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The Heartwarming Moments page is for post-viewing discussion, so all spoilers are unmarked per wiki policy.

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    Total Drama Island 
  • Lindsay and Tyler, the very first Official Couple of the entire show, formed in the first episode, being the only known pairing from Camp TV to persist into the show proper, and, despite statistically having spent the least amount of time onscreen as a couple due to Tyler's We Hardly Knew Ye in season 1, not playing in season 2, Lindsay becoming the example of We Hardly Knew Ye by virtue of being on Team Victory in season 3, and Tyler again not competing in All Stars (though admittedly, Lindsay didn't exactly last more than one episode), they have the honor of having lasted the absolute longest out of any Total Drama couple, as well as being the only major couple in the first three seasons to never permanently break up, aside from Geoff and Bridgette, or to face any serious drama. Things must be absolutely wonderful between them.
    • The fact that despite Lindsay's inability to remember who he was for almost two seasons, Tyler never once considered breaking up with her for it. His patience with and devotion to Lindsay is just incredible.
  • Pick a Gwen and Trent moment. Any Gwen and Trent moment. These were essential for Gwen's Defrosting Ice Queen plot, and really showed how the two brought out the best in each other. The best were their first kiss, their final words before Trent leaves the island, and the final episode. But the best of the best was the alternate ending when Trent's feelings for Gwen helped her get back on her feet and win.
    • Gwen's friendship with Bridgette and Leshawna. The three were such good friends and very supportive of each other throughout the season despite their completely different backgrounds (which also played a big role in Gwen's defrosting). It's a shame their sisterhood was never revisited in later seasons.
  • Cody loves Gwen so much that he's willing to forgo any chance of her being with him in order to help her get together with her crush, Trent, knowing that as long as she's happy, he's happy.
  • A minor example, but Bridgette's often-overlooked friendship with Courtney counts. Courtney's behaviour makes her incredibly hated amongst the other contestants, and Bridgette is pretty much the only person who actually likes her (even Duncan eventually got fed up with Courtney's attitude in later seasons). It's a really great example of how sweet and easygoing Bridgette is that she gets along well with even the likes of Courtney. Sadly, like a lot of the great friendships of the first season, it was forgotten in later seasons as Bridgette ended up falling Out of Focus and Courtney started interacting mainly with Gwen instead.
  • In the first elimination ceremony of the season, Geoff makes a friendly wave and smile to Bridgette, causing her to have a slight giggling fit at the sight of it. Not only is it cute, but the two have only known each other for one day, and already one can sense the love in the air between them.
  • Courtney gently coaxing Duncan through his fear and telling him it's okay if he cant't do it in "Phobia Factor", in contrast to her usual bossy attitude. And it could be implied that Duncan prevented the Bass from voting her off.
    • Also upon Tyler's elimination when the rest of the team is making fun of him, Courtney tells them to cut it out, seeing how heartbroken he is by the elimination and being in the same boat earlier that day.
    • At the start of the episode, we have Bridgette comforting Sadie as the latter weeps over Katie's elimination.
  • Bridgette deciding to keep Geoff's love present at the end of "Up the Creek". Also the gift itself, as corny as it was (and kind of bad idea to give to a girl you haven't started dating), it is actually quite sweet.
  • Harold helping Bridgette feel better about the hunting theme of the challenge in "Paintball Deer Hunter". Bridgette, as an animal lover, opposes hunting, so it was really sweet of Harold to help her feel more comfortable with the idea of using pretend firearms and shooting pretend animals. It's also a good example of how Bridgette and Harold are in fact quite friendly with each other (given that Bridgette seems to be the only camper who actually respects Harold), as well as a Funny Moment because Harold points out that they get to shoot Heather and that's what makes Bridgette light up to the whole thing.
    • Chris makes a point of clarifying that Cody needs the medical tent after getting mauled by a bear. A rare Pet the Dog moment for Chris showing he has at least a bit of concern for those who get seriously heart.
    • Beth giving the injured Cody a farewell kiss on the cheek when they reach the Dock of Shame. Interpret it as platonic or otherwise, but it's definitely a cute moment between these two adorkable characters. Becomes a Funny Moment when Cody's wheelchair then ends up rolling into the water.
  • A small one from "The Sucky Outdoors". Remember when Courtney woke up cuddling with Duncan? If you look closely, you can see Bridgette and Geoff in the background doing the same thing.
  • Duncan replacing DJ's pet bunny, and the spiel afterwards when he says his dog ran away when he was six, and he didn't want DJ to go through the same thing.
    • In the same episode, Bridgette and Geoff enjoying a swim together after the sushi challenge. Not only is it sweet to watch them grow closer, but it's a great example of those little moments where the teens get time to be normal teens and don't have to deal with the stresses of reality TV. It's just a nice and refreshing change of pace to have something down-to-earth occur in a show known more for its craziness.
    • Katie and Sadie's triumphant reuniting. What make this more heartwarming is that Chris probably planned for this despite his love of torturing the contestants on a daily basis.
  • Harold revealing to Leshawna that he wrote all the love-notes she had been receiving, followed by the two embracing on the Dock of Shame. It didn't last very long between these two, but still so sweet at the time nonetheless.
    Leshawna: Baby, you some kind of freaky.
    Harold: Give daddy some sugar!
    • Even the way she said "That was you?" after finding out he wrote that poem showed that she was touched.
    • In the same episode, Gwen and Bridgette making up and hugging each other after deciding not to argue over which of the two the love notes are for.
  • Duncan and Courtney's first kiss. Even if you don't like the pairing, it's a sweet moment. As is her promise to never forget him after actually LIKING his parting gift (a miniature skull).
  • Trent and Gwen's first kiss. Heck, it even warmed Chris's black, near-nonexistent heart.
  • "Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon":
    • Geoff finally getting along with Gwen. After an entire episode of the two fighting, Gwen confesses she wished she was like him (really social and party-loving.) Geoff then promises her that he'll take her to a party once the show's over.
    • Gwen returning the camera to Geoff. He notices there's only one picture left, and takes a picture of Gwen and himself right before he has to get on the Boat of Losers.
    • When the group has to stack wooden heads of the ousted campers into totem poles, Heather and Owen are chained together. Heather spends the whole challenge insulting all of them, and Owen (who is chained to her) just sits there passively. Then Heather makes the mistake of insulting Izzy. Owen is so furious with her that he does exactly what she wouldn't want him to do: He forfeits. On purpose.
    • When Chris notices that Duncan craved a heart onto the back of Courtney's head and begins to make fun of him, Leshawna knocks him out with another head and tells Duncan that there is nothing wrong.
  • DJ's elimination in "Hook, Line, and Screamer". Chris tells him that he will be missed, and Owen calls for a group hug. Everybody joins in, even Gwen, Duncan, and Heather, showing just how beloved DJ was.
  • Chef and Chris's hug in "Camp Castaways".
  • Gwen and Heather putting aside their differences to laugh at Chris together.
    Gwen: (nudges Heather) Oh c'mon, you got to be a little bit happy to see them get dunked.
    Heather: No. Yeah... (smiles slightly) A bit... (chuckles)
  • Gwen tells Owen that if she wins, she's splitting the money with him. And she would have honored the agreement if Chris hadn't screwed her over in the alternative Total Drama Drama Drama special. If she wins in the alternative opening, she agrees to use some of her share to throw a party.
  • In the last episode of the season, Gwen admits that she wasn't that much fond of nearly everyone on the island, even Geoff, whom she even befriended before his elimination. She does, however, admits she was lucky to have met some "Sane" people along the way, which evidently shows Bridgette, Leshawna, DJ, Owen and Cody.
    • Cody is most surprising, seeing he was the most shameless obsessive towards her. However, the stunt he pulled in order for Trent and Gwen to have some alone time gave him some major friendship points in Gwen's eyes that goes as far in World Tour. In her eyes, Cody became a good friend.
    • Owen is another surprising case, given that his personality and behaviour would lead one to expect Gwen to put him in the same categories as she did nearly everyone else. It seems Gwen really gained a genuine fondness for the big guy as the season went on, especially after the two teamed up against Heather in the penultimate episode. It's not unlike what happened between her and Geoff earlier.
  • The video care packages, while mostly hilarious, shows how much the contestants' parents (except Heather's) love them. Duncan's mom defends him when his dad accuses him of being a criminal, Owen's parents gush over how proud they are of him, and Gwen's mom misses her so much that she hired a neighbor girl to act like her all the time (and her brother assures her that he had no part in it). Also, supplementary material reveals that Gwen's brother convinced her to try out for Total Drama Island in the first place.
  • Harold and Heather in the one hour special. After she loses the million dollars and is left being attacked by beavers, she breaks down to Harold that she doesn't like being the one everyone hates. Harold is able to deduce why she pushes everyone away, manages to make her laugh while she's crying (again, this is Heather ), and offers to team up with her again (for a 60/40 split). He also offers to be friends with her after the show, but she grimaces to the camera at the idea.
    • The fact that Harold, of all people, was the only person willing to give Heather a second chance after everything she had done on the show. Also how he showed genuine sympathy towards her as she cried about how she dislikes being hated all the time, which really demonstrates how much of a Nice Guy he is despite his pompous know-it-all tendencies (although Heather unfortunately doesn't seem to reciprocate his kindness).
  • Speaking of the one hour special, Izzy, Noah and Eva's alliance—easily one of the most stable alliances in the episode despite the trio seemingly being a ticking timebomb of incompatibility. Tellingly, Izzy and Noah's friendship ended up carrying over to later episodes (though Eva, sadly, ended up Out of Focus).

    Total Drama Action 
  • Even though she considered it creepy, Trent going all out for Gwen at the beginning of the season, including risking a million dollars just so her team can win, is pretty dedicated and sweet. Even if it did cause their breakup.
  • In "Ocean's Eight - Or Nine", when Owen is unfairly eliminated, his team (excluding Courtney) is genuinely sad about his departure, and asks him to give a speech. After giving his speech, where he thanks his teammates, they all give him their Gilded Chrises.
    Lindsay: We love you Owen!
    Justin: This Chris is for you!
    • Another one involving Owen. When he's brought back as The Mole, he feels guilty because Duncan, Harold, Lindsay, and Beth are his friends...Oh, and Courtney's okay.
  • In the second Aftermath, DJ gives Bridgette a kiss on the cheek before sitting down for the show. It's a cute little moment that shows how close they (and Geoff, considering he allowed him to do that) really are as friends, and what a gentleman DJ is.
    • There was also the moment when Trent stood up for Gwen when Geoff attempted to dunk her in the piranha tank, saying flat out that he only had himself to blame for losing the game.
    • Bridgette refusing to let Gwen be subjected to Geoff's piranha dunk tank, in stark contrast to the previous Aftermath episode where she placed the blame squarely on Gwen for Trent's elimination. It also really shows how caring Bridgette is that even when she didn't approve of Gwen's actions, she still didn't want to see her getting punished for them.
  • Leshawna forgiving Harold after he displays immense guilt for getting her voted off in "Super Hero-ld". This and other moments really show how as much as Leshawna insists she and Harold will only be just friends, the two clearly care about each other just as much as an actual couple would.
  • Bridgette forgiving Geoff and getting back together with him at the end of the third Aftermath after she finally gets him to stop with his "Captain Hollywood" act. As Owen remarks, their relationship really has a spark in it... and then he accidentally shocks the two of them and causes a blackout ("Oops. Sorry.").
    • In the same episode, Owen says that he thinks he is too critical of others. He immediately follows it up by complimenting how Bridgette's hoodie makes her eyes look really pretty. Bridgette (who has spent most of the episode angry and frustrated with Geoff's sadistic actions towards Owen) is visibly touched by his statement. It really shows how much of a genuine Nice Guy Owen is, even if he apparently doesn't feel that way about himself.
  • Justin giving his immunity to Courtney in "The Princess Pride".
  • Duncan and Harold for the majority of "Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen". While Duncan training Harold is exactly how you'd expect it to go, they start to get along during the second half of the challenge; Duncan catches Harold's hand before he drops his water, and Harold quotes Buddha when telling Owen why he does not want to sabotage Duncan. They even agree to split the reward and work together, until Chris presses Owen to break up their "love fest". Even after Harold falls for Owen's trick and punches Duncan, Duncan admits he's proud of "the little twerp" and their conflict is noticeably less intense in future episodes.
  • As mentioned above, Chef and Chris's little 'break up' in season 2 over money went from Tear Jerker to heartwarming, most evidently in "Mutiny on the Soundstage". Chris spends the entire episode crying because Chef is quitting the show (though he claims it's because of some onions he just so happened to be chopping) and Beth tells Chef later that Chris is really going to miss him. Chris finally comes clean and tells Chef this himself, they hug, and Chef decides to stay. Awwww!
  • The reveal that Brady is, in fact, REAL, coupled with him hugging Beth. Beth also says that even though she lost, Brady was the best prize she could have asked for.
  • A minor one, but in the ending in which Beth wins, after she gets knocked out by the million dollar case, the entire cast (sans Duncan and Courtney, who walked off) crowds around to make sure that she's OK.
  • Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special:
    • Josh and Blaineley rooting for Gwen during her online feud with Heather. After everything she went through in Action, it feels good to see someone supporting her again.
    Josh: If there's a fight between Heather and Gwen, I'm on Team Gwen all the way!
    Blaineley: Me too! Grumpy Gwen doesn't wear the teen uniform, she's weird and awesome and the total anti-Heather!
    • Katie and Sadie appearing on Gwen's blog and even wearing green outfits to the Gemmie Awards to support her message of going green. Seems like they've forgiven her for the Trent incident.
    • Chris is genuinely proud of the entire cast for being depraved enough to fight for their spotlight back. It even brings a tear to his eye and he says he loves "those crazy kids".
    • A minor one, but when Chef looks at the contestants from above after their bus crashes and says, "Huh, would you look at that. They're not dead," he's smiling. Looks like he does care about them after all.
    • While waiting to be rescued, several of the contestants can be seen sleeping together, including Courtney and Duncan, Leshawna and Harold, and Noah and Cody.
    • Chris saving the cast from dying of starvation in the desert via helicopter.

    Total Drama World Tour 
  • Lindsay FINALLY remembering Tyler in Germany (pictured), coupled with Tyler jumping up into the new pink sky filled with heart-shaped clouds, and screaming a Big "YES!". Sure, he blew the song, but it was so SWEET!
  • While we're on the topic of songs, how about Oh, My Izzy? It was sad, but Owen going back and remembering all the good times he had with Izzy before the break-up was so sweet it tasted like diabetes.
    • Gwen putting a comforting hand on Owen's shoulder after he finishes his song. She clearly felt just as bad for Owen as a lot of viewers did after the break-up and the song. It's also a good example of how the snarky and cynical Gwen truly does have a soft spot for the goofy and boisterous Owen.
  • The songs Baby (Harold singing to Leshawna) and I'm Sorry (Bridgette to Geoff) were the sweetest love songs ever sung in a cartoon. If they're not proof of how much the singers genuinely do love the ones they're singing to, then what is?
    • Bridgette and Geoff reconciling after the former was seduced by Alejandro. Bridgette showed massive amounts of remorse for what happenednote , and it's really sweet to see how in the Total Drama Smackdown segment, they realized that neither could bring themselves to hit each other because they still do truly love each other. Afterwards, the two just forget about it and move on as happy as ever, continuing their relationship with a stronger bond than before. The love between them truly is an enduring one.
    • Beth helping Bridgette muster up the confidence to go up to Geoff and apologize to him for letting Alejandro overwhelm hernote . Bridgette felt absolutely horrible for what she did and was too ashamed and guilty to face Geoff, while Geoff refused to acknowledge Bridgette at all, so it's sweet to see Beth encourage the couple to confront each other and make up for the sake of saving the relationship, unlike Blaineley who just wanted to exploit their crisis and worsen it for ratings. It was a really good thing for Beth to do.
  • After Noah gets rejected by Bridgette for trying to cuddle up with her in the Yukon, Owen rushes over and keeps his friend warm, much to Noah's displeasure.
    Owen: You can cuddle me, buddy!
  • "The Am-AH-Zon Race".
    • Team Victory's first actual victory in "The Am-AH-Zon Race". For once, Lindsay and DJ had relatively very few problems throughout the challenge; even DJ's curse was activated by the animals, not by DJ himself. They believed in each other, and the peck that Lindsay gives DJ at the end of the episode is incredibly sweet.
    • Despite their hostile relationship, Chef and Chris recruited actors to play the Zing-Zings and instructed them to treat Heather like a goddess. They even gave them a golden tooth to replace the one she lost in previous challenge, which was something Heather was really insecure about.
  • "Can't Help Falling in Louvre":
    • Cody's speech to Sierra at the end, telling her how horrible the day was for him because he had upset her so badly.
    • Lindsay's elimination, though Played for Laughs, was suprisingly touching and even a little sad with Tyler and Lindsay saying goodbye and trying to kiss, only to be interrupted by Chris.
      Lindsay: (smiles sadly) Win for us...
  • In "Revenge of the Telethon", Bridgette thanks Geoff for being understanding and kisses him when Blaineley tries to cause tension between them by showing clips of Alejandro shirtless to arouse her. While it's easy to imagine how painful and awkward that was for the couple given that it was hinted Bridgette still had a few unwanted feelings for Alejandro left (something none of the other girls charmed by him showed), Geoff has clearly moved on and Bridgette is still clearly ashamed with herself for screwing up so badly. The two just love each other too much to let anything get between them for long and really do want to make their relationship work.
  • "I See London...":
    • Owen's quest to make Noah laugh, and the goofy conversation they have at the beginning of the episode.
    • Owen standing up to a serial killer in order to save Noah.
      "NOBODY puts my little buddy in the corner!"
    • Noah cheering for Owen during the fight. Noah. With enthusiasm and everything!
    • Owen tearing up during Noah's elimination, and declaring that he'd try to win the money for him.
    • Heck, Noah and Owen's hilarious and awesome Odd Friendship in general. It's really sweet how much Owen cares for his little buddy, how Noah does legitimately return the sentiment for his big buddy (even if it isn't obvious at first glance in Noah's case), and how the two bring out the best in each other. And if the above examples didn't make it clear already, the duo's dynamic really shines in the London episode (and even moreso during The Ridonculous Race).
  • "Greece's Pieces" opens with Owen having a nightmare where he tries to stop Noah from eating something poisoned. Later, he talks how much he misses the "pitter-patter" of Noah's footsteps.
  • Carries over to "Sweden Sour". Duncan tells Owen to honor Noah's "dying words" and get rid of Alejandro, Owen's response?
    Owen: (does a Spit Take) WHAT!? (lifts Duncan into the air by his collar) WHEN DID HE DIE!?
    • And after Duncan re-words his statement and explains that Noah's still alive, Owen gives a shaky, broken little laugh of relief. There's also his sad face when he says, "I really miss Noah..."
  • "Every time I ran from the cops, I thought of you." The Duncney, Gwody and Gwent shippers gagged while the Gwuncan fans aw'd.
  • Heather of all people consoling a devastated Courtney after Tyler revealed Duncan and Gwen kissed. The best part is that, for once, she isn't faking it.
  • "The EX-Files":
    • When Alejandro helps Tyler cotton onto Courtney's flirting with him, Tyler promptly declares, "I couldn't do that to my Lindsay!"
    • During the second Duncan/Gwen kiss his foot popped. Hilarious considering who it happened to but also pretty heartwarming. If you look a second time, Duncan is even holding her in his arms. Awww.
  • The episode after Gwen is eliminated Duncan doesn't seem too heartbroken but at the end we see him carving a portrait of her face into his seat.
  • Sierra getting hit by the meatball to save Cody in "Sweden Sour", mirroring what Cody did for Gwen back in season one. However, while Gwen didn't even react to Cody's sacrifice, Cody crouches down next to Sierra and whispers a hoarse, "Thank... you..." to her.
    Sierra: (confessional) Will I require surgery? Absolutely. Months of physical therapy? Probably! Was it worth it? (smiles) Definitely.
  • "Aftermath Aftermayhem":
    • The fact that Lindsay still remembers Tyler and her refusing to laugh at his Amusing Injuries montage.
    • Gwen and Trent's few seconds of bonding, you can interpret it as romantic or friendly, but either way, it still warms the heart.
    • The fact that Trent doesn't seem at all angry about the fact that Gwen is now with Duncan. While he is definitely a little awkward with it, it's nice to see he's moved on and become more accepting after he had acting incredibly paranoid in the previous season about losing Gwen to Duncan.
    • Geoff's genuine concern for Bridgette when he finds out Blaineley has sent her to Siberia, as well as his determination to save her and punish Blaineley for it. It's also amazing proof of how much their relationship has recovered since the horrible events at the start of the season that almost killed it.
    • Harold stepping in to the ring to avenge Leshawna after she gets knocked out by the boxing kangaroo. While he doesn't succeed, he still gets to demonstrate his incredible devotion to Leshawna.
  • Though it was subtle, Leshawna and Harold's upgraded relationship. She seemed to be touched that she was given Harold's Num-Yos to remember him by while she was in the competition, her excitement on seeing her friends AND Harold (complete with him clapping excitedly when she returns; evidently, he's not at all mad about what happened between her and Alejandro), and in the exclusive clip for "Hawaiian Style", they're seen cuddling on a beach alongside Lindsay and Tyler, implying that they are now dating.
    • "This one's for you, ginger biscuit!"
  • Cody and Duncan grinning excitedly at the possibility of Gwen's return.
  • Chef admitting that Chris really is a better host than Blaineley.
  • "African Lying Safari":
    • Not in the episode itself, but in an exclusive clip afterward. When Duncan is parachuting to the ground after being eliminated, he excitedly yells, "Gwen! I'll see you soon!" Quickly turns into a Funny Moment when he lands and finds himself face-to-face with an angry lion, and nervously says, "Okay...maybe I'll see you later."
  • "Awww, Drumheller":
    • Alejandro realizing that he can't bring himself to treat Heather like a pawn, and helping her get out from under the rock.
      "This is NOT how we'll end it!"
    • And then later when Sierra accidentally blows up the plane, Alejandro protects Heather from the blast. Plus, everyone is genuinely concerned for Sierra and run over to her, putting the game aside for a moment.
    • Cody letting Sierra have the oil barrel. Then when Sierra hugs him and kisses him on the cheek he smiles at her.
    • Sierra remembering Cody's birthday when nobody else did, not even Cody himself.
  • Geoff and Bridgette being reunited in "Hawaiian Style". Even if they kept getting interrupted by Bruno and the Peanut Gallery, the two are just so happy to be together again, especially considering how bad things were between them at the start of the season. It's amazing how no matter what happens between them, they will always genuinely love each other more than anything else in the end.
    • Bridgette's legitimate concern for the injured Blaineley throughout the episode, especially given how mean Blaineley was to her throughout the season. It really highlights how incredibly considerate and forgiving Bridgette is, even towards those who arguably don't deserve her kindness.
  • "Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles":
    • Sierra's verse in I'm Gonna Make It, directed toward Cody.
      "You're gonna make it! They can't stop you now, let them try! Our fortune's waiting, they can kiss it all bye, bye, bye!"
    • Sierra helping Cody recover from his Heroic BSoD.
    • Heather saying that she's been where Sierra's been ("No girl should have to be bald on national TV.") and getting her a wheelchair and headdress.
    • The Alejandro/Heather continues with...
      Alejandro: Heather has a way of making my focus slip, like a too small speedo... As long as I travel alone she can't distract me with her clever words, her distrustful eyes, or the way she tucks her hair behind those cute little earlobes... (slaps self) FOCUS!
  • "Hawaiian Punch":
    • Sierra going underwater and facing a shark while in a wheelchair to save Cody.
    • A small one, but Heather's two helpers are a pair of geeks who she's managed to genuinely befriend over the course of the show. Granted, Harold says he's doing it because he's loyal to Cody, but he's also one of Heather's only real friends.
    • Cody telling Heather not to let the bad guy, Alejandro, win in the finale. The realization that she was the "good guy" inspired Heather to continue and eventually win.
    • Heather and Alejandro admitting their feelings for each other before Alejandro's harsh Humiliation Conga.
      Owen: Oh, that is so beautiful!
      Sadie: Even if it is Heather!
    • The American ending. After three seasons of going through hell and being the baddy, Heather not only won the competition, but she had people cheering for her. Earn Your Happy Ending, indeed.

    Total Drama: Revenge of the Island 
  • For those who were worried about the old cast (and the new ''World Tour'' contestants) after the previous season's finale, seeing them all alive and well on the first boat at the beginning of this season is very comforting, especially since most of them seem to be having fun:
    • Leshawna, Owen, Geoff, Bridgette, DJ, and Harold are dancing as Eva watches, emotionless.
    • Izzy is playing with the ship's lifesavers as Noah watches her bemused.
    • Duncan and Gwen, along with Tyler and Lindsay, are kissing.
    • Justin is flexing for a delighted Beth.
    • Feral Ezekiel is crouching at the bow, slobbering happily.
    • Katie and Sadie are hugging Trent (though he doesn't seem to exactly enjoy it).
    • "Darth" Alejandro is carrying an embarrassed Heather in his arms (while Courtney glares at them jealously). Alejandro's mood meter is pointing to the smiley face, so he's happy to be holding the girl he loves.
    • Sierra is hugging Cody, who's smiling at her.
  • In "Truth or Laser Shark", the challenge is for the contestants to be told about embarrassing things that happened in the past, and the one who it involves must admit so. Brick admits to having wet his pants on the first and last day of school and while everyone else laughs, Zoey leans over and thanks him for helping their team. Later, she comforts Mike after he got hit by Jo for trying to skip out of the challenge.
  • In "Finders Creepers", Jo's ruthless pragmatism is met with constant complaints by her teammates. Brick objects to her calling anyone of them expendable and leaving behind the missing Zoey. When Brick goes missing, it's Anne Maria and Mike who object to leaving him behind.
  • Even though Sasquatchanakwa kidnapped her, Lindsay still takes the time to comfort him about his body issues.
  • Sam and Dakota make one of the cutest couples in the entire series. This is cemented during Sam's elimination.
    • And he still loves her even though she's now a literal monster.
    • The fact that a rich, spoiled, attention-seeking heiress like Dakota fell in love with a chubby, scruffy-looking, video game-obssessed geek like Sam. It's such an unlikely-sounding pairing, but the two are unbelievably devoted to each other and Dakota clearly loves Sam for who he is on the inside.
  • When Lightning and Jo are trapped in "A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste", thinking they are about to die, Jo laments that she has never kissed a guy. Lightning still thinks that Jo is a guy, so he's initially confused, but then says "Lightning doesn't judge." It's sweet because jocks aren't really known for being accepting of gay people, but Lightning clearly wouldn't have a problem with it.
  • Zoey, Mike, and Cameron seeing off Brick with a farewell salute as he prepares to ride the Hurl of Shame in "A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste".
  • This exchange between Mike and Zoey after he conquers his other personalities.
    Mike: The real me... really likes you. A lot.
    Zoey: *giggles* Are you kidding? I love oddballs! And you're officially the coolest one ever! Multiples just means there's more Mike to love.
  • Cameron gets Jo's respect when he voted her off, saying he "learned from the best" (meaning her).
  • Notwithstanding that Jo was always planning on betraying Lightning, as she's done with everyone from day one, she and he do hit it off due to their likemindedness. Even after she's fed him to a shark and he has arranged her elimination, Jo's the only one of the contestants to support Lightning during the finale, literally putting a smile back on his face after Sam said Lightning is not someone to root for. He also largely uses equipment she instructs him to use during the battle.
  • In the final episode, Cameron is told that because of how expensive air is, he'll have to spend the million on it if he wants to go back to his bubble. Despite saying several times he wanted to go back to his bubble, after winning, he decides that since he made it through the entire season unscathed, he doesn't need it anymore and the money will be going to everyone else instead. Even people who were cruel to him, such as Lightning and Scott.
  • Larry saving his owner Chris from being eaten alive by mutant giant gophers followed by a grateful Chris giving the plant a hug.

    Total Drama All Stars 
  • Seeing that Scott has recovered from his encounter with Fang and the trauma suit.
  • Alejandro's freedom from the drama machine after one whole year.
  • Dakota and Sam are confirmed to still be a happy couple and Sam actually looks for a way to mutate himself to be a more suitable partner for her.
  • After his Manitoba personality takes control, Mike's feelings for Zoey remain.
    • And when he flirts with Zoey and she turns him down, he compliments Mike on picking a faithful girlfriend.
  • Sam's friends saving him some breakfast in "Saving Private Leechball" so he can recover from his harsh night at Boney Island. It's also Fridge Logic since they already saw how Lightning, a tough athlete, had a bad time himself and couldn't eat a thing when it was his turn at BI, so they rightly deduced Sam wouldn't do any better, especially considering he was already in bad conditions before leaving the previous day.
  • If you get past the creepiness, it's kind of sweet to see Sierra and Cameron bonding. They even Finish Each Other's Sentences.
  • Duncan taking a leech shot for Gwen. Especially when you consider how cold she's been to him the past two episodes, and how much of a dick he's been of late.
    • And when he switched teams, he gave Gwen a kiss on the cheek.
  • In "Food Fright", the Hamsters welcome Duncan in to the team by means of a surprise party. Duncan.
  • After their team wins the challenge Scott and Courtney hug.
  • Gwen and Cameron's new friendship is just all shades of heartwarming, with both clearly needing a friend on the Villian team, and Cam needing someone to protect him from Sierra and Gwen needing someone on her side since the competition started.
  • Duncan showing his softer side after being switched to the Hamsters. Especially when apologizes to a bird for stealing its egg and he breaks down in tears.
  • Fan preferred couples aside, it is rather heartwarming to see Scott and Courtney of all people developing a genuine relationship. Courtney acted like a Jerkass in Action and spent second half of World Tour and the first few episodes of All Stars being a rageaholic (especially bitter about Gwen and Duncan). So it's just nice to see her acting like a sweetheart again. And it's also nice to see Scott acting like a sweetheart for the first time.
  • Gwen telling Courtney that she broke it off with Duncan and she doesn't want to put boys before friends anymore. And after practically wanting to murder Gwen since the second half of World Tour, Courtney FINALLY accepts her apology!
  • Despite Sierra blowing up Chris' plane 2 seasons ago, Chris seems genuinely worried about her when she's going through her Sanity Slippage.
  • To get Courtney and Gwen to fight in the boxing challenge, Chris brings up the love triangle from World Tour. So after beating the crap out of each other, what do Courtney and Gwen do? They tell each other how much they missed each other between seasons, and then they hug because they're friends forever. Even Chris is touched!
  • Duncan struggling with being a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, especially when he reaches out to Zoey to protect everyone from Mal, and when he can't punch the bird in the boxing challenge. The background music as he gives up the challenge sells it.
  • Alejandro defending Heather when his brother insults her.
    Alejandro: And This Is for... calling any aspect of Heather unattractive!
  • The Vultures deciding to get rid of Sierra, for the sake of her sanity (and Cameron's)
  • Gwen and Courtney becoming the show's new BFFF duo.
    • In "Suckers Punched", Courtney states in the confessional that she doesn't have to worry about Gwen kissing Scott. This shows not only that she trusts Gwen again, but also that she admits seeing Scott as her new love interest.
  • Mike manages to (temporarily) regain control of his body thanks to The Power of Love when hearing Zoey is in danger. Also, his interaction with Chester, showing how close he's now to his non-villainous personalities.
  • Even though it's just part of Mal's ruse, hearing Zoey dreamingly sigh over how romantic "Mike" rescuing her was is quite sweet.
  • Scott genuinely trying his best to be a good boyfriend to Courtney. Yes. Scott of all characters.
  • Chef's concern for Chris in "Zeke and You Shall Find".
  • Ezekiel's exclusive clip. After 3 years of abuse from Chris, it's heartwarming he finally got his happy ending.
    • And as king of the mutants, too. Zeke's now practically worshipped as a god. Take THAT Chris!
  • Scott is the only one to say something in Courtney's defense after she's eliminated. Even after she used him, insulted him and betrayed him, he still didn't think she was an entirely bad person.
    • Also he offered to eat Courtney's barfed on sundae.
  • "The Bold and the Booty-ful":
    • Svetlana standing up for Mike, and convincing all the other personalities that Mike is the one who deserves to be in control of the mind they all share.
    • Scott warning Zoey about Mal before he gets flushed. It's especially nice considering how much of a Jerkass he was to her the previous season. He's come a long way.
    • Mike's dream about kissing Zoey in the rain. It's even one in-universe for Svetlana.
  • Mike finally made it to Mal's tower and found a reset button at the top, which would restore him to just Mike again, but at the cost of his benevolent personalities. Mike originally refused, but his personalities told him to go ahead, saying that they'd always be a part of him in a way, and that it would be worth it to stop Mal, and they all push the button together, destroying Mal's tower and causing Mal to fade away.
    • Back in reality, Mike hears Zoey's scream and (with the powers of the other personalities who stood by him) punches Fang, knocking his tooth out and sending him flying! Zoey asks if it's really him, and is unsure whether or not it's really him until Mike mentions her necklace (which Mal thought was a bracelet), and it cuts to Zoey screaming in joy in the confessional, and then she promptly proceeds to kiss him!
    • Gwen kissing Cameron on the cheek was pretty touching, despite how innocent it was. Cameron's reaction was pretty funny too.
  • After Chris changes the rules for the challenge so that anyone who pulls the sword can win the money in order instill drama among the campers, rather than seize the chance to get a million dollars, Gwen and Cameron continue to aid Zoey by preventing Alejandro and Heather from reaching the top, despite now being eligible to get the money themselves, with Cameron declaring that he's still on Team Zoey, prize money or not. Granted, they wouldn't have been able to get far with their injuries, it doesn't change the fact that their first thoughts about the rule change was concern for Mike and Zoey's odds to get the million, in contrast to Alejandro and Heather who were quick to turn on each other, despite acting like sickening sweet sweethearts earlier.
  • Zoey saying that she was sure that Chef was doing his best after Chris gave him a hard time about missing them.
  • In an exclusive clip from "Evil Dread"; Blaineley, who was thought by many to have died offscreen in "Hawaiian Punch" until Word of God said otherwise, is shown in a swan boat that plows Lightning with Bruno. The very same bear that was using Blaineley as a chew toy is happily embracing her in Paris, France!? Note that Blaineley isn't irritated in the slightest.
    • In another exclusive clip, Ezekiel finds himself in the Fun Zone where Chris keeps the mutant animals. He quickly makes friends with them by giving them cake.
    • And then the exclusive clip where Alejandro is flushed off to Yukon, where after getting a slap for eliminating Heather, they quickly reconciled.
  • In the final episode, it's nice to see that Heather and Alejandro have officially hooked up, and while they do go back to fighting over the reward, after it's lost, Alejandro tells Heather she still has him. While she does give a sarcastic "Great, just great", it can be assumed that they got back together since Heather had nothing better.

    Total Drama Pahkitew Island 
  • If you watched Beardo's audition video, his telling his teammates it was great getting to know them is both this and a Tear Jerker. He only does the sound effects/acts useless because of being extremely shy, yet managed to grow comfortable around his co-competitors within a day, implying he might have been genuinely helpful had he competed even one challenge longer. He even expresses gratitude for knowing them after they booted him off.
  • Samey's interactions with Jasmine. This is the first time she had genuine human interaction from anyone besides her sister.
    • In particular, Jasmine surrogates as Samey's Cool Big Sis where Amy failed, and is nothing but supportive and friendly towards her.
  • Sky calms down a freaked-out Dave when he was covered in grease.
  • Ella's elimination, where she sings about how she has no hard feelings about being kicked off the island and says good bye to both teams.
  • Max's affection towards a baby he has to carry for a challenge.
  • Shawn making up with Jasmine after he sacrifices his immunity to help her win the challenge.
  • You can't possibly deny that Shawn winning back Jasmine's heart by selflessly sacrificing himself made you go AWWW.
  • Chris letting Shawn and Jasmine kiss before she takes the cannon. This marks the first time he allows it.
  • Sugar's last words before being booted off the island? "I'm coming, wizard!" It's somewhat sweet that she remembers one of the series' biggest examples of We Hardly Knew Ye, Leonard, especially since she's mostly a self-centered Jerkass.
  • Shawn and Jasmine are able to maintain their relationship after she realizes he initially didn't want to split the money with her.
    • And when it looks like he and Sky won't be able to win the prize, his first thought is to be happy that Jasmine could still get her share of the prize. He's come a long way from the start.


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