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WrestleCrap shows us what happens when other shows get in on the Parts Unknown game.

The standard Professional Wrestling ring introduction consists of four parts: hometown, height, weight, and name. However, there are some cases where one might not want to give a hometown; after all, if you have a quasi-mystical Made of Iron badass loner, it would probably rob them of some of their mystique if they were from Joisey. The solution? Announce them as being "from Parts Unknown".

Parts Unknown, simply put, is wrestling speak for "we don't know where the hell this person's from." However, it's taken on a life of its own in wrestling fandom, where it's become popular to depict Parts Unknown as a real place that's home to some very unreal personalities. Possibly as a result of this, most wrestling promoters have changed from using Parts Unknown to using more descriptive, though equally non-specific, hometowns. Many of these variations on "Parts Unknown" are bizarre and sometimes straight-up impossible, as in they don't physically exist. But if it's a Wrestling Monster whose gimmick involves being violently insane, it's not like anybody's going to argue with them if they say they're from the depths of Hell.


This is also often used in video games, specifically Fighting Games. This is probably due to the fact that nationality can often lead to preconceived notions about how a character should look and behave. Parts Unknown avoids this situation, especially with regards to certain characters who are not designed with any specific cultural/nationality tropes in mind, meaning that it is regularly applied to overtly mysterious, more fantastical characters. It's also regularly applied to Final Bosses.

As an aside, when used too liberally amongst a series' characters, this becomes unrealistic. After all, most people, especially in modern settings, do have a nationality and are aware of where they were born. Though "Parts Unknown" doesn't necessarily mean the character themself is unaware of where they're from; it could just be that they're not telling anybody else. See also Non-Specifically Foreign and Undisclosed Native.



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    Professional Wrestling 
  • Akeem the African Dream was from "Deepest Darkest Africa".
  • Similarly, Pierre Abernathy hails from the entire continent of Europe.
  • When asked where Oil Trough, Texas was, Sucio Dutch Mantel answered with a question to the effect of "Do you know where *insert Texas town here* is?" If the answer was "yes," he added "It ain't nowhere near there!"
  • Amazing Kong in SHIMMER had a regular hometown (Tokyo, Japan)... but her weight was announced as "Weighing None of Your Damn Business". This would later be "adopted" by Stormie Lee and Charlie Kruel.
  • Leva Bates is from the Bates Motel.
  • TNA's Black Reign is introduced as being from "the deepest darkest corner of his mind", as he has a Split Personality gimmick.
  • Short-lived WCW wrestler Blackblood (Billy Jack Haynes under a mask) had "A Little Town in France" as his hometown. Jim Ross frequently mocked this descriptor ("A little town in...what is it, Smallville?")
  • Blitzkrieg was introduced as being from "The Cosmos".
  • Former ECW and WWE wrestler The Blue Meanie came from Pepperland.
  • Former WWE wrestler The Boogeyman is announced as from "The Bottomless Pit".
  • Brodus Clay's Funkasarus gimmick has him billed from "Planet Funk."
  • Monty Brown was billed from either "The Animal Kingdom" or "The Serengeti".
  • CHIKARA's Crossbones is from "Jerk Town, NJ."
  • WCW jobber Death Row is from "The State Penitentiary".
  • Christopher Daniels is also announced as either from "Sin City" or "The City of Angels" (better known as Las Vegas and Los Angeles, respectively).
  • SMW's Rick Davis was billed from "P.O. Box 43."
  • Ring of Honor's Delirious is from "The Edge of Sanity."
  • Damien Demento was from "The Outer Reaches of Your Mind."
  • Deuce 'n Domino and Cherry were from "The Other Side of the Tracks".
  • CHIKARA's Blanche Babish, an Expy of Cherry's, is from "The Wrong Side of the Tracks."
  • The Diamond Studd was from "The Diamond Mine."
  • Dean Douglas was from "The University of Higher Learning."
  • Prior to his arrival in ECW in 1993, Tommy Dreamer wrestled in various independent leagues in the Northeast and was billed from Dreamland, USA. After coming to ECW, he relocated to Yonkers, NY, where he is still billed from to this day.
  • One of the most infamous examples of Wrestling Doesn't Pay, Duke "The Dumpster" Droese, was billed as hailing from "Mt. Trashmore, Florida."note 
  • Milo Beasley is from "A Dumpster Near You".
  • Glacier was billed in WCW from "Shorinji Temple, Fukuoka, Japan".note 
  • Wrestling hockey player The Goon was billed as from "The Penalty Box".
  • CHIKARA's Gran Akuma was from "Afar, Pennsylvania".
  • Jamie Noble was billed as being from Madison County, West Virginia. There is no such place. There is, however, a Madison County in Virginia. There's also a Madison, West Virginia, but it's in Boone County.
  • While working for the Wrestling Society X promotion, Jimmy Jacobs was announced as being from "The Dark Side Of A Broken Heart".
    • At other times, he's been billed from "Goof City, USA".
  • Kane doesn't even have a "hometown" listed for him on WWE's website. Fridge Logic kicks in when you remember The Undertaker does have a hometown listed and the two did grow up together in kayfabe.
    • As Unibomb in SMW, he was billed from "The Land of the Giants".
    • As Doomsday in the USWA, he was billed from "The Wastelands".
  • LuFisto is from Montreal, Japan.
    • In the same vein, while Rob Van Dam and Sabu were tag teaming in ECW, Van Dam was often announced as being from Battle Creek, India; when he wasn't, Sabu was announced from Bombay, Michigan. Sabu had been billed from Bombay, India for years, so this was a bit of an in-joke.
    • In a set of SHIMMER tapings, Ayako Hamada was announced as being from "Tokyo, Mexico".
    • When he worked as "The Generic Luchador" El Generico, Sami Zayn was sometimes billed from "Tijuana, Canada".
    • John Cena's stint as "Juan Cena" (in order so he could work house shows during a kayfabe suspension from WWE programming) has him listed as "West Newbarnia, Mexico".
  • Mankind was announced as being from the Boiler Room.
  • Beulah McGillicutty was billed from "The Pages of Penthouse Magazine" for her Catfight match with Francine at ECW's August 26, 1995 show. She had posed for the magazine prior to her ECW career, though it's obviously not a "hometown."
  • Meng was announced, by Michael Buffer no less, at WCW Uncensored 96 as being from "Some Unknown Part of the Planet." However, at WCW Fall Brawl 95, Buffer announced Meng as a member of Royalty from the South Pacific.
  • The Midnight Rider was from "Diablo Canyon, Colorado".
  • MsChif is from The Inferno.
  • Gabby Gilbert is from VH1 I Love the '80s. Her tag team partner Luscious Latasha is from Temptation Island
    • Rainbow Bright have a combined weight of 100 bags of fun, a combined height of 100 feet of color and are from somewhere over the rainbow.
  • Kyra was from "High Desert".
  • Hack Meyers and Sami Callihan (in both this persona and as Lucha Underground's Jeremiah Crane/Snake) were both billed from "The Last House on the Left".
  • Kevin Nash was billed from The Emerald City as part of his Oz gimmick in 1991 WCW. As Steele of the Tag Team the Master Blasters, he was billed from the Steel Mines.
  • The Nightstalker was from "Your Nightmares."
  • Norman the Lunatic was from "State Hospital."
  • Maxx Payne in WCW was billed from "The State of Euphoria."
  • The Prototype was originally from "Classified" before he moved to Area 51.
  • Nikki Roxx and "Portuguese Princess" Ariel have a total combined weight of Awesome.
  • SHIMMER's Courtney Rush is from "Winning-Peg, Manitoba, Canada".
  • Tito Santana was from "Tocula, Mexico."note 
  • Shark Boy was first billed from "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea", as was Shark Girl, before he moved to "The Deep Blue Sea".
  • Short-lived WWE wrestler The Stalker (Barry Windham wearing camouflage) was billed from "the Environment."
  • Stardust is billed from "The Stars of the Milky Way" and "The Fifth Dimension".
  • Austin Starr was from "TV Land".
  • In his early days in Mid-South/UWF, Sting was billed as being from "Every Man's Nightmare". And his manager, "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert, was from "Every Woman's Dream", and the current independent tag team the Heartbreak Express are billed from there as well.
  • At WWA Inception, Devon Storm (WCW's Crowbar) was billed from "The Other Side of Sanity."
  • Rachel Summerlyn and Jessica James are from the International House of Paincakes.
  • Parts Unknown's most famous resident would have to be former WWE wrestler The Ultimate Warrior.
  • CHIKARA's UltraMantis Black has been referred to by several people as "The Mayor of Parts Unknown".
  • WWE wrestler The Undertaker is something of a subversion, as he's always been announced from "Death Valley". While there is an actual place called Death Valley in California, the conspicuous lack of a state has always led fans to believe that this was just a Parts Unknown-style descriptive hometown. At one pre-WrestleMania X-Seven press conference, 'Taker dropped all pretense, asking the crowd "What's up, hometown?" and noting that Death Valley was "just off of Loop 610".note  However, WWE has aired vignettes featuring The Undertaker which seem to take place in California's Mojave Desert, which would seem to back up the idea that Taker calls the real town of Death Valley home.
    • He wasn't always announced as being from "Death Valley". During his "American Bad Ass" biker gimmick, he was announced as being from Houston.
  • The Vampire Warrior/Gangrel and Luna Vachon were from "The Other Side of Darkness", as is Holidead, who was trained by Gangrel.
    • The Twisted Sisterz (Holidead and Thunder Rosa) are from "The Lunacy Asylum".
  • Sid Vicious was from "Anywhere He Darn Well Pleases".
  • Christina Von Eerie is billed from "Spook City, USA".
  • Xavier Woods is billed as being from Angel Grove, California.
  • Eric Young has done this in TNA a few times.
    • After the breakup of Team Canada in 2006 caused him to become incredibly paranoid, he was billed as coming from "an undisclosed location".
    • His Superhero gimmick Super Eric comes from Metropolis, as did Chris Hero. The Skyscrapersnote  Tag Team was billed from there in 1989-1990.
    • After splitting from Robert Roode, Young was billed as coming from "Freedomland, USA". Once he's dropped the Super Eric gimmick, he started being billed as being from Nashville.
  • Dolph Ziggler bills himself on his Twitter as being from Bikini Bottom, Transylvania.
  • Mad Man Pondo and Crazy Mary Dobson are from "The Realm of Pain!"
  • CHIKARA's The Colony were from "The Ant Hill". Their weight was originally announced in milligrams. One of the stable's former members, Fire Ant, also fits this trope under his persona of Orange Cassidy (see below).
  • ECW's Dudley clan all came from Dudleyville. Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley kept it for part of their WWE careers, leading to the quote at the top of the page.
    • This was personalized for each member of the clan: Big Dick, for example, came from the "Twisted Steel section of Dudleyville".
  • The Dungeon of Doom, of course.
    • "The Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan was from "The Iron Gates of Fate".
    • The Shark was originally from "Tsunami", before moving to "The Great Barrier Reef".note 
    • The Zodiac was from "The Land of Yin and Yang".
      • In the DOD vignette that introduced Hugh Morrus, Sullivan told the Master that he was giving him "the man from the Isle of Nowhere," although Morrus was never actually billed from there. The Master also called Zodiac "the man from... the Zodiac!", which confused the issue on that one as well.
  • The Midnight Express were from "The Dark Side".
  • The Nasty Boys are from "Nastyville", of course.
  • The short-lived tag team New Breed (Chris Champion and Sean Royal) hailed from "The Future". They claimed that in the year 2002 robots were common and Dusty Rhodes was President of the United States, in case you were wondering whose idea this was.
  • The WCW tag team The Patriots (Firebreaker Chip and Todd Champion) were from "WCW Special Forces".
  • CHIKARA's The Super Smash Brothers were from "The Mushroom Kingdom".
  • Prairie Wrestling Alliance has five examples:
    • Andy Anderson "claims to be from anywhere but here" as do the Flat Liners Matt Burns and Asylum.
    • Brandon Van Danielson is a cowboy who "hails from a One Horse Town".
    • Priest is simply from "Parts Unknown".
    • Mephisto comes from the Darkest Depths of Hell (whence his manager Gentleman John Lynx would summon him).
    • Michael Blaze was "sent from Heaven to save the PWA".
  • Subverted by Abriella of Amazonia, who doesn't live in an Amazonian Cave anymore and moved, if you must know, to Dickson, Tennessee.
  • Tasha Simone is from "The Darker Side of Evil" (or Dallas Texas).
  • Jun Hado, who is billed from the "The Forbidden City, China", which is a subversion, as the forbidden city is part of Beijing.
  • Techno Destructo is from beyond Venus, beyond Jupiter, and that's way past Uranus.
  • Fighting out of the enchanted forest, taller than a stack of pancakes, leaner than a pint of ice cream, she is the squirrel girl, Solo Darling!
  • Flash Morgan Webster of Progress Wrestling is billed as being from "A Town Called Malice".
  • Lucha Underground has a quite a few of these:
    • Mil Muertes is billed from "Beyond The Grave."
    • Cage (who wrestles as Brian Cage elsewhere) is from the 559. This one is more averted in that it's his area code in California.
    • Son of Havoc (Matt Cross), Luchador biker, is from "The Open Road."
    • Argenis is from "The Heavens."
    • Drago is from The Netherworld.
    • Pindor and Vibora were from "When Reptiles Ruled The Earth."
    • High-flyer Aerostar comes from "The Cosmos."
    • Black Lotus and The Black Lotus Triad from The Far East.
  • Inverted by Ted DiBiase — he would often be introduced as "making his (season) residence in (exotic location)", which constantly changed to emphasize how filthy rich he was.
  • Athena is from known parts, the problem being her refusal to be limited to a single city.
  • Impact Wrestling's The Fraternity (Channing Decker & Trent Gibson) come from "The Fraternity House".
  • "The Galaxy's Greatest Alien" Kris Statlander is from "The Andromeda Galaxy."
  • Actually subverted by former CHIKARA wrestler The ShareCropper. While he would be announced from "The Topsoil of Mother Earth", everyone would talk about him being from North Platte, Nebraska.
  • CHIKARA's "Smooth Sailin'" Ashley Remington (Dalton Castle) was from "The Open Waters."
  • CHIKARA's "Mad Viking Warrior" Oleg The Usurper is from "Mount Pulpit Haven."
  • Australian wrestler JXT is billed from a real place (Melbourne, Australia), but his "weight" is announced as "over 4300 Instagram followers."
  • Team Sea Stars - Ashley Vox and Delmi Exo. Vox (who is supposedly a mermaid) is from "The Lost City of Atlantis," and Delmi Exo (supposedly an alien) is from "Planet Exo," and as a team from "Planet Intergalactica." Their weight has been announced as "Five shooting stars."
  • Blind Rage from "Deathlehem, Pennsylvania".
  • Da Soul Touchaz, from "The Soul of America".
  • Sinn Bodhi, from "Wizard Beach, Las Vegas".
  • CHIKARA's Xyberhawx 2000, from "Xyberspace".
  • Sumie Sakai, from "Jersey Shore, Japan".
  • "The Queen of the Dinosaurs" Terra Calaway hails from "Isla Nublar"
  • Arachnaman (Brad Armstrong), from "Web City."
  • Sugar Dunkerton, from "Dunktown, USA".
  • WOW Women of Wrestling:
    • Beckie The Farmer's Daughter, from "Hog Hollow, NE"
    • Caged Heat, from "The Nevada State Correctional Facility"
    • Poison, from "The Toxic Unknown"
    • Ice Cold, from "The Deep Freeze"
    • Jacklyn Hyde, from "The Sanitarium"
    • The Disciplinarian, from "The Board of Education"
    • The Beast's hometown is just listed as "Unknown"
  • AEW:
    • Tag team Private Party hail from "A Location Where You Need an Invitation" and have a combined weight of "24 Ounces of Vodka Cranberry" (or "Cranberry Vodka"; both variations have been used).
    • Slacker wrestler Orange Cassidy is billed as being from "...Wherever" and weighing in at "...Whatever".
    • During title defenses, Kenny Omega is billed as not being from North Carolina (as he gets a long entrance speech on Dynamite which has a recurring mention of that state) but rather Winnipeg, Manitoba. In the same vein, he has been announced as hailing 2,000 miles from North Carolina.
    • Infinito is "from the infinite universe, from the beginning and end of time", and weighs "more than you could possibly imagine".
    • The Very Nice, Very Evil Danhausen is from Someplace Far Away and weighs at least 300 lbs.
  • Lady Frost is from the ice gardens of Babbington Estates (aka Washington DC) and weighs in at ten thousand snowflakes (we'll get back to you).
  • Notorious Nadi has an official weight of "Slim Thickness".
  • A wrestler named Chicken Neck (he worked the northeast indy circuit in the mid 90s) hailed from Perdue Farms, Maryland (a real place) but weighed in at "$2.59 a pound"
  • The Blackhearts of All Japan and Herb Abrams' UWF (featuring David Heath) were billed as being from "Everywhere and Nowhere".

    Live-Action TV 
  • Deconstructed in the Murdoch Mysteries episode "Crabtree Mania". One of the wrestlers in a local stable is Vurugu from Parts Unknown, who dresses like the 1900s crowd would expect someone from Darkest Africa to look. Once they learn that he's actually an African American from Indianapolis, Crabtree comments that "parts unknown" doesn't really make sense: since it's unlikely Vurugu left "parts unknown" on his own and turned up at Toronto railway station in his furs and bone necklace; someone would have had to explore these parts to find him, at which point they would become known.

    Video Games 
  • Soul series:
    • The series employs this a fair bit, which is quite odd considering the (heightened) real world setting and detailed bios provided for most characters. Examples include Algol, Edgemaster and Zasalamel. However, these characters represent very ancient civilizations, so they're trickier to categorize.
    • It's odder when this is applied to characters like Tira and ZWEI, who were both born within the same timeframe as their series contemporaries, although ZWEI's design and fighting style, using a summoned werewolf, is a shift into more of a fantasy-type character, perhaps explaining the need for this trope.
    • Viola takes the cake. Her official bio is especially whimsical, listing her birthplace as "a place of roses and lilies" and her blood type as "twisted strings of red and blue", which is in stark contrast to the more factual bios of the rest of the cast.
  • Street Fighter:
    • This is usually restricted to boss characters. M. Bison (Vega), Gill, and Seth are good examples. Other non-boss examples include the bizarre, enigmatic Q of Street Fighter III 3rd Strike fame, and platinum blonde Kid from the Future Ingrid. Both characters probably justify use of this, with each having a character shtick heavily revolving around a sense of otherwordly mystery.
    • This gets ramped right up in Street Fighter V, where six (Necalli, Rashid, F.A.N.G, Kolin, Ed and Falke) new characters are of ambiguous nationality, with no Word of God confirmation in their bios of exactly where they are from. Only one newbie, Laura, is definitively presented as being Brazilian — everyone else's nationality is ambiguous, or only subtly alluded to at best. This cycle of ambiguity was thankfully smashed towards the end of the second season of DLC characters, following the debuts of both Abigail (Canada) and Menat (Egypt), who incidentally represent brand new nations depicted in the series.
  • The Darkstalkers series has a handful of examples, although most characters avoid this as they are (for the most part) shout outs to legendary creatures from around the globe. Examples that play this straight include Donovan, who has a Buddhist priest vibe but whose birthplace is simply listed as "unknown" and B.B. Hood, whose bio at least narrows her birthplace down to somewhere in "Northern Europe".
  • Tekken 6 introduces us to Zafina, an exotic beauty who used to be listed as being "Indian" on the official English site. However, she's now listed as of "unknown" origin. Perhaps this was required due to her overall look being a cultural mish-mash; with an Indian fighting style, make-up and skin coloring, elements of American Indian costume design and a storyline that hints at ancient Egyptian origins. Word of God has clarified that she is "probably Egyptian".
  • The King of Fighters is king of this. A large chunk of the characters in the series have "unknown" listed against their birthplaces. 26 out of the 90 (non-powered/cloned) total characters have "unknown" listed under birthplace on the official site. Specifically, all the main villains, as well as their cohorts both present and former (the exception of the New Faces/Orochi Team and Krizalid, who all have listed birthplaces) fall under this, though there are a few others like Heidern, Vanessa, Shen Woo, Gatou, Jyazu, Love Heart and Xanadu.
  • Pokémon:
    • Pokémon that are snagged in Orre are stated to come from "a distant land". Pokémon Sun and Moon refers to Pokémon obtained in the Virtual Console releases of Pokémon Gold and Silver as coming from "a distant land in the good old days", rather than Johto.
    • Veilstone's Myth from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl describes an encounter with a Pokémon that disappears to a "place beyond seeing". One fan interpretation of this is that the Pokémon in question was Giratina, especially considering that Veilstone City is close to Turnback Cave (which houses a portal to the Distortion World).
    • There have been some variants of this in other games. For instance, in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, a Keldeo you can get via event is slated to come from "Lovely Place".
  • In some Wrestling Games, the player can choose to invoke this. It's possible to play it straight, or to give it a variant, such as "Your Darkest Fears" and "Wherever (S)He Wants".
  • Pro Wrestling lists the Amazon's nationality as "? ? ?"
  • In the same vein as Street Fighter, this is mostly averted in the similarly stereotype-drenched Punch-Out!! series. Most hail from real countries, although King Hippo and Mr. Dream hail from fictional places. The only ones who fit this are Rick & Nick Bruiser, whose home country is listed as "? ? ?"
  • Basically, all the Touhou Project's characters with non-Japanese names other than the Scarlet sisters (Europe), Hong Meiling (China), Seiga Kaku (China as well), Parsee Mizuhashi (implied to be Iranian) and Hecatia Lapislazuli (implied to be Greek, since she's based on the goddess Hecate) are this.
  • The Overwatch player characters Reaper and Bastion's official "Base of Operations" are both listed as "unknown". The former is a villainous mercenary that has taken careful steps to conceal any traces of his true identity, while the latter is one of many internationally mass-produced robots that simply Grew Beyond Their Programming. It's eventually revealed that Reaper hails from the United States.
  • If there is one global region that suffers from this the most, it is undoubtedly the Middle East and as noted above in many of the examples, there are a number of ambiguously Middle Eastern characters. That is, their design evokes the look of the region, and a few cultural clues may be mentioned. Examples include:
    • The incongruently name Sinclair from Art of Fighting 3 has an unmistakably Arabic look, complete with harem pants, head scarf, and a scimitar, although her country of origin remains unknown.
    • In yet another example, and one that was actually retconned, Pullum Purna of the Street Fighter EX series used to be officially listed as being from Saudi Arabia. However, when her bio was revamped via the official Capcom site, she was simply listed as "Middle Eastern".
  • HuniePop gives believable nationalities to all of the game's suitors, with the exception of the four Secret Characters, three of which have fantastical origins, and one whose place of origin is a mystery even to herself.
  • Dual Blades: While six of the ten characters in this game, released in 2002, have specific nationalities (two from the Ottomon Empire, one from Japan (two with a new character introduced in its sequel Slashers: The Power Battle), one from the Kazakh Khanate, and one from the United States) and one other is fantastical in origin, three others are not specified with those being Shin (somewhere in eastern Asia), Rungard (somewhere in central Europe), and Duke Andre (also somewhere in around the Mediterranean part of Europe). The former two are explicitly evil and thus the developers, based in Turkey, decided not to risk being seen as vilifying residents of whatever countries or historical predecessor states of current countries they would have been from and in the case of the Duke (named Andre in Slashers), who is established as a Christian knight who takes part in wars against Muslim countries, was likely because of concerns about proverbially picking at old wounds in light of the September 11 terrorist attacks a year before.
  • Valkyria Chronicles has Vyse and Aika, two main characters from Skies of Arcadia, in a playable cameo. Their bios reflect this by implying that they're from some unknown place outside the Europan continent.
  • Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Damien Black hails from "unknown origin".

    Western Animation 
  • Parodied in the Futurama episode "Raging Bender" when Bender's opponent is introduced during a Ultimate Robot Fighting League match:
    Referee: "And in this corner, from and made of parts unknown, the Clearcutter!"

    Real Life