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  • Sid's comments on the quality of the pancakes made by his parents in "The Perfect Pancake" as opposed to those made by his grandma, noting in particular that those made by his father, which come out black and hard, "need serious help."
  • "The Amazing Computer Science Tool" includes a not-so-subtle Take That! jab at people being at the beck and call of e-mail/message alerts from their computers, while "The Big Cheese" pokes fun at the idea of people believing any ridiculous claim they read on the Internet.
  • In "Clean Air!" Sid pretends to be a slick-talking salesman offering bottled clean air for one million dollars. Gerald offers to buy one, Gabriela to buy two, but they are eventually lured away by May, who points out that they can just plant trees.
  • In "My Slide," Sid is investigating machines that could help him lift heavy stuff, because he wants to lift his stuffed toy, Arnie, in his room. Sid's dad, Mort, talks about the machines he uses at work, and suggests maybe a backhoe, but his mom, Alice, says "Don't even think about it."
    Mort: Maybe a small backhoe...?
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  • The gag continues. In "The Tree House," Sid wants to get his heavy box of toys up to his treehouse, but isn't sure how. Mort notes that he uses a crane at work and suggests that it should be able to fit into the backyard.
    Alice: Mort...
    Mort: Yeah, you know, make a few calls, we could probably have it here in less than an hour.
    Alice: Oh, Mort...
  • The web-only video "Where Did I Come From?" is disturbing but hilarious. After Sid asks his parents the question in the title, they have him walk through a wall in their home to meet the show's production team. Sid then stands there, stunned and at times nodding off as they explain in rough details the processes of motion capture and computer programming that go into creating the show. At the end of it all, he is so disturbed when he gets back home that his parents have to neuralyze him.

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