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Music to My Ears

  • During the scene at the café, while everything else is going in slow motion, Pinkie Pie manages to wave to DJ Pon-3 at normal speed (or she's simply going so fast that it looks normal the way DJ Pon-3 is looking at it).
  • Still having her headphones on, DJ Pon-3 bumps into Principal Celestia. Naturally, she takes the earphones away, and DJ Pon-3 walks off, dejected... only to just plug in earbuds once the Principal is out of sight.

Guitar Centered

  • Pinkie Pie suggesting a banjo and a sousaphone (which she apparently finds "super-groovy") as replacement instruments for Rainbow Dash. Hilarious in Hindsight when we see what Pinkie suggests Twilight play in the film proper.
  • Rainbow's decrepit old guitar, which snaps a string, without anyone touching it. And Rarity's reaction:
    Rarity: Rainbow Dash, I simply don't understand why you can't just play the guitar you have." [Rainbow opens the case to reveal the decrepit state of her guitar] *Gasp!* Now I understand!
  • Rainbow's vocal-less "guitar me!" motion by sticking her hand up vertically, which Pinkie completes by popping in, upside-down from the top of the frame, to put a guitar in Rainbow's hand. Rainbow doesn't even bother to look and immediately begins shredding on it.
  • This exchange at the end, when Trixie finds out the guitar she and Rainbow Dash were competing for was too expensive for her.
    Trixie: You'll pay for this, Rainbow Dash!
    Pinkie Pie: No, silly! If you want it, you'll have to pay for it!

Hamstocalypse Now

  • Rarity realizing that hamsters are rodents, followed by her banging on the glass after Fluttershy cleans their home.
  • Rarity causes a fight between the hamsters at the animal shelter because she started dressing them up and they got jealous of each other's outfits.
    Rarity: Carl Pettington's coat was just begged to be accessorized, but Emilia Furhart refused to be left out, and got Curtis Pawpower to chew right through Carl's little scarf, and before I knew it, I had a habitat-wide feud on my hands! [beat] Also, I named them.
  • During a wide shot of the big hamster fight, you can see one of the hamsters riding the doe-eyed white kitten while wearing a cowboy hat and twirling a lasso.
  • Curtis Pawpower (the beefy hamster with the red scarf) doing a sassy finger-snap at the end of the short.

Pinkie on the One

  • Pinkie in pretty much any scene, but especially the cafeteria scene where she seems unable to stop herself drumming and the reactions the others give her.
    Applejack: [grabbing Pinkie's improvised drumsticks, a pair of spoons] PINKIE!
    Pinkie Pie: Whaaaaaaaaat?
    [Applejack releases the spoons. Then, after a beat, Pinkie breaks out into a huge grin and goes right back to drumming]
  • Pinkie will drum on anything, be it tables, walls or the heads of her friends. The Comically Serious nature of said friends helps to sell it.
  • Rainbow Dash talking about how they need to find a drummer for their band, and everyone's utter obliviousness to Pinkie's drumming talents (even during the aforementioned scene) until the very end:
    Rarity: Whatever made you think of Pinkie for the drums?
    Rainbow Dash: I dunno. Guess I just have a sense for these things.
    [Pinkie plays a Rim Shot]
  • The part where Pinkie puts the huge can of glitter between her legs (not an euphemism) and drums on it to decorate the banner makes it look like she's farting glitter. And afterwards when Rainbow ends up completely covered in glitter and unhappy about it while Pinkie just plops down next to her and smiles cheerfully.
  • In the novelization, the girls are making the banner so that the school's baseball team can tear through it when they run onto the field. Pinkie ends up putting so much glitter that it becomes stiff like a giant sparkly wall. It also becomes so hard that the players can't break through it.

Player Piano

  • The short opens with Rarity, her hair a mess, struggling in vain to shove a wheel-less piano across the front lawn of Canterlot High all by herself.note 
    Rarity: What kind of person doesn't put a piano on wheels?
  • Rarity's method of getting the humanized Diamond Dogs to help:
    Rarity: [her hair a mess from pushing] Oh booooys....
    [Diamond Dogs look up with mild disinterest; Rarity runs her hands through her hair, snapping it back into perfection, and then poses in a just-below-the-line seductive pose on the piano; the Diamond Dogs' eyes go gem-shaped]
  • While the band is waiting for her to arrive, Applejack complains that Rarity "Probably just wants to make some sorta grand entrance."
    Rarity: [bursts in riding on top of a grand piano] Ta-daaaaah!
  • After she ropes the humanized versions of the Diamond Dogs into carrying the piano to the music room, Rarity arrives just in time... for the band's time in the music room to run out, forcing them to move to the gym.
    Applejack: Guess you're gonna express your "full musicality" clear across campus!
  • Pinkie Pie introducing Rarity to the "guitarkey".
    Rainbow Dash: You mean a "keytar".
    Pinkie Pie: Po-tay-to, to-mah-to...
  • The short ends with Rarity getting the Diamond Dogs to carry her to the gym... on the grand piano.

A Case for the Bass

  • As the Flim-Flam brothers show off their inventory, they end with "whatever this is", and hold up Twilight's brain-scanning helmet from "Feeling Pinkie Keen".
  • Pinkie Pie playing on a rocking horse.
  • The ending: the brothers let Applejack have her bass back without her having to pay the $1,000 they asked for it, but instead she has to put on a banana costume and be a crier for their store. AJ's hat, carefully perched on stem of the banana suit, seals the deal.
  • Finally, Granny Smith (who started the whole mess by selling the bass at a garage sale) walks by and sees Applejack:
    Granny Smith: Since when do you play the bass?
    [Applejack facepalms]

Shake Your Tail!

  • The various ways in which the Mane Six's ideas for the school event backfire:
    • Pinkie flattens her own Hawaiian scenery with some overenthusiastic hula dancing.
    • Rainbow almost knocks out Fluttershy and Rarity with soccer goal shots in a sports-themed setting, and Twilight and Pinkie crash into each other while trying to catch a basketball — that ends up in the punch bowl.
    • Applejack's hoedown theme leads to Pinkie being flung off a mechanical bull.
    • Pinkie's tiki mask scares everyone else out of trying Rarity's masquerade.
    • Twilight's library/classroom idea instantly puts Rainbow to sleep.
    • Rainbow flees from a flock of angry birds in Fluttershy's petting zoo — all while Pinkie is chomping vegetables from a feed trough alongside a sheep. And in the background you can see Rarity having a tug of war with a hamster in the punch bowl over a ladle — and the hamster wins.
  • Seeing Granny Smith dancing along with two other students.

Perfect Day for Fun!

  • The Mane Six continually missing each other.
  • Fluttershy petting the moles at a Whack-A-Mole game, then turning around and slamming the hammer into a Discord plushie Twilight holds out to her.
  • In a montage of three pictures, Twilight and Applejack drag a crying Fluttershy into a fun house. The next image is the two of them running out screaming, followed by Fluttershy walking out with a calm shrug.
  • Rainbow Dash and Applejack head to a strength tester. After slamming the weight higher than Rainbow, Applejack smirks confidently, only for the weight to shoot up and hit the bell; the camera pans down to show Spike walking away with a hammer in his teeth.
    Applejack: Hey, did I just come in last?
  • Pinkie Pie making faces and acting like herself in front of a fun mirror; her reflection is standing still and smiling. The bewildered face Applejack makes while looking at the mirror really sells it.
  • The carousel horse that Pinkie rides looks just like her pony counterpart. It stands out more as the rest of the carousel horses are otherwise very nondescript.
  • Rainbow Dash nearly falling off the stage and being saved by Fluttershy's tambourine hooked around her foot. The other Rainbooms form a human chain to pull them both back from the edge.
  • Granny Smith rocking out at the Rainbooms' concert.

Friendship Through the Ages

  • Rainbow Dash's segment. After a minute of calm and relaxing music, in comes Rainbow rocking out with her guitar. The scene includes her literally headbanging, Sunset Shimmer crowdsurfing, and ends with Rainbow smashing her guitar on the stage. The over-the-top nature of it combined with the Mood Whiplash from the change in music style makes it hilarious.
  • There's just something hilariously meta about the image of Sunset Shimmer, who is from Equestria, riding a horse. Case in point...


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