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Funny / My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Rollercoaster of Friendship

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  • This bit when Rarity and Applejack are waiting to hear if they got the "Caramel Apple Girls" job.
    Rarity: Should we practice answering our phones and sounding calm?
    (Phones beep, both Rarity and Applejack scream in surprise)
    Sunset: That was about as calm as Pinkie Pie on Cake Day.
    Pinkie Pie: Was that today? DID I MISS IT?!
  • Applejack gets a spam email from "Stinky Bottom's Discount Hat Emporium" about a sale.
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  • Rarity refuses to take a job at the park if Applejack doesn't have one.
    Applejack: What?! You cannot let this opportunity pass you by, Rarity. Think of all those vision boards, the late-night sewin'. This has been your dream since... since kindy-garten.
    Rarity: Mmm preschool, actually. But that's not the point. My mind is made up. We planned to spend the summer and that's what we're going to do. Riiiiiiiight? (*blinks and smiles*)
    Applejack: You're takin' the job, and that's final.
    Rarity: Okay, if you insist! (*squees*) I'm gonna be a costume designer!
  • Pinkie's response to all of Vignette's social media related questions after hearing the girls play in a band called The Rainbooms.
    Rarity: Uh... fun fact! We perform together in a band called the Rainbooms.
    Vignette: (perking up) "Rainbooms?" Why is that familiar? (checks her phone) A hundred thousand followers? Focused consumer-centric demographic, too? To see your curated content consistently aggregate across multiple platforms?
    Pinkie Pie: We sing songs together!
  • Twilight and Sunset constantly failing at winning a carnival game to the point that the Flim Flam Brothers take pity on them and give them a stuffed parakeet doll as a consolation prize... which Sunset smacks away because she doesn't want a prize, she wants to win.
    Sunset Shimmer: IT'S NOT ABOUT THE PARAKEET!!!
    • As Sunset smacks the parakeet away, it lands in the arms of a little boy and he's overjoyed.
    • The simple fact that Twilight is trying to use math and science to figure out the optimal throw that'll win it for them... and then keeps failing because the game is rigged.
    • Sunset casually tosses her ring over her shoulder when they give up and walk away. Of course this one lands on the target.
    • Rainbow avenging their defeats in the end. Sunset and Twilight walk away with the parakeet doll over their heads, smug triumphant looks in their faces.
  • The Reveal that the girls weren't transported to some magical White Void Room but actually a white room located in Equestria Land. Sunset looks about ready to explode when she finds this out, Rainbow Dash hangs her head in shame, while Twilight is embarrassed. Not only that, Pinkie Pie knew the entire time they were just in a white room, and never bothered to tell any of them because she thought they all knew.
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  • Vignette's absolutely awful attempt at singing during the parade.
  • Rainbow on the rollercoaster: "Stop the ride! Seriously! STOP THE RIDE!"
  • As usual, Rarity under stress makes for hilarious antics.
    • After screaming her frustrations into a pile of clothes, Applejack finds her and Rarity interrupts her greeting as follows:
    "I wasn't having a meltdown! Who said I was having a meltdown?! I AM NOT HAVING A MELTDOWN!"
    • Applejack accidentally mentions fifty thousand people will be watching the parade Rarity is designing costumes for, freaking her out even more.
    "Someone get me a bigger pile of clothes to scream into!" (*workers obediently bring over more clothes*)
  • Pinkie has appointed herself "Fun Inspector" for the park with a badge and uniform she made out of things she found in a trash can. And then she deputizes Applejack with a similar badge.
    • Later a security guard falls for the fake badge and gives Applejack access to his security station to inspect it. No matter how often she tries to clear up the misunderstanding she fails to convince him.
  • Twilight trying to Techno Babble a solution to Applejack to get the group out of Vignette's phone while Applejack clearly has no clue what she's saying.
    Twilight: Now, how much coding do you know?
    Applejack: Uuuh... I can rub two sticks together.

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