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Seen here at his most enthusiastic.

Hailing from... wherever and weighing... whatever, this is "Freshly Squeezed" Orange Cassidy. Describe him here.

Or don't.


Orange Cassidy (real name James Cipperly, born in May 4, 1984) is an American professional wrestler currently working for All Elite Wrestling after a very long career in the indies, particularly with the now-defunct CHIKARA promotion as part of the ever-popular The Colony stable as Fire Ant. But he only really made it big as a indie sensation under the name of Orange Cassidy, for his truly unique style of wrestling: Sloth Style.

The general concept of Orange Cassidy (and his Sloth Style) is very simply that he's a almost supernaturally detached, lethargic slacker (both physically and in personality) living in the incredibly intense and athletic world of Professional Wrestling and being almost fervorously dedicated to his detached laziness outside of the ring as well as inside it (such as executing maneuvers with his hands inside his pockets, which is actually a lot more difficult than just doing them normally). However, much like a Sloth's slowness hides its razor-sharp claws and fast swimming speed, Cassidy's incredibly slow and telegraphed lazy moves hide a incredibly athletic edge that he shows just when his foe (and the crowd) least expects it. You never quite know what to expect when you're watching (and wrestling) "Freshly Squeezed" Orange Cassidy, the King of Sloth style.


Orange Cassidy made his way to nascent promotion All Elite Wrestling in 2019, becoming one of the promotions breakout stars for his truly one-of-a-kind style and character, having a particularly strong fanbase with the younger crowd.

Without a doubt one of the most passionate, energetic, and enthusiastic professional wrestlers going in the modern era, Cassidy is a chilled out fellow who just so happens to be one of the best wrestlers on planet earth... when he cares to be.

As usual, The Other Wiki has a more in-depth breakdown of his career.


Freshly Squeezed Tropes":

  • Animal Motifs: Often compared to a sloth.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: Cassidy is a fantastic wrestler, able to be both technical and high-flying note  at the same time... when he's motivated. The problem is that he's so laid back he barely puts any effort into what he does, largely just using it to get out of rest holds or tests of strength so he can get back to lounging, until someone snaps him out of it. Which is usually a bad idea.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: Cassidy's shtick is pretty funny, but when he actually is snapped out of his stupor, it usually ends poorly for whoever he's facing.
  • Comical Overreacting: Not so much him as everyone else. The crowd sells his little mini shin taps like he just delivered Sweet Chin Music, or him putting his hands in his pockets as if Hulk Hogan was pumping his pythons. Of course the secret to Cassidy's gimmick is that (with the exception of Jungle Boy at Double or Nothing) his opponents don't actually sell his "devastating offence", usually just staring at him in bewilderment or amusement as he casually taps their ankles, which is what makes it all the more effectively shocking when he actually starts to try.
  • Cool Shades: It's more likely that they will fall off during a match than he will take them off. If they do, someone else will place them back on his head for him, or he'll pluck a new pair from his pocket. It helps him maintain his cool-as-a-cucumber countenance. Of course, if he takes them off himself, then he has more in his bag of tricks than taps on the leg or dropkicks while keeping his hands in his pockets.
  • Covered in Gunge: Did this to Chris Jericho on an episode of Dynamite shortly after losing to him at Fyter Fest 2020. After listening to Jericho diss him from backstage, and coming into the arena to listen to some more from him, he had Jericho and the Inner Circle drenched in orange juice dropped from the rafters. To add further humiliation, the towel that Jericho received from ringside to wipe himself off was an Orange Cassidy towel.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: This is Cassidy's whole gig where he tricks his opponent into thinking that he can't do much when he's actually got a lot of tricks to pull from his sleeve. Having his opponents underestimate him is his ace in the hole.
  • Finishing Move: Beach Break (Belly-to-Back Piledriver), Mousetrap pin.
  • Graceful Loser: Even when losing matches, Cassidy isn't too concerned about that. What's important for him is to bring entertainment to the fans and they love him.
  • Hidden Depths: Cassidy had a lot to say about global warming, and very quickly, which shocked Jericho since he didn't bother to answer questions during The Debate about wrestling.
  • I Shall Taunt You: It's clear that the lazy act is partly because he really couldn't give a rat's ass, and partly to piss his opponents off, because if he wants to hurt you, he'll drop the lazy act and just hit you.
  • Laborious Laziness: His Sloth Style is based on laziness and seemingly low-effort moves, but some of it actually requires more work (most notably, wrestling with your hands inside your pockets requires a immense deal of effort to execute acrobatic moves properly).
  • Lethal Joke Character: Constantly mocked by heels as being utterly useless, but pushed top stars Chris Jericho and PAC to their absolute limits. Despite a relatively slim frame and keeping a lot of his moveset tucked away for a motivational day, Cassidy uses his incredible agility to reverse out of any move and turn it into a counter-attack to even the odds against arguably superior foes.
  • Let's Get Dangerous!: Orange Cassidy is usually a comedic, lazy, lethargic wrestler who barely puts in any effort...but he it's only a matter of time befpre he flips a switch to incredible athleticism if he's pressured enough.
  • Mundane Made Awesome: He gets the crowd (and fellow wrestlers — ask Jungle Boy) cheering or reacting with fake horror by Cherry Tapping opponents with gentle kicks to the shin, since the spectators play the act up as truly devastating or potentially career-ending. The crowd also get raucous when he lifts his hands in the air to simply place them in his pockets.
  • Not So Stoic:
    • He laughed at PAC's expense during their match because he kept rolling out of the ring to avoid a top-of-the-turnbuckle move. Since then he has been known to break into smiles when trolling his opponents, such as repeatedly putting his hands in his pockets while Peter Avalon tried to keep him in various holds.
    • When he is involved in a non-scripted segment on Being the Elite, it is pretty common to see him Corpsing.
  • Parts Unknown: Billed from "...wherever", and weighing "...whatever".
  • Power Stable: As Orange Cassidy, he was part of the Gentleman's Club, and as Fire Ant, he was part of the Colony.
  • The Quiet One: Almost never vocalizes.
  • Red Baron: 'The King of Sloth Style'. Also a Shout-Out to Shinsuke Nakamura.
  • Signature Move: Orange Punch, Mouse Trap (A modified La Magistral cradle)
  • Ship Tease: With Kris Statlander of all people on Being the Elite.
  • The Slacker: His entire character is defined by his lethargic nature.
  • Smarter Than You Look: Just because Cassidy is a slacker, that doesn't make him stupid. He is, for example, very well educated on issues of global warming and rising sea levels.
  • The Stoic: He has one facial expression and it's a mixture of boredom and disdain for everyone except The Best Friends. It was finally subverted in the 2020 AEW Revolution match against Pac when he burst out in laughter at the latter's frustration before unleashing a flurry of offensive manoeuvres unlike anything he'd performed in AEW before.
  • Stylistic Suck: His titantron is just his name written in black sharpie on a piece of white paper. His merch is an uncropped photo of himself on an otherwise plain white t-shirt. Even his pyro is just a couple of half-hearted spurts of sparks and smoke.

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