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When we heard this show drops a lot of anvils, this isn't quite what we had in mind.

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     The Series 

Outside-of-universe-but-still-show-related examples such as commercials, toys and other merchandise, outside references and Real Life.
  • The Hub's Crossover commercials:
  • So Bad, It's Good TV listings. Specifically, Rarity, Rainbow Dash and on two occasions, Applejack, becoming stallions (in at least one synopsis each of "Suited For Success", "The Mysterious Mare Do Well", "Apple Family Reunion", and "Spike at Your Service"), Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie apparently being voiced by Andrew Libman instead of Andrea Libman, and Cartoon Network New Zealand's listing for "Winter Wrap Up" using a description of the show's premise but abruptly cutting off at TWILIGHT SPARKLE.
    • At least one description for Call of The Cutie called Apple Bloom "Apple Blossom".
  • This is an alternate version of this behind-the-scenes video, with the audio (presumably unintentionally) slowed down. Due to the audio and video becoming more and more desynchronized, Applejack ends up saying "We're hidin' from her!" right when Princess Celestia is shown.
  • One of the animators did a behind the scenes type video series called "Evolution of a Scene", and always ended them on a funny bit of animation like Gilda appearing in the middle of Fluttershy's "Cutie Mark Chronicles" flashback or Derpy appearing alongside a bunch of derp-eyed pets, but the best one was #6, which ended with the Wonderbolts vs MAGNEIGHTO!
  • It's good to know Lauren Faust has a sense of humor. One fan asks...
    Fan: Was the name "Twilight Sparkle" an intentional joke, or was that just by accident?
    Lauren Faust: It passed legal.
  • At a party for the iOS game Twilight Sparkle: Teacher for a Day, the refreshments included Tropicana Berry Punch. "Berry Punch" is also the name (originally just a Fan Nickname, but since made All There in the Script by of a background pony popularly believed to be The Alcoholic.
  • Rather than translate the lyrics, one fansub from Japan just turns them directly into katakana for Intentional Engrish for Funny lolz.
  • What is Tara Strong's new favorite hobby? Trolling bronies on her twitter. Ain't no other pony trollin' down like her.
  • John de Lancie has a little fun with one of the fans at a panel.
  • Dear Princess Celestia, the internet scares me.
  • A poster came out featuring all the villains (or jerks) of the show. In the middle is Discord pulling Nightmare Moon and Chrysalis into a hug. Really.
    • And one more. The official Season 2 poster has him critiquing his own statue. There are some things you just can't write.
  • started using a logo advertising My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Shorts, suggesting that there would be Short Films in addition to the TV show. Said logo was soon discovered to be merely fanart, but at around the same time, came out with a different type of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic shorts.
  • At BUCK 2012, the musician panel on day two with General Mumble, EqM, Lavender Harmony, and Pipsqueak has some great moments, particularly from Pipsqueak. Throughout the panel, he has plenty of funny one-liners and Self-Deprecation (the first words out of his mouth aside from an introduction are actually expressing glee that he gets to answer a question), but his greatest moment may have been when one person asked the musicians if there were any other brony musicians they'd like to collaborate with.
    Pipsqueak: I really wanna collab with Mic the Microphone, but he's busy, like (...) constantly, and he's just doing his fan fictions and stuff...and so I never get to make music with him.
    Lavender Harmony: I've collabed with Mic the Microphone.
    • And then when he comes back up, he picks up a glass of water and claims that it's not water, it's his tears.
    • General Mumble's reactions to Pipsqueak's little breakdowns are funny too. When the panel is asked what the reactions of their friends and family were to them becoming bronies:
    Pipsqueak: (as the bullies) I hate you! Everyone you know hates you now! Nobody likes you! Not even the BRONIES like you! YOU'RE BY YOURSELF! (hangs his head in shame)
    General Mumble: Am I really following that up?
  • At Canterlot Gardens 2012, Tara Strong, D.C. Douglas, Grey DeLisle, John DiMaggio, Jennifer Hale and Quinton Flynn did a live script reading of Boast Busters.
    • Some of their most hilarious castings included:
    • There were several more moments from that con as well. At the Brony Musician Panel, everyone on the panel decided to introduce themselves as Alex S. note .
    • Not to mention the several smaller moments throughout the con, including but not limited to a random singing flashmob forming before the Grand Galloping Gala, a guy dressed as a ninja constantly walking around, and the voice acting panel deciding to troll Tara Strong by having everyone in the room stay completely silent when she entered. Really, the entire con was hilarious, when it wasn't being awesome.
      • No mention of how Tara epically counter-trolled by entering in full Twilight Sparkle cosplay, which caused everybody to bust out laughing and totally ruined their silent gag?
  • The marvelous way the preview clip of "The Failure Song" trolled the audience. Twilight manages to go through the whole song without mentioning what she's actually singing about, then Spike asks what they were singing about...end clip.
    • Even better is that in the full episode, we already know exactly what she's singing about when the song comes in, meaning it was structured that way entirely so it could be used like this.
  • During the Season 3 premiere, commercials for Gak played so often (once even four times in a row, two of which were the very same commercial) that many fans latched onto it. The result was Gak getting its own post and a myriad of fan art and fan vids being created to make it a Memetic Mutation within a matter of hours.
  • Meghan McCarthy explains the writing process at Unicon:
    1. The evil corporate overlords summon the writers together with a list of demands for advertising next year's toyline.
    2. So instructed, the writers pitch ideas at each other until they give up and start talking about hairstyles and daughters.
    3. Premises are generated through copious amounts of Starbucks support. Any episodes concerning issues of race, politics, or religion go to Polsky. (Swear to Celestia, she said this.)
    4. A new season of Friendship is Magic premieres on The Hub.
    • At the same panel, Meghan also explained that writing an episode begins with them brainstorming simple premises and listing them on a whiteboard. She then mentioned that, when they're done, she likes to troll whoever comes into the meeting room next by writing "Applejack Pregnancy Scare" on the board.
  • Despite the whole Alicorn Twilight thing being massively divisive for the fandom, it obviously isn't for the staff. M.A. Larson, who wrote Magical Mystery Cure later wrote on Twitter "I went to the store to get some dog food and the guy turned into an alicorn Why does this keep happening?!!" If the writers can joke about it, then they must obviously know it's not a big deal.
    • The best part is that he appears to be fully aware of the stir that alicorn Twilight would cause. Before the thing was even officially announced, he was already having fun with it. He had at least one twitter post that went something like "The thing I'm most infamous for hasn't even aired yet!"
  • The April Fools fake series 4 episode titles. Particularly the last two: "Princess Discord" parts 1 and 2. Again, the writers seem to love poking fun at the Broken Base over Princess Twilight.
    • Speaking of fun poking, one of the aforementioned names involves Sunset Shimmer, who Word of God said would not be appearing on the show; trolling at its finest.
    • It got even better when it turned out at least five of the titles (though not the accompanying synopses) were real.
  • Lauren Faust herself having a "Dear God make it stop" moment when she starts posting ways to avert Nobody Poops on her Twitter page.
  • Hot Topic did a series of their "Hot minutes" (minute long interviews with celebrities) with Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, & Rarity, and they all have their own moments of hilarity (the Twilight one even asks her about the Cadance toss meme "I think I'd still rather he didn't"). note .
    • The revelation that Pinkie Pie has three party cannons.
  • The six-hundred and sixty-sixth EQD Nightly roundup. Seth pretends it's a normal post, but starts tossing in some Zalgo text, and then further examination quickly descends into an outright horror-post with creepy music, scary images and satanic videos. Funny for how straight-faced Seth posts, as well.
  • Meghan McCarthy called Amy Keating Rogers during her panel at Everfree NW to make sure she isn't telling that "Pinkie Pie's becoming an alicorn."
  • From the season 4 animatics at Comic Con, the Apple Family has a song welcoming Pinkie along on a family trip...ending with their cart falling apart.
  • There's a new Running Gag at BronyCon 2013: every time someone says the word "fun" (or any reasonable synonym thereof), the audience starts chanting "fun" ala Too Many Pinkie Pies.
  • Also at BronyCon 2013 was the Whose Line is it Anypony? panel, which was naturally full of all sorts of moments. A few examples:
    • In the Number of Words game:
    Wreckingfist (playing Sombra): What if we...
    R.L. Yoshi (playing Discord): No.
    Wreckingfist: Aww...
    • In Hollywood Director, Pony Vegeta (playing Scootaloo) gets down on his knees to be a filly. When the director (RLYoshi) confronts him about this, he says "I'm Scootaloo! I'm short! I'm a filly!" He then wonders if he's not short enough and crouches down further.
    • "I have to remember that famous Shakespeare quote. It went something along the lines of...booty booty booty booty rockin everywhere!"
      • "ALAS POOR BOOTY!"
      • "That's even worse than...buddy cop movies!"
    • After the first three games, the teams are switched up; the four people onstage leave and three more people come on. Then the host SuperSonik says that RLYoshi was supposed to still be up there...cue RLYoshi rushing and half-stumbling onstage.
    • SuperSonik decided to ask the audience for suggestions for superhero names. Cue the entire crowd yelling at him incoherently.
    SuperSonik: I'm sorry, but AAAAAAAAAH will be taken by the second team.
    Tweak: Okay, what about OOOOOOOOH?
    SuperSonik: That one's...been done yesterday.
    Tweak: OHHHHHHHH?
    SuperSonik: No.
    Tweak: I'm just going through vowels by this point.
    • "'Horribly ugly human heads' is kind of redundant." "For you maybe."
      • Tweak's superhero name? "The Alicorn Wing Giver". Hilarity Ensues is all that can be said, especially when he gives RLYoshi a baker's dozen of wings at the end.
    • Quick Change gives us plenty of fun, from Alex (Princess Cadance) giving Penny (Queen Chrysalis) fashion advice to "Elements of Harmony Punk Rock Band". The entire thing is hilarious, and it needs to be seen to be believed.
    • Props. Tweak decides to shake things up and, instead of taking two of the same prop for his team (himself and RLYoshi) while leaving two of a different prop for the other team (Alex and Penny), he takes one of each prop. The other team has to do the same. And they roll with it.
      • Two of the props are plungers. SuperSonik says that the members have never seen these props before.
    Tweak: (holding one plunger) Never in my life. What is this mystery object I hold in my hand?
    SuperSonik: If you've never seen a plunger before, you lead a blessed life.
  • Think Discord is a stitch in English? Try the Japanese dub, where he's covered by the deliciously hammy Shigeru Chiba.
  • The official promo for the last episodes of Season 4 has a shot of Rarity with green eyes - from the episode "Inspiration Manifestation."
  • At the end of the "Easter Sunday Sing-A-Long" commercial, Russel attempts to sing My Little Pony main theme. Pinkie's jaw drops (which Rarity fixes for her) at how horribly off key he is.
  • At BABSCon in April 2014, the two VA panels went slightly off the rails in their own ways:
    • First panel (Saturday): Peter New doesn't come out on stage when the moderator announces him. When everyone else has taken their seats, he finally appears - dressed in a red gown with wings as "Princess Big Mac."
    • Second panel (Sunday): Writer Josh Haber and director Jim Miller sneak into the line of people waiting to ask questions and pass themselves off as geeky-sounding fanboys. They end up sitting among the VA's for the rest of the panel, as does supervising director Jayson Thiessen.
    • At one point Nicole Oliver sang "You are my Sunshine" as Celestia to an attendee. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
  • At Galacon 2014 a Brony talked about the Mane 6's siblings but forgot the name of Twilight's brother while cosplaying as him
  • The DVD commentaries. Every single time one of the actors gets into character.
    Cathy Weseluck (as Spike): Rarity! Please notice me!
    Tabitha St. Germain (as Rarity): Hello, Squishy Bug.
    • During the commentary for "Winter Wrap Up", everyone points out who sings for each character.
    • In "The Show Stoppers" commentary, Nicole Oliver jokingly suggests that Scootaloo is related to Celestia. The others are mindblown, and one of the directors is quick to remind the audience that this isn't canon.
    • Tabitha (as Nightmare Moon): I slept for a thousand years...
      Nicole (and multiple others): Well, you still look tired.
    • When Granny Smith appears onscreen for the first time.
      Andrea Libman: Look, there's Tabitha!
      Tabitha (as Granny Smith): There's Granny. Hello, myself, how are ya'?
      Nicole: That's really meta, Tabitha.
  • Thought Rarity's whining was hilarious now? Now hear it in Korean!
  • The Mane Six's blink-and-you'll-miss-it appearance in the Superbowl XLIX rally commercial. Apparently they're Colts fans.
  • Discovery Family's April Fool's Day promo for the spinoff "Apple Bloomers". Words fail to do it justice. We're not even sure what to make of this. It's a fake made by a fan as a kind of double-layered April Fool's joke.
  • From the Season 5 finale teaser, Starlight Glimmer's reveal with her reclining on the one of the chairs of the round table.
  • Red Card's Friends-style sitcom episodes, which are a small selection of full Friendship is Magic episodes with a laugh track and the Friends theme song and transition cues edited in.
  • This Hilarious Outtakes video made with leaked session recordings. It has to be seen to be believed...
    Applejack: Are you sayin' our mother... was in porn?!

    Trixie: Fuck!
    Off-screen Voice: Fuck is good. That was good.
    Kathleen Barr: Use it!

    Applejack: These kirin are quieter than an apple bosom... Fuck! I'm sorry.

    Fluttershy: *Makes fear reactions*
    Off-screen Voice: You felt that, didn't you?
    Fluttershy: Shit!

    Rarity: Don't you see? It's the first shift in royal power in over a millennium... Fuck me hard!

    Discord: Grogar is just Discord spelled backwards... with all the wrong letters.
  • This promo for Season 7, a recreation of the opening of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.