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Funny / Adventures of the Gummi Bears

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  • From the very first episode:
    "Is it true that humans eat Gummi bears?!"
    • That entire scene is hilarious. The bears are gathered around an unconscious Cavin, arguing whether they should help him or leave him be, like a bunch of kids who have found an injured squirrel in their yard. When they see he has a Gummi medallion, they start passing it back and forth while it's still tied around his neck, not even noticing when the kid wakes up, since he just lies there, staring at the weird creatures surrounding him, until he bolts up, beaming with joy over finding the legendary Gummi bears. They all promptly run for their lives in terror.
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    • When Cavin uses his Gummiberry Juice-powered strength to throw one ogre onto Igthorn, the Duke just looks mildly irritated and resigned to what happened.
    Duke Igthorn: ...Let's start from the beginning. How did you fall from the clear blue sky?
  • In "Gummi in a Gilded Cage", the maiden voyage of the Gummis' flying machine hits a snag when Gruffi's foot gets caught in a mooring line, dragging him along for the ride. At the end, the escape from the Carpies' lair has him in the same position, and Tummi remarks, "He must really like it back there."
  • From "A-Hunting We Will Go":
    Calla: ...Then after they left, a traveler said there was a gigantic boar out in the woods.
    Grammi: Oh, don't be silly, dear. Gruffi is underground in the quick tunnels.
  • In "Tummi's Last Stand," in order to better motivate his ogres to catch gummi bears, Igthorn offers several prizes to who catches the most, all in the manner of a game show, with Toadwart in drag!
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  • "Thornberry to the Rescue" starts with a Shout-Out to Goldilocks and the Three Bears;
    Gruffi: Somebody's been sitting in my chair!
    Grammi: Somebody's been eating my porridge!
    Cubbi: Somebody's been sleeping in my bed!
    Cavin: (Counts his fingers for a moment) That sounds familiar.
  • Cubbi and Sunni imitating the adults after they figure out how the Changing Hat works in "A Gummi By Any Other Name." This is later topped by Igthorn's reaction after Zummi casts the spell that makes his voice sound like a chipmunk on helium.
  • To lure a mermaid into a trap in "Water Way To Go," Igthorn tosses Toadie into the river.
    Igthorn: Pretend you're drowning!
    Toadie: Pretend?!
  • In "Return to Ursalia" the Glen Gummis and Barbics have teamed up to fight Igthorn and his ogres. The problem is, the Barbics have never used Gummiberry Juice. Gritty's bouncing is so out of control that he only manages to hit ogres by chance.
    Sir Thornberry: Pretty nifty move!
    Gritty: There's only one problem- HOW DO I STOOOOP!?
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  • From the series finale, when Igthorn tries to unlock the Great Book with a hammer and chisel:
    Zummi: Wait! I wouldn't do that if I were you...
    Zummi: That's why not.

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