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Awesome Music / The Simpsons

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"Get up! Mow the lawn! Move it on the double! 'Cause if you don't, you're in Deep, Deep Trouble!"

In a show that focuses on the never-ending adventures of a dysfunctional nuclear family, who thought it would be this musical?

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  • In their earliest games, the music was rather annoying: typically a looping, low-quality hissing of the theme. However, in more recent games, they've actually used, for example, orchestrated scores. Example: The orgasmically awesome soundtrack to The Simpsons Game.
  • Bart Simpson (and others) from The Simpsons Hit & Run (which is a very underrated game) has some pretty rockin' themes as well.
  • The arcade game had some good music as well, with a notable example being the downtown Springfield theme.
  • The Simpsons Wrestling, while considered a terrible game for its poor balancing, visuals and overall quality, has some excellent tracks. Mr. Burns' mansion theme makes a fine example.