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The Draw

Sami Callihan (born Samuel Alton Johnston on September 1, 1987 at Bellefontaine, Ohio) is a all-rounder/brawler-style professional wrestler trained by Les Thatcher, Cody Hawk and Shark Boy, currently performing for Impact Wrestling and Major League Wrestling as Sami Callihan and Lucha Underground as Jeremiah Snake. He also had a stint on the NXT brand of WWE as Solomon Crowe.

Aside from those promotions he also fought on Dragon Gate USA', Combat Zone Wrestling, EVOLVE, Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Full Impact Pro and All American Wrestling. He has... quite the amount of accolades, some of which are: 1x CZW New Horror Championship, 2x CZW World Junior Heavyweight Championship, 1x CZW Ultraviolent Underground Championship, 1x wXw World Tag Team Championship (with Jon Moxley), 3x AAW Heavyweight Championship, 1x AIW Tag Team Championship (with Matt Riot), 1x NWA Force One Heavyweight Title, and 1x Lucha Underground Trios Championship (with Daga and Kobra Moon). He also won wXw's 16 Carat Gold Tournament in 2011, CZW's Best of the Best XI (2012), was placed #52 on PWI 500 in 2012, and won Impact Wrestling's "Moment of the Year" (breaking Eddie Edwards's face with a baseball bat) and "Wrestler of the Year" awards in 2018.


As usual, you can find more info about him on that other wiki, Cagematch and WrestlingData.

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    As Sami Callihan 
  • Arch-Enemy:
    • Adam Cole, during their time in CZW.
    • Eddie Edwards in Impact, a feud that even involved Eddie's wife Alisha.
    • Pentagon Jr. in Impact, after he illegally unmasked him and both squared into a Mask Vs. Hair match at Slammiversary XVI with the latter losing his hairline
  • Ax-Crazy: His character in most promotions, even for CZW standards which were already high to begin with! Sami Callihan is an obsessive, egoistical, Darwinist madman with a poor sense of reason. There are lots of violent sadists and masochists to run through that promotion, but he has seemingly lost all manner of rational thinking that doesn't involve hitting things, and even on that part it's hard to be sure.
  • Bald of Evil: After his hair got shaved by Pentagon Jr and Fenix at Slammiversary XVI.
  • Bash Brothers: With Jon Moxley, especially in the German westside Xtreme wrestling promotion, where they were tag team champions.
  • Batter Up!: His Weapon of Choice in several promotions.
  • Bored with Insanity: He had long come to realize he was little "weird" by the time EVOLVE started up but had also come to embrace it, loudly updating anyone who would listen about his ever changing obsessions. Then he got suspended for attacking El Generico and was deeply remorseful, vowing to go on a Redemption Quest to make up for it during his banned days. It wasn't until Dave Finlay beat some sense in Sami that he realized obsession and insanity were problems though. And despite gaining a desire to be sane, he still really wasn't.
  • Crossover Punchline: His stalking of Daizee Haze in the International Wrestling Cartel included attacking students of the ROH Dojo, which Haze was head trainer of alongside Delirious, and leaving cameras/switchblades in its facilities.
  • Defeating the Undefeatable: Become the only person to pin Brian Cage at Bound For Glory 2018.
  • Deliberately Monochrome: His self admitted "weird videos".
  • Finishing Move: A Double Underhook Piledriver called "Cranial Contusion", a Headlock Driver called "Jobber Clobber" and an Over-the-Shoulder Single Leg Boston Crab called "Stretch Muffler".
  • Garbage Wrestler: His specialty.
  • Insane Troll Logic: He mentioned a video game that featured every member of the roster but couldn't remember its name, just that more people were playing as him online than as Johnny Gargano as a reason of why he deserved a shot at DGUSA's Open The Freedom Gate Championship.
  • The Insomniac: He became one due to him obsessing about not getting a shot at Johnny Gargano for the Open The Freedom Gate Championship Belt.
  • Irony: In Dragon Gate USA and EVOLVE, both Callihan and Jon Moxley as foils, with Callihan declaring he was sick of independent wrestling and trying to get the attention of Dragon Gate proper, while Moxley was defending the honor of independent wrestlers against the ragon Gate regulars and their fans. Furthermore, both of them were called to the big leagues, but while Moxley (now as Dean Ambrose) reached peaks of success no other CZW wrestler ever managed to do, Callihan (now as Solomon Crowe) only lasted a few years before asking for his release because the writers didn't knew what to do with him.
  • Knight of Cerebus: While the Crist brothers presented themselves as being violent and ominous from the very beginning, one could be forgiven for not thinking much of it beyond a stylistic choice when they were simply enduring everything LAX was throwing at them for months. As soon as Callihan entered the picture, however, oVe promptly shifted gears and changed the name of the game from "good vs. evil" to "gang warfare", causing a Face/Heel Double-Turn as LAX became the de facto faces via popularity.
  • Leitmotif:
  • Light-Flicker Teleportation: In his JAPW promotional packages against Corvis Fear. Unlike most examples Callihan's videos are strictly a result of him being off his rocker.
  • The Mentor: Trained Eric Deshields, Jon Barber and Kris Levin.
  • Older Hero vs. Younger Villain: Dave Finlay vs. Callihan in EVOLVE. In this case, it was the "hero" going after "the villain" in an effort to redeem him.
  • Parts Unknown: As both Sami Callihan and Jeremiah Crane/Snake, he was billed from The Last House on the Left in some promotions.
  • Power Stable:
    • "Catch Hoolz", with WALTER, Terry Frazier, Sha Samuels, Jon Ryan and Tatsuhito Takaiwa.
    • "The Crew" with Jon Moxley, Pepper Parks, Dick Rick and Eric Darkside in Heartland Wrestling.
    • "Killer Kult", with Irish Airborne (Dave and Jake Crist), JT Davidson, Jessicka Havok and Abyss.
    • "The New Regime", with Joe Gacy, Ryan Slater, Rich Swann and Niles Young.
    • "OI4K"note , with Irish Airborne, Alex Colon, Nevaeh, Ron Mathis, Dustin Rayz, Eric Ryan, Gerome Phillips and Jon Murray.
    • "Snot", with Azrieal, Kris Rex, Kevin Matthews, Mario Bokara and Flag Boy.
    • "Stamos Syndicate", with Stevie Stamos, Frankie Arion, Chris Battle, Anthony Battle and Ricky Reyes.
    • "Uncle John's Friends", with AR Fox, Darby Allin and Dave Crist.
    • Once "Madman" Sawyer Fulton joined "oVe" (TNA's rendition of OI4K), the trio became a stable.
  • Power Trio:
    • "The Dirty Ugly Fucks (DUF)", with Pinkie Sánchez and Arik Cannon, in Dragon Gate USA.
    • "Extraordinary Gentlemen of Wrestling", with Big Ric Cannon and Louis Linaris.
    • The initial Impact rendition of OI4K as "oVe" ("Ohio Versus Everything") with Irish Airborne.
    • "The Switchblade Conspiracy" with Jon Moxley and Joe Gacy.
  • Red Baron: "The Callihan Death Machine", "The New Horror", "The Draw".
  • Redemption Quest: He claimed he would go on one to better himself after being suspended from EVOLVE and Dragon Gate USA, following his attack on El Generico.
  • Reluctant Psycho: During the later stages of his EVOLVE career, though it started when he was suspended for attacking El Generico. He was still obsessive and Ax-Crazy but was trying to settle down and focus on wrestling.
  • Shaky P.O.V. Cam: He's infamous for his self admitted "weird videos". And yes, these have included "point of view" assaults, such as in the International Wrestling Cartel when he went so far as to trespass on Ring of Honor's facility grounds in order to attack their dojo students for getting close to Daizee Haze, one of ROH's then head trainers and then focus of Callihan's obsessions. Haze was initially fearful and paranoid until Callihan left a camera behind in an effort not to be caught by other head trainer Delirious. On seeing it Haze instantly realized Callihan was who they were dealing with.
  • Signature Move: Bicycle Kick, a Butterfly Piledriver called "Cranial Contusion", a Cradle Tombstone Piledriver called "Cradle Killer", Curb Stomp, Death Valley Driver, Exploder Suplex, Forearm Smash, Koji Clutch, Lariat, Sitout Powerbomb and Springboard Clothesline.
  • Split Personality: A rare case of a performer who portrays different characters in different promotions acknowledging them both at once. Sami Callihan refused to accept the challenge to a rematch against Eddie Edwards in an "I Quit!" match during the Impact vs. Lucha Underground crossover event at WrestleCon. Jeremiah Crane accepted instead. The instantaneous transformation from violent thug to outright psychopath is genuinely frightening, and if you thought Callihan was bad, Crane was worse.
  • Tag Team:
    • "American Nasty Boys", with Drake Younger.
    • "Death Machines", with Jessicka Havok.
    • "Grits 'N Gravy", with Michael Elgin.
    • "Satanic and Profitable", with Alex Zikos.
    • "Switchblade Saints", with Matt Riot.
    • "The Twins", with Brian Cage.
    • "United States Death Machine", with Chris Dickinson.
  • Talking to Themself: Sort of. He hears voices, but rather than answer, it seems he tries to drown them out, not that this ever stops him from doing what they want, he and his voices seem to ultimately have the same goals.
  • Thinking Out Loud: He has a tendency to announce his attentions or otherwise say plans or let out random musings he's better off keeping to himself.
  • Third-Person Person: Subverted in EVOLVE, where he seemed to be referring to himself in third person but was revealed to be in conversation with himself.
  • Tournament Arc: Full rundown here. Here are his victories:
    • wXw's "World Tag Team Title Tournament 2009" with Jon Moxley.
    • Full Impact Pro's "Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup 2010".
    • wXw's "16 Carat Gold Tournament 2011".
    • MCW's "Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup 2011".
    • CZW's "Best of the Best '11".
    • IWC's "Super Indy XI" (2012).
    • AAW's "Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament 2018".
  • Would Hit a Girl: Has stalked Eddie Edwards's wife Alisha to her hotel room just to rattle her husband. Ended up fighting said husband in the hotel hallway.
  • You Have Failed Me: On the receiving end, at MLW: Salina De La Renta punished him for his failure to take out Tom Lawlor by forcing him into a Falls Count Anywhere match against LA Park, which Park won after spearing Callihan through several chairs.

    As Solomon Crowe 
  • Animal Motifs: Crows, obviously.
    • He's described himself as a honey badger/ratel.
  • Anime Hair: His initial hairdo is best described as... a Vegeta cosplay Gone Horribly Wrong.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall/Interface Screw: Whenever he hacks the show, he doesn't just hack the Titantron, he hacks the show itself.
  • Catch-Phrase:
    • "This is not a test" comes up a lot in his videos and is even heard in his entrance theme.
    • (At the end of a promo or match) "We now return you to your regularly scheduled broadcast/programming."
  • The Cracker
  • Cloudcuckoolander: There's something indeterminately... off about him. The hair, the way he appears to be trying to ram the microphone into his own skull during promos, the unorthodox style and finishing move... oh, and the fact that he screws around with NXT's display setups for kicks and giggles.
  • Hollywood Hacking
  • Put on a Bus: He debuted the hacker gimmick at a live show... and that's all we heard from him (officially) for months, though he wrestled a lot of dark matches and house shows.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Signed to NXT, trained, debuted a malicious hacker gimmick that looked to be going somewhere... then promptly disappeared, reappearing over a year later.

    As Jeremiah Crane/Snake 
See his tropes at the LU character page.

Alternative Title(s): Solomon Crowe, Jeremiah Crane


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