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  1. Exodus: The ThunderCats flee their exploding planet Thundera and eventually land on Third Earth, but are pursued by the Mutants. Lion-O, a young boy aged into a man by a faulty sleep chamber, must learn what it means to be a man and the Lord of the ThunderCats.
  2. The Unholy Alliance: The Mutants are forced to ally with the evil wizard Mumm-Ra, who goes after the Sword of Omens.
  3. Berbils: Lion-O and Snarf are captured by a tribe of robotic bears.
  4. The Slaves of Castle Plun-darr: The Mutants enslave a race called the Brute Men to build their new fortress, Castle Plun-darr.
  5. Pumm-Ra: Mumm-Ra shape-shifts into a Thunderian called Pumm-Ra in order to infiltrate Cats Lair.
  6. The Terror of Hammerhand: Snarf rescues a unicorn from Hammerhand and his Berzerkers, but gets captured himself and Lion-O must rescue him.
  7. Trouble with Time: Lion-O attempts to befriend the Warrior Maidens, who do not trust outsiders. Meanwhile, Tygra wanders into the Cave of Time and ages at an accelerated rate.
  8. The Tower of Traps: While looking for treasure, Wilykat becomes trapped inside a booby trapped tower, so Lion-O and Wilykit try to rescue him.
  9. The Garden of Delights: Mumm-Ra tricks Tygra into getting addicted to a special fruit so that he'd be willing to do anything to get more, including steal the Sword of Omens.
  10. Mandora - The Evil Chaser: After Lion-O accidentally frees three intergalactic criminals, the intergalactic cop Mandora forces him to help her recover them.
  11. The Ghost Warrior: The ghost of the evil warlord Grune the Destroyer awakens and goes on a rampage.
  12. The Doomgaze: Mumm-Ra teams up with Ta-She, an evil queen with the power to mesmerize men.
  13. Lord of the Snows: A meteor of Thundrillium (fuel for the ThunderCats' machines) crashes into Hook Mountain. Lion-O tries to retrieve it, but the mountain's ruler, Snowman, refuses to part with it.
  14. The Spaceship Beneath the Sands: The Mutants ask Mumm-Ra to help them recover their crashed ship. Once they have it, they have new weapons to use against the ThunderCats.
  15. The Time Capsule: The ThunderCats try to retrieve a time capsule that had been lost from their ship.
  16. The Fireballs of Plun-Darr: Castle Plun-Darr starts blasting the surroundings with fireballs. Tygra tries to infiltrate the castle but gets captured, so Lion-O and Queen Willa must rescue him and stop the Mutants' weapon.
  17. All that Glitters: Mumm-Ra tricks Lion-O and Tygra into fighting each other, which breaks the Sword of Omens. Lion-O goes on a suicidal quest to repair it. Meanwhile, the others find gold and dismiss it as useless, but find it may be the only chance to repair the sword.
  18. Spitting Image: After the Driller captures Panthro, Mumm-Ra creates a clone of him to frame him for crimes and ruin the ThunderCats' reputation.
  19. Mongor: Wilykit and Wilykat accidentally free Mongor, a demon who gains strength from people's fears.
  20. Return to Thundera: While fiddling with the time capsule, Lion-O somehow finds himself sent to the past, before Thundera was destroyed. Meanwhile, the Mutants attack Cats Lair with a seemingly invincible robot.
  21. Dr. Dometone: Wilykit meets Dr. Dometone, a scientist responsible for maintaining a plug to stop the ocean from draining away.
  22. The Astral Prison: In the Astral World, Jaga is imprisoned by an evil being. Lion-O journeys to the Astral World to rescue him, even though there may be no way for him to return.
  23. The Crystal Queen: An evil queen with power over crystal steals a rare and sacred bird.
  24. Safari Joe: The big game hunter Safari Joe hunts the ThunderCats like animals.
  25. Snarf Takes up the Challenge: Mumm-Ra captures all the ThunderCats except for Snarf, who must step up to rescue them.
  26. Sixth Sense: A crashed space ship sends a distress call that connects with Cheetara's sixth sense.
  27. The Thunder-Cutter: Mumm-Ra summons a heroic samurai named Hachiman and tricks him into thinking the ThunderCats are evil.
  28. The Wolfrat: Vultureman creates a robot called the Wolfrat, which sprays the ThunderCats with a gas that shrinks them.
  29. Feliner, Part 1: Ratar-O kidnaps Snarf's nephew Snarfer to use as bait for the ThunderCats.
  30. Feliner, Part 2: The ThunderCats race to repair their vehicles before the Mutants can do the same. Meanwhile, Snarf contemplates returning with Snarfer to their planet.
  31. Mandora and the Pirates: Mandora is captured by pirates and calls Lion-O for aid.
  32. Return of the Driller: Mumm-Ra orders the Driller to dig a tunnel to get a lake of acid to flood Cats Lair.
  33. Dimension Doom: The good wizard Wizz-Ra is trapped in another dimension and can only return to Third Earth for one day every 7000 years. When he returns, Mumm-Ra steals his mind control helmet.
  34. Queen of 8 Legs: Mumm-Ra tricks Lion-O into exploring the Kingdom of Webs, a realm of giant spiders and their queen, Spidera.
  35. Sword in a Hole: Mumm-Ra steals the Sword of Omens and throws it into a black hole.
  36. The Evil Harp of Charr-Nin: Wilykat and Wilykit find a harp with a genie in it, but Mumm-Ra convinces the genie to help him destroy the ThunderCats in exchange for being freed.
  37. Lion-O's Anointment First Day: Trial of Strength: Lion-O must prove himself a true Lord of the ThunderCats by going on a quest and passing five trials without his Sword of Omens or Claw Shield. His first trial is to find Panthro and defeat him in a contest of strength.note 
  38. The Demolisher: The Demolisher is an intergalactic warrior obsessed with fighting. He travels to Third Earth and challenges first Mumm-Ra, then Lion-O.
  39. Monkian's Bargain: Monkian makes a deal with Mumm-Ra to have the power to rule Third Earth.
  40. Tight Squeeze: Mumm-Ra seals the ThunderCats' weapon chamber. While the Mutants attack, Snarf tries to access the weapons through the air vents.
  41. The Micrits: Every day, the ThunderCats unknowingly trample a village of tiny creatures called the Miscrits. The Miscrits get fed up with this, so they sabotage Cats Lair and capture Lion-O, just as the Mutants attack.
  42. Lion-O's Anointment Second Day: The Trial of Speed: For his second trial, Lion-O must defeat Cheetara in a race.
  43. The Rock Giant: Mumm-Ra brings a seemingly invincible rock giant to life.
  44. Jackalman's Rebellion: Jackalman gets tired of being bossed around by the Mutants, so he decides to form his own army to take over Third Earth.
  45. Turmagar the Tuska: A stranger asks the ThunderCats to help him defeat a war machine.
  46. Lion-O's Anointment Third Day: The Trial of Cunning: For his third trial, Lion-O must outsmart Wilykit and Wilykat in a booby trapped maze.
  47. The Mumm-Ra Berbil: Mumm-Ra disguises himself as an injured Berbil to infiltrate Cats Lair.
  48. Mechanical Plague: Mumm-Ra brings several previously defeated mechanical foes back to life.
  49. Trapped: Wilykit and Wilykat take shelter from a storm inside an old suspension capsule, but become trapped inside it.
  50. Lion-O's Anointment Fourth Day: The Trial of Mind Power: For his fourth trial, Lion-O must see through Tygra's illusions and confront his fears.
  51. Excalibur: Mumm-Ra takes King Arthur's form to claim Excalibur, a sword that rivals the Sword of Omens.
  52. Secret of the Ice King: An ancient king comes back to life and assaults Hook Mountain.
  53. Good and Ugly: Two battling aliens arrive and Lion-O mistakenly assumes the pretty looking one is good and the ugly one is evil while it is the other way around.
  54. The Transfer: A spaceship with radioactive material is on a collision course for Third Earth.
  55. Divide and Conquer: Vultureman tricks the ThunderCats using a device to imitate their voices.
  56. Dream Master: Mumm-Ra attacks the ThunderCats in their dreams.
  57. Out of Sight: To rescue Queen Willa from the Mutants, Tygra makes himself and Nayda invisible, but they later find that he can't undo it.
  58. The Mountain: Lion-O decides to explore an unknown mountain, but the Mutants attack. The ThunderCats and Mutants all get trapped and are forced to work together.
  59. The Superpower Potion: Vultureman attempts to take over Third Earth after developing a potion that grants him super powers.
  60. Eye of the Beholder: The ThunderCats decide to create a fake Sword of Omens and trick the Mutants into stealing it for Mumm-Ra, but their prank backfires when Snarf is captured as well.
  61. Lion-O's Anointment Final Day: The Trial of Evil: For his fifth and final trial, Lion-O must defeat his greatest enemy, Mumm-Ra. How can he do it without the Sword of Omens?
  62. The Trouble with ThunderKittens: Wilykit and Wilykat steal the adults' weapons to prove they can use them, but the Mutants manage to steal them.
  63. Mumm-Rana: The Mutants meet Mumm-Rana, Mumm-Ra's good counterpart. Mumm-Ra then hypnotizes her into helping him fight the ThunderCats.
  64. The Shifter: Vultureman creates a device that can swap bodies.
  65. Fond Memories: Mumm-Ra creates a fake museum of the ThunderCats' exploits with living exhibits.
  66. ThunderCats - HO! Part 1: The ThunderCats find out three other Thunderians had survived the destruction of Thundera and made it to Third Earth, so they set out to find them.
  67. ThunderCats - HO! Part 2: The Thunderians are captured and taken to Fire Rock Mountain.
  68. ThunderCats - HO! Part 3: Lion-O loses the Sword of Omens in an avalanche while the Mutants take charge of the prisoners.
  69. ThunderCats - HO! Part 4: To stop Lion-O from rescuing the prisoners, Mumm-Ra tricks Hachiman into thinking his great uncle's soul is imprisoned so that he'll fight Lion-O.
  70. ThunderCats - HO! Part 5: Lion-O and Hachiman reconcile and the ThunderCats attempt to free the prisoners. Jaga attempts to find the Star of Thundera, which will make the ThunderCats immune to the Thundrainium surrounding Fire Rock Mountain.
  71. Mumm-Ra Lives!, Part 1: After barely surviving the events of the previous episode, Mumm-Ra asks the Mutants to release his old enemies the Lunataks from imprisonment to bolster the forces of evil.
  72. Mumm-Ra Lives!, Part 2: The Lunataks start kidnapping people and the ThunderCats find that they are more powerful than they expected.
  73. Mumm-Ra Lives!, Part 3: The ThunderCats build the Tower of Omens to monitor the Lunataks' flying fortress Sky Tomb. Snarfer contacts Snarf and says he is coming to Third Earth.
  74. Mumm-Ra Lives!, Part 4: Snarfer's ship crashes, so the ThunderCats attempt to find him before the Lunataks do.
  75. Mumm-Ra Lives!, Part 5: The ThunderCats attempt to free Sky Tomb's slaves, while Mumm-Ra finally reveals he is still alive and more powerful than ever.
  76. Catfight: Mumm-Ra disguises himself as Jaga to trick Lion-O into thinking the three new ThunderCats are traitors.
  77. Psych Out: Mumm-Ra helps Alluro find a talisman that amplifies his powers, allowing him to mind control nearly everyone.
  78. The Mask of Gorgon: Mumm-Ra acquires the Mask of Gorgon, which turns whoever looks into its eyes into stone.
  79. The Mad Bubbler: Heroes and villains alike are driven mad by a being called the Mad Bubbler.
  80. Together We Stand: Mumm-Ra coats the Berzerkers' armor with Thundrainium and has them battle the ThunderCats, then has the Lunataks capture Cats Lair while they are occupied.
  81. Ravage Island: Mumm-Ra activates a mesmerizing beacon on Ravage Island which draws the ThunderCats to it and takes hold of their minds.
  82. Time Switch: Lion-O is exposed to gases that cause him to become younger and younger.
  83. The Sound Stones: Vultureman steals a sacred sound stone and creates a powerful sonic weapon with it.
  84. Day of the Eclipse: On Third Earth, a solar eclipse happens once every 100 years. Any spell Mumm-Ra casts during this time will last until the next eclipse. When the eclipse happens, Mumm-Ra casts a spell causing all of the ThunderCats' equipment and buildings to decay and fall apart.
  85. Side Swipe: Chilla shoots down Snarfer's ship and freezes Mandora when she tries to help. Mandora then becomes obsessed with arresting her.
  86. Mumm-Rana's Belt: Luna learns that Mumm-Rana has her grandmother's magic belt, so she decides to steal it.
  87. Hachiman's Honor: The Lunataks steal Hachiman's sword Thunder-Cutter and arm a robot with it.
  88. Runaways: Wilykit and Wilykat run away from home and find living on their own is more dangerous than they thought.
  89. Hair of the Dog: Mumm-Ra kidnaps Snarf and swaps Snarf's body with his dog Ma-Mutt.
  90. Vultureman's Revenge: Vultureman creates a device that can cover entire regions with Thundrainium.
  91. ThunderCubs, Part 1: Everyone is amazed to learn that the debris of Thundera has collected and formed a new planet, New Thundera. Mumm-Ra travels there and enslaves the Snarfs to seek the Treasures of Thundera and the legendary Sword of Plun-Darr.
  92. ThunderCubs, Part 2: The ThunderCats prepare to travel to New Thundera to rescue the Snarfs, but find several regions of the planet emulate the hazardous Moons of Plun-Darr, then the Mutants attempt to stop them from arriving.
  93. ThunderCubs, Part 3: Mumm-Ra gains the Sword of Plun-Darr. Upon arriving on New Thundera, Snarf and Snarfer are annoyed when Lion-O considers finding the Treasures of Thundera a higher priority than rescuing the Snarfs, so they attempt to save them on their own.
  94. ThunderCubs, Part 4: The chest containing the Treasures of Thundera is broken, scattering the treasures. Mumm-Ra acquires the Book of Omens and the ThunderCats acquire a flute that can hypnotize animals. The ThunderCats except for Lion-O are turned into children.
  95. ThunderCubs, Part 5: Lion-O must retrieve the Book of Omens from Mumm-Ra and then make it back to Third Earth to save it from the Lunataks.
  96. The Totem of Dera: Mumm-Ra gives the Mutants a Treasure of Thundera called the Totem of Dera, which can heal people and bring inanimate objects to life.
  97. The Chain of Loyalty: Mumm-Ra finds and breaks a Treasure of Thundera called the Chain of Loyalty, causing the ThunderCats to fight among themselves.
  98. Crystal Canyon: Tygra acquires the Keystone, a magic crystal that grants him extraordinary powers, but is dangerously addictive.
  99. The Telepathy Beam: Vultureman and the Lunataks team up and create a device that causes Cheetara's sixth sense to go haywire.
  100. Exile Isle: The Lunataks are banished to Exile Isle, but there they team up with the pirate Captain Cracker to get revenge.
  101. Key To Thundera: Lion-O and Snarf get sucked into the Book of Omens, where its guardian attacks them for not having the Key of Thundera.
  102. Return of the ThunderCubs: Mumm-Ra turns Cheetara, Panthro, and Tygra back into children so that he can trick the now amnesiac Cheetara into using her sixth sense to find the Treasures of Thundera.
  103. The Formula: Alluro creates a formula that causes plants and animals to grow to giant size.
  104. Locket of Lies: Mumm-Ra creates a fake compass to lure the ThunderCats into a trap.
  105. Bracelet of Power: Snarf finds the Bracelet of Power, a Treasure of Thundera that lets him mind control the ThunderCats. He has fun commanding them, but then Mumm-Ra manages to take it.
  106. The Wild Workout: The Lunataks create exercise machines to power Sky Tomb, then kidnap the ThunderCats to force them to use them.
  107. The Thunderscope: Snarf finds the Thunderscope, a device that can identify any being or object from Thundera. Mumm-Ra steals it to try to locate the Treasures of Thundera.
  108. The Jade Dragon: Mumm-Ra tricks Lion-O and Cheetara into unearthing a cursed jade statue. After having a premonition of the statue's curse, Hachiman attempts to save them.
  109. The Circus Train: Captain Bragg, a bounty hunter with a circus ringmaster gimmick, attempts to capture the Mutants and the Lunataks for his circus.
  110. The Last Day: The Ancient Spirits of Evil get fed up with Mumm-Ra's constant failures and give him one final chance to destroy the ThunderCats, but they also give him extraordinary power, turning him into a giant.
  111. Return to Thundera, Part 1: With Mumm-Ra exiled from Thundera, the ThunderCats decide to move to New Thundera, except for Tygra and Pumyra. However, the Ancient Spirits of Evil decide to lift Mumm-Ra's exile and set up a new pyramid for him on New Thundera. Mumm-Ra tricks the sorceress Jagara into thinking the ThunderCats are evil, so she attacks them with her control over gravity.
  112. Return to Thundera, Part 2: Jagara struggles to fix the sabotage Mumm-Ra did to her Gyroscope, causing New Thundera's gravity to go out of control. Mumm-Ra resurrects Grune the Destroyer to attack Lion-O.
  113. Return to Thundera, Part 3: The ThunderCats try to rescue Thundarian refugees who had been captured by the villain Two-Time, who steals both animals and landmarks for his collection.
  114. Return to Thundera, Part 4: Ma-Mutt rescues the Mutants from the Circus Train and they are ordered to attack Tygra and Pumyra. Meanwhile, the Gyroscope and New Thundera's gravity continue to go out of control.
  115. Return to Thundera, Part 5: Mumm-Ra tries to accelerate the Gyroscope and New Thundera's destruction.
  116. Leah: Mumm-Ra gives a little girl named Leah a cursed doll, knowing the ThunderCats would take her in, unleashing the curse.
  117. Frogman: Wilykit and Wilykat accidentally release Frogman, an evil being with control over water.
  118. The Heritage: Wilykit and Wilykat stumble upon the Golden Sphere of Seti, an artifact that multiplies its holder's power and evil by four. Naturally, Mumm-Ra gets his hands on it.
  119. Screwloose: The ThunderCats provide Jagara with a robotic assistant, but Mumm-Ra corrupts it.
  120. Malcar: Mumm-Ra resurrects the evil alchemist Malcar, who transmutes all the Thundrillium into Thundrainium.
  121. Helpless Laughter: While searching for water during a drought, Panthro and Snarf stumble upon an area where the water makes them laugh uncontrollably.
  122. Cracker's Revenge: Captain Cracker takes over Captain Bragg's circus.
  123. The Mossland Monster: The ThunderCats are attacked by a seemingly invincible plant giant.
  124. Ma-Mutt's Confusion: After getting angry about Mumm-Ra mistreating him, Ma-Mutt decides to warn the ThunderCats of Mumm-Ra's latest plot.
  125. Shadowmaster: An evil wizard called the Shadowmaster reveals he had captured Lion-O's father Claudus before Thundera blew up. Lion-O attempts to rescue him, while surprisingly, Mumm-Ra decides to assist the hero because he is jealous of the Shadowmaster gaining the Ancient Spirits of Evil's favor.
  126. Swan Song: An environmental health inspector asks the ThunderCats to help him capture the villain Two-Time.
  127. Touch of Amortus: A being called Amortus agrees to serve Mumm-Ra if he will free him from his prison. Amortus curses Lynx-O and fills him with doubt and anguish.
  128. The Zaxx Factor: Vultureman attempts to steal a medallion belonging to Mumm-Ra's old enemy Zaxx in order to gain Zaxx's powers.
  129. Well of Doubt: Lion-O unknowingly drinks from the Well of Doubt, causing him to lose all of his self-confidence.
  130. The Book of Omens: The Guardian of the Book of Omens tells the ThunderCats they have 24 hours to present the Treasures of Thundera to specific locations, or else New Thundera will be destroyed.

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