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Let's be honest with ourselves: Every song in the series, BGM or otherwise, fits this category.

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Awesome Music pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

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    Vocal Music 

Season 1

  • The show's theme song is cute and infectious; it opens every episode and lays down the premise for the series ("I used to wonder what friendship could be, til you all shared its magic with me!"). The full, uncut version of it however is twice as sweet and heartwarming, delving into Twilight Sparkle's affection for each of her five friends, and expanding on how they've all brightened up her life since she moved to Ponyville.
  • We can't go without first mentioning "Giggle At The Ghostie", the song that established the running gag of Pinkie Pie busting into song without anyone else joining in, and she couldn't care less. And it translates surprisingly well into Japanese!
  • "Art of the Dress" from the episode "Suited For Success" that is closely based on the Barbra Streisand version of "Putting it Together" from the musical Sunday in the Park with George.
  • Sweetie Belle's gospel rendition of the lullaby in "Stare Master". Even more impressive is that Michelle (who sang for Sweetie Belle at the time) was 10 when she sang it.
  • The Cutie Mark Crusaders' song in "Show Stoppers". The lyrics are pure Narm Charm, but the instrumentation is just epic rocking.
    • Fun Fact: Lauren Faust rejected Daniel Ingram's original recording of the CMC theme song because she wanted it to sound worse.
    • The Japanese version takes out the So Bad, It's Good factor that the original was meant to have, but it manages to sound epic in its own way.
    • The original version was finally released through a Content Leak (along with a plethora of other things). And at last we finally hear just how awesome Maddy sounded singing it.
  • So Many Wonders, the song sung by young Fluttershy in "The Cutie Mark Chronicles".
  • Episode 26's theme song, "At the Gala", truly takes the cake. It's a song of triumph, not only for the Mane Cast, who have waited all year for this day, but also for the fans who stuck with all 26 episodes and found each of them awesome. Rainbow Dash's rock segment is arguably the crowner of the entire song, too. It's also based off the song "Ever After" from Into The Woods, and they match up so well too.

Season 2

  • Find A Pet, where Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash sing when trying to pick a pet for Rainbow Dash in "May the Best Pet Win!" (the first song of the season!) is a perfect blend of awesome, cute, and funny. Being able to work in not just a few recognizable measures but a large bulk of "Ride of the Valkyries" is pretty impressive as well.
  • Episode 9 "Sweet and Elite" brings us the second song of the season "Becoming Popular (The Pony Everypony Should Know)" and it's beautiful, though that's to be expected when you have a wonderful singing voice like Rarity's.
  • Although it's only a good half minute long, the holiday carol sung in episode 13's "Hearth's Warming Eve" can be considered this and one of the Heartwarming Moments, if not even a Moment of Awesome, for the episode.
  • Episode 15 "The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000" brings us "The World Famous Flim Flam Brothers", which is a Shout-Out to "Ya Got Trouble" from The Music Man. Sure, they're trying to run out the Apple Family, but the Vaudeville-esque song is just too damn catchy that you can't help but sing with them. Just ask Rainbow Dash and the rest of Ponyville.
    • Note that this is also the show's first Villain Song, and you know what they say about those being the best of any show...
    • So take this opportunity, in this very community....
  • "Hearts and Hooves Day" has the CMC singing the incredibly catchy "The Perfect Stallion," which can only make fans wonder, "Why doesn't Sweetie Belle have her cutie mark yet?" The featured singers in this song were Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom. What makes this impressive is that both parts are sung by the same actress - an 11 year old girl.note 
  • The episode A Friend In Deed finally gives us the long-leaked song Smile, Smile, Smile. It DARES you not to do the same. Because it primarily sums up everything that is great about Pinkie Pie's character.
    • The Latin-American version is simply BEAUTIFUL, even if there's no choir.
    • The Japanese version also manages to generate a high quality dub that can be considered to be on par with the original.
  • Twilight finally sings a solo (MORE THAN ONCE!) in the second season finale, and it is glorious.
    • Her "B.B.B.F.F" song is both beautiful and heartwrenching, especially if the person listening has any siblings that they've grown apart from. And that's just the first rendition; try to contain your feels when she sings its reprise. Special mention has to go the harmony on the very last "forever" in the first song. Bonus points for Daniel Ingram confirming that Twilight's glissando deliberately matches the first few notes in the theme song.
    • The song she sings during the wedding reception, "Love is in Bloom", should be played at all wedding receptions! The extended version of the song isn't half bad either.
  • WE FINALLY HAVE ANOTHER VILLAIN SONG! "This Day Aria," which is (sort of) a Cadance duet with herself is nothing short of epic and brings to mind another song from another movie...
    • Props especially go to the voice actress, Britt McKillip, who manages to use the same voice, but vary it enough that who is who can be identified just by the vocals.
    • The Reprise, sung by Kathleen Barr (Chrysalis' voice in her true form) just adds to the awesomeness of the whole damn song. Chilling, but awesome.
    • An Aria is a piece for one voice backed by an orchestra. Originally, though, it was simply a very emotive piece, not necessarily with vocals. It lives up to both meanings very much so.
    • Lily Peet put it best when she talked about this song in her Top Ten Best MLP Songs video: "This is not a song, this is Daniel Ingram making all of Disney his BITCH! And it is magnificent."

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

  • In Our Town, sung by Starlight Glimmer and her Equal Mark ponies, which explains their philosophy that if everyone is equal, everyone is happy. Just like the town itself, the song is outwardly upbeat and happy, but if you look a little deeper, you will quickly notice clues that it's not all as it seems - the rolling drum beat would not seem out of place in a military march, and then there are lyrics like...
  • After five seasons, Rainbow Dash finally gets her own solo with "I'll Fly", in which she tries to prevent winter from coming so Tank won't hibernate, complete with a compelling score, as well as some impressive aerial acrobatics.
  • After a while of no significant musical numbers, Canterlot Boutique brings the Rules of Rarity, a Rarity song reminiscent of "Art of the Dress" but with its own heartfelt spin on the nostalgic tune. The Triumphant Reprise at the end is sweet too; only Rarity could make a song that sounds like it belongs in a Sears-Kenmore informercial sound so awesome!
  • Crusaders of the Lost Mark, being a Musical Episode, has a few.
    • The Pony I Want to Be, which did the seemingly impossible and actually got people to feel bad for Diamond Tiara. The reprise contributes with heartwarming and begins wrapping up the end of a long journey of self-discovery.
    • Light of Your Cutie Mark, serving as the crucial point of the Crusaders' attempt to reach out to Diamond Tiara.
    • We'll Make Our Mark (Reprise), a beautiful and heartfelt conclusion to the Crusaders' four-and-a-half season long arc, with plenty of call backs to previous CMC episodes.
    • On a general note, on all of their songs, the Cutie Mark Crusaders have such beautiful harmonies. They certainly made the right call by having Claire Corlett sing for Sweetie Belle instead of Michelle Creber, so that we can hear how beautifully they blend together.
  • From episode 24, "The Mane Attraction":
    • The Spectacle, a pop song sung by Countess Coloratura that does in hindsight express a feeling of sadness through the soulless performance, what with going against one's self and putting on so much glitz and glam it seems that's all you are.
    • "The Magic Inside", a show-stopper performed by Broadway singer Lena Hall, appears at the climactic moment where Coloratura appears on-stage as herself.
    • Sung with an acoustic guitar accompaniment, and reprised at the end of the episode with the CMC, Equestria, the Land I Love truly feels like an anthem for the land of ponies, the land that inspires love and compassion.
  • From the finale, "The Cutie Re-mark", we have the song that wraps the episode up, Friends Are Always There For You. Similar in vein to "Let The Rainbow Remind You", it's a song of heartwarming conveying the elation of learning to be happy again, to a montage of Starlight bonding with the mane six and the other ponies. It may take a few listens to be able to appreciate it, but the song truly does convey a warm, pleasant sentiment that's not as ridiculous as it is wonderful.

Season 6

  • From "On Your Marks", we have On My Own, a beautiful melody that showcases Michelle Creber's amazing singing while showing Apple Bloom's sadness over the CMC seemingly drifting apart.
  • "Spice Up Your Life" brings us the catchy, Bollywood-inspired It's Gonna Work.
  • The obligatory musical episode of the season, "A Hearth's Warming Tail", brings us a Villain Song from Starlight — or rather, Snowfall Frost ("Say Goodbye to the Holiday"), and the 3 Gho — Spirits of Hearth's Warming Past ("Seeds of the Past"), Presents' ("Pinkie's Present"), and Yet-to-Come ("Luna's Future"). Not to mention the song wraps things up with a little Hearth's Warming carol ("Hearth's Warming Eve is Here Once Again").
  • "The Times They Are a Changeling" gives us Spike's first solo songnote , A Changeling Can Change, a beautiful ballad about how it's possible for a changeling to accept friendship.
  • "The Fault in Our Cutie Marks" gives us a song sung by the CMC and new character Gabby the griffon, Find The Purpose in Your Life, a cheerful tune about the CMC trying to help Gabby with the seemingly impossible task of getting her cutie mark.

Season 7

  • "Bottled Up" gives us an extremely catchy Best Friends Until the End of Time. Sure, it came out of nowhere, but it shows how the Mane 6 love each other and how far they came as friends.
  • "Hard To Say Anything" gives us Battle for Sugar Belle, which is half a heartfelt country ballad by Big Mac, out of all ponies, and a pretty cool parody of modern pop songs by Feather Bangs, sung as they battle for Sugar Belle's attention. Even if both of them start to butcher it by the end, it's still very catchy.
  • "The Perfect Pear" features You're In My Head Like a Catchy Song, an extremely sweet love song courtesy of Pear Butter.
  • "Fame and Misfortune" gives us Flawless, a catchy, upbeat song sung by the Mane 6 as they explain to the ponies of Equestria that, yes, they are flawed, but that only makes them stronger and everyone is flawed anyway.

My Little Pony: The Movie

  • We Got This Together, a group song in which Twilight's friends encourage her that they can do their part to prepare Equestria for the festival.
  • I'm the Friend You Need, in which Capper charms the Mane Cast into trusting him whilst planning to double cross them for his own purposes.
  • Time to Be Awesome, a song performed by Rainbow Dash to Captain Celaeno and her crew to rekindle their adventurous spirits after years of disheartening service to the Storm King.
  • One Small Thing, with which Pinkie Pie and Princess Skystar try and lift the sea ponies' spirits.
  • Open Up Your Eyes, in which Tempest Shadow describes how little she values friendship and believes all of it to be a childish dream Twilight needs to wake up from.
  • Rainbow, a song performed by Songbird Serenade (Sia) at the end of the film as the Friendship Festival finally gets underway.

Season 8

  • "School Daze" gives us two songs:
    • School of Friendship starts out upbeat but turns uncertain and almost downtrodden later to perfectly illustrate how the school has a good start but goes sour when Twilight insists on going by the book.
    • Friendship Always Wins, a beautiful and powerful song about how the reopened School of friendship is a place where everycreature is welcome to learn about friendship and how friendship itself transcends species differences.
  • Your Heart Is in Two Places from "Surf and/or Turf" is a great duet for Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo.
  • We're Friendship Bound from "Road to Friendship" is an extremely upbeat and catchy tune about Starlight and Trixie's friendship, with a bit of banter and Leaning on the Fourth Wall to go along with it.
  • In "Sounds of Silence" Autumn Blaze sings A Kirin Tale and takes one's breath away, not only with her surprisingly uplifting melody but also with the powerful message to never let fear of bad things stop you from enjoying the good. The Triumphant Reprise, in which Autumn expresses her joy, is just as awesome if not more so.

Best Gift Ever

  • The special starts with One More Day, a high-energy piece (with the traditional Christmas song sound and instrumentation) where the Mane-6 and the whole town get involved.
  • The True Gift of Gifting is filled with heartwarming lyrics and moments both set to an absolutely soulful melody to really drive home the point of the holiday special to the audience.

Season 9

Season 1
  • The BGM for Rarity's second fashion show in "Suited for Success" is pretty awesome as the Genre Motifs really do suit each of them.
  • Pinkie Pie's Leitmotif in "Swarm of the Century" and "Cutie Mark Chronicles".
  • "Gilda's Rage". A heavy metal song in a MLP cartoon.
  • Gilda's Threat. In the words of one of the commenters on the video: "This reminds of some of the music from RA3".
  • The track that plays at the very start of the series, when Celestia narrates the background lore. "Once upon a time, in the magical land of Equestria..." You would be hard pressed to find anything more beautiful to set the scene for the adventure that is about to follow.

Season 2

Season 3

  • The Crystal Empire arc contains some truly amazing BGM. One that stands out as equal parts Awesome Music and Hell Is That Noise is King Sombra's Return. It sounds like it could be the start of an epic RPG boss theme, and the droning beat just screams Oh, Crap!.
  • The background music when Luna makes her full appearance in "Sleepless in Ponyville". It's so alluring yet carries an air of mystery and fits Luna perfectly. Further from "Sleepless" the BG music cues when Rainbow Dash is telling Scootaloo about being scared, and at the scene at the waterfalls, borrows from "No One Is Alone" from the Sondheim musical Into the Woods (a very appropriate song here).
  • The music when the Timberwolves attack in "Spike at your Service". It sounds very evocative of a normal RPG Battle theme.
  • Counting the Triumphant Reprise, "Magical Mystery Cure" had a grand total of seven songs. Special points go to "What My Cutie Mark is Telling Me", the soft and depressing "I've Got to Find A Way", and the Awesome Moment of Crowning with the coronation anthem "Behold Princess Twilight Sparkle."
    • One of the ways the music in this episode is used so well is that Plot A - the swapped cutie marks - is set up, dramatized, and resolved through three separate songs with just a handful of spoken scenes. Compared to musical attempts that most television shows try to do (even in Friendship Is Magic, such as "The Success/Failure Song" from "The Crystal Empire") where it reiterates plot points just made, this episode used the songs very economically for plot development instead of just exposition. That's partially why both Daniel Ingram and M.A. Larson are credited with lyrics for this - they needed to work hand in hand to make this happen.
    • "A True True Friend", the highlight of the episode, would not sound as musically awesome if it wasn't so tightly connected to the cutie mark-switching plot and the order which with they have to be resolved - there's almost no other way for that song to build up from a quiet duet between Twilight and Fluttershy, have an amazing bridge sung by Rarity, and end on a Crowd Song with Pinkie's return, if the cutie marks were swapped in any other fashion.
    • The music from the chorus is previewed when Twilight realizes what needs to be done to help her friends, and reprised when she figures out how to finish the original spell, which transitions to a dramatic musical climax as the Elements are activated.
    • Not to mention the gloriousness that is Nicole Oliver's singing voice.

Season 4

  • Loved Luna's theme in "Sleepless in Ponyville"? Well, "For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils" gives us two new versions of the song and they are just as beautiful as the original.
  • In "Testing Testing 1 2 3", the backing music during the segment showing what the rest of the town was doing during the second Twilight/Rainbow flying sequence is wonderfully evocative, capturing the spirit of "It takes a village..." aid that the town provides to Rainbow. The same music appears at the end of "Equestria Games", when Spike is giving his closing thoughts.
  • In "Twilight's Kingdom - Part 2", we get not only the music heard during Twilight's battle with Tirek, but also the music heard during the Rainbow Power sequence, which is an epic rearrangement of the original My Little Pony jingle.

Season 5

Season 6

  • Tender Tap's leitmotif. It seems restrained, then allows itself to become more hopeful before it crushes itself.