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Wrestling / Deuce N Domino

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L-R: Deuce, Domino

"I'm all about cool
No other road, no other rule
But you, you act like a fool
Gonna take you to school
I'm all about cool"

Deuce (James William Reiher, Jr.) and Domino (Clifford "Cliff" Compton) were a Professional Wrestling Tag Team in WWE. They started together in OVW and arrived on WWE SmackDown in 2007. They were 3x OVW Southern Tag Team Champions, 1x DSW Tag Team Champions and 1x WWE Tag Team Champions.

You can find the basics at Wikipedia.

"I'm All About Tropes":

"If you want to be cool
Half as cool as me
You better watch what you say
And how you look at me
Or else you'll pay a price
Far beyond your means
You don't want the trouble that I bring"

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