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    The Beginning of the End 
  • When Celestia and Luna announce their intention to retire, Discord pops into the room dressed as a reporter and tries to butter them up, wanting to be selected as their replacement to rule Equestria. Celestia just silently points to Twilight, who gasps at this. Discord however is just bored that she made the "obvious choice."
  • Rainbow Dash assumes Celestia and Luna abdicating to Twilight and her friends means that they'll get Celestia and Luna's powers, and calls dibs on Luna's Dream Walker abilities.
  • All of Twilight's friends know that Twilight has a process she goes through when taking in something stressful, saying that she's Twilighting, being very supportive of her as she panics and goes through extensive list-making and hyperventilating. In fact, Twilight spends most of the first episode "Twilighting" hard, putting all her previous breakdowns to shame — and it's hilarious.
    • Discord even Lampshades how Twilight's going to take the news.
      Discord: This is all so predictable. Now's the part where you all tell little Sparkle here that everything is going to be fine, but she won't believe you. Ugh. I don't need to be here for this.
    • A Running Gag of the episode is Twilight taking a moment to hyperventilate into a paper bag; one of her friends always has one ready in each scene for when she needs it.
    • When Starlight goes to see her, she finds Twilight in the middle of making multiple checklists. Spike lampshades that things are getting out of hand.
      Spike: Help! She's spiraling! We're at the "my plan needs a plan" stage of a total Twilight meltdown!
    • Proceeded by:
      Twilight: Did I write down "eliminate redundant lists" on my School of Friendship to-do list, or my personal to-do list?
    • Twilight tells Starlight she needs to talk to her, then turns away and looks for the list she had "talk to Starlight" written down on so she can cross it off.
    • Twilight reading her small speech to Starlight allows us to see her mental degredation in action — she starts it off looking and sounding calm, then starts talking faster and lowers the paper to reveal a crooked grin.
      Twilight: Starlight, you have blossomed into one of the strongest, smartest, most caring ponies I know, and I can't think of anypony better to leave in charge of my castle and the School of Friendship so whadda ya think?
    • Starlight tries to mimic Twilight's panic when she leaves her in charge of the School of Friendship in an attempt to curb her panic.
      Starlight: Uh... I can't! I'm not ready! Remember what happened the last time you left me in charge?! And now you want me to do it permanently?! What if I don't do the right things?! What if—?!
      Twilight: Starlight, get a hold of yourself! You've risen to every challenge you've ever faced. You can do anything you put your mind to. You've got this.
      Starlight: [smirks] Hah! And so do you. See what I did there? You just said everything you need to hear.
      Twilight: [laughs sarcastically] Nice try. But running a school and running a country are two very different things. Now if you don't mind, I still have seven-thousand, four-hundred and thirty-two things left to take care of before I become the new ruler of Equestria! [starts hyperventilating, Spike brings her a bag]
  • When trying to calm down Twilight when she is freaking out about not having help from the princesses anymore, Rainbow Dash just casually notes "if you think about it, they literally almost never help." Then, after everyone has a moment's pause, Applejack simply goes, "Huh."
  • The gang casually listing everyone they have ever defeated.
    Pinkie: Like when Sombra almost took back the Crystal Empire, or when Chrysalis pretended to be Cadance, or when Tirek came back and absorbed all the magic, or the other time Chrysalis tried to take over, or Cozy Glow and the school! [inhales] Am I missing anything?
    Rarity: Pony of Shadows.
    Spike: Starlight when she was evil.
    Fluttershy: Discord when he was evil.
    Applejack: Do Flim and Flam count?
Even funnier is that Twilight would know that Flim and Flam absolutely count.
  • Chrysalis has gone even further insane during her isolation, now carving corrupted Changeling faces into logs to have conversations with, and pausing to make weird faces while chuckling.
  • Cozy Glow made a "best friend rock sculpture" of her and Tirek while in Tartarus. Tirek is just annoyed by her efforts, especially how he tells her to call him "Lord Tirek". When the two meet Chrysalis and she addresses Tirek as "Lord Tirek", he quickly says to Cozy "See, she gets it."
  • When Chrysalis, Tirek, Cozy, and Sombra are all introduced to Grogar, most of them are in awe at meeting such a legend, except for Cozy Glow, who is too young to know who he is.
    Chrysalis: The Grogar?!
    Tirek: I thought you were a legend!
    Sombra: I've heard of you!
    Cozy: Who?
  • Cozy Glow, being just a pegasus filly among legendary creatures is often intimidated by the other villains during their meeting and resorts to hiding behind Tirek for safety. At one point even hiding behind his beard!
  • Grogar asks the other villains if they know why they failed to beat Twilight and her friends time and time again.
    Chrysalis: Because they cheat!
    Tirek: Because they are annoyingly lucky.
    Cozy: I'm just a kid. So...
  • Sombra is much more arrogant than he was when he first appeared and continually boasts about how he can conquer Equestria without help from any of the other villains. When he rejects Grogar's offer to join his Legion of Doom he begins ranting of how he will be triumphant, only for Grogar to quickly get annoyed and teleport him away mid-sentence.
  • Flurry Heart fires a beam in the crystal prison that King Sombra has trapped her and her parents in, only for it to be blocked by some kind of force field from Sombra. He says "It's cute that you think that will do anything." Once they break out with Twilight and Spike's help, Cadance grabs the Crystal Heart to put it back. Sombra tries to regain control of it, but is caught off-guard when Flurry's magic nearly hits him. Shining hits Sombra with the same line as Flurry holds the hypnotized guards off.
  • After Sombra's first defeat and everything is restored, Cadance flies back into the throne room, still scowling and ready to fight.
  • Amidst the disturbing scene of the Mane Six seeing everyone in Ponyville under Sombra's mind control, Pinkie Pie is distraught to find that Sombra made the Cakes bake an evil-looking black licorice fruitcake to celebrate his victory.
    Pinkie Pie: It's the ugliest cake I've ever seen!
  • Doubles as awesome but it's also kind of funny to see Discord turning Sombra's attacks into things like balloons, butterflies, and confetti.
  • At the end of Part 2, Cozy is seen trying to get Tirek and Chrysalis to work together as friends, so she can manipulate them for her own ends. The two of them are just clearly annoyed by Cozy and are barely tolerating her.
    Cozy: Now I'll say something nice about centaurs, Tirek, you say something nice about changelings, and Chrysalis, you say something nice about ponies!
    Chrysalis: Never!
  • After Celestia and Luna decide to postpone Twilight's ascension, Discord is beyond miffed that he pretended to be hurt by King Sombra's blast for nothing.
    Discord: How can she not be ready?! What a waste of a perfectly wonderful speech! Ugh! [opens a stained glass window like it's a normal window and climbs out of it] Honestly, I don't know why I even bother.
    Rarity: Ugh! So he could have ended the whole Sombra thing whenever he wanted?
    Fluttershy: But he didn't, because he cares.
    Rainbow Dash: That's Discord for ya.
    Applejack: He sure has a weird way of bein' supportive.
    Pinkie Pie: Super odd dude.
    Discord: [appears on the window in stained glass form] I heard that!
  • As Grogar closes the episode with an Evil Laugh, Tirek, Chrysalis, and Cozy awkwardly join in with their own Mirthless Laughter, intimidated by him and his threats to keep working for him. It is a bit amusing seeing such dangerous villains nervous and scared out of their minds by someone they know is more dangerous than them.
  • Probably unintentional, but Sombra's breakdown, sounds less like a stereotypic villain screaming This Cannot Be! and more like a bratty child accusing his opponent of cheating in a game after being beaten.

  • The beginning of the episode shows the Student Six all having a collective dream/nightmare. Silverstream has to open for the Wonderbolts without a uniform, Ocellus has finals for a class she never attended, Yona falls from the sky, Smolder is having a tea party in her dress, Gallus is about to be trapped in a closed room, Sandbar has too many delicious cupcakes to choose from.
  • After Twilighting hard about needing to rule Equestria and defeating Sombra, Twilight's next freak out is the fact that there are only 20 highlighters left, and they're all orange.
    Twilight: How will everycreature color-code their notes!?
  • When Thorax arrives, Ocellus panics and tries to hide by turning herself into a rock.
  • Thorax comes in and tries to bring Ocellus back home before they can figure out how to give the Tree of Harmony a proper memorial. The others try to stop him.
    Smolder: Wait! She can't leave! We have a... Dragon Quest!
    Thorax: But she's not a dragon...
    [Thorax turns around to see Ocellus transformed into a dragon]
    Thorax: You know what I mean.
  • Twilight will allow the Student Six to work on the tree memorial, as long as they get permission from their kingdoms.
    Gallus: You want that permission slip in triplicate, or is one enough?
    Gallus: What? I like to be prepared.
  • The montage of getting their permission slips signed. Smolder wins an arm-wrestling competition, Yona does chores for her family, Gallus knocks on Grandpa Gruff's house, and before he can say a word, Grandpa Gruff grabs it, and slams the signed permission slip on his beak. Ocellus gets her entire family to sign hers, even the babies. Silverstream went through the trouble of making a presentation.
  • As the other creatures get their permission slips signed, Sandbar reveals that he moved what was left of the tree to make room for the sapling. Near the end of the episode, Yona brings in the remains from a cart.
    Sandbar: I didn't move it too far. ...It was kinda heavy...
  • Sandbar tends to the sapling he planted, going so far as to give it its own headphones to drown out Gallus's museum pitch.
  • While Gallus is hamming up his introduction of his Tree of Harmony Museum, he gives a bunch of Blatant Lies about the tree, like how it was grown from the tears of a basilisk and tended day and night by pony magicians. Then once he finishes, Yona points out that none of that is true. Gallus just says he is giving the tree an interesting story, but when Sandbar points out it already has one, Gallus just says his version makes more sense.
  • A few points during the song:
    • Gallus somehow manages to tie himself to two of the pieces they're putting together.
    • Silverstream accidentally paints Yona's tail yellow, leading to the following line:
      Yona: Hey Silverstream, I think that's wrong.

    Sparkle's Seven 
  • Twilight's face upon realizing that the winner will hold the title of Sibling Supreme forever is very reminiscent of her "Pudding Face"
  • After Twilight concocts a plan to steal the crown from the throne room, Shining Armor sends a message via Spike detailing every part of her plan exactly.
  • Rarity is clearly much too excited to mastermind the plan. The expressions on the others' faces at this makes it twice as funny.
  • Applejack suggests she go as her alter ego, Country Superstar Apple Chord, then goes into her backstory. Rainbow Dash questions if any of the story is true, Applejack hesitating and then not answering when Rarity says it doesn't matter. The best part is Applejack's hesitation is done with her looking all over the place, just like when she's lying or thinking of it.
  • Rarity's initial plan is to go to the local Canterlot Juice Bar and interrogate the patrons there for the location of the underground tunnels, only to find that it's closed. A friendly passerby points out the entrance is right next door.
  • The guard in charge is none other than Zephyr Breeze, Rarity thinks of the obvious distraction.
    Rarity: Oh darling, this couldn't be more perfect!
    Rainbow Dash: How is this perfect? He's the most annoying pony in Equestria, and he's totally obsessed with me, and we have to come up with a way to distract—
    [Rarity raises her eyebrows at Dash]
    Rainbow Dash: Ohhh no. Oh no no nooo way! Uh-uh!
    [And whadayaknow, in the irrepressible tradition of Gilligan's Island, transition to Rainbow Dash in makeup and a dress]
    • The fact that the main reason this episode element exists in the first place is because Rainbow's voice actress wanted to force Dash to interact with Zephyr more!
  • The Reveal that Luna and Spike worked behind the scenes so that Spike could steal the crown, complete with Luna petting one of the geese with ominous lighting and a scare chord.
  • Celestia, clearly not wanting a repeat of the cutie mark-switching incident, makes a very grudging apology for not listening to Luna. For that matter, the very forced smiles both of them put on during that conversation.

    The Point of No Return 
  • Celestia sends Twilight a large box in the mail, then sends a letter via Spike explaining the box's contents. Spike just wonders why Celestia didn't just put the letter in the box.
  • Twilight explaining to Spike that even though she already owns copies of most of the books in Canterlot Library, it's still important to her to have access to the library because they have their own special library smell.
    Spike: You smell books?
    Twilight: You don't?
  • Just the fact that Twilight's personal library is now apparently comparable in size/scope to Canterlot's is awesomely funny.
  • When Twilight says she's not there to check out any books, all the other ponies in the library gasp in shock. Happens again when Twilight vows to never check out another book again if it will make Dusty Pages happy.
  • The process of Twilight and Spike trying to return her overdue book.
    Librarian: You need to go and see First Folio in the Grossly Overdue Book Return Office for Ponies Who Should Know Better.
    Twilight: Don't pull any punches with those names, do you?
    Spike: And that office would be...?
    Librarian: In the basement. [whispering] Because of the shame.
  • Twilight and Spike find Dusty's home, only to find out she's moved away years ago, and the meathead pony currently living there is sick of getting her mail. He gives them a bag full of letters for her, then proceeds to dump the bag on Spike, leaving the empty bag on top of the pile.
  • Twilight tries to find Dusty Pages, but all she knows is she moved to a place called Silver. Cue search montage that involves a silver mine and ends with showing the picture to Silverstream.
  • Twilight spends the entire episode freaking out about how big her late fee is going to be. When she finally returns the overdue book her fee is... 28 bits. Because the library caps its fees at one month.
  • After Dusty states the moral (that one shouldn't worry about perfection) she asks if Twilight even read the book she's trying to return. Twilight admits she hasn't and sees the title is "Perfection: The Impossible Pursuit".

    Common Ground 
  • Quibble's lack of sports knowledge is so bad he doesn't know what a ball or basket is.
  • Rainbow Dash's plan is to make Quibble Pants sporty in order to bond with Wind Sprint. What really pushes her over is Quibble telling her that Wind Sprint doesn't like Daring Do because she's not athletic enough.
  • Both of Dash's motivational speeches.
    Rainbow: Maybe you're not the best athlete in Equestria. Or the most coordinated. Or the fastest. Or even a little bit strong...
    Quibble: I'm sorry, wait, is this supposed be making me feel better? Because it's not.

    Rainbow: Look, you are terrible at sports! You're uncoordinated, slow, weak...
    Quibble: Ok, again, not really making me feel better.
  • The Buckball game Rainbow arranged for Quibble and Wind to play against Team Ponyville goes horribly wrong, as even with Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie helping throw the game to make Quibble look good, they accidentally score anyway. Quibble finally manages to score... for the other team. To try and keep playing, Quibble breaks out the rule book and states that a point is only scored when an earth pony puts the ball in a basket, it doesn't explicitly say which basket.
  • Quibble Pants is so inept at sports that he doesn't even get phrases right.
    Quibble: Not even my presents are in the ballcourt...
    Rainbow: Uh, do you mean ballpark?
    Quibble: Do I? I don't know!

    Quibble: Wind's already made up her mind, and so have I. Time to throw up the towel.
    Rainbow: It's throw in the towel. And that's ridiculous! You can't just give up!
    Quibble: Wind and Sky deserve a pony they both like in their lives. Besides, Sky wants to rethink things, so I'm just beating her to the lunch.
    Rainbow: It's beating her to the punch, and it's barely a sports reference. How do you not know that?
  • Quibble's attempts at training for Buckball really shows just how bad he is — from missing a ball that was rolling towards him very slowly, to Snips beating him in a race by a large margin due to Quibble somehow not even moving despite trying to run the fastest he could. Doubly funny when you remember he was able to keep pace with Rainbow Dash as they were fleeing from a monster in "Stranger Than Fan Fiction". Either that was one heck of an adrenaline rush, or he really fell out of shape in between episodes.
  • When told Quibble has another surprise for her, Wind Sprint dryly replies "Is it another book?". Rainbow then feels the need to preface the actual surprise with "A: Books are awesome."

    She's All Yak 
  • Yona enters Rarity's room by opening the bottom door meant for Opal.
    Yona: Yona interrupting?
    Rarity: Oh, well, not interrupting exactly. More like blocking the flow — uh, stopping me from what I'm doing — so, yes, interrupting!
  • Two of the hairstyles that Rarity rejects for Yona are deemed "Too Twilight" and "Too Furry" (just Opal on her head).
  • How Yona's Lucky Pot dinner is decided.
    Applejack: [puts an apple on the table] I'm sure we can do something with these.
    [Yona predictably smashes it]
    Applejack: OK! Applesauce it is.
  • Notice when Yona first comes with her outfit and look at everyone else's expressions. Smolder's yelling about why she's talking so funny, Gallus has a rather smug grin on his face. Then there's Ocellus, who looks like she's trying so hard not to burst out in a fit of laughter.
  • Yona's solution to avoid ruining everything is to somehow tie herself to the new treehouse of harmony.
    Yona: Will Sandbar bring Yona food and water?
    Sandbar: Y'know, it really wasn't that bad. I don't think anycreature hardly even noticed!
    [Fascinating Eyebrow from Yona]
    Sandbar: OK, maybe one or two did... if they happen to be in Canterlot for the day...
  • Sandbar insists that Yona isn't the worst pony friend.
    Yona: Really? Sandbar, name two ponies worse than Yona.
    Sandbar: [not missing a beat] Cozy Glow and Sombra.
    Yona: [chuckles] Ok, Sandbar right. They worse.
  • Blink and you miss it, but when Rainbow Dash gives Yona and Sandbar the trophy, she initially hangs it on Yona's horn.
  • According to Jim Miller, the placeholder music they had for the very last scene where every creature is dancing like Yona was "Bodies" by Drowning Pool. And when you put the music back in...

  • Tirek advices Grogar not to trust anything Cozy says. Grogar retorts that he does not trust anything anyone of them says.
  • Cozy's insistence that Grogar left her in charge, and Tirek and Chrysalis denying it every time. In fact, the fact that Cozy Glow, who is an actual child, shows more maturity than the several-centuries-old Tirek and Chrysalis makes their bickering all the more hilarious.
    Cozy: This is why Grogar left me in charge!
    Chrysalis & Tirek: [together] NO. HE. DIDN'T!
  • Chrysalis still talks to a log (and not just any log now but apparently the same one Mean Twilight reverted to), and it's grown to the point it's her Companion Cube. She brings it to the team meeting Cozy Glow set up, and when Tirek points at it, she hugs the log to her and glares at him.
    Chrysalis: Do you know to whom you are speaking?
    Tirek: How could I not? You tell your log every five minutes.
  • Chrysalis at first doesn't want to join the meeting that Cozy Glow had set up, but decides to go along to said meeting in the end. How might you ask? Cozy tells her that there'll be cupcakes at the meeting. The face that Chrysalis even gives off really sells it.
  • At said meeting, Chrysalis is calmly eating a cupcake while Tirek, off-screen, is trying to drain her magic and she is nonchalantly blocking him. When she snaps at him to knock it off, he stops, denies he was doing it, and spits out the magic he had been using to try to drain her onto a cupcake. Which Chrysalis eats.
    Chrysalis: If we are to trust one another, perhaps inform Lord Tirek TO STOP TRYING TO ABSORB MY ESSENCE!
    Tirek: I wasn't doing anything of the sort! How dare you?
  • During the Villain Song, the trio try trust falls with Tirek catching Chrysalis as Cozy pushes her off a ledge — Tirek smirks and purposefully steps out of the way, and Chrysalis smacks into the ground while he feigns innocence. She gets him back when it's his turn to be guided blindfolded down a flight of stairs, and she just pushes him down.
  • After Tirek is shoved down the stairs by Chrysalis, he angrily grabs Cozy Glow and proceeds to shake her so hard her tongue sticks out while singing "For all this pain and torture I swear you'll pay!"
  • When Chrysalis is forced to land down into the snowy forest due to increasingly strong winds, a big... blob of darkness with eyes creeps up behind her like a predator. How does Chrysalis react when she notices? She angrily snarls at it without a second thought, and the thing immediately and quickly backs off while whining like a dog.
    Chrysalis: As if there was anything scarier than me in this forest!
  • During the campfire scene, Chrysalis explains to Cozy Glow about cocooning her victims and confirms she did the same to Twilight and her friends when she had captured them... then she proceeds to rant about how Starlight ruined it all, even straight up calling her a sow.
  • Chrysalis imitating Twilight Sparkle.
    Chrysalis: [as Twilight] I am a pathetic pony princess. I've made a detailed list of all the ways I'm a failure!
  • Cozy Glow tries her old act on Rusty Bucket, only to instantly lose it whenever things don't go completely her way.
    Rusty Bucket: A real friend wouldn't ask me to do something I'm not supposed to do. It says right here in Princess Twilight's friendship journal.
    Cozy Glow: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!
  • Tirek's plan on scaling the mountain is to just... do nothing. He sets up a campfire and chair and waits for Cozy Glow and Chrysalis to return and learn from their mistakes.
  • It turns out that Tirek is a bit of a Momma's Boy. When Cozy Glow mentions that he talks to his Gram-Gram in his sleep, Tirek immediately shouts not to bring Gram-Gram into their argument.
  • When Tirek and Cozy's argument attracts an ophiotaurus to their campsite, the first thing they say after overcoming their shock is to scream "This is your fault!" to each other.
  • Cozy's plan to get the bell involves Tirek taking Chrysalis's magic to power himself up enough to break through the barrier.
    Queen Chrysalis: How do I know you won't take my magic and leave me?
    Cozy Glow: Would we do that to you? [Beat] Okay, normally, yes, we would.
  • When the villains all agree that they will eventually deal with Grogar, Tirek almost enthusiastically declares that afterwards they can all go back to trying to destroy each other. The way he says it makes it sound like he is really looking forward to it.

    Sweet and Smoky 
  • Ember has a pretty funny response to seeing Fluttershy talking to one of the eggs.
  • Ember still has trouble telling ponies apart, as she guesses that Fluttershy is either "the party one" or "AppleDash", before reconsidering that AppleDash might be the country one.
  • Fluttershy asks if all the eggs are Ember's, which immediately flusters her. The fact that Fluttershy assumed that Ember did enough mating to lay all the eggs she's seeing is worth a laugh.
  • When the big penny drops at last:
    Spike: We'd better get out of here before your brother shows up. Garble isn't very nice to sensitive dragons.
    Smolder: [confused] But Garble is my brother.
    Spike: [alarmed] YOUR BROTHER?!
    Garble: [smirks deviously] You got a problem with that, pony boy?
    Spike: [gulps] Oh brother.
  • When the subject of nicknames comes up between the dragons:
    Smolder: Eh, just ignore them, Gar-Gar.
    Garble: Smolder, not in public!
    Spike: [beaming eagerly] Oh, it's okay to have a nickname. Sometimes I'm called "Spikey-Wikey"!
    Garble: [deadpan] Seriously, you're admitting it?
  • The dragons decide to hang out together in a failed attempt at bonding, and Garble quickly gets passive-aggressive:
    Smolder: Okay, lava-jumping! Just like old times, right Gar-Gar?!
    Garble: Yeah, just like old times. [he purposely glares at Spike] Except for one little, annoying thing.
  • Despite being warned not to, Garble can't resist picking on Spike some more and cannonballs into the lava pool, splashing Spike with lava. When Smolder and Spike glare at him, the only thing Garble offers up is an insincere "My bad."
  • Ember tries to imitate Fluttershy's baby talk to the eggs, which consists of her going between awkward and aggressive delivery of "Coochie coochie coo"
    Ember: ...I said COOCHIE-
    Spike: Uh... what are you doing?
  • When Ember discovers Garble's gang has unknowingly endangered a whole new generation of unhatched baby dragons with their carelessness, the teenage dragons finally get their comeuppance when she rages at them repeatedly and makes them squirm for the rest of the episode. It is both hilarious and incredibly satisfying.
  • When Fluttershy tries encouraging Garble to share his poetry with the others instead of just Smolder.
    Garble: But if the other dragons ever found out I like this junk, they'd make fun of me forever.
    Fluttershy: Is that why you pick on Spike? To make your friends think you're tough?
    Smolder: Wait. You've been picking on Spike?!
    Garble: [nervously] Uhh... only when you're not looking.
  • There's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment where Spike is completely shocked and confused by Garble deciding to save the day with beatnik poetry, complete with a costume change, since he wasn't present for Fluttershy's third arc reveal. Since Garble's plan actually starts to work though, Spike quickly rolls with it.
  • Fluttershy spends all episode gushing over being able to see baby dragons hatch. Once they finally hatch at the end she smothers them with love, holding three of them in a hug.
    Fluttershy: I'll take them all!
  • When Spike offers a cupcake to Garble, who promptly refuses it, behind him, Smolder is seen licking one of the plates clean.

    Going to Seed 
  • Big Mac gets captured by Apple Bloom's traps repeatedly.
  • Applejack's face when she believes the Great Seedling might be real after all.

    Student Counsel 
  • Just the fact that Starlight basically created a magical pager, a bracelet that glows and vibrates when somepony knocks on the door of her office.
  • Trixie getting more and more angry with ponies interfering with her plans with Starlight.
    • After the same pony she cut in front of to talk to Starlight first keeps knocking on the door, Trixie just has to look at him and he slowly backs out of the door and pulls it closed behind him.
    • Starlight's bracelet rings her and she teleports into her office, only to find the lights off and Trixie glaring at her from the couch.
      Starlight: Trixie? What are you doing here?
      Trixie: It's the one place I knew I could find you!
  • Silverstream is stressing over the idea of explaining the concept of a shower to her relatives who live permanently as seaponies. "How would you describe a shower to creatures who live in water?"
    • Later she asks for help finding words to describe a towel.
    • Later still she pops in to ask for help again. "I need some synonyms for the word 'dry'. Or, really, just help explaining the concept."
  • One of the disputes Starlight tries to settle is between Smolder and Gallus, where she tells Smolder she can't just breathe fire anywhere she pleases. A furious Gallus holds a book out to Smolder and opens it to reveal the pages are all turned to ash; Smolder just gives a small smirk.
  • In a Call-Back to "To Change a Changeling", Starlight tells Ocellus that it's perfectly normal for changelings to have an identity crisis now and then.
  • The Running Gag of Mudbriar wanting "flowering sticks" for the party, but nopony knows what that means, so Roseluck just glues some flower blossoms to a stick. This becomes a Brick Joke later when Mudbriar notices this and is displeased they aren't authentic. Even Maud gives Mudbriar a Fascinating Eyebrow at his criticism.
  • When Sunburst questions if Trixie's cake is supposed to be hard to the touch, she growls at him like a dog and he clams up.
  • When Terramar comes to tell the group that Silverstream has gone missing, Starlight is horrified, while Trixie continues to calmly eat cake without any reaction at all.
  • The group has trouble finding Silverstream.
    • When Starlight and Terramar figure out that Silverstream is likely in the Everfree Forest, Starlight quickly teleports out, only to come back because she left Terramar in the room.
    • Trixie claims she knows just how to find a cockatrice.
      Trixie: I have a lot of experience telling ponies that I have experience with the dangerous creatures of Everfree Forest! Follow me!
    • Once they realize they're just going in circles in the forest...
      Starlight: Trixie, do you have any idea how to find a cockatrice?
      Trixie: No. But usually, when there's a dangerous creature in the forest I don't want to meet, this is how I meet them.
      Sunburst: We might need a more concrete plan.
      Trixie: Hmmph. Suit yourself.
      Terramar: Um, according to Silverstream's research, the cockatrice prefers rocky terrain and ample shade.
      Trixie: Rocks and shade. Hmmm. I can't imagine where we'll find that in a forest.
  • They find an entire group of cockatrices below a cliff. Trixie is relieved that at least all the cockatrices are down there... until one of them shows up behind them.
    Mudbriar: Technically—
    Trixie: Don't even say it!
  • Mudbriar is petrified by a cockatrice. Maud is pleased by this.
    Sunburst: Mudbriar's been turned to stone?!
    Maud: I didn't think I could love him any more.

    Maud: As handsome as Mudbriar is now, we should probably catch one of them to turn him back to normal.
    • Starlight is ranting about all the things that have gone wrong.
      Starlight: ...and Maud's boyfriend was turned into a hunk of rock!
      Maud: [smiles and caresses Mudbriar's cheek] You got the "hunk" part right.
    • And then they turn him back (Sunburst jokingly asking Trixie how one can even tell the difference).
      Mudbriar: Technically, I will always be a stick pony. But the experience has given me an even deeper appreciation for the density and permanence of rock.
      Maud: Swoon.
  • Starlight lampshading that the Treehouse of Harmony was the first place they should have looked for Silverstream.
  • Trixie's delayed reaction to seeing said treehouse for the first time.
    Trixie: Has that always been there?
  • Starlight's reaction to being told her advice on mundane matters tended to not be very helpful.
    Starlight: Yeah I— wait, what?!

    The Last Crusade 
  • While the CMC are sobbing their eyes out about the end of their group, Rainbow Dash suddenly bursts in with front-row seat tickets to the next Wonderbolts show. The CMC pause, and then start crying again.
    Rainbow Dash: Uh, that is not the reaction I was expecting.
  • After the CMC run off to try and convince Scootaloo's parents to let her stay in Ponyville, Rainbow Dash still asks them if they want the tickets.
  • Apple Bloom tries using a potion to keep them together. The description of it reads "On this potion, please depend. Any separation, mend. Friends together 'til the end." It ends up tying their hooves to each other like they're in a 10-legged race.

    Between Dark and Dawn 
  • The over-the-top ways Celestia and Luna decide to help the citizens of Equestria. First, they rip out and replace an entire bridge instead of just fixing the broken section. Next, they help Rainbow Dash and the CMC find their campsite by destroying part of the forest. Finally, when Mrs. Cake realizes she forgot to make some cupcakes for the schoolponies, Pinkie is about to suggest a solution when the princesses smash their way through the door.
    Princess Celestia: Students going hungry? Not on our watch!
    Princess Luna: Let us bake, sister!
  • Spike suggests that perhaps Celestia and Luna helping too much will be just for this week and never happen again, lampshading the weekly episodic nature of the series.
  • The sheer fact that Canterlot holds a parade and a big party for the local swan population.
    Rainbow Dash: One question. Why?!
  • Despite Celestia and Luna wearing casual tourism clothes, all the other ponies around them still treat them like celebrities, swooning at their presence and taking pictures. When Celestia falls asleep on one pony at the museum, she snaps a selfie of the moment.
  • While watching the pony version of Wicked, a tearful Luna uses the bored Celestia's mane to dry her eyes. There is just something hilarious about that magically flowing mane being used for something so mundane.
  • One of Luna's highlights of her and Celestia's vacation? Visiting the post office. Said visit includes mailing a postcard... to Celestia, who is right next to Luna.
    Princess Luna: It's the post office! [prances in excitement]
    Princess Celestia: It is indeed...
  • Celestia being the daredevil while Luna is interested in slow-paced activities.
  • Luna doesn't know what sunscreen is and ends up so sunburned that she has to go to the hospital. Because, well... why would a nocturnal pony know about sunscreen.
  • Celestia is terrified of chickens. We find this out when she gets lost in the woods and hears a rustling in the bushes indicating a wild animal of sorts... which turns out to be said chicken... which Celestia STILL cowers from. In the same scene we learn Luna normally chases chickens away for Celestia.
  • The crazed expression Twilight makes when Spike says he and Sunburst found a way to fix the amulet the sisters gave her.

    The Last Laugh 
  • The girls are skeptical when they learn that Cheese Sandwich is making an amusement factory.
    Applejack: What do they make there, rubber chickens?
    Pinkie Pie: That's ridiculous! They make way more there than just rubber chickens!
  • Spike asks if Pinkie is sure the paper muffin she's taking bites out of is edible.
    Pinkie: I am not!
  • Pinkie Pie talks about how everyone else in the Mane 6 has found their purpose except for her.
    Pinkie Pie: You're [Twilight] gonna rule all of Equestria, Rainbow Dash is a Wonderbolt, Fluttershy has her animal sanctuary, Rarity has her boutiques, Applejack has that hat...
    [Applejack glares at her]
    Pinkie Pie: ...And the farm. That's like, two things!
    [Applejack looks smug]
  • Any time Sans Smirk refers to Cheese as "Mr. Sandwich".
  • In the end, after Pinkie retold the story to the others (probably using as many details as possible), she starts telling how she had just retold the story before Twilight quickly interrupts.
  • Just the fact that all it took for Sans Smirk to laugh is an admittedly weak pun.

    2, 4, 6, Greaat 
  • In order to help Ocellus with her rhyming, so Dash goes to Zecora for help. What she brings back is a rhyming dictionary.
    Rainbow Dash: Yeah. Zecora's a lot less helpful than you'd think. That's from the library so you can come up with cheers.
  • Celestia in the audience turns into a soccer mom, cheering for her school's team in the Royal Canterlot Voice.

    A Trivial Pursuit 
  • In a meta sense, Pinkie rattles off all the Portmanteau Couple Name for their team, including Twinkie, PinkLight, SparklePie, and finally, TwiPie.
  • When the next category is "Apples", Rainbow Dash calls the game rigged. Applejack points out that Rainbow Dash didn't complain when one of the previous categories was "Wonderbolt History".
    • The question itself is something Fluttershy happens to guess right, because Rainbow Dash distracted Applejack enough to make her forget the question.
    • And afterward, Granny Smith, the host, takes a moment to reprimand Applejack for not answering an apple question correctly.
  • Any moments with Sunburst acting like a Smug Snake. Seeing the usually Adorkable pony act like he's one step ahead of everypony is just amusing, especially during his partnering with Twilight, he's sitting with his hooves together like something out of an anime.
  • Derpy somehow got locked out of the building, as seen in the final shot.
  • Maud and Mudbriar somehow getting paired together, at least three times in a row. Twilight is aghast at such a statistical improbability.
  • Twilight when she becomes a Rules Lawyer. She gets Cranky and Sunburst disqualified because the former was asleep, penalizes Applejack and Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Bulk Biceps, and attempts to penalize Maud and Mudbriar.
  • Bulk Biceps high-fives Fluttershy so hard that he accidentally knocks her out of her chair.
  • When Twilight starts answering all the questions for her and Pinkie, one of them sounds more like random gibberish than actual words.
  • According to Sunburst when he warns Spike that Trivia Trot is Serious Business, Starlight used to be the scorekeeper, but now he can’t even say the word "trivia" around her.
  • In a Blink-and-You-Miss-It moment, Pinkie can be seen giving Twilight an irritated look when she attempts to penalize Maud and Mudbriar for being "emotionless". Even she's had enough of Twilight at this point.
  • Twilight's facial expressions as she undergoes Sanity Slippage are utterly hilarious.

    The Summer Sun Setback 
  • Chrysalis sarcastically asking just how many holidays ponies have.
  • After making the ponies think some disease is sweeping through the area, Tirek takes a moment to steal some pies.
  • When the Mane Five, Spike, and Discord look out the castle window and see everything going wrong, they note how chaotic everything is. Everyone glances at Discord, but he just gives a defensive "Don't look at me!" to them.
  • Applejack Suddenly Shouting and throwing her hat on the ground as she points out nopony ever listens to her regarding telling the truth.
  • With things spiraling out of control, Twilight brings her friends together for a private chat, by grabbing them all with her telekenesis and putting them in a row in front of her.
  • After Twilight is told everything that is wrong, Discord watches on with a pair of binoculars and excitedly says "here it comes!", only to roll his eyes in disappointment when Twilight doesn't Freak Out.
  • Cozy Glow trying to take a book in Canterlot's restricted section, but failing since it is chained up. Then she grabs a book with a key on it, and proceeds to smash the chains, which immediately break.
  • Rarity's bout of Comically Missing the Point
    Unicorn: You could do more with your magic than make frilly dresses!
    Rarity: (scoffs) Nopony makes frills anymore. This season's actually all about simplicity—
    Spike: Not the point, Rarity!

    She Talks to Angel 
  • In general, once he has Fluttershy's voice and body, Angel spends the episode acting like a spoiled, rebellious teenager whose parent is forcing them to do their chores.
  • Angel's first thing he does while in Fluttershy's body is to talk and annoy everyone.
    Angel!Fluttershy: Roses are red, violets are blue. You sell flowers, and so do you! Rubber baby buggy bumpers, Rubber baby buggy bumpers... Toy boat toy boat toy boat...
    • If you listen closely, you can tell that Andrea seems to be slipping up before Fluttershy-as-Angel stops Angel-as-Fluttershy.
  • Even while in Angel's body, Fluttershy can still do The Stare to make Angel do her chores.
  • One of the ways Angel tries to pass off that he's Fluttershy is saying that she wants to marry Discord.
  • Dr. Fauna confronts Angel-Fluttershy on why the sanctuary is now a disaster.
    Dr. Fauna: What is going on? You did all the chores on your list, huh? Didn't you?
    Angel!Fluttershy: Well, technically I did 'em, kind of... But more technically, it's not my list.
    Dr. Fauna: You wrote it!
    Angel!Fluttershy: Did I, though?
  • The Black Comedy of Angel asking Antoine the snake if he can find something else to eat if Angel takes his treats; Antoine glances at Muriel, then turns back to Angel and nods.
  • "Any ideas how to get the keys out of the elephant that's inside the snake?"
  • As Angel-as-Fluttershy and Fluttershy-as-Angel apologize to each other, Dr. Fauna gives them some odd looks before backing away stage right.

    Dragon Dropped 
  • Rarity enlists the rest of the Mane 6 to replace Spike.
  • When Rarity vents her problems to Twilight, she brings in a fainting couch, and then leaves it there with her. When Twilight takes it out with the rest of the trash, Rarity brings in another.
    • When Twilight realizes she now has two couches, she rolls her eyes and leans on one couch in a mock fainting position.
  • When Derpy sees Rarity push in a giant crate full of stuff Spike will like, she quickly closes up shop.
  • There's this gem of a line when Rarity has Applejack replace Spike and she's wondering aloud why he would need to go to the post office.
    Rarity: He sends mail by breathing. Breathing, darling! Burp mail!
  • Rarity's Large Ham and Drama Queen tendencies throughout the episode, such as holding a record player over her head and apologizing profusely because she thinks Spike is mad at her.
    • Apparently either the Ponyville post office has a built-in dramatic spotlight for some weird reason or Rarity has some Pinkie-esque reality-warping magic.
  • When Spike and Rarity return from the Power Ponies convention they are decked out in merch and cosplay. Notably though, instead of Rarity dressed as Radiance, the Power Pony she was in the comic world, she is dressed as The Mane-iac! What adds to this is remembering how way back in Season 1 she was horrified at having green hair. Either she has changed her opinion since then, or was willing to put up with it for Spike.

    A Horse Shoe-In 
  • While caring her new philodendron, Phyllis, Starlight talks to it with Baby Talk. Then Twilight knocks and Starlight says "Come in!"...while still using her Baby Talk voice.
  • Trixie audibly saying "wink" when she's winking at Starlight.
    Starlight: Why do you keep saying "wink"?
    Trixie: I'm not saying "wink". Wink.
  • The first part of the vice-headmare involves being substitute teachers. Trixie manages to make the entire class fall asleep, and passes it off as naptime.
  • The second part is a parent-teacher conference. Big Mac's limited vocabulary means he won't be moving on.
    Sky Beak: I'm so confused. You're saying Silverstream is exuberant?
    Big Mac: Eeyup.
    Sky Beak: And enthusiastic?
    Big Mac: Uh, eeyup.
    Sky Beak: But aren't those the same? And are they good? I mean, you could be trying to tell me she's unfocused, but then you might just be explaining that you appreciate her high energy.
    Big Mac: Nope. Uh, eeyup. Uh... mmmaybe?
  • The final part is field trips. Octavia takes the students to a concert starring her and Vinyl Scratch, and Doctor Hooves suggests time travel. He makes Smolder sit in a chair, wait five seconds, and declares that they have traveled five seconds into the future.
    Smolder: Uh, now what?
    Doctor Hooves: Oh. I actually hadn't thought that much beyond this.
  • When Starlight finally loses her patience with Trixie it's a sight to behold. While it does turn into a bit of a tearjerker, her reaction is also rather funny at points due to how over the top she goes and how long it takes for Trixie to get it.
    Trixie: I'm confused. What are you saying?
    Starlight: I'm saying: you'll never be vice-headmare!
    Trixie: But-But I thought you created the position for me!
    Starlight: Why would you think that?! I created the position because I need help!
  • When Sunburst is seen in Starlight's office speaking about how he got Trixie's letter about the position, Starlight is seen with a huge grin on her face and Trixie has a satisfied smile. It almost looks like Trixie set her best friend up on a date instead of getting her someone to help with her job.
  • Starlight spends a good part of the episode talking to her plant, Phyllis. Once Trixie is hired as the new student counselor, she starts by redecorating the office and tossing Phyllis in the garbage, much to Starlight's dismay.
    • Just the fact that she screams in shock and horror over a plant of all things is in itself funny, like she cared more about that than Trixie. And then the episode IMMEDIATELY cuts to the credits.

    Daring Doubt 
  • Dr. Caballeron claims that not everything A.K. Yearling writes in her own books are true to Rainbow and Fluttershy, citing that one book calls a rare flower red when it is in fact blue. Rainbow points out that is most likely just an editor's mistake rather than a lie.
  • One of the angered fans asks if Daring Do really kicks puppies. A.K. insists that it was only once. By accident.
    • The filly that asks this is present when Rainbow arrives and explains the situation to A.K. and sees her quickly change into her Daring Do outfit. She looks like she has just witnessed the most amazing thing in her life.
  • The lines the characters say when they're holding the Truth Talisman.
    Daring Do: Caballeron! Do you still have the Diamond of Lapis Lux?
    Dr. Caballeron: Yes! I-I mean...Yes! I-I mean—! How did you know I stole it?!

    Rainbow Dash: I'm gonna need the deluxe spa package after this adventure. That doesn't leave this temple!

    Rainbow Dash: Do I need to remind you he's tried to squash Daring Do like a hundred times?
    Dr. Caballeron: And me as well. I was so scared, I had to change my ascot. Aagh! Curse this truth teller!

    Daring Do: The only reason I've been taking the artifacts is because I thought I was protecting them.
    Dr. Caballeron: I was stealing them to get rich.

    Henchpony: That's it! I'm quitting the henchpony business to finaly follow my dreams of becoming an opera star.

    Growing Up is Hard to Do 
  • When the Crusaders try to hoof-bump after being aged up, they initially miss each other because they're used to short limbs.
  • The now grown-up Crusaders end up at the wrong train stop, only because they thought that trains "just took you where you wanted to go."
  • At the fair, Troubleshoes is set up at a dunk tank. The foal throwing the ball only hits the tank, but Troubleshoes falls in anyway because his seat breaks.
  • Twilight and Fluttershy arriving in Appleoosa because they suspect that the Crusaders are there.
    Fluttershy: I hope you're right about the girls coming here.
    Twilight Sparkle: Well, once we read Shadetail Evergreen's warning that the flower grants wishes, it wasn't a stretch to think they wished themselves to the fair. It's all they were talking about.
    Fluttershy: Or maybe, since we told them they were too young to come, they wished to become grown-ups, then came here and caused some kind of trouble that led to a town-wide panic!
    Twilight Sparkle: Yeah. Or that.
    • The Crusaders then come up and admit that everything they warned them about came true, and that they accidentally caused a disaster that would lead to the town being destroyed. Twilight and Fluttershy look at each other, roll their eyes, and casually walk towards the danger.
  • Fluttershy sees what's causing the disaster, and gets a little sidetracked by her animal knowledge.
    Fluttershy: Goodness! A Whirling Mungtooth! They are very rare and just the cutest little things when they're not excited.
    (A cart of vegetables crashes next to her)
    Fluttershy: This one's excited.
  • The Cutie Mark Crusaders sing a song on the train about how "being big is all it takes" to not be bossed around. At one point, they note that they can win any argument with "Because I said so".

    The Big Mac Question 
  • Spike tries to help Mrs. Cake by putting the messages in the baked goods with his fire breath. It instantly incinerates everything.
  • We get the joke that Star Trek fans didn't dare to hope for, as Granny Smith is woken up from a dream where Grand Pear was on a mission in space, and later on Discord showed up and was pretty much the same. And Mud Briar is Spock.
  • Discord realizing that he should have told the apple monsters which ponies to deliver their messages to.
  • Lyra Heartstrings and Bon Bon proposing to each other is sweet. The fact that they're proposing to each other while Discord's apple monsters are running amok makes it hilarious.
  • When everything goes wrong and everyone starts admitting that they may have messed things up, Discord tries to shame them. When Scootaloo points out that Discord created an apple monster, Discord's defense is that they should expect that from him.
  • The Rocky Roll Call when everyone arrives at Sugarcube Corner, which ends with Discord exclaiming "Mrs. Cake!" and poor Mrs. Cake going "What did I do?"
  • The wedding between Big Mac and Sugar Belle is very sweet...up until Discord calls out, "That's your cue!" and the apple monsters pop out of the tree to sing, "Happy marriage!" over and over.
    Spike: Discord...!
    Discord: Oh, just let me have this one.

     The Ending of the End 
  • Tirek's reaction to Grogar turning out to have been Discord all along.
    • As a meta example, this blooper by John de Lancie was so in-character fans wish it made it into the actual show.
    Discord: I'm surprised you didn't catch on before, it's glaringly obvious: Grogar is just Discord spelled backwards... With all the wrong letters.
  • Twilight channels her inner Trollestia.
    Rarity: Ooh! Twilight, darling! You're just in time. Only one more pre-coronation stop. We're picking up the final touch for your apres-hors d'oevres gown...
    Twilight: Is that before or after the royal marshmallow-eating-contest gown?
    Rarity: What?! I haven't made one of those! You must tell me when they add these sorts of things! (pulls out a sheet of paper and begins writing)
    Twilight: (pushes the paper out of Rarity's face while laughing) It's okay, Rarity. I was just joking.
    (Rarity faints in Fluttershy's front hooves)
    Spike: Joking? Day of her coronation? You've come a long way, Twilight.
  • Scene: A castle door bursts open under an avalanche of cupcakes.
    Pinkie: (emerges from the pile, covered in cupcakes) Do not go in that kitchen!
    Rainbow Dash: You look like you were in a sugar war.
  • The Shout-Out to Pinky and the Brain.
    Pinkie Pie: What are we gonna do, Twilight?
    Twilight Sparkle: The same thing we do every time, Pinkie. Try and save the world!
  • When the Terrible Trio reveals to "Grogar" that they had his bell the whole time, he demands to know why they didn't tell him. Cozy Glow simply responds "We're villains. Duh."
    • A blooper has Sunni Westbrook say "We're villains, you big mope"
  • Discord's falsetto and resignation when he suggests everyone "use their imaginations" because he can't summon a visual of an event. He also gives Tirek a Southern-sounding accent.
  • Discord calling the fact that the Terrible Trio is now powered up by the real Grogar's magic good news because it's not related to him losing his powers.
  • Cozy Glow taking all of Discord's chaos magic and turning into a giant demonic alicorn is terrifying, but with all that power and no knowledge on how to control it, she only makes rainbow rubber chickens and sentient pineapples that start biting her instead. Chrysalis and Tirek go from horrified to smug the moment they see that Cozy can't harm them with chaos magic.
    • Before that, Cozy tries to convince Tirek and Chrysalis to say nice things to each other. It goes about as well as you'd expect.
    Cozy: Chrysalis, say something nice about Tirek!
    Chrysalis: UGH! He'
    Cozy: Tirek, say something nice about Chrysalis!
    Tirek: She's... not as annoying as I expected.
    • In between, Chrysalis and Tirek allow Cozy Glow to be a "guinea pig" for Chaos Magic, complete with sadistic smirks that say "This outta be good". But as she absorbs it, they start to look up, and up, and up, before quickly exchanging "What have we done" looks with each other.
  • During the Cozy Glow fight in the castle, Fluttershy's contribution is to summon geese to repeatedly buffet her. This works.
    Fluttershy: Fly my pretties!
  • Blink and you miss it, but as Celestia, Luna and Starlight stall the villains while the Mane 5 and Spike escape, Discord begs them to keep Fluttershy safe and goes back to join the fight... by throwing rocks. Yes, without his Reality Warper powers, that's the best he can do.
  • When Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie are distracting the villains, this is Pinkie's method:
    Pinkie: (pops up in front of Chrysalis wearing the same getup she was in "Trade Ya") Step right up Evil Fillies and Gentle-villains! (gestures to a wheel with pictures of each of the Mane 6) Try your luck!
    (Chrysalis cuts her off with a magic blast; Pinkie sticks to the wheel like she's about to have knives thrown at her and rolls away on it.)
  • This Shut Up, Hannibal! moment:
    Chrysalis: (practically snarling with hatred) You think friendship will save you?!? We will always return! Nothing will ever sto— (a giant cupcake falls out of nowhere on top of her and her companions)
    • And how did a giant cupcake fall on top of them? Pinkie Pie the CHAOS GODDESS. If anyone ever wondered what'd happen if she ever gained Discord's powers, wonder no more.
      Twilight Sparkle: Pinkie! You took Discord's magic from the bell?! How do you feel?
      Pinkie Pie: Hrm, tingly, itchy, also like... *she grows in size and towers over the others* I COULD TRANSFORM THE COSMOS SO EVERYTHING IS MADE OF ICIIIIING!!!
      Discord: Perhaps maybe I should... *flies up to Pinkie and grabs the bell, absorbing the magic back into it and returning her to normal. She falls into Twilight's hooves*
      Pinkie Pie: *dazed* Waiter, there's some chaos in my soup! *passes out*
    • If you look at Rainbow Dash when the chocolate rain starts falling, you'll see she's sticking her tongue out to catch some!
  • It is hard to notice at first, but in one frame, Cozy Glow is getting spun around after a Dragon flies past her. The very next shot, she's firing her horn laser rapidly in every direction. C'mon, you can't say that imagining Cozy trying to murder someone while being spun like a tabletop isn't somewhat funny!
  • Discord's suggestion for punishing the villains? Have Celestia and Luna trap them in stone like he was. Why? Because being stuck together forever is the worst thing that could happen to them, according to Discord.

     The Last Problem 
  • The threats may be over, but the lunacy isn't. The route to Twilight's coronation is mired in hazards, right up to the actual event.
  • Twilight starts her coronation by tripping over as she steps onto the balcony.
  • Big Mac accidentally screws up the apple orders for the coronation, such as giving applesauce to the apple cider ponies. When Applejack finds out, all he does is look away sheepishly.
  • Gummy is all grown up. He looks exactly the same, except he's big enough for two ponies to ride on.
  • Spike repeatedly going "WHAT!?" as Luster Dawn poo-poos friendship, to the point where Twilight starts getting annoyed.