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John Van Tongeren and Peter Wetzler went bonkers with an Arena Rock soundtrack that was distilled Eighties. Steve Overland (from FM) and Myles Hunter (Refugee) sang the results. When the series was released on DVD and the distributors were asking the fan list to vote on extras, the unanimous vote was for the soundtrack.

  • "No Guts No Glory" (opening theme) sets the tone. It's pure mid-Eighties in the same vein as Top Gun with a strong electric guitar and synth line, despite the Cliché Storm lyrics. One Commenter on YouTube sums it up.
    'Right, we've got this cartoon about a group of space cowboys, how about we go for some country and western?' 'Fuck that - POWER METAL!'
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  • "Rangers are Forever". (closing credits #2). Sung by English AOR band FM, and a great example of mid-Eighties synth and guitar.
  • "Somewhere a Heart". Sung by Myles Hunter and Canadian AOR band Refugee, this one is heavier on the synths than the guitars (though plenty of those), and plays like a power ballad.
  • "Fight To the Finish". Another one from Refugee, featured prominently in "Trouble at Texton." A little grimmer theme than the others (appropriate for the episode), but the feeling conveyed is one appropriate for a Last Stand.
  • "Psychocrystal". A heck of a Villain Song (albeit one that, in-universe, was a minor nemesis unwisely trolling a bigger one) explaining just how humanity was screwed and better off surrendering to the Queen and sparing themselves the trouble. Sung by Refugee.


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