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Fridge Horror / My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Season 9

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    The Beginning of the End 
  • The idea of the Mane 6 being handed the reigns of Equestria simply reeks of this due to the context:
    • Twilight's intended transfer of power not only came out of the blue, it also would have taken effect in a few days as originally planned. Such an abrupt shift in power is usually only seen in military coups. Delaying it to the end of the season mitigates this.
    • Not only will Equestria be losing two of their best politicians, they will be replaced by one princess with barely any experience with politics onscreen and five civilians with no experience in it at all. Their credibility is stemmed from being the vanquishers of evil. Sorry, but Asskicking Equals Authority is a very bad way to justify political power.
    • Not only is running a school different from running a kingdom as stated during Starlight's attempt to calm Twilight down, even with the MST3K Mantra and the Willing Suspension of Disbelief in full effect, the Mane 7 will practically break from the strain by having all their combined responsibilities of having a normal job, being teachers at the School of Friendship and running the country happening at the same time. And there is also the issue when they have to drop everything just to stop an Ancient Evil.
      • "Between Dark and Dawn" shows the Mane 6 learning the importance of delegating tasks to lessen their own workload while still getting everything done, so that's one problem hopefully solved.
    • The Friendship Journal being used as a justification of her strength and experience. Not only is it horribly outdated (it stopped updating after Season 4), it is more akin to an adventure novel/diary at best. Outside of friendship, there is nothing in there that shows actual experience in politics or even a coherent ideology.
  • How bad was Equestria before the series premiere that Luna's statement about an era that practically undergoes a Sugar Apocalypse annually (The Season 4 premiere implies that all previous events including Discord and Sombra occurred during ONE year) being a Golden Age? What could have happened during the reign of the royal sisters and Celestia's solo reign that would justify such a statement?
    • From what we've been told: First the Windigos almost destroyed everything, then the Sirens spread madness and strife across the nation, then the Pony of Shadows went on a rampage only stopping with the cost of Starswirl and the other Pillars, Sombra conquered and ruled the Crystal Empire before the whole place disappeared, Tirek showed up and drained who knows how many ponies before being sent to Tartarus, then Discord turned Eqestria into a living Nightmare until Celestia and Luna found the Elements of Harmony and then Luna attempts to plunge the world into unending night while becoming Nightmare Moon before being banished for a millennia by her own sister. And the whole time there were hostile dragons, yaks and changelings running around. Yeah, Twilight's really cleaned up the place since the series started as no threat has lasted more than a few days.
  • Grogar is powerful enough to make Tirek, Chrysalis, and Cozy Glow, all top tier season-ender villains themselves, AFRAID... and he's NOT at full power yet!
  • The Tree of Harmony getting shattered is even worse when you realize it's sentient enough to create holograms to speak. Sombra just committed onscreen murder.
    • Is the Cutie Map still functional now that the tree is gone? Or is the Mane Six now unable to do their biggest duty, leaving future friendship problems unresolved? Thankfully, this problem seems to mitigated with the tree rebuilt into the Treehouse of Harmony in the next episode, implying that things can return back to normal.
  • Now we know where at least some of those beasts like the bugbear, the cockatrice, malwurf, tatlzwurm, manticore, or the chimera comes from; they were created by Grogar specifically to terrorize Equestria.
    • Even worse when you consider how when they had their magic taken out of them (temporarily) they reverted to normal animals, the implications of Grogar turning animals who would've been otherwise peaceful or not that dangerous, into evil and chaotic beasts to rule Equestria are terrifying.
  • The Everfree spreads by its nature now, not beause of Discord's vines. And Starswirl had somehow tamed it before planting the Tree of Harmony. What this "promised land" was like when the three pony tribes arrived? Perhaps, it was Death World even more than now.
  • Zecora lives in the Everfree Forest. She either spent the entire time fighting against the vines or got driven out only to be mind controlled by King Sombra.
  • Sandbar lives in Ponyville. He had to be among the ponies hypnotized by Sombra earlier.

  • One of Gallus' lyrics is "If things don't stick / there's lots of glue". Probably not the best suggestion to be making near a population of horses in a show on its final season.
  • We already knew Gallus was an orphan, so it makes sense that his permission slip had to be signed by Grandpa Gruff instead of a parent. Everyone else (that we see; we don't see Sandbar's slip being signed) had their slips signed by their parents...except Smolder, who had her slip signed by Dragon Lord Ember. This already carries poor implications about Smolder's family situation, but remember "Molt Down"? In that episode, Smolder herself said that dragon families tend to kick out molting dragons. Smolder's clearly post-molt as she has wings, so does that mean her family never took her back in? Considering being booted from the house during the process is apparently par for the course, do any dragon families take their children back in once they're done molting, or once the molt begins are they forever on their own?
    • As of "Sweet and Smoky", we at least know that siblings still stick with each other in their adolescent years. No sign of parents though.

  • Chrysalis implies that fully draining a creature of love could leave them incapable of ever feeling love again, hence why she always makes sure to leave some for later.
  • Considering how powerful Grogar is without his bell, the villain trio deciding to betray him by stealing the bell for themselves might be the only reason why Equestria isn't flattened to the ground.
  • Instead of giving Grogar his bell, Tirek, Chrysalis, and Cozy lie to him and claim they were unable to retrieve it. Grogar seems furious at this, but he has shown in the past to be able to view previous events. What if he finds out about their lie later, or already knows about it and has plans to deal with his traitors later?
    • Grogar makes it very clear that, even in his weakened state, he has far more power than the three of them combined. With the bell still there as far as he knows, what's stopping him from trying to go get it himself now that the others have at least learned to cooperate, only to find it missing?
  • Cozy Glow seems to have a Fridge Horror moment of her own (though one can assume she'd like for it to happen), connecting Chrysalis's comment that she cocoons all of her meals with the fact that she earlier cocooned Twilight and her friends, among others. With how she was able to go hoof-to-hoof with Celestia after just feeding on Shining Armor's love for Cadence, you get the feeling that, with how much love she could have drained from everypony she capturednote  she could have easily gone hoof-to-hoof with Starlight, who is herself a walking magical nuke, even if her magic-draining throne didn't exist.
  • With the amount of power Grogar would have gained upon getting his Bewitching Bell back, who's to say he wouldn't have decided he doesn't need the others anymore? Even if he had other plans for them initially, he's far more likely to decide that should he learn of their betrayal.

    Sweet and Smoky 
  • If the teenage dragons weren't discovered, the next generation of dragons would have practically been wiped out for the sake of a lava pool.
    • Once the parent dragons found out, those teenage dragons would probably have had to sleep with one eye open, assuming Ember didn't deal with them first.
  • Garble and his friends could have seriously injured or killed Fluttershy when they were throwing lava balls at Spike. Even worse, there's the fact she's friends with Discord, the very embodiment of chaos, who absolutely hates the idea of anything bad happening to her - if the dragons were to successfully harm Fluttershy and Discord were to find out, all hell would break loose and the dragons would probably wish they were never born.
    • Even without Discord, if word got back to Twilight, one of the reigning princesses and soon-to-be ruler of Equestria, that one of her best friends was injured by the dragons, Pony-Dragon diplomacy would become shaky at best.
  • From what we know about dragon parentage, Fluttershy's caring might be the best the dragon babies are ever gonna get.
    • Only about a dozen dragons show up to warm the eggs, and since many of them are from "Gauntlet of Fire", we can assume at least most of them are the dragon equivalent of teenagers. This was presumably every dragon in the near vicinity, meaning the mothers basically laid the eggs and bucked off somewhere they couldn't be reached (apart from maybe the Call of the Dragon Lord, which Ember probably hasn't figured out how to use yet). Even without the "kicked out over their smell and left at the mercy of predators" bit from going through the Molt, dragon parenting clearly leaves a lot to be desired.

    Student Counsel 
  • Cockatrice can be trained. Pray to whoever you believe in that none of them will get in the hooves of a bad pony.
  • If something worse had happened to Silverstream, the international fallout will be catastrophic as she is technically a princess due to being Skystar's cousin.

    Between Dark and Dawn 
  • What could have happened in the past that made Celestia so afraid of chickens of all things? If any of the Legion of Doom found out about this fact...
  • In the span of a day of rule, the Mane Six nearly crashed and burned from simply organising a parade if it wasn't for them picking the slack in the third act. Sure, they might be dealing with swans but this is a very bad first impression of what their rule will be like once Twilight assumes leadership. The future of Equestria looks pretty bleak for the most unexpected of reasons...
  • You can briefly see Grogar's lair on Celestia's map. Had she went the wrong way and entered the lair out of curiosity, she would've been in HUGE trouble.

     The Last Laugh 
  • Had Pinkie accepted to work at the factory, who knows whether she would suffer the same fate as Cheese?

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