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Recap page for the Arthur cartoon series.

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    Season one (October 7, 1996 - November 15, 1996) 
  1. "Arthur's Eyes" / "Francine's Bad Hair Day": For some reason, Arthur isn't doing very well in school anymore. He needs glasses! Based on an Arthur Adventure book of the same title by Marc Brown. / It's school picture day and Muffy is determined that Francine will look her best. Francine has been shamed into rising to the challenge - she's gotten her hair curled, and she's even wearing a dress. But no matter how hard she tries, Francine just can't keep her "new look" together.
  2. "Arthur and the Real Mr. Ratburn" / "Arthur's Spelling Trubble": It's the first day of third grade and Arthur's biggest fear has come true - his new teacher is the dreaded Mr. Ratburn. A man who eats nails for breakfast, turns into a vampire at night and assigns homework every day. But there's a surprise in store when Arthur and Buster get the chance to uncover who Mr. Ratburn really is. (Based on the AA book Arthur's Teacher Trouble.) / It's the time for the annual school spellathon. Arthur is chosen to compete, and after a hard week of studying, he finds himself on stage, facing Prunella and Brain! Will all of his hard work pay off? Or will Prunella continue her winning streak? (also based on Arthur's Teacher Trouble.)
  3. "D.W. All Wet" / "Buster's Dino Dilemma": The Reads are having a wonderful time at the beach, except for D.W., who simply refuses to have fun. Doesn't everyone know there are octopuses in the water? And—help!—Arthur's being attacked by one! Will D.W. come to the rescue? Based on a book of the same title by Marc Brown. / Buster and Arthur make a long-awaited field trip to a dinosaur excavation. On his own, Buster discovers a very interesting bone - is it really the remains of a dinosaur? Was later turned into an Arthur chapter book.
  4. "D.W.'s Imaginary Friend" / "Arthur's Lost Library Book": Someone only D.W. can see has moved in with the Reads. Her name is Nadine, and she follows D.W. everywhere. But when D.W. insists on bringing Nadine to the amusement park, that's the last straw for Arthur. Does he have to be embarrassed by D.W. in front of his friends? / Arthur is the first to check out the newest Scare-Your-Pants-Off Club book from the library. Unfortunately, a week later, he can't find out where he put it.
  5. "Arthur's Pet Business" / "D.W. the Copycat": How can Arthur prove to his parents that he's capable of taking care of a puppy? Get a job, of course! Based on a book of the same title by Marc Brown. / D.W. decides that from now on, she'll be just like Arthur. She'll walk like him, talk like him, follow him wherever he goes. Can Arthur convince her to stop?
  6. "Locked in the Library!" / "Arthur Accused!": Arthur and Francine get locked inside the library. Was turned into a chapter book. / Buster opens a detective agency, and his first client is Arthur. Is Arthur a thief? Also turned into a chapter book.
  7. "Arthur Goes to Camp" / "Buster Makes the Grade": Arthur goes to summer camp, where it's boys vs. girls. Based on an Arthur Adventure book of the same title by Marc Brown. / Buster's grades are terrible, and he's faced with the prospect of having to repeat the third grade.
  8. "Arthur's New Puppy" / "Arthur Bounces Back": Arthur loves his new dog, Pal, but training a puppy is much tougher than it looks. Can he teach Pal how to behave - and to "go" outside? Based on a book of the same title by Marc Brown. / Arthur wants the hip, new Moon Boots, and best of all, they only cost 10 dollars. The solution: have a garage sale!
  9. "Arthur Babysits" / "Arthur's Cousin Catastrophe": Arthur has to babysit two rowdy little kids. Is he a bad enough dude to babysit the Tibble twins? Based on an Arthur Adventure book of the same title by Marc Brown. / Arthur gets scared of his Cousin Mo' at a family reunion until a thunderstorm makes him get to know her better.
  10. "Arthur's Birthday" / "Francine Frensky, Superstar": By coincidence, Arthur and Muffy's birthday parties are planned on the same day. Muffy says anyone who doesn't go to her party can't be her friend. Can Arthur find a way to have everyone go to both parties? Based on a book of the same title by Marc Brown. / When Francine gets the lead in a school play, stardom goes to her head.
  11. "Arthur's Baby" / "D.W.'s Baby": Arthur isn't sure he's ready for a new baby in the house. Based on a book of the same title by Marc Brown. / D.W. gets annoyed with Kate (after she's born), as she hogs all the attention and doesn't do anything but throw up and cry.
  12. "Arthur Writes a Story" / "Arthur's Lost Dog": Struggling with his homework, Arthur decides that his life is too boring to write about. But when his story of how he got Pal starts to involve elephants and outer space, he loses his audience. Was turned into a picture book. / Pal runs away when the Reads go to a parade. Does his disappearance have to do with Kate's crying?
  13. "So Long, Spanky" / "Buster's New Friend": D.W.'s beloved bird Spanky dies, so she adopts a toad, Toady. / All of a sudden, Buster doesn't have time for Arthur. All he wants to talk about is his new friend Mike. Mike can do this; Mike can do that. Is Arthur losing his best friend?
  14. "Arthur the Wrecker" / "Arthur and the True Francine": Arthur always seems to wreck things, and this time it's his mom's computer. Can he get it fixed before she finds out? Was turned into a book called Arthur's Computer Disaster. / Muffy and Francine are best friends, despite their class inequality. It seems nothing can come between them until Muffy cheats on a math test and lets Francine take the blame. Based on the Arthur Adventure book The True Francine, by Marc Brown.
  15. "Arthur's Family Vacation" / "Grandpa Dave's Old Country Farm": What's got moldy bathrooms, lumpy beds, and lots of rain? Arthur's family vacation. But there are fun things to do in the rain, like watching people on beaches get eaten by sharks (at the movies, thankfully). Based on a book of the same title by Marc Brown. / Arthur and D.W. go to visit their grandfather. But the visit doesn't turn out as planned. Will Grandpa Dave have to give up the farm?
  16. "Arthur and the Crunch Cereal Contest" / "D.W. Flips": A year's supply of Crunch Cereal is the prize for anyone who can write the new Crunch Cereal jingle. Arthur is sure he can do it, but he has trouble making a melody. Was made into a chapter book. / How hard can it be to do a cartwheel on a balance beam? Not easy, as D.W. finds out. Based on a book of the same title by Marc Brown.
  17. "Meek for a Week" / "Arthur, World's Greatest Gleeper": Muffy bets Francine she can't be nice to everyone for a whole week. / Arthur thought it was cool to be a gleeper. (Too bad for him, gleeping means stealing.) But when he's put to the test, Arthur has to admit that he can't gleep at all, much less be the world's greatest gleeper.
  18. "Arthur's Chicken Pox" / "Sick as a Dog": The circus is in Elwood City! Unfortunately, Arthur gets chicken pox before the big day. Will he recover in time? Based on a book of the same title by Marc Brown. / Pal has to sleep overnight at the vet's. Could it have to do with the hot dogs and Halloween candy Arthur's been feeding him?
  19. "D.W. Rides Again" / "Arthur Makes the Team": D.W. wants to get rid of the training wheels on her bicycle. With Arthur's help, she tries to learn the rules of the road (like how to use the brakes). Based on a book of the same title by Marc Brown. / Arthur and his friends are playing baseball. Can Coach Frensky (Francine's dad) mentor this dysfunctional team? Made into a chapter book.
  20. "Arthur's Almost Boring Day" / "The Half-Baked Sale": It's raining outside, and D.W. and Arthur are bored. There’s nothing to do. But when Grandma Thora invites them over to her house, they learn some intriguing things about their parents. / Grandma Thora is organizing a bake sale, but her cookies taste terrible. Can Arthur keep her cookies away from prospective customers without hurting her feelings?
  21. "Sue Ellen Moves In" / "The Perfect Brother": A new girl named Sue Ellen moves to Elwood City, and the kids come up with all sorts of bizarre theories on who she really is. / When Brain spends the weekend over at Arthur's house, Arthur begins to feel that he's better than him.
  22. "D.W.'s Snow Mystery" / "Team Trouble": D.W.'s snowball is missing, and she's determined to find out who stole it. / Arthur, Francine, and Buster have to do a history report on ancient Rome. Can they learn to work together as a team?
  23. "Bully for Binky" / "Misfortune Teller": Is Binky really an awful bully, or is he simply misunderstood? / After Prunella's cootie catcher makes an accurate prediction, the kids begin to believe everything it says.
  24. "Arthur's Tooth" / "D.W. Gets Lost": Arthur loses his baby teeth, and Francine bullies - er, I mean, teases him about it (best friends, amirite?) Based on a book of the same title by Marc Brown. / D.W. wrecks havoc when she gets lost in a supermarket.
  25. "D.W. Thinks Big" / "Arthur Cleans Up": When Arthur loses his Aunt Lucy’s wedding ring in the middle of reception, only D.W. can save the day. Based on a book of the same title by Marc Brown. / Elwood City's park is in sad shape, so Arthur's dad starts a group assigned with cleaning it up (but only after much grumbling).
  26. "My Dad, the Garbage Man" / "Poor Muffy": When Mr. Ratburn has the kids take a field trip around town to learn about people's jobs, Francine is embarrassed that her classmates will learn her dad is a garbage man. / Muffy acts very snobby when she has to spend the weekend over at Francine's apartment.
  27. "D.W.'s Blankie" / "Arthur's Substitute Teacher Trouble": When D.W.'s blanket goes missing, Arthur is tasked into finding it. / When Mr. Ratburn's sister is a substitute for a while, the kids are at first excited, but quickly get bored of her assigning no challenging work.
  28. "I'm a Poet" / "The Scare-Your-Pants-Off Club": Challenged by Fern to enter a poetry contest, Arthur and his friends each write a poem to be judged by Jack Prelutsky (you might remember him from The New Kid on the Block, which your teachers probably read to you in school). / Arthur and his friends are huge fans of the Scare-Your-Pants-Off Club books, but Muffy's parents want to ban them. What’s a fan to do? Why, take a stand, of course!
  29. "My Club Rules" / "Stolen Bike": The gang can't agree on rules for their club, so they each start their own. / When Francine is embarrassed by her old, dingy bike, she lets it get "stolen". Was turned into a chapter book.
  30. "Arthur's First Sleepover" / "Arthur's New Year's Eve": Arthur, Brain and Buster have an outside sleepover, but D.W. taunts them with stories of aliens. Based on an Arthur Adventure book of the same title by Marc Brown. / What exactly happens at midnight? There are plenty of rumors, but no one seems to know for sure. Arthur decides to stay up and discover the truth. (Always aired on every December 31, at least on PBS Kids).

    Season two (October 20, 1997 – April 17, 1998) 
  1. "Arthur Meets Mister Rogers" / "Draw!": Mister Rogers is staying over at Arthur's house for a while, but he doesn’t want his friends to find out because he hosts a little kids' show. / After Francine calls Fern a mouse, all of Francine's classmates start drawing mean comics about her.
  2. "Binky Barnes, Art Expert" / "Arthur's Lucky Pencil": Arthur and Buster have to work with Binky on an art project. / When Arthur happens upon a lucky pencil, his grades are much better than they used to be. But what will he do when the pencil wears out?
  3. "D.W., the Picky Eater" / "Buster and the Daredevils": When D.W. has a tantrum in a restaurant because she was served spinach, she might not get the chance to go to Grandma Thora's birthday bash. (Based on the book by Marc Brown.) / Arthur and Buster befriend two daredevils and try to learn their skating tricks, with a catch of having to do dares. Naturally, Buster, in all his naivety, decides to do everything the cool kids dare him to do. (Poor Arthur, being the only sane man...)
  4. "Arthur Makes a Movie" / "Go to Your Room, D.W.": Too young to see a real James Hound film, the kids decide they'll make a movie themselves, with Muffy directing and Arthur playing the hero. / D.W. grows impatient when she's sent to her room for 10 minutes after she threatens to pinch Kate.
  5. "Arthur's Underwear" / "Francine Frensky, Olympic Rider": Arthur thinks it's hilarious when Binky’s pants rip during class - until he starts having nightmares about it happening to him. Later adapted into a book. / All her life, Francine has dreamed of owning a horse. In her secret heart, she wants to be an Olympic equestrienne, but first she has to learn to ride. Francine's dream threatens to derail when it turns out her sister Catherine is a better rider! Can Francine stand the humiliation of being second-best?
  6. "Buster Baxter, Cat Saver" / "Play It Again, D.W.": When Buster lies about having saved a cat stuck up in a tree, he becomes a small-town celebrity. / D.W. incessantly plays the incredibly catchy, yet incredibly annoying "Crazy Bus" song, to Arthur's chagrin - so when it comes up missing, he's the prime suspect.
  7. "Arthur's TV-Free Week" / "Night Fright": Arthur and his friends go without TV for a whole week. / Binky tries to go without his trusty night light when Arthur stays over at his house.
  8. "Arthur vs. the Piano" / "The Big Blow-Up": Arthur gets stage fright for a piano recital, fearing he'll be laughed off the stage if he makes a mistake. / Brain and Francine get in a conflict, much to the frustration and concern of the others, especially since the big soccer game is coming up.
  9. "Lost!" / "The Short, Quick Summer": Arthur accidentally reaches the edge of town far from any familiar territory, greatly worrying his family (including even D.W.) / When summer comes to a close, Arthur wonders where all the time went and sets out to perform his list of summer activities as fast as he can.
  10. "D.W. Goes to Washington" / "Arthur's Mystery Envelope": The Reads take a trip to Washington, but D.W. has trouble enjoying it. / Mr. Haney sends Arthur home with a manila envelope, and he and his friends fear the worst.
  11. "D.W.'s Deer Friend" / "Buster Hits the Books": The Reads go camping, and D.W. befriends a deer along the way. / Buster has to read a book, but only has a week to do so.
  12. "Arthur's Faraway Friend" / "Arthur and the Square Dance": The news comes in that Buster is going away with his dad for a while. Arthur wonders if it means the end of their friendship. / Arthur is convinced Francine has a crush on him.
  13. "Water and the Brain" / "Arthur the Unfunny": Brain doesn't want to go to Waterworld due to his fear of water, but is afraid of telling his friends such. / Arthur attempts to learn how to make people laugh.
  14. "Sue Ellen's Lost Diary" / "Arthur's Knee": Sue Ellen's special diary goes missing, and she asks for everyone's help in finding it, but they're more interested in what's inside. / Arthur cuts his knee at the same dump that he was told not to go to, so he tries to hide the injury to avoid getting punished.
  15. "Grandma Thora Appreciation Day" / "Fern's Slumber Party": Arthur and D.W. plan a surprise party for their grandmother to show how much they respect her. / Fern reluctantly holds a slumber party at her house, and impresses everybody with her detective skills when Francine's bracelet goes missing.
  16. "Love Notes for Muffy" / "D.W. Blows the Whistle": Brain and Francine humiliate Muffy after she puts them down at the science fair by sending her fake love notes. / D.W. starts going overboard with safety after getting a new whistle.
  17. "Francine Redecorates" / "Arthur the Loser": Francine dislikes the room she shares with her older sister. / Arthur can't stand losing at a new game, so he starts cheating.
  18. "Arthur vs. the Very Mean Crossing Guard" / "D.W.'s Very Bad Mood": Arthur and Brain have trouble with a crossing guard who expects them to pay every time they cross the street. If they don't, he says he'll "send his goons" after them. / D.W. is acting brattier than usual, and it's up to Arthur and Francine to find out why.
  19. "D.W.'s Name Game" / "Finders Key-pers": Arthur and D.W. use a thesaurus to aid in calling each other names. Things come to a head when Arthur calls her a "Dora Winifred". / Arthur, Brain, and Binky argue over who gets to keep a key that they found in the grass.
  20. "How the Cookie Crumbles" / "Sue Ellen's Little Sister": Muffy takes all the credit for a cookie recipe that her friends all came up with. / Sue Ellen hates being an only child. She goes around town looking for potential siblings.

    Season three (November 16, 1998 - January 1, 1999) 
  1. "Buster's Back" / "The Ballad of Buster Baxter": Buster comes back from traveling, and Arthur is worried that his friend changed while he was gone. / Art Garfunkel guest stars as a singing moose who tells the story of Buster.
  2. "D.W. All Fired Up" / "I'd Rather Read It Myself": D.W.'s preschool class is making preparations for their first fire drill. The thought of a fire drill scares D.W. to the point that she tries to avoid going to school. / D.W. impresses the Tibbles after claiming she knows how to read.
  3. "Arthur Goes Crosswire" / "Sue Ellen and the Brainasaurous": While working with Muffy on a project, Arthur starts acting more like she does. / Taking place around the same time as "Arthur Goes Crosswire", Brain is assigned to work on his project with Sue Ellen. He refuses to let her help him as he usually does all of his projects by himself.
  4. "Background Blues" / "And Now Let's Talk to Some Kids": Muffy and Francine try to find out who their relatives are. / The popular TV show, The Magic Toolbox, is coming to Lakewood Elementary to film a segment.
  5. "The Chips are Down" / "Revenge of the Chip": D.W. becomes convinced that green potato chips are poisonous. / The green potato chip story makes its way around town, much to D.W.'s dismay. She blames Arthur for it and starts spying on his every move.
  6. "Binky Rules" / "Meet Binky": Mysterious graffiti reading "Binky Rules" appears on the school. Naturally, everyone thinks it's Binky's work, so Buster and Fern try to clear his name. / Arthur and the gang get free backstage passes to see the band Binky. The band Värttinä guest stars as the band Binky.
  7. "Arthur Rides the Bandwagon" / "Dad's Dessert Dilemma": Toys called "Woogles" become a new fad, and everybody except Arthur has one. / Arthur keeps pressuring his dad to make desserts for his class.
  8. "Popular Girls" / "Buster's Growing Grudge": Fern and Sue Ellen change their personalities after taking a quiz in a teen magazine. / Buster gets mad after Binky steals his joke.
  9. "Arthur's Treasure Hunt" / "The Return of the King": Arthur decides to dig in his yard for old treasures that may have been buried there, but does not listen to his mom when she says to only dig in one spot. / Mr. Ratburn's class take a field trip to a medieval fair where Arthur takes an interest in a sword in the stone exhibit. Later made into a chapter book.
  10. "Attack of the Turbo Tibbles" / "D.W. Tricks the Tooth Fairy": Tommy & Timmy Tibble become hooked on a new show, but begin to imitate the main characters and their brand of fantasy violence, much to the annoyance of their friends. Can they get the boys to stop before someone is hurt? / D.W. wants to get money from the Tooth Fairy but she is a little too young for her teeth to start coming out, so she devises a plan to trick her.
  11. "Double Tibble Trouble" / "Arthur's Almost Live Not Real Music Festival": D.W. and Emily fill in for Timmy Tibble when he gets sick, and they find that Tommy is the more well-behaved and less hyper of the two. / Arthur and his friends host a series of music videos which are based on songs from the first Arthur album.
  12. "What Scared Sue Ellen?" / "Clarissa is Cracked": The normally fearless Sue Ellen is frightened by a strange noise in the woods, to the surprise of her friends. / D.W. accidentally cracks Grandma Thora's childhood doll she was entrusted with.
  13. "Arthur's Dummy Disaster" / "Francine and the Feline": After seeing the new ventriloquist dummy that George built, the whole class decide to try it themselves, even though George's use of his dummy is making him more socially withdrawn from his friends. / Francine's family adopts a cat that Oliver finds at the dump, but Arthur hates the cat and thinks the only good pet to have is a dog.
  14. "Mom and Dad Have a Great Big Fight" / "D.W.'s Perfect Wish": D.W. fears that Mom and Dad are breaking up after hearing them arguing. / It is D.W.'s fifth birthday but she is not sure what to wish for when she blows out the candle.
  15. "Arthur and D.W. Clean Up" / "The Long, Dull Winter": Arthur and D.W.'s attempts to clean up their rooms go awry. / The gang expresses fatigue in a stretch of boring, uneventful winter.

    Season four (October 5, 1999 - October 18, 1999) 
  1. "D.W.'s Library Card" / "Arthur's Big Hit": D.W. has her first experience checking out a library book. / Arthur punches D.W. out of rage, leading to a severe punishment.
  2. "Hide and Snake" / "Muffy's New Best Friend": A snake runs loose in Arthur's house. / When Francine starts hanging out with Jenna, Muffy looks for a new best friend.
  3. "Buster's Breathless" / "The Fright Stuff": Buster learns that he has asthma. / The boys and girls are embroiled in an escalating prank war that culminates at Muffy's upcoming Halloween party.
  4. "The Contest" / "Prove It": The gang write their own episodes of a show they like. / Inspired by her new friendship with Brain, D.W. invents her own backyard science museum, which is full of fake facts.
  5. "The Blizzard" / "The Rat Who Came to Dinner": Elwood City is struck by a blizzard. / Mr. Ratburn's roof is destroyed by snow, which forces him to stay with Arthur's family for a while.
  6. "D.W. Tale Spins" / "Prunella Gets It Twice": D.W. tries to tell a better story than Vegemorphs, a parody of Animorphs. / Prunella gets two of the same Polly Locket doll from Francine.
  7. "Binky Barnes, Wingman" / "To Beat or Not to Beat": Binky becomes obsessed with butterflies. / Francine tries singing and drumming at the same time, but this quickly proves to be something she cannot do.
  8. "1001 Dads" / "Prunella's Prediction": Buster is left out of a Father's Day celebration because his father is never around. Arthur and friends try to cheer him up by filling in as his father. / Prunella thinks she's getting a pair of flash pants but ends up with a watch instead. Meanwhile, Arthur outgrows his coat and has to wear an embarrassing new one.
  9. "What is That Thing?" / "Buster's Best Behavior": Arthur and the gang come across a strange object that seems to fit whatever task they need it for. / Arthur and Buster start acting like each other.
  10. "My Music Rules" / "That's a Baby Show!": Elwood City Library needs a musician for a concert. Francine wants her uncle, Joshua Redman (appearing as himself), while D.W. wants Yo Yo Ma (also played by himself). / Arthur begins to watch The Love Ducks, but tries to keep his friends from finding out because it's a baby show.

    Season five (September 4, 2000 - November 6, 2000) 
  1. "Arthur and the Big Riddle" / "Double Dare": Arthur goes on a parody of Jeopardy called Riddle Quest, hosted by Alex Lebeck (voiced by Alex Trebek). / Arthur, Buster, Brain, and Francine dare each other to skip school.
  2. "Kids are from Earth, Parents are from Pluto" / "Nerves of Steal": It's parents' night at Lakewood Elementary and Arthur and his friends want their parents to act "normal". / Buster wants to get one of the new CyberToys but they are too expensive, so he resorts to stealing one by placing it in Arthur's backpack.
  3. "It's a No-Brainer / The Shore Thing": After beating Brain in the School Math-A-Thon, Buster starts acting like the smart guy while Brain becomes the class clown. / Arthur thinks his Dad will take him and his friends to the new amusement park Aqualand, but David instead takes them to the beach and asks them to find "Ocean Zone."
  4. "The World Record" / "The Cave": The gang attempts to get a place in the book of world records. / Arthur deals with several phobias as a field trip into a cave approaches.
  5. "The Lousy Week" / "You Are Arthur": Lice invade the school. / This episode is shown from Arthur's point of view as he participates in a marathon.
  6. "The Election" / "Francine Goes to War": The class holds a mock election for class president, and the lead candidates are Arthur and Muffy. / Francine sparks a feud with an unseen neighbor.
  7. "Sleep No More" / "Pet Peeved": Buster is excited about a pizza-eating contest at a new amusement park—too excited to sleep! / Francine puts Nemo in Binky's care for the weekend but Binky does not read her instructions.
  8. "The Last of Mary Moo Cow" / "Bitzi's Beau": Mary Moo Cow airs its last episode and D.W. starts a petition to get it back on the air. / Buster's mom gets a new boyfriend.
  9. "Just Desserts" / "The Big Dig": After getting a bad stomachache, Arthur has dreams related to fairy tales by The Brothers Grimm. / After Grandpa Dave tells Arthur and D.W. about a treasure buried in Elwood City, they decide to dig it up without waiting for him.
  10. "Arthur's Family Feud" / "Muffy Gets Mature": Arthur and D.W. are punished by their father after they accidentally ruin his souffle. They both try to explain what happened. / Muffy starts hanging out with Francine's sister, Catherine.

    Season six (September 24, 2001 - November 26, 2001) 
  1. "Sue Ellen Gets Her Goose Cooked" / "Best of the Nest": Sue Ellen's life is overwhelmed when an online player beats her record in a video game. / The gang becomes obsessed with an RPG, leading Brain to plan a camping trip.
  2. "Arthur Plays the Blues" / "Buster's Sweet Success": Arthur gets a strict new piano teacher named Dr. Fugue but gets fired by him after refusing to practice. Can he earn his new teacher's trust? / Busters gets a job selling chocolates for the school band fundraiser, but he has trouble selling them and then eats them all! Now he and Arthur must make their own to sell.
  3. "Prunella's Special Edition" / "The Secret Life of Dogs and Babies": Prunella is excited to get her special copy of the new Henry Skreever book (a parody of Harry Potter) but when she gets the book she finds that it is written in Braille. Now she must learn Braille, or find a friend that can read it. / Pal & Kate can understand and talk to each other and they must work together to find a figurine for a wedding cake Dad just made before it gets shipped off.
  4. "Muffy's Soccer Shocker" / "Brother, Can You Spare a Clarinet?": Muffy's dad has started coaching the soccer team and Muffy is not enjoying it. His coaching methods are also less-than-liked by the whole team. / The Young People's Orchestra is coming to Lakewood Elementary School but Binky, the only person who would qualify, has lost interest in music because of his malfunctioning clarinet, so he proceeds to try and ruin music for the whole world.
  5. "The Boy Who Cried Comet" / "Arthur and Los Vecinos": The gang learns of a comet apparently approaching Earth. / Arthur's attempt to befriend the new neighbors ends up causing some trouble.
  6. "Citizen Frensky" / "D.W.'s Backpack Mishap": Francine makes her own school newspaper after seeing how Buster's mom works at the city newspaper, but she publishes only stories that make fun of her friends. / D.W. accidentally grabs the wrong backpack at the public pool, one belonging to someone apparently named "_OM___BLE", and goes on a quest to find her own.
  7. "The Boy with His Head in the Clouds" / "More!": George does not want people to think he is dumb after he finds out he has dyslexia, so he tries to look at Binky for how to become tough. / D.W. starts getting an allowance, but because of liking all things equal, she becomes greedy after finding out that Emily and the Tibbles get more.
  8. "Rhyme for Your Life" / "For Whom the Bell Tolls": Binky is trying to write a rhyming poem and finally gets inspiration when he has a dream where everybody speaks in rhyme. / Arthur is overjoyed when D.W. loses her voice but soon regrets it when he has to tend to her.
  9. ""The Good Sport" / "Crushed!": Michelle Kwan (as herself) presents the Athlete of the Year Award but Jenna gets it instead of Francine, which leads a jealous Francine to give her extra attention. / Arthur has a crush on his new babysitter but becomes crushed when he finds out she has a boyfriend.
  10. "Arthur Loses His Marbles" / "Friday the 13th": Muffy gets new marbles which makes Arthur decide to participate in a marbles tournament. He is trained by Grandma Thora but soon finds he'll have to compete against her. / Brain does not believe in superstitions and conducts an experiment to prove that they don't exist, but sure enough, he promptly gets hit with a streak of bad luck.

    Season seven (October 8, 2002 - November 29, 2002) 
  1. "Cast Away" / "The Great Sock Mystery": D.W. tags along on Arthur and Dad's fishing trip, and Arthur finally becomes angered that she always gets things her way. / When one of D.W.'s socks goes missing, Pal and Kate go on a trip to find it and finally encounter it within "the Sock Exchange".
  2. "Francine's Split Decision" / "Muffy Goes Metropolitan": Francine's cousin is having his Bar Mitzvah on the same day as the school bowling tournament, so she devises a plan to attend both at the same time. / Muffy tags along with Sue Ellen on a trip to the big city, but the trip winds up being nothing like she imagined.
  3. "Ants in Arthur's Pants" / "Don't Ask Muffy": Arthur is doing a science project on ants, but after a mishap, the ants get loose around the house and he must find a way to collect them all. / Muffy starts an advice column but she is not attracting the attention of anybody because they all follow another advice giver—Molly, so Muffy decides to take after her to become successful.
  4. "To Tibble the Truth" / "Waiting to Go": Worrying that lying will someday get them put in jail, the Tibbles start to tell the truth, but they become too brutally honest. / After a soccer game, Binky and Brain are left behind at the soccer field while entangled in a feud, and they must learn to tolerate each other while waiting for their delayed parents.
  5. "Elwood City Turns 100!": The school puts on a musical to celebrate Elwood City's 100th anniversary. Larry King guest stars as himself in an interstitial.
  6. "Pick a Car, Any Car" / "Jenna's Bedtime Blues": The Read family is in need of a new car, but Arthur detests the idea of a new one. / Jenna becomes apprehensive at Muffy's slumber party because she requires a pull-up.
  7. "D.W.'s Time Trouble" / "Buster's Amish Mismatch": D.W. has a dream where she becomes the older sibling and Arthur is her younger brother, but when she learns being older has more responsibility involved, she is glad to be the younger sister. / After a field trip to Amish country, Buster decides to live like an Amish, but his new lifestyle doesn't quite match with life in the city.
  8. "The World of Tomorrow" / "Is There a Doctor in the House?": Binky sneaks into a new exhibit at the Science Museum about the World of the Future and has a dream where he does wind up in the future, but he can't get back without an interest in science, which he lacks. / When Mom and Dad both get sick, Arthur and D.W. try to help out around the house.
  9. "Prunella Sees the Light" / "Return of the Snowball": Marina is coming over to Prunella's for a sleepover but Prunella figures she will need special treatment because she is blind. / When D.W.'s snowball (allegedly) returns she does all she can to stop it from melting, but after it does she is back to pinning Arthur for its disappearance.
  10. "April 9th": Lakewood Elementary School burns down due to some faulty wiring, and each of the students has their own reaction to it.

    Season eight (September 15, 2003 - December 26, 2003) 
  1. "Dear Adil" / "Bitzi's Break Up": Arthur's stereotypes about a pen pal's home country cause some friction between them. / Buster is upset when Bitzi and her boyfriend, who he has grown to love, break up.
  2. "Fernfern and the Secret of Moose Mountain" / "Thanks a Lot, Binky": After taking a trip to climb up a mountain, Fern and Francine go ahead of the group to try and make it to the top, like one of Fern's comic book heroes. / After stopping Rattles from performing a stunt where he could really get hurt but not being thanked, Binky feels unappreciated. Then he has a dream where he finds out what the world would be like without him.
  3. "Arthur's Snow Biz" / "Bugged": Arthur and Buster start their own rival snow-cleaning businesses. / In a parody of the Kafka story, The Metamorphosis, Brain has a bizarre dream where he is an insect.
  4. "Fernkenstein's Monster" / "D.W., Dancing Queen": After Fern tells everyone a very disturbing story, they start to keep their distance from her. / Binky teaches D.W. how to dance.
  5. "Vomitrocious" / "Sue Ellen Chickens Out": Francine vomits in the middle of the lunchroom after teasing George about his nosebleeds. / Sue Ellen learns that the Sugar Bowl is going out of business, so she and the others protest against the fast-food chain that wants to buy the property.
  6. "Postcards from Buster": Buster and his dad go to NYC with Arthur and his family.
  7. "Desk Wars" / "Desperately Seeking Stanley": During a heat wave, tensions ride high amongst the members of Mr. Ratburn's class over who gets what desk. / Arthur sells his childhood teddy bear and immediately seeks to retrieve him.
  8. "Muffy's Art Attack" / "Tales from the Crib": Muffy takes on an interest in kinetic art sculptures after seeing the work of Arthur Ganson, who guest stars as himself. / Vicita grows upset over the loss of her crib for a new bed, so D.W. tells her the story of the time she gave up her crib for a bed.
  9. "Flea to Be You and Me" / "Kiss and Tell": A flea named Pepe tells Pal and Kate the story of how he got separated from his brother in Rome, and wound up at the Read's house in America. / After hearing that Emily got kissed on the hand, D.W. begins to wonder what it would be like, but she thinks she may be too young.
  10. "Big Horns George" / "Bleep": George learns how to sing the blues from Mrs. MacGrady's friend, Koko Taylor (appearing as herself). Taj Mahal also guest stars as himself. / D.W. learns a new word, which she believes causes people to break things.

    Season nine (December 20, 2004 - April 8, 2005) 
  1. "Castles in the Sky" / "Tipping the Scales": The gang plans to repair the treehouse after it caves in from snow with Frank Gehry. / The class is put through intensive training for a concert by a new conductor.
  2. "Francine's Big Top Trouble" / "George Blows His Top": Francine and her friends attend circus camp but she becomes frustrated when she finds she is not as good as her sister was. / George becomes increasingly annoyed at Buster exploiting his kindness.
  3. "Arthur Weighs In" / "The Law of the Jungle Gym": Arthur tries to lose weight after he can't fit into his costume for the school play. / Muffy and Molly feud over the use of the jungle gym the Tough Customers use as a base of operations.
  4. "Buster's Green Thumb" / "My Fair Tommy": Buster tries his hand at gardening after trying out home-grown compost on a tomato plant. / After he acts up at school and gets a time-out, D.W. teaches Tommy all about manners and good behavior.
  5. "Lights, Camera, Opera!" / "All Worked Up": Muffy is not looking forward to a performance of Carmen that her dad is taking her to because she figures opera is sad and boring, despite her mother's advice that it is good to try new things. Opera singer Rodney Gilfrey guest stars as himself. / It seems Arthur is acing his work at school, but things change when his mom takes a client that makes her work out of home.
  6. "Arthur Makes Waves" / "It Came from Beyond": Arthur and D.W. swim at her friend James' pool but James' older sister is Molly. Arthur's friends and Molly's friends worry that their new friendship will jeopardize the friendship of both groups. / Grandma Thora adopts a dog named Killer but the dog is not very well-behaved around other people or animals.
  7. "Three's a Crowd" / ""A" is for Angry": Prunella gets jealous when Marina joins yoga lessons she takes with her mother and does it a lot better. / Arthur's friends want him to defeat Brain in the all-school checkers championship, but Arthur cracks under all the support.
  8. "The "A" Team" / "Emily Swallows a Horse": Francine and Brain join a highly competitive soccer team. / Emily tells a lie to D.W. that only gets more and more convoluted.
  9. "D.W. Beats All" / "Buster the Myth Maker": When the Tibble twins get a set of drums and decide to play in the annual Summer Serenade Festival, D.W. makes her own kinetic instrument. / Buster begins to gather information on others and soon finds out that Siberian tigers could be living in the local park. But is it just a rumor?
  10. "Binky Goes Nuts" / "Breezy Listening Blues": Binky learns that he has a peanut allergy. / Brain thinks that his parents' CD caused him to fail a test.

    Season ten (May 15, 2006 - May 26, 2006) 
  1. "Happy Anniversary": On the same day as an anniversary special of Bionic Bunny, the family's trip for David and Jane's anniversary goes awry.
  2. "The Squirrels" / "Fern and Persimmony Glitchet": Arthur and Buster are traumatized by a parody of The Birds. / Fern tries to connect with one of her favorite authors.
  3. "Desert Island Dish" / "The Secret About Secrets": Mr. Ratburn's class has to answer the question "What single food would you bring if you were stranded on a desert island?" / D.W. hears something embarrassing at preschool and has trouble trying to keep it a secret.
  4. "Feeling Flush / Family Fortune": Arthur and Francine enter a contest to conserve water during a drought. / The Read family searches for old antiques they could sell for a fortune on a TV show.
  5. "D.W. Aims High" / "Flaw and Order": D.W. wants to be the first person to visit Mars until the Tibbles tell her that Martians live there. / When Dad's new cake plate is broken shortly after delivery, all signs of guilt point to Arthur and Buster, but maybe Buster can prove the group's innocence.
  6. "The Curse of the Grebes" / "Arthur Changes Gears": Arthur and Buster learn about the famous curse which seems to have hit their hometown baseball team, the Elwood City Grebes. / Arthur finally buys the new bike he has been saving up for. He's extra careful to keep it clean... to the point that he never actually uses it.
  7. "Unfinished" / "D.W., Bossy Boots": After getting into an old novel called 93 Million Miles in a Hot Air Balloon and seeing the last group of pages is missing, Arthur goes on a quest to find the end of the story. / D.W. is rather bossy at Emily's birthday party, causing her friends to start avoiding her.
  8. "Binky vs. Binky" / "Operation: D.W.!": Binky overcomes his fear of athletic competition when he takes up biking and discovers that persistence is more important than winning, as told by Lance Armstrong, who stars as himself. / D.W. is scared of an ear operation she needs, and her family supports her.
  9. "Do You Speak George?" / "World Girls": Everyone comes up with their own language, but George has a hard time following it all. / Muffy, Francine, and Sue Ellen take a trip to a "World Girl" doll superstore. Muffy is set on buying all the dolls she can, an uninterested Francine tries to find just one doll she likes, and Sue Ellen seeks a replacement accessory for the only doll she owns.
  10. "What's Cooking?" / "Buster's Special Delivery": The kids enter a cooking competition hosted by Ming Tsai as himself. / Buster becomes a mail deliverer for the school and lets it go to his head.

    Season eleven (June 25, 2007 - September 7, 2007) 
  1. "Swept Away" / "Germophobia": Arthur, Buster, and D.W. build a terrific sand castle and try to save it from the incoming tide before they leave the beach. / Buster becomes a germaphobe on the eve of a big pool party he had planned.
  2. "Arthur Sells Out" / "Mind Your Manners": Wanting to buy a new video game, Arthur sells some of his old toys online. Muffy pushes him into more unethical methods of advertising. / Tommy and Timmy decide to take their grandmother out to a restaurant for Grandparents' Day, but they must first learn their manners.
  3. "Buenas Noches, Vicita" / "Prunella Packs It In": Vicita can't fall asleep until her favorite book is read to her. Arthur and D.W. help recreate it based on what she remembers. However, Vicita realizes that she didn't end the story properly, and tries to fix it in one of her dreams. / To ensure that she can get into a good college, Prunella takes on an excess amount of extracurricular activities.
  4. "Phony Fern" / "Brain's Shocking Secret": Fern gets a new cell phone that she promises to use only for emergencies until Muffy shows her all the cool features it has. / Brain becomes worried that everyone will find out he was held back in kindergarten.
  5. "Baby Kate and the Imaginary Mystery" / "Strangers on a Train": Kate and Pal find that Nadine is missing, and they suspect that one of the Tibbles has kidnapped her. / Sue Ellen finds a diary on a train and wonders who it belongs to.
  6. "The Making of Arthur" / "Dancing Fools": Arthur and his friends make video postcards for Matt Damon's new show Postcards From You, but Arthur feels he can't make anything interesting. Matt Damon guest stars. / Francine and George represent the class in a dancing contest, but Muffy and Binky try to upstage them.
  7. "Hic or Treat" / "Mr. Alwaysright": In a Halloween episode, Arthur and his friends try and help D.W. get rid of a case of hiccups. / Buster becomes annoyed by Brain because he seems to always be right.
  8. "Francine's Pilfered Paper" / "Buster Gets Real": To easily finish an essay, Francine copy-pastes the entirety of an online article. When Catherine explains that plagiarism is a crime, she tries to get it back from Mr. Ratburn before he notices. / A split between Arthur and Buster occurs when Buster stops liking Bionic Bunny in favor of a reality show Arthur can't grasp.
  9. "D.W. on Ice / "Spoiled Rotten!": D.W. boasts about her ice skating skills, but worries her friends will discover she isn't really good at all. / Muffy tries to prove to her friends she is not spoiled by trying to be generous.
  10. "Big Brother Binky": Binky's family adopts a baby girl named Mei Lin from China. Binky wonders how having her around will change his life.

    Season twelve (October 6, 2008 - April 24, 2009) 
  1. "Is That Kosher?" / "Never, Never, Never": Francine tries to fast for Yom Kippur for the first time. Joan Rivers guest stars as Bubbe. / D.W. decides to give up some of her toys to her friends.
  2. "Room to Ride" / "The Frensky Family Fiasco": After getting hurt while biking, Binky and his friend petition for more bike lanes in the city, with the second appearance by Lance Armstrong. / Francine decides to make every Tuesday a family night.
  3. "D.W's Stray Netkitten" / "Bats in the Belfry": D.W. asks Arthur and Emily to babysit her Netkitten after the family computer is infected by a virus. / Arthur and Buster turn Grandma Thora's attic into a clubhouse but discover an uninvited guest in the form of a bat.
  4. "For the Birds" / "Ungifted": Brain hears about a rare bird on the radio and decides to photograph it for a contest. / Buster gifts Arthur a model of a grain thresher. Arthur trades it away to Binky but has to get it back once he sees how upset Buster is.
  5. "The Chronicles of Buster" / "On This Spot": Buster becomes obsessed with the new Chronicles of Amazia DVD set. / Arthur petitions to mark a tree in Elwood City as a historic landmark.
  6. "The Cherry Tree" / "Matchmaker, Match Breaker": Muffy wants a giant bouncy castle for her birthday, but getting it means her favorite cherry tree is cut down. / Muffy and Francine think their older siblings will marry, making them stepsisters.
  7. "War of the Worms" / "I Owe You One": Fern gets Brain to believe that Elwood City is under attack by giant worms. / Buster tries to repay Arthur for everything he's ever done for him.
  8. "The Blackout" / "Mei Lin Takes a Stand": Arthur and his family have to cope with a big blackout that hits Elwood City on the hottest day of the year. / Mei Lin does not want to learn how to walk until Pepe the flea tells her a story.
  9. "Home Sweet Home" / "Do You Believe in Magic?": Buster is worried about going to summer camp because none of his friends will be there and he will have to make a new one. / Arthur becomes jealous of Buster when his magic talents outshine his own.
  10. "The Perfect Game" / "D.W.'s Furry Freak-out": Francine wants to build a model city for class but puts too much work into the model baseball stadium. / D.W. takes in a stray cat but it causes trouble for her and everybody else.

    Season thirteen (October 12, 2009 - April 9, 2010) 
  1. "No Acting, Please" / "Prunella and the Disappointing Ending": Fern lands a role in a community play but feels she is not talented enough, so she gets coached on acting by Will Toffman. / The last volume of Henry Skeever is out and Prunella competes with Marina to see who will finish reading it first.
  2. "The Silent Treatment" / "Kung Fool": George wonders if he will be noticed more by his friends if he just disappeared. / Fern volunteers to help a new elderly neighbor and discovers his past as a kung fu expert.
  3. "Arthur's Number Nightmare" / "Brain Gets Hooked": Buster finds a piece of paper with the names of every classmate and a number and assumes it is a class ranking list. / Brain gets hooked on a new TV show called Junior Island and it causes him to fall behind in school.
  4. "MacFrensky" / "The Good, the Bad, and the Binky": Francine and Brain are neck-in-neck for Student of the Month so Muffy frames Brain and gets him into trouble so he is disqualified. / Binky introduces Emily to wrestling but her personality begins to change and she becomes rude and rough to others.
  5. "The Great MacGrady": Mr. Ratburn's class reacts differently to the news that Mrs. MacGrady has been diagnosed with cancer. Lance Armstrong appears for the final time in this episode. This episode aired every day the week it premiered.
  6. "When Carl Met George" / "D.W. Swims with the Fishes": George meets a new boy named Carl who has Asperger Syndrome, leaving George unsure how to communicate with him. / D.W. and James take up swimming classes and recruit their older siblings to coach them.
  7. "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Tibble" / "The Secret Guardians": The Tibbles begin selling artwork to raise money for a new toy by false pity, but when it does not work on Grandma Thora they have to change their methods of selling. / Arthur, Binky, and Sue Ellen find a secret hideout near their homes, but it may not be as secret as they think.
  8. "Fernlets by Fern" / "Prunella and the Haunted Locker": Muffy and Fern start a greeting card business but Fern's writing the little messages inside causes her to lose interest in writing. / Prunella has to move to locker 237 when hers is taken for repair, but rumor has it the locker is haunted.
  9. "Paradise Lost" / "The Pride of Lakewood": As Baby Kate begins to talk, she loses her understanding of Pal, so they seek the Dolly Llama for the solution. / Arthur and his classmates form the Lakewood Pride Committee to give students a way to show pride for the school, but Brain and Sue Ellen accuse the group of brainwashing and peer pressure to get students to do what they want.
  10. "Looking for Bonnie" / "The Secret Origin of Supernova": Musician Dean Lomax comes to Elwood City and asks George's dad to fix his guitar. / Arthur is dismayed to find a new drink endorsed by Dark Bunny is unhealthy so he goes out to find a new superhero who does not sell out of their moral principles, eventually making one of his own.

    Season fourteen (October 11, 2010 - April 28, 2011) 
  1. "The Wheel Deal" / "The Buster Report": After a leg injury confines Brain to a wheelchair right before the big basketball tournament, he learns from a disabled girl named Lydia all about playing basketball in a wheelchair. / George plans a homework report on Buster.
  2. "The Agent of Change" / "D.W. Unties the Knot": Francine and Muffy try and create their own movie because they are disappointed by the lack of fleshed-out female characters in movies. / D.W. plans herself a wedding after seeing a reality show about fancy weddings, but she learns that having a wedding means marrying someone.
  3. "Nicked by a Name" / "The Play's the Thing": Brain starts to give nicknames to all his friends but soon grows frustrated with doing so. / The kids abandon the playground in favor of Muffy's new smartphone, leaving the Tough Customers with no one to pick on.
  4. "Falafelosophy" / "The Great Lint Rush": Sue Ellen gets her book signed by Neil Gaiman, who encourages her to write her own graphic novel. / After Pal accidentally bets away a lot of socks in the house to the sock exchange, he and Amigo must get Mr. Toad to like lint.
  5. "Tales of Grotesquely Grim Bunny" / "Pet Projects": When Arthur and Buster's favorite comic store gets a new owner, he fills the store with grotesque comics that frighten them. / Arthur and Buster as well as Francine and Muffy are making video projects about their pets Pal and Nemo, but the pets don't seem to like it much.
  6. "Follow the Bouncing Ball" / "Buster Baxter and the Letter from the Sea": Francine and Alberto get their soccer balls mixed up and Alberto's ball begins a trip around Elwood City, and then the world. This episode begins a running gag where the ball appears in every episode. / Buster finds a message in a bottle on the beach and thinks it's from the continent of Atlantis.
  7. "Around the World in 11 Minutes" / "Muffy and the Big Bad Blog": Pal, Amigo, Kate, and Mei Lin take an (imagined) trip around the world. / Muffy takes on an interest in blogging, but when Francine tells her to spend less time on it, they enter a feud.
  8. "Arthur Unravels" / "All the Rage": After Grandma Thora teaches Arthur to knit, he tries to hide it from his friends so as not to appear "girly." / Muffy tries to come up with new fashion trends like her TV fashion idol, but her ideas aren't catching on.
  9. "D.W., Queen of the Comeback" / "In My Africa": When the Tibbles begin to tease D.W. about a bad haircut, she decides to resort to comic insults to backfire. / When Brain's cousin Cheikh moves to Elwood City, Brain teaches D.W. all about every country in Africa, Cheikh's home continent.
  10. "Buster Spaces Out" / "The Long Road Home": Buster decides to build a model rocket after seeing TV footage of the moon landing. / George decides to walk from Crown City to Elwood City to raise money for autism research. After spending most of the season going around the world, Alberto's soccer ball is returned.

    Season fifteen (October 10, 2011 - June 15, 2012) 
  1. "Fifteen": George represents Lakewood Elementary School in a radio quiz show. Meanwhile, Arthur rushes to school to turn in his report and earn the class a No-Homework Day, and Kate and Pal try to stop an evil organization planning to destroy imaginary friends.
  2. "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" / "Whistling in the Wind": Binky becomes worried George will tell everyone he still holds his mother's hand. / Timmy becomes frustrated that Tommy can whistle but he can't.
  3. "Buster's Secret Admirer" / "The Last King of Lambland": Buster gets a box of chocolates from a "secret admirer" and tries to find out who it is. / James receives a toy of a stuffed lamb from a relative in Scotland, but his classmates begin to treat him like a king because of it.
  4. "Cents-less" / "Buster the Lounge Lizard": Mr. Ratburn encourages the class to go a weekend without spending any money. / Buster brings his new electronic toy car to school, but it gets lost in the teacher's lounge.
  5. "To Eat or Not to Eat" / "S.W.E.A.T.": Buster wants to know why the new Big Boss candy bar is making everybody act weird. / Mr. Ratburn's class is worried about the upcoming standardized test.
  6. "Prunella the Packrat" / "What's in a Name?": Prunella and Arthur are assigned to work together on a project for Earth Day, but Prunella has a problem with hoarding items in her closet. / After Binky gets Muffy in trouble for using her cell phone in class, he fears Muffy will get revenge by revealing his real name.
  7. "Muffy's Classy Classics Club" / "Best Enemies": Muffy starts a book club with Arthur, Francine, and Brain, but they do not want to read her books and she does not like their recommendations. / Mrs. Read's new client has a daughter that is D.W.'s age, but D.W. finds they are exact opposites in terms of personality.
  8. "Buster's Garden of Grief" / "Through the Looking Glasses": Buster is put in charge of the Community Gardens for a few weeks. / Arthur gets new glasses that everyone likes better, changing his personality.
  9. "The Butler Did... What?" / "The Trouble with Trophies": When Muffy's butler goes missing, she realizes she doesn't know anything about him. / When George wins an award for Most Improved Student, Muffy tries to encourage Fern that she also wants a trophy.
  10. "Grandpa Dave's Memory Album / Buster's Carpool Catastrophe": Grandpa Dave is moving closer to the Reads but is beginning to get a brain condition that worsens his memory, so the Reads decide to make a memory album for him. Joan Rivers returns as Francine's Bubbe who lets Arthur know he still loves him just the same. / Arthur, Buster and Muffy carpool to a cooking class and Buster wants it to be a fun carpool, but every trip seems to be a disaster.

    Season sixteen (October 15, 2012 - May 10, 2013) 
  1. "Based on a True Story": A girl named Ladonna and her family move to Elwood City and she begins attending Lakewood Elementary School, where she tells Arthur and his friends stories about her life, but when they start to repeat and she begins fabricating stories, she may lose the friendship of everybody else. This was the first episode produced by 9 Story Entertainment and the first episode produced in widescreen.
  2. "Flippity Francine" / "Muffy Takes the Wheel": Francine has an accident during soccer training and is filmed by Muffy, and she quickly becomes the newest Internet sensation. / Everyone has to build a wooden car for the first annual Lakewood Derby, but when Muffy asks her father for help, she escalates to having him do the whole project.
  3. "All About D.W." / "Blockheads": D.W. does not get the role of Little Red Riding Hood in the preschool play but Emily does, so it's up to D.W. to be her understudy. / D.W. and Emily try and build their dream house out of blocks.
  4. "Get Smart" / "Baby Steps": Mr. Ratburn's class gets to try out a new smart board that is 100% correct, but Brain wants to prove that the board can be wrong. / D.W. tries to get Kate to do grown-up things.
  5. "Night of the Tibble" / "Read and Flumberghast": James is called to the first ever sleepover hosted by the Tibbles. / D.W. sets up a pretend legal firm at home. When Tommy is accused of stealing a cupcake from Bud, the preschoolers decide to put him on trial.
  6. "The Last Tough Customer" / "Brain's Chess Mess": It's time for the Tough Customers to give up their bullying ways, but Molly can't quite seem to let go. / Brain starts a chess club at school.
  7. "Baseball Blues" / "Brain's Biggest Blunder": George can't wait to play baseball for the Grebelings. / Brain gets teamed with Binky and Buster in the annual math competition.
  8. "Buster's Book Battle" / "On the Buster Scale": Lakewood Elementary School has just created a book reading competition, and Buster enters because the grand prize is a skateboard. / Brain and Buster can't agree on films. Buster gives everything a 10+/10, but Brain seems to dislike everything.
  9. "Fern and the Case of the Stolen Story" / "Sue Ellen Vegges Out": Fern can't think of a good story for Muffy's Story Club, so she steals one from Ladonna. / Sue Ellen becomes a vegetarian, so Muffy and Francine decide to tag along.
  10. "So Funny I Forgot to Laugh" / "The Best Day Ever": Arthur makes fun of Sue Ellen's new sweater and insists her being offended is an overreaction, while in reality, he's being mean to her. / Arthur and his friends recall their favorite days ever.

    Season seventeen (November 11, 2013 - May 14, 2014) 
  1. "Show Off" / "Dog's Best Friend": Pal and Killer face off against the snobby champion of the annual Dog Show, and Killer wants to beat him once and for all. / Arthur agrees to watch Amigo while Alberto is away, but doing so makes Pal feel like he is losing the status of top dog.
  2. "Adventures in Budylon" / "Ladonna Compson: Party Animal": D.W. and Bud embark on an imaginary adventure through the backyard. / Ladonna wants to do all there is to do during the fall, but she finds she is overbooked with too little time.
  3. "Molina's Mulligan" / "Buster Bombs": Alberto discovers his talent for golf and begins playing at the local country club, but he may find annoyance in his dad's cheering. / Buster is losing his touch for comedy, so he seeks the help of comedian Vince Ruckles.
  4. [[Arthur S 17 E 4 Opposites Distract Just The Ticket "Opposites Distract" / "Just the Ticket": When a leaky roof forces Arthur to study with Buster, they discover they make better friends than roommates. / Arthur wins front-seat tickets to a concert, but can only bring one friend along.
  5. "All Thumbs" / "Kidonia": When Arthur catches Buster sucking his thumb, he has to resist the urge to tell the whole school. / Tired of rules and chores, Arthur and his friends create a society of children with no rules.
  6. "Speak Up, Francine!" / "Waiting for Snow": Francine wants to bring to attention the pollution of the local lake. / Ladonna is ready to experience the first winter snow of her life.
  7. "Pets and Pests" / "Go Fly a Kite": When a mouse appears in the Read house, Ladonna teaches Arthur how mice can sometimes be helpful. / Muffy, Binky, and Ladonna argue over possession of a lost kite.
  8. 'The Director's Cut' / 'Crime and Consequences': George becomes inspired to make a movie, but his friends have other ideas for the story. / George accidentally breaks the class woodworking project, and Binky gets blamed.
  9. "Caught in the Crosswires" / "Framed!": Muffy's family is shown to be the subject of a new reality show, but she does not like how her character is portrayed as a spoiled brat. / Muffy commissions Buster for a portrait.
  10. "Binky's Music Madness" / "Brain Freeze": Everyone loves the new funky music group, except Binky, who is a musical purist. / The new ice cream shop across the block may put the one owned by Brain's family out of business.

    Season eighteen (September 29, 2014 - September 10, 2015) 
  1. "The Friend Who Wasn't There" / "Surprise!": Muffy tries to find her long-lost imaginary friend. / After being uninvited to Catherine's 16th birthday party, Francine tries to sabotage it.
  2. "The Case of the Girl With the Long Face" / "The Substitute Arthur": George is concerned about Fern when she seems extra sad. / When Arthur goes away for a weekend, Buster has to find things to do without him.
  3. "The Tattletale Frog" / "D.W. & Bud's Higher Purpose": After accidentally breaking Dad's old frog toy, D.W. and Bud try to hide it to avoid getting in trouble. / D.W. and Bud want to ride the new roller coaster at the amusement park but they are too short.
  4. "Best Wishes" / "The Tardy Tumbler": George becomes a center for wishes to be made after a few of his wishes become true. / Prunella becomes a coach to Marina in her new gym class but she must find the time to arrive early for her.
  5. "Fountain Abbey" / "Arthur Calls It": Muffy finds out the backstory of an ancestor who was a maid to Binky's ancestor. / Arthur umpires a baseball game and makes a call that everyone disagrees with.
  6. "Whip. Mix. Blend." / "Staycation": When Rattles visits the house of his future stepfather, he fears he has nothing in common with his two kids. / Grandma Thora can't babysit for the Read kids, rendering their parents unable to go on vacation as they planned. Arthur and D.W. suggest their parents camp out in the backyard instead, but can they manage the house and take care of Kate by themselves?
  7. "Two Minutes" / "Messy Dress Mess": Timmy Tibble learns that he is two minutes younger than Tommy, and a power shift occurs between them. / Muffy lends Ladonna a dress for the school play. Ladonna accidentally ruins it and isn't sure how to tell Muffy.
  8. "Arthur Read: Super Saver" / "Tibbles to the Rescue": When Arthur learns about The Great Depression, he becomes concerned about his family's use of money. / Tommy and Timmy become grateful after D.W. saves them from a fall, much to her annoyance.
  9. "The Pageant Pickle" / "Some Assembly Required": Arthur does not want to attend D.W.'s spring pageant. / While her new playground is being built, D.W. and her friends play with the box.
  10. "Shelter from the Storm": After a hurricane hits Elwood City, all of the characters have different ways of coping.

    Season nineteen (June 2, 2015 - May 26, 2016) 
  1. "Brain's Brain" / "Brain Sees Stars": D.W. and Bud take a trip through Brain's brain to try and find where he hid the last Easter egg. / Brain plans to see a meteor shower for the first time in his life.
  2. "Sue Ellen Adds It Up" / "Wish You Were Here": Sue Ellen comes up with a math problem she cannot seem to solve. / Sue Ellen's pen pal Tenzin comes in for a visit.
  3. "Arthur's Toy Trouble" / "Spar for the Course": Arthur gets a valuable toy as a gift, but it falls in the hands of D.W. / Arthur, Buster, and Binky attempt to create a new 18th hole for the local mini-golf course.
  4. "Carried Away" / "Dueling Detectives!": Pal's cousin Dr. Yowl takes him, Kate, and Mei Lin on an adventure through the solar system. / Fern and Binky fight to find George's giraffe puppet.
  5. "Buster Isn't Buying It" / "One Ornery Critter": After his favorite fake science show is canceled, Buster vows to never believe anything he hears ever again. / Buster takes care of his aunt's dog, but she dislikes Arthur.
  6. 'Maria Speaks' / 'Postcards from Binky': Maria, a student with no identity, is given the job of school news anchor and finally speaks up despite having a stutter. / Binky attempts to do a video reenactment of a soccer game his grandparents missed.
  7. "Carl's Concerto" / "Too Much of a Good Thing": Carl agrees to play the accordion for George's puppet show, but his autistic routines may get in the way. / Buster enlists Binky's help to get himself to stop gorging on chocolates.
  8. "Francine's Cleats of Strength" / "Little Miss Meanie": Francine gets a job as Muffy's assistant to raise money for new cleats. / Muffy and Lydia enter a beauty pageant to try and upstage a snobbish bratty contestant.
  9. 'Mr. Ratburn's Secret Identity' / 'Besties': Arthur and his friends feel Mr. Ratburn has a secret identity. / When Ladonna and Buster bond, Arthur feels left out.
  10. "The Last Day": In the final days of third grade, the group is enamored with a hippie teacher who will become their fourth-grade teacher, but end up realizing how much their time with Mr. Ratburn has meant to them all this time.

    Season twenty (October 10, 2016 - June 1, 2017) 
  1. "Buster's Second Chance" / "Arthur and the Whole Truth": After Brain wins a science fair, Buster imagines a world where he is as smart as Brain. / Buster tries not to tell Arthur any more little white lies before his big piano recital, but Buster thinks Arthur made a few mistakes at practice. Should he tell him the truth?
  2. "Fern's Flights of Fancy" / "Cereal": When Fern's newest attempt at writing gets a poor review, she quits writing and takes up sports. / D.W. accuses Arthur of stealing her favorite cereal, and Buster makes a podcast about the incident.
  3. "He Said, He Said" / "Bunny Trouble": Arthur, Buster, and George want to watch a new Bionic Bunny special, but it gets interrupted not long after it comes on, so they try to remember what happened. / It's D.W.'s turn to watch the class bunny but she soon loses him. Maybe Ladonna can help because of her experience with bunnies.
  4. "Bud's Knotty Problem" / "That's MY Grandma!": Bud's mother agrees to buy him a new pair of boots if he can learn how to tie his shoelaces. / D.W. becomes upset after Grandma Thora becomes the best babysitter in Elwood City.
  5. "Lend Me Your Ear" / "The Butler Did It": Mr. Ratburn has a complete change in attitude, much to Arthur, Buster, and Brain's concern. / Mr. Crosswire gets a robot butler, but Muffy fears Bailey may be replaced.
  6. "Prunella's Tent of Portent" / "Mutiny on the Pitch": Prunella claims she can see the future, but Marina doubts it. / Francine decides to leave her soccer position to Buster when the Lakewood Elementary soccer team claims she is too bossy.
  7. "The Hallway Minotaur" / "Ladonna's Like List": George becomes the Lakewood Elementary hallway monitor. / Ladonna begins a list to see how many people like her.

    Season twenty-one (October 24, 2017 - February 15, 2018) 
  1. "Binky's 'A' Game" / "Brain and the Time Capsule": Binky gets an A on a test and Muffy and Francine think he cheated. At the end of the episode, they change their mind. / Brain creates a time capsule but soon gets frustrated when everyone wants to put something in. (October 24, 2017)
  2. "The Master Builders": Buster keeps failing at creating a birdhouse to keep pests away to keep the community garden safe while Muffy and Francine come up with a new company named "Skywire" and attempt to create a cat toy that will significantly change the pet toy game. All of them give up and think of starting a business with all four of the group. (October 24, 2017)
  3. 'Francine & the Soccer Spy' / 'Sue Ellen & the Last Page': Ladonna befriends a member of the Mighty Mountain soccer team. Soon, Francine suspects that Ladonna is telling the enemy the secret plans for the Lakewood soccer team. / The city council votes to close down the Elwood City Library and Sue Ellen attempts to save it. (October 26, 2017)
  4. "Muffy Misses Out" / "Arthur Takes a Stand": Muffy goes to an opera but is also worrying that the members of Mrs. MacGrady's bake sale will need her help. / Arthur discovers that Mrs. MacGrady manages the cafeteria without any help and tries to hire her an assistant. (February 12, 2018)
  5. 'Slink's Special Talent' / 'Take a Hike, Molly': Slink thinks that his special talent is being a newspaper boy, but he starts to think that's not his special talent. At the end of the episode, he thinks that his special talent is being a newspaper boy again. / The Tough Customers go on a hiking trail. (February 13, 2018)
  6. "The Lost Dinosaur" / "The Princess Problem": Bud loses his imaginary friend, Rapty, a dinosaur, and becomes worried about what he'll do without him. / D.W. loves the Princess Platoon series until she understands that it doesn't represent everyone. With the help of Arthur's friend, Lydia, D.W. discovers the true qualities of a princess. (February 14, 2018)
  7. "Invasion of the Soccer Fans" / "Pal and the Big Itch": D.W., Arthur, Vicita, Mr. Read, Grandma Thora, and Mr. Molina watch a soccer game on TV and Baby Kate becomes addicted to it. This causes a war between the gang and the dogs since they don't know the meaning of watching a soccer game. / When Pal goes into a trash can and rolls in the garbage, he gets an itch. (February 15, 2018)

    Season twenty-two (May 13, 2019 - May 16, 2019) 
  1. "Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone" / "The Feud": Arthur and the gang are suprised to hear that Mr. Ratburn is getting married. / Arthur and Buster think the other sabotaged their video game session and get into a fight over it, with the other students of Lakewood Elementary picking sides. (May 13, 2019)
  2. "When Rivals Came to Roost" / "The Longest Eleven Minutes": The Lakewood Elementary students must share their school with rival students whose school gets flooded. / The gang doesn't know what to do when the Internet goes out. (May 14, 2019)
  3. "Muffy's House Guests" / "Binky Can't Always Get What He Wants": Peregrine falcons, which Muffy is scared of, make their nest outside her bedroom window. / Binky has to decide between being in a TV commercial or a talent show. (May 15, 2019)
  4. "Muffy's Car Campaign" / "Truth or Poll": Francine starts a campaign to help the environment, and Muffy worries that it may put her father's car dealership out of business. / On Brain's advice, Binky starts a poll about the last math test his class took. (May 16, 2019)

    Season twenty-three (October 14, 2019 - October 16, 2019) 
  1. "Fright Night" / "Citizen Cheikh": After hearing a spooky bedtime story about a creature called the "lycanbunny" from his uncle, Buster becomes afraid that it might be real. / Cheikh and his parents are about to formally become American citizens, and he fears that this means he will have to abandon everything related to Senegalese culture.
  2. "When Duty Calls": Ladonna has to move away from Elwood City because her father, a member of the Army Corps of Engineers, is being transferred to Oregon, and all her friends try to make her feel better about having to leave them behind.
  3. "The Pea and the Princess" / "D.W. and Dr. Whosit": Prunella is the director for a school play of The Princess and the Pea, but Francine has her own ideas for how the play should go. / A TV show called Doctor Whosit has become a fad in Elwood City, and D.W. wants to see what the fuss is all about. However, her parents tell her she's too young to watch the show.

    Season twenty-four (March 8, 2021 - March 10, 2021) 
  1. "The Great MacGrady": A remake of the Season 13 episode of the same name where Lance Armstrong is replaced by the show's fictional wrestler Slam Wilson.
  2. "D.W.'s New Best Friend" / "Freaky Tuesday": D.W. meets a 13-year-old girl named Hana at craft class and starts to act and dress like her. / An accident with a science experiment causes Buster to switch bodies with Mr. Ratburn, and they must find a way to switch back.
  3. "George Scraps His Sculpture" / "Arthur's Big Meltdown": George is selected to represent Lakewood Elementary at the upcoming County Art Show, but he has no idea what he should make. Kevin Blythe Sampson guest stars as himself. / When Arthur's friends accidentally cause a smoothie to spill onto his new pair of sneakers, he becomes furious at them.

    Season twenty-five (February 21, 2022) 
  1. "Binky Wrestles With a Story" / "All Will Be Revealed!": Binky shadows Buster's mom at her workplace and finds out what it's like being a news reporter. / Buster, with the help of Bud and his imaginary friend Rapty, sets out to find out once and for all what happened to D.W.'s snowball. Will the truth finally come to light?
  2. "Making Conversation" / "A Cloudy Day": At a house party, George must learn how to interact with adults. / Arthur and friends discover the enterntainment value of old silent films.
  3. "Listen Up! / "Arthur's New Old Vacation": After Francine's beloved Bubbe suddenly passes away, Muffy helps her cope. / Arthur is tired of going to the same place for every family vacation, so he tries convincing his family to try something new.
  4. "Blabbermouth" / "All Grown Up": Buster finds out that Arthur doesn't trust him with keeping secrets. / In the Grand Finale of the show, Arthur and co. come across a fortune-telling game that can supposedly predict their futures based on their personalities.

  1. Arthur's Perfect Christmas: It will be the perfect Christmas this year! At least, that's what Arthur thinks. Unfortunately, nothing seems to go his way. Elsewhere, Buster's mother is freaking out over the rush of the holidays as usual, and Francine gets fed up with Muffy when the former repeatedly tries to tell the latter that she can't come to her Christmas party. Will it possibly end up being a good Christmas this year?
  2. Arthur - It's Only Rock 'n' Roll: The Backstreet Boys are coming to town! But Francine insists that the Backstreet Boys are nothing but a bunch of sellouts and that if she were to make her own band, she wouldn't even dare think of the idea of ever doing such. So she does; soon, it turns out to be a lot more stressful than she bargained for.
  3. D.W. and the Beastly Birthday: It's D.W.'s birthday, and her party is as lame as can be. During a game of Hide and Seek, she hides under the stairs, and it seems she'll never get found. Fed up, she transports herself to the island of Ukubonga, where she learns what it's like to have everything go her way all the time... and perhaps it's almost too good to be true. Elsewhere, Arthur is transported ten years into the future, and learns to understand why having a younger sister is such a joy.
  4. Arthur and the Haunted Tree House: It's Halloween, and Arthur, Ladonna, and Buster find themselves in what seems to be a haunted treehouse. Elsewhere, Binky takes a stroll through Mr. Ratburn's haunted house, and Francine discovers a woman with a mysterious past.
  5. The Rhythm and Roots of Arthur: The Reads (and Buster) go to their great uncle's farm for his birthday. Arthur realizes that he doesn't have as much in common with his cousin as he thought, D.W. has continual run-ins with a lizard, and Buster doesn't feel like he belongs.
  6. An Arthur Thanksgiving: It's Thanksgiving, and it couldn't be busier! Mr. Read is whipping up his famous turkey dinner, the Lakewood Elementary kids are preparing for the annual parade and, when things start to go off course, Arthur and his friends must find a way to save the Thanksgiving celebration.
  7. Arthur's First Day: Arthur and his friends begin fourth grade, while D.W. and her friends begin kindergarten.

  • Arthur's Missing Pal: All CGI movie. Pal goes missing, and now it's up to Arthur and his friends to track him down. Meanwhile, Pal is mistakenly taken as a stray dog by a circus performer, and if he isn't rescued soon, he'll be taken out of town and possibly be gone forever. Can Arthur and co. find him before it's too late?