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Awesome Music / ThunderCats (1985)

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  • The awesome opening theme music.
  • Each of the 'Cats has their own highly memorable signature tunes. Hell, even the Thundertank has a rockin' tune for itself (which purposely shares some similarities with its driver Panthro). Jaga's Theme in particular stands out. Despite being based on a fairly simple eight-note riff, it not only qualifies as a genuine earworm but also on an emotional level manages to encapsulate every aspect of the character flawlessly.
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  • In the episode "Turmagar The Tuska", Cheetara has a particularly cool variation of her theme during the fight with the Technopede.
  • When the Thundercats destroy the black pyramid and everybody leaves; a sort of "calmness before the storm" tune plays before things get MUCH more ominous with the rising of the Ancient Spirits of Evil. Not a word is spoken from them the entire time but the macabre score coupled with desolate wind effects tell you that great forces have been offended!
  • Panthro's theme is the "go to" for a feeling of hardcore action. Humorously, an extended example of the music/action blend is when he's been body switched with Snarf and challenges the invading mutants in Cat's-Lair to a fight. Even being in a lowly form doesn't put this fighter's spirits down.
  • The Star of Thundera rescues Jaga from the impossible clutches of a black hole and banishes Grune the destroyer; cue a positively celestial score filled with hope and salvation as Jaga is before the Star's magnificent light, and you feel that everything is going to be okay.
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  • Mumm-Ra also has his own theme song. It's as creepy as he is.


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