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  • When the mutants are attacking the ship in the first episode and kid Lion-O is told to stay in the sword chamber where it's safe.
    Lion-O: I don't want to be safe! Safe is boring!
    • The Thunderkittens say the same thing in "The Time Capsule" when they were told to stay in Cats' Lair.
      Wilykit: Safe is boring!
      Wilykat: I'll say it is.
    • Snarf's sarcastic remark in the first episode: "Snarf didn't do anything, of course. Just found the sword, that's all."
      • Earlier, when Snarf found the sword he tried to give it to Lion-O who's too busy spying on the arriving Mutants.
        Snarf: Lion-O, look!
        Lion-O: Shh! Want the Mutants to hear?
        Snarf: But-!
        [grabs the sword with his mouth and takes it to Lion-O, trying to get his attention]
        Lion-O: Good grief Snarf, what's a matter with you? We're in big trouble here and you bring me another stupid toy? Get away!
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  • In "Unholy Alliance", the Mutants trying to keep Lion-O from saying "ThunderCats' hooooo!!!"
    Slithe: The sword! Seize the sword!
    Monkian: That's what we're— trying to do!
  • In "Berbils", after Lion-O fell into their Pit Trap.
    Lion-O: (struggles to climb out) Can't get a foothold! Sides too slippery!
    Snarf: I'll get you out, Lion-O! (leaves) Stay right there!
    Lion-O: There's nothing else I can do.

    Snarf: (throws down a vine) Grab a hold, Lion-O! Pull yourself up!
    Lion-O: (climbs but keeps sliding down) That's what I'm doing! But I don't seem to be getting anywhere!
    [cut to the surface, where Snarf struggles to hold the other end of the vine and is slowly sliding towards the pit]
    Snarf: You must be doing something wrong then! Ol' Snarf is as steady as a rock!
    • Right before that, Snarf tries to fight off a rhino, by running around under him, and made him knockdown a tree on himself. Snarf then tries to jump kick it, only for it to walk away, making Snarf miss and land on the ground.
  • In "Slaves of Plun-darr", the whole chase scene with Monkian and the Thunderkittens, until Monkians ends up falling on his rear.
    Jackalman: And you let them escape?!
    Monkian: (rubbing his behind) Well, they, uh... got lucky. That's all.
    • Lion-O frees the Brutemen that now surround him.
      Lion-O: You're not prisoners now. You can leave this dungeon.
      (The Brutemen gather around him)
      Lion-O: No! NO! That way— the way out is over there!
    • After Slythe then throws a warp gas grenade at them:
      Lion-O: Feel... strange. Angry. (the Brutemen menacingly come towards him) Get out of my way! Let me out of here!
    • After the warp gas wore off:
      Panthro: (seeing the Brutemen leave) What made them switch off like that? Not that I'm complaining.
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    • They got hit by warp gas the second time and start coming at Lion-O again.
  • In "Mandora - the Evil Chaser," Mandora effortlessly defeats the Living Ooze and Walking Wasteland Plutar with a weapon that fires some shiny, white substance.
    Lion-O: What is in that gun?
    Mandora: An ancient formula, now a closely guarded secret. It used to be called "soap."
  • When Lion-O faces off against Tashi in the episode "The Doomgaze."
    Lion-O: She's... so beautiful...
    Snarf: Lion-O...
    Lion-O: I-In a kind of evil way, of course.
  • In "Return of the Driller," Tygra and Panthro are testing out a new fuel on a motor they've attached to a table. Lion-O hopes the motor is nailed down tight enough or it will go flying around the room when they add the fuel. Panthro assures him "it'll never leave the table." Cue Tygra adding the fuel... and the motor and table zipping around the room like a balloon.
    Panthro: Like I said, the motor never left the table...
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  • Snarf constantly shutting up the Demolisher's Sycophantic Servant every time he starts cheering against Lion-O.
  • Lion-O trying to fight off Tygra's blizzard illusion in "The Trial of Mind Power."
    Lion-O: Concentrate... it's not cold... it's not cold... (shivers) It's freezing is what it is...
  • While it's technically not a part of the actual show, the infamous blooper reel certainly qualifies.
    • It introduced us to the word Samoflange!
      Lion-O: What the fuck is a Samoflange?
  • Slithe's says his own unique version of the "No Shit, Sherlock!" line from the episode "Return of the Thundercubs".
    Vultureman: We're up side-down!
    Slithe: Thank you, Sherlock Holmes!
  • I'll be the first to admit I'm not a Captain Bragg fan but, that crow sidekick of his cracks me up just about every time he talks. It's probably got a lot to do with the fact that I am a huge Groucho Marx fan.
  • This whole scene between Mumm-Ra and Snarf from "Bracelet of Power".
  • In "Bracelet of Power", a fly randomly lands on Mumm-Ra's nose while he's giving a monologue. He angrily flicks it away and rants that it will pay for disturbing him.
    • Then it gives him the idea to turn into a fly and sneak inside Cat's Lair...and his fly form has bugged-out red eyes and is wrapped in bandages.
  • Vultureman just wouldn't stop his tirade about how the Lunatacs should have listened to his plan to an aggravated Luna, and continues to mouth off when grabbed by Amok and thrown out of Sky Tomb...from the top floor
    (after a loud THUD!)
    Vultureman: If the world were full of vulturemen, we wouldn't have these kind of problems.
  • Mumm-Ra disguised as Snarfer, the many times he would get lost in the occasion and act like himself. First he barks out orders to Maa-Mutt to lock up the captured snarfs - maniacal cackling par for the course, then commands the Thundercats to "dig!" when they locate the Treasure of Thundera, and finally jumps on the uncovered pile with complete entitlement, declaring all his dreams come true. The combination of Snarfer's form and voice with Mumm-Ra's unrestrained theatrics make for some very funny moments.
  • After managing to steal the Sword of Omens, Jackalman chanted, "Plundar! Plundar! Plundar! Jackalman, Ho!" It didn't do anything, but he still enjoyed himself.
  • "Helpless Laughter" gives us the Swamp of the Laughing Lilypads. Everyone who falls into its waters ends up laughing out of control, just as it happened to Snarf and Panthro. They were laughing so much, they just couldn't help but start telling jokes while in that condition. Then in the end, Mumm-ra, of all people, receives a shot from those waters.
  • In "The Superpower Potion", just as Vultureman's powers are running out, good ole Mumm-Ra appears with the potion, having discovered the secret. Vultureman can't seem to grasp that he's being blackmailed and, like a runner with a major thirst, pantingly squawks to "his coach" for a refill.
  • In "Sword in a Hole", Lion-O is contacted by Jaga and they start talking. Captain Shiner can't see or hear Jaga, so he gets confused and asks Panthro, "Is your friend talking to himself?"


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