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Tear Jerker / Total Drama

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The Tear Jerker page is for post-viewing discussion, so all spoilers are unmarked per wiki policy.

The Ridonculous Race has its own page.

  • Gwen and Trent's plot in "Search and Do Not Destroy". Both of them were just so broken over the other.
  • Trent's breakup song in "Aftermath: I"—the peanut gallery certainly agrees; everyone (except Noah) is visibly saddened by it, the song manages to move Courtney to tears, and even Cody and Eva seems genuinely upset about Trent and Gwen breaking up.
  • "Oh, My Izzy Mix" somehow manages to combine Tear Jerker, Heartwarming, and Funny due to the cutesy kid-style art, the constant kiwi-shots, and...well, just listen to the lyrics.
  • Scruffy looked so sad when Harold accidentally squashed him.
    • You gotta feel bad for Duncan, too. He really loved that spider.
  • Tyler's fear of chickens was Played for Laughs, but the poor guy was CRYING on his way to the Boat of Losers. Made even worse in by how his teammates make fun of him, Chris enforces his fear by filling the boat with chickens, and Lindsay started forgetting his name! That must REALLY screw up a guy, psychologically.
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  • Bridgette crying over Geoff in the confessional when he does not advance into the third season; Realizing she must go on without him, she promises to win it for the both of them before bursting into tears.
  • Poor DJ has been through a lot. Not only does he have to go through painful and frightening challenges, he has to lose his pet bunny, be forced into an illegal alliance, quit the show out of guilt, believe that he's cursed to hurt animals, have those said animals hurt him, and be Manipulated and sabotaged by Alejandro, and he's one of the nicest characters on the show! Why can't those damn writers give him a break?
  • Courtney's reaction to finding out that her boyfriend, Duncan, kissed Gwen who, to rub salt in the wound, she was becoming "friend-ish" with over the entire first half in the season, especially in the EXACT episode Duncan and Gwen kissed. While Courtney's aggressive domineer for the rest of the season afterwards has only further made her the biggest base-breaking character in Total Drama, you can easily see from her reaction why she was like that when she's on the plane and is sobbing hysterically while even one of her biggest enemies, Heather, is patting her shoulder to comfort her, and Courtney's voice actress' delivery is heartbreaking.
  • Alejandro's final fate in World Tour.
    • The ENTIRE World Tour finale can be considered a tearjerker. Heather spent three seasons being the bad girl nobody likes, having to go to great lengths the entire third season just to get some RESPECT. And finally, after all this time, not only does Cody say she's the good guy in the finale, she defeats her nemesis Alejandro and wins the game, with people CHEERING FOR HER and wanting her to win for once! So after gaining lots of Character Development the entire season and becoming a Defrosting Ice Queen, the writers show how little they care about Heather fans, and possibly the show itself, by making her lose the money anyway. She already chose money over love and now she has NOTHING. And in the version where Alejandro wins, Heather loses by making a very simple mistake (throwing Al's doll in the volcano). The heartbreak in Heather's face when she realizes that she made it this far and beat Alejandro just to lose to him via technicality is absolutely heart wrenching. All of this culminates in a massively depressing Gainax Ending once the volcano erupts. And, just in case the writers didn't make their point, the last shot of the season shows Heather about to get smashed by a smoldering boulder This was such a Downer Ending it's hard to watch.
  • For fans of the character, Ezekiel's devolution into a mindless beast is really tragic to watch, with pretty much everyone agreeing he didn't deserve that kind of horrible fate. While it's hinted the old Zeke is still in there somewhere, what everyone sees now doesn't appear to remember anything about himself at all. Think how his parents might feel...
  • Mike's farewell to Zoey also counts, especially when he gave her a gold medal.
  • Everyone knew Scott eventually had to get his comeuppence in TDRI. But did he have to lose most of his body along with the ability to move or speak? Especially cruel in that after explaining what happened to Scott, Chris exclaims "But who cares? It's Scott!" while everybody else LAUGHS. Scott sheds a Single Tear, because that's all he can do.
    • He gets better in Total Drama Island All Stars, back to full health.
    • However, he's absolutely terrified of sharks now, to the point that he mentally blanks out when Chris forces him to fight Fang. Not only is it hard to watch, but it's also Played for Laughs...
  • For the first time in his life Mike is alone. His personalities are missing, he has no idea what's happening to his mind and it's terrifying him.
  • Lightning, at the end of Cameron's version of the RotI ending, after ineffectually trying to act unfazed, starts crying and apologizes to his father for losing. And this is after his father bet five championship rings on him. Imagine just how hurt he is.
    • Now imagine how upset Lightning must be with his being second kicked off in All Stars.
  • In 'Food Fright', Gwen is crying over the fact she can't make up with Courtney, admitting this is the only reason she returned to a show where she gets publicly and internationally humiliated plus risking life and limb more than once. Just listen to how her voice cracks mid-sentence before she breaks down sobbing.
    • Not to mention after all she went through to get back in Courtney's good graces, the A-Type reveals in the confessional in "Sundae, Muddy Sundae" that she doesn't plan on taking Gwen to the finale liked they promised one another. When Mal reveals Courtney's diagram and subsequent plot, Gwen's not only rightfully ticked off, but saddened that her efforts were ultimately fruitless.
    • Courtney's guilt and apologies to Gwen after the above. But it wasn't sincere, as she just wants to stay in the game.
      • Courtney's elimination has her struggle to eat her sundae with bird vomit on it so Chris would let her stay. He flushes her. Leaving her with no friends. And only Scott misses her.
      • It only got worse for Courtney after being flushed, when she later resurfaces at a beach and is greeted by a pair of sharks, who she tries to ward off by offering them her sundae; Repulsed, they instead vomit all over her. Broken and humiliated, she breaks down into tears.
  • Zoey losing her faith in Mike after Duncan points out Mal could be his real personality and Mike is just an alternate.
    • Then there's the fact that she regains her trust in the next episode after he saves her from piranhas. That sounds great right? Not exactly. It was Mal that saved her and not Mike. To make things worse Mal only saved her to avoid suspicion. Zoey may be in really big trouble and if Mal tries something she won't even see it coming.
  • In Zeke and Ye Shall Find, when the campers split up to find Chris, Gwen attempts to join up any of the groups only to be rebuffed in return. First, she asks to partner up with Courtney and Scott only for both to decline saying that three's a crowd. Then she asks to pair up with Alejandro who also declines. Finally, she attempts to join up with Mike, Zoey and Cameron who downright ignore her though in Cam's case, it's because Mal lied to Cameron saying that Gwen had been insulting him behind his back. resulting in Gwen having a dejected look on her face.
  • Cameron's medivac. Mal (who is pretending to be Mike, his best friend) nearly kills him, and learns too late about his friend's fate. You can really hear how anguished Cam is in his Big "NO!" underneath the gauze around his mouth.
    • It gets worse in the finale: Cam agrees with Gwen that his friend is gone forever. Just look at his face when he says that.
  • Manitoba Smith's fate? He needs to take Mike's dreams (here represented as clouds) and burns them away. Harsh.
    • Even worse, he had no problem with doing it even as Mike was watching he burned them as if he was getting the newspaper.
    • Mal's Sadistic Choice to Svetlana; either she carves fish out of butter or ceases to exist entirely. Hands down, Svetlana's definitely the one who got the worst fate.
  • Zoey's sadness throughout the episode, thinking that Mal had replaced Mike forever (luckily Mike returns!).
    • Zoey saying farewell to Mike while burying the necklace he gave her last season
  • Mike losing all his alternate personalities to save Zoey from Mal. At least they all willing did so after Mike initially refused to do so.
  • The fact that the eliminated All-Stars contestants, save for Gwen, Cameron, Alejandro, and Heather have seemingly floated away to oblivion in the balloons. Many fans only watched the finale in hopes of seeing their favorite eliminated competitors again, so it was quite a cruel slap to the face.
    • Thankfully this has been rectified by the revelation that they're still alive.
  • Camp Wawanakwa is gone.
  • Samey is a walking tearjerker. Her sister treats her like garbage, constantly puts her down, and she had few friends before coming to the island.
    • Special mention goes to her conversation with Jasmine when Jasmine tries to get Samey to stand up to Amy, showing the number Amy's done on her sister's self-esteem
    Jasmine: You know, you don't have to help me every morning just cause Amy tells you to.
    Samey: don't want me to come?
    Jasmine: That's not what I said. I just want it to be your decision, not hers. Stop letting your sister treat you like a servant.
    Samey: Oh, she never treat me that well...
    Jasmine: Then do something about it!
    Samey: How can I? She's everyone's favourite. She's the pretty one.
    Jasmine: You're identical twins; you're both the pretty one!
  • Ella's heartbreak after finding out that Dave set up a picnic for Sky in the Pahkitew Island ep "Mo' Monkey Mo' Problems". Even worse, when she found out, she was literally CRYING and was down for most of the episode.
  • Shawn screwing up his chances with Jasmine, and wishing he could fix it.
  • Sky brutally telling Dave off, to the point he goes into a Heroic BSoD and actually votes himself off!
  • Jasmine getting voted off right after she and Shawn patched things up.
  • Jasmine seeing Shawn's confessionals and learning he never planned on splitting the prize money with first.

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