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    Reality Shows 
  • World Tour has many towards The Amazing Race, the most obvious being the world travel aspect of the show, and that almost every episode has a challenge that include racing to a "finish line".
    • The episode title "The Am-AH-zon Race" is a direct reference to the show's title.
    • In "Walk Like an Egyptian - Part 1", racers are given the option of going over or under a pyramid, presented in the exact same way Detours are given on the Race.
    • In several later episodes, team are given tasks for only one team member to perform, which mirrors Roadblock on the Race.
    • Both challenges from "Walk Like an Egyptian - Part 2" (the camel race and boat building) were lifted from different seasons of the Race.
    • The statue assembly challenge from "Can't Help Falling In Louvre" was originally a Roadblock on Season 9 of the Race.
    • In "Niagara Brawls", players are split into teams of two. Later, they're tasked with crossing a high wire over Niagara Falls, another frequent Race challenge.
  • Owen's jump on the first challenge of season one is a reference to Survivor: The Australian Outback, when one contestant overcame his fear of heights to jump off a cliff, giving his tribe the victory.
  • An episode was called "Phobia Factor", in tribute to Fear Factor.
  • "Wawanakwa Gone Wild!" is a reference to "E! gone Wild" shows.
  • Blaineley apparently hosted The Puppy Bachlorette.
  • Team Victory and their abysmal record is likely a reference to the infamous Ulong tribe in Survivor.
  • The second episode of Revenge has a challenge reminiscent of Wipeout, the Big Balls included.
  • Scott is based on Russell Hantz from Survivor. Both players had strategies that involved sabotaging their teams, they were both savvy at finding the hidden immunity idol, they both hail from the South.


    Music and Musicals 
  • Some of the episodes are named after music:
    • The episode titled "Newf Kids on the Rock" is a reference to New Kids on the Block.
    • "No Pain, No Game" to "No Pain, No Gain" by the Scorpions.
    • "Search and Do Not Destroy" to "Seek and Destroy" by Metallica.
    • "Walk Like An Egyptian 1" and "Walk Like An Egyptian 2" are a reference to the song by The Bangles.
    • "Sundae Muddy Sundae" to "Sunday Bloody Sunday" by U2.
  • Some of the episodes feature references to music:
    • AC/DC in "Picnic at Hanging Dork."
    • ABBA in "Sweden Sour."
    • "Blainerific" sounds a lot like "Fergalicious".
    • "I'm Gonna Make It" sounds a lot like "Life is a Highway"
    • "This is How We Will End It" has a Power Pop riff that sounds a lot like the one in "Say It Ain't So" by Weezer.
    • In "The Big Sleep", Trent states that his favorite song is "She Would Be Loved".
    • In "Rock n' Rule" Harold says for those about to rock, I salute you!.

  • To 6teen:
    • In "Dial M for Merger", they parody the intro.
    • In World Tour, Lindsey mentions the Khaki Barn, a store from the show.
  • In "Wawanakwa Gone Wild", the raccoon mecha references Transformers. Duncan even utters the franchise's mantra: "That's more than meets the eye."
  • The title of "The Ex-Files" is a reference to The X-Files.
  • The title of "The Bold and the Booty-ful" is a reference to The Bold and the Beautiful.
  • The title of "Nobody Egg-spects the Spanish Opposition" is a reference to the famous catchphrase from The Spanish Inquisition episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus.
  • When Heather loses her hair we get a reaction shot of a squirrel played just like the Dramatic Chipmunk meme.
  • In "Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen", the Sasquatchanakwa is shown dressed in Raiden's classic outfit.
  • In the Action episode "Ocean's Eight - or Nine," when Owen smells chicken scented perfume coming from outside his cell, his eyes turn green and he goes, "People shouldn't make me hungry! "You wouldn't like me when I'm hungry!"
  • To Saturday Night Live, of all things (specifically the Synchronized Swimmers episodes) in the second episode:
    Owen: I'm not really a strong swimmer...
  • To Spider-Man in "Full Metal Drama" and "Walk Like An Egyptian, Part 1".
    Harold: Might I suggest you consult your friendly neighborhood chem expert? Because what is an explosion other than the chemical reaction of trinitrotoluene decomposing as C7H5N3O6, 3N2, plus 5H2O, plus 7CO?
    Noah: (as contestants face three different tunnels) Oh great. Our friendly neighborhood host-dude failed to mention there were different paths.
  • The expression Tyler makes after his Dream Sequence in, "The Big Sleep" is a shout-out to the painting, "The Scream".
  • During the third TDA aftermath, the boy in the webcam has a Halo poster.
  • The unmasking of Ezekiel in "I See London..." plays out like a scene from Scooby-Doo, with the entire cast gasping and yelling the suspect's name after his mask is removed. Also, the first mask Ezekiel is wearing is identified as "Old Man Jenkins", who is a minor character from SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • "Slap Slap Revolution" is an allusion to DanceDanceRevolution.
  • Chef is heavily implied to be playing Pac-Man at one point in "The Am-AH-zon Race", if the sound effects and his own comments are any indication.
    Chef: Ha! Eat that ghost, eat it!
  • In "Jamaica Me Sweat", a drawing of Pac-Man, two Power Pellets and an enemy Ghost can be seen among the diagrams Izzy scribbles after she becomes Brainzilla.
  • In the finale of Total Drama World Tour they give Sierra (who lost her hair in an explosion) a wheelchair and a mohawk.
  • "Grand Chef Auto" is obviously one to Grand Theft Auto, particularly San Andreas, where the campers had to steal Chef's prized go karts and race to graffiti tag three (later four) landmarks.
  • In the second episode of Island, Duncan refers to Katie & Sadie as Tweedledum and Tweedleidiot.
  • Gwen's attempt at fixing Chris' self-portrait in "The Bold and the Booty-ful" is a reference to "Potato Jesus."
  • Leonard of Pahkitew Island makes a few Dungeons & Dragons references in his fantastic stories and claims.
  • There are tons in the official World Tour character biographies:
  • The official Revenge of the Island bios are also a plate full of references: