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Funny / My Little Pony: Best Gift Ever

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  • During the opening song, there's one very exhausted pony pouring cider singing about how he can't wait to be able to sleep.
  • Pinkie is increasingly interested in Applejack's Hearth's Warming Helper plan, until she realizes she's only giving one of her friends a present.
  • Though all of the Mane 7 get someone random to give a gift to, Spike is clearly unhappy with his choice (Rainbow Dash), and asks Applejack if it's possible to trade who they get to give a gift to. Applejack says it's fine if they're also willing to trade.
    Spike: Great! So, uh...who do you...
    Applejack: I don't have Rarity.
    Spike: What? That's not who I-
    Applejack: Mmhm...
  • Comes back as a Brick Joke when Pinkie decides to go to Yakyakistan for advice. Just the fact that Pinkie immediately knows what Spike is about to ask...
    Spike: Pinkie!
    Pinkie Pie: [as she's zooming past] I DON'T HAVE RARITY!
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  • Pinkie Pie is in distress trying to find the perfect gift for Twilight, asking her sisters for help.
    Maud: I've got it.
    Pinkie: I don't think Twilight likes rocks as much as you do, Maud.
    Maud: Don't rock it till you try it. [opens up a box, where a rock springs out, Marble starts giggling]
  • Rainbow Dash's poorly disguised attempts to ask Fluttershy what she would want, and Fluttershy's completely unhelpful answers. She can't even pick a favorite food out of fear that it would hurt the other foods' feelings.
  • Pinkie being as discrete as ever.
    Pinkie: (Screaming at the top of her lungs) TIME FOR MY TOP-SECRET QUEST TO THE GIFT GIVERS!
  • One of the gifts Berryshine has with her at the post office is clearly a bottle of wine.
  • Rarity has some serious trouble at the post-office, especially since she's dealing with Derpy.
    Derpy: Oh, hi Rarity! How can I help you?
    Rarity: I expected a package today, and I was wondering where that might be.
    Derpy: Oh, ok! Uh, let's check... Name?
    Rarity: Uh... Rarity?
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  • Derpy delivered Rarity's gift to Applejack to Sweet Apple Acres because since the gift was for Applejack, she sent it directly to her. Derpy realizes that the package went to Sweet Acorn Orchard instead, which is good news to her, because Applejack isn't at Sweet Acorn Orchard.
  • Once Rarity is done with the post office, Derpy immediately goes on break, sinking below the counter, much to the annoyance of the line of customers.
  • With Spike swapping with Fluttershy to get Rarity a gift, he looks around to see what to buy her. The choices include brand new sewing equipment, priceless jewelry, and a sculpture of Rarity made up of smaller sculptures of Rarity.
  • When Discord first appears to "help" by speaking to Rainbow through the candle she'd just bought for Fluttershy.
    Rainbow Dash: [screams as she tosses the candle away] Ghost candle!
  • As Rainbow Dash tries to find a gift for Fluttershy, Discord shoots down every idea she has.
    Rainbow Dash: Oh come on, Fluttershy would love a spa day!
    Discord: Really? Love the stress of deciding which treatment to get? Love worrying that she's not relaxing enough? Or relaxing too much? And what about all those sweet animals she's left alone? So much to worry about, and all because of you!
    Rainbow Dash: She's Fluttershy, everything makes her worry!
    Discord: Now you sound like somepony who knows her!
  • Twilight's face when she realizes the perfect gift for Pinkie Pie is making pudding. She gives a smile to rival the ones she made in the movie and Forgotten Friendship, complete with pupil shaking and an unexplained echo.
  • As Twilight is reading the recipe for the pudding, the book warns "each ingredient must be measured precisely to avoid culinary disaster". Twilight laughs "Book, have you met me?"
  • Shining goes full snarky big brother once he sees Twilight overreacting over the present she's making for Pinkie.
    Cadance: She's definitely freaking out about something.
    Shining Armor: Oh, yeah.
  • When the reindeer get Pinkie's gift for Twilight:
    Alice: I'm gonna get that box Pinkie is gonna say she likes.
    Pinkie: Ooh, I like that box!
    Alice: Told you.
  • Applejack expressing her annoyance at Fluttershy about to be conned by Film and Flam the second time, that she has to press a Holly doll to make it speak ("The more you spend, the more your friend knows you love them!") in order to bring her friend to her senses. And she presses the doll so hard that it falls over off the shelf.
  • When Fluttershy realizes that Flim and Flam tricked her she becomes so incredibly mad that she kicks a stone (very softly). This gentle action somehow hurts Fluttershy's hoof.
  • Discord helping Rainbow Dash find the winterchilla.
    Discord: But they're so rare, there's no telling where they— Oh, there's one right there!
  • Watch Flim and Flam's expressions when they're offering everypony the "Buy-One-Get-One-Free" deal; offering such a deal almost seems to be causing them physical pain.
  • Flim and Flam get ran out of Rainbow Falls by an angry mob of conned ponies and miss their train ride out of there. A smug Applejack is enjoying every moment of this as she watches from inside the train, saying that "Puttin' those two in their places makes me all warm and fuzzy inside."
  • On the train ride back, Applejack and Fluttershy are glad they stopped Flim and Flam again, but are disappointed that all they have to give as presents are the cheap dolls.
    Applejack: Yay?
    Fluttershy: Don't do that.
  • Cadance, Shining, and Flurry walk in on Twilight making the pudding. Flurry notices that adding ingredients to the pot makes it shine. So while Twilight's explaining the situation, Flurry switches places with a sack of flour and starts putting more things in. No one notices that Cadance is holding flour throughout the entire conversation.
    • Shining calls Twilight's overreacting as going "Twily-nanas".
  • Pinkie's response to seeing Spike covered in glitter.
    Pinkie Pie: Did you get attacked by a party?
  • The way this line is delivered:
    Twilight: Run! The pudding is coming!
  • Discord "forgets" to tell Rainbow Dash that the winterchilla they've found turns into a monstrous winterzilla at night. Later, Twilight gives Rainbow an angry reminder of that fact once it starts attacking the castle, followed by everyone including Flurry glaring at Rainbow.
    Rainbow Dash: Does everypony know this except me!?
  • Also, Discord's nonchalant expression as he and Rainbow run away from the winterchilla.
  • Despite having magic of her own (though not the laser blasts the others use), when the pudding beast grabs hold of her leg the first thing Rarity does is scream for Shining Armor and Cadance to save her.
    Rarity: A little help, please!
  • Discord gets fed up with the mane cast not knowing how to deal with the winterzilla.
    Discord: Oh for Scorpan's sake! Hello? If only one of you had a way with animals!? [turns into several arrows pointing at Fluttershy]
  • Pinkie gives some constructive criticism with Twilight's attempt at pudding.
    Pinkie Pie: [while floating on an inflatable inner tube that looks like Princess Celestia] Uh, maybe leave the baking to me next time?
  • Discord calls Pinkie's gift that stops the pudding a "Reindeer ex machina".
  • The dolls Flim and Flam sell are full of sayings that perfectly encapsulate their personalities.
    "Commercialism is the greatest gift of all!"
  • Even Discord despises the ugly little dolls, zapping some out of existence. Nopony scolds him for doing so either.
  • During the montage of the supporting cast celebrating Hearth's Warming Eve, we are treated to the yaks happily smashing things for Snilldar Fest and the changelings enjoying their own literal take on the holiday. Crosses with Heartwarming Moments.
  • At the end, the only ones who do not have a happy Hearth's Warming are the Flim-Flam Brothers. Not that they didn't deserve it.


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