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Well, they both like pink and fighting the patriarchy...

  • "School Spirit":
  • Marco's "I Kissed a Ninja" T-shirt in "Cheer Up Star" has a picture of Marco giving a kiss on the cheek to a blushing male ninja.
  • "Brittney's Party" introduces StarFan13, a girl who's obsessed with Star to the point of plastering the inside of her locker with pictures of Star, including one of Star in her pajamas. Then in "Sleepover", StarFan13 outright admits she has a crush on Star in a game of Truth or Punishment. For what it's worth, Star is never shown to disapprove of StarFan13's Stalker with a Crush behavior, and Star apparently keeps a Stalker Shrine dedicated to StarFan13 in her own locker.
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  • In "Fortune Cookies", Ludo is incredibly enamored with Toffee, even reaching out to touch his arm in excitement.
  • In "Pixtopia", Star invites Alfonzo and Ferguson to come along on an interdimensional trip, and the two join hands and dance in a circle while gleefully singing, “Going into portal land, teenage boys are holding hands…”
  • Star's makeover in "Mr. Candle Cares" includes the bi flag colors and a labrys.
  • In "Girls' Day Out", Janna seems almost flirty with Star at times. And then there's the way the two look at each other with a Held Gaze near the end of the episode, after Star gives her a heart-shaped "Deputy Mayor" badge.
  • "Friendenemies":
    • The teaser poster quickly became notorious among fans for depicting Tom and Marco like a couple on the cover of a steamy romance novel.
    • The episode itself has Tom and Marco hanging out and growing closer, and near the end the two act out a "lover's spat" of sorts when Marco learns Tom just wanted to hang out with him as part of his anger management training. They even sing a break-up song by Love Sentence as a duet.
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    • When Tom appears to Marco and Star, he is seen licking an ice cream cone that has the colors and pattern of the pansexual flag.
      • Bonus points: the top part that he's licking has a red color that is similar to Marco's hoodie and seems to have a pink heart in it.
  • In "Spider With a Top Hat", Spider gets a Floating Advice Reminder of his friend Rock the Warnicorn. Then he imagines Rock giving him a kiss on the forehead.
  • In "Naysaya", Marco mentions that since he has never held hands with a girl, he's practiced hand holding with Ferguson.
  • "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown":
    • Star excitedly calls Janna, "Janna Banana!" Janna's the first person Star's given an Affectionate Nickname.
    • When Janna convinces Star to pick the dead clown séance with her over a high school dance with Marco, it could be seen as Star choosing to ditch Marco in favour of a date with Janna.
    • Star gasps at Jackie in her dress and takes her hands, saying, "Oh my gosh, you look like the ocean!" Jackie drops her gaze bashfully as she laughs and says thanks.
    • There is also a bit between Janna and Jackie as when Jackie and Marco come upon Ludo attacking Star and Janna, Jackie yells Janna's name and runs over to defend her from the rats.
  • In "Collateral Damage", Star tells StarFan13, "You're the second best me there is, baby."
  • In "Just Friends" Marco becomes depressed at how easily Star and Jackie get along and even thinks they would be happier if he wasn't around. He told them they should go to the Love Sentence concert without him. In other words, he felt that Jackie would have more fun on a date with Star than with him.
  • A small bit in "Starcrushed" when after Star reveals her feelings to Marco and runs off Janna is seen looking at Jackie, who, like everyone else, is looking at Star with a shocked expression.
  • From Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension:
    • Janna writes to Star that they'll see each other in Marco's closet after Marco's asleep.
    • In his yearbook photo, Francis writes a question to Star asking when Marco gets home.
    • Oskar Greason of all people refers to Tom and Marco's Vitriolic Best Buds relationship as a "bromance" when they start arguing. They're left confused, with Tom remarking to Marco that if he [Tom] were bromancing him, Marco would know it.
    • In Star's interview with Jackie, she calls her "owner of the second most beautiful eyes at Echo Creek Academy" and asks "tell me about what you are looking for in a… man?"
    • In the game of "Date, Marry, or Make Disappear Forever", Star gives Pony Head the options of: Alfonzo, Marco, and Mina Loveberry. Pony Head picks Marco to disappear, then Mina to date, albeit because she considers her too crazy for marriage.
  • In "Club Snubbed", Star dances with other princesses at the Silver Bell Ball to make Tom jealous.
    • Besides that, other princesses are shown dancing with each other as well.
    • Even though it wasn't shown onscreen, it can be assumed that the princes also danced with each other.
  • In "Stump Day", part of Marco and Tom's fight, taken out of context, could look like a fight between a couple.
    Tom: [wrestling Marco] Say I'm a good boyfriend!
  • In "Swim Suit", Marco, unable to find his own swim suit, tries on a pair of Glossaryck's, which, naturally, are extremely tight on him (though we don't actually get to see it). He later says that Tom liked them.
  • In "Ransomgram", Star seems to be as much into Marco's friend Brunzetta as she is into Marco's adult form. She seems especially delighted at riding between the two on Brunzetta's pet bear, seeing the both of them through a Crush Filter.
  • In "Lake House Fever", when Tom confronts Star about her kiss with Marco in "Booth Buddies", he says "If I had kissed Marco, wouldn't [Star] want to me to tell you?", which may imply that he HAS thought of kissing Marco before.
  • In "Cornball!", a monster boy playing cornball dedicates his play to "David", saying "I'll always love you!". It's apparently against the rules to give shoutouts to exes on the field.
  • In "A Boy and His DC-700XE", when Tom and Marco return to the others, Talon crossly calls them "lovebirds" and Kelly teasingly warns Tom that "being breakup buddies isn't all it's cracked up to be."
  • In "Cornonation", Tom and Marco sing "Too Little Too Late" again, and Janna dances with Foolduke during the performance.
  • In "Britta's Tacos", we learn Jackie spent the year studying in France, where she says she "learned a lot about herself." She comes back with a friend, Chloè, and it's all but outright stated that they're dating, with it being confirmed here.
    • On a much lesser note, there's Star's reactions to Chloè's parkour, somewhat reminiscent of her reaction to Brunzetta. Guess she has a type...
  • Tom seemed to be kinda checking Oskar out in 'Jannanigans', and according to the storyboarder Ariel VH, this is certainly the case.
  • Mina is furiously devoted to what she believes Solaria's ideals were even centuries after her death, ever since the queen saw the young rag-peddler in awe of her forcing a giant spider monster to flee and believed that her magic could make her a powerful warrior.
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