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George Gray (born February 12, 1960) is a semi-retired American Professional Wrestler from Spartanburg, SC best known for his work in the 1980s as The One Man Gang and as Akeem the African Dream. He started at the age of 17 in the independent scene and worked in a variety of territories primarily around the South under such names as Crusher Grey, Crusher Broomfield and Panama Gang. He started using the name the One Man Gang in the early 1980s in Mid-South, and also worked for World Class Championship Wrestling and various National Wrestling Alliance territories. He arrived in WWE in 1987 as a member of Slick's stable and made his PPV debut in the Team Andre vs. Team Hulk match at Survivor Series. In late 1988, he was reintroduced as "Akeem the African Dream," having supposedly rediscovered his "African" roots. This lasted until he left the company in 1990. He also had a couple of runs with WCW and also competed briefly for ECW as well as for many independents, including teaming with Demolition as Team WWF in CHIKARA's 2008 King of Trios Tournament in a losing effort against the Fabulous Three ("Sweet N Sour" Larry Sweeney, Buck Hawke and Mitch Ryder). Among his in-ring achievements, he is a former 1x WCW United States Heavyweight Champion.


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