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  • In "Mistwalker," it's obvious that Zachary and Zozo are out of their element on the planet of Bistee-Fenokee. Not only is the local wildlife every shade of hostile, but the Black Hole Gang is looking for treasure there. As they're pinned down by both, Audra Miles asks why they were even considered for the mission in the first place. With snark worthy of Lenny Briscoe, Zach quips "Alphabetical order."
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  • The car chase in "Marshmallow Trees" starts with a succession of Hero Stole My Bike as the Rangers, Ambassador Zozo, and even one of the bystanders commandeer jeeps to go chasing after the thieves who stole a MacGuffin. Said car chase then navigates through a forest of the titular trees and ends with all parties crashing into enough marshmallow paste to make thirty Stay-Puft giants.
  • Doc's horrified reaction to being stuck in a car with Goose at the wheel in "Smugglers' Gauntlet"—and Niko's reaction to it.
    Doc: My pulse! I used to have a pulse! I'm turning blue!
    Niko: Funny, you don't look blue-ish.note 
  • Doc's Deadpan Snarker moment when under arrest on Tarkon:
    Doc: Dear Miss Etiquette, I'm a Galaxy Ranger with a serious problem. I'm about to be executed on a distant planet and I have no idea about the proper attire. Can you advise me? Signed, Embarrassed.
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  • Most of the episode "Invasion". Particularly the scene in which one of the tiny cowboy robots challenges Zach to a duel, and it looks like they're going through with it, until Zach simply stomps it.
  • Doc's method of bluffing his way past a pair of mooks? Hack his com signal and pretend to be the phone company calling about an overdue bill. Another instance had him hacking a mook's com signal and doing an outrageously bad imitation of the Queen demanding the poor fellow leave his post and get her ice cream.
  • One that veers into Gallows Humor: Zachary intimidated Geezy into smuggling him onto a supply vessel bound for the asteroid palace and what was an obvious suicide mission.
    Geezy: "Remember, Captain Foxx, when the Queen catches you; you have not seen me. You have never seen me, I do not exist!"
    Zach: I'll give her the message, Geezy.


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