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Funny / Adventures in Zambezia

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"Say 'Hello' to Zambezia!"
  • Morton and his food obsession.
  • At one point, Ajax is briefing the Hurricanes when a stain lands on his map. He thinks it's a swamp, but then he quickly catches on:
    Ajax: Who got a stain on my map?
  • The green pigeon who keeps appearing throughout the movie, each time having a different job.
    • Lampshaded when Kai decides to leave Zambezia.
    Kai: OK, how many jobs do you have?
    Green Pigeon: What? I don't like to be pigeon-holed!
  • Ajax' reaction to the Marabous' Heel–Face Turn.
    Ajax: Marabous on our side? What next?
  • Tendai dancing at the end. What really sells it is Kai's reaction:
    Kai: (Bewildered) What is he doing?
    Zoe: Let's call it the "Funky Chicken".

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