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Recap / Total Drama

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Last time on Total Drama...

Warning!: These pages will contain unmarked spoilers. You have been warned.

Being spin offs, The Ridonculous Race and Total DramaRama have their own pages.

Note 1: In select countries, Pahkitew Island is considered "Season 6" instead of the second part of "Season 5".

Note 2: According to the Episode Guide found on the BBC Website, Island (2023) Part 1 and Island (2023) Part 2 are meant to be counted as one season.

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    Season 1: Total Drama Island (2007) 

    Season 2: Total Drama Action 

    Season 3: Total Drama World Tour 

    Season 4: Total Drama: Revenge Of The Island 

    Season 5a (aka Season 5): Total Drama All-Stars 

    Season 5b (aka Season 6): Total Drama Pahkitew Island 

    Season 6a (aka Season 7): Total Drama Island (2023) Part 1 

    Season 6b (aka Season 8): Total Drama Island (2023) Part 2