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You Would Not Want to Live in Dex

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Must be a pretty brave Princess to come to a castle in the frozen north, with wolf heads carved on the driveway.

"If I owned this place and Hell, I'd rent this place out and live in Hell."
Toombs, on Crematoria, The Chronicles of Riddick (and paraphrasing a quote about Texas usually attributed to Philip Henry Sheridan)

Because there are so many types of Dystopian settings, a Supertrope index was needed.

This is intended to cover both those settings where virtually any honest, decent, rational people wouldn't want to live if they had a better choice, and those that while some people REALLY wouldn't want to live here, others would find them to be a paradise or at least acceptable.

For settings that are Dystopias for those who hate regional or National Stereotypes, please see the Hollywood Atlas. When the oppressed fight back, see Civil Unrest Tropes. Compare Being In This Index Sucks.

The Big House: It might look a warm and cozy place to spend the night, but most guests are going to be gravely disappointed.

After the End: see Apocalyptic Index.

Nightmare worlds: It's High Octane Nightmare Fuel and doesn't bother to hide it.

Too Good To Be True: Just like a Utopia...Until you scratch the surface.

There Ain't No Justice: Possibly a good place to hide from authorities, if you can keep from being victimized yourself.

Not So Bad: A bit smelly, a bit sour, but it's ours. (Or to quote Aladdin: "It's barbaric, but hey, it's home.")


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