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"Reading his essay would only waste valuable seconds."

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  • During the commentary for the rejected version of "Some Enchanted Evening", the participants repeatedly say "Gee whiz..."
  • Any time Jon Lovitz is on.
  • Conan O'Brien, who wrote "New Kid on the Block", noted how odd it was that Laura rejected Jimbo for not being the man she thought he was, despite that he was just threatened at knifepoint by Moe.
  • Since "Another Simpsons Clip Show" had little new material to talk about, Matt Groening instead described how an episode is made from start to finish. The last step: Internet reviews to declare it the "worst episode ever".
  • In one season 17 commentary, they note that there's a picture of Grampa on the wall of Homer and Marge's bedroom. Al Jean quips: "Wouldn't you like to have a picture of your dad staring at you while you're making love?"


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