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Recap / My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks Shorts

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Music to My Ears

Vinyl Scratch/DJ Pon-3 walks down the street listening to her headphones. After ordering a cupcake from the cafe, she arrives at Canterlot High. When the bell rings, she doesn't come to class because she couldn't hear it. She bumps into Principal Celestia, who confiscates her headphones and gestures for her to come to class. However, as soon as she is out of sight, she puts on earbuds and listens to them.

Guitar Centered

Rainbow Dash goes to a music store with her friends to replace her broken electric guitar. She spots an awesome looking double-necked guitar, but Trixie also wants it. They pick up two other guitars and agree to settle it in a "shred-off". They duel with epic guitar riffs, but Trixie starts to get the advantage. Just in time, Rainbow plays hard enough to trigger her half-pony transformation, which also transforms the guitar to match her color scheme. She generates a Sonic Rainboom-like effect that knocks Trixie against the wall. Rainbow wins, but she decides to buy the guitar she used instead. Trixie triumphantly holds the double-necked guitar, but is horrified to find it costs $12,000.

Hamstocalypse Now

Rarity agrees to look after the hamsters in the animal shelter while Fluttershy cleans out their habitat. When she has finished, she looks up to find Rarity gave the hamsters fashion accessories, but lost control of them and they are now running wild in the building. The two scramble to pick them up, but when a tambourine falls to the floor, the hamsters briefly get hypnotized by the sound. Fluttershy plays the tambourine to herd the hamsters back to their habitat, transforming to her half-pony form in the process.

Pinkie on the One

Rainbow Dash is trying to find a drummer for her band. Meanwhile, Pinkie Pie annoys everyone by repeatedly tapping on everything. It takes while for Rainbow to notice, and when she does, she offers her the position. Pinkie tries out the drums and impresses the others, transforming to her half-pony form. Rarity asks Rainbow how she knew Pinkie would be a good drummer. She boasts she has good instincts.

Player Piano

Rarity pushes a grand piano to school, which is difficult since it doesn't have wheels. Exhausted, she acts seductive to the Diamond Dogs and entices them into carrying the piano, with her on it, to the music room where her friends are practicing. However, by the time they arrive, the time they booked for the music room has expired, so they have to continue in the gym. Her friends are annoyed that she brought such a large and impractical instrument, but she insists every band must have a piano. Pinkie suggests she try the keytar instead. Rarity tries it and likes it, transforming to her half-pony form. She declares this will be her instrument, then tells the Diamond Dogs to carry the piano with her on it to the gym.

A Case for the Bass

The girls learn Granny Smith held a garage sale and absent-mindedly sold Applejack's bass guitar to the Flim-Flam brothers, who put it on display in their pawn shop. They go to the shop and ask for it back, but they demand $1000 for it even though they only paid Granny Smith $2. The girls point out the guitar has Applejack's initials, but the brothers say they don't believe Applejack even knows how to play. She impressively plays the guitar, transforming to her half-pony form in the process. The brothers now believe she owns it, but still demand a high price for it. Angered, her friends threaten to beat them up. Scared, they agree to return to guitar on one condition. Applejack has to stand outside and promote the pawn shop by playing her guitar while wearing a banana costume. While she's doing this and embarrassed, Granny Smith walks up and says she didn't know she played guitar, causing Applejack to Face Palm.

Shake Your Tail!

The Rainbooms are holding a performance in the gym, but they need to decorate it first. Pinkie wants a luau theme, Rainbow wants a sports theme, Applejack wants a country theme, Rarity wants a masquerade ball theme, Twilight Sparkle wants a classroom theme, and Fluttershy wants a petting zoo theme. Rainbow suggests they combine all the themes, which everyone agrees to. Everyone has a great time at the performance.

Perfect Day for Fun!

The pairs of Rainbow Dash and Applejack, Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle, and Pinkie Pie and Rarity arrive at a carnival. They wander around trying out the booths and repeatedly texting one another trying to find each other. They finally find each other at the photo booth and proceed to have a good time, even giving a performance as the Rainbooms. They go on a ferris wheel together and go over the pictures they took on their phones.

Life Is a Runway

While designing outfits, Rarity sings about her dream of becoming a fashion designer and model. She has an Imagine Spot where she can simply point at people and change their outfits, and while walking down the street, gives Derpy, Lyra, Bon Bon, and Cheerilee her new designs. The girls (plus Roseluck and Amethyst Star) then help her model her dresses at a fashion show. Throughout the song, Rarity explains that her dream is to make people happy by showing them that everyone is beautiful.

My Past Is Not Today

Sunset Shimmer sings about how thanks to The Power of Friendship, she is no longer the evil monster she once was. She even throws the pictures of her previous Princess of the Fall Formal victories in the trash. When the sun rises, she glows, floats into the air, and sprouts Hot Wings.

Friendship Through the Ages

Through a montage of different music styles (Twilight Sparkle's is classical, Fluttershy's is folk, Rarity's is pop, Rainbow Dash's is punk, Applejack's is country, and Pinkie Pie's is techno) the Humane Six sing to Sunset Shimmer and assure her that no matter what happens, their friendship will last forever.

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