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Pefect Day for Fun
Just a small one, but during the song when Spike wins at the Test your Strength game, A.J has a solo line where she asks if she just came in last. I hate to nitpick, but she didn't come in last. She beat Dash's score, meaning she came in second. Granted that wouldn't rhyme with the previous line but I didn't think A.J was that bad with "fancy mathematics"...

  • The gag wouldn't have worked if it were mathematically accurate.
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  • What is weird is that both A.J. and Dash are both voiced by Ashleigh Ball, so it could easily have been Dash saying the line.

When does "Perfect Day for Fun" fit into Rainbow Rocks's continuity? It can't take place before the movie because Twilight is singing with the band, it isn't during the movie because the students aren't affected by the Hate Plague, and it can't be set after the movie because Sunset isn't singing with the band. Perhaps Sunset just couldn't make it to the fair for some reason?

  • The fact that the Rainbooms have the "Rainbow Power" hair when ponied up would hint it takes place after the movie.
  • I believe the novelization said that the short is actually Twilight's dream. She misses her human friends so much that she's dreaming about having a good time with them. I'm not particularly fond of that idea, though, but that's the only way to really make it canon.
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  • It could be after the movie, now that she can use the mirror anytime. Though this raises the question of where Sunset is during the shorts...
  • In the novelization of the shorts Twilight is absent which would indicate that this takes places before the events of the movie.
  • Why does it have to be in continuity?


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