen alive, one of her biggest fears, would no doubt be more then enough to cause him to spite Chris, much like he did Harold throughout T.D.A. and the first half of World Tour.

If there was ever a Total Drama Island live action movie, Heather would be played by Miranda Cosgrove.
Because this just makes way too much sense. She's already had experience with acting like a bitch and looks the part, too.
  • Jon Heder would play Harold. Tina Majorino as Beth, her character Deb looks just like her, just give her Nerd Glasses.
    • And Ellen Page as Gwen.
    • Weird. I always though that if there were a live action Total Drama movie, Megan Fox would play Heather.

Heather went so far because she was screwing Chris and/or the executives.
Being able to blackmail them since they're f*** ing a minor, they give her all the breaks, but can't break the Masquerade.

Heather likes Duncan but is in denial and is projecting her feelings onto Gwen.

Did she really just happen to own a framed photo of Duncan? She also instinctively grabbed onto to Duncan in 'Masters Of Disasters' in exactly the same way Courtney did back in 'The Sucky Outdoors'. Heather was also the person who reacted worst to Courtney's re-appearance in TDA (at least before Courtney managed to alienate her team).

  • That actually sort of makes sense, they do have quite a lot of Belligerent Sexual Tension.
    • The reason Heather is denying it so hard fits in with her Gwen complex - if Gwen likes Duncan then obviously he isn't deserving of being liked by Heather. And of course if they really do hook up that 'proves' to Heather that he wasn't worthy in the first place.

Alternately, Heather really, ''really'' likes Gwen.

Just hear this out, will ya? Heather has spent over a year now trying to make Gwen's life a living hell, even when geography separated theme. Plus, she has a copy of Gwen's outfit, and a Gwen wig. Something is happening in Heather's head; if it's not love, it's a very dangerous obsession of the highest level.

  • Think of this way: you're Heather - beautiful, smart, popular. Suddenly some loser Goth humiliates you on national television, cheats you out of a lot of money and ends up more popular than you! And thanks to her you're own stock has plummeted to the point where you can't even get a date in the school you used to run. No wonder Heather's obsessed with Gwen - she's baffled and outraged that such an obvious (from her point of view) loser is beating her. And maybe a part of her - the part of her that's desperately lonely and upset - wishes she was Gwen. Gwen has friends and boyfriends and Heather has neither. Of course being Heather the only way she knows how to deal with it is to lash out at the girl she envies.

Heather has a crush on Harold.

Due to the fact that he's the only contestant who wanted to team up with her in Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, the only contestant through out most of the second season to actually be nice to her and he's probably the closest thing Heather has to a friend. But she denies it because 1. it won't look good for her image to be in love with the "alpha geek" and 2. she fears what Leshawna would do to her.

  • Heather is shown admiring Harold and trying to use num-yos like him in the third Aftermath. That would be great at TDWT, Heather and Harold versus Gwen and Duncan battling at the challenges.
    • Jossed as she is now with Alejandro, plus Harold seems to have dropped his attraction to her though he is one of her helpers in the finale.

Think about it, Leshawna is the only person, man or woman, Heather's shown any genuine affection for. Even when Harold tried to get close to her and help her, when no one else would, she rejected both him and his friendship, but when Leshawna was facing torment from the other contestants, then she finally thought of someone other than herself, and spoke in Leshawna's defense.

  • That could also be why she rejects Harold, both because she doesn't want Leshawna angry at her for stealing her "ginger baby" from her and because he is competition for Leshawna's affections.

Heather's source of power for her mean and manipulative ways was her long hair.
Like Samson in The Bible, Heather's hair was the source of her power. When it was shaved off towards the end of Island, she clearly lost her influence, forcing her to actually befriend the other campers during Action. Even though her hair grew back in World Tour, she still lacked the influence she had prior to "I Triple Dog Dare You", as she only had a short ponytail. By the time her hair grows back to its original length in Revenge of the Island, she became full-on Alpha Bitch again.

Heather is a Closet Geek
she probably had nerdy interests when she was an "ugly tween".

Heather will fall in love Alejandro, show some rudimentary human qualities and then get her tiny blackened heart shattered into thousands of pieces

Heather is some sort of antichrist
She wants to rule European Union, that's the standard way for the rise of the antichrist in Left Behind like stories. And her brother is named Damien. What her sister name? Jezabel?

Heather's fear of sumo wrestlers is actually a Trauma Button from when she was bullied.
Her biography states that she was a fat "junior high reject" as a child. Maybe when her classmates bullied her over her weight, they also made fun of her Asian heritage by calling her a sumo wrestler. Even if she isn't necessarily Japanese. So sumo wrestlers remind her of the racist fatphobic insults she faced as a kid before she reinvented herself.

Alejandro is an utter bastard because Lady Gaga broke his heart.
He's so vain, I bet he thinks this song is about him.

Alejandro will fall in love with one on the girls
  • He will be a antagonist and outwit and betray the other campers, but his plans will fall apart when he falls for one of the girls, most likely Heather.
    • Heather would probably exploit Alejandro's affection for her, like he will do to Bridgette and Lindsay

Alejandro will physically assault one of the contestants
His manipulating skills will fail to work on a contestant he considers a threat, and as a result he'll assault them, breaking their jaw and arms in order to stop them from telling. The audience won't be shown this, and believe they got into an accident. We won't know until the contestant heals and tells everyone. It will be Alejandro's Moral Event Horizon, and he'll be a Karma Houdini since he'll do it while the plane is over international waters, or try buying his way out. Or it'll be his word against theirs, and being the son of a diplomat his will be taken.
  • My money's on Noah.
    • But hasn't Noah already fallen for Alejandro's manipulation? If anything, team Amazon is the only team that doesn't admire Alejandro, so perhaps it's Cody instead?
    • Noah's smart enough to see through his deception after a while, also Cody has a good chance of facing Alejandro's wrath
    • You may be right, in the third episode Noah doesn't seem all that impressed with Al's monster movie idea like the others are, and perhaps Cody's conflict with Alejandro is what's foreshadowed by Al knocking him down in the TDA special?
    • Considering that Cody's role is shaping up to be keep Team Amazon from destroying each other, it seems very likely Alejandro would consider him a threat.
    • If Alejandro does, he'll probably frame Gwen.
    • ...and then, when Cody heals and accuses Alejandro, he can claim poor Cody's just been seduced by a terrible girl who's using her, this is falling in place so beautifully.
  • Jossed

There is something deep, dark, and/or traumatizing about the nickname "Al"
  • Nah, Tyler called him Al in the Japan episode. Personally, it was probably just because it's... Owen.
  • Sort of. The Amazon episode reveals that he doesn't like nicknames because they soil his proper name.
  • CONFIRMED. As of the final episode. His Big Brother Bully constantly called him that.

Alejandro is secretly a robot.
  • He hates being called Al, because it looks like AI or Artificial Intelligence.
  • Well, if he wasn't a robot before, he is one now.
If there is a challenge in France, Lindsay will break another piece of artwork, and get sent back to prison.
  • Mostly Jossed. In the preview, a lot of the contestants are breaking artwork. However, Lindsay is seen CLEARLY with a parachute on her back.

A crazy theory about Alejandro

In case people do not know, in the Peruvian Amazon episode, Alejandro will get a villainous Eye patch so maybe as World Tour continues, he will suffer Amusing Injuries that will make him more and more evil looking

  • Okay, if that was true, that would be the most awesome theory EVER. Sadly, it doesn't happen, but on the finale he gets put into a robot suit. Maybe if he does come back he'll look more sinister and evil.

Alejandro has something to do with the Spanish phrase "Al burro muerto, cebada al rabo"
  • The phrase translates to "To the dead donkey, barley to the tail", meaning (paraphrasing) "You should enjoy life, for at the when you die, you can't expect anything (fame, glory, etc.)" Kind of ironic, considering Alejandro wants to bring everyone down and win. Add Owen's nickname for him ("Al"), and add in his last name {"Burromuerto"), and you've got something.
    • Yeah, this is very likely to happen. Or even worse, it foreshadows Alejandro's ultimate demise. We already know that Alejandro is willing to do anything to keep his place. My guess is that by the finale, he'll have transformed from an Expy of Justin to the most genuinely threatening antagonist the series has ever had and this will be his karma.

Alejandro is the reason the plane blew up
Isn't it suspicious that it blew up just as he was about to be voted off?
  • I disagree. He looked genuinely surprised at the explosion and Alejandro didn't know he was gonna get voted off, remember? He thought Heather voted for Cody, making a tiebreaker. Thats why he gets so ticked off when he sees that she voted for him instead.

Alejandro had Juandissimo as a Fairy Godparent

They're both attractive latino males with a tendency to rip off their shirt and are both chick magnets who can attract girls with ease. Need I say more?

Alejandro's Brother will show up in a future season as a villain
Chris has said repeatedly he liked Alejandro as a player, since he's the perfect villain for the show and did a heck of a lot better than past villains, actually reaching the final. Well Alejandro is now Darth Alejandro and can't really compete anymore. Al said that his big bro is better than him at everything, so who better to replace Alejandro than his bigger and better brother?
  • Good one, but sadly not likely to happen. Question: If Al's brother could be in a future season, what about the siblings of other contestants? Gwen has a brother, Owen has several, and Lindsay has two sisters...
  • Confirmed but Downplayed Jose was Alejandro's opponent to box in All-Stars, and he was antagonistic.

For about the first half of TDWT, Alejandro was trying to protect Heather from getting eliminated.

Think about it. Alejandro probably began to develop a "crush" on Heather sometime near Broadway, Baby! but he realized in the end of the episode that everyone on her team practically hated her, so Alejandro started to flirt with LeShawna so she could get voted off. He figured that if he could manage to get everyone off Team Victory first, then he could have some time to make everyone on Team Amazon turn against someone on their team besides Heather. Why else would he have hit that board to make DJ lose in Jamaica Me Sweat? Then when Duncan came back and Tyler knew something about him, Al thought it would be about Courtney, thus making a plan to make everyone on Team Amazon turn against her. Once he found out it was about Gwen and Duncan kissing, he made Tyler spill the beans because if it was about Courtney and Gwen, then Heather would at least be safe for a while. Once Courtney managed to get everyone on her team to vote off Gwen, he started to flirt with her to get her voted off. Once everyone got into individuals, Alejandro decided it was time to stop protecting Heather because he didn't want to let his feelings get in the way of the game. Sorry this is so long. . .

Alejandro revealing Duncan and Gwen's kiss was a way to defend Courtney and Trent.
  • Trent was heartbroken, and went insane, by Duncan and Gwen's newly formed relationship in Total Drama Action.
  • Courtney feels the same pain as Trent when she found out as well.
  • Courtney finally reached her limit and swore revenge, while Trent accepted the relationship.

Alejandro will become "The Boy Who Cried Mal"
Alejandro will experience or overhear one of Mal's plans, and will attempt to tell everyone else (especially Courtney and Gwen) about it, to no avail. He has no allies due to his being a Manipulative Bastard in World Tour and his lying about his legs not working. It may seem out-of-character for him to want to help anybody, but now that he's gotten rid of Heather and bested his brother, he'll probably be a little bit less evil. Add to the fact that only Duncan really knows who Mal is, and the only other person who knows of him is Zoey, and there'd be no way that Alejandro will be able to stay much longer.
  • Previews of Ep. 10 have him trying to warn the rest of the group and failing. More likely that Mal will try to have him eliminated.

Noah is actually extremely Genre Savvy and orchestrated his own demise on purpose.
Think about it. For the first two episodes we know he didn't do much except snark at Duncan and jump off the cliff. In the third episode, he kisses Cody (which he planned), which seals his place as one of the show's biggest fan favorites (it's true, he is). By the dodgeball game, he's confident in his status of popularity that he can purposely act like a jerkass, get himself kicked off, relax for the entire summer and during TDA... until Chris brings back him, Cody, and Ezekiel as three massive ensemble dark horses for TDM. Not to mention he would intentionally throw in a bunch of stereotypical gay (the crossing his legs, the "honey", the "what-everrrr", the running in the special that he certainly didn't do in 'The Big Sleep') things to keep us interested, and snark to appeal to the fangirls. Even in his audition tape, he says he has a plan for how to win "in the end", and since both Owen and Duncan/Beth (depends on the special) are supposed to lose the money to advance the show, it's very likely he would've actually read the contract to know there'd be a third season.
  • Makes sense, as he is VERY smart. If he's Total Drama's Final Winner, Teletoon is forgiven. For everything.
  • Somewhat Jossed. The third season is over, and while Noah appeared in the season, he came nowhere close to winning. He may however, win either season 5 or 6.

Noah was Craig Tucker as a kid.
After moving from South Park, Noah continued his Deadpan Snarker lifestyle in Canada.

Noah has feelings for Izzy.
And he's telling Owen how crazy she is, so Owen will break up with her so he can have her all to himself. Well, Owen and Izzy have broken up, but let's see if Noah falls for a super-smart Izzy.

And he's telling Owen how crazy Izzy is, so Owen will break up with her so he can have Owen all to himself.
  • Um, I disagree with the Ho Yay bit, since their interactions are most certainly just friendly, but I do think that Noah may simply be acting protective and wants Owen to stay away from a girl that could potentially eat his arm off while he's asleep, they are best friends after all.
  • Plus, it could be a Friend Versus Lover situation, with Noah being jealous of how much attention Owen gives Izzy
  • As of "I See London..." it's probably the other way around now, what with Owen spending the entire episode trying to make Noah laugh and being close to tears after his elimination.

The writers are deliberately limiting Noah's amount of screen time so we'll keep asking for more of him
  • I support this theory. After all, he has more of a fandom than Tyler, a similar popularity to Cody, while getting the amount of screen time as Zeke.
    • On a related note, Noah's screen time is deliberately limited so that his fans won't complain about him getting derailed. A character with such a stubborn personality should not be very malleable, so the development should be limited to growth and dwindling of existent traits. It makes sense if we think about the characters who had pretty bad derailment and the ones who didn't have that bad derailment—all of the latter have less screen time than most of the former.

Noah is the reincarnation of Socrates.
He is very obviously smarter than the majority of the people he hangs out with; and thinks that thinking is the greatest part of life (as is evidenced by his refusal to participate in menial challenges in season one.) He befriends people that are quite clearly not as knowledgeable as he is, and is sarcastic and cocky even to them. Then, I See London... happened. And during it, he revealed to Tyler and Owen that Alejandro was untrustworthy. This was the truth. It ended unfavorably for him, but when he was getting voted off, notice what he did: did he try to complain and say that the elimination was unfair or that he didn't deserve it? No. He disregarded his defense, and left the jury with a cryptic message of the truth. Just like Socrates did when he was on trial for his life. This CAN'T be a coincidence. Socrates was reincarnated as Noah to prevent people from making the mistakes they've been making for millennia. It didn't work.

Izzy is famicon/ghxyk2 and made Bart the General. (The fan series, not the Simpsons episode.)
Search "Bart the General" on youtube, and you can see that it makes too much sense. It's not that Izzy is crazy enough to think that BTG makes sense and is a good idea, but that she is trying to Mind Screw everyone. Hey, if Gaara can be the writer of My Immortal...


  • Izzy has a fear of flying, the plane in the second episode of BTG is creepy as hell.
  • The name changing of Bart Bevis Berton and Homer Omarn reflect Izzy's constant name changes in the series.
  • The series possibly started during her breaking up with Owen in the first season, so that's what the Omarn vs. Toadfish is all about: Marge is her (so if this was true, then according to the third episode, she is probably bisexual), Omarn is Owen, Toadfish is Justin, Stonefish is Duncan, and Berton... Trent? The fourth episode's plot seems to be Omarn going to fight Toadfish with Marge siding with him, implying that the two (Izzy and Owen) have gotten together again.
  • Following the above, Bart the General used to have a one episode-per-year format, but that stopped during episode 4. The beginning could be shortly after the break up with stealth complaining against Owen by using "Omarn" to represent him. The abuse is toned down as Izzy forgives him, and now that they are hooked up again, Izzy has no reason to continue the series anymore (as it was made back when she hated Owen) and has slowed down in making the next episode (there might be one, the end of the fourth has a "TBC" screen on it), which may be the last and have Marge and Omarn killing Toadfish and Stonefish for good.
  • Izzy can upload vids from the future, that's the only way this can be possible.

Izzy is a plant from the network.
Look at what happens in the first season. It's plausible that Izzy would own a bear suit, but where was she keeping it? Probably with the production crew. Eva knew that Izzy had access to the production facilities, and tried communicating that to the cast when she was voted off the second time. After Izzy returns, she's given the important job of making sure that Heather doesn't get voted off to maintain maximum dramatic potential. From that point onward, Izzy starts pushing the show in the direction of a Le Shawna/Heather finale. Izzy encourages the idea of a "girl's alliance," knowing that it would cement Heather's already strong position. She sees that fan favorite Leshawna is having trouble in the bike challenge, and so removes her from the challenge so she'll live to fight another day. When Heather can't win the hunting challenge, Izzy "takes one for the team" and shoots Heather so she appears just incompetent and dangerous enough to be voted off instead. Lashawna's sudden, rigged elimination from the competition came about when the network saw that a Gwen/Heather face off would play better in the ratings, but Heather unexpectedly gets voted off right before the finale. She's fired after helping Owen win the first season, but the network is contractually bound to allow Izzy to compete in the second season.
  • Alejandro might be one of these.

Izzy is related to/grows up to become Ms. Frizzle.
Come on, they even look alike.
  • Both are awesome too!
    • That's actually a funny idea. Granted, the Frizz is less manic than Izzy, but perhaps even she can calm down as she grows up? And goes back to using her actual name—Izzy was just a random pseudonym, like E-Scope, you see.
      • Uhm... frizzle to Izzy! Its not even a fake name it's just a shortening! Either way this is my new canon :)

Izzy is Princess Guinevere's descendant.
Izzy has a great Scottish grandmother. Guinevere was taken to Scotland for a family reunion. There's a possible chance that Guinevere might have Scottish blood. Now look at Izzy then look at Guinevere. Similar hair, clothing etc. The only way Izzy could inherit her Cloud Cuckoo Lander personality would be if Guinevere ended up marrying Robin Hood.

Izzy discovering time travel will be a plot point.
Maybe it's the reason why the next season is called Total Drama Reloaded
  • Season 5 will be called Total Drama Time Warp. And it will be AWESOME!
  • Jossed

In the Las Vegas episode, Izzy will escape area 51.
Or Owen could break her out.
  • The Izzy storyline not being resolved by having Owen break Izzy out of Area 51 followed by her snapping back to "normal" and giving Owen a big kiss is a waste of a perfectly good opportunity.
  • Jossed

Izzy newly discovered time travel and teleportation are there reason why Ezekiel still in the plane
She send him there in a mission of sorts.
  • jossed

Izzy will return in the Niagara Falls episode....
....And due to the fact that "Brainzilla" dumped Owen and not her, she still thinks they're a couple, and when she sees Owen and Blaineley (the later in a bridal dress) she'll beat up Blaineley for "Stealing her Big O" and Owen and Izzy will become a couple again
  • Jossed. Niagara Brawls has no Izzy in sight.

Real Life wrote the plot for Izzy's character in Total Drama World Tour.

It's been noticed by a lot of fans how Izzy seemed to totally disappear in the episodes leading up to her elimination, appearing only a little bit in songs and having only a few lines (or none at all) in certain episodes. It can't be because her voice actress can't sing, Katie Crown has a number of comedic songs and would've been perfect for some of the comedical numbers this season. Even after Izzy was eliminated due to injury (in a quick, convoluted way), fans were certain she'd come back at some point, as she had the previous two seasons. It's been speculated above that she might've been set to return in the Area 51 episode, possibly held captive by the government, this was even set up by Noah asking Owen about the government taking Izzy away.

As seen on Katie Crown's website, she's apparently moved to New York City and has been going back and forth between there and Toronto frequently for her stand-up comedy career. She also voices a major character in Stōked, voice sessions for that show probably take up a lot of her time. It might be possible that because of Katie Crown's other commitments, her character's role in Total Drama World Tour had to be sharply reduced, and as a result, several storylines involving Izzy were hastily changed.

Izzy is faking her insanity.
Because she knows that it will draw in the ratings and make her a fan favorite.

Alternatively, Izzy's exact insanity is narcissistic personality disorder.
Her manic behavior is an ongoing grab for attention. Ignoring her altogether is a Berserk Button.

Izzy is a Super-Villain
Why didn't we realize it before??? Izzy has admitted to being on the RCMP's Most Wanted list, can make explosives by hand with natural materials, seems to be invincible (she survived having a PLANE dropped on her once) and developed mathematical formulas for time travel and teleportation. There are only two questions that need to be answered: HOW did she get allowed to be on Total Drama Island in the first place, and WHEN will she TAKE OVER THE WORLD?

Izzy was the one who voted for Bridgette in Hide and Be Sneaky
Assuming Geoff was telling the truth, then there should've been a three-way tie between her, Duncan, and Owen with three votes each (DJ, Duncan, Owen for Bridgette; Bridgette, Leshawna, Gwen for Duncan; and Heather, Izzy, and Lindsay for Owen). This is the last episode where Izzy seems to be in Heather's alliance (She's sitting with her and Lindsay when they're discussing who to vote off}, and they're talking about voting off her future boyfriend. Let's assume she had feelings for Owen at this point and went against Heather, striking out on her own afterwards.

Justin has an influence in Nintendo of America's proceedings.
When he was given a build of a new game called Metroid and finding out that the unnamed protagonist was a girl, he asked to be able to play the game in a bikini. The conversation then went something like this:

Localizer: A bikini? I'm sorry, but we cannot violate our princi-

Justin: (Takes off shirt)

Localizer: What's your name?

Justin: Justin Bailey

Justin's egotism stems from a Screw Yourself-style attractions to himself.
Going beyond attracting people from various genders, age groups, and ambiguous sexualities, he's hot enough to be attracted to himself. This magnifies his ego infinitely by causing him to recursively want to do whatever he wants himself to do.

Justin was a really genuinely nice guy...
Until he was wrongfully eliminated by Heather. When that happened, he had something of an internalized Freak Out, wondering why he, a fairly benign guy, could be betrayed that way by the other Gophers. He then came to the conclusion that "Nice guys really do finish last" and thus decided to start using his looks to get whatever he wanted and not care for others.
  • You know what? That's exactly what I always thought, and I think an experience like that would be specially frustrating to him (Because everybody was so nice to him until that moment). To most people wouldn't be a big deal, but to someone like him would be almost traumatic, since he's just to used to get whatever he wants

Justin will be the main villain/antagonist in Season 2
If Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island is any indication, we may need to add Justin to the list when Season 2 comes around. He might be more of a bastard than we think.
  • No offense, but this is obvious as heck.
    • Yet still Jossed. Huuuuuuh.

Justin was a villain all along
A lot of people thought his actions in season two were kinda random and ruined his character, but he was actually a devious villain the whole time! His original plan was to lay low until later in the game, which plenty of reality TV show players have done in the past. Remember when he tried cheating in the Awake-A-Thon challenge? Heather caught on, probably from that moment, and wanted him gone ASAP. She only really admired his looks a couple times early on. She was the one who suggested he play in the talent show, though she may have actually believed that he could have helped them win, but had an elimination plan on backup. When they lost, she put the blame on him and got him eliminated because she saw him as a threat. In the post finale episode of the first season, she exploited his looks to help her get the million dollar case. By season two, he knew that he had to step his game up, and for the most part, he did.

Ezekiel is the BEST camper.
Think about it. Why else would he be the first one voted off? To hide his true "powers." He did do the first challenge, after all.
  • He was voted off first because he was a sexist pig in a team which had a significant portion of girls. Also, how does being the first to go qualify you as the best camper?
    1. It's wild mass guessing. When did tropers need proof?
    2. It beats saying that Ezekiel is a time lord.
    3. And let me, the one who made this guess in the first place, put it this way, he might be the only camper that read all of the contract, so he knows about season two. He only made sexist comments once... which could mean he was trying to get himself voted off so he could relax until the end of the season. The contract pointed out everything from two of Chris' favorites going back to possibly being picked to challenge the "winner" (say, Courtney and Heather are in the "final two" Courtney "wins" and Chris say she has to pick one more opponent to come back and go against her). Ezekiel made himself look as bad as a player as possible so someone will pick him at the end. Also, notice how the pool of gelatin comes out of nowhere. Ezekiel put it there — yes, he put it there (he's strong, if this guess is true). He hacked into the website and changed his biography to look like he's a sexist, got himself out, then got hit by Courtney in Haut camp-ture/after the dock of shame to cover up, used the diving board to increase the chance of people tying and got himself out the tie. Then, if someone "wins", they will pick Ezekiel (because they're still mad at his comments, they think he is a bad player, or both). Checkmate.
      • TL;DR version: because Rule of Funny says so.
      • Uh, let me just point out, your third point is entirely fictitious. That's hardly a "checkmate".

This may sound like a wild guess, but Ezekiel will become the next Big Bad.
This is a wild guess, as the only evidence is Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island, where he allied with Lindsay and Beth. Now they're only two so far (Heather and Justin), but out of them, 100% of the previous big bads allied with the same people.
  • this could actually happen, due to the fact that he is lurking in the shadows in the Japan episode
  • Jossed. [[spoiler: He becomes a threat, but not the Big Bad.

Ezekiel will try and get revenge for getting booted off first
possibly by performing a Hostile Show Takeover

  • H'm, not a bad idea. He showed up sneaking around in the cargo hold (?) in Super Crazy Happy Fun Time In Japan with creepy red eyes when Team Amazon was picking out their stuff for the commercial.
  • Confirmed. He grabs the money in the finale, though he falls into the volcano.

Ezekiel will get the prize money somehow.
probably when Alejandro throws the money into a volcano, Ezekiel is inside the volcano and he grabs it before it hits the lava .
  • Confirmed. He grabs the money from Heather or Chris depending on the ending, though he falls into the volcano with it.

Ezekiel being a stowaway will come down to nothing in the long run
The Fresh TV people are just trolling Homeschool's fanbase with a false Hope Spot.
  • Jossed, as he's used in a challenge, becomes an obstacle in the penultimate episode and steals the money.

Ezekiel's feral state will be brought back one more time for a battle with Shawn
While Ezekiel may be Put on a Bus for now, his feral state looks and acts a lot like a zombie, and Shawn's life is based almost entirely around zombies. Thus, pitting the two toque-wearing homeschoolers against each other would make for a episode that has the potential to be both epic and hilarious. With hope, it may even mark the final appearance of feral Zeke by having him become human again afterwards.

Ezekiel is Coach Z as a young man
Let's see, there's the accent, the Z-shaped bling, the strained relationships with women, them both being posers who try to pass themselves off as gangstas, and the fact that both are very unpopular among other cast members. Also, how else could Coach Z get his own line of Sports Instructional videos unless he had some kind of minor celebrity status?
  • That actually makes a lot of sense. I actually had a completely unrelated theory about five years ago that Coach Z's "real name" was Ezekiel... This only leaves the question of... what the hell happened to his mouth, nose, and ears?
    • Easy. He makes another offhand sexist comment, Eva is within earshot, and the end result is physical disfigurement.
      • or, his disfigurement comes from falling into the volcano.
  • More evidence: Zeke is best known for making an unintentionally-sexist comment in Season 1. Coach Z once apologized to an angry Marzipan for an offscreen "inapprahpriate" comment. More than likely, he was hitting on her, but maybe it was actually a sexist remark.

Ezekiel will turn into a Gollum-like character.
Tell my you weren't thinking that at the end of I See London. He's still on the plane, and the lack of light and food has made his skin green, his eyes bloodshot, and he's gone insane. It's the perfect opportunity for him to turn into Gollum. MY PRECIOUS BARF BAG HEHEHEHEHEEEE!!
  • I think you're confusing your tenses. The one you used implies that this is a future event.
  • With the remaining contestant having to race to Hawaii, and a volcano is the final challenge (most likely where Alejandro will toss the briefcase) no doubt will see the movie referenced .
  • Confirmed

Ezekiel will either get his own song (unknown to the other contestants)
Hey, they filmed him singing by himself in "Come Fly With Us."
  • Jossed

Ezekiel grows up to be Mitch Hedberg
Yes, I have been taking mind altering drugs, why do you ask?

Ezekiel has gone mad and will become a spree killer
He will kill the main cast causing Chris to hire new people. They will never find out who did it and go down in history (appropriately) as another Jack the Ripper.
  • Jossed.

Ezekiel will the Big Bad of World Tour
Near the end of the season, there'll be a musical number. He'll suddenly come out of hiding and interrupt it with a flashy Villain Song. During said song, he'll reveal that he secretly caused several of the mishaps that occurred after he was voted off. Chris makes some last minute changes and the final challenge becomes stopping Zeke's evil plan (whatever it turns out to be). Whichever finalist does that will be the winner.
  • Jossed, he's more of an obstacle.

Ezekiel will raise the dead in a later episode
How else could he become a Kobloid Necromancer?

Zombie!Ezekiel isn't the same person as Real!Ezekiel.
Ezekiel was tossed out of the plane when it crashed in Jamaica Me Sweat, hit his head on a rock, and was knocked out for a while. so he didn't get back on the plane after it left. Chris, noting his absence, found a real zombie (maybe the zombified corpse of Jack the Ripper?), and used it in the I See London challenge. He thought that he would get more viewers if one of the characters apparently turned into a zombie, so he either stole Real!Ezekiel's clothes or found some that looked just like his, put them on the zombie, and was all "Whoa, hey, look, it's Ezekiel!" Noah realized that the zombie wasn't really Ezekiel when he was taken by him, and Chris was afraid he'd tell, which was why he totally screwed with the results of the challenge in that episode and then showed Alejandro the convenient tape of Noah slandering him, resulting in Noah being kicked off. In the finale, Zombie!Ezekiel will fall into the volcano, everyone will freak out thinking it was Real!Ezekiel. Chris will be like, "He was already dead! He's been dead for (insert amount of years older than Ezekiel has been alive here) years!" Courtney/Alejandro/Noah/Heather/Gwen (one of the smart campers) will point out that Ezekiel is only (insert Zeke's age here), and therefore that's impossible, and then the real, actual, non-zombie Zeke will walk up (possibly in his skivvies, if Chris stole his clothes) and be all, "Yo, why's everyone freaking out, eh?" Chris will claim he would never kill one of them for real, everyone will be all "Awwww! He does care!", and then Chris will be all, "I'd get sued!" and everyone will be all depressed.Epileptic Trees, maybe, but that's my standpoint. Because, seriously, how could Zeke really be a zombie? It just doesn't make sense!

  • Probably because its more similar to rat rabies from the cargo hold than actual zombification. Still hope he gets some medical attention in between seasons though.

Ezekiel has The Infection
Ezekiel was bitten! And now he's slowly turning into a Hunter...

Ezekiel is a descendant of Danny Fenton
It would explain his apparent supernatural abilities shown in the first Aftermath and how he is able to return to the plane four times. It could also possibly explain how he managed to survive being immersed in lava.
  • Dude. This.

Ezekiel is bisexual.
In his bio, he said to a guy that he'd be pretty good looking if he wasn't so dirty. Plus he said wow when Alejandro helped him and Tyler up in the first episode of World Tour.

Ezekiel is the reincarnation of Cerebus the Aardvark.
Both have issues with women (although Ezekiel's are far less severe than Cerebus's...and the issues of Cerebus's creator, Dave Sim). Ezekiel is Canadian (complete with the stereotypical accent) while Cerebus was created by a Canadian. Considering the many evil things Cerebus did, being reincarnated as the (sort of) Butt-Monkey of a show that thrives on Comedic Sociopathy would be fitting retribution.
  • His feral transformation and behavior is partially due from him suddenly remembering his past life and going mad as a result

The writers of the show aren't trolling Ezekiel fans...
On the contrary, they're trying to make him a more sympathetic and tragic character. In the first episode of TDWT, Ezekiel is shown to be annoying, but at the same time eager and determined to win the grand prize, which could be viewed as admirable. When he's voted off, he clings to the wing of the plane, willing to risk life and limb for a second chance to prove himself. When Ezekiel ends up becoming a Gollum Expy, it's meant to be a Tear Jerker showing how poor Zeke has sacrificed everything, even his sanity just to stay on the show. His subsequent attempt to get the money, only to fall into the volcano is obviously meant to be an Alas, Poor Villain moment for Ezekiel, showing that no matter how hard he tries, there's just no way he can win. So, in conclusion, the writers set out to follow in The Kobold Necromancer's footsteps after all and make Ezekiel more likable, but their attempts ended up going horribly wrong.
  • I also started to doubt of this theory but for other reason: see, there are almost 200000 followers of TDWT in Facebook. Surely there are lots of bots, but, even so, there are much people that watch TDWT. And, we ask, how many of these followers read Total Drama Comeback (which incidentally has a page with exactly 4 followers)? Or better, how many of these followers know that there such things as fanfics? I'm not sure about the trolling part, but I'd like to know what the writers actually had in mind when they chose this path.

Ezekiel went feral from peanuts.
The Barf bags full of peanuts disappeared after a few episodes, and Ezekiel couldn't survive forever in the cargo hold off of rats. He probably ventured out in the plane to try and steal food, but Chef was in the kitchen. So he found the only other food available: the peanuts, despite his allergy to them, were still food. So the more he ate them, the more swollen his throat became. He stopped talking to the animals, and began to only hear their noises, eventually only speaking in animal noises. And his skin turning green was either from lack of oxygen in the cargo hold, or from the mummy curse (as mentioned above).

Sierra is either a sadist or CRAZY.
I'm not talking about Izzy-crazy, I'm talking about regular-crazy. Did you guys hear that creepy leitmotif she has in the first episode of World Tour? Or how she seems to love Chris and Heather despite knowing what they've done in the past two seasons? Or the fact that she basically radiates a creepy, "I-sometimes-sneak-into-your-house-and-wear-your-clothes-while-you're-asleep" aura?
  • Let me guess, Gwody shipper?
    • Nope. I'm just giving a WMG that Sierra's secretly insane, at least I didn't say she's a Time Lord or something.
    • Depressingly you're probably right, although her affection for Chris and Heather could be just good old Draco in Leather Pants-ism
    • This is pretty much confirmed in this teaser

Sierra is a Stepford Smiler.
She used to be all lonely before Total Drama first started. Then when she realized that the contestants were all just as strange as her, she developed a huge obsession and started blogging about them. In her mind, she sees them all as her friends and sees Cody as her boyfriend. When Cody finally breaks her heart, she will reveal that she knew he never liked her, but she just wanted it to be real. * Sniff*
  • That'd be an awesome fanfic, but way too dark for the show.

Alejandro is not the new major villain on the show, instead the new major villain is Sierra.

  • Sierra is playing a Batman Gambit to get on the show and win the million dollars.
  • Sierra showed up at the right time and was able to get in on the contest.
  • She is intentionally acting like Lindsay on a sugar rush to give everyone a false since that she is harmless.
  • She created sixteen different websites about this show. She knows the rules and the contestants backwards and forwards.
  • She has already shown to be very multi-talented, for example she can sing like and angel. And she clearly knows what to look for during the challenges, while at the same time appearing to be a ditz.
  • Sierra named her team Chris! That should raise alarm bells right there.
  • There is a devious mind behind that sweet face of hers.
  • She knows that Heather will make an alliance with her and stab her in the back when she is now longer needed.
  • So, Sierra will use Heather first.
  • Sierra will make it a game to see how far she can push Heather over the edge.
  • Before this is over, Sierra will drive Heather stark raving mad. And we will have the fun in watching it happen.
    • not originally mine, but Paul_Cousins' idea
      • So far, Sierra playing Heather is true.
      • also, she was fake crying to make Cody pay attention to her.

  • Jossed, Alejandro is the villain.
Sierra works for Cartoon Network
How else could she have gotten all that info? Answer: She got a job exploiting the truths for money.

Sierra has some deeeeep shit on Chris, and is gonna use that to her advantage
She has openly admitted to talking to everyone that he knew in high school (Revealing his love of Tomato Juice). Who's to say that she didn't learn some really bady juicy bits about our loved(?) sadistic host?
  • You better believe Sierra does, and she does use it, but to Alejandro's advantage...kind of.
  • she also might have stuff on the campers

Sierra will manipulate Heather into helping her get together with Cody

Sierra doesn't care if she wins or not, she just wants to get into Cody's pants, so she'll tell Heather that she'll make an alliance with her if she becomes her Cyrano. Bonus points because Heather despises her competition for Cody's affection - Jossed

Sierra doesn't see Gwen as competition for Cody's affection.....

........Beth on the other hand

  • ... and you know she's just lying in wait to take down Noah and Sadie in their sleep!

Sierra will blackmail Cody into becoming her boyfriend.

she'll threaten to tell everybody about his embarrassing secrets (if she knows a lot about Chris, just think about what she knows about someone she's really obsessed with) - Jossed

Sierra doesn't know about Cody's crush on Gwen

Only for Rule of Funny

  • Jossed because of The "Am-AH-Zon Race"

The reason why Sierra is so aggressively affectionate to Cody is...
...that she thinks if she wasn't so aggressively affectionate, another girl would win his affection

Sierra was faking everything with Cody and possibly manipulating everyone else to get the both of them in the final two

It was working, right until she blew up the plane and got eliminated in Alejandro's place. Once it got down to the final three, Sierra would likely have no problem getting Cody to vote off Heather, and then either have him let her win, the two of them would split the million, or Sierra would pull something similar to what Heather did and then take the million herself.

  • Woah, are you me? I was just thinking this the other day.

Sierra is using the D.E.N.N.I.S. System on Cody.

She's Demonstrated Value (winning challenges for her and Cody's team), Enganged him Physically (speaks for itself), and Nurtured Dependence (I've lost count of how many times she's saved his life). By the end of the season he's started to cozy up to her, giving her the perfect opportunity to Neglect him emotionally in Season 4 (or 5).

Sierra's purple hair...
Is another factor in her This Loser Is You parody of fangirls, like how fanfic Mary Sue's have multicolored eyes and such.

Sierra was Genre Savvy enough to know that Alejandro was a Manipulative Bastard all along

Sierra's shown to be highly Genre Savvy when it comes to the nature of the Show Within a Show and showing Obfuscating Stupidity in general. She's seen the show back and forth, knows each of the camper's personalities enough to possibly have manipulated them without anyone realizing it, and was intending on Cody winning.

So, with all that in mind, she knew Alejandro was evil from the get-go: she was using Heather while pretending to be used by her, and since she knows the show's tropes so well, Alejandro might as well have been wearing an Obviously Evil sign all the time. Note that she considers his fans to be loco.

The reason she never told anyone? Because she wanted Cody to win! She knew Alejandro would go around manipulating everyone left and right, causing a good deal of the World Tour eliminations. Sierra figured that it would help Cody win if Alejandro handled everyone else, and cooperated with him on voting out Owen both to make him think she was on his side and because she was really hoping it would make her and Cody's marriage legal. (Obviously not, but hope springs eternal.) It's notable that this plan actually did work, up until the end, as her elimination was due to her blowing up the plane.

Sierra is a Genius Ditz but doesn't let it on much.

It's stated that Sierra's using Obfuscating Stupidity to seem a non-threatening contestant to the serious players like Heather and perhaps Alejandro, if the above theory is accurate. However, take a closer analysis at some of the things Sierra has done.

Significant here is that in her search to find out all she could on the contestants, Sierra is shown to have hacked into government computers to do just that. That requires an ENORMOUS about of hacking skills and computer know-how, and that would be if you're a character in a spy genre; Sierra's just a teenage girl in high school. The fact that she was able to do this, possibly from a home computer, would lead to levels of absurd ingenuity.

The interpretation of this is that Sierra is incredibly skilled; take a look at all the various New Powers as the Plot Demands she shows off all the time. Possibly, Sierra's actually a prodigy of sorts or at least vastly more intelligent than she reveals. It could be a case of faking Idiot Hero because she finds it more entertaining, or she thinks it'll make people like her more.

Or, in a similar manner, Sierra is Brilliant, but Lazy

In accordance with the above theory, she should be at a higher schooling level at the very least, not in high school like non-government computer hackers.

The idea here is that she's certainly capable of doing so, but she's not very interested in that; Sierra simply doesn't really bother trying hard if she doesn't find the subject matter interesting enough.

When she DOES find something intriguing, though, well...she hacked into a government computer. And later rigged up a hot-air balloon from plane debris and a rocket-powered wheelchair in the same episode.

  • ... Let me guess, Sierra fan?

Sierra will try to help Cody get together with Gwen
Because that's what a best friend would do, Plus stranger things have happened.

Mike is/was suicidal, and a psych patient at a mental institution
  • Look at his clothes, almost nothing about them seem to have a personal touch. Sweatpants, blue shirt, beige sneakers. But he always seems extremely depressed whenever he uses a confessional. Then you realize: maybe his outfit is uniform, and he has been to a psych ward. He has to wear velcro shoes and sweat pants so he doesn't try to kill himself to rid the burden of having MPD. The only reason he was back home was to do his audition, under his parents' supervision, and his doctors were worried about him going on the show, should he be rejected from the others and fall back in a loop. The necklace under his shirt from his Vito personality is something he snuck past the doctors, maybe something of sentimental value.

Mike will use his MPD to get back on the show
It worked for Izzy, didn't it? When Mike fought his other personalities, for a split second, you could see a silhouette of Mike smiling evilly. If that doesn't happen, then that's definite foreshadowing for next season.
  • Izzy didn't use multiple personalities to get back on the show; she used her recurring Do Not Call Me "Paul" to trick Chris into putting a fake name onto the paperwork the formalized her elimination. This likely wouldn't work for Mike unless someone forgot which name he used to sign up for the show.

Mike is the Total Drama version of Peter Parker.
And there are a few moments in the show that confirm it.
  1. It's possible that Mike was deeply affected by the death of a close relative, which resulted in MPD.
  2. Svetlana is very athletic and has keen reflexes, while Manitoba Smith is apparently good with rope.
  3. Mike even dresses just like Peter. note 
  4. Mike apparently has a thing for girls with red hair. He even confirms it in "Runaway Model" when he compliments Zoey's hair.
  5. Mike's constant use of the confessional prior to his elimination are his take on Inner Monologues. Why else would he use it to [[Ultimate Spider-Man talk about every thought on his mind]]?
  6. The Malevolent One is the polar opposite of Mike, hence why some fans call him Venom.

Mike's personalities are reincarnated as some of the Pahkitew Island Contestants
We all know that Mike lost all his personalities in the All-Stars finale. But maybe their characters haven't died and have been reborn again. I first noticed Jasmine's similarity to Manitoba, that might have been a coincident, but now that Sky's personality has been revealed, I become convinced of his; that all of Mike's personalities now live on in the third gen cast. Here's the whole listed comparison:

So that's my take on it. What do you think?

Mal is not an alternate personality, but a demon who has possessed Mike.
Think about it, what else could possibly explain his Super-Strength, dual voice, manipulation of Mike's subconscious, and his ability to teleport with lightning strikes? He is very unusual for a Split Personality, as in how could a nice guy like Mike possibly have something that evil residing within his subconscious, it's almost like he isn't supposed to be a part of him at all. And since when was an alternate personality capable of destroying its host persona on its own? His other alternate personalities could have been manifested by Mike's mind as a defense mechanism against this foreign entity, making it confused as to who the true identity actually is to protect Mike's true self.

And if you're still in any further doubt, remember Mal's Demonic Dummy in "Sundae Muddy Sundae"? Complete with a flaming eye. Still have any more doubt after that?

Mike has suffered a traumatic childhood that created his alters, which means that Mal is not actually evil, but a Well-Intentioned Extremist.
While Mike is not the most accurate portrayal of DID in media, many aspects of his situation reflect those afflicted with the condition in Real Life. Those with DID often start off in incredibly traumatic situations that cause alternate identities to manifest in order to protect themselves or survive in a given scenario, so its possible that Mike may have gone through some kind of Humiliation Conga that caused him to create not only so many alters, but ones as vastly different from each other as the ones he has. Perhaps Mike had Abusive Parents who caused him to manifest these identities due to their abuse.
  • Svetlana manifests whenever someone either mentions her, talks about the Olympics, or is given a pep talk. This implies that Mike was in some kind of situation where someone expected something great of him but he didn't feel he could deliver. Considering that Svetlana's whole deal is her interest in the Olympics and sports, its possible that Mike may have been pressured into sports at a young age, or possibly forced into it by his parents, and to deal with their absurd pressure on him to succeed and become famous, he manifested Svetlana. It's also possible that after Svetlana manifested that his parents may have removed him from sports altogether to avoid their child "embarrassing" them, which means that all that pressure on him was All for Nothing. This would explain why current Mike shows little real interest in sports and is such a lanky dude, while Svetlana is obsessed with them (and is quite good at it, too).
  • Chester appears whenever Mike is frustrated or angry about something. Chester is a Grumpy Old Man whose hard to take seriously, but he's also surprisingly quite smart and perceptive of other people, so its possible that at home, whenever Mike got genuinely angry with other people, that there was some kind of swift retribution to that anger and Chester manifested to shield him from it psychologically. Perhaps whenever adults in his life got fed up when Mike was angry, Chester would manifest to dissipate the tension or potentially mock whoever had pissed Mike off (which would explain why Chester manifests as an elderly man, as a clear jab to an older person). Even if Chester couldn't convince the other person to back off, it would still serve to block the abuse from Mike's memory.
  • Vito manifests specifically whenever Mike is shirtless. While this is Played for Laughs, it's a bit concerning that Mike's most physically confrontational personality (besides Mal) manifests when he is in a state of undress. It's possible that Vito manifested as a way to protect Mike from a situation that specifically involved him having to take off his shirt. For many individuals with DID, unfortunately, sexual abuse is quite common.
  • Manitoba Smith is a survivalist that manifests when Mike wears a hat. It’s likely that Mike was placed into some kind of life-or-death scenario that required for him to use all of his survival know-how to escape (and the hat was probably a way to motivate himself to do it).
  • Mal, at first, seems to be the odd one out, since he is the only aspect of Mike that seems purely villainous, and unlike the other alters, Mal seems to have little care for Mike in general and loves being involved with criminal activity (if Duncan’s testimony is anything to go by). However, it’s quite possible that Mal served a similar purpose to Vito in that he was meant to physically protect Mike; perhaps what landed Mike in juvie in the first place was a crime he didn’t commit. After being exposed to a bunch of other delinquents like Duncan, Mike was forced to imitate those around him to avoid being bullied or targeted. Unfortunately, this worked a bit too well and he ended up Becoming the Mask, and Mal became The Dreaded as a result, forcing Mike to suppress him in order to live a normal life. When Mal was reawakened on the island, the reason for his evil behavior is because he’s still stuck in the same mindset he had during Mike’s time in juvie and naturally tries to dominate everyone around him because it's the only existence he knows. This is why he can’t understand why Zoey and Cameron care about Mike; he was cultivated in an environment where he could only look after himself. He sees the other alters as “weak” compared to him because they are designed to help Mike, not Mal, survive in the world. In a twisted way, he may actually be trying to "help" Mike by usurping him as the primary identity and suppressing the other alters; he genuinely believes that the real world is as ruthless as the juvenile detention center, and thinks Mike is unequipped to handle it.

Mike isn't the main personality
Rather, Mal is. Mike was only created or brought forward as the primary personality during a psychiatrist's previous attempt to correct his behavior.

Mal is either the original 'Mike' or Mal was Mike's first personality to form
Theory number 1:
  • Mal was originally Mike. 'Mike's developed 'imaginary friends' in the form of his alternate personalities, but he was always able to keep them under control. As a young boy 'Mike' liked to cause trouble for everyone and eventually landed himself in juvenile detention. To assert his rule he had everyone call him the Malevolent One (Malevolent meaning wishing evil or harm to another or others), or Mal for short. Mike, as in Mike, was Mal 's conscious, not one of Mal 's personalities. The other personalities grow to fear Mal as he gets more evil and is no longer the friend they used to have, as Mal has completely cut off Mike. After Mal got out of juvie, Mal was going to go back to spreading destruction, so Mike decided that they (Mike and the other personalities) needed to stop Mal. During the struggle to take over, Mal hits his head allowing an opening for the others to attack. They 'defeat' Mal and Mike takes over, which the other personalities aren't happy about (they each think they should be the one to take over), so they give Mike a lot of trouble until he asserts himself during Revenge of the Island. The bump on the head partially sealed Mal causing him to lose the ability of complete control, which has been split up between the different personalities, so Mal waits for a good time to strike. When Mike takes the personalities it's actually a Nice Job Breaking It, Hero moment, giving Mal back some of his power. Along with that every time Mike bumps his head it partially releases Mal. When Scott hit Manitoba!Mike in the head Mal was strong enough to get his revenge on the personalities for betraying him. He destroys, or suppresses the personalities, but can't do the same to Mike because Mike is his conscious, the good side of his actual personality.
Theory number 2:
  • Mike was the original. When Mike was younger he used to think that the personalities were his imaginary friends and Mal was the first one. Mal encouraged Mike to do bad things, which made it easier for Mal to takeover until eventually Mal completely took over as the main personality. Eventually Mike got tired of Mal being in charge and fought Mal for control. The rest is basically the same as the first theory.
    • Addendum to this one : Mike actually let Mal take over when he went to juvie, because he thought Mal would be most likely to survive but also because he wanted 'vicious' Mal to mess with the bad people there. Hence why, when Mal takes over in All Stars, Mike mentioned that this time Mal was messing with good people and that he should stop.

Mike's personalities will be reborn as his children
  • When Mike and Zoey get married, they end up having four kids and Mike decides to name them after his past personalities ( Although I don't think he would name his kid Mal after all that's happened ) and the kids end up being the reincarnations of said personalities. That way Chester, Svetlana, Vito and Manitoba could become their own person...and Mal...I have no idea. As cool as he is I don't think Mike would name anyone after him.
    • One of his children will be an old man?
      • Lol, funny right. I don't think he would be an actual old man, maybe he'd have his one eye closed all the time and complain about everything and just act like an old man. The thought of that is funny as heck!
    • I can see Ann Maria flirting with Vito .Jr


Cybernetic implants are widespread in the Total Drama Verse.
Based on the above 20 Minutes into the Future WMG, most of the contestants and crew are cyborgs to some extent. This explains why Amusing Injuries, including parachute malfunctions and submersion in lava, are so easily recoverable. Furthermore:
  • Heather's hair did not grow back at all during TDA because it's artificial (the herbal tea thing was likely denial at work). She had it replaced between TDA and TDWT and opted for shorter hair, thinking it would be less vulnerable.
  • Ezekiel had some upgrades installed to make him a more effective farm boy. A lack of proper maintenance caused his degeneration in TDWT.
  • Alejandro's home country has developed into a major technological center. This made it feasible for him to have himself enhanced in a misguided effort to live up to his family name.
  • Cody is a pure human, so his injuries last longer than those of the other contestants. He'd have died in "Phobia Factor" if not for the aforementioned advanced medical technology.
  • Courtney was a pure human in TDI. She had several upgrades installed for TDA, but Cybernetics Ate Her Soul and in the end she had to be downgraded following complications resulting from whatever she did with Duncan after the TDA finale. By TDWT she was in stable condition, if somewhat irritable.
  • Justin has a holoprojecter installed on his body to present the image of each Woman's perfect looking man (with a computer added to his brain that probes there minds for that data) unfortunately (for him) Courtney's implant's allowed her to see though the projection.

The campers were all chosen because they're metahumans; the show is designed to force their powers to activate.
When they all do, the campers will be invited to attend a proper summer camp, sponsored by Department H.
  • this explains the super hero flick episode. Chris was testing them to see if any would recognize their potential.
  • Justin - Mind Control. He just thinks people listen to him because he's good looking. That's why it's more effective on girls, but that's just a mental block.
    • It might be the power of heart. It may not be a lame power after all.
      • It's not Heart per se. Heart can only be used for good.
      • Besides, DJ has the power of heart or something like it.
  • DJ - can talk to animals or transform into one. The guy can mimic almost any animal call and can run perfectly on all fours. And he's very close to animals, specifically rabbits.
  • Cody - Healing Factor. He got mauled by a bear and got injuries bad enough to warrant casts on both arms, a neck brace, and a wheelchair. Yet he was fine in episodes that take place less than two weeks later.
    • No, that's due to the "20 Minutes into the Future" WMG above.
    • maybe he's a architectural genius, when motivated. That Gwen head couldn't have been easy to put together on the spot.
    • That or electro-man. See how he supes up a dodge ball in Dodgebrawl.
  • Katie/Sadie - They're the same person. When "S'Kadie" was a baby, she was bored because she had no one to play with, and so she split into two slightly different babies. They were then separated and raised by different families.
    • They could probably take that power further and merge, or divide into more people - you know, once they get that they have powers.
    • Also explains why they're ditzes. They literally have half a brain.
  • Owen - He apparently has the ability to eat anything and to produce large amounts of toxic gases.
  • Izzy - A fledgling Chaos goddess. She can do just about anything as long as no one sees it coming.
  • Courtney- A She-Hulk. She's weak and puny... until she gets angry. Then she suddenly becomes able to rip a lamp post out of the ground! It would explain why Eva never pummeled her and how she convinced people to vote off Sadie in Who Can You Trust?
    • While Eva didn't pummel her, she did try to stab her with a stick.
    • Nah, her powers immediate future precognition with a bit of super strength. Hence kung fu-Courtney in Action. She becomes a jerk in Action because she realized she had powers. If everyone else did the same, her competence wouldn't stand out.
    • I like to think that Courtney is some sort of female Super-Soldier. Her CIT training was probably part of a secret military program.
  • Duncan - He-Hulk. He lifted Owen and beat up an alligator. And a WHALE in season two.
    • Perhaps he's a Shapeshifter. He's shown to be a pretty good actor in the second season.
    • Seconded. The most he's developed of these powers is mimicry.
    • There's one point in the viking episode when his pirate voice sounds exactly like Owen. The hook could also be a morphed hand.
      • Seriously where did he get that hook from? Those he randomly just carry a hook around.
    • Shapeshifting could also explain his super strength: he's just moving the muscles in his body around to where he needs them.
    • Healing Factor make's more sense given the amount of abuse he takes compared to the other campers
      • His healing factor could also be connected to the shapeshifting, like Kamala Khan.
  • Trent - Immortality. It's the lame kind of immortality where he can still get hurt but is guaranteed never to die.
    • Similar to Cody's.
    • Maybe for him it can be self inflicted and self regenerated. Like how he gets a rather badly sprained ankle in Action, then it's better five minutes later.
    • Wait, I got it! Trent is a contortionist, super double jointed all over his body and made of rubber.
  • Noah - Teleportation. Ever wondered why we never saw him jump off the cliff?
    • I would say something along the lines of superhuman intelligence, but that seems a bit too obvious.
    • This explains how he dodges the lasers. He teleports around them.
  • Bridgette - Jinx from Teen Titans. Doesn't it seem odd how she can blindly kick a tiny ember and make it land in exactly the right place to burn down the tent? Or loosen the cable that's holding the stage light directly above Courtney, upside down and with her feet? She's quite acrobatic, too.
  • Heather - Reality Warper. If she looks like she is going to be out, then "Hey, look! I got the chest with invincibility!" This explains a LOT about Haute' Camp-ture; in it, she used her powers on Chris to bring up the horrible, horrible logic and made everyone into idiots (hate the vote off, blame Heather). Chris got SO ticked off that she messed him up that he got her out on I Triple Dog Dare You. Unlike the others, however, she possibly knows she has this power.
    • However, it seems that the law of Equivalent Exchange comes along with this power - whenever she uses it (knowingly or not) in her favor, something unexpectedly horrible happens to her (saving Lindsay from elimination by making Canadian police take Izzy resulted in her losing her eyebrows, eliminating Leshawna resulted in her own elimination and making the railway appear in the middle of nowhere in Drumheller resulted in volcano eruption). That would also explain why she receives some of the most severe damage in the show.
    • No, she's a telepath, like Emma Frost. See how she slices up the apple in Broadway Baby with her nails? She just temporarily became made of diamond. She seems to have a level of control over other campers because she can read minds to know exactly how to manipulate them. This also explains why she isn't affected by Alejandro's stolen mind control.
  • Gwen - Waterbender. She somehow managed to find Geoff's camera after she threw it into a great big lake and then acted as if it was nothing. She can bloodbend, too, as evidenced in "Basic Straining"; all the other campers got high from the blood rushing to their head, but Gwen was mysteriously unaffected.
  • Ezekiel - Hate Plague.
    • Possibly he infects peoples minds on a large uniformed scale. Unfortunately, he hasn't figured how to make them feel good about him instead of bad yet.
    • Actually, seeing the clip of the Ezekiel shapes cloud of vapor in the aftermath, I'd say he's got intangibility and can phase through objects like a ghost. This is how he gets back on the plane, why nobody spots him and how he sneaks into Chris's hot tub. He appears so confident at the beginning of world tour because he found out he had powers. He's not very good at using them yet, but is testing them out as a stowaway around the plane.
    • I'd guess his power is morphing into the feral state he spent most of World Tour in but unlike most of the others he has no control over it. I noticed that he seemed to be much stronger and nimbler after losing his mind
    • Zombie!Zeke is his Superpowered Evil Side.
  • Lindsay - Guess.
    • She can shut down parts of her brain at will, for hibernation or something. It explains a lot of her stupidity. Come on, nobody's that dumb.
    • Or possession. By shutting down her brain, she take control of peoples bodies and make them do or say things they wouldn't normally. This explains all the character derailment in Action, it's all a result of her shipping different characters with each other. So Lindsay is really the ultimate manipulative bastard, which is why Heather tries to keep her close and in check.
    • But in Action she tried to do too much and ended up leaving her intelligence so low she accidentally voted herself off.
    • This might also explain All-Stars, to some extent. She decided to possess just about everyone on the island in order to play out a crappy fanfic she wrote. Like the above example, she ended up losing enough intelligence to vote herself off, but then she hid on the island somewhere to continue this practice because she didn't want to give up on her little game yet. In other words, Lindsay, not Mal, was the true big bad of All-Stars all along.
  • Beth - The ability to detect enemies (or something like that). Every villain in the show (Heather, Justin and Courtney) allied with her. This could show that Lindsay and Ezekiel might be future villains.
    • Okay, this sounds like an awesome idea for a fan fiction.
    • This explains how she ended up with the evil tiki rock. Villain magnet at work.
    • Actually, I'm thinking firebending with those flaming batons. She causes quite a bit of damage for just randomly waving around.
    • She might be able to create illusions, like she created the illusion of Brady (he's imaginary) to show up Leshawna and Heather
  • Alejandro - Copy. Seriously, all he is is an angsty Justin.
    • Makes sense. He can take on the appearance and abilities of others. It just so happens Justin's are the most useful. Also briefly borrows Noah's teleportation when he gets Bridgette to kiss a pole.
    • Also manages to borrow Tyler's extreme flexibility, right after the episode where Tyler's flexibility was revealed.
    • Unfortunately, he also managed to take Tyler's buttmonkey-ness and the usually surefooted Alejandro rams himself into a hurdle.
    • Possibly, he can also give people powers and so swapped DJ's animal familiarity with Bridgette's impossibly bad luck.
  • Sierra - Chi manipulation. She can touch certain part of your body to paralyze, heal or generally effect the body (poor Cody is her guinea pig when testing this)
    • Also super speed. When motivated, she paddled a swan boat for six all by herself to the finish line in record time. When frightened by a lion she blazes a trail about a mile away.
  • Harold - energy conversion. He can take any matter and use it to make a force of kinetic energy. He propels himself over a telephone pole with beans for gods sake. Kid's got some mad skills.
  • Geoff - Creativity. Not that he's got much of it, but when he becomes a sadistic show host, he somehow conjures anvils and piranha tanks out of seemingly nowhere.
  • Eva - The real she-hulk. Powers are temperamentally activated, so she uses music to keep it under control. When Heather steals the i-pod, she's not just pressing the Berserk Button, she's unwittingly unleashing a holy terror.
  • Tyler - made of steel. He just "thinks" its only in his fingers, but notice how he rarely has lasting effects from his amusing injuries.
    • Or rubber man. He's very flexible.
  • Leshawna - super strength. Out log rolls a bear and switches the pipes in Heather's shower like it was nada. She must of been pretty tough to twist one pipeline over to another.
  • Chris - Illusionist. Much of the island, set and plane is a fabrication of his mind to test the campers.
  • Blaineley - Dragon Lady. Have you seen her toes? Also the part where she belches and farts simultaneously looks like she's morphing into a monster. She could probably kill them all in her true form, but refuses to take it as it is the eldritch abomination and she is obsessed with vanity.
  • Chef - Lego Geneticist. Successful creations like the mountain goat are unleashed on the campers for our amusement training. Unsuccessful ones are for dinner.
  • Best! Theory! Ever!
    • Seconded... anyone know the later seasons well enough to continue with the characters?
  • Hmmm...Let me give the ROTI characters a crack:
    • Anne Maria: Hardhat hair. She only thinks it's the hairspray.
    • Brick: Military experiment; he's designed to be the perfect soldier, explaining his strength and ability to cooperate with others.
    • Cameron: Supergenius; unfortunately, he becomes weaker when he uses his brain, explaining why he was kept in a bubble for most of his life.
    • Jo: Super strength, obviously.
    • Mike: He's the Total Drama version of David Haller. Each of his personalities give him different powers (except Chester, who's just useless):
      • Svetlana: Flexibility and a minor strength boost.
      • Vito: A larger strength boost.
      • Manitoba Smith: The ability to track anything down.
      • Mal: He can access the abilities of the others, and possesses some form of mind control that significantly dumbs people down. Combined with Lindsay above, is it any wonder everyone was acting the way they did in All-Stars?
    • Zoey: Artificial human of some sort-she's meant to be a being of ultimate power. Due to being cooped up in a lab for most of her life, Revenge of the Island was her first contact with the outside world, which explains so much. Commando Zoey was just a taste of her true power.
    • B: He's the Total Drama version of Black Bolt; he can't speak unless he wants to unleash devastating sonic power. He only speaks if it's an emergency — which he tried to do before his elimination to warn everyone about Scott.
    • Dakota: Dakotazoid is her true form, but she can turn into a pretty blonde to hide it. She loses this ability when she's exposed to toxic waste.
    • Dawn: Isn't it obvious?
    • Lightning: He can switch between genius intellect and super strength via jolts of electricity. He prefers super strength.
    • Sam:...I honestly have no idea. Anyone got one?
      • Sam's power is that he is able to gain knowledge and skills through video games. He can teach himself combat techniques when playing fighting games and agility when playing platformers. However, when Sam is deprived of video games and therefore being unable to learn, his mind projects a video game world as a backup superpower so he still has games to stimulate his knowledge.
    • Scott: Some sort of low-level control-based power, which makes people quick to believe and/or trust him, unless they or a loved one was on the receiving end of his backstabbing. He lost this ability after being mauled by Fang.
    • Staci: Immunity to changes in the timestream. Her relatives actually were all the things she claimed, but as a result she became a highly prideful villainess, so someone made changes to the timeline to knock her down a peg. Her supposed lying was really her trying to restore the timeline.
  • And now, I'll try the Pahkitew Island contestants:
    • Amy/Samey: Think the Stepford Cuckoos without the Hive Mind; both twins possess some level of telepathic power. Amy's powers, however, are stronger than Samey's due to the fact that she discovered them earlier. It could partially explain why she was able to make her team think Samey was the mean one despite being so openly bitchy.
    • Jasmine: Super-Strength (obviously), as well as heightened mental shields, which explains why she was the only one unaffected by Amy's telepathy, as mentioned above.
    • Max: He's a literal pain magnet. Which might explain what drove him to "villainy" in the first place.
    • Rodney: Super-Strength.
    • Scarlett: Super genius (obviously), especially when it comes to machines.
    • Topher: Personality leech. He can only do this to one person at a time, and he does it to Chris for most of the season.
    • Beardo: Basically Gerald McBoing-Boing if Gerald could also talk like a normal person.
    • Dave: He's similar to Two-Face if you think about it. Dave is a normal guy, but overtime, he lost his sanity and became bald. Aside from carrying a weapon, he has no powers as he is normal.
    • Ella: Mind-Control Music that only works on animals.
    • Leonard: One of his parents is a powerful magic-wielding superhero, and he's expected to inherit that power sometime in the future. However, he hasn't yet, so said parent, not wanting him to be disappointed in himself, cast a spell that made him think that he had inherited their magic. Unfortunately, this ended up backfiring horribly.
    • Shawn: Super-Speed and mild Super-Strength, making him a Lightning Bruiser.
    • Sky: Basically any power one might come to associate with an Olympic athlete (strength, speed, flexibility, etc.).
    • Sugar: Same power set as Owen.

Sierra, Alejandro and Ezekiel are all Chris' Unwitting Pawns
Sierra and Alejandro, as 'fresh blood', are meant to make the third season more exciting; Ezekiel, on the other hand, was deliberately selected because he's so incredibly irritating and stubborn enough to stick it out despite everyone hating him. In the wrap-up special following World Tour, Chris will reveal that the whole season was testing to see how receptive audiences would be to a newer cast, and whether or not the 'old guard' — such as Ezekiel — had worn out its welcome. This leads to the announcement of Reloadedand that there's going to be a major cast-shake up, with the twelve newbies coming in to replace everyone.

Including Sierra and Alejandro, as he'll declare that both of them will have worn out their gimmicks: Sierra's Stalker with a Crush hinges on Cody's presence, while Alejandro will doubtlessly be unmasked as a Manipulative Bastard by the climax of World Tour, placing him in the same boat as Heather, as he'll have lost that critical element of deception.

This, of course, will lead to a mad, jealous scramble by the cast to 'deal with' their replacements, as in the Celebrity Manhunt Special. This may or may not end with a few of them earning the right to compete alongside the newbies in Reloaded; either way, this will all be playing right into Chris' hands.

  • This... this WMG is actually really well thought out, it might actually happen, since Chris proved that he's pretty good at The Plan in the TDA special.

The big secret that Eva was about to reveal during her second elimination in Island was that Izzy was selling gossip/secrets to Sierra.
During the Celebrity Manhunt Special at the end of Action, we're introduced to Sierra for the first time, find out her in-depth information source on all the cast was Izzy, and that Izzy was selling them because she needed the cash to pay off the RCMP.

The first time Izzy is "eliminated" in Island, she was chased off by the RCMP choppers, but we never see them again, despite the fact that they would know she was back on the Island as soon as she made her return. Why did they never try to capture her again, despite this knowledge? Because she had already struck a deal with the RCMP, paying off what she owed them, using the money earned by selling the juicy information. Slipping back into the show thanks to never being 'officially' eliminated gave her additional chances to spy on everyone. Seeing as she made it fairly far in both seasons, it's not hard to imagine she fed them a lot of juicy information, thus providing enough money to pay off what she owed by the special.

As for why she 'accidentally' outed herself in the end? Eva had somehow found out the secret, and was about to tell everyone, as we know, before she got booted off. Still, if one of them found out, it would only be a matter of time before they all would. Izzy probably also felt guilty about selling her friend's secrets like that, so that's why she revealed herself on the special, when she was supposed to be going to the awards ceremony.

  • ...You, my friend, are brilliant.
    • Except it's not it. All Eva was about to reveal was that her and Izzy had been at the Playa des Losers.
    • Also, why didn't Eva tell the other losers at the Playa des Losers?
    • Who says she didn't? By the time we saw them, they could have already received the explanation and confronted Izzy about it.

If Courtney had been voted out first, Duncan would've never picked on Harold.
Throughout episodes 10 and 12, the majority of Duncan's pranks were within sight if not directly in front of Courtney, and seemed to be the fastest way to activate her tsuntsun mode. But, once Courtney was voted off, the two of them acted pretty good to each other, and Duncan even high-fived him on the way out. The entire thing could've been less For the Evulz, and more for pulling pigtails.
  • Umm... what? I didn't understand that at all. And what season are we talking about?
    • I think what they mean is that Duncan was picking on Harold as a substitute for the immature practice of teasing the kid you like (instead of picking on Courtney, he picked on Harold in front of Courtney). I'm pretty sure they're talking about Island, since "Episode 12" was the episode in which Harold cheated Courtney off the island because it was the last straw, in Action Courtney wasn't even playing in those episodes, and that is also true for Duncan in World Tour.
  • This WMG sounds pretty good. In Harold's words: "You have surprised, and intrigued me, sir."

The heights of the characters.
I gathered these answers by looking at a LOT of pictures.
  • Alejandro - 6'0"
  • Anne Maria - 5'3"
  • B - 6'0"
  • Beth - 4'11"
  • Blaineley - 5'10"
  • Brick - 6'0"
  • Bridgette - 5'7"
  • Cameron - 4'8"
  • Chef Hatchet - 6'6"
  • Chris McLean - 5'6.5"
  • Cody - 5'1"
  • Courtney - 5'8"
  • Dakota - 5'11"
  • Dawn - 5'0"
  • DJ - 6'5"
  • Duncan - 5'8"
  • Eva - 5'5"
  • Ezekiel - 5'3"
  • Geoff - 6'3"
  • Gwen - 5'7"
  • Harold - 6'0"
  • Heather - 5'9"
  • Izzy - 5'6"
  • Jo - 5'8"
  • Justin - 5'9"
  • Katie - 5'8"
  • LeShawna - 5'4" or 5'5"
  • Lightning - 6'0"
  • Lindsay - 5'8"
  • Mike - 6'1"
  • Noah - 5'5"
  • Owen - 6'1"
  • Sadie - 5'2"
  • Sam - 5'8.5"
  • Scott - 5'9"
  • Sierra - 6'2"
  • Staci - 5'4"
  • Trent - 5'10"
  • Tyler - 5'11"
  • Zoey - 5'7"

The real reason Chris put Gwen on the Villainous Vultures isn't because of anything she did...
But rather because he didn't want to break the streak of Gwen and Heather being on the same team every time they both compete. As for why he chose to put them both on the villain side rather than the hero side is because he knew that every year Heather and Gwen's team had the best performances and he was deliberately trying to sabotage the heroes by depriving them of the "good luck contestants" because, as a villain, he's biased toward the other villains. The kissing thing was just a convenient excuse. This is also why he seems so annoyed at them losing only two challenges in a row.

Dawn, DJ, B, Mike, Izzy, Katie and Sadie all have the shining in varying degrees.
  • Dawn: Dawn is in full control of her shine. She can read people's auras and other psychological things like that.
  • DJ: Supported by the above WMG, Chef took DJ on as his apprentice to hone his shine, but gave up because DJ is an idiot.
  • B: He's a genius, and doesn't NEED to talk even if he gets interrupted. He communicated well with people through his actions and can usually see what's coming. I'd say he's almost at Dawn's level of shining.
  • Mike: Inevitably, Mike's multiple personalities can be seen as a parallel to Danny in The Shining manifesting Tony as his shining. When Mike gets rid of his other personalities, specifically Mal, he has become in full control of his shining.
  • Izzy: Do I even need to explain this one? She's a jack-of-all-trades Reality Warper.
  • Katie and Sadie: They have a very very low awareness of their shine; namely they can only just use it on each other.

When the main series gets a new season, Ezekiel and Dakota will be returned to their human forms
Christine confirmed in 2017 (back before Daycare was revealed) that Ezekiel and Dakota "had a chance" to return for the then-presumed season 6. Thus, to some extent, Fresh TV knows all about the demand to see these two reverted back to their human selves, and thus they may actually be changed back at some point.

The contestants in all the seasons after Island are in fact clones of the originals.
Chris' connections to Area 51 allowed him to secretly clone the contestants so he could get away with more stuff than he could if he was working with the originals (hence why he became even nastier in later seasons). However, the process isn't 100% perfect, hence why so many of the original 22 contestants act in flanderized and/or derailed manners in Action, World Tour, and All-Stars. Furthermore, the new contestants introduced in later seasons are created from advanced cloning modification and gene splicing techniques, hence why many of them are Suspiciously Similar Substitutes (Alejandro was created from Justin's DNA, Jo from Eva's, Sugar from Owen's, etc.) and are generally weirder and wackier than the original cast (being raised in a cloning vat has had that effect on them).

And furthermore, after Total Drama ended, Chris used said cloning technology to create child versions of the contestants that he placed in a simulated environment with Chef to look over them, resulting in a certain spinoff series...

Chris was waiting for the opportunity to have Duncan and Courtney switch teams to present itself.
This feels too obvious to even be a theory but since this page is speculating why Chris put Gwen in the Villainous Vultures...

Chris knows his contestants better than they know themselves, especially Courtney because she's... well, Courtney. He never would have put Courtney in the Heroic Hamsters if it wasn't the set up to a sick joke. Putting Duncan and Courtney on the heroes and villains team respectively would be more satisfying if they'd recently behaved in a way to justify it, plus if Chris really cared about the teams being accurate he wouldn't have let Mal stay on the heroes team or Gwen and Cameron stay on the villains team. Also why would he not want Gwen and Courtney to be on the same team?

    First generation 
All of this is a day dream by Owen
In 'trial by tri-armed triathlon', we saw in his dreams. How could the cameras get in Owen's mind? Answer: they can't.
  • He has been eliminated in the recent episode of TDA, jossing the theory.
    • The elimination in question was caused by Courtney, who could very well be the avatar of someone he hates, making that a Creator Breakdown. And remember, this guess is because of us actually seeing Owen's dreams, and not because "LOL he won the first season".
    • Hmmm, you may be on to something here. Maybe the contestants are actually people he knows from school, and Izzy is just a girl he has a crush on, fantasizing her in a bikini.
  • Beside "there's no In-Universe evidence to suggest that this fictional universe is a dream based on how unrealistic a story is", I also have a few other ideas that go against this theory:
1) Just because we can see Owen's dreams, it doesn't mean that the show is actually showing the dream to the viewers in-universe. They were only for us, the "real" viewers, to see.

2) Owen getting eliminated by Courtney does not make the entire series a dream.

Trent is a follower of Tzeentch
The REAL reason he's obsessed with the number 9.
  • Jossed in a recent episode of a "spin off" series "created" by Geoff and Bridgette, wherein Trent reveals it's due to something about his grandpa and trains or something. Sorry...
    • Trent was lying about that, duh.

Tyler's phobia of chickens was caused by a bad petting zoo experience.
His fear is brought up in only one episode: "Phobia Factor", and is never mentioned again, nor is it even explained why he's afraid of chickens.
  • My guess? Tyler's parents took him to a petting zoo when he was younger, and while he was interacting with the chickens, something happened that caused him to develop this phobia. Most likely, a chicken (or several) attacked him. Given his reaction to being in the presence of one, either screaming and/or assuming a Troubled Fetal Position, it must've been a very traumatizing experience for him.

Trent was hypnotized.
Chris hired a hypnotist to make Trent become all crazy to make Gwen dump him because he wanted to push the Duncan and Gwen thing for ratings. How else would you explain him getting a nine-obsession out of nowhere, not to mention starting a boy band with Cody, Harold and Justin?

DJ is going to have an epic Beware the Nice Ones moment.
He's already gone through quite a bit of cutie-breaking, with the horrible new Running Gag about hurting the very same cuddly creatures he so adores. This will lead up to him suffering a major breakdown, far worse than the guilt he struggled with during Action. Most likely outcome? After injuring one too many cute animals, he'll completely snap and decide that, if he has to cause pain, to cause it to somebody who deserves it. (Related to this: Chris may get an equally epic Oh, Crap! moment...) - Jossed.

Harold picked ninjas as his phobia to look like a badass
Meaning he has no actual fear of them (obviously seen in his knowledge of Japanese culture, as well as nunchucks). He chose them to seem like a badass, hoping to fight them off and gain the hearts of fans and females everywhere. Also, had he not knocked himself out, he would have scored a point for the Killer Bass.

Geoff will actually not know of the consequences Bridgette suffered as a result of Alejandro's trickery.
As far as we're concerned, Geoff thinks that Bridgette is pregnant with her and Alejandro's baby. He could have stormed out of the showing of AYDICDB just as Alejandro and Bridgette are about to kiss and be out of ear shot just as Bridgette gets stuck to the pole. He'll hate her, berate her, hit her...too far? Then, someone will show him what happened after he left and, at the least, hate her less, perhaps even mutually respect her but not enough to get back together yet.
  • Jossed, they make up at the end of the Aftermath.

Beth will become another contestant's Abhorrent Admirer.

The best bet being Cody.

  • Somewhat confirmed. Happens to Harold in 2008: A Space Owen, when she interprets his comments as flirting and breaks up with Brady for him, much to Harold's horror. Seems to only be a one episode thing though.

Tyler has no depth perception.
He lost it due to a head injury. He's so macho that he's been trying to Walk It Off rather than seek help, and that's why he's so clumsy.
  • Confirmed when diving for treasure.

Bridgette is related to Blaineley
The relaxed eyes, and the striped blonde color and style of bangs would suggest that if Bridgette took her hair down, it would look exactly like Blaineley's.
  • I can see it. There is definitely a sense that Blaineley is the 'Anti' Bridgette so actually being related works well. Bridgette's bio implies (but doesn't state outright) that she is an only child. Maybe Bridgette's mother had Blaineley young and gave her up for adoption? We don't know Blaineley's age but I can see her being in her mid to late twenties, putting her about 8-10 years older than Bridgette.
    • Considering Blaineley's personality and semi-celeb status, it would not be far fetched for her to have had some form of cosmetic surgery, meaning she could be older than she looks. I put her at aunt or cousin.

Trent suffered a psychological breakdown after the DXG Kiss
The only reason he acted nice towards Gwen was because a panicked Geoff injected drugs to keep him stable. If Geoffdidn't, Trent would have killed Gwen where she stand. in Hawaiian Style, he had gotten over the kiss and forgives them for doing it.

Leshawna lied about being friends with Heather in the TDA Aftermath.

She probably did feel gratitude for Heather for not being mad at her with the reward incident in Action, but was it really enough to win her over after all the crap she pulled in Island? Even though Heather wasn't as bad in Action as she was in Island, she was still a snarky jerk. So why did Leshawna claim that the two of them were now friends? She did it as a Batman Gambit to merely keep close to Heather and make sure she wouldn't manipulate/hurt her friends again (Gwen, Harold, et al.)

Remember what she told Gwen when she convinced her to put Heather on her team: "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer." She had this in mind when she got close to Heather as well. Despite professing friendship, she most likely believed that given the proper means, and as soon as her hair grew back, Heather would return to her eviler self.

Fast forward to World Tour. Leshawna probably found out about the internet war between Heather and Gwen, which would be cause for alarm. Heather's attempts at trying to turn Sierra into an ally would also not go unnoticed. Then Alejandro swoops in, and the rest, as we know, culminates in Leshawna's elimination and Heather losing a tooth. And yet, we hear in the next Aftermath that she is proud of beating Heather to a pulp on the loosest of pretenses. Therefore, it's entirely possible that Leshawna's pride was not rooted in beating up her friend after being manipulated into doing so, but that now that she had beaten up Heather, she no longer has to pretend to be her friend just to keep an eye on her. She was proud that she would no longer be living a lie anymore.

Beth is still under the effects of the Boney Island curse from Season 1

Chris meant it when he said, "If you take anything off the island, YOU'LL BE CURSED FOREVER!!!" When the Screaming Gophers had the tiki doll, the team as a whole was cursed, but the curse went away when they got rid of Beth.

It also possibly explains why she didn't win TDA or the TDWT Aftermath Second Chance Challenge.

Beth hired Brady to be her boyfriend.
It makes some serious sense. Before Brady came along Beth was spending her time trying to get Justin to be hers and said she wants to marry her. Then there's the pole scene from the first WT aftermath, for someone had spent most of a season claiming to have a boyfriend she was pretty quick to hit a pole.

Trent will become Captain Hammer.

Captain Hammer is a womanizing celebrity from the start—Trent turns into one at the end of the Celebrity Manhunt special. Both have a rather sleek athletic build and are shown to be quite charming, as well them being seen as heroic figures—though in Hammer's case, all of this is just because of the public blindly worshipping him. Lastly, Hammer has a Heroic BSoD over getting hurt at the end of the web series, while Trent has a huge Heroic BSoD over...breaking up with one girl. It could be his first glimpse of pain and why he doesn't experience any guilt when he lies or cheats later on as Hammer. And, for Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking's sake, Captain Hammer has No Name Given—he could be anybody.

Blainely was fired from her own show because of a sex scandal.
Based both on the way she drools over Justin and her clear 'I'm too good for this show' attitude on the Aftermath. That's also why she's such a Jerkass; she's taking out her bile on the Total Drama contestants.

Lindsay has been Obfuscating Stupidity the whole time.
After seeing several reality shows where complete jerks kept winning the money, she signed up for Island, just to keep anybody villainous from winning. She made herself look stupid so the villain would choose her as a minion to be thrown away come Final 2 and proceeded to sabotage Heather's every plan and make sure everybody knew what a jerk she was. In Action, she voted herself off once she deemed all the other villains safely in check. In World Tour, she was on Team Victory and didn't get to know what a jerk Alejandro was, getting eliminated early. And in All-Stars, she voted herself off again because there were no villains on her team and thus, nobody to sabotage.

Chef Hatchet is Chef from South Park.
An above WMG states that he is just an "animated reincarnation" of the South Park character, but they could in fact be the same person. As we all know, Chef from South Park loved helping kids whereas Chef Hatchet hated virtually everyone. Why the sudden change of character? The answer: "The Return of Chef." In that South Park episode, Chef joined the Super Adventure Club, which brainwashed him into wanting to have sex with children. When he got horrible injuries at the end of the episode, the Super Adventure Club revived him by putting him in a Darth Vader-esque suit. When he recovered and got his body reconstructed with a different appearance that included more muscles, Chef was transferred to the Super Adventure Club's Canadian division, which is headed by Chris McLean. This division specializes in teenagers as opposed to children. Fridge Horror: The reality show is all a scheme for Chris and Chef Hatchet to have sex with the contestants. Whether or not they have ever succeeded is unknown, as there is no known footage. And that Darth Vader-esque suit that Alejandro was put in at the end of Total Drama World Tour? Definitely Super Adventure Club technology.

Chef Hatchet is a -somewhat- younger Halloran.
Chef never really seems to be surprised by any eliminations, even if he might know beforehand, and he took a liking to DJ in Action because DJ 'reminded him of him'. I could take this as meaning that DJ has the shine and Chef wanted to help him expand on it. DJ's mama also has the shine. Shortly after the final season of Total Drama, Chef Hatchet will go back to being known as his real name of Dick Halloran and work as the chef in a hotel in America...

DJ has two mothers.
Well... Had. The woman in the photo of his audition tape looks completely different, right down to her exact skintone, and by the way the music grows sadder and he begins to cry while talking about her, the scene is clearly framed to imply she's dead. DJ also never once alludes to having a father.

Bridgette is actually a mermaid
It makes sense given how closely she associates herself with the ocean. Her lack of coordination on land can be attributed to her inexperience with having legs. Also, her Granola Girl and Friend to All Living Things qualities fit neatly too (she's big on respecting Mother Earth because her ocean home is threatened by pollution and she's an animal lover because she hangs out with sea creatures, especially dolphins). And her being a Nice Girl sometimes too much for her own good is because she's a little bit naive to how the human world works (not stupid, just unfamiliar with some things). Finally, her unfamiliarity with certain realities of the human world is also how she got manipulated by Alejandro and why she was constantly making out with Geoff in Action; at the time, she didn't know that sometimes people as gentlemanly as Alejandro can be Faux Affably Evil or that human relationships are not solely about kissing. Besides, if Bigfoot is a recurring character on the show, then who's to say mermaids or other mythical creatures aren't real in the TD universe?

As for her backstory, she hails from the Salish Sea and grew up observing humans surf. Eventually, she used her mermaid powers to grant herself legs (and as a mermaid she can revert to her tail whenever she wishes to) so she could learn to surf as well, and also explore the human world (her semi-canonical online bio describes her as being a world traveler open to new opportunities, which makes sense for someone who wants to explore the world). She befriended some of the locals (perhaps some of the characters from Stōked?) and later auditioned for Total Drama, where she met Geoff. And in case you're wondering, Geoff knows she is actually a mermaid, but he only learned after World Tour. Geoff was actually lying when he said Bridgette was in Australia in Ridonculous Race (hence why she never cameos there); in reality, Bridgette was returning to her undersea home for a mermaid family reunion (she hadn't seen her family in a while due to being on land for so long).

Geoff's Acquired Situational Narcissism in TDA is a reflection of Chris' backstory
Geoff's chill Surfer Dude attitude is very similar to Chris, and we saw him become "a Chris clone" while hosting the Aftermath because of the producers mandating it for drama and ratings and the fame getting to his head. Maybe Chris had a similar experience to Geoff at some point in his showbiz career, except whereas Geoff had someone who loved him to knock him back into his senses and remind him to stay true to himself, Chris did not. As a result, Chris ended up Becoming the Mask and has passed the point of no return in his time as host of Total Drama. Word of God also says Chris became a huge jerk because he suffered some kind of undescribed traumatic event, but otherwise, for a major character, we know little of his background beyond a few small details (he's from Newfoundland, he was in a boy band, he's had a few other TV and movie roles...and that's it; even the bios reveal more about the contestants than the show ever has about Chris). Thus, it's totally possible this mysterious transforming event was related to his aforementioned showbiz career's parallels to Geoff's, turning him from a legitimately chill and nice person like Geoff to the Faux Affably Evil Depraved Kids' Show Host we see today. Now imagine what would happen to Geoff if Bridgette wasn't there to stop his transformation...

DJ's animal curse wasn't real, but a product of his anxiety. Now he may has PTSD
I mean, it's almost sure if you think about it for a second. We all know that DJ can be a really protective person, and cares about different beings a little too much. And since Egipt is full of "historical magical things", he related his anxiety over hurting one single animal a curse, and since he worries way too much about this "curse", the attraction law (if you think something will happen, it will) just makes it happen, making his anxiety even worse. Now, if that was untreated and he still thinks is a curse even after the show, he may had developed a PTSD form of some kind, that makes him now scared of any creature, because "he knows" he will be attacked.

Also, I really can't see another reason on why in The Aftermath show, the stated that he hasn't hurt even a fly during his time home.He never got stressed on that, because he was in his home. In his safe zone.

Lindsay intentionally got herself voted off in All-Stars

Half-joking here, but listen.

She acts extra stupid in this season, annoys her teammates, and was a major factor in losing her team the challenge. However, during the elimination ceremony, she acts relatively normal, votes for herself, and when it's announced she's eliminated, she literally yells "Thank goodness!" Plus, there's her confessional during the challenge where she says that continuing to compete wasn't worth it. I think Lindsay going to "i dont know my lefts and rights"-levels of dumb in this season wasn't flanderization but rather her intentionally getting herself voted off, either because she didn't want to participate in any more seasons or because she could sense how bad All Stars would be.

Cody voted for Trent in "Not Quite Famous"
Heather said that all she needed was four more votes against Justin to keep herself in the game, but if her, Lindsay, Beth, Owen, and Izzy voted for Justin and anyone else voted for Heather, it would result in a tie. That' because not everybody voted for her. Gwen and Leshawna clearly did, and there's a high chance Trent did as well. We don't know who Justin voted for, but it's possible to be Heather. However, Cody didn't have a problem with Heather reading Gwen's diary out loud... until he figured out her crush wasn't him, but Trent (since she fancies guys who play the guitar). So it makes sense that Cody voted for Trent out of jealousy. Heather probably figured out who Cody wanted to vote for, so she didn't feel the need to manipulate him.

    Second generation 
Voice actor speculation for Revenge of the Island contestants.
  • Ann Maria the "Jersey Shore Reject"
  • B the "Strong Silent Genius": Cle Bennett (DJ and Chef)
  • Brick the "Cadet"
  • Cameron the "Wide-eyed Bubble-boy"
  • Dakota The "Famemonger"
  • Dawn The "Moonchild": Emily Hampshire (Starr from 6teen) or Anastasia Phillips (Lo from Stōked)
  • Jo The "Take-no-prisoners Jock-ette"
  • Lightning The "Athletic Overachiever": Jesse Gibbons (Wyatt from 6teen) or Arnold Pinnock (Johnny from Stōked)
  • Mike The "Multiple Personality Disorder": Cory Doran (Jimmy Two-Shoes)
  • Sam The "Nice-guy Gamer": Brian Froud (Harold)
  • Scott The "Devious"
  • Staci The "Compulsive Liar"
  • Zoey The "Indie Chick"

Lightning will receive super powers

Dawn Will be Eliminated Early so she can go through the Noah Syndrome
  • Dawn, I'm pretty sure, is pretty popular, so she'll have an early elimination. Then, they'll bring her back the next season even better than before, pleasing the fans and raking in the ratings for the next season. It worked very well with Noah and Cody, so why can't they try it again?
    • She's still here as of episode 4, but the Noah Syndrome sounds like a great idea for a trope.
    • She was voted out in episode five, and it wasn't even her fault. So the theory is sound.

All the new characters are based off celebrities or fictional characters
  • Think about it for a second here.
    • Anne Maria: Snooki; for obvious reasons
    • Zoey: Bella Swan; lonely, friendly, attractive girl dating an awkwardly handsome outsider
    • Mike: Jacob Black; awkwardly attractive outsider
    • Jo: Sue Sylvester; for obvious reasons
    • Scott: Russel Hantz; his entire strategy and the fact that he keeps eliminating threats and not the weakest members on his team
    • Sam: Seth Rogen; the voice and the appearance (see the poster for Knocked Up and Sam's current design)
    • Dakota: Paris Hilton; even Dakota's last name is a reference
    • B: Silent Bob; see his page on the Total Drama Wiki for more information
    • Cameron: Michael Cera; okay, look at his original design and compare the characters, both are obviously "woobies" with charming personalities
I haven't really figured out the rest yet but I'm almost certain that these are correct. It is difficult for writers to come up with all-new stereotypes, especially since twenty-two of them have been done already, and also, a lot of the characters that they think of may not fit in with the "reality show" genre. A few other TD fans have brought up a good point that Mike may just be a bunch of personalities the producers wanted to work with (but couldn't) crammed up into one guy. Plus, anyone else notice that Mike and Zoey are complete [[Mary-Sue]]s? Without Mike's MPD, he has no personality whatsoever. Not criticizing any of the Twilight books but not many of them have much personality, either. I feel like the producers completely cheaped out this season and decided that celebrities worked. Anyone else agree?
  • I think this can mean two things: the writers are changing the focus from the characters to the reality show itself, the fact that they're on a radioactive island can hand-wave this, they just want to throw eye-laser squirrels to see how the contestants cope with them, or they're focusing on the parody part of the show, so they used more expies this time.

Scott is one of the ginger kids from South Park.
Scott has red hair, freckles, and pale(-ish) skin, and his ultimate plan for total victory is to systematically eliminate everyone else until he is the only contestant left standing, thus showing the superiority of the ginger kids. Also, Scott has no soul, as he doesn't care who he hurts in the process.
  • Later in the season, he focuses his attention on Zoey because she is a "daywalker", a redhead without freckles and pale skin.
  • Ever thought his last name may be Tenorman? Yeah. Mind = blown.

B has a fear of being interrupted.
He prefers committing to physical actions to help his team, and they usually bring about a great stride to their progress. He partners up with Dawn constantly, and Dawn usually explains what isn't instantly obvious. Also, his audition tape featured him trying to speak, but always getting interrupted by his robot companions. To add to that, one of the major times he tried to speak was when he was about to get eliminated by Scott, but it took so much force for him to try to get it out and he was again interrupted, this time by Chris and flung sky-high immediately afterwards. It can't be a vow of silence, because we saw him try to speak in the audition tape, and by the same logic, it's implied there's nothing wrong with his vocal chords or his diaphragm. What's your take? (Someone, please add tropes to the explanation, because I don't know all of them.)
  • My take on it was he appeared to be either mute or have selective mutism. I didn't see the audition tapes so I'm not sure if that contradicts this, but people who suffer from selective mutism are unable to make themselves talk outside of specific circumstances, usually only being able to talk when the only people around are family members they've known all their lives

Zoey was suppose to have a different label than 'Indie Chick'
More specifically: 'The Girl Next Door'. But for whatever reason it got changed to 'Indie Chick' at the last minute and they couldn't change the personality in time to fit the new label and we got what we have today.
  • Actually I think it's the other way round. She was originally supposed to be an Indie Chick, as shown by her prototype design she was originally supposed to be a retro-hipster girl, but then they decided to make Dakota look like Paris Hilton and used Zoey as a garbage tip for her old design.
    • The theory could still hold weight, as it's been confirmed by Todd Kauffman that her prototype version was actually Molly, and what was Zoey was scrapped and replaced with Dawn. It can be assumed that they wanted to use some elements of Zoey (Reloaded), so the decided to rename her, change her label, and recycle Dakota's design with a few tweaks.

Dawn created the Fun Zone
Before her elimination, Dawn said she wanted to use the money from selling her souvenirs to open a sanctuary for all the mutated animals, and Chris was in prison while the island was being cleaned up, so he couldn't have been the one to create it.

    Third generation 
Sky is Gwen, in disguise.
  • Same frame, same skin tone, nearly identical face and hair, all she needs is a corset, teal highlights, and combat boots and they could be identical.
    • By the sound of Sky's voice and her personality, I think this is pretty much Jossed.
    • She comes off as more of an Asian Zoey to me.
    • She's pretty obviously implied to be Native American, though.

A Skye/Dave/Scarlett Love Triangle
Have a look at who Dave is staring at here (it might be fake but still)
  • Substitute Scarlett with Rodney, as Rodney's gonna fall in love with a new girl every episode, he's bound to go for Sky as well.
    • Maybe Skye will flirt back at Rodney to make Dave jealous and pay attention to her (but he's too busy pining for Scarlett)
      • Maybe Scarlett's an unintentional boyfriend stealer and is gonna be the new Gwen, and yeah Sky hitting on Rodney to make Dave jealous makes perfect sense. Maybe Sky will be the new Courtney.
  • And when Scarlett rejects Dave, Skye will "Cushion his fall".
    • I can see that happening.
  • According to some sources, Skye's sense of right and wrong is very black and white, while Scarlett is the Big Bad, meaning the two could be this seasons' Gwen and Heather, which could mean that Scarlett could flirt with Dave just to see Skye suffer
  • Dave might not know that Scarlett turned evil, maybe she'll exploit his emotional weakness.
    • Anyway, the previous theory was Jossed. We got a Dave-Sky-Ella love triangle.

A Sugar/Leonard/Ella Love Triangle
  • Leonard and Ella, quite possible. But Sugar? ... no. Just no.
    • In the leaked first ep, it was greatly implied that Sugar had a thing for Leonard
      • Sure, but Sugar is hideous. She's the cartoon reincarnation of Honey Boo Boo. I doubt Leonard will return her feelings.
      • Stranger and more dramatic things have happened
      • But that doesn't mean it should happen, from what I can see she's already Pahkitew's most hated character.
      • Isn't that Max?
      • They're tied, each of them are for their respective genders. But yes, Max slightly more, since he seems to be the result of an accident his mother had with Denzel Crocker.
      • Actually, seeing the new trailer I can now see that happening, since she seems to be a Suspiciously Similar Substitute for Anne-Maria, they could very well do the Mike-Zoey-Anne Maria triangle again.
      • I can't believe it but it seems like you were partly right, as Sugar and Leonard did have some Ship Tease.

A girl will fall for Rodney
And she'll be heartbroken when he flirts with another girl in the next ep
  • That's practically already been confirmed.

Scarlett's shtick is trying to reform antagonistic characters
Hence why she's interacting with Max and Amy in the trailers
  • Jossed. If anything, Scarlett is the one who needs reforming herself.

Scarlett is Scott's sister.
So if the new leaked info about Scarlett is true (and it probably is), she's Pahkitew Island's Big Bad. So what other TDI contestant is an Evil Redhead and has a name that starts with an "Sc" and ends with two "t"'s? There's too many similarities to ignore. Bonus points if Scott gets jealous that his sister pulls off his strategy (read: pretending to be innocent) better than he did and returns at the end of the season to take her down, turning his Took a Level in Kindness into a full-on Heel–Face Turn.

  • Yeah that was revealed ages ago, I already put that info on the main-page and in the "Scarlett's Schtick" post above.
    • You mean it was revealed ages ago that Scarlett is evil or that she's Scott's sister?
      • Oh right sorry, I meant Scarlett's leak. I'm not sure what to make of the Scott thing, I feel it might be taking a long shot since Scott said his sister was Albertha.
      • Right. Writers being unoriginal, possibly?

Or, alternatively...

Rodney is Scott's brother.
Same exact hair and looks like he could have been raised on a farm. He LOOKS more similar to Scott than Scarlett does...
  • Rodney would make a lot more sense, maybe he's Scott's cousin or something.

Scarlet's background
So most of you now know that Scarlett is the Big Bad, but what would lead her to become such? Since Alejandro used a Freudian Excuse to exemplify his manipulative nature, maybe Scarlett is the same. I thinkScarlett's parents are mad scientist's who have attempted to Take Over the World before, that's her excuse. She's even dressed perfectly for it.

Jasmine is Manitoba's wife?
Well aside from all the similarities between them; they're Awesome Aussies, Action Survivors, tanned skin, slouch hat. I just found out that they share a surname!

So this is my take on it: on the Nightmare Fuel Page a troper pointed out that In real life, Dissociative Identity Disorder occurs whenever someone experiences intense stress in their life, and a person's main identity will retreat into the subconscious to escape the stress, and a new persona (usu. related to the situation) will emerge to take their place. Over time the person may be accessed so often that it becomes mentally strengthened and becomes a separate individual on it's own.

Now in Mike's Online Bio Manitoba specifically mentions he has a wife. The similarities between those two cannot be ignored, so the connections I've made is on a particular trip to Australia, Mike must've encountered Jasmine and some kind of incident occurred with her. Whatever the incident was, it caused Mike's mind to model this personality after Jasmine, and went and inherited all of her aspects from her, including the possible delusion that Jasmine was his wife. Jasmine may or may not have known about this, or maybe she humored him, but Manitoba firmly believes Jasmine to be his lover.

What do you think?

Amy and Samey are the daughters of Blaineley.
To begin with they have a similar appearance and Amy is personality wise a lot like a teen version of Blaineley (poor Samey probably takes after her father.) It also makes sense that someone with such a gargantuan ego as Blaineley would approve of her daughters having a rhyming scheme theme name for her kids based on her (stage) name.
  • Oh God, not this one again. *sighs* The way I see it's unlikely Blaineley is capable of being a mother. She's attracted to Justin and Alejandro (indicating she's single). Plus she looks like the kind of snobbish celebrity who hates kids in general and doesn't want to have children.
    • She could have put the two up for adoption right?

Dave will move on from Sky, but Sky will not.
And she'll develop a Sierra-level obsession for him.
  • That would be great if it happened. Might make Skave slightly interesting.

Sugar will become Max's new sidekick in a future season.
  • That is very likely since Sugar seems to worship Max, also I don't think a spoiler tag is required for that.

All of TDPI is Dave's imagination.
  • He DID land on his head when he fell from the zeppelin. What we end up seeing is Flanderized versions of the other contestants.
    • Uhh, ... a lot of fans would be really disappointed if that was the case.

Dave will become Scarlett's new sidekick/minion.
She'll exploit his heartbreak.
  • Why don't we add Amy while we're at it? She still want revenge on Sammy after all, and Amy and Scarlett did hug each other.

Sky will become more antagonistic in a future season.
  • Much like Courtney did in Action
    • More likely that Dave will.

A new contestant will be Dave's Stalker with a Crush.
  • Uh, I think that's already been mentioned. Check the "Dave will move on from Sky, but Sky will not" WMG above.

Dave and Ella will become a couple.
But Dave's actions will push Ella over the edge, causing her to turn antagonistic.

Amy's Mole
I remember from seeing an episode of The Big Bang Theory, that Sheldon said he wished he could have absorbed his sister when they were still embryos, so all he would have was a mole with hair on it. Well I was thinking, what if Amy and Samey were actually triplets, but Amy absorbed the third sister, who ended up as the mole on her cheek? What do you think?

Scarlett is nearsighted.
Those glasses weren't just for her façade; she really can't see well without them. That's why, after making her reveal and ditching the glasses, she wasn't able to see how the Chris robot was glitching out, despite the fact that it should've been obvious.

Though it doesn't really justify how she didn't notice the robot's speech pattern to be off, it's still some leeway to explain how she, the Evil Genius, failed to notice the painfully obvious.

Ella is meant to be an Expy of Wanda Shirk from Survivor: Palau
Some similarities between them include:

  • Before competing they were both big fans of their show.
  • They both love to break out into song.
  • Their singing annoys almost everybody else.
  • They both suffered a Non-Gameplay Elimination (Ella being disqualified by Chris and Wanda not being chosen to be on either tribe).
  • They stayed positive even though they were elimated
  • They both left the show on while singing.

After their time on the show, Sammy will start on her path to reclaiming her life from Amy
I say this because A)After their episodes Sammy has finally begun to grow a backbone and B)Everyone back at their home will be able to see how much of a Bitch Amy actually is and how much Sammy suffers. Will this be an easy win for Sammy? Probably not, but it will lead to new things for her.
  • Alternatively, she will get a chance/the will to move far away/go into hiding and changer name/looks to go and have a happy life on her own. Obviously she lives in a toxic environment.

Perhaps the reason why she was so cruel to her twin sister was because she always being compared to her sister, her parents also treated Samey better than Amy and put Samey before Amy herself. Actually Amy has tried hard to compete with her twin in every way. Unfortunately she always fails and it made her give up to compete with Samey. So her cruel actions was a way of showing Samey what it felt like to be useless.

    Fourth generation 
Previous contestants are all adults now
It's been stated in the first episode that 15 years have passed, which means that the contestants from the first three generations should be around 30 now. Chris looking exactly the same could be explained with plastic surgery (IIRC he had botox in one episode of Pahkitew Island)

Pryia is related to Sierra in some way
It's stated during world tour that obsession with Chris and Total Drama runs in her family

Chase is the amputee character
The offical cast lineup has almost everyone's arms visible so it's probable that the amputee character is missing their leg. The only five character that don't show any part of their legs are Millie, Axel, Damian, Zee, and Chase. Millie and Axel both wear boots which would be difficult for someone with a prosthetic to put on so it's unlikely to be either of them. Damian's pants are short enough to reveal his socks, there's no reason for a person with a prosthetic to put a sock on it and if he was insecure about having a fake leg and wanted to hide it he could have just worn longer pants so it's probably not Damian either.

That leaves Zee and Chase. Zee's design has a weird/comic relief vibe to him. Chase has a vaguely sporty vibe to him. Total Drama is a show that starts with archetypes and builds characters up from that so it makes sense to have the character with a prosthetic be an Inspirationally Disadvantaged athlete.

  • Chase appears to be wearing sweat pants too so he could be wearing shorts underneath if the animators are planning on doing a post reveal outfit change.
    • Jossed: Zee is revealed to have a prosthetic leg in the second episode of the season.

Alternatively, MK is the amputee
Notice how, in every official screenshot she appears in so far, the audience cannot see her right arm
  • Jossed: Zee is revealed to have a prosthetic leg in the second episode of the season.

Scary Girl is called that because she has the same name as another contestant
If she shared a name with another contestant like Millie or Julia she could have opted for the nickname or have been labelled that by her teammates.
  • Jossed: She's introduced by the name Lauren but because of her antics everyone, including Chris, starts calling her Scary Girl instead.

Ripper will be a gimmicky first boot
Ripper could be a nickname given to him because he rips a lot of silent farts, annoys his team, and gets booted off first because of it. It would follow the trend of the first boots being largely one-note joke characters.
  • Jossed: Caleb is booted out first in a similar manor to Justin in season one. Ripper is however used for most of the fart jokes during the season.

Ripper will be the antagonist of the new season
He's shown frowning a lot in promos and it's very common for shows to depict heavy-set people as Jerkasses. Who says he can't be the antagonist?
  • That would be a good contrast to the previous antagonists who have all been Lean and Mean except Alejandro and Dave.
  • Jossed: While Ripper acts rude towards some of the other competitors he's not the main antagonist.

What the new cast's stereotypes could be


  • The Army Brat
  • The Cadette
  • The Survivalist
    • All jossed. She's "The Hard Core".


  • He was revealed to be "The Loveable Party Boy".


  • The Hunk with a Brain
  • something to do with brains, brawn, and beauty
    • All jossed. He's "The Smoking Hot Player".


  • The Track Star
  • The Generic Guy
  • The Prankster
    • All jossed. He's "The Other YouTube Sensation".


  • He was revealed to be "The Reactionary".


  • The Perfectionist
  • The Teacher's Pet
    • All jossed. She's "The Breakout YouTube Star".


  • The Influencer
    • Confirmed, although her label is officially "The Influencer and Evil in Human Form".


  • The Peacekeeper/Mediator
  • The Team Mom
    • All jossed. She's "The Book-Smart One".


  • The Schemer (if they want to reuse one)
    • Jossed. She's "The Outrageous and Underestimated".


  • The Influencer
  • The Fitness Guru
  • The Actress
    • All jossed. She's "The Gorgeous With a Side of Substance".


  • The Shy Girl
  • The Total Drama trainee
    • All jossed. She's "The Novice of Everything".


  • The Hockey Captain's Alternate
    • Jossed. He's "The Hockey Bros", which he shares with Wayne.


  • The Gross One
  • The Alpha Male
    • All jossed. He's "The Bad Boy".

Scary Girl:

  • ....The Scary Girl
    • Confirmed in a way. Her label is given as "AKA Lauren", implying that Scary Girl may indeed be her label.


  • The Hockey Captain
    • Jossed. He's "The Hockey Bros", which he shares with Wayne.


  • The Slacker
    • Jossed. He's "The Good Vibes Only Guy"

The LGBT couple will be:
  • Bowie and Caleb: Bowie looks like a stereotypical camp guy, so it's highly likely he'll be one of the two gay characters. One of the promotional pictures shows some of the female campers and Bowie fawning over Caleb, so it's possible he'll be the other half of the couple (although I see him more as bisexual).
    • Jossed: Despite Bowie showing physical attraction towards Caleb in the first episode Caleb is eliminated first and his sexuality is never revealed. Bowie does however announce that he's the first openly gay contestant and is one half of the season's LGBT+ couple.

  • Zee and Chase: They are seen together often in the trailers and they hug each other in fear at one point.
    • Jossed.

  • Raj and Wayne: Although wearing matching shirts doesn't necessarily imply they're in love with each other, they are always seen together in the promotional images and trailers so it seems that they already know each other before arriving on the island. That they are also on the same team is because they did not want to separate from each other or that Chris did not want to separate the couple.
    • Jossed: Wayne is shown to be straight (as shown by him saying that the girls of his team are "real hotties") and is highly supportive of Raj when he comes out. Raj makes up one half of the season's LGBT+ couple.

  • Nichelle and Julia: Julia seems interested in getting closer to Nichelle. It's pretty clear they're going to have some kind of relationship, whether they'll be lovers, friends, rivals, or one of them (likely Nichelle) will only deceive the other.
    • Jossed.

  • As of airing the official LGBT+ couple is Bowie and Raj.

Zee and Chase are brothers
They have very similar, if not identical, hair and skin tones. Both are on the skinny side, with a curved face and curved nose, and similar ears. Promotional material and trailers have featured them together frequently, including a scene where they hug each other in fear, that's not something you do with someone you just met. Judging by apperances, they could have a Couch Potato Brother, Athletic Brother dynamic going on.
  • Jossed: Neither of them know each other before the show.

Zee is spokesman for A brand of pop.
In the cast reveal poster he can be seen holding a can of pop. In the newest Italian trailer, he's seen holding the same can he's holding in the poster. This easily ties into my next theory.
  • Jossed: Zee isn't shown to be a spokesman at any point, liking soda is just a part of his character.
    • However, he does become a soda mascot during the break between seasons.

The new campers are in universe famous
Aside from the above theory speculating that Zee is a soda mascot, Wayne and Raj could be hockey prodigies , Chase, Caleb and Bowie could be models, Nichelle and Julia could be influencers, Damian could be a rapper and Axel could be a movie star.
  • Out of the new cast only two are considered famous prior to arriving on the island: Nichelle who is an action movie star, and Julia who is a social media influencer. On a smaller scale Chase is part of a livestream of pranks and stunts, and Emma used to be part of said livestream before breaking up with Chase.

The New Contestants may have a connection with any of the previous three generations
  • Currently Jossed. In the finale Chris states all the new contestants will be returning for the next season so it's possible they may come into contact with some of the previous contestants before then.

The Other Reboot Contestants will get more focus in Season 2
Because of how so far the new contestants, such as Caleb, Scary Girl, Nichelle, and MK have no focus on them for only three, four, or five episodes, there could be a chance that there will be given more focus. With Season 2, it could have it focus on them who weren't able to be given a chance to have more focus and facts on them.
  • Jossed for Scary Girl due to her being eliminated even earlier than the first season. Partially confirmed with Nichelle who makes it further but doesn't merge. Confirmed for Axel, Caleb, Damien, and MK who all make the merge in season 2 with Caleb being one of the finalists and the latter three making the top half placements of the season.
Potential Big Bad Of Season 2
  • Nichelle
  • MK
  • Axel
  • Caleb
  • Ripper
  • Scary Girl
    • Jossed for all of them, Julia is the Big Bad of season 2 again.
Chase and Emma will break up for good
The writing seems to know their relationship is bad and there's no real justifying it, and there's not anybody other than Chase and Emma themselves thinking it's a good idea. Every other character on this season is looking at them with confusion and even Chris roasted them.

So ideally, next season Emma could really improve and be empowering by truly cutting herself free and it could be a solid arc for her character to get better. Chase would need to do a lot more work and the show does not really show if he can pull it off.

  • Confirmed in season 2 with Emma dumping Chase for good between seasons after finding out he only threw the challenge for pizza. However, both of them end up being early boots so jossed on Emma gaining much of story after dumping Chase.

Chase is a sociopath
Unlike the previous sociopaths such as Mal or Scarlett, Chase is meant to be the more "realistic" depiction of a sociopath, who's unempathic enough to not be bothered by swindling people but are still affected by stronger social/moral conventions like 'murder is bad'. He has most of the textbook symptoms:
  • Lack of Empathy: He does not understand why Emma would be mad at him for damaging her car and having her get run into an animal shelter.
  • Narcissism: He makes arrogant remarks about himself and is unapologetic over what he had done because the views on their livestream should be more than enough to justify it.
  • Not being sensitive to or respectful of others.
  • Feeling no guilt about harming others.
  • Doing dangerous things with no regard for the safety of self or others.

Chase is a rich Spoiled Brat
The beach house that appears in his livestreams might as well belong to his family, so he must be rich. In episode 10, Chef says that somebody raised him all wrong, which wouldn't be surprising considering his overall behaviour. So the logical conclusion here is that Chase is a rich kid whose parents spoiled him rotten and dotted on him too much instead of teaching him proper discipline.
  • Part of the theory has been Jossed. Terry mentioned that Chase is rich, but only because he makes a lot of money from his YouTube channel, money he always foolishly spends anyway. He also stated that he and his friends rented the beach house. However, it's still possible that his parents were too lenient on him and spoiled him.

There will be more Interactions of Axel and Nichelle
Because of how the two have interacted at the end of the season of the series, it is highly likely that there will be more interaction with Axel and Nichelle.
  • Jossed. Even though they were on the same team in season 2 they didn't have any meaningful interactions together.

There could be a Possible Ship Tease between Millie and Emma
Well, both of them are pudgy but great female contentestants who are nicer people. Millie felt remorse for writing about Priya, because of how she didn’t have any friends, and Emma felt remorse for accidentally hurting animals thanks to chase.

It could be possible if the two interacting together in the next season.

  • Jossed with Emma disliking Millie after she throws Damien down the dangerous four point pipe in a challenge and both of them being eliminated early back to back.

There will be a Ship Tease of Axel and Nichelle
Well, Axel and Nichelle appear to have a good interaction together in the season finale of the reboot series so it would make sense for them to have a Ship Tease together in the next season.
  • Jossed. Axel instead gets Ship Tease with Ripper.

New couple in the second season?
It's possible that, with Bowie and Raj already having their relationship, there will be a new couple appearing in the second season. Who could it be?
  • Priya and Damien: Since it's implied that the new season is going to give more focus to the early boots and Damien doesn't seem to have a plot set up yet, so giving him the main romance plot could make sense.
    • Jossed with Priya getting Ship Tease with Caleb instead of Damien.
  • Julia and MK: Their interactions in the first episode seemed fair too friendly to be simply alliance mates and were similar to Alejandro and Heather's behavior towards each other, so the show making their interactions go beyond simply forming a friendship would make sense.
    • Not outright official at the end of the second season.
  • Axel and Nichelle: Axel could be impressed by Nichelle's new found athletic talent and it leads to them getting closer.
    • Jossed with Axel ending up with Ripper instead of Nichelle.

Scary Girl will be the Big Bad of part three of the reboot
  • After being booted off first, she threatened a vendetta against all of her teammates when they all come back, implying she'll be even more of a threat than ever when she returns.

There will be a season parodying "The Amazing Race".
The fact that with the 22 campers we can make 11 teams of 2 is something I just can't ignore...
  • But who with who?
  • And that's the tricky question: There are very obvious friendships to make team, like Katie and Sadie, and of course, we got the canon pairings, but only until we know how the relationships end up in TDA I would dare to make some predictions.
    • Simple,[[One couple broke up and another seems like it will break up.]]
    • pairing the teams up by romance/friendship is boring, make enemies teams! like Harold/Duncan and Gwen/Heather
    • this is pretty much jossed because of world tour
    • Confirmed with the announcement of Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race.

The first season uncensored? Don't be fooled!
The third episode says hi, in one scene, Owen was shown with Barbie Doll Anatomy. Plus, exactly what the hell could Lindsay have said in that's off the chain?

"No Pain, No Game" was originally supposed to take place right after "Phobia Factor"
In "No Pain, No Game" (episode 15), Gwen is suddenly mad at Trent for accidentally leaving her buried alive on the beach in "Phobia Factor" (episode 7), even though she didn't show any signs of being mad at him in between those episodes. My guess is that for some reason, "No Pain, No Game" was originally written as episode 8, but got moved ahead to episode 15, along with being rewritten to include Eva and Izzy, who returned to the game, but the writers forgot to remove Gwen being mad at Trent.

The episodes we see are from the same series, but not from the same reality.
Because many plot details changes from episode to episode (Like Gwen-Trent relationship; Sometimes they're cool, sometimes not...) with no given explanation: The series is made with episodes from different alternate realities (What of course, that may explain some important changes in a couple of characters and their background stories)

A future season will satirize dating shows and Trent will be the bachelor.
You know that they'll have to get into parodying Reality Dating shows eventually, and if the recent episodes mean anything, Trent has become a chick magnet since his breakup with Gwen. A lot of possibilities could come from this: Gwen possibly becoming jealous, Bridgette and Courtney looking to get back at Geoff and Duncan, Heather possibly using this as an opportunity to become famous (and to spite Gwen). Add new characters, and you'll have yourself a premise for a season.
  • but there's one problem, no real use for any other male contestants (except for possibly Noah) or female contestants who already have boyfriends.
    • True, but if I have to go through another Owen or Duncan centric season, I may scream.

Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island and Total Drama Action do not exist; they're TDI "fix fics".
There is a lot of explanation behind this one:
  • Trent rapidly becoming a Gwen obsessor/stalker is because the writer hates him and likes Gwen; said writer also ships Duncan/Gwen.
  • Gwen also becomes one of the team captions.
  • Gwen's own vote off (caused by her messing up the challenge for the team because she felt guilty that Trent helped her out on an earlier challenge, even though they where on different teams) in the second season was because the writer has nothing left to do with her and wanted to give her the vote off equivalent of a Heroic Sacrifice...
  • ...And after that, it started to focus on Duncan/Courtney...
  • Owen's vote off was not supposed to be looked at as a bad moment for Courtney; it's supposed to be the other way around, as Courtney was, in the writer's head, the only voice of reason in the fic.
  • Maybe the way Courtney treated Duncan in action is the author's way of saying "don't you think Duncan deserves better?, like Gwen?"
  • The ending to TDDDDI people, the ending to TDDDDI.
  • The second season is based off of movies. Looks like the sort of TDI fan fic someone would write.
    • Total Drama World Tour, a trip around the world... also sounds like a TDI fan fic.
  • It sure as hell explains why Heather is getting so much crap.
  • World Tour's lack of Trent, return of Noah, and Sierra makes it look like a very Cody-centric Fan Fic
  • Sierra does look a lot like a character from a Self-Insert Fic (or she could be a Take That! against that and the Total drama fanbase in general)

The special leading from TDA to TDM will involve the moon set.
For whatever reason, even in the actual space challenge, the moon set hasn't been used yet. I doubt it will be put to waste...
  • I want it to either be a romance or zombie movie, if it is a genre theme. Now that's a waste, especially since the final two, final four, final six, final eight... actually, there's a pretty strict boy-girl pattern they could've used for most of the season.
  • Romance/Zombie movie on the Moon?

Speculation for the season after World Tour.
  • It will parody Big Brother

  • It will parody Kid Nation

  • Chris will get fired and will be replaced by a new host, who will be even more of a son of a Heather, but Chris won't go down without a fight, causing a 1 to 1 Enemy Civil War

  • A new Female contestant who is a plant for the network, who's job is to seduce the male contestants and cause love triangles

  • A new contestant that is stereotypically Quebecian

  • A contestant will form a secret alliance with Chris (like DJ did with Chef)

  • A new contestant that is an aboriginal Canadian (not likely to happen due to Political Overcorrectness)

  • A new contestant that is an American

  • A new contestant that is a Funny Foreigner

  • DJ's mother will have a bigger part in it

Total Drama (specifically, Action) is a massive parody fic... of it's self

This is similar to an above guess. Sierra is a Take That! at Cody Fan Girls (king of like inserting people you hate as Straw Losers). More info on this guess later, do not respond yet.

Nobody Wins In The End
Check this out:
  • Owen won season one but he had to give up his money to compete in season two, which he didn't win.
  • Duncan won season two but somehow lost the money (Or the writers are going by the alternate ending where Beth wins, in that case Beth loses the money when she has to pay bail in Paris) before season three.
  • Spoilers reveal that at the end of Season three Alejandro throws the money into a volcano, meaning that, once again, no one gets it.

So what I think is that none of the original 22-campers ever actually get to keep the money (except maybe Beth since she used a tiny portion of the money to fund her trip to Paris) and so every season everyone loses and Chris just makes money from the entire thing.

  • Proof would be nice for Alejandro throwing the money into a volcano.
    • An old Christian Potenza video (I think he took it down) had the camera briefly move over a script in his office for the TDWT finale, it was fast but freezing the image allowed fans to tell what was written there, which was Chris talking about what Alejandro had just done.
    • what a sore loser

One of the contestants in a future season will be a Stupid Evil Card-Carrying Villain
In the same way Sierra is meant to be a parody of the characters found in TDI fan fiction, this character will be meant to satirize the "villainous" characters who frequently appear in fanfics (Colin, Todd, Kasimar, etc.) and do nothing but kick puppies and harass the other contestants For the Evulz. Also, having an unlikeable one-dimensional villain in the cast might help take the audience's attention away from the likes of Owen and Courtney.
  • "Brick" could fill this role.
  • Scott from the fourth season seems to be exactly that, as there is next to nothing likable about his character and he actually sabotages his team's challenges just to vote them off.
  • Max from Pahkitew Island is more likely than less this

Zombie Apocalypse in Pahkitew Island
Shawn mentions not caring if his friends turned into zombies. This means that the season, and possibly the whole series will end in a Zombie Apocalypse. Think about it, every Freshtv production has a zombie episode: Six Teen had "Dude of the Living Dead", Grojband had "Dance of the Dead", even Western Animation/Stoked had Penthouse of Horror with the fish-stick zombie. It's time Total Drama deserved it's very own Zombie Apocalypse, and what a great way to kill off the hated characters.

Almost confirmed, based on newly leaked info there will be a Zombie Themed Episode in the season.

  • Okay so we got sort of confirmation, we got a kind of Zombie Apocalypse in "Hurl and Go Seek" and the cast members did turn into zombies. So, Yay!!! I guess.

Pahkitew Island will blow up at the end of the season
Think about it. Why else would it be named the Cree word for 'explode?'
  • Maybe because the shape of the island looks like an explosion, but yes the Island exploding is quite likely, though I'm not sure it would occur in this season.
  • Jossed, but it came pretty close to doing so in "Scarlett Fever".

Season five will either have an all-new cast or the season four one.
Season four will turn out to be incredibly successful, and as a result, there will be equal support for them to be included in S5 as the old contestants. The writers will either ignore the popularity and make yet another batch of contestants, or will give the S4 contestants another season.

The fifth season will be much Darker and Edgier than past seasons

And halfway through, Chris will input a new rule: contestants that get voted off will die. To circumvent lawsuits, he'll make the announcement (and any deaths) off-screen and make Ridiculously Human Robot copies of the dead contestants so nobody suspects anything. Because of this, nearly everyone will resort to desperate tactics to keep themselves or friends/boyfriends/girlfriends they care about from being killed. Naturally, this opens up a lot of opportunities for antagonists like Heather and Scott to exploit the game (e.g. threatening Gwen with, "if you don't make sure I win this challenge, I'll switch the votes and kill Duncan").

The fourth season will try top itself in inappropriate humour
The first season had loads, but it got toned down a bit in the next two seasons. Now that they're getting back to their roots, the writers will try to manage to cram in as much as possible.
  • Me again! It's Jossed. While there was the usual amount of crap Total Drama gets past the radar, there still wasn't enough to be considered "more than usual". Too bad...

One future season will have both of its final two contestants be female.
Revenge of the Island's finale had a male vs. male showdown with Cameron and Lightning, so it would only seem appropriate that one of the upcoming seasons feature a female vs. female showdown for its finale.
  • There's near certainty of that happening, especially since it nearly happened this time with three girls in the final four. It's just a matter of when.
    • Ridonculous Race almost had two females competing against each other in the final two. In other words, after Geoff and Brody got eliminated, the remaining male contestants (Ryan, Devin, and Jacques) were partnered up with a girl. This almost increased the season's chance on having another female winner on "Total Drama" (after Heather in the US, and Sky in Canada).

Future Season Big Bad Villain Type
One Big Bad will be a Well-Intentioned Extremist, who hates the cruelty of the show and wishes to win in order to abolish Total Drama once and for all. They will be ruthless in eliminating others, but believe it to be for a good cause.
  • That's actually pretty interesting, though his plan doesn't make any sense (unless he uses the million to fund a campaign to cancel Total Drama/Bribe Chris' boss into canceling Total Drama) In the ep he gets eliminated, maybe he'll realize that he's no better than Chris and purposely votes himself off (out of shame for what he did)
    • I was thinking they would act as the antagonist, in order to stay in the game as long as possible, and slowly undermine the show. Before perhaps using the money to garner enough power to shut the show down. Though it's unlikely they will be a finalist, and like you said will probably realize the wrong that they are doing.

The next two "Total Drama" seasons will be an Alternate Continuity

On February 17, 2021, HBO Max announced that "Total Drama" is back for two new seasons.

At least one of them is expected to take place at Camp Wawanakwa, even though it was destroyed in season five (All-Stars). If this is the case, then the new season would contradict the events of "Revenge of the Island" (where Chris rented the island out for a toxic waste dump, which resulted in his arrest) and/or "All-Stars" (where the island sank to the bottom). Remember this, "Pahkitew Island" took place in a new island to replace the one that was destroyed in said previous season.

  • Or it will be revealed that the island Camp Wawanakwa is on in the new season is "Pahkitew Island" configured to look like the old island.

The revival season's Big Bad will be a Politically Incorrect Villain
Considering the season has been stated to have several diverse characters by Tom McGillis (including black, East Asian, South Asian, Latinx, LGBT, and an amputee) so he'd act as an antithesis of sorts to that, it's a realistic modern-day teen stereotype, and a villain type they haven't explored yet. As TD is still ultimately a show for young teens it's unlikely that he'll be anything particularly nasty, but he'll probably be a skinhead who complains about the other characters' diversity and mocks them when not manipulating them (in the confessional presumably), and he'll definitely get his comeuppance near the finale.

All Stars and Pahkitew Island never happened. They were all in Chris's head

Host of a popular reality show or not, there's no way someone with Chris's list of crimes would be let out after only a year of prison time. The producers may have tried, but couldn't get Chris out, and so decided to cancel the show. We know from the opening scene of season 5 that Chris had plans for an All Stars season (When Chef meets him, he's pretending two cockroaches and Duncan and Lightning). This would explain all of the flanderization, since that's just how Chris views the characters: little more than stereotypes. Any absurd or impossible events can be explained away as further Sanity Slippage on his part. As for the new cast in Pahkitew Island, Chris got bored with the current cast in his head and created new characters from rejected audition tapes and stereotypes that he had in his head. In reality, the cast of Seasons 1-4 are living normal, happy lives away from his clutches.

  • That would explain why Total Drama (2023) still has the Camp Wawanakwa despite it sinking in the fifth season — it never actually sank. Chris just imagined it did.

The second of the two new ordered seasons will be Total Drama Underdogs
The new Total Drama season featuring the fourth generation cast is just one out of two seasons that was ordered. The other season could feature returning cast members from past generations. And since we had an All-Stars season, there could be an Underdogs season to match. The season could feature fan-favorite characters who didn't make it far in their respective seasons, such as Eva, Tyler, B, Dawn, Brick, and Ella (I'd say Noah, but he had his time to shine in Ridonculous Race), and give them a second chance at winning the million dollars.

  • Jossed; the second season will feature the new contestants. Besides, given how there was a massive Time Skip in between Ridonculous Race and the new seasons, the aforementioned fan-favorites would be too old to compete anyways.

There will be three more generation contestants

There will be seasons that take place before the 2023 season featuring the first three generations of contestants
It's been revealed that there was a massive Time Skip of 15 years since the very first season of the show, meaning that the contestants from Island to Pahkitew Island are too old to compete in the show (with the exception of Blaineley). However, if there are people that want to see the old guard return, the best course of action is to release seasons that take place before the time-skip/immediately after Pahkitew Island. The same applies with any future seasons of Ridonculous Race.

There will be a season where the the contestants from the reboot will against the contestants from Pahkitew Island
Since the third generation only competed in one season why not have them return to compete again and have them compete against the fourth generation since they are the generation closest to the latter. While it was said that the reboot takes place 15 years after the first season it is unknown where Pahkitew Island stands in the timeframe, and may be taken place not long before to the reboot started, making it possible for the third and fourth generations to compete against each other.
  • It's been confirmed that Pahkitew Island was three years after Island (2007), so while this still possible, it's likely.

    World Tour 
The third season will have at least one song that unintentionally comes across as appallingly racist.
Globetrotting, regular musical numbers, and a primarily Caucasian cast seems to be just asking for trouble.
  • Jossed, the third season finished, and there were no racist songs.
  • I wouldn't exactly describe "A Chinese Lesson" as the pinnacle of cultural sensitivity. On top of that, one of the song titles includes a word that's considered a slur against Romani people.

Speculation for World Tour.

  • Heather will be responsible (or partially responsible) for the downfall of Alejandro (or at least they would have a Enemy Civil War).


  • Heather will try to truly be the other contestant's friend, but mostly Lindsay's.
    • Partially confirmed, she does seen to gain Cody's friendship in the finale and the others cheer for her over Alejandro, but she and Lindsay don't have much interaction.

  • Cody will reject Sierra's advances, she will be heartbroken, and in response he'll be voted off by his female teammates who'll feel sorry for her.
    • Jossed. Cody made it to the final three, surpassing all female contenders, excluding Heather, and the only point where they may have banded together against him, but DID NOT, was in the Paris episode.

  • One of the pairings will break up. - Confirmed. Duncan and Courtney break up after Duncan falls for Gwen.

  • One episode will be a Take That! against shippers (probably when they go to Paris).
    • Somewhat Jossed. It wasn't in the paris episode, and I can't remember any specific moment where the writers did a TakeThat against shippers.

  • A Leshawna/Harold/Heather Love Triangle (no I have not been taking mind altering drugs, why do you ask?) - Jossed due to Harold's early elimination. Jossed again because Leshawna just got eliminated.

  • The Final two might be Noah and Heather.
    • Or Cody and Sierra.
      • Jossed. Although, Heather did make it to the final two, Noah did not. Cody and Sierra also didn't make the final two, each finishing 3rd and 4th, respectively.

  • Trent will try to get into the game forcefully and he'll have a Yandere level affection for Gwen - Jossed due to Trent getting over Gwen and seeing other people.

  • An Unrequited Love Switcheroo between Cody and Gwen. Or at least, their friendship will grow.

  • Ezekiel and Trent will return (much like Eva and Izzy did in island) - Half confirmed, half Jossed, Trent was never in World Tour, and it is widely speculated that Ezekiel will return.
    • Fully Josses as Ezekiel doesn't return, though the possibility was mentioned but dismissed.

  • In the episode where they go to Greece the contestants will have to do the challenge naked or in there underwear. Jossed

  • The female contestants (or at least the majority of them) will ship Cody/Sierra.
    • Unconfirmed. None of the females seem to show their feelings towards the Cody x Sierra pairing.

  • Ezekiel will be a contestant, but he will make another foot-in-mouth comment and he'll be the first one booted off (just like in Island). Sort-of confirmed, as he gets voted off first by his team for doing something stupid - losing his stick.

  • Trent will get a new girlfriend, which will make Gwen jealous.
    • Jossed. While he did move on, he didn't get a new girlfriend.

  • An Unrequited Love Switcheroo between Cody and Sierra, possibly in Paris.
    • Jossed, though Cosy does grow to consider Sierra a friend.

  • Courtney will become a Shipper on Deck for Cody/Gwen. Only because she sees Gwen as a threat to her relationship with Duncan.
    • Jossed given the love triangle

  • The Woolly Beavers and the Stymphalian Canada Geese will make another appearance (probably in the episode when they go to Costa Rica) - [[spoiler:Jossed

  • More Cody/Noah undertones - Jossed. They've had no interaction all season and Noah has now been eliminated.
    • No interaction all season? Someone clearly missed the Alps episode. Sausage, anyone?

  • The first three contestants to be eliminated will be Ezekiel, Duncan and Harold. Confirmed.

  • Cody will reject Sierra's advances and then she will have an obsessive crush on another male contestant: the best bet is Noah, but it could be Geoff (if he doesn't forgive Bridgette for being seduced by Alejandro), Ezekiel, Harold, or maybe (as an irony) Trent or in a cracktastic event Chris.
  • Partially confirmed...but in the end, Cody and Sierra decide to be friends.

  • Chris will try to Take Over the World (no I have not still been taking mind altering drugs). - Jossed

  • They will go to Eva's home country in one episode. Jossed

  • Sierra will get a Character Blog. - She comments on the TDWT Facebook occasionally, and seems to have an episode play-back blog.

  • The final three might be Cody, Heather and Alejandro (with Cody and Heather being the final two).

  • The hosts for the aftermath show will be Geoff and Katie and Sadie. Jossed. It's Geoff, Bridgette, and Blainely.

  • Duncan, will be one of the first off...but he will pull a Courtney and return midseason. Confirmed, and in the same episode number as well.

  • Ezekiel will be one of the first to go because he can't sing. Jossed, he was eliminated but for a failing a challenge reason. Also he was the best singer.

  • Sierra will become Heather's Morality Pet. Probably not, as she's actually playing Heather.

  • Heather will try to cause a feud between Sierra and Gwen. Jossed

  • Blaineley will become a contestant. Confirmed. She unintentionally (and unwillingly) 'won' a place as a contestant during an Aftermath challenge.

  • A Sierra/Cody/Gwen Love Triangle.
    • Jossed. Gwen ended up in a triangle with Courtney and Duncan instead.
      • It's probably better to say there was a big Love Dodecahedron: Sierra==>Cody==>Gwen==>Duncan/Courtney==>Alejandro==>Heather. And that's not even if you count the fake Courtney==>Tyler or all of Alejandro's other crushees.

  • Heather and Alejandro will form an alliance, totally intending to double cross the other in the end with gambits, but will then Become The Mask with one another and appear to fall in love. In the end, Alejandro will be hoisted by his own petard by Heather, when he doesn't have the heart to follow through, and votes her off as planned (but she will anyway). Heather will go on in the final two - probably against Noah or Cody (I really hope Noah, considering the Noah gambit mentioned above, but the show so far is centering on Cody so he is more likely). She will lose to whichever and get back together with Alejandro in the end(who forgives her because he likes manipulative bastards, seeing as he is one). If this happens, including the Noah gambit from season 1, Teletoon will not only be forgiven but hailed as my new religion.
    • Partially confirmed, as they struck up a deal near the end but it falls apart and they end up the final two.

  • There will be a Pirate/Caribbean episode for whatever reason and Alejandro and Heather will star. Seriously, he's got and eyepatch and she's got a gold tooth. They are becoming pirates! - Jossed

The "All contestants must sing in each show" rule was not enforced because...
Chris was tricking them; he knew that no one (except maybe Courtney) would sing if they weren't forced to, so he simply added it to actually GET people to sing. However, there are several songs that lack vocals of the entire cast. It's simple: as long as you don't mention it (like DJ did in "Newf Kids on the Rock"), you won't get kicked out, as long as it wasn't a song in which someone WAS forced to sing (for example, "Greek Mix"). At least, that would explain why most of the songs are not sung by Cody...
  • Wait, how does it explain why Cody in particular missed so many songs?
    • Cody simply didn't worry about getting eliminated for not singing, and just didn't. Chris didn't call attention to this, and just left him in the game (because of Sierra, Gwen, his dislike of Duncan, etc.) I dunno, I just had a dumb little theory about why no one gets kicked off for not singing, despite there not being a lot of non-singers.
    • Incorrect. If that were true, it would have been mentioned (via a confessional for example) and also, when he sings in the the very late Condor he's struggling to make lyrics for the song, meaning he actually cared about the rule at the time.
    • Not really much of a wild guess, since even in the one episode DJ would seem to actually face consequences for not singing (Newf Kids), Noah still didn't sing. Then again, that whole sequence was more of a Deus ex Machina to keep DJ in the game accidentally.

World Tour Is Trying To Cancel Out Action
Think about it, a lot of the stuff in World Tour matches Island while applying Canon Discontinuity on a lot of things related to Action:
  • Courtney starts the season off with the "nice but stubborn" personality she had in S1, rather than the jerk one from S2.
  • Duncan is more laid back and uncaring like on S1, rather than the whole "Jerk with a Heart of Gold" thing he had in S2.
  • Gwen is also more indifferent and easily annoyed, as opposed to her nervous personality in S2.
  • Trent isn't crazy anymore.
  • Justin shows no signs of being a villain other than one unkind sentence.
  • Well, the presence of Tyler, Ezekiel, Cody and Noah obviously.
  • Geoff and Bridgette being a normal teenage couple like on S1, as opposed to the Make-Out Kids they were in S2.
  • Harold's personality matches his S1 one more than his S2 one.
  • The challenges are more dangerous, like the ones from S1.
  • LeShawna hates Heather again, despite their truce in S2.
  • Way more continuity, such as mentioning Owen's fear of heights or the contestants recalling previous episodes.
Etc, etc. The writers noticed how much people disliked season two, so when making season three they drew tons of similarities to Island and tried to get rid of the stuff they messed up in Action.
  • I don't know... Duncan wasn't as clearly a Jerk with a Heart of Gold in TDI as he was in TDA but he was still a lot more sensitive then than the plain jerk he was this season (I can't imagine the Duncan of TDWT replacing DJ's bunny.) Maybe the writers were overcompensating?
  • Gwen and Trent are still broken up, but other than that, this is probably true.

"Hawaiian Punch" is an elaborate joke, designed to throw off all the episode downloaders.
  • The Gainax Ending conclusion to Total Drama World Tour seen in Australia is an alternate ending, deliberately made confusing and unsatisfying in order to piss off all the people who decided to download episodes early. The show's already done alternate endings before to provide each season with two different winners, only this time they decided to do a completely alternate final EPISODE. This explains why Cody was eliminated in the start of the final episode this time around. The producers have had problems with people downloading episodes illegally before and they decided to play a big joke by ensuring that the version of the episode that would be first to air worldwide would be the "bad" ending, so to speak (knowing Australia usually airs episodes at a much faster rate than North America or Europe), punishing people who downloaded it illegally by forcing them to live with an unsatisfactory ending for several months. The "real" ending and final Aftermath special will air first either on Cartoon Network in the USA, or maybe even in Canada, with Cartoon Network viewers also getting the "joke" ending. Once the real finale airs, it'll be replayed worldwide in Australia and elsewhere.
    • Downloading via internet is clearly recognized by the producers, remember from "Princess Pride", so this, the alternate ending, may happen because they, for example, didn't show Courtney's reaction to Alejandro's declaration of love to Heather and their subsequent kiss. That could be a point in the alternate ending.
    • Quite possibly topped off with some mention to the trick ending in the real ending. Such as: Chris: "What? You really thought that just one pineapple would cause the volcano to erupt? Potentially burning people so much that they need to be put into some robot suit just to be able to move? Pssh. Like that would ever happen!

The possible TDWT after-season special will have nothing to do with the ending of Hawaiian Punch.

  • The cast's current situation, feral Zombie!Zeke, Darth Alejandro, Heather about to be crushed by volcanic rock, or the fact that the cast was stranded in the middle of the ocean with no boat in the end will not be the main focus, much to the chagrin of the contestants. Instead, it will focus on a sudden scandal where none of the contestants could actually sing; that software like Auto-Tune was used to make them sound good. Oddly enough, Courtney, (possibly the only one who could actually sing,) would end up being targeted the most.
    • Personally, I just think Heather will come back unscathed, Alejandro will come back with shorter hair and maybe a scar or something (he probably won't come as a robot, because Chris said it was just temporary until he could get the proper medical attention), Sierra will probably come back with shorter hair (like Heather did in TDWT), and Zeke...gee, I think Ezekiel's dead. If he did come back, however. . .he would be in some sort of a cage because, well. . .he's not really. . .human. That aside, everyone else will come back just fine!

There might not be an hour-long special concluding Season 3
Chris has explicitly stated near the end of the finale that he will move on to the next season, introducing a whole new cast. The newcomers will most likely be introduced in the first episode of Season 4 very much like the original competitors got introduced in the beginning of Season 1.

Cody's Lack Of Singing Will Be A Plot Point
Lately, several Cody fans have been complaining about how he's missed about ten songs now, and I started wondering about it, missing about two songs like Tyler would just be normal, but now he's missed way more than anyone, so what if... when Cody gets to the final three, Chris eliminates him for not singing in so many past episodes? Like, maybe there's a clip show or something and Chris suddenly notices it, OR he just held back the insta-elimination to make things more dramatic. Either way, Cody not singing will turn out to be relevant to the plot.
  • In his last episode - maybe even after being eliminated - Cody will sing a solo.
    • Somewhat Jossed: Cody gets a solo in Rapa-phooey, before the last episode.

In the final episode of TDWT the entire cast will sing an epic "The Villain Sucks" Song about and to Chris
We already got a great one targeted at Blaineley, so one about Chris is the obvious move.
  • They already threw him into a lake in season one, I'm totally betting on this one.
  • Maybe this is why we get Reloaded, too — Chris is so upset that he declares he's going to prove he's the REAL star of Total Drama by going through the whole thing with an entirely new cast.

The animal curse wasn't just on DJ alone...
But on Team Victory AS A WHOLE!
  • Ezekiel lost the stick due to a crocodile taking it.
  • A donkey was apart of Harold's losing commercial. Said donkey did not help the serious commercial.
  • A sexy beast that is known to "charm the pants off of just about every creature" manipulated Bridgette into staying behind.
  • Said sexy beast also awoke the "animal" in Leshawna.
  • A bear, Sasquatch, and baby seal ran into Lindsay. Of course, DJ WAS apart of this one.
  • Various animals caused DJ to screw up winning, when it looked like he was about to win.

Heather is the true winner of World Tour
Building off the mention of "canon winners" above, despite Alejandro winning in Total Drama's homeland Canada, Heather's appearance in Revenge of the Island and insistence that the million belongs to her and that she was cheated out of it could still apply with Alejandro's ending (given the technicality that resulted in his win) but seems more fitting with Heather's ending, in which the million does belong to her fair and square but she still doesn't get to keep it.

Izzy and Owen are the parents of Mikey and Madison
Because it makes way too much sense. Also, Izzy is a young Ms. Frizzle.

In the last episode, everybody will break up and get with different people.
either for Rule of Funny or a Take That! at fans who think that Status Quo Is God. All 22 24 of the campers would each be a part of one of TDI's permanent (and they will use flash forwards to ensure that yes, aside from being crack, they are canon) ETPs (eleven true pairings).

Here's a list of the break ups (nearly all due to character derailment, which is just a hasty way to axe off every so called "OTP" [hey, it's not like every WMG has to go around everyone being in character]):

  • Trent/Gwen: This pretty much already happened.
  • Duncan/Courtney: As said in a below guess, Courtney could just be pretending to like Duncan. Courtney has slowly become more bossy and the like, and threatens to sue at any time, and even gave Duncan a giant list of things he has to do (it was either the episode "Top Dog" or "2009: a Space Owen"). My real guess is that Duncan is a cover up because Courtney really has an even more strange crutch...
  • Tyler/Lindsay: Thanks to the Flanderization, this is obvious. The relationship ends suddenly, and Lindsay forgets which person is Tyler. Heck, I expect this exchange or something like that:
    Some TD fan: Hey, aren't you the guy who dated the really hot chick?
    Tyler: It's not as good as it sounds. She forgot who I was.
    TD fan: ...
    • Depressingly, they have probably one of the least dysfunctional relationships out of all the contestants
    • There are 2 good reasons why Tyler won't break up with Lindsay, they start with D, and end with cups
  • Owen/Izzy: Owen's so obviously gay it's not even funny. He's just using Izzy as a cover up. Besides, considering how he literally used her as a human shield ("Hook, Line and Screamer"), you can see that this isn't going anywhere anytime soon.
  • Geoff/Bridgette: Again, this nearly happened in canon, and they even broke up at least once. And if Flanderization as right, Geoff became a jerk.
  • Cody/Noah: THIS IS NOT CANON EITHER. It is the cannon-ist of the cannons.
  • Owen/Mr. Coconut: Ugh.

Now, the final results... I don't know. I'll post them up when I think of them.

Noah and Cody will have more shippy moments
That one scene in season one has spawned tons of fangirls, so the directors will begin Pandering to the Base and include a few ship-teases, as well as play up Noah's Ambiguously Gay
  • They've been doing plenty of the second, with comments like "ooooh, stalkerlicious". And after scenes like the one in Celebrity Manhunt, we know they've at least recognized the ship.

Eventually, Cody and Duncan will become each other's Third Option Love Interests.
Cody will manage to escape Sierra's Yandere-ish affections and come to terms with Gwen's rejection, hooking up with another rebellious character who accepts him. Duncan will find that his preference really does lean toward the more rule-abiding upper-class types, but tire of Courtney's abrasive attitude. (And he'll find that a relationship with a male accommodates his misogyny better than one with a female.)
  • Jossed

Cody will reject Sierra in an over the top fashion to get it into her thick skull that he doesn't like her, like how Lisa rejected Ralph or how Mac told Goo that he doesn't like her .

She will be heartbroken and It will be seen as a Kick the Dog moment for Cody and all of the contestants will sympathize with her and give him the cold shoulder (bonus points if Gwen condemns him for it)

  • Partially confirmed, partially tossed. She finds out that he tried to vote her off and starts crying, through it turns out just to be an act. The others are more annoyed at Sierra than angry at Cody.

Blaineley will get feelings for Owen.
No, I have not been taking Mind altering drugs, why do you ask?
  • Considering the most recent Aftermath has revealed Blaineley to be a secret Gasshole and none too picky about the quality of her food I can actually see this happening.
    • Jossed, though they're forced together in the Niagara Falls challenge.

The writers are deliberately trying to sink the Duncan/Gwen Ship
Think about it: if they had really wanted them together the obvious time was the end of TDA when Duncan was single and Courtney was at her least popular with the fans. Instead they reunite Duncan and Courtney, spent half a season making Courtney likable again, made her close friends with Gwen and then in 'I See London' have Duncan kiss Gwen without breaking things off with Courtney. Now Duncan and Gwen will look like total louses if they continue, everyone will sympathize with Courtney and the poor Duncan/Gwen shippers will have got what they want in the worst way possible by having to defend a couple cheating on someone they are both close to.
  • This Trent/Gwen fan hopes to God you are right. Yeah, they've already sunk my ship but I refuse to abandon it yet!
  • As a (very depressed) Duncan/Gwen shipper I hope I am wrong, but short of major damage control signs seem to point that way.
  • The truth is, if Duncan tried to break up with Courtney (legitimately or otherwise), she'd literally break every bone in his body. Depending on how you interpret Courtney's words to him near the end of I See London:
    Courtney: And how could you think it was okay to just...leave me like that?! Because it was not! Abandon me again, and it will not be pretty. Now...get over here, you big lug! (hugs him) I'm not really mad! I just missed you.
I mean, seriously? If anything, the writers are trying to sink Duncan/Courtney along with Duncan/Gwen (at least from this Duncan/Gwen shipper's point of view).
  • That means only one thing, if it's true: the writers are planning a massive deconstruction, like the one done in Neon Genesis Evangelion, but, hopefully without all the Nightmare Fuel. Something will sink and it's not going to get pretty.
    • P.S.: And I'm not talking only about ships.
  • And as of 'Aftermath Aftermayhem' we get what can be seen as Ship Tease with Gwen and Trent. The plot thickens...

Heather and Alejandro will backstab each other at some point
Yeah, they flirting, everything seems fine, the amount of Heather/Alejandro stories is growing in FFN, but everything seems to indicate they will advance further in the competition, but, considering their personalities, it will have a time where they will have to compete against each other, they will overdo and maybe even hurt themselves.
  • Confirmed.

Owizzy will become canon again.
Because Owen is the writer's pet and It will be the perfect way to troll the people who prefer Izzy with Noah or Ezekiel (and Owen haters in general)
  • Was Noah/Izzy ever that popular before this season? If it wasn't, I doubt they'd want to "troll" people that prefer this couple when they made the episode almost a year ago.
  • Noah/Izzy probably grew in popularity after the Island special. Plus, this would be a great way to troll The Kobold Necromancer (an Ezzy shipper)

Cody is going to get over Gwen
Seeing her in relationship with Duncan is going to make him slowly realize that she isn't the perfect girl he's been putting on a pedestal and cause him to move on for someone who does actually want to be with him.
  • Very unlikely to happen.

The show creators originally intended Duncan and Heather to be a couple.
Based solely off Duncan's very vocal interest in her in the first episode of TDI (and his lack of interest in or interaction with Courtney or Gwen). In fact Heather's very first line in the show ("Drop dead, you skeeze!") is a response to Duncan's pass at her that could be interpreted as Belligerent Sexual Tension. Obviously they changed their minds and decided to go with Courtney fairly quickly as Duncan and Heather have very little interaction for the rest of TDI.
  • So, that explains why they're setting up Heather/Alejandro
  • Could be; I think a Heather/Duncan romance would have had a similar sort of dynamic with them being outright enemies at first. Which makes it pretty funny that Heather has been flirting with Duncan to make Alejandro jealous. They (Heather and Duncan) also had a couple of Ship Tease moments in TDA - they were 'forced' to kiss each other, she grabbed onto him when they thought they were going to drown and Heather seemed really upset when Courtney came back. Maybe they were toying with the idea again.

The Gwen-Duncan-Courtney love triangle from TDWT was manipulative editing.
In the first episode of All-Stars, Gwen seems certain that Duncan broke up with Courtney before they started dating, and Sierra seems remarkably happy with Duncan and Gwen being in a relationship compared to how she acted in TDWT.
  • It was all Chris's doing. It makes better ratings, and to screw Courtney over.

The Malevolent One will cause a break-up between Mike and Zoey.
  • Zoey's bad judgement, combined with the manipulation of Mike's condition by others will cause Zoey to turn on him and vote him off, while Chris will stand there with a smug grin on his face. Zoey isn't the most patience person on the show, and Mike was on THIN ICE last season before she learned about his condition.
  • I agree though it's probably going to be The Malevolent One who votes her off. Remember no one knows about this new personality yet. The Malevolent one said "One by one they will all fall" and all includes Zoey.
    • Ultimately jossed.

Scourtney Direction...
So Scott will probably end up finding an immunity idol, right? And with the whole Scourtney thing, my logic is that he'll end up manipulating her into being with him, given his nature and the fact that he might actually like her. He'll frame Courtney, getting everyone to want to vote her off, offering her his immunity idol if only she'll be his. Bonus points if he makes a fake one and threatens her ahead of time that he'll frame her if she won't.

The reason why Blaineley wants to separate Geoff and Bridgette is...
...because she was turned down/rejected by Josh, making her bitter.
  • I like it. That could also explain why she was fired from Celebrity Manhunt; either Josh pulled strings to get her sacked or she just handled being rejected really badly and threw a tantrum (maybe even on-air).

The reason why Gwen and Duncan got together by cheating on Courtney because it was a form of writer's revolt.
Some of the writers were still pro-Duncan x Courtney.They could have gone with the other route of Duncan breaking up with Courtney then hooking up with Gwen.They were upset about the change that they decided instead to do a character derailment on both Gwen and Duncan so that Courtney could get much more sympathy from the fans.The reason why Duncan went away and came back was that he would lose sympathy with the fans after seeing Courtney do nothing but miss him in his absence.As for Gwen they made her get close with Courtney so that fans would lose sympathy with her as well when it was revealed she kissed Duncan.They also made sure that to not give any closure on why Duncan switched his interest from Courtney to Gwen.To make sure Duncan was even more unsympathetic the Pro-CXD writers made him more jerkier to Courtney after the break up and for Gwen they made sure that she never is able to apologize to Courtney.The more Pro-Gwuncan writers got back at them by making Courtney even more worse after Gwen is eliminated.They basically made her yandere for Alejandro and attempts to vote out Heather when she was getting near to him. So, basically this plot was made so that the Gwuncan ship would be forever tainted with that kiss so that people who be less supportive of it plus it would give Courtney sympathy after her abusive behavior on Total Drama Action.

Courtney would have gone Yandere anyway if Duncan broke up with her first and then hooked up with Gwen.
The reason is that as we can see from when she reacted to Heather getting close to Alejandro,she would have flipped to find out her ex-boyfriend dumped for her budding friend.This would have broken her trust with Gwen as well because her fears come true of the two getting together. I also have a feeling she would try to vote both of them off as revenge.Although in this case she would have less support for her.

The Writers Thought Beth Would Win TDA
Think about it, Beth said that if she won she'd take Lindsay with her to Paris. The TDA specials starts by showing us the two of them in Paris, and later Beth is seen losing a wheelbarrow of money while a convenient voice over says, "Beth's parents had to sell their car to make bail." The writers were so sure that Beth would win that they wrote the special as if she'd won, which also explains why Courtney and Duncan are having dinner together, something they said they'd do in the alternate ending where Duncan loses. So the producers did an awkward voice over to hide the part about Beth losing the prize money and kept quiet about Duncan, hoping we'd assume he'd just lost the money somehow.
  • Just a guess here, but the writers probably wanted Beth to win because she's a girl, and it would keep the playing field even, as well as keeping away those pesky Moral Guardians and feminists. However, due to some Executive Meddling of epic proportions, either the CN or Teletoon forced them into creating two separate endings again, allowing Duncan to win.

The final episode will end with the revelation that the whole thing is scripted and staged and all participants were just actors
Knowing the show, this outcome is almost too good for the writers to pass up.
  • Jossed. Owen wins in the end.
    • The Joss was Jossed. There is now a season 2 with all of the TDI campers in it appearing.
      • I can joss your joss joss Alejandro still had his burns which doesn't stay like that in a cartoon, and also the aftermath episodes, plus Heather wouldn't willingly shave her head for anything.
  • Theoretically, that guess hasn't been jossed yet, as the show could reveal that after season 2 (during the special?) or season 3.
    • They're going into seasons 5 and 6 now. Probably safe to say it's been Jossed
  • This theory is debatable. It's a toss-up everywhere I've heard it, but probably due to confusion of the meaning. I, of course, agree with the above comment that they are going into Seasons 5, 6, etc., and so it has been Jossed

Training camp
Twenty minutes into the future. Parents send their kids to the 'reality show', as a form of boot camp. Nobody wants to go to boot camp but if they think they are on tv...then why not. The first four or five contestants to go were plants so everyone is guaranteed some juicy time of being taught how not to be jerks.

The campers aren't dead, but they are in Hell.
See the "Chris is Satan" guess above? Well, Wawanakwa is in Hell, and when the campers were going to it, they hit a portal to hell (PORTAL TO HELL!!!) and they can't get out. The "movie lot" is part of Hell too. I am serious by the way. (Hey, it beats saying that someone is a timelord).
  • The real grand prize was admittance to heaven, but Owen blew it by succumbing to the sin of greed. Every season after a winner is crowned, Chris will continue to increase the prize money tenfold, and the campers' suffering will continue eternally, since a teenager's lust for wealth is insatiable.
  • Further supported by the fact that Heather and Gwen admit to have done some bad, bad, bad things, so horrible that the producers of the show shut the cameras off while they were talking about it.
    • Duncan too.
  • That's just silly, there obviously in Purgatory

The Series finale will be a "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue.
showing how the contestants (and Chris and Chef) are doing 10 years after the Total Drama series, and as a Take That! against shippers, none of the official couples have survived and none of the contestants have formed relationships with other contestants.

All of the character changes in Total Drama Action was the result of the contestants clamoring for fame
To clarify, the reason so many people were acting so out-of-character was because they were trying to play to what they thought the audience wanted. After all, it was pretty much confirmed that this was the reason for Geoff's behavior in the Aftermath segments. Trent realized how big of a reaction his relationship with Gwen got from the fans, so he tried to make that the focus for season two, but took it too far and pushed Gwen (and the fans) away. Owen let the fame from winning Total Drama Island go to his head and amped the eating and farting jokes up to eleven because that's what he was liked for, or so he thought at least. Justin aspired to be the antagonist because he saw how popular Heather was, and because he noticed how far she managed to get and thought he could do better, but unfortunately for him he was really bad at it. And so on, so forth until more or less all of the Flanderization has been covered.

This might also be connected to why the Total Drama cast got snubbed for the Gemmie Award in the Celebrity Manhunt Reunion Special. The fans were extremely disappointed by how so many of the characters were radically different from how they were in season one, and this (combined with the absence of some of their favorites like Cody, Noah, and Ezekiel) led to the Total Drama contestants losing the Gemmie.

As for why they started acting normal in World Tour, they probably between season two and season three that the audience liked them for their actual selves (or at least whatever selves they displayed in season one), so they returned to normal in order to keep the audience happy... and through that, remain famous like they wanted.

  • I like this. Geoff's line "I still think kissing makes for great television" could also explain why he and Bridgette were flanderized so badly.

We aren't watching the reality show, we're watching the taping of it.
It explains so much; the viewers can see Owen's dreams because we can see things from his POV, along with everyone else's, it just hasn't happened yet. And they don't edit out things that are told to edit and things such as Gwen, Courtney, and Heather shaking the camera to get previous confessionals back.

Gwen and Beth are the Canadian winners of TDI and TDA, respectively
Since TDWT had different winners in Canada and the United States (Heather won in the US, whilst Alejandro won in Canada), people claim that Gwen and Beth won in Canada, since Owen and Duncan won in the US.
  • Sorry, but it was proven on the Total Drama Wiki that the United States has the same TDI and TDA endings as Canada.
    • Gwen beat Owen only in Norway, Poland, Romania, and Sweden, while Owen won in Canada, the United States, Latin America, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Italy, Australia, the Philippines, Russia, Serbia, Hungary, the Netherlands, Portugal, Israel, France and Spain.
    • Beth beat Duncan in the United Kingdom, Poland, Italy, Romania, Hungary, Australia, Israel, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, France, Finland, New Zealand and Brazil, while Duncan won in Canada, the United States, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, and Latin America.
    • As for World Tour, Alejandro won in Canada, Russia, Romania, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Hungary, while Heather won in Australia, the United States, France, Latin America, Serbia, Israel, and Italy.
      • P.S. I heard that there was an alternate ending in the Celebrity Manhunt TDA Special that explains why some countries did not air World Tour by killing off the original contestants.
      • Wouldn't that change "Total Drama: Revenge of the Island", since 9 of the 24 ex-contestants (not counting Blaineley, who didn't appear at all in TDRI) made a cameo in that season?

Heather is the official winner of "Total Drama" (2007-2010 episodes).
  1. She had managed to stay in the game, and accept her elimination once she was eliminated. Basically meaning that she "never came back", hence Chris McLean's words, after being eliminated (unlike Owen and Duncan, the previous winners).
  2. Combined with the fact that Heather's ending came first, it wouldn't make sense for Alejandro to win Total Drama World Tour in Canada, since the bad guys get eliminated before the Final Two (i.e. Heather ranked 3rd in Island, Justin placed 7th in Action, Courtney tied with Owen for 4th/3rd in Action, and Scott received 4th place in "Revenge of the Island").
  3. She has lasted longer in the game without having to return (in this case, she ranked 3rd (TDI), 9th (TDA), and 1st (TDWT) in the 66 episodes she competed in)
  4. Did I forget to mention that Heather almost made it to the merge in "Action"? If Heather wasn't eliminated in "Million Dollar Babies", then she'd be the only female to make it to the merge in all of the first three seasons (the others being Owen and Duncan). She'd also be the only contestant, overall, to do so without having to return (unlike Owen and Duncan).
  5. She has made it to the Final Three, more than any other contestant, with two times (Total Drama Island and Total Drama World Tour).
  6. She managed to be in the show's Top Ten without having to come back. The other contestant was Owen, who won Total Drama Island, got eliminated in the Final Eight/Final Nine (hence the episode name "Ocean's Eight - Or Nine") during his first elimination in Total Drama Action, and got 8th place in Total Drama World Tour.
  7. Out of the first three season winners, she was eliminated twice. Owen and Duncan, who were also season winners, got eliminated three times, because they had to return to the show. (Owen in "Rock n' Rule", and Duncan in "I See London...")
  8. Without having to return, she is actually the Highest-Ranking Contestant at 3, 9 and 1. (Although Duncan is actually the Highest-Ranking Contestant (at 4, 1, and 5), he had to return to achieve this).
  9. Although Heather and Duncan are the only contestants to be in the Final Four more than once without having to return, she did better than Duncan with an average finish of 4th (ranking 3, 9, and 1 in the three seasons she competed in), while he had an average finish of 8th (placing 4, 1, and 18) if one does not count his return in "I See London...". In fact, when they were in the Final Four together in "Total Drama Island", Heather made it farther than Duncan by one episode, as Duncan ranked 4th, and Heather made it to the semi-finals where she ranked 3rd.
  10. She managed to beat every single contestant, including Alejandro, who was still beaten by Heather.
  11. The lowest rank that she got was 9th place (in "Action"), and she managed to made it past 10th place (while others ranked far behind "10th" in their lowest ranks that they got), while Owen placed 10th in "Action" in his first elimination, and Duncan got 19th in his first elimination in "World Tour".
  12. She has managed to win some post-merge challenges (i.e. Individual Immunity) in "Total Drama World Tour" in her winning season.
  13. She was on a winning team in her winning season. (Owen, winner of Island, was on the Screaming Gophers; Duncan, winner of Action, was on the Screaming Gaffers; and Cameron, who recently won TDRI, is on the Mutant Maggots).

Cameron is technically the official winner of "Revenge of the Island" in the United States
It wouldn't made sense for the creators to rig the votes during the US Release of "Revenge of the Island", and make Lightning the US Winner of TDRI, since the fans thought Cameron would win. In fact, in the past three seasons, the USA and Latin America have shared the same winners (Owen, Duncan, and Heather). When Cameron won TDRI ("DTVI" in Spanish) in Latin America, I was like "Cameron is definitely going to win in the United States". When the finale aired, on August 28, 2012, people were outraged that Lightning won over Cameron, since (we know for a fact) he was in the lead in the Finale Polls (Cameron vs. Lightning vs. Zoey). However, when the episode was available on iTunes, Cameron is STILL the official winner, despite the fact that Lightning's ending was aired on Cartoon Network (USA).

Finale Theory for Total Drama Five (TD 5):
Here are some things I speculate about the Final two in the upcoming season: "Total Drama 5":
  1. The Final Two will be all girls.
  2. One person will win in the US, Canada, and VOD Providers (such as Netflix, iTunes, Time Warner Cable, etc..), while the other wins in all of Latin America (including Brazil).
  3. Canada will have its first girl winner, since the girl that won TDRI, is actually a boy.
  4. The final two would also either be old vs. old, old vs. new, or new vs. new.
  5. This would be the first season in which a girl wins in BOTH the United States, and Canada, since Heather won in the United States, and not in Canada. Also reversed for Cameron (a male contestant who was mistaken for one, by Lightning), since he didn't win in the USA.
  6. As for the Final Three, the trend where The Antagonist (Heather (S1)/Courtney (if one counts Owen as 4th)/Alejandro/Lightning), The Tough Contestant (Gwen/Duncan/Heather (S3)/Zoey), and The Goofy Contestant (Owen/Beth/Cody/Cameron) make the Final Three is expected to continue this season.

What if the U.S. and Canada share the same winner in Total Drama?
  • "Total Drama World Tour" and "Total Drama: Revenge of the Island" are the seasons of "Total Drama" in which the winner is not the same in Canada and America.
    • Heather won in America, while Alejandro won in Canada
    • Cameron won in Canada and the Spanish America, while Lightning won in the English America.
  • In TDWT, Heather would be the main winner, since her ending was made first, and Total Drama hasn't had a female winner in the local showings (US and Canada) until 2010.
  • As for TDRI, Cameron would've been an obvious winner in the United States, if the network company didn't ignore the votes.

Lightning's victory in the U.S. was a stab against Americans
Thing about it, it seems odd that Lightning would win in only one country, when they could have just made Cameron the universal winner. Also think about American stereotypes. The idea that we are dumb, as well as our obsession with the Super Bowl, made Lightning the perfect winner for us in the writers eyes. Even if it wasn't a stab, it could have been an appeal to Americans for similar reasons, although they probably should've done better research in that case.

Every single camper is dead
With every teen dying one way or another, suicide or otherwise. And the current personality that the teens show is heavily influenced by whatever they felt and thought about as they died.

Let's take Eva for example, she could have been suicide out of anger and took that anger to the afterlife. She use to be a wrestler of some sort at her school, who was pushed too the edge by her parents and couldn't take it anymore.

  • Perhaps they all fell victim to Killing Games? Now, they are forced to play non-lethal versions of them in the hereafter.

The first special and the entire second season up until the second special never happened.
After the first season was wrapped up, the contestants went about with their lives as depicted in the Celebrity Manhunt special. The fact that most of the events of Action was hardly ever alluded to afterwards supports this. As a result:

  • Owen actually kept the prize money and spent it on the yacht party he promised instead of ripping up the check. (This would actually be a somewhat better ending, as it prevents the entire first season from being pointless.)
  • Gwen and Trent did break up, but for unknown purposes, and it happened offscreen.
  • Trent never had an OCD related obsession with the number 9.
  • Beth never had a boyfriend.
  • Heather's hair grew back quickly over time.
  • Justin and Courtney were never villainous.
  • Izzy never decided to change her name several times.
  • DJ and Chef were never a part of a secret alliance.
  • Duncan and Courtney didn't break up (at least before the infamous love triangle).
  • Most importantly, the island really is an island and not a peninsula close to civilization, which the fourth and fifth seasons seem to confirm.
    • Uh, sure why not? Someone already did this for All-Stars being Mike's dream when Scott knocked him out. I think there's also one above for Pahkitew Island being Dave's dream.

There will be a spinoff documentary style Sliceof Life series chronicling the everyday lives of characters from past seasons after their time on Total Drama.

Think Series/True Life with a bit of Series/The Office thrown in, but with a slightly Lighterand Softer feel — but there could still be serious moments. Docu Soaps about celebrities who are "famous for being famous" are incredibly popular these days, but this could put a Sliceof Life spin on it from time to time. They've already parodied The Amazing Race, so it makes logical sense they could handle other Reality Show genres. Since it's a cartoon with a strong Periphery Demographic, they could push the envelope and spoof shows from different genres. Teen Mom? Jackass? There's a lot to work with, out there.

Plus, it would give them an excuse to revisit some fan favorite characters without shoehorning them into a competition setting.

Chris could either be: constantly messing with them in cognito a la Punk'd. Maybe he could be one of the characters being documented. (Chris as he experiences karmic irrelevancy in the media?)

Total Drama Island takes place in the early 2000's

Given that Sierra spilled the beans about Chris' birthdate in World Tour, Total Drama: Pahkitew Island (the second part of season 5) is implied to take place in 2009. Pahkitew takes place a year after All-Stars, so Chris can have time to find the 14 contestants for the season. In other words:

  • 2011: Total Drama (Season 7)
  • late 2009-early 2010: Ridonculous Race (Given that Leonard, TDPI's sole returnee, mentioned his time on TDPI, it's likely that TDRR took place around 2009 and 2010)
    • According to the creators, Geoff, Owen and Noah are 19 at the time of the Ridonculous Race. Since they were 16 in TDI, Race would have to take place 3 years after Island.
  • 2009: Pahkitew (Chris claims that he is 30 years old)
  • 2008: All-Stars
  • 2007: Revenge of the Island
  • 2005-06: World Tour (It's possible that Drumheller took place on April Fool's Day, meaning that the season took place somewhere between late 2005 and early 2006)
  • late Summer/early Fall 2004-Winter 2005: Action (CMTDARS takes place a year after the season ends)
  • late Spring-early Summer 2004: Island
    • Action is stated to start only two days after the Island special, though. (corrected).

The next time "Total Drama" goes around the world, the female-based team would be wiped out at one point in the season, leaving the unisex and the all-guys teams.
  • In "Total Drama World Tour", Team Victory (a gender-equal team in the season) was wiped out from the season in episode 11. This left Team Amazon (a female-dominated team) and Team Chris (the male-dominated team). While Team Chris was an all-boy team at the merge (with Owen, Duncan, and Alejandro advancing), Team Amazon had three girls (Sierra, Courtney, and Heather) and the team's sole male member (Cody) merge.
  • Between episodes 11 ("I Love Ridonc and Roll") and 21 ("Ca-Noodling") in "Total Drama: The Ridonculous Race", all of the male contestants (with the exception of the Goths, who were eliminated in episode 20) were eliminated one-by-one. As a result, the only male contestants left in the season were from the unisex teams (Carrie and Devin; Jacques and Josee; and Ryan and Stephanie). In other words, the final five initially composed of three unisex teams and two all-girl teams.
  • Comment: I picked up on the idea, after comparing a similar instance with "Revenge of the Island" (male-dominated generation) and "Pahkitew Island" (female-dominated season).

The weirder selection of contestants is a conscious choice on part of the In-Universe producers
If one compares the selection of contestants from Island or World Tour to those from ROTI or Pahkitew, one may notice a growing trend: namely, the contestants from the latter series tend to be a lot more gimmicky or one-note when compared to the more realistic teens from the former seasons. What if the producers of Total Drama, in a misguided attempt to boost ratings, intentionally decided that a more bizarre selection of campers would draw in viewers? This would also explain the shorter season length: since only the weirdest candidates were chosen, this left the producers with less campers than they would have normally had, forcing them to cut the season length in half.

The series was originally meant to be a one-season wonder
The sense of finality to "The Very Last Episode, Really!" is incredibly strong (right down to the episode's title), and while TDI was a hit in Canada, it's pretty common for Canadian cartoons to run for only 26 episodes regardless of success. Just look at the show's production and airdate schedule too. TDI was envisioned as far back as 2003 and ran in Canada from July 8, 2007 to January 4, 2008. It then came to the USA on June 5, 2008 and ran until December 18 there, where it was a monster hit and began developing its fandom (fanwork and discussion of the show from 2007 and early 2008 is nigh-impossible to find). The special transitioning the show to TDA debuted in Canada while TDI was doing well in USA (November 29, 2008, long after TDI would have finished production but just in time for TDA to be in production, as TDA debuted in Canada on January 11, 2009). Furthermore, Cartoon Network were the ones who commissioned more seasons after purchasing the majority of the show's rights from Teletoon and Fresh TV due to TDI's success in USA. All of this is to say that Teletoon was okay with letting the show run for just 1 season, with everything about the production timing and behind-the-scenes business indicating TDA and all the seasons after only exist because of TDI's success on Cartoon Network.

Also it would definitely explain why some of the choices made in the seasons following the first come off as desperate attempts to keep the show fresh and interesting or the show having no idea on what to do with the contestants after the original planned finale. In fact, the creators have said they chose to reuse the TDI cast for TDA solely because of how popular they were, suggesting they believed at the time that creating a totally new cast for the second season would result in outcries of They Changed It, Now It Sucks! (despite the fact Survivor-style shows in real life change the cast of contestants every season whereas TD wouldn't until its fourth season).

The series takes place in the late 2020s and early 2030s, despite technology of the mid-2000s.
This all stems from one small detail in Ridonculous Race: MacArthur was babysat by Jen from 6teen. The Voting PSA shows them as 18 year olds, and covers the 2018 midterms, meaning that the show took place in 2016, and that everyone was born in 2000.

The age where you could be a babysitter (at least I think) is 14. That means that assuming Jen babysat MacArthur at 14, and from personal experience, I think I started being home alone at anywhere from 9-11 years old. Let's assume that she had a babysitter until she was 10, and that Jen started babysitting her when she was 3. This means that she was born in at least 2011. Owen and Noah were confirmed to be 19, so that means the TDI cast were born in 2012.

Since they're 16 in Island, that would mean that the first and second seasons took place in at least 2028. There was likely a two year time skip between Action and World Tour, because it was likely that they were airing Island while filming Action, and going by the American TV system, the season would've wrapped up airing in May 2029, and then the next season aired from September 2029 to May 2030. This is because the Gemmies would only consider that year's programming. Then the Gemmies happen in September, and World Tour took aired from September 2030/2031 to May 2031/2032.

Then it gets more complex with Revenge of the Island. Let's assume that everyone is 16 there as well, so we assume that they were born in 2014, since we assume that Revenge was filmed the same year as World Tour or shortly thereafter. That Revenge aired from either September to December 2031/2032 or January to May 2032/2033. Then there was another timeskip thanks to Chris being arrested. Total Drama All Stars logically aired most likely from January to May 2033/2034. By this time, the Island cast was 19 (which is why I believe Sam was picked over Owen, because he would have been in Ridonculous Race at the time.

There isn't much to talk about, but assuming it was filmed anywhere from the end of All Stars to the end of the year, it was likely filmed in 2034 with no given dates, as Pahkitew has weather controls. This means that the 3rd gen was born in 2016, 2017 or 2018, and since Chris was revealed to be 30 at the time, he was born in either 2003 or 2004. Also, Blainely would have been born in 2000 as well most likely.

However, I must admit that Sierra brings up the date that Chris was born. However, the host is a very strong narcissist, so it would make sense that he wanted to hide his age. However, we know that other people have several problems, such as Izzy being a psychopath, but it could be a bluff, because she wanted to get support, as everyone hates Chris.

  • Jossed. In the Total Drama Action episode "Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen", Chris says during his sign-off after Harold lets Leshawna Jr. go, "Will Leshawna Jr. make it out of here before 2020?" (pronounced two thousand and twenty), the joke being that she was going so slow that it would take years for her to get out, meaning that it has to take place prior to that year, likely significantly prior, in order for the joke to make sense.
  • Given Chris' vanity, why would he claim to be over two decades older than he actually is?
  • Ridonculous Race couldn't have taken place at the same time as All-Stars, we saw Dwayne and Dwayne Jr. watching Pahkitew Island on two occasions and since Leonard was in the season they had to have already wrapped up filming.

Camp Wawanakwa was mechanical too, just not to the extent Pahkitew was
Hence why the geography between episodes doesn't always match up, and why the revelation that they were near civilization the whole time goes nowhere. They didn't have the technology to go all out that they did come Pahkitew Island, but it was enough to screw with the camper's heads after a while.

Total DramaRama was Chef's recurring dream
I know we do this for all the unpopular seasons but this one actually is non-canon so hear me out. Chef had started to show concern with Chris' growing insanity as the series progressed. After Pahkitew Island ended his guilt over how he'd treated the contestants manifested into dreams where he was a caring daycare teacher and they were his students. The rampant amount of Adaptational Jerkass and Adaptational Nice Guy in the series were representative of his confused morality and they affected him so much he started dressing and acting that way in real life.

How Wawanakwa resurfaced
  • At some point over 13 years, the sea levels in the area lowered enough for the island to resurface at least partially. Chris and Chef likely then paid some conservationists to artificially speed up the process, reconstruct the old sets and reintroduce the native wildlife. All so they could make the network sign off on a new season.

This show is an alternate universe of Battle Royale
But, instead of killing each other, the campers have to perform humiliating tasks (occasionally on one-another). There are even some similar characters.

  • Trent is Shuya, since they're both cool, kind-hearted guitar playing ladies-men.
  • Chris is Sakamochi, since they're both the sadistic hosts of the game.
  • Heather is Mitsuko, since they're both manipulative bitches who use charm to get ahead in the game.
  • Duncan is Shogo, just because they're both awesome.
  • Alejandro is Kazuo, since they're the male antagonists.

Speaking of Battle Royale, In-Universe, the whole Total Drama franchise becomes the direct inspiration, centuries later, for The Hunger Games.

These first few seasons already have borderline-lethal challenges, actually lethal intern working conditions, a sadistic host, and the over-the-top reality-TV format. It's not hard to imagine that the show only gets crazier and more dangerous over the years or decades, to the point that: one day, when the dust settles on the aftermath of the Dark Days, media producers from the newly-formed Capitol are doing research for good, fear-instilling propaganda material to keep the districts under control, and then suddenly they come upon old Total Drama reruns … Alternately, Total Drama itself is still running in that future (and likely with a far higher tolerance for abuse in future seasons—perhaps contestants are already dying on it by then, just not at each other's hands, not to mention it's hosted by people that make Chris look like a saint in comparison), and—sensing a golden opportunity—the Capitol's media department buys out the franchise from the private studio that used to broadcast it, effectively nationalising the production. The one big change to the format? Require the contestants to kill each other … And that's how the Hunger Games were born.

The show takes place 20 Minutes into the Future
That explains a few things, such as that remote controlled hail cloud from "Phobia Factor" and the (clearly genetically engineered) giant beavers and monster goose. It also explains why the insurance company lets them get away with so much; their medical technology would logically also be better than ours.
  • Awesome theory, but I don't see much logic behind it. TDA showed animated versions of Toronto and Vancouver that looked as if they were from today, and twenty year old limos like the Lame-o-sine would have broken down or have been totally restored. Also, if it was in the future, they'd make it blatantly obvious it was the future, and urban areas would look a bit different. Since the two cities shown are present date, it's unlikely we'd come up with what you said in the next few years, or twenty of so.
  • World War III was not kind to the United States. California in particular was so devastated that the Total Drama producers decided not to do episodes there for fear of appearing disrespectful. The East Coast still managed to thrive, but as the song pointed out, crime increased overall in New York City. The US and Canada became even firmer allies and travel between the two countries was greatly streamlined. However, of the two, Canada emerged the greater superpower.

This show is a Stealth Parody of teen dramas.
Think about it. All 22 campers are teen stereotypes. Almost every vote off is a wall banger... because the writers want them to be. It is an intentional so bad its good, and we just don't realize it. Notice how much narm is boiling inside every use of the word "drama". And finally, just look at the title. If that doesn't scream "stealth parody", then nothing does.
  • It isn't a Stealth Parody. It's an open parody. They don't make any attempt to disguise any of the facts you listed above.
    • I think you mean that it is a parody of reality shows. But in this guess, the entire series is So Bad, It's Good on purpose; the plot hole in up the creek, Cody's Flanderization, everything.
      • I'm not sure if you got what I was saying. I meant that all the campers are cliched stereotypes, the unexpected Wall Banger vote-offs, the emphasis on the word "drama", I meant that they did do this on purpose, but made no attempt to hide it. In the commercials, they even list each camper by their stereotype.( Sorry if I seamed like a jerk the way I wrote my comment before. It sounded different in my head.)

Total Drama is a spoof not of reality shows or teen dramas, but of specific elements in bad Fan Fiction.

Season 1 established the series. Season 2 took that series and added plenty of Die for Our Ship and Flanderization. The derailed have since been rerailed and the Flanderized elements have been toned down. Season 3 appears to be sending up original character: Sierra is an unsympathetic Audience Surrogate with New Powers as the Plot Demands (plus an obsession with fan favorite Cody), while Alejandro is a Manipulative Bastard villain whose flaws have yet to become apparent (as of episode 5).

The show is set in the same universe as Drawn Together

Lordryu TJ is the bizzaro universe counterpart of Hijotee.
Mainly a comparison between William Country and the Total Cartoon series, but think about it:

  • Lordryu TJ—Hijotee
  • Wrties script fics—uses Fan Films.
  • Writes works out of the blue—advertises for films that don't even exist.
  • Stone sober—high as a kite (Hijotee admits that he takes drugs).
  • No Original Characters (mostly), yet CrossoverOriginal Characters, no crossover.
  • Likes a major character (Duncan)—likes a minor character (Cody).
  • Violent compared to TDI (See: Total Drama Torture)—lighter compared to TDI.
  • Mainly ships a straight pairing (The cannon ones, except for Duncan/Courtney)—Ships gay pairings.
  • Copy pasting a lot, with a dash of original plot (See: the Total Cartoon series)—original plot, with a dash of stolen quotes (fan film equivalent of copy/paste)
  • Speaking of pairings, ships cannon ones (mostly)—ships crack ones.

Total Drama is a series of Play-by-Post Games.
Chris McLean's player is the GM and runs the forum, and the rest of the cast was made up by their respective players to take part in a Reality Show parody, complete with a colorful avatar. Some are self-parodies while others are parodying common reality show stereotypes. The show as we see it is adapted from their IC logs. While it was generally agreed that this would be a "non-powered" campaign as it was set in something close to "reality", they still put their avatars through considerable amounts of abuse.

The cast shake-up during Total Drama Action is because not all the original players returned. Dreaded Real Life, simple disinterest, and other factors led to most of them leaving, while others didn't want to play their original concepts anymore. The GM ultimately solved this problem by taking the profiles of all the characters who weren't being played anymore and handing them out to anyone who was interested.

  • World Tour sees another meta-cast shakeup, as most of the characters change players once again, along with some of the newcomers wanting to play as older, neglected characters, and a few creating new characters entirely. Encouraged by the outcome of this, the GM next attempts to completely revitalize the game with Reloaded.

As mentioned on its own WMG page, this series and Phineas and Ferb take place in the same fictional universe.
Thus explaining why they both have sapient but non-talking animals, advanced technology and really weirdly-shaped heads. Also, Carl and Harold are related. There's just something about them that makes me think they must be.
  • Beth is more related to Carl, than Harold. Also, I think Major Monogram and Chris McLean are related based on the fact that they bend the rules. Even Monogram does that in "A Real Boy", when he claims that he and Carl are going off the lot for lunch, and then he tells Carl that it's not allowed.

Total Drama and Clone High take place in the same universe

Why do I believe that this show and Total Drama exist in the same universe? Simply put, most of the challenges would be impossible for a human to survive. The 1000 foot cliff would shatter your everything or give you such a shock that it would kill you. Another thing is that every shocking thing (in a literal sense) is so strong that there are white lines, and eventually a white outline. That could easily fry a human being.

My proposal is that each stunt would actually kill their contestants, and to counter this, they have some clones on standby. However, they could also use the clones in the dangerous situations. This could also explain the flanderization in All Stars, as Gandhi and Joan of Arc act nothing like their clone parents, so maybe they just missed a few things in brain replication, or the derailed versions were prototypes. Also, the memories and knowledge get passed on through brain cloning, done much later after Clone High. The above theory states the show takes place in the late 2020s and early 2030s. This would easily give them enought the government enough time to perfect the technology and license it out to companies for any reason, as the clones were concieved in the mid-80s.

Black Hat is one of the shows producers.
The producers are never seen but often mentioned by Chris. Sometimes they try to make the show less dangerous, other times they openly encourage Chris's sadism. Now Black Hat is the Greater-Scope Villain for all of Cartoon Network presumably extending to Adult Swim and Teletoon, so if anyone's encouraging Chris's sociopathy and funding a Sadist Show it would logically be him. He'd also presumably be producing Skatoony explaining the crossovers between the two and how they're able to bring in guests from Miseryville.