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Third Earth will eventually become the Land of Ooo.
Just examine the two worlds back to back and it should be obvious. What other world could candy trees and robot bears exist in alongside undead wizards and robot death machines?
  • Does this mean Mumm-Ra might be the Lich?
    • Or maybe it's Ooo after the Lich won...

The Sword of Omens uses Mind Control.
Once it's activated every ThunderCat's eyes glow, and they drop what they are doing that second and run off to help Lion-O.

Tygra's bola whip is a focus for his mental powers.
In the first episode, he goes invisible without using the whip. Also, at least one episode displayed pyrotechnic effects when the whip struck. Not to mention the fact that Wilykat couldn't turn invisible with the whip when he and Wilykit "borrowed" the weapons.

Mumm-Ra is a Goa'uld.
He's got a lot of the signs - the Ancient-Egypt themed base of operations, the regenerating sarcophagus (that seems to make him even more insane with every use), the maniacal behavior, the world domination and A God Am I complexes, the Shock and Awe superpowers. The Goa'uld also seeded hundreds of worlds across the galaxy, so it's not implausible a world they settled would be called "Third Earth" (or a rough translation thereof). All that's really missing is for Jack O'Neill and company to show up and start smarting off to the locals.
  • This theory has even more weight to it when you consider that (according to the Stargate Wiki) the Goa'uld Bastet utilized a feline (presumably humanoid) race called the Sekhmet as her Jaffa, servant, armed forces and even as hosts prior to the discovery of the Earth.

Mumm-Ra is the rightful ruler of Third Earth
The Thundercats, the Mutants, and the Luna-Taks are all refugees and invaders from other worlds. Mumm-Ra, originally a human sorcerer, is the planet's oldest and most powerful (un)living being and out of all the characters seen in the series, hold the most legitimate claim to being its ruler.