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"Reading his essay would only waste valuable seconds."

Long story short, there's a reason why The Simpsons changed the entire course of TV comedy.

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The main show and Other Media

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  • Homer takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.
  • One Butterfinger commercial, where Bart covers Homer's entire body with sand, unable to move. This gives Bart the opportunity to eat a Butterfinger in front of him. An enraged Homer struggles to free himself, and suddenly crabs pop out of the sand, with one of them grabbing his nose. At the end of the commercial, the tide comes and nearly drowns Homer, who gargles on the water.
  • In the Italian dub, Bart's catchphrase "eat my shorts" is translated into "ciucciati il calzino" - which literally means "suck your sock", but very vaguely sounds like "suck your lil' dick".


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Burns falls off his horse

During a scene in Mr. Burns' entry for the Springfield Film Festival, "A Burns for All Seasons", Mr. Burns promises to the villagers that he would bring work to their town. After his speech, Burns' horse gallops off, but he falls out of the saddle, and ends up getting dragged back and forth on the ground as the horse runs out of and back into the scene, which left Burns and the film's director Señor Spielbergo with no choice but to include it in the finished film, and Burns even laments that he and his crew "did twenty takes" during the shooting of that scene and the one seen in the finished film was the best one, which leaves one to wonder how bad the other nineteen takes were during the making of Burns' movie.

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