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Ben and Kevin

  • Wow. For just one example, as soon as Gwen chews Kevin out for not asking her out yet, Kevin's first move is to turn around and ask Ben if he wants to go out alien hunting.
    • The very end of "Be-Knighted" also raises an eyebrow or two when Kevin puts his arm around Ben, and not only does Ben not protest or awkwardly step out of the embrace, but they walk off together as if it's completely normal, with a knowing wink to Gwen.
      • One can't help but come out of the series with the distinct impression that there was a Kevin/Ben, Kevin/Gwen love triangle going on.
    • The two have a ton of dialogue that sounds suggestive out of context: "I used to talk about what I'd do to you," and "Enjoy me while you can!" being prime examples.
    • Then there's that scene where Kevin asks Mister Seahorse-mode Ben to help him with his tuxedo. Then Kevin gets his fingers entangled in his bow-tie, so Ben starts tying it for him.
      Ben: [dusts Kevin's shoulders, then smiles] There. Now, don't you look dapper?
      • It's also worth noting that during this scene, Ben was eating out of a jar of pickles. After eating the last one, he even drinks the pickle juice.
      • Not to mention the romantic music playing in the background
      • At the end of "Save the Last Dance," Kevin shows Ben the footage of his Necrofriggian children, and calls Ben "mommy." Ben is (understandably) extremely embarrassed.
    • In "What Are Little Girls Made Of," a bored Ben repeatedly clicks the lock button of Kevin's car, eventually (just after the 4-minute mark) annoying Kevin into reaching over and grabbing Ben, causing Ben to get an incredibly gleeful smile on his face. Later (around 9:40 in), when Gwen is in the living room talking to her parents and grandmother, the boys sit at the far end of the couch so close together that they're actually touching. (Not even Gwen's parents are sitting that close, and they're actually a couple!)
      • Note that an establishing shot proves that there's plenty of couch room and even an unoccupied chair right across from them, so they wouldn't be sitting so close unless they really wanted to.
      • Finally, during the fight with Gwen's grandmother, at one point an unconscious Ben ends up laying in Kevin's lap. It isn't even Subtext anymore, it's just plain text.
    • The scene from the Charmcaster episode where it suddenly shows us Ben sitting alone on a beach and smiling as Kevin walks towards him from the sea, complete with oddly romantic music and sunset in the background.
    • Notably parodied in "Duped," where one of Ben's duplicates acts like a sulky boyfriend towards Kevin. Kevin is shown to be disturbed to a comical level:
    Kevin: "BEN! You've always been kind of girly, but now, YOU'RE CREEPING ME OUT!"
    Ben: "We never talk about our feelings anymore!"
    • And, instead of Gwen, it's Not So Stoic Kevin that's the first to run over to check on Ben after he's thrown into a wall in "Fused" and then hold his hand while helping him up. And I'm not talking that wrist-grab thing guys do, I'm talking hand holding. Made funny by the fact that minutes later he has to do the same for Gwen but just sort of pulls at her arm half-heartedly instead.
      • Kevin did a lot of Ben-grabbing in "Fused." When Ben goes to push a button, Kevin grabs his wrist to stop him and holds on longer than you'd expect; when Ben needs to be saved from possession, Kevin rushes in with the electrical things and after the ensuing explosion, comes out of it with Ben tucked under his arm.
    • In "Undercover," Kevin is seen carrying Ben around, and doesn't seem to want to put him down.
    • The end of "Absolute Power." Gwen asks who wants to go explain to her parents why their house is destroyed, and is ignored completely as Kevin asks Ben out for smoothies. Are we sure Gwen is Kevin's love interest?
    • "Fame." When the lights go out, Kevin grabs onto Ben to keep him quiet, hand over mouth, leaning over him.
      • He also went to the trouble of tracking down the guy who outed Ben (as an alien superhero). His extremely protective reaction over Ben aimed towards Jimmy (the ten year old who figured out Ben's secret identity) certainly didn't hurt.
      Kevin: Why did you do this to Ben?
      Jimmy: I don't understand. Do what?
      Kevin: Ruin his life!
      Jimmy: I would never do anything to hurt Mr. Tennyson! I'm a fan.
      Kevin: [snatches Jimmy up off the ground by his collar]
    • "In Charm's Way" has a scene where Kevin's trying to convince Gwen to come with him. While Gwen is suspicious of the way Kevin's acting, Ben is more than happy to let Kevin know how enthusiastic he is to go, well, pretty much anywhere Kevin suggests.

Gwen and Charmcaster

  • In the original series Gwen and Charmcaster, much like Ben and Kevin, had a healthy, or not so healthy, amount of tension, which included an episode where they switched bodies. While these interactions continued in Alien Force it wouldn't be until the Ultimate Alien episode "Where the Magic Happens," that the ship changes from Foe Yay Shipping to Les Yay and takes off.
    • Gwen has to ask Charmcaster for help accessing the magic door to Ledgerdomain. Once inside, Charmcaster and Gwen spend the whole time bonding and by the end Charmcaster admits she no longer feels like killing Gwen.
    Charmcaster Maybe just badly hurt.
    • Later in the episode when Charmcaster decides to stay in Ledgerdomain to fight the evil tyrant Adwatia on her own, after helping open the magic door back to Earth, Gwen becomes distraught and it's not until Ben tells her they will be back to help Charmcaster that she calms down.
    • In the follow-up episode two seasons later (Enemy of My Frenemy), Gwen seems to be the only one worried about Charmcaster back in Ledgerdomain, and has to try and steal a book from Hex just to go there again.
      • And even after temporarily killing Ben, Kevin and Gwen herself, Charmcaster becomes so broken by the failure to resurrect her father that despite it all, the episode ends showing Gwen caring about Charmcaster's feelings, worrying about how she'll fare now. Gwen even convinces Ben and Kevin that Charmcaster had suffered enough and to leave her alone.
    • In the very next episode — "Couples Retreat" — Gwen is a lot more emotionally invested in saving Charmcaster from being used by Darkstar than anyone else, even after being reminded of the events from last episode.
    • Finally, in Omniverse, as in the previous series, Gwen seems a bit obsessed with Charmcaster. In "Charm School," Gwen tries to get her to see reason after being told by a reformed Hex that there was some good left in her. Also, one of first things Charmcaster does in the same episode was to wink at Gwen.
    • The nature of the ending to "Third Time's a Charm" also raises some eyebrows, which is Gwen's last scene in Omniverse. Gwen affectionately pats Charmcaster's bag, which has Charmcaster inside. With a wide smile on her face, she tells Kevin she had always wondered if she and Charmcaster could be friends in different circumstances, and she now knows they will be.


  • While Ben and Kevin rule the Ho Yay department, Paradox and humanized Hugo in Paradox left quite an impact. In the final part of the episode, Paradox walks an old Hugo into the time portal, to take him on the journey he didn't have the chance to go on all those years ago.
    Ben: Well, at least he's got company now.
  • A Ho Yay OT3 developed between Rook, Ben, and Kevin. Rook has ho yay with both Ben and Kevin, whose relationship remains close, and Word of God states that Ben's greatest fear is that Rook likes Kevin more than him.
  • In "Hot Stretch" Rook goes from amused to hostile when Ben starts returning Ester's advances. Rook knew Ester was a thief from the start, but he didn't hold it against her then. Not to mention, when the kids assume Ben is Ester's bf, one stare from Rook has Ben hastily clarifying that he's not actually Ester's boyfriend.
  • Rook pulling Ben away from the monitors to talk about romantic comedies in "Animo Crackers."
  • Ben's and Rook's interactions had enough subtext that the writers changed the dynamic in an attempt to make people like Ben/Kai. It didn't work.
  • "Fight At The Museum" was so loaded with Kai/Ester it was almost like Spanner had to travel back just to sink the ship so he could be born in the first place. Not only are they very polite to each other throughout the episode and work well together during the climatic fight, then there's the fact that Kai seems to be something of a xenophile if her reaction to Ben's alien forms is any indication... even Ester's brief spats of jealousy after Spanner reveals to Ben that Kai is his destiny is pretty downplayed compared to most examples of the trope.