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For a children's show that's constantly being monitored by the Moral Guardians note , it is amazing at the amount of tiny little inklings there are of things that seem to be going on that only astute or older fans can pick up on.

  • Arthur and Buster are already Heterosexual Life-Partners, but every once in a while, they seem to steer into a slightly different direction.
    • During a montage in "The Ballad of Buster Baxter," we see the two out bike riding, but rather than watch where they're going, they're just staring at each other as they ride.
    • "Buster's Best Behavior," has the two almost obsessed with what the other does; Arthur, for example, thinks Buster tooting "Shave and a Haircut" on his tuba is the funniest thing he ever heard, and Buster's childish drawing of a shark is the greatest piece of art he's ever seen, and even gawks to his parents about Buster's accomplishments. The rest of the episode has Arthur trying to act more like Buster by snacking and reading joke books all the time; Buster takes it a step further by not only talking about D.W. and Pal, but even dresses like Arthur.
    • When Buster goes off to spend a couple of months with his dad in "Arthur's Faraway Friend," both Arthur and Buster are understandably saddened at the prospect of being separated for a couple of months, however when the tables are turned in "The Substitute Arthur," Buster falls into quite the depressive funk when Arthur leaves for just a weekend - he spends all his time moping around the house, almost as if he just had his heart broken by an ex-lover.
    • Toward the end of "D.W., Dancing Queen," Arthur and Buster walk off stage after participating in the Tibble Twins' monster truck project, in a manner that seems very reminiscent of a pair of army buddies helping each other make it to safety.
    • In "Buster's Back," Arthur anticipates receiving a phonecall from Buster, knowing he's due back from his trip with his dad... but Buster never calls... and Arthur is clearly heartbroken over it, jumping to the conclusion that Buster doesn't want to be best friends anymore because he's found other things while traveling around the world.
    • In one episode, Buster receives a gift from a "secret admirer." Although he includes the girls in his list of suspects when attempting to deduce his admirer's identity, he at one point entertains the notion it might be Arthur (and a couple of the other boys) without considering it at all unusual, although this may simply be that he has no concept of romantic love yet, whether homosexual or heterosexual. It later turns out to be his mother, and the gesture meant to be loving in a very platonic way.
  • Francine and Muffy essentially have similar moments as well. In spite of earlier episodes hinting Francine has a crush on Arthur, her otherwise tomboyish personality and tendencies lend themselves to it; it also helps that much of the Arthur fanbase has theorized that she is a closeted lesbian.
    • In "Arthur and the True Francine," after getting acquainted for the first time, and learning the things they share in common (such as the same middle name, for example), the two share an Imagine Spot, where a choir of cherubs rain flowers down on them as they prance about together in the clouds. Later still, after Muffy gets Francine in trouble for copying her test, she tries to make up by sending Francine a bunch of balloons, and an edible arrangement.
    • "Muffy's New Best Friend," has Muffy fall into an almost jealous rage at Francine spending time with Jenna instead of her, so she retalliates by interviewing others to be her new best friend, until Binky somehow is the only one who meets her high standards; it isn't until they start hanging out together that Muffy suddenly gets the urge to do things that Francine would normally do - Binky, at one point, even remarks at how all Muffy has been doing is talk about Francine.
    • Some people see a lot of this in the "What's the Use of Presents?" song from the Arthur's Perfect Christmas special, on Muffy's end.
      • Muffy's whole plotline in the special is how she can't even conceive of Francine not being at her party, and how she's heartbroken when she doesn't show up.
  • There's a number of Freeze-Frame Bonus moments, where if you pay close attention to the playground, or other places with crowds, you'll find Muffy and Fern doing such things as holding hands or brushing each other's hair.
  • Prunella and Marina. Marina isn't even used very often on the show, but whenever she shows up, she and Prunella are treated as inseparable; it's also hard not to imagine their relationship being deeper than most others, considering how much physical contact goes on between the two of them... even though it's mostly because Marina is blind, but still...
    • In, "Prunella Sees the Light," Prunella sobs into her pillow after having a quarrel with Marina over the former's excessively assisting the latter.
    • In the teaser of "Three's a Crowd," Prunella appears on The Hoprah Linseed Show, where she says her absolutely favorite thing to do is share with Marina; she describes in an almost love-struck voice that they share everything, and during an Imagine Spot, we see the two of them in a movie theater, sharing a soda.
    • "The Tardy Tumbler," has a It Makes Sense in Context moment, where Prunella tries to make excuses for shirking her responsibilities of helping Marina with her gymnastics practice, to which Marina tells her, "Make a commitment to this!"
      • The same episode has a Freeze-Frame Bonus during an early scene transition, where Prunella actually places her hand on Marina's butt.
    • The two do seem to like to break into random tickle fights, for no real reason.
  • Carl shares a lot of his screentime with George, and the episode titles "When Carl Met George" and, to a lesser extent, "He Said, He Said", imply their relationship is to be viewed as one which is romantic in nature.
    • For that matter, the title of the episode "He Said, He Said" refers to Arthur and Buster arguing because neither of them can remember the outcome of a Bionic Bunny special, a rebroadcast of which they miss because of a cable outage. When Carl recites the synopsis of the special from memory, George gushes about Carl a bit.
  • In one episode, Nadine climbs into bed with D.W.