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You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry!

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You might still like him, but you're screwed anyway.

"Mr. McGee, don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."
David Banner, The Incredible Hulk (1977)

A Super-Trope for when you just don't want to tick off a character. Bad things will happen, which can include:

It doesn't matter if the character is the hero, villain, supporting character, or bystander. Just don't piss off this character if you don't want any big trouble.

Psychoactive Powers can sometimes involve this. Related to Emotional Powers.

Compare Madness Tropes and Don't Make Me Destroy You. Contrast Blinded by Rage, where, yes, you would prefer your opponent to be spitting nails, as they're easier to beat that way.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Dragon Ball:
    • Son Gohan. He is a happy-good-lucky kid and a dorky teenager. When he's mad and his friends and family are in danger, however, he will tear you a new one.
    • His father, Goku, is almost as bad, especially when he was a kid. He is fun-loving, goofy, and playful even when he's fighting. When upset or angry, he tends to go on killing rages as a kid, something the Red Ribbon Army and King Piccolo found out. Frieza also learns what happens when Goku is angry and it isn't pretty.
    • Piccolo is a stoic most of the time. However, hurt, threatened to hurt, or, god forbid, kill Gohan and you really won't like him as he slices you in two as Babidi learned.
    • Chichi. She makes the Saiyan squirm, and she's just a human...with a pan.
    • Auta Magetta gets more powerful the angrier he gets and in battle will intentionally work himself up by striking his own head.
    • Universe 6's Kale is meek, but also a very emotional, reluctant Saiyan girl who hates to disappoint her mentor/gang leader, Caulifla. If she ever feels as if her relationship with Caulifla is threatened, or becomes consumed by her own self-hatred, she becomes her universe's equivalent of Broly. She does get better to control this aspect about her.
  • Shizuo Heiwajima from Durarara!!. Granted, it's generally in good form not to piss off people with Super-Strength in general, but this one is especially easy to set off. He's basically the Hulk, except that he doesn't get big and green to give a visual cue to his anger-fueled super strength.
  • Shinigami in Soul Eater, and his son Kid on a smaller scale. Yes, other characters cause greater damage than usual when angered, but these two spread it around more, whether to pyramids or an entire city.
  • Naruto can give even the Trope Namer himself a run for his money in this department in his kyuubi forms.
  • Natsu of Fairy Tail is an example of this, as the flame of emotion that is the source of power for his Dragon Slayer magic causes him to actually become stronger the angrier he gets.
    • Erza Scarlet is another person you don't want to piss off.
    • Zeref, too, even moreso. He may be a self-hating, emotional wreck who has some major guilt issues (and with good reason), but if you actually manage to anger him - say, by forcing him to come out of his self-imposed exile and openly stating you want to use him to create a mage utopia - you'll see exactly how he earned his reputation.
    • Mard Geer of Tartaros normally comes across as The Stoic with an ever-present Psychotic Smirk across his handsome face...but when Natsu, Sting and Rogue actually manage to give him some slight trouble, along with delaying of his plans and destruction of the Tartaros guild building, he finally decides to delve into some Not So Stoic territory...and gives one hell of a Slasher Smile to complete it, stating he hasn't felt angry in years. Then he No Sells everything they can throw at him while kicking their asses.
  • Yuuri from Kyo Kara Maoh! is as nice as they come. However if you start hurting innocent people or those close to him...
  • Misty's Psyduck in Pokémon: The Series may count. It can only use its incredible Psychic attacks when it has a bad headache. (Which usually is a result of it becoming angry.)
  • Luffy, from One Piece, is usually a happy-go-lucky type of guy, but if you so much as dare to hurt any of those he cares for, you better have your testament ready.
  • Setsuna, from Negima! Magister Negi Magi, is a quiet and polite girl who prefers to stay in the background. Usually, she's really calm and composed even in the heat of battle. But don't, just don't you dare harm Konoka unless you want her to butcher you in split-seconds.
  • Three words to be feared by ANYONE who endangers her little boy: Evangelion Unit 01.
  • In Bleach, people would rather take on Yamamoto's bankai than piss off Captain Unohana. Considering her usual kind personality, it's mostly played for laughs. As it turns out, she's completely psychotic and the worst criminal in the history of Soul Society. Yeah, that's not a good idea.
  • In Fullmetal Alchemist, Roy Mustang, who is Colonel of the Central army, is quite a ladykiller, The Ditz and sometimes very weird. But... if you hurt a hair of his subordinates, well... there is a reason he's called the Hero of Ishval.
    • Inverted with Envy. Nearly every time someone enrages them they end up making really stupid decisions. When they are lured into a trap by Zampano, they lose their temper and enter their unleashed form, thus giving Dr. Marcoh the opportunity to reduce them to Sleep-Mode Size.
  • From Monster, we have Wolfgang Grimmer, who drew inspiration for his split-personality from The Magnificent Steiner.
  • Vash the Stampede from Trigun. He is an adorable goofball most of the time, but when he's really mad, he can throw a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown.
  • Meliodas from The Seven Deadly Sins. He's a small, cheerful little pervert, and a pacifist by nature. However, there is a reason that out of his group, his sin is wrath.
  • Sands of Destruction is full of people who are normally nice (or at least not murderous) but downright psychotic when angered. Both female main characters, Morte and Rhi'a, have Hair Trigger Tempers. Once Kyrie Awakens, threatening to harm Morte - which is pretty much the only thing that gets a rise out of him, as he's so gentle otherwise - becomes extremely hazardous to your health.
    • In one of the last episodes, Kyrie pleads with Morte not to fight Rhi'a because "that girl is really scary when she gets mad." Kyrie, which of the two were you talking to again?
  • Umineko: When They Cry: Bernkastel learned it the hard way after mocking Lambdadelta's death in front of Battler and pissing him off to the point he gave her the beatdown of her life.
  • Any of the Inner Senshi from Sailor Moon can be dangerous when pushed, especially Minako Aino/Sailor Venus, the petite, light-hearted jokester who acts like a ditz. When Tiger's Eye and Hawk's Eye rightly accused Mina of two-timing them and subjected her to a Mind Rape that caused most victims to faint from exhaustion and agony (including other Senshi), she not only managed to stay conscious, she got angry enough to tear herself out of metal binds, transformed, and sent them running for their lives with a rage-fueled attack. In the manga, when she saw Sailor Moon being strangled by Queen Beryl's hair, she gave Beryl a Death Glare, and ran her through with a poison-infused BFS that is tougher than diamond.
  • My Hero Academia: Bakugo fits this trope perfectly. His whole demeanor shows this. As the story progresses though, he learns to control it.
  • In JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders, Jotaro Kujo isn't the nicest person usually, but if you get him mad, he completely cuts loose. Just ask Steely Dan, who he pummeled for twenty seconds before launching him through a building. The man himself put it best to DIO's corpse:
    Jotaro: There's a reason for your defeat, DIO. One simple reason. You pissed me off.
  • Zekka from Battle Angel Alita is a pretty good-natured and affable guy. Just don't get on his bad side. AND DO NOT TOUCH ZEKKA'S BIKE. Bad things will happen. Sechs learns this the hard way.
  • In Land of the Lustrous, Alexandrite goes completely nuts when looking at a Lunarian. Because of this Sensei has forbidden them to participate in battles.
  • In Samurai Flamenco, Masayoshi is way more terrified of his manager than the criminals he fights, purely based on how she looks and talks when she's angry.
  • Chizuru Aizawa from Squid Girl is usually sweet, kind, and cheerful. But if you menace her family or damage her business, the beach shack Lemon, she will go into Tranquil Fury mode and open her eyes, then proceed to Curbstomp you.

    Comic Books 
  • Named after The Incredible Hulk:
    • Bruce Banner is the original Hulk and uses this line to warn people of his Hulking Out ability. It doesn't always work.
    • You don't want to piss his cousin She-Hulk off, either. Once Thanos orchestrated a situation where his brother was held for trial and sent his clone with modified memories to convince everybody it was he who made Thanos fall in love with Death, thus making him responsible for all of Thanos's crimes. She-Hulk traveled into the clone's mind to discover it was a lie and that he did all of it not because of revenge, but for pure entertainment. It didn't go well for the clone.
    • His daughter Lyra is actually an inversion. Having been engineered to get 'weaker' the angrier she gets as a means of control, Lyra is the one Hulk you 'would' like when she is angry.
  • Superman: Clark is one of the nicest guys in the universe. But if someone gets him angry, they find out just how powerful he really is. It says a lot about Lex Luthor that he intentionally does things just to piss Superman off.
  • Supergirl: Kara is a nice, kind, compassionate girl. She is also Hot-Blooded, short-tempered, brash and has little patience for fools and jerks. God help you if you piss her off — which will happen if you hurt her family. In Red Daughter of Krypton she flew off the handle and became a Red Lantern, and an onlooker said a Kryptonian wearing a Red Lantern Ring "is an extinction-level threat".
  • Spider-Man:
    • Peter Parker is normally nice, friendly, and the worst he'll do is embarrass you a little. But heaven help you if you've hurt someone he loves. You'll need it. The way you can tell that Spidey is really angry is when he stops talking. One short story has a romantic couple lost on the streets of New York and attacked by a gang. Spider-man shows up midway through, swatting the guys away, making quips, then sees the man being held hostage with a knife to his throat. Spidey gets real serious and gives the hostage-taker one chance to drop the knife, or the hostage taker will not be walking out of that alley. The hostage-taker wisely drops the knife, and true to his word, Spidey goes easy on him.
    • The criminal underworld is well aware, and this works to Spidey's advantage at times, even when he doesn't intend it. Once, he comes upon the Headmen who are up to trouble and hangs quietly from the ceiling — the lack of wisecracks makes the Headmen freak out and immediately surrender in fear. When the cops show up, we learn why Spidey has been so quiet — he has laryngitis and lost his voice.
  • Venom: Flash "Agent Venom" Thompson; when he's in control, he's a heroic by-the-book soldier, who often ignores his current mission in order to protect innocents. Get him angry (or worse - hurt those innocents), and he'll break your bones, scare you to death, and then bite your head off.
  • Young Avengers: Despite his codename of "Hulkling", Teddy Altman is one of the kindest, most even-tempered guys you'll ever meet; he's even described as being "all sweetheart". Of course, that's assuming you don't threaten his boyfriend, Billy Kaplan. Teddy outright pulled this trope on Captain Rogers (from Captain America) in Billy's defense.
    Teddy: Captain, I understand you're concerned about Billy's powers. But if anything happens to him... your primary concern should be me.
  • The Walking Dead: Rick Grimes. He says this to Dwight in issue 169, as the latter has verbally stated his displeasure at the former being Alexandria's leader. Keep in mind that Rick had recently lost his Second Love.
    Rick: I have a rage boiling inside of me. At times like this it's really hard to control and it wants out. Don't give me a reason to let it out, Dwight. Because at this point... what's one more fucking grave?

    Fan Works 
  • In chapter 59 of Child of the Storm, Bruce Banner quotes the page quote almost word for word. More generally, Jean, Thor, and Harry are particular examples of this trope (though it applies to a lot of the cast).
    • Jean is (with her twin sister, Maddie) the strongest human psychic ever born and for all her sweet nature you do not want to make her angry. There are armies of dead demons that show how bad an idea this is.
    • Thor is a generally even-tempered and friendly cool dad-type... until he's pushed over the line and reminds people that he's also a 1500-year-old warrior god who could quite conceivably shatter the planet and at one point snaps into an Unstoppable Rage and beats the Juggernaut to a pulp with his bare hands (and nearly destroyed the Eastern Seaboard as a side-effect).
    • Harry is an All-Loving Hero at heart (if a Knight in Sour Armor for a large chunk of the sequel and on the dark end of Good is Not Nice), who genuinely wants to help people as much as he can - though he later modifies this to 'only those who want to be helped'. He is also the only psychic even in the same weight-class as Jean (and Maddie), equally powerful with his magic, and a latent Phoenix host, as well as having a creatively nasty streak when someone hurts an innocent. See, injuries to him, he can forgive. Injuries to someone he cares for? If you're lucky, he'll kill you.
  • In This Bites!, Soundbite parodies this trope in his response to Su's punishment for him teasing the human Merry.
    Soundbite: "PUT ME DOWN! You wouldn't like me when I'm revengening!"
  • Chapter 2 of Celebrity Deathmatch Fic Final Stand of Death has Spur (Emma) erupt into a violent rampage when blink-182 started to taunt her with chainsaw noises. Redd (Melanie C) runs to the area and saw the aftermath, while the rest of Fusion Gundam (Spice Girls) arrived. It was clear one of the simplest rules when it comes to Spur (Emma), Don't get her angry!
  • It has been implied in Catch Your Breath, whether by thoughts or by reactions of certain characters, that pissing off Kushina is a supremely bad idea.
  • In Hellsister Trilogy, Kara is as kind-hearted as temperamental. And she can bring a mountain down with a single punch. Threaten innocent people or hurt her family and even if you were Darkseid himself she'll do her best to beat you to a bloody pulp.
  • Guile from Fellowship is a nice guy, and nicer if you're being nice to him. But if you push his berserk button? He will pulverize you.
  • Kara of Rokyn: The titular hero is very forgiving towards people who hurts her. Hurt someone else, though, and you'll be pummelled to the ground. Abuse a woman and her little child and she'll not even feel sorry about the beatdown she'll deliver unto you.
    Kara: "So you feel like using super-strength on a normal woman and her child. I don't have the slightest regret about what I'm about to do."
  • Inner Demons: Since the Grendals are demonic personifications of wrath, they get stronger the angrier they get, making it all the harder for the heroes to take them down.
  • In A Force of Four, U-Ban attempts to rape Power Girl and he's savagely beaten down.
    She reproved herself for not having a snappy comment as she smashed him in the face with her right, but, after all, she'd been under a little stress lately.
    Kara didn't stop pounding. The knuckles of her right hand acquainted themselves with U-Ban's face again and again and again. Through main effort and determination, he struggled to bring his own hand up. She slapped it away and kept pounding and pounding and pounding. When her right got tired, she took hold of him with that hand and let her left get in some work. There was no time lost in any of these operations. To U-Ban, it was just the same fist hitting him in the face over and over, like a piston from a top-notch but antique Kryptonian motor.
  • Project Tatterdemalion: Isshin and Kisuke. Especially Kisuke. The characters eventually conclude that this is because they're the least familiar with violence out of the shinigami. Although they've always had very fierce tempers that they fear and restrain, they have also never been in killing fights before... or even exposed to blood much. Consequently, they have less control over their "others" (zanpakutous/amplified survival instincts) than those with some military training.
  • In Worm crossover story Echoes of Yesterday, Kara's as strong as hot-headed, she can't stand bullies at all, and has been known to hurl trucks at Nazis. She may be the most kind-hearted person in the setting, but get her pissed off and she'll curbstomp you.
  • In Loser Wears A Dress Harukis Worries, the line is quoted almost verbatim by Haruki as a way of warning Kaeko to stop making fun of him after the latter makes the mistake of erroneously calling him gay.
  • The Rigel Black Chronicles: Being afraid of what she could do has led Harry to keep a very tight lid on outbursts of accidental magic throughout her childhood — usually. When she gets properly angry or afraid, though, her magic responds.
    • Lee Jordan is repeatedly flung into a wall, breaking bones and being knocked out, after he states his intention to permanently ruin the nerves in her hands.
    • Peter Pettigrew is all but crushed into the ground, despite his shields, even before the Dominion Jewel gives up on him as a holder and consumes his life force.
  • Shinobu, of all people, suddenly becomes an example in The Beast That I Am after gaining the power to transform into Jade.
  • In A Loud Among Demons, Lincoln is a Nice Guy who wants to see the good in everybody he meets. However, he grows violent whenever he gets angry, due to a curse inflicted upon him in addition to the implications that his soul is becoming corrupted as a result of being trapped in Hell. What makes this notable is that Lincoln almost never gets angry, so the moments where he does stand out.

    Film - Animated 
  • Escape from Planet Earth: Make no mistake. If you make Io angry, she'll flex her muscles like The Incredible Hulk, and then beat you up like a WWE superstar.
  • Puss in Boots: "Tsk, tsk, tsk. You have made the cat angry. You do NOT WANT to make the cat angry!"
  • The Secret Life of Pets: When Max starts grumbling about him, Duke looms over him menacingly and says that if they don't get along, it won't be pretty.
    Duke: Are you trying to get rid of me?!
    Max: (nervously) Before I answer that, I'd like to know how much you heard.
    Duke: So that's how it's gonna be, huh? Oh, man, are you making me angry! And when I get angry, I do this! [growls] And I hate doing that! I need this place! And if it's gonna come down to you or me, it's gonna be ME!
  • In Turning Red, if you think Ming is an overbearing mom and authoritarian, you've seen nothing until her massive kaiju red panda comes out to play. As the film implies, she's lost control through hitting her Rage Breaking Point three times. The first time happened in her late teens when she felt she could never be perfect enough for her strict mother, only relenting when she scarred her mom's face. The second time, when her mom pulled a Parental Marriage Veto against Jin, the man she wanted to marry, had Ming destroy half the temple. The beast was only subdued when Wu begrudgingly consented to the wedding. And of course, the third time happens when Mei openly defies her to go see 4*Town, resulting in an angry Ming tracking Mei down and trashing the stadium where the concert is being held. Eventually, Mei is able to knock her out cold, but it takes all the red pandas present to reseal the raging spirit.

    Film - Live-Action 
  • City Slickers, when Curly is being buried. The cook can only think of "Lord, we give you Curly. Try not to piss him off." as a eulogy.
  • Making Godzilla angry is a very, very, VERY bad idea. Doing so will result in a major city (often Tokyo) being destroyed.
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show: It's a bad idea to anger Dr. Frank N Furter. Eddie and Janet had to learn this the hard way.
  • The documentary (read: hour-long advertisement) available on the Extended Edition DVD for Underworld (2003) featured a self-proclaimed werewolf who named this trope exactly.
  • Hulk. Talbot is roughing up Bruce Banner, causing him to growl, "Talbot, you're making me angry!" before Hulking Out. At the end of the movie, the complete line is given as a Pre Ass Kicking One Liner.
  • The 2008 The Incredible Hulk film. Bruce Banner attempts to say his catchphrase in Portuguese, but he accidentally says "hungry" instead of "angry" and proceeds to fight as normal. In the novelization, he says it to two college girls who just laugh at him, since the phrase is full of Narm. However, the film did also have a variation on the phrase which was pretty good.
    "There are aspects of my personality that I can't control, and when I lose control, it's very dangerous to be around me."
  • The Avengers has an interesting subversion. Tony and Bruce have an entire subplot that consists of Tony trying to convince Bruce that being the Hulk is a "terrible privilege" rather than a curse. Bruce disagrees and keeps insisting that he doesn't want to Hulk out, not even to help the Avengers fight Loki, because he can't control it. The end of their scene in the laboratory features what could be interpreted as a loose variation of the original line.
    Tony: I guess we'll find out.
    Bruce: You might not like that very much.
    Tony: Yeah, and you just might.
    (later, after Bruce accepts his situation)
    Steve: Dr. Banner? Now might be a really good time for you to get angry.
    Bruce: That's my secret, Cap. I'm always angry.
  • Star Trek Into Darkness: Harrison, of course, but Sulu also gives such a dire threat in a mission that Bones is unnerved by it.
    Bones: Mr. Sulu, remind me never to piss you off.
  • From Serenity:
    The Operative: Do you know what your sin is, Mal?
    Malcolm Reynolds: Ah hell, I'm a fan of all seven. But right now? I'm gonna have to go with wrath.
  • Don't pull a gun on Mongo from Blazing Saddles, you'll just make him mad.

  • In A Hard Day's Knight, John and Suzie use their own variant to intimidate an uncooperative laundromat employee:
    Shotgun Suzie: You really want me to get cranky?
    John Taylor: You wouldn't like her when she's cranky.
  • In The Fairy's Mistake from The Princess Tales, Ethelinda substitutes Myrtle (who has snakes and insects come out of her mouth) for Rosella (who produces jewels). Myrtle as Rosella tells the Gold Digger prince that the snakes and insects come out of her mouth when she's angry, which gets him to start treating Rosella better.
  • In Legacy of the Force, Luke gives Jacen a quote almost identical.
  • The Dresden Files:
    • Harry Dresden. Most of the time, as Karrin Murphy notes, he's basically an oversized nerd who hunches slightly, speaks softly, and never meets anyone's gaze, as if apologising for his size (and, in the latter case, looking to avoid a Soulgaze), who cracks terrible jokes and does odd things. Then, someone makes the mistake of harming an innocent, someone under his protection, or, worst of all, someone he loves. After that, he opens his body up to his full height (nearly seven feet and he isn't exactly stick thin either...) and thunders spells in a voice that can be heard 'from the other end of a football field' as he turns the fundamental powers of the universe into his personal plaything and unleashes them on whoever's pissed him off. It's a sight that is described as intimidating on an evolutionary scale, and usually results in a trail of destruction featuring any number of dead monsters, some godlike in their powers and usually at least one burning building. And if you've taken his daughter, he will find you and he will commit genocide. You can pray to God, but he won't help you - his agents are more than likely to be backing Dresden up.
    • Michael Carpenter is noted as an extremely nice and kind man who has time for everyone, even trusting his best friend with his family when he thought that said best friend was partially possessed by a Fallen Angel. He is also only a couple of inches shorter than Dresden, putting him at around two metres tall, he's got muscles to spare and if you offer him violence, or worse, threaten his family, he can and will kick the crap out of you. In fact he nearly beat a man to death for putting a bomb on his daughter, and the bomber claiming it was in God's Will. Only Harry calling Michael out and saying if the man needs to die, let Harry do it, does Michael relent.
    • Ebenezer McCoy is one of the weakest members of the Senior Council. That said, the man is Harry's second mentor and Archmage-tier power. He is such a dangerous combat wizard, a professional assassin Harry hires to help with a job gets one look at Eb, who was there to help Harry too, and tries to run. Eb gets his gun and takes aim. It is revealed McCoy's reputation is well-deserved because he is the personal assassin of the Senior Council, with full authority to break the laws of magic should adhering to them make the consequences even worse for the world. Against a vampire noble who tries to kill Harry in a duel by cheating, McCoy drops an old Soviet satellite onto the vampire's house, killing him and everyone in the impact zone.
  • Out of the Dark: Buschevsky when discussing the scenario of nearby villages selling them out to looters to save themselves.
    Stephan Buchevsky: If their kids start starving, then any parent worth a single solitary damn is going to do anything it takes to feed them. I understand that, and I'll give any kid the last slice of bread I've got. But if any of those other enclaves out there decide to sell us out, or throw us to the wolves to save their own asses by pointing somebody who comes after what they've got in our direction—or if they're stupid enough to try and use your agreement just to get close enough to us to hit us themselves—then I'm going to be really, really unhappy, you understand. And they won't like me when I'm unhappy. Hell, I don’t like me when I'm unhappy!

    Live-Action TV 
  • The Trope Namer is The Incredible Hulk TV series, and its classic implied threat, delivered with a wonderfully understated and grim bemusement. And it's actually said before he becomes the Hulk.
    Banner: Mr. McGee, don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.
  • Game of Thrones: Rage is ultimately the source of Tywin's ruthlessness. With both the Red Wedding and the rebellion of House Reyne, he has proven that anyone who even considers attacking or resisting him will be terminated with extreme prejudice. When one considers how his father's kindness and benevolence was abused and mocked while Tywin himself grew up this makes some sense.
  • In Smallville, you really, really don't want to make Davis Bloome angry. If you actually hurt Chloe in front of him, Have a Nice Death.
    • Pissing off Clark is generally a bad idea as well. He won't kill you, but he can and will make you wish that he had.
  • It's been said in later episodes of Torchwood that it's best not to piss Jack off. Take into mind this line from the Children of Earth miniseries (spoken by his daughter to the government spooks who just arrested her and her son):
    Alice: I can only assume you're using us as hostages against my father - but if you've done anything to anger him, then God help you.
  • Ross on "Friends" and Chandler to an extent.
  • Doctor Who:
    • You really don't want to piss off the Doctor. That seemingly harmless oddball can tear the heavens apart and reshape reality if he really wants to. There's a reason the Daleks, a race of Omnicidal Maniacs capable of wiping out all life in the universe, hate and fear him so much. They have no emotions, and they invented a number of names to call him by: the Destroyer of Worlds, the Bringer of Darkness, the Oncoming Storm, and the Predator.
    • Ditto River Song. Sarcastic, teasing, likes to banter...and can make a Dalek beg for mercy. Just... don't make her go there.
    • Similarly, in the prequel to "A Good Man Goes to War":
    "...I even hear rumours about whose child you've taken. Are you mad? [Pause] You know the stories about the Doctor? The things that man has done? God help us if you've made him angry!"
    (from the actual episode)
    "If that man has started calling in his debts, then God help you... and God help his debtors."
    • Surprisingly enough, Rory Williams. He is usually a kind, sweet, and gentle guy who plays Only Sane Man to Amy and the Doctor. Kidnap his loved ones? Prepare to have the Last Centurion blow up your star-fleet.
  • It is also best to not piss Jack from 24 off.
  • Let's just say that the last time someone crossed Ben Linus it didn't end well...
  • Also, pissing off Spock from Star Trek: The Original Series would be more than illogical. It's very hard to do, but once you manage it, This Is Gonna Suck doesn't cover your fate.
    • On a related note, Data (without the emotional chip) is literally impossible to piss off. However, if you threaten him with harming his friends, you'll face a superintelligent, super-strong, nigh-indestructible android who has decided that removing you from existence is the completely logical solution under the current circumstances.
    • Sisko spends most of his time, at least in the early seasons, coming across as surprisingly mellow...because he keeps his temper on a very short leash, and when it comes out to play things get broken. The most constructive thing he did when furious was to design a ship solely for the purpose of killing things.
    • Most of the time Q is a jovial Trickster God who, while he messes with the crew of the Enterprise, never really means to cause permanent harm. However, the one time Captain Picard mocked Q's offer of help in dealing with the unknown dangers of the galaxy and displayed unmitigated arrogance about the Federation's readiness, Q proceeded to throw the Enterprise seven thousand light-years away from home and into the path of the Borg. For the remainder of the episode, Q reminds the crew and the audience that he is essentially an old god who values the lives of the Enterprise crew only at his leisure.
  • Angel:
    • Inverted rather amusingly in "Untouched" when a woman offers to "make him happy". Angel responds that "You won't like me when I'm happy", as the last time he made love he turned into the evil Angelus — he's under a curse that will make him lose his soul if he experiences a moment of perfect happiness.
    • In "Guise Will Be Guise", another woman finds her warlock father intends to offer her as a Virgin Sacrifice. When he uses this trope, she snaps back in Sarcasm Mode, "No, because then you might do something bad!"
  • Law & Order: UK
    DS Matt Devlin(to suspect): "Come on, man. Don't make me play "bad cop"".
    DS Ronnie Brooks: "You wouldn't like him when he plays "bad cop"".
    • Fans of the show know that's not an idle threat. Throughout the show, watching a Badass Adorable Nice Guy like Matt play "Bad Cop" during interrogations was chilling.
  • Supernatural:
    • Dean Winchester. Guy hunts monsters, Demons, Vampires and etc. by cutting off their heads or burning them to death, since regular means like bullets won't work (unless it's rock salt or silver). He was trained in firearm, cold weapons, and martial arts by his ex-marine father since he was a small child, and was tortured and taught to torture others in Hell (literally). The idea is trying to save as many human people as possible, so there's a huge no-no on killing humans, and he's the best damn Hunter you've got, at least in the USA. But when you hurt or kill someone he loves, it doesn't matter if you're a monster or a human. He gets really angry if someone hurts his brother. Like poor Charile, who was killed by the Stynes in season 10. The Stynes (a hole family of creeps — but still somewhat human creeps) found out not too soon later that pissing off Dean Winchester is a bad, bad idea.
    • Likewise Castiel, who will accept a lot of crap thrown his way and weather it patiently, but once he reaches Rage Breaking Point, the target of his fury is doomed. When Dean decides to say yes to Michael in season five, the angel snaps and he beats the snot out of the other man in what is arguably the angriest he's been in the entire series.
  • Person of Interest. After being captured in "Mors praematura", Root delivers this trope on behalf of the Machine, the Artificial Intelligence that she serves and worships as God. Harold Finch hits right back with an Armor-Piercing Question.
    Root: You're going against the Machine's wishes by keeping me here, Harold. You're only gonna make her angry. Can you imagine what a being that powerful will do when she's angry?
    Finch: How can you be so certain, Ms. Groves, that the Machine does not wish you to be precisely where you are?
  • Parodied, if not subverted, in the promotion for the live-action debut of the Trope Namer's cousin, as the tagline for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is "You'll like her when she's angry". (after all, it's not an unstoppable rage monster, but an Amazonian Beauty Deadpan Snarker)

  • "The Power" by Snap:
    Stay off my back / Or I will attack / And you don't want that

  • In Monster Bash, one of the Wolfman's quotes is "You wouldn't like me when I change—!"

    Professional Wrestling 
  • The wrestler Abyss is secretly the alter of Joseph Park, a goofy lawyer guy. When he gets angry, he turns into Abyss, an Ax-Crazy Wrestling Monster.
  • From Deuce 'n Domino's theme "I'm All About Cool":
    "If you want to be cool
    Half as cool as me
    You better watch what you say
    And how you look at me
    Or else you'll pay a price
    Far beyond your means
    You don't want the trouble that I bring"

    Video Games 
  • Doc Louis's Punch-Out!! plays this completely straight. Midway through the fight, Louis pulls out a chocolate bar that he'll eat and restore all his health with if not interrupted. However, punching the bar out of his hand is the ultimate way to push his Berserk Button. He immediately flips out with the phrase - "NOOOOOO! NOW You've done it! You won't like Doc when he's angry!", proceeds to rip off his jacket, and his attack speed doubles. Right after pulling out another chocolate bar and healing himself out of your attack range.
  • Zappa from Guilty Gear. Although he's more of a "You Wouldn't Like Me When My Ghosts Are Angry", his profile in the manual mentions this trope by name.
    "Don't make him angry! You won't like him when he's angry!"
  • In the "Grim Tales" quest in Runescape, Glod the Giant shouts "You wouldn't like Glod when Glod angry!"
  • In Dragon Age: Origins, Sten says the line almost word for word.
    Sten: In fear, I kill people. Pray that you don't see me in anger.
    • Anders gets... blue... when he's upset in Dragon Age II, thanks to Justice / Vengeance.
  • Asura from Asura's Wrath is practically the Buddhist/Hindu answer to the Hulk. Making him angry is not only inadvisable but practically suicide.
  • Goliaths from Borderlands 2. Shoot off their helmet, and they fly into a psychopathic fury that sees them attack the players and any enemies around indiscriminately. Two of the lines they can spit out before going berserk warn the player of the mistake they made by shooting off the Goliath's helmet.
    Goliath: Mistake?...Big GOD DAMN MISTAKE!
    Goliath: ''Should not REALLY SHOULDN'T HAVE DONE THAT!"
  • In Sands of Destruction, Rhi'a's Super Move Portrait Attack Pre Ass Kicking One Liner is arguably a variation of this trope, as she's normally quite mellow:
    Rhi'a: Time to get a little mean.
  • Etihw, Kcalb, and Macarona from The Gray Garden. Especially Macarona.
  • Winston, from Overwatch, is a kind, slightly dorky hyper-intelligent gorilla. At least until you push his buttons one too many times, then he unleashes his Primal Rage. Reaper finds this out the hard way in the debut trailer when he steps on Winston's glasses.
  • Paragon Shepard from the Mass Effect series is almost the Platonic essence of Beware the Nice Ones/Good Is Not Soft. A kind-hearted Friend to All Living Things, but (as a Well-Intentioned Extremist finds out in the Paragon ending of the Overlord DLC in Mass Effect 2) when confronted with extreme cruelty will show the difference between meekness and weakness:
    Shepard: I've seen enough of your cruelty to know he'll never be free of it here!
    Archer: No! Leave him! He's too valuable! [they exchange fire, and Shepard pistol-whips him]
    Shepard: You even think of coming after your brother and this bullet will be waiting for you! Then we'll see who's valuable!
  • In Grandia 2, Millennia has an anger meter during combat that spins from green to yellow to red. When she is attacked enough, Millennia's temper will snap and she will usually immediately unleash a powerful attack without needing to charge it like she would in normal combat. She becomes uncontrollable from this point on until the end of the battle.
  • Neptunia:

  • Stand Still, Stay Silent: Onni, already a Cowardly Lion in nature, also uses his battle abilities against people who make him angry enough.
  • Girl Genius: Jenka, a monstrous Super-Soldier riding a bear, politely asks to enter a town. She retains her politeness even when some idiot fires a crossbow bolt at her ("I forgive. Once."), and in the subsequent battle, she keeps yelling in an exasperated voice that she just wanted to enter the town—even as she's fighting the entire guard at the same time.
  • In El Goonish Shive, Grace only transforms into her Omega form with horns and tail spikes if she's angry. If she calms down, those things morph away.

    Web Original 
  • On the Dream SMP, Foolish is a Nice Guy, but if you severely threaten him, his friends, and/or his summer house, he can display his powers as a Physical God to unleash lightning from above. The Eggpire learns this the hard way after they blew up his Ra statue.
  • Hulky of Klay World says this word-for-word before somebody takes him up on the challenge. Averted in that he actually gets smaller, weaker, and perhaps stupider when he gets mad. Played straight later on when he gets really mad and turns huge and smashes everything.
  • The Nostalgia Critic might still be pathetic when he's having his little boy rages, but he has a tendency to explode buildings accidentally when he's like that.
  • In one video by Piemations, which parodies Zootopia, Nick Wilde drops a priceless line about Judy Hopps while in a high-speed pursuit. Judy then shoots the tires in a rage causing the car to crash.
    Nick: You don't wanna see her when she's hopping mad!
  • Yang Xiao Long from RWBY not only has a short temper, but a Semblance that's empowered by her rage, meaning if you get caught in one of her devastating anger-induced punches, it's probably going to hurt a lot in the morning...
  • Parodied in the Whateley Universe story "Tales of the MCO" when a commercial break comes. It's the Merchant-Ivory production of "Hulk 1809":
    My lord, please do not make me angry. Thou wouldst not like me when I am most angered.
  • The line is used in Lanipator's Yu Yu Hakusho Abridged movie, by Yukina, of all people. It's promptly subverted when the villains ignore her and smash her into a wall.

    Western Animation 
  • The Avatar State in Avatar: The Last Airbender: Some context: the Avatar is an individual who is reincarnated once per generation that alone has the ability to control fire, earth, water, and air (normal benders only controls the element of their birth). When the Avatar state kicks in, they temporarily gain the combined knowledge and power of all the previous Avatars, of which there has been untold generations of. Until the Avatar learns how to control it, it will kick in when he/she is either in danger of dying or highly distressed. At which point, their tactics and moral considerations consist of: Destroy threat. With extreme prejudice.
  • A definitive trait of Nicole Watterson from The Amazing World of Gumball.
    Nicole: Angry doesn't BEGIN TO COVER IT!
  • Animaniacs: Katie KaBoom is normally a sweet, perky, adorable teenage girl... but when she gets angry, she literally turns into a monster.
  • Raven from Teen Titans, as a result of being half-demon. The result of ticking her off is a demonic form that is less powerful than the Avatar State above, but probably worse to have as an enemy, as Raven can get downright sadistic when she's like this. (Poor Dr. Light never did get over what she did to him...)
    Dr. Light: Don't! Stop! You win! I surrender!!AHHHHHHH!!
    Demon Raven: What's the matter? Afraid of the dark?
    • Then, a season or two later:
      Dr. Light: (with a new, more powerful suit) Haha! You can never defeat me!
      Raven: (best impersonation of her demonic half) Remember me?
      Dr. Light: I'd like to go to jail now, please.
    • Starfire is not exempt from this, either. When she first touched down on Earth, she was a raging berserker who nearly destroyed the city, and this was while she had her incredibly heavy restraints on.
  • In an episode of Dexter's Laboratory, Dexter alters his tastebuds so he only like fruits and vegetables, but a side-effect is that he Hulks out when he gets too hungry. He is denied food by someone later on, and uses a variation of the phrase, replacing "angry" with "hungry".
  • Droopy is always the calm and rational one - half of the time, he just looks flat out bored. However, do something that angers him, he'll calmly walk up to you, grab you down to his level and tell you "You know what? That makes me mad." Cue ass-kicking.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic:
    • Princess Luna being a Physical God and the representation of The Sacred Darkness. Do not piss off that mare.
    • Woe to the pony who manages to piss off Fluttershy. She can go from the nicest pony in Equestria to the most terrifying if you hurt her friends and managed to out-stare a cockatrice as it was turning her to stone while protecting some fillies.
    • Rarity, surprisingly. The refined unicorn fashionista who once summoned a couch to faint on because she was not going to land on the dirty ground when she fell may overreact to things hilariously, but when actual danger shows up, she gets dangerous. She knows kung fu and isn't afraid to use it - she is actually more likely to resort to hooficuffs than Applejack, the rough-and-tumble farm pony and physically strongest member of the team.
  • Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi: In the episode "Hungry Yumi", an angry fat man complains to Yumi to let him have the last Pink Palace cheeseburger parodying Hulk's statement as "If I don't get my Pink Palace cheeseburger, I get hungry. And you won't like me when I'm hungry!" Yumi angrily rebuffs "I DON'T LIKE YOU NOW!!!"
  • Timber Wolf from the Legion Of Superheroes, the reason why he's The Stoic of the team is if you piss him off you'll have an 8 to 10' werewolf monster to deal with.
  • Said word for word by Peter in an early episode of Family Guy, when he was "explaining" why he canceled a reservation at the local Suck E. Cheese's. In his flashback, he ends up being restrained by a Hilter-worshipping manager dressed as the devil, before delivering the line and, naturally, Hulking Out. At that point, Lois calls him out, and he's amusingly still in his Hulk pose as the "flashback" ends.
  • Lucas Amato from Cyber Six gets this reaction from his students: an entire trio of delinquents who are about to rough up Julian turn tail and run as soon as he shows up. The only thing keeping him from falling squarely into The Dreaded territory is that he's a really nice guy and actually well-liked by his students.
  • Steven Universe: Future, has seen Steven himself become this trope as a result of his trauma. Steven himself is still the amicable hero with a heart of gold everyone knows and loves, but when pushed to the brink, he becomes extremely dangerous.
  • Inverted in Avengers Assemble when Thor states that he actually likes Hulk when he's angry
  • In the Aladdin: The Series episode "The Way We War", Genie goes berserk when he thinks Aladdin's life has been claimed as a result of the fighting, swelling up into a threatening stature and screaming how the fighters on both sides had better stop right now, as they do not want to see what happens if you push a genie too far.
  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force: The episode "The Shaving" starts right off with Meatwad wanting to be the Incredible Hulk for Halloween:
    Meatwad: You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.
    Master Shake: (brandishing a sword) I don't like you anyway. Now hold still. You're about to become Hall and Oates!
  • Reddy from The Ruff & Reddy Show will usually stave off getting involved in confrontations. But when somebody picks on Ruff or anyone smaller than its antagonist, Reddy will get his dander up.
  • Subverted in Space Ghost Coast to Coast when Space Ghost uses this line word for word to try and intimidate Zorak and Moltar, only for Zorak to blow him off with "I don't like you now."
  • Donald Duck's Hair-Trigger Temper is often well noted, but in DuckTales (2017), it's actually a useful weapon as he'll quickly unleash his fury on the poor sucker who made the mistake of setting him off (usually by attempting to threaten his nephews).
  • Middlemost Post: Being a raincloud, Parker unleashes a nasty storm anytime he gets tipped over the edge.
  • In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987), the semi-recurrer Brick Bradley was once a mild-mannered scientist until he accidentally fused himself with insects during an experiment, which transformed him into a mutant known as Bugman. In a direct reference to the Trope Namer, built-up anger will trigger his mutation.


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