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They're Just Friends!
Despite the HUGE amounts of standard Ship Tease, there are some moments of this happening too.
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     Between the girls 
With so many female characters, was there any chance it wouldn't happen?
  • Some of Marinette and Alya's interactions often go beyond the BFF scale.
    • Marinette and Alya having fun with Manon in "Prime Queen" looks quite similar to two mothers having fun with their daughter.
    • Alya's fangirling over Ladybug is also very easy to read as a celebrity crush.
  • One of Chloé's favorite games is to dress up as Ladybug and have Sabrina dress up as Cat Noir. Note that Cat Noir is a guy who constantly flirts with Ladybug.
    • In "Oblivio", Sabrina mentions that she and Chloé often play Super Penguino together, although Chloé rapidly shushes her. The scene is absolutely dripping with subtext already.
    • Sabrina's reminiscence in "Miraculer" when it seems Chloe has rejected her really looks more like a heartbroken ex than split friends. Also, when she thinks of Chloe tickling her, the positions they're in are not too subtle.
  • Sabrina's surprisingly quick to drop Chloé and adopt Marinette as her new best friend. When she believes Marinette abandoned her work on their school project and accuses her of being just as uncaring as Chloé is, it can come off as a jaded lover who's had her heart broken one too many times. Alternatively she's simply that desperate for an actual friend, which is much worse.
  • Rose and Juleka are shown hanging out with each other a lot, sometimes standing really close to one another.
    • Season 2's opening showcases pictures of the typical classmate duos together, including Alya and Marinette, Adrien and Nino, Kim and Max, Sabrina and Chloe, Ivan and Mylène, and Alix and Nathaniel. In Rose and Juleka's, their photo says "Rose + Juleka". Furthermore, the green outline applied to Juleka's arm suggests a heart shape behind the words.
    • Note how thier styles are inverted in their respective akumatized forms: Juleka gets a bright, colorful, flamboyant Rose-ish look whereas Rose gets an elegant dark, brooding, gothic (and more "Julekan") look. Looks like each of them secretly wants to be the other one, hence their friendship.
    • In "Captain Hardrock", the titular baddie chains them together. Seems normal, until you consider that the other pairs chained together are already couples (Alya and Nino get chained together, as do Ivan and Mylène), or at least have heavy Ship Tease (Marinette and Luka).
    • In "Zombizou", after a close call with the zombies, there's a shot of Juleka comforting Rose and rubbing her hand affectionately. It's also implied that Rose kissed Juleka on her lips when she succumbs to Zombizou's kiss. They're hugging each other when Ladybug cures everyone (note that Ivan and Mylene were on a bench kissing, so the zombies do seem to have some semblance of their normal selves). After the momentary surprise, they hug each other even tighter before Alix steps in for a group hug.
    • In "Frightningale", Juleka is shown with one arm wrapped around Rose from behind, and the position of her hand even makes it look like she's copping a feel, while Rose is clinging to that arm with both hands like she's trying to keep it in that position. Later, Rose is shown sitting either on Juleka's lap or between her legs and looking up at her, smiling, while Juleka has her hands on Rose's shoulders. Even Marinette and Alya aren't that close to each other!
    • In "Reverser" the two are briefly seen holding hands when Reverser storms the art room.
    • The creators themselves have strongly implied that this is the case.
    • When Adrien is looking around the school in "Frozer", they are shown among the Official Couple pairings.
    • Rose casually mentions at the end of "Oblivio" that she and Juleka play Super Penguino all the time, which appears to be a couples game and a thinly veiled Does This Remind You of Anything?
    • In "Reflekdoll", Rose actually kisses Juleka on the cheek when she says goodbye. Though kissing someone on either cheek is a French greeting, it feels especially shippy when Juleka, while still upset about losing the role and having been held back by her own nervousness, smiles while watching Rose go, after the kiss. When Juleka is akumatized, she puts particular emphasis on converting Rose. In the photo shoot at the end, the two are hugging happily in several shots.
    • In "Desperada," when the title villain attacks, the two are seen clutching each other's hands. We get a very clear close-up shot of them this way, too.
    • In "Startrain", Rose is shown sleeping on Juleka's lap, while Juleka pats her head affectionately.
    • At the end of "Félix", the two are looking at each other quite suggestively before they are alerted to Adrien's video message.
    • The final scene of "Miracle Queen" shows Rose leaning against Juleka by the river, next to Alya and Nino, with Adrien and Kagami further down.
  • Kagami's reaction to first meeting Ladybug is being interpreted in this light. Ironic considering that she's a rival for Adrien's affections.
    • Let's not forget the fact that in the French version of "Riposte", she (as the titular villain) actually called Ladybug "My Lady" during their fight at the Louvre.
    • In "Ikari Gozen", Marinette's rant when she finds out that she's been partnered up with Kagami for the contest ends up sounding like she has a crush on her. Marinette's body language during said rant certainly doesn't help matters.
      Marinette: No way! She's brilliant, strong, cute!
    • In "Heart Hunter", both Adrien and Kagami comment that Marinette looks beautiful with her hair down. Later, when the three are getting ice cream from André, André thinks up a flavor pairing for Marinette and Kagami.
      • When Kagami is about to kiss Adrien Ladybug snatches her away from him carrying her in her arms.
  • Clara Nightingale gets very up close and personal to Marinette, such as dancing with her, dipping her and getting down on one knee when asking her to take part in the music video, very much the same as Cat Noir did in "Evillustrator.". The fact that Marinette smiles and blushes when Clara dips her doesn't quite help.
    • Clara also immediately takes back Marinette after Chloe's audition despite Chloe doing very well (she mentions she's had eight years of dancing lessons and Marinette, well...) and being dressed in a well-made Ladybug costume and wig.
  • It's debatable since the kwamis in the Miracle Box are genderless and are qualified as "brothers and sisters" by Plagg, but during the kwami party in "Sandboy", horse and goat kwamis Kaalki and Ziggy (who both have feminine voices and are referred to by female pronouns) are seen gleefully dancing with each other. Later in the episode, Ziggy is seen helping Kaalki to stand up after the kwamis' confrontation with Hawk Moth.
  • Pretty much the entirety of "Chameleon" is Lila trying to kiss Ladybug. Granted, that's how her shapeshifting power works, and she spends most of the time in various male forms, but still. Also, she's defeated by tricking her into kissing a clam, which sounds like a Double Entendre for oral sex.
    • Additionally when Lila gives an ultimatum to Marinette to make her decide to be Lila's friend or she'll make Marinette lose all her friends, Lila pins her against the wall. The scene takes place in the restroom though.
  • A very subtle one, but in "Backwarder", Ladybug visits the pharmacist to give her the prescription for Master Fu's medication, but ends up accidentally giving her the letter that he wrote for Marianne. The pharmacist reads the letter and exclaims that while she's very flattered at Ladybug's apparent feelings for her, she's already taken (plus her name's not Marianne) Though neither is implied to have actual feelings for the other, the show clearly acknowledges girl-on-girl-itude to be a thing, and something the pharmacist has no problem with even though she doesn't share Ladybug's supposed feelings.

     Between the guys 
Less often than the girls, but the guys also have their moments.
  • Nino, Adrien's best friend, holds the dubious honor of being one of the few characters who got turned into an Akuma because of injustice done to someone else close to them, the trigger for his own akumazation being seeing Adrien so upset.
    • Nino is also seen more psyched to see Adrian after a supervillian attack than his girlfriend.
  • Max seems to be heavily invested in Kim's love life during Dark Cupid...
  • Vincent Aza, Hawk Moth's victim in "Pixelator": an Ambiguously Gay freelance photographer whose akumatization is a result of his obsession with Jagged Stone.
  • "Gorizilla" presents us with Wayhem, a Loony Fan of Adrien who might as well be considered Marinette's Badass Normal Spear Counterpart. He even dresses like Adrien! The parallel is even made explicit when both are chasing Gorizilla, they shout "Put Adrien down, right now!" within seconds of each other though neither could've heard the other.
  • Despite of the immense Ship Tease he had with Marinette for the majority of Captain Hardrock, Luka Couffaine also got along with Adrien pretty well, even if they spent very little screen time together.
    • Furthermore, just before the final shot, Luka appears to be looking at Adrien, while the lights over him are the same colors as the bisexual flag.
    • And then, there's the final shot of the episode...
  • The subtext between Marc and Nathaniel in "Reverser" is paper-thin. Not to mention that Marc's full name is a pun on "arc-en-ciel", which is French for "rainbow"... aka the design on Marc's pink T-shirt.
    • Marc having an interest in Nathaniel's drawings and writing his story "The Diary of Ladybug" based off them is one thing. However, the one particular excerpt from Marc's story that Marinette reads really sends off some big signals. The pseudo-diary entry combined with the background images has Ladybug clearly crushing on Evillustrator. Since this diary of Ladybug's is in reality written by Marc and Nath was of course Evillustrator, it's not hard to suspect that Marc may've been writing between the lines his own feelings through Ladybug either subconsciously or not.
    • "But... what if he doesn't like it? I'll be so embarrassed! I'll have to change schools, so I'll never run into him again!". If you haven't seen the episode, you'd be forgiven for thinking that this line is said by Marinette about Adrien.
    • When the two make amends at the end, you'll notice that they're not doing an typical handshake: Marc is clearly seen laying his hand on Nathaniel's!
    • A minor one, but during the music video at the end of "Frightningale", Nathaniel and Marc are seen wearing the masks of Cat Noir and Ladybug, respectively.
    • In "Frozer", they are seen together in a similar manner to Juleka and Rose above.
  • A very subtle one, but if one watches closely, Nathaniel seems to like to draw Chat Noir more muscular than the genuine article...
    • However, considering the fact that his Mr. Bug form is pretty muscular as well, he might actually be muscular in-universe, but the team can't be bothered to re-model him.
  • Adrien has some quasi-selfcest moments in "Copycat" and "Chameleon".
  • While Adrien obviously means a lot to Plagg, it is sporadically implied that Plagg's affection reached an extent that surpasses the normal relationships between Kwamis and their human partners. Compared to Tikki, who has a more mentor-like relationship with Marinette, Plagg is far, far more flagrant and sentimental in his interactions with his human partner. This gem from "Syren" sums it up:
    Plagg: "Oh, I'm sure there'll be another Cat Noir to give me cheese... but he won't be you."
    • In "Chameleon", Plagg attempts what basically amounts to using the True Love's Kiss to awaken Adrien from the sleep the latter was forced into by the titular Akuma, a la Sleeping Beauty or Snow White.
      • Albeit Adrien awakened before anything happened, and Plagg was visibly reluctant about going through with the idea, it should be noted that this was nonetheless the very first thing he thought of when trying to come up with a way to free Adrien. It doesn't help that of all assurances he could've used to rationalize trying it, he chose No One Will Ever Know.
  • In "Party Crasher" there's a shot of Marc, Nathaniel, Ivan and Adrien hugging with Marc and Nathaniel kissing Adrien's cheeks, which is composed to look a lot like the classic faces-vase image used to demonstrate figure-ground perception. Ivan and Adrien are the vase, Marc and Nathaniel are the faces. Taken at face value, this an Indirect Kiss between Marc and Nathaniel. Treating it as figure and ground, they’re at the moment just before they kiss directly.
    • Plus there was Nino insisting on no girls at the party even though they're good friends with most of the girls.
    • At one point they put on a vinyl record of a Village People Expy - a bright rainbow record with sparkle dust - and several guests dress up like the Village People and sing a song similar to "YMCA" (which is titled The Holiday Camp Dance).
    • It’s just about everywhere you look in the party scenes. You see Mayor Bourgeois and Butler Jean made up like drag queens (ineptly made up drag queens, but still), and Kim is a Walking Swimsuit Scene who is seen striking a pose on top of the grand piano, at one point, and pole dancing on the fireman’s pole that descends from the gallery later on. Overwhelmingly, what we’re witnessing here looks like the jubilation of a bunch of gay men who can’t be Out in their public personas finally getting together in a safe space and being able to stop pretending. (And then the Villain of the Week shows up and everybody runs like they’re in a pre-Stonewall gay bar being raided by the police.)
    • This is the episode where King Monkey manifests for the first time. The static pose he holds at the end of his transformation sequence is Camp with a side order of extra Camp.
  • "Desperada" shows more interactions between Adrien and Luka. Unlike between Marinette and Kagami, they have been very friendly with each other from the get-go despite the mutual interest in Marinette.
    • There's that look of admiration Adrien sends to Luka that mimics Ladybug's when they first meetup in the sewers.
    • After accepting that he's not fit for the Snake Miraculous after thousands of retries, Adrien convinces Ladybug that Luka is likely a better fit for it than he is, stating on how kind, caring, and determined the guitarist is.

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