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Recap / My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Friendship Games Shorts

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The Science of Magic

Sunset Shimmer sets up a laboratory and explains to her friends that she wishes to discover the exact mechanism behind their pony transformations. She hooks up the Humane Five to various equipment as they play music and transform, but each attempt overloads her sensors and sends her flying from energy surges. Eventually, she gives up and admits being unable to understand how magic works in the human world.

Pinkie Spy

Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie sneak onto Crystal Prep Academy to spy on their teams training for the upcoming Friendship Games. Unfortunately, Pinkie doesn't seem to understand the concept of spying. Despite Rainbow's attempts to get her to stop, she repeatedly talks out loud, stands in the open, wears loud outfits while claiming it is camouflage, and pulls out large equipment like balloons and a boom mike. Ironically, they are only spotted when Rainbow loses her temper and yells at her to be quiet. The two run away.

All's Fair in Love & Friendship Games

Lyra Heartstrings and Sweetie Drops are enjoying each others company when they hear that tryouts for the Friendship Games are starting and there are limited spots on the teams. The two get super competitive against each other, and face each other in a series of events like dancing, hot dog eating, arm wrestling, sculpting, and pottery. The events get stranger and stranger, causing the witnesses to get confused and then walk away. Later, they are pleasantly surprised to learn they both made the team, and make up with a hug.

Photo Finished

In an attempt to add a little "pizzazz" to this year's yearbook, Vice-Principal Luna enlists Photo Finish's help in doing what she does best — capturing the magics. However, Photo Finish, along with her assistants, prove to be very aggressive and disruptive when it comes to getting good photos, often bothering students and even teachers in the middle of their activities. Naturally, the annoyed students and faculty complain to Vice-Principal Luna about Photo Finish's actions. However, when Luna confronts Photo Finish, Photo Finish shows some of her work, and, true to her word, she captures some really amazing shots. Impressed with Photo Finish's work, Luna asks Photo Finish to continue but to tone down her disruptive methods. Unfortunately, Photo Finish sees that Luna would be the perfect person for her next photo session, and the Vice-Principal soon becomes the next victim of the magics.

A Banner Day

Vice-Principal Luna assigns Flash Sentry, Micro Chips, and Sandalwood to create a banner to welcome the Crystal Prep students to Canterlot High. Flash wants it to look like sheet music, Microchip wants it to look like DNA, and Sandalwood wants it to look like a psychedelic mandala. They work on it at the same time, but start to argue when they start getting in each other's way. Luna comes back and to their surprise, she approves of their current mixed banner. She asks them to make five more just like it, and they groan.

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