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    School Daze 
  • Starlight's reaction to the Mane Six recapping the movie: she seems to be wondering "how the heck did I miss all that!?"
  • Pinkie Pie apparently has a teeny-tiny party cannon.
    • And later on, a set of stylised party cannon for EVERY pony (and dragon!) in the room. All of which appear near their counterpart apparently from hammerspace given the confused faces on the other characters.
  • Fluttershy would like it to be known that she is quite done with dangerous, life-or-death missions.
    Fluttershy: Thank you very much.
  • The Running Gag of Yona tripping over her braids.
  • When Ember introduces Smolder to Spike, the latter wonders "Which one is Smolder?" Ember turns around to see another (more timid looking) dragon standing beside Smolder, who has a "what's going on here" or "where'd you come from" expression. ...Then things start to make sense again when Thorax comes along and reprimands the "dragon" (really Ocellus) that it's more polite to take on your true form.
    • If you watch carefully, while Thorax reprimands Ocellus, Smolder backs away uneasily, clearly not expecting the dragon next to her to change into a changeling.
      • Not to mention Ember's reason for why Smolder has to attend the school. It's not that it'll help her make friends or understand other cultures, it's...
      Ember: Be-CAUSE, as Dragon Lord I am ordering you to be here!
      • Plus the way they enter. Smolder is so deadset on not going that Ember has to drag her inside by the arm.
  • Yona and Silverstream excitedly rushing around the castle when they first arrive.
    Silverstream: WOW! IS THAT A YAK?!
  • When the Mane 6 start their classes, they start teaching various subjects. Applejack's lesson on the other hoof...
  • When Twilight says that things have gotten off to a rougher start than expected but that's okay, we get this line:
    Spike: Who are you, and what have you done with Twilight Sparkle?
  • Ocellus shapeshifting into Rarity and imitating her in an over-the-top manner to fool Fluttershy. It works.
  • On a meta-level, anyone familiar with Chancellor Neighsay's voice actor will be tickled pink when he says "Yes".
  • When the students are discovered skipping class (and they cause panic thanks to Ocellus), Gallus drops Sandbar, causing him to tackle the leaders. Thorax falls over like a bowling pin.
  • Twilight saying "we clearly had some students get a little carried away". What makes this statement humorous is that Twilight probably meant it as a metaphor but she is also quite literally correct.
  • As all the leaders are taking their charges back after the school is closed down, Grandpa Gruff snarks "Well, this place seemed lame anyway." Now you see where Gilda gets her attitude from.
  • At the beginning of part 2, it's kind of sad to see Twilight Sparkle so despondent over having to close the school. But she's so over the top about it (moaning despondently from under a huge mountain of pillows and playing sad music on a record player), she gives Rarity a run for her money. Twilight's stubborn resistance to her friends' attempts to cheer her up is also pretty amusing.
    Pinkie Pie: You didn't tell me this was a pity party! I would have brought ice cream.
    • When Angel (prompted by Fluttershy) tries to cheer Twilight with a hug, he immediately becomes just as despondent. Either Twilight's despair is contagious, or Angel Bunny is disappointed a hug from him didn't have any effect.
  • When Starlight shows up to get Twilight out of her funk:
    Starlight: I wondered how long you'd take to get tired of pillow fort pouting.
  • Twilight informs Starlight that everypony else has already tried to cheer her up, and that Starlight's efforts won't work. Starlight laughs a moment.
    Starlight: Hehehe... I'm not gonna cheer you up. I'm going to tell you what you did wrong.
    Twilight: (eyes wide) WHAT?!
  • Starlight's response to Twilight trying to say that they have to follow the EEA rulebook is to slap the rulebook into the school's moat.
    • And if you look at Twilight's reflection when the book sinks out of sight, she's shooting a slightly angry look at Starlight. Not because Starlight was being brutally honest, but because Starlight ruined a book.
  • Pinkie Pie has custom-made party cannons in the style of every one of a her friends — even Spike and Starlight Glimmer!
  • When the Mane Six are coming up with ideas as to where the non-pony students might be Pinkie Pie comes up with the idea that:
    Pinkie: Maybe they were attacked by a ferocious shrimp! No-pony ever expects that.
    Fluttershy: (Gasp) Shrimps can attack?
    Pinkie: Nope, thats why no-pony expects it.
  • When the Mane Six wonder where the non-pony students could have gone to, Sandbar comes into Sugar Cube Corner and orders several boxes of cupcakes. When Pinkie questions him about it, he nervously replies that he's really hungry and hastily makes an exit.
    • And when the ponies find out that he might be hiding the students, they're so eager to follow him they all try to rush out of Sugarcube Corner at the same time.
  • When Sandbar returns to the castle with everything, Yona rushes outside shouting "Cupcakes are BEST CAKES!" and runs toward Sandbar. Sandbar is saved when Gallus makes Yona trip on her braids again, and she stops right in front of Sandbar, panting and wagging her tail like a dog.
  • Silverstream being excited about stairs. After she explains why she's fascinated by them, because they didn't have them underwater due to swimming everywhere, the others just say "oohhh" in a tone that sounds like they completely understand now.
  • As the fight with the puckwudgies is winding down, Fluttershy of all ponies takes one out (although she may not have been aware of it), by tossing the EEA rulebook back over her shoulder.
  • Spike notes that Twilight manages to say that the school will not be EEA accredited without her Eye Twitch.
  • The fact that the rule book that Twilight wrote is actually thicker than the EEA rule book.
  • After the school is reopened and Twilight leads her students in a rousing song, it fades to Ember with her claws over her ears. She agrees to let Smolder go back to school on the condition that the ponies stop singing.
    • Her apparent dislike of singing becomes even funnier when you consider that her voice actress, Ali Milner, is a professional singer.
    • Also just as funny is after Grandpa Gruff denies allowing Gallus to return after everyone else allows for their students to return to Twilight Sparkle's school, Gallus pulls off the Puppy-Dog Eyes look on Grandpa Gruff to change his mind... and it works!
  • During the song at the end, Starlight is seen walking with Fluttershy and talking about a changeling only for Fluttershy to suddenly come into view with Angel Bunny for the next verse, revealing the one with Starlight is Ocellus, and Angel is shocked to see two Fluttershy's.
    • Also, Starlight is shown teaching a class and one of the students in class is Angel, who is hopping up and down wanting to answer.
    • During Fluttershy's class, she has a pukwudgie with her and Ocellus quickly becomes scared of it and turns into a mouse to hide.
  • Rainbow cracks about her being a teacher "just call me Professor Egghead". During the climax when she saves the students, Gallus calls out "is that Professor Egghead?" Rainbow actually introduced herself that way to her students!
    • Earlier, Rainbow Dash shows Twilight a drawing of her (presumably from Gallus) with her head shaped like a cracked egg.
  • When Pinkie says that "Your nations won't go to war. BONUS!", the students all have a collective Oh, Crap! moment with Sandbar asking "Uh, what's happening?". Gotta love Pinkie's lack of tact.
  • There's something humorous about Fluttershy advising them to ask the Puckwudgies to leave nicely right before Pinkie and Rainbow Dash put the poor things into Pinkie's party cannon (albeit with parachutes).
  • When Ocellus exasperatingly asks if she was the only one who paid attention in Fluttershy's class, Smolder puts on a hilariously over-the-top "innocent" look.
  • Rainbow Dash's annoyance at the thought of running through her apology speech to Grandpa Gruff a second time.

    The Maud Couple 
  • Maud's comedy act. Pinkie Pie is literally the only one laughing at her jokes.
  • Pinkie Pie searching all over Ponyville for Maud... and beyond, as she also ends up in Yakyakistan somehow.
    • The fact that she searches all of Ponyville, Yaktakistan, and Discord's dimension before checking with Starlight: Maud's best friend.
      • She also mentions that Granny Smith apparently has a wax museum.
    • In an earlier moment when she was searching Ponyville, there was a well-dressed couple on a romantic boat ride on the lake, but they notice Pinkie pop out of the water before she goes back down. Chances are Pinkie just ruined the romantic mood they were in.
    • When she starts searching Ponyville for Maud, she pops up from under a construction pony's hard hat. He walks off looking completely freaked out.
    • Finally, her summary of her whole search:
  • Mudbriar freaking out a little when Pinkie uses a piñata stick.
    Mudbriar: (in a matter-of-fact tone) That's stick abuse.
    • Comes up later when Pinkie Pie brings out a pebble piñata.
  • The Running Gag of Mudbriar's Verbal Tic "Technically...", especially when other ponies start picking up on it.
  • Mudbriar showing off his "vision board" of the things he knows about Maud, with his usually snooty tone of voice replaced by a zenned out drone.
    Mudbriar: Mm, I enter through the large door of my mind palace and enter to the back where I have all of my books and possessions, and what do I encounter? The Maud Room. None of those things are there.
    • The fact that Mudbriar calls his mental space a 'mind palace', which is almost certainly a Shout-Out to the BBC series Sherlock
  • Pinkie Pie's breakdown when she starts to doubt how well she knows Maud leads to a fantasy sequence where she imagines opposite versions of her friends. It's a little sad and unnerving, but the comments they make are hilariously OOC, like Applejack saying "An apple a day is downright disgusting!" and Twilight Sparkle saying "I never learned to read!"
  • When Pinkie goes back to the rock farm she is about to explain to Marble and Limestone why she came back in the middle of the night, only for Limestone to tell her to get to work. Marble just glares at her.
  • Limestone's way of trying to stop Pinkie from crying.
    Limestone: Buck up, Pinkie Pie. You look as miserable as I feel all the time.
  • When Pinkie is filling Ponyville with have-you-seen-me posters of Maud, she places one on Derpy.
  • When Pinkie searches Starlight's room, she carelessly flings objects around that Starlight freezes in the air with her magic. In a way that suggests she's that used to Pinkie's behaviour.
    • When Starlight assures Pinkie that she's just been reading, Pinkie picks up the book and shakes it just to make sure - before saying "story checks out".
    • Bonus points for her putting the book back to the original page Starlight had been reading from when Pinkie barged in.
    • Then, after their conversation, while Pinkie is on her way out, she stops to check inside the flower pot on Starlight's desk, just to be sure.
  • When Mudbriar introduces his pet, he takes out a tiny stick. Pinkie is curious if this pet of Mudbriar's likes to play fetch. Turns out, the tiny stick is the pet. And guess what? Its name is "Twiggy".
  • Pinkie Pie wondering why Maud would like a weirdo (while scooting on the floor on her back) who keeps an inanimate object as a pet (even though she knows full well that Maud does too).
  • Pinkie Pie saying that Maud must be alone unless her companion is invisible or really small. Followed by Pinkie repeatedly saying, "A what?!" when told that Maud had a boyfriend. Maud also says that she and Mud Briar are "in like" rather than in love.
  • Maud and Mud Briar arguing over whether a petrified wood show was a stick or rock show.
  • Whenever Pinkie Pie observes herself being "rude", she introduces herself again, prompting Mud Briar to say, "Technically, we've already met.".
  • Pinkie Pie thinking that Maud's boyfriend was a rock when pointing at the rock Mud Briar was behind.
  • When Limestone uses a rock as an analogy for Hidden Depths, Pinkie Pie says, "Oh, so I should cut Mud Briar open! Wait, that doesn't make sense."
  • When Pinkie first meets Mudbriar, he is standing completely motionless and silent in front of an equally silent pony operating a store register, apparently just running the clock until the register pony goes on her lunch break even though Pinkie is clearly desperate to engage for services before this happens. We then find out it was all just so he could come to a decision on how to disengage from the conversation. How appropriate that his cutie mark is a stick in the mud.

    Fake It 'Til You Make It 
  • The montage of the "few others" Rarity asked for help before turning to Fluttershy... which includes Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Starlight Glimmer, Big Macintosh, Cheerilee, Granny Smith, DJ Pon-3, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and Maud Pie.
    • While Maud suggests that Fluttershy is available, she points out that Rarity hadn't asked Boulder yet.
      • Even better, it looks like she's actually considering it.
  • Rarity's "power poses" for when she feels intimidated. When Fluttershy tries to replicate her poses, she gets tied up in her mane and trips.
  • This exchange, when Rarity suggests Fluttershy try on a new outfit to help build her confidence.
    Rarity: You Know What They Say: "Clothes make the pony!"
    Fluttershy: Um, who says that?
    Rarity: You know, "them".
  • When a customer asks Fluttershy about the thread count in a suit, she pulls out a magnifying glass and tries counting them by hoof.
  • Fluttershy dramatically fainting after trying out her "severe" persona for the first time.
  • Severe Fluttershy manages to sell an entire display full of jewelry to one pony... including the display!
    Fluttershy: Not everypony can pull off a found object, but you nearly get there.
  • The sheer audacity of Hipster Fluttershy using extremely modern slang such as "woke" and "lit".
  • One of Fluttershy's customers freaking out when the raccoons spill tea on Fluttershy's hoof.
  • Spike is easily able to figure out the raccoons miming their dilemma to him.
    Spike: I'm not a Dragon Charades champion for nothin'!
  • Fluttershy's friends are dumbfounded at how much she's changed.
    Applejack: Uh, are you sure that she's Fluttershy?
    Pinkie Pie: Maybe it's just three really really fast ponies that really really look like her!
  • Rainbow Dash objects to Severe Fluttershy calling her a "small-town pony".
    Rainbow Dash: You are a small-town pony! And your cottage isn't even in the town!
  • Goth Fluttershy's reaction to Applejack's concerns is to tell the customer she's with they need to get away from this "aura of positivity".
  • After Rainbow Dash, Pinkie, and Applejack fail to appeal to any of Fluttershy's personalities, Twilight steps in to try and negotiate. Severe Fluttershy seems to agree, leading them all outside to discuss...and then promptly slams the door in their faces.
  • Rarity having to fire Severe Fluttershy, Goth Fluttershy, and Hipster Fluttershy all in rapid succession.
    • What really sells the gag is that every time Rarity fires Fluttershy while she's dressed as one persona, she immediately pops up dressed as the next one, freaking Rarity out every time and even reacting to the previous persona being fired as if they were a different pony. After firing Hipster Fluttershy, she's barely off-screen for a second before appearing as her normal self behind Rarity, freaking her out one last time.

    Grannies Gone Wild 
  • The montage of Rainbow Dash excitedly telling all her friends about the Wild Blue Yonder coaster.
  • Apple Sauce flirting with the bellhop.
  • Rainbow Dash convinces the Golden Horseshoe Gals to take a nap, and goes to get in line for the Wild Blue Yonder. She runs into one of Goldie's cats, which just sits and stares at her with a vacant look on its face. Rainbow Dash interprets it as the cat trying to make her feel guilty, and gets defensive.
    Rainbow Dash: Stop judging me!
  • While searching the arcade for the Golden Horseshoe Gals, Rainbow Dash accidentally photo-bombs Lyra Heartstrings and Bon Bon, then somehow ends up inside a crane game.
  • Rainbow Dash getting tired of Applejack's disembodied head showing up to remind her of her responsibilities. Throughout most of the episode, the floating head speaks in a ghostly tone, until the old mares volunteer for a dangerous magic act, where it just looks at Rainbow Dash, saying in a snarky tone "Do I even have to say anything at this point?"
    • It shows up one more time at the end to appear over the sun, winking.
  • Granny Smith with her mane down during the scene at the dance club.
  • Jack Pot and Big Bucks making a hasty exit after Rainbow Dash interrupts their magic act. If Jack Pot really is Trixie's father, then having bad luck with smoke bombs must run in the family.
  • Rainbow has always been the queen of funny faces in the show, but this episode gets the best out of her. Highlights include her Puppy Dog Eyes when asking Applejack to cover her classes (complete with the reflection of AJ in her eyes), a frustrated cry when the ladies take their time getting into the balloon, and her excitement when she finds out they are staying where the Wild Blue Yonder is.
  • When Rainbow Dash admits to the elderly ponies that Applejack made her be all overprotective of them, Granny Smith does a face hoof and shakes her head as if to say "Oh no, not again."
    • It's a bit hard to hear, but all the grannies say something that extent too.

    Surf and/or Turf 
  • Twilight explains that she's joining the Crusaders to supervise them and to get a permission slip signed by Silverstream's parents. The Crusaders assume that she really just wants a vacation, but Twilight insists that what she's doing is school-related and also research. Said research includes joining in on the hippogryphs' festivities, playing the ring toss booth, and looking at Silverstream and Terramar's baby pictures with their mom. When she's invited to the screeching competition, she tosses away all pretense and hopes she can win another trophy.
  • Sky Beak looks very close to squeeing when he first notices Twilight.
  • Apple Bloom's slightly biased retelling of the events of the movie, especially Twilight's reaction:
    Apple Bloom: Then, in the Battle of Canterlot, when Applejack defeated the Storm King...
    Twilight: Wait, what? She told you she defeated him? By herself?
    Apple Bloom: Well, maybe she didn't say that exactly, but it makes for a better story!
Also funny in a meta sense since Applejack was rather Out of Focus in the actual movie.
  • Terramar's exposition on the legend of Harmonizing Heights is cut off by Sweetie Belle bolting off and excitedly squealing about how awesome the place is.
  • The crusaders cheer when they find out that Terramar has a problem.
  • Twilight Sparkle being adorkable as she shows off the trophy she won at the ring toss.
  • During the song, Scootaloo's line "for all intents and porpoises" has her high-finning a porpoise with a smug look on her face.
  • When Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo come to blows over whether Mount Aris or Seaquestria is better, Apple Bloom is stuck doing the "relaying messages between two people who aren't talking to one another" bit. Then the camera zooms out to reveal Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle are sitting no more than a foot away from one another, their backs turned.
    • To top it off, Apple Bloom quickly realizes they're just saying essentially the same thing over and over again.
  • Sweetie Belle quickly grows bored with Seaquestria and asks if they can leave now, since "I have some serious field twirling to do."

    Horse Play 
  • Celestia prancing around at the beginning upon hearing about a play. Spike points out how awkward this is.
  • The ponies are all worked up when they learn that Celestia is going to be the leading role. Applejack is notably confused.
    Applejack: Why in tarnation are y'all getting so starstruck? We've met Princess Celestia before. Plenty of times.
    Starlight: Those were formal things: Galas, world-saving... This is different! Imagine doing sweaty warm-ups with a princess, (pulling up a hanky to blow her nose) blowing your nose in front of a princess, sitting around just talking with a princess...
    Twilight: I'm a princess, you talk to me.
    Starlight: That's different! You're not a princess princess!
    Twilight: Uuh, thanks...
  • Upon learning Celestia is going to be in the play, Rarity is so frantically worked up to redesign the costumes with silk and nothing less.
  • Remember the teeny party cannon in "School Daze"? After she hears that Celestia will be in the play, Pinkie Pie introduces us to the appropriately named BIG BERTHA.
  • Rainbow Dash gets so excited to tell everypony that Celestia is gonna be in their play, she pulls off a Sonic Rainboom as she flies away. This time, nopony bats an eyelid.
  • The rehearsal introduces the Student Six all dressed up as ponies. This includes the bipedal Smolder. Close inspection reveals that the "back legs" of the costume are just a single small wheel.
  • Later, they all collapse from "exhaustion". As the camera pans around, both Gallus and Silverstream have to check to see if anyone else has gotten up yet.
  • One of the alternatives for the sun that Pinkie produces is an enormous ball of fireworks. After it goes off, she asks the others to remind her not to buy fireworks from Trixie in a back alley after midnight ever again.
  • The Mane Six's effort to find a replacement sun for the broken prop.
    • First replacement is a ridiculously big yellow balloon! Rarity thinks it's the best replacement. ...Or at least, it was before it popped.
    • The second replacement? A giant marshmallow ("Wait for it") on fire! According to Pinkie Pie, she thinks the sun looks exactly like a giant marshmallow on fire.
    • The final replacement is a cluster of (untested) fireworks Pinkie Pie bought from Trixie. This can only go as well as you'd expect.
  • Nicole Oliver has a blast with Celestia's Bad "Bad Acting", including finally getting to use the Royal Canterlot Voice.
    • Her flat, stilted inflections, especially present when dancing with the Student Six, is similar to the speech patterns of a Mondasian Cyberman.
    Celestia: Come OOOON, Star SWIRL! THROW Offf, that mus- TYY haaat, and let's have A an DAAANCE!
  • In regards to her Royal Canterlot Voice, Celestia belts out her line so loud and with so much power that it makes the Student Six, who were standing no less than 5 feet away from her, tremble in fear!
  • Princess Celestia's attempt at pantomime is so bad (her wild gesturing was supposed to represent "my love for Equestria and all its citizens"), Raspberry Beret is reduced to silently weeping in frustration.
  • As they try to stall for time so that Twilight can go after Celestia, Spike remarks that nopony is gonna volunteer to try and tame the crowd. Rarity remarks "Nopony indeed..." as the rest surround him. Smash Cut to Spike out in the spotlight.
    Spike: So...heheh...who likes juggling?
  • The results don't go over well, as he dives backstage as the audience throws tomatoes at him.
    Spike: Good news, free food!
  • When they realize they don't have a prop sun to raise, Princess Celestia raises the actual sun. While the audience is stunned by the special effects, Princess Luna is not amused in the slightest.
  • After the play is done, Celestia says that she had so much fun doing it, that she's decided to step down from the throne and devote all her time to the theater. Twilight just stands there completely shocked. That is until Celestia reveals that she was joking.
    Princess Celestia: Maybe I'm not such a bad actress after all.

    The Parent Map 
  • Sunburst getting excited about being called to a Cutie Map mission. "Why am I yelling?!"
  • Spike's bragging in the beginning about being a friendship problem expert. Then Twilight reminds him that he only solved one problem.
    Spike: And that's my fair share!
    • Especially moreso since it was a problem that he caused.
    • Meanwhile, Sunburst whips out a pen and pad and begins taking notes...then surreptitiously crosses them out when Spike admits he's only solved one problem.
  • This exchange on the train:
    Starlight: We'll just have to explain to our parents that we're on an important friendship mission, so they can't bother us!
    Sunburst: Do you think that'll work?
    Starlight: Nope!
  • The "essence" salespony spraying ponies with her overly strong perfume. Not even Stellar can take a whiff of one without coughing.
  • Also the fact that they can't get real fruit, just some nasty-tasting smoothies.
  • Firelight's side of town is so obsessed with preserving the past, the book store initially doesn't actually sell their books, or even let ponies read them.
  • When Stellar first greets Sunburst and Starlight, she takes out a pair of scissors while talking to Sunburst and tries to cut his beard, only for Sunburst to quickly pull it out of harm's way with his magic.
  • The incredibly Embarrassing Nicknames that Firelight has for Starlight, much to Starlight's chagrin and Sunburst's amusement.
    Starlight Glimmer: Dad, you promised no "pumpky-wumpkin's" in public!
  • At one point when Firelight squishes Starlight's cheeks with his hooves, she gives this epic Aside Glance.
  • The baker pony trying to sell bread made from "ancient pony grains", just like the stuff their ancestors ate... which, judging from the picture hanging on the bakery's wall, apparently did a number on their teeth. The bread itself is rock-hard, and so dense and heavy it falls right through the countertop. It even smashes the poor stallion's cart when Firelight admits he may be going overboard.
  • Sunburst repeatedly opening and closing the gate that says "Welcome to Sire's Hollow!" to force Stellar Flare to admit it's kinda annoying. Adding to it is the annoyed glare the two are giving her as he repeatedly opens the door to it as to make the point clear. She just gets nervous about it.
  • Firelight offers to let Starlight stay in her old bedroom, which he kept just the way she left it. Cue a brief cut to a bedroom that clearly indicates Starlight had an Emo Teen phase.
    • Upon hearing the room is exactly how she left it, Starlight high-tails it out of there.
    • Even better, Firelight calls her "Punky-Wunk." Not to mention Starlight's Oh, Crap! face, like she just remembered that part of her life.
  • When Starlight and Sunburst realize their mission is to make amends with their parents, Starlight collapses to the ground and whines, "why couldn’t we have been sent to stop a war or something?!"
  • Just the simple fact that B.O. exists in Equestria.
  • Sunburst's growing frustration with Stellar having no idea how the map works, very familiar to anyone who knows someone who just cannot understand the lore of a story they like.
  • Sunburst tries to apologize to his mother. The way she says the last line so matter-of-factly and then returns to her notepad really sells it.
    Stellar Flare: Well, it's going to take more than an apology to make up for telling me you don't want my help finding your friendship problem.
    Sunburst: Oh, I'm not sorry for that. Starlight and I already figured out what the problem is.
    Stellar Flare: ... This is a terrible apology!
  • Apparently Firelight thinks Starlight needs to be protected from "strangers"... like she's a small child. Even funnier when you recall that, not only is she an adult, she's one of the most powerful unicorns in the world.
    Starlight: [very annoyed] I'm a grown mare!
  • The resolution. Stellar Flare realizes she can visit Sunburst any time she wants instead of waiting for Sunburst to come home. Firelight responds that it's a great idea and they start planning a road trip, while Sunburst and Starlight start waving frantically for their train to arrive quicker.

    Non-Compete Clause 
  • At the start of the episode Rainbow is flying through the halls and is so fast she sends a huge stack of papers Yona is holding flying. Unlike most examples, Rainbow comes back and gathers them together for Yona...only to send them flying once again when she flies off.
  • Spike takes an unexpected picture of Fluttershy to hang on the wall for the Teacher of the Month award, and she jumps into a surprised pose, with redeye very visible in the picture. Cut to the Teacher of the Month wall, and every single picture has Fluttershy in the same exact pose.
    • Even though the pictures a look identical, we see Spike take this one. Fridge Logic would then suggest it's just that this happens every month — Fluttershy wins, Spike snaps her picture, and she never sees it coming and recoils the same way as before.
  • The rare moment in which Pinkie Pie gets to be the Only Sane Mare of the Mane Six.
    Fluttershy: Maybe [Applejack and Rainbow Dash] can lead the field trip together!
    Twilight: Of course! Who better to model the importance of working as a team?
    Pinkie: Um, Rarity? Fluttershy? Me? Spike? This flower pot?
  • Yona takes the term "field trip" literally and flops onto the grass. Silverstream automatically thinks she's being serious and follows suit.
  • On their way to apple shed building, when Applejack tells the students "Take a good deep breath. What do you smell?", Gallus sniffs the air, wretches a little and says "ugh, yak?" To which Yona sniffs herself, and smiles and nods, going "Mmm-hmm!" The yak race truly are proud of everything about themselves, even the way they smell!
  • After Rainbow Dash causes the apple shed roof to be dropped onto the rest of it, causing her hastily assembled walls to collapse, only the side built by Applejack and the students is left standing. Yona promptly demolishes it in her enthusiasm.
  • Scene: Canoe destroyed, everycreature in the water, teachers arguing. Silverstream: Completely oblivious.
    Silverstream: I love field trips!
  • Applejack and Rainbow Dash's increasingly over-the-top examples of Outhumbling Each Other, much to the frustration of the students (especially Gallus).
  • Applejack and Rainbow Dash have absolutely failed as teachers. They let their petty rivalry drive themselves and their students up a wall. They somehow managed to get themselves dangling over a river of carnivorous Bite-acudas by their own broken bridges, and desperately scream "HELP!" for their lives. Which just makes the next line gold:
    Ocellus: Uh, at least now they're agreeing on something.
  • This exchange when Applejack's and Rainbow Dash's attempts to build their own bridges end with them caught in the wreckage, hanging precariously over the Bite-acudas.
    Sandbar: Anycreature have a plan?
    Gallus: Leave 'em hanging?
    Silverstream: What?!
    Gallus: I'm kidding! Kinda...
  • That remark doesn't go unpunished; after everyone rescues Rainbow Dash and Applejack:
    Gallus: No biggie, those fish weren't even a thing.
    [a growl is heard. Camera pans right to reveal Bite-acuda!Ocellus right next to Gallus, who proceeds to scream in fright]
    Ocellus: [chuckles] Oops, sorry.
  • At the end of the episode, when Rainbow and Applejack start arguing all over again (to a sigh of despair from Twilight).
    Applejack: You were more like fandanglin’!
    Rainbow Dash: What does that even mean? No one here can understand your country bumpkin talk!
    Applejack: Look, we all live in the same town here!

    The Break Up Breakdown 
  • Spike calls out Discord's cynical view toward romance and teases him about how often he goes to Fluttershy's for tea, prompting Discord to quickly insist he DOES like the tea and display his tea knowledge on an old-timey TV cooking show until he's breathless.
  • Discord's version of Spike's love poem:
    Spike: Are you even listening?!
    Discord: Of course! 'Love is...something, something, Discord is great!'
  • After finding out that Sugar Belle is in Ponyville, Spike starts running to warn Big Mac, but Discord just casually snaps them back to Sweet Apple Acres, causing Spike to run into the stove.
  • Spike and Discord eavesdropping on Big Mac and Sugar Belle:
    Spike: Take note, Discord. This is what love is all about.
    Discord: [writing] "Spike: Love is about spying in the bushes."
  • Called back later on:
    Big Mac: [to Sugar Belle] I-I heard you say "we're finished" when I was hiding in the bushes. [beat] That sounds worse than it is.
  • Discord's hilariously deadpan remark to Spike when the group overhear Sugar Belle saying "we're finished", and Big Mac faints because of it.
    Discord: You were right. She did surprise him.
  • Spike tries to rationalize why Sugar Belle said all those suspicious things without trying to draw the conclusion that she's breaking up with Big Mac.
    Spike: Maybe "we're finished" was about the day. Ponies say that, right? Like, like, "Hey, remember yesterday? That's finished, 'cause it's today!"
    Spike: Maybe not that. Oh, I know! Maybe Sugar Belle has a wacky cousin who's never been on his own, and she has to leave him in charge of her shop while she apprentices with Mrs. Cake, who does that, like, two days a week. N-No, no, three. That's why she won't need you to come to her village anymore, because... she'll already be here!
    Spike: Nah. I don't even buy that one.
When Sugar Belle explains things, turns out Spike's second explanation is exactly right.
Big Mac: Wait till I tell Spike!
  • There's a brief bit when Discord teleports Spike to a bar in order to cheer Big Mac up. He's wearing a fancy getup and a Cool Hat, and Big Mac has a Cool Hat too. Spike is offended at being left out and has to remind Discord to summon one for him, too.
  • Discord tries to cheer Big Mac up by taking them into the Ogres & Oubliettes world. He introduces him to Skellinore, a bone warrior in Squizard's mage army (but only to pay off skeleton student loan debts). It backfires quickly as Big Mac can still only think about Sugar Belle. Spike's delivery with this line just sells it.
    Spike: [looking through a telescope] It looks like he's showing her a picture of Sugar Belle!
    Discord: What?!
    Spike: Aaaand, now he's crying.
    • Right after this, Discord decides he wants to take a look for himself, and gets into a brief, childish struggle with Spike over the telescope, trying to snatch it out of his claws. He apparently forgets he can just use his powers to take it from Spike, or create another telescope for his own use.
  • Skellinore, when first summoned, has an expression typical of a Dungeons & Dragons-type monster. When Big Mac starts explaining to her about Sugar Belle, she's interested and seemingly listening. When he starts crying about Sugar Belle, she's embarrassed and giving a look to Discord that clearly says "Somebody stop him."
  • When the CMC are trying to figure out who Sweetie Belle's "secret admirer" is, Sweetie Belle herself tries Snips and Snails:
    Sweetie Belle: Happy Hearts and Hooves Day! Did you boys happen to send any packages to me recently? It's okay to say no. I won't be offended! [aside] Please say no, please say no, please say no...
  • The delivery of the friendship lesson.
    Sugar Belle: I suppose there's a lesson here somewhere about communication, talking instead of assuming, or eavesdropping is wrong. Wouldn't you say?
    Big Mac: Eeyup!
  • When Discord and Spike decide to play Ogres & Oubliettes for the rest of Hearts and Hooves day, Spike asks if Skellinore is gonna be there.
    Discord: Spike, she's an imaginary one-dimensional paper cutout skeleton.
    Spike: Well, nopony's perfect.
  • From a meta viewpoint, the entire sideplot of Sweetie Belle receiving the package meant for Sugar Belle was based on one of the executives accidentally writing Sugar Belle instead of Sweetie Belle.

    Molt Down 
  • During a visit to Peewee, Spike is continually covering the right side his face with one claw. The funny part comes when Rarity moves to his right side, only for Spike to move further until they are literally going in circles.
  • When Twilight is telling Spike about when she got acne, she angrily grumbles that Celestia probably never had a blemish her whole life.
  • When Spike gets indigestion and starts belching huge gouts of fire, Twilight teleports away to avoid one. Then she teleports back in with a fire extinguisher.
  • One of the side effects of "the molt" is uncontrollable volume changes, and Spike finds himself Suddenly SHOUTING! in the worst possible place: "THIS IS THE SCHOOL LIBRARY! IT'S ONE OF THE MOST SERENE SPOTS ON CAMPUS!"
  • She also compares Spike's molt smell to brussels sprouts wrapped in cotton candy. Considering she once made "Strawberry Cinnamon Cilantro Cupcakes", it's not hard to imagine that brussels sprouts and cotton candy is another food combination she once tried, hence why she can compare the smell.
  • Spike getting confused when Smolder says that Rocs are among the predators attracted by the molt scent. She proceeds to spell the word out for him.
    Spike: Dragons are scared of rocks?
    Smolder: R-O-C-S. Rocs!
  • Zecora apparently can't stand the smell of Spike's molting.
  • When Spike has another shouting moment, she wordlessly stuffs cotton into her ears.
  • And then comes the fire belch, which she solves with moving him to the cauldron.
  • Rarity's deafness moments. That is all.
  • Spike briefly struggling to fly with his new wings.

    Marks for Effort 
  • Yona jumps to catch a cupcake. Pinkie Pie is on the landing spot. Pinkie's swift, wordless change of expression is what sell it.
  • Starlight eagerly offering to help Twilight with the CMC because she has nothing to do. When Twilight shoots her down she walks off muttering how she'll go dust her office for the 70th time...
    • Later when Cozy Glow comes to her for help, she finds Starlight re-alphabetizing her eight books she keeps on her bookshelf, and Starlight's muttering makes it clear she has done this numerous times in the past.
    • Then, when Cozy Glow surprises her in the middle of muttering to herself:
      Starlight: Ah! How much of that did you hear?!
  • When Twilight leaves to talk with the CMC, she leaves Spike in charge of the class. When she returns, she finds Spike making the class recite a poem about dragons while standing on their desks. Twilight's reaction can only be described as a combination of weirded out and resigned.
  • Sweetie Belle continuously asks Rarity if she can attend the friendship school. Rarity labels her "Repeatie Belle".
    • When Sweetie Belle surprises Rarity while she's trying to put pins in a hat, she accidentally sticks one directing into the mannequin's forehead.
  • The Crusaders' Bad "Bad Acting" when they stage a fight in front of Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie.
  • Sweetie Belle and Cozy Glow organize Mrs. Cake's sprinkles so she doesn't have to use rainbow sprinkles on her cakes all the time. Then she goes ahead and makes a cake with rainbow sprinkles anyway. Apparently, she just really likes making cakes with rainbow sprinkles.
  • Cozy Glow's deliberately bad answers on her friendship exam, saying that the Elements of Harmony are "five cozy sweaters and a cheese grater" and the Princess of Friendship is "Your Mom".
  • When Cozy Glow admits she failed the test on purpose in the hopes it might convince Twilight to let the Crusaders into her friendship school. Starlight Glimmer puts on a hilariously over-the-top poker face when trying not to be impressed by how devious it is.

    The Mean 6 
  • Chrysalis growing increasingly fed up with the Mean 6 not listening to her and wasting time on their own things, until she finally just screams at them "Just retrieve the elements!" on her last nerve.
    • She even does an Eye Twitch when Mean Applejack continues spinning lies.
    • Just the fact that Mean Twilight immediately plots to overthrow Chrysalis after being spawned.
  • When she's not being a jerk, the lies Mean Applejack spins can be entertaining.
  • Although it's a tragic scene, Starlight takes off her hat, revealing she has hat mane.
  • Mean Rarity's greedy hoarder tendencies.
    • Especially when Applejack asks what she plans to do with the fishing pole she's hoarded.
      Mean Rarity: I don't know... but I wants it!
    • Then when they wreck the campsite, she ignores the intricately designed tent canvases in favor of swiping a stick. She not only lacks Rarity's generosity, but also her good taste.
    • Mean Rarity's Establishing Character Moment:
      Mean Rarity: Those elements are mine! Along with this rock. And this twig.
  • Pinkie Pie annoying the heck out of Mean Twilight with the long-drawn-out story of how they obtained the Elements and used them to defeat Tirek.
    • Not to mention it is a call-back to the very first episode when she annoyed the real Twilight the exact same way.
  • A bird swears at Fluttershy for "being mean".
  • Mean Fluttershy telling cute little woodland critters "I hope you all freeze this winter."
  • When Chrysalis isn't being completely fed up with the Mean Six's antics, she's a diabolical goofball.
    • In order for her spell to work, she needs a hair from each of the Mane Six as well as a picture of them. She snaps photos of all of the Mane Six in more or less mid-blink.
      • It should also be noted that her picture of Rainbow Dash is focused on her butt.
    • When Chrysalis is explaining her plan, she addresses each of the trees she uses to make the Mean Six as if they were the actual ponies she was copying.
    • Not to mention this incredibly silly prance she does while prepping the spell. D'awww.
  • Mean Rainbow Dash blows off Fluttershy when she gets lost, to which she gives a completely dumbfounded "What just happened?"
  • When Chrysalis plucks a piece of hair from Fluttershy's mane, Fluttershy's mane briefly changes into Pinkie Pie's manestyle.
  • While she proceeds to destroy the Mane 6's tents, Mean Fluttershy grabs a tent with her mouth and roughly shakes it.
  • Mean Twilight wants to defeat Chrysalis and take the Elements from the Tree of Harmony for herself. Mean Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie decide they're going to attack the Tree of Harmony itself. Mean Rainbow Dash... does not seem to care either way and is asleep among the branches.
  • While Heartwarming, both in the leaked content and the actual episode, Fluttershy gets glomped.

    A Matter of Principals 
  • Twilight has a list of all the supplies Starlight will need to run the school in her absence. The list includes Spike, who Twilight sets on the pile of supplies.
  • Spike and Starlight seeing off the Mane Six.
    Spike: Goodbye, Rarity! [Starlight looks at him] A-And everypony!
  • One of Discord's suggestions for the school is an "ambidextrous marmoset" mascot (which is seen floating around in later scenes).
  • One time Discord mocks Starlight impersonating Twilight while wearing a wig in her style. He then puts the wig on Starlight. It fits her perfectly.
  • Iron Will is one of the substitutes that Discord hires and tells the class they need to make others be their friends. He has Yona shout at the other students to be her friends and they eventually run out of the class in fear. Later, Yona smashes through the wall like the Hulk while demanding everyone be her friend.
  • The following exchange (which speaks for itself):
    Starlight: You hired a tree as a teacher?!
    Discord: Its schedule was free.
    • Silverstream giving the tree an apple.
    • As Spike points out its not just any tree, it's a dragonsneeze tree which gives both him and Smolder allergic reactions. This time Spike manages not to shoot fire everywhere but Smolder doesn't.
  • Discord sabotages Trixie's magic act. First she pulls a pigasus out of her hat. Second she pulls Derpy, who waves. Third she pulls out an ursa major.
  • After Trixie's classroom is cleared, she ends up talking to someone on the other end of the banana about their "long distance plans".
    • Bonus points when you consider this is the first time we've seen a telephone in the show. No wonder Trixie was confused.
  • Gallus quotes from griffon history about King Grover, then demands that Silverstream tell no-one that he paid attention in class.

    The Hearth's Warming Club 
  • Twilight tells the Young Six to close their eyes and raise a hoof/claw/whatever if any of them did the prank. No-one comes forward, but Twilight learns that both Spike and Rainbow Dash also closed their eyes.
  • Ocellus and her presumed family taking Twilight's Hearth's Warming instruction a little too literally.
  • Yona tells a story of the holiday the Yaks celebrate and how it mostly involves making stuff before smashing it with their families. When she gets to the part about making a moss pile the others all guess that the Yaks Smash it too. Yona responds "What you think yaks are, barbarians?"
  • Silverstream tries to smash her bucket like Yona did, and only raps on it ineffectually.
  • Smolder's story is a The Farmer and the Viper story about a homeless dragon who is taken in by the Dragon Lord, only to usurp him and cast him out into the cold. The others are horrified; Smolder says that dragons like stories about weak, friendly creatures being defeated.
  • Sandbar's story about how his Hearthswarming doll almost fell into the fire...but it landed on the floor. Complete with a Big NO! and slow-mo.
    Smolder: That's a great story. And you told it really well.
    Sandbar: Yeah. It was a Hearthswarming miracle.
    • At the end of the episode, he offers to tell his friends the story of "The Time I Almost Spilled Grape Juice on the White Couch".
      Smolder: (gleefully) Does it have a depressing ending?
  • Gallus talks about how fighting and blaming others for everything is the exact opposite of what everyone's holidays mean. Except for maybe Smolder's. Smolder looks like she's about to object, before thinking about it and shrugging it off.
  • After Gallus gets the other creatures to stop fighting and essentially tells them that he was the one that pulled the prank, Sandbar pipes up with one line, going off from earlier on when he was blaming Ocellus for pulling said prank.
    Sandbar: So, it wasn't Ocellus?
  • Yona offers to braid Gallus' feathers, an offer Gallus flatly turns down.

    Friendship University 
  • Rarity thinks that Starswirl is Flam in disguise and tries to demask him by pulling off his beard.
  • Rarity disguises herself as "Plainity", wearing a series of clothes and a hat with a different mane style. Twilight simply wears an eyepatch.
    Twilight: My name is Eyepatch. I have an eyepatch.
    • When "Plainity" reveals herself as Rarity, Flim and Flam still don't know who she is.
  • Twilight’s complete distrust in anyone believing her disguise, and sheer disbelief when a student does.
    • Given a call back later when Flim and Flam don’t buy it for a second.
      Flim: Twilight Sparkle! Did you really think an eyepatch was enough of a disguise?
      Twilight: No, I didn’t!
  • When Twilight confesses to Rarity the brothers caught her sneaking into her office, a condescending Rarity admonishes "were we wearing our eyepatch?"
  • Rarity's Explain, Explain... Oh, Crap!.
    Rarity: Can you get a message to Spike? I want to return those sewing machines. I need the bits if I'm going to keep advancing here. Tuition's free, but the worksheets sure aren't.
    Twilight: (*looks around the hall and sees students with stacks of worksheets*) Flim and Flam are charging for these?
    Rarity: Well, they have to cover expenses, and Flam insists that everything extra goes to improving the school and— (*beat*) This is the scam, isn't it?

    The End In Friend 
  • One scene goes back and fourth between Rainbow Dash and Rarity sitting on a couch venting their frustrations about the other. A wide shot then reveals that the two are both sitting together on the same couch.
  • Starlight’s first attempt at fixing their friendship, swapping books, dissolves into even more aggressive arguing. In the middle of a local cafe.
    Starlight: I can see I’m gonna need reinforcements. [teleports away]
  • Rainbow not even bothering to read the book she’s given.
    Rarity: You see, if you didn't know that Sir Fluffingsworth von Radishfield wears only silk, double-breasted waistcoats, you'd never deduce that he, in fact, was the culprit!
    Rainbow Dash: [visibly uncertain] H-He was?
    Rarity: You didn’t even read it!
    • And later it's revealed that Rarity didn't read her book either.
  • Rarity's shocked and offended tone when she finds out "Spikey-Wikey" stole the amulet.

  • Fluttershy mistaking Pinkie Pie's yovidaphone playing to an animal in pain.
  • Angel tries to drown out the yovidaphone playing by ripping off fluff from his own tail and shoving it in his ears.
  • Rarity accidentally saying "Apple-solutely" instead of "Absolutely" when talking to Applejack.
  • Somehow, Pinkie Pie's yovidaphone playing is so loud that it causes all of the apples in Sweet Apple Acres to be turned into applesauce.
    Applejack: And it ain't even saucin' season!
  • Maud being very literal-minded as usual:
    • When Twilight and Applejack ask if they can ask her a question, Maud replies with "You just did."
    • When Fluttershy asks Maud if she has seen Pinkie Pie, Maud replies that she saw her lots of time since she "grew up with her."

    On the Road to Friendship 
  • Twilight and Cadance do their "ladybugs awake" dance, which just weirds Starlight and Trixie out.
    • Even Flurry Heart, who is riding on Cadance's head during the dance, is confused. Or maybe she just doesn’t like all the bouncing.
  • Hoo'far: Excuse me, Ms. Powerful?
    Trixie: *giggles* Usually ponies just call me Trrrrixie, but "Ms. Powerful" has a nice ring to it.
  • Starlight accidentally knocks down a hanging pot in Trixie's wagon, which is tied to a string of colored hankerchiefs. They continue to fall from the ceiling for a solid ten seconds before the pot tied to the other end lands, while the two continue to converse.
  • Starlight lampshades that if the Mane Six went on a roadtrip, they'd probably sing a song, but her and Trixie are nothing like that! Cue the opening chords of their road trip song.
  • Starlight snores in her sleep, very loudly. When Trixie confronts her about this, Starlight mentions how at her old village, she had them thinking packs of bears were roaming the area. Starlight laughs at the memory; Trixie does not.
    • Trixie's solution to Starlight's snoring? Wrap a bandana around her mouth. Starlight is not too happy with it.
    • The Hypocritical Humor of Trixie being upset by this, only to start talking in her sleep, practically practicing her performance monologue.
  • To stop Hoo'Far from leaving, Trixie leaps in front of the wagon, flops onto the ground and just lays there with an indignant expression on her face. For hours upon hours. While Hoo'Far calmly drinks tea.
  • Hoo'Far points out that, even if he were so inclined to trade Trixie back her wagon, she doesn't have it with her to exchange. She just pushes his muzzle away and snaps "details!"
  • Trixie trying to claim she and Starlight are best friends again while her voice and body language plainly show she is still very angry with Starlight.

    The Washouts 
  • Rainbow Dash admits to Scootaloo that she eavesdrops on every meeting of the Rainbow Dash fan club.
    Scootaloo: You eavesdrop on every meeting? That's weird.
    • Afterwards, when Rainbow Dash is telling the rest of the Mane 6 about how Scootaloo thinks the Washouts are better than the Wonderbolts:
    Rainbow Dash: Can you believe she actually said that?
    Pinkie Pie: Pfft, well, yeah! Eavesdropping on every meeting is kinda weird.
    • And it all comes full circle when Rainbow Dash starts the Scootaloo fan club.
    Scootaloo: You know, Rainbow Dash was right. Eavesdropping on your own fan club isn't weird at all.
  • Spitfire repeatedly warning Scootaloo that performing with the Washouts will end with her in a "FULL BODY WING-AND-HOOF CAST DRINKIN' THROUGH A STRAW!!" She gets louder and gruffer every time she says it.
    Spitfire: (while shaking Scootaloo) DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR!?
    Scootaloo: Uuuhhuuuhh...
    Spitfire: (normal voice) Excellent. Have a hat.
    • Without even being present, Lightning Dust is later able to mock her using the phrase verbatim.
    Rainbow Dash: That doesn't even sound like Spitfire.
  • While Rainbow is discussing her frustrations that Scootaloo is starting to idolize the Washouts more than her, Applejack admits that she would feel the same way if Apple Bloom started liking bananas more than apples.
    Applejack: *suddenly getting serious* Y'all tell me if that ever happens, ya hear?
  • Short Fuse has a quite few funny moments due to him being, well, a short fuse.
    • When introducing himself to Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo, he seems all calm and polite, until Rainbow Dash asks him why he got kicked out of the Wonderbolts, and he screams at the top of his lungs "ANGER ISSUES! GET OFF MY BACK!"
    • While Lightning Dust explains how she formed the Washouts, she calls her teammates "knuckleheads." They all laugh it off, although Short Fuse says "Don't call me 'Knucklehead'" through clenched teeth, indicating that he's trying to hold back an outburst to his leader.
    • Later on, he gets angry over a tomato sandwich he's eating and he tosses it on the ground. When Rainbow Dash appears, Lightning Dust tells her that they don't have time for autographs, unless she wants Short Fuse to sign his sandwich. Short Fuse replies, very loudly, that he is "not signing that abomination."
  • Twilight becomes a big fan of the Washouts and even gets her own signed posters. Rainbow is not amused at all.

    A Rockhoof and a Hard Place 
  • While in class, Yona talks about Rockhoof and says "Day cannot get better." Immediately after saying that, Rockhoof smashes down the wall to get the students to safety, thinking there is a fire, and puts his shovel under Yona. Yona gets a giant grin on her face and shouts "Day just got better!" as Rockhoof flings her outside.
  • Rockhoof trying and utterly failing at his jobs in Ponyville:
    Spike: *shudders* I did not need to hear that.
    • Bulk Biceps gives a very girlish scream when Rockhoof (as a masseuse) applies a bit too much pressure.
    • When Zecora needs supplies and asks Rockhoof to help her get some leaves, he decides to bring her the entire tree instead. Said tree also happens to contains a swarm of bees.
  • When Rockhoof, Twilight, and Applejack visit Somnambula in her village they see she is now a motivational speaker. While taking part in one of her sessions, doing yoga poses, Somnambula speaks gently to the crowd, saying they are relaxed and can do anything they wish, Rockhoof suddenly falls asleep.
    Applejack: Guess he wished he could take a nap?
  • Twilight appoints Rockhoof as Equestria's offical keeper of tales. Spike asks Twilight if she even has the authority to do that.
    Twilight Sparkle: Eh.
  • After the students at the School of Friendship are introduced to Rockhoof, Yona talks about how much she likes Rockhoof because he reminds her of a yak because he's so strong. Gallus walks by talking about how Rockhoof also smashes things like a yak, and smells like a yak, and then gets a friendly shove from Yona. What makes it funny is that as Gallus gets shoved, you can hear a turkey call.
    • Even funnier is the fact that Yona responds to those yak comparisons with "Yes! He perfect!", marking the second time that Yona was oblivious to Gallus making fun of the way she smells.

    What Lies Beneath 
  • Gallus pokes fun at the Tree of Harmony by walking up to an ordinary tree and asking it to tell him all it knows.
  • Silverstream gets excited over sinks and plumbing.
  • The other five finding Yona asleep.
    Smolder: [laughs] Apparently, yaks no love study groups!
    • Gallus crawls his claws on Yona's face causing her to wake up yelling about spiders, once she calms down she finds it Actually Pretty Funny.
  • Ocellus doing impressions of Twilight and Applejack as a joke. Has Standup Comedy become popular in the Changeling Kingdom?
  • Smolder's fear she has to confront is facing up to her secret love of girly things: she has to wear a dress and politely drink tea with some old mares.
    • When she and Gallus find each other, Smolder looks at the roughed-up Gallus and quips "what happened to you?" Gallus sees her in the dress and make-up and responds with the same thing. Smolder realizes she's still in the get-up, rips off the dress, rubs off the make-up, and threatens Gallus to never tell anyone what he saw.
  • Probably an unintentional one, but the way Ocellus (as Chrysalis) covers herself from Smolder makes it look like she's dabbing.
  • Gallus, Ocellus, Smolder, and Silverstream all getting nervous and confused over Yona's spiders.
    Silverstream: Hey Yona. Who's your . . . spider army?
    • A little later.
    Smolder: Of all the strange things that have happened tonight that's the strangest, right?
  • When Gallus realizes what's just happened.
    Gallus: (to Sandbar) We just learned a friendship lesson from a tree, didn't we?

    Sounds of Silence 
  • Fluttershy is concerned that their destination is called the Peak of Peril. Applejack tries to reassure her it's just a name... like how Cloudsdale is on clouds or the Crystal Empire is made of crystals.
  • "Sorry, Fluttershy. Flanks don't lie." Not something you'd expect to hear in a show like this.
    • It's also funny when you consider that their flanks did lie to them just 9 episodes earlier. Twilight must've made sure Discord couldn't pull any more tricks.
  • The creepy stationmaster manning the terminus Applejack and Fluttershy travel to takes his leave while laughing evilly. Just as it looks like he's done, he starts laughing again as he enters the ticket booth. And then he appears at the window to laugh one more time as he pulls a blind down.
  • It's funny seeing just how quickly Fluttershy goes from quiet explanation to exasperated shouting when Applejack refuses to listen to her about the shortcut to the Kirin village.
  • Basically everything Autumn Blaze says or does is hilarious. Years of enforced silence followed by her getting her voice back and then not having anyone else to talk to has turned her into a Motor Mouth Genki Girl Cloudcuckoolander that could give Pinkie Pie a run for her money.
    • Her introduction to Applejack is to Troll her by acting the same as the other Kirin and not saying a word or showing any emotion, before cracking up.
      "Oh, you don't know how much I missed jokes. Hi-larity! Am I pronouncing that right? Some words I haven't said in a will. While! While. Hi, I'm Autumn Blaze!"
    • Her song is full of non-sequiter asides. Including that she wrote the Kirin verison of The Phantom of the Opera.
      • How she goes into song:
    Autumn Blaze: [Our Vow of Silence is] a long story.
    Applejack: You'd.. rather not talk about it?
    Autumn Blaze: No.
    Applejack: I under...
    Autumn Blaze: I'd rather SIIIIIIIING!
    • When Applejack mentions Fluttershy, Autumn Blaze asks if that's what she named her shadow, and proceeds to "introduce" her shadow, named "Silhouette Gloom of the Sundown Lands".
    • Autumn Blaze referring to the cure as "the antidote for [her] anecdote".
    • When Fluttershy meets Autumn:
    Fluttershy: She talks?
    Applejack: You have no idea.
    • Autumn goes for a hoof-shake with Fluttershy except since Autumn had been in Nirik form moments earlier, her hoof is still on fire and she has to blow it out before the hoof-shake can happen.
    • Autumn tries to communicate with one of the silent Kirin with hoofsignals and has no clue what they're trying to convey.
    "This is making me furious. Would you excuse me? I'll be right back. (*walks behind a bush, a plume of fire shoots into the air from behind it as Autumn lets out a distorted scream, walks back*) You were saying?"
    • Autumn says there's no flowers she used to make the cure left in the region.
    "Believe me, I've had a lot of alone time lately. I searched the entire forest seventy-three and a half times. Although I wonder if that second half could make a difference."
    • Once Applejack and Fluttershy find the flowers for the cure...
    Autumn Blaze: You found them?! Where were they? Tell me everything and feel free to add complicated descriptions and comedic tangents!
    (Fluttershy and Applejack look at each other, then at Autumn with confused and unamused expressions respectively.)
    Autumn Blaze: ...Oh, right. First things first.
  • Fluttershy objects to Applejack's idea that the Kirin should speak again, showing the story of how their rage turns the Kirin into Nirik, creatures of fire and rage.
    Applejack: That seemed less scary when it was in a song...
  • Applejack's reaction to Autumn Blaze's Purple Prose moment regarding the view outside her home.
    Autumn Blaze: The way the light shimmers off everything, like, like it all suddenly woke up the moment you saw it. And you realize maybe the water and the mountains and the forest and the... yes, the rainbow and the stars and the sky are all looking back at you thinking the same thing? That we are a part of the everything. That maybe there's just one thing and we are all it. [smiles widely]
    Applejack: [beat] I was gonna say "it's pretty". But yeah.
  • Fluttershy getting angry at AJ for continuing to interrupt her before regaining her composure. Her anger yet again proves to be hilarious.
  • From the visuals we see during Autumn Blaze's song, we can infer that the Kirins were all extremely angry about going into the Stream of Silence, as each one is in Nirik form as they do it - which while also a bit sad is kind of just funny to imagine each one was thinking petty childish thoughts about another Kirin making them do this as they immersed themselves.

    Father Knows Beast 
  • During "Just Can't Be a Dragon Here", Sludge throws multiple items out the window, one of which is a bathtub, which Starlight is still in the process of using, suds and all — she catches herself and the tub in a levitation bubble before she hits the ground.
  • During the montage where Spike and Sludge "bond" as father and son, one of the activities they do is bake cupcakes. Sludge has to wear an apron for this, but when Spike's back is turned, Sludge frustratedly takes it off with a 100% done expression that screams "This frilly apron feels stupid!"
  • Another activity is a Heart's Warming present exchange. The thing is, it's summer, so Rainbow Dash creates a fake snowfall (by pouring something white out of a bucket), causing two passing ponies dressed for summer to look at her confused.
  • Pinkie has the most success in getting Sludge to move around despite his laziness by making him chase after cupcakes.

    School Raze 
  • Rainbow Dash trying to show the Cloudsdale Weather Factory, but the students are more interested in being able to walk on the cloud.
    Rainbow Dash: Hey! The cool stuff's over here!
  • Starlight's annoyed face in reaction to Twilight suggesting that she did the cloud walking spell wrong. She doesn't miss an opportunity to get back at her when Twilight's telekinesis fails.
    Twilight: I didn't drop that book!
    Starlight: Maybe you did your spell wrong?
  • When Cozy gives Smolder a bit of extra homework, her friends also jump in to say that they should also get extra homework. Then comes Gallus who begrudgingly agrees with a low "Fine..."
  • Cerberus licking Fluttershy and Rarity's response.
    Rarity: I'll get you a towel, darling...
  • Rainbow tries to escape Tartarus by breaking through the door via ramming herself at full speed into it. It fails painfully. As Twilight and Rarity point out, Tartarus was designed to hold the most powerful and evil creatures in Equestria, no amount of physical force they can muster will be able to break them out.
  • Sandbar throws apples at Apple Bloom's window to wake her up, and when she opens the window, a watering can flies through. Sandbar admits he ran out of apples... and the shot reveals the other items he had ready were rocks, farming implements, an anvil, and a cow. The cow rolls her eyes and walks off.
  • The fact that the School of Friendship's blason on Cozy Glow's crown is held by two pieces of tape belay a bit the drama of the scene.
  • Pinkie annoying Tirek into submission.
  • To free Neighsay from his chains, Yona charges at him, stops just short of crashing into him to use her horns to pick the lock, then pushes back the chair he was chained in hard enough to shatter it. Easy to imagine she just did that for a bit of payback.
  • When the Young Six are trying to free Starlight, Gallus rattles off a bit of his knowledge.
    Gallus: Hey! This is just like chapter twelve in "Kanthaka's Facts and Artifacts" from Twilight's class!
    (All the others stare at him)
    Gallus: What? I've been studying. Finals are coming up, you know?
  • When Cozy is blaming the Young Six for everything, she adds that they imprisoned Starlight Glimmer. Starlight is just sitting there with a deadpan expression that says "Yep, saw that coming."
  • When Tirek's magic returns to him it slams right into his face and knocks him over. Plus, it does this while he is trying to reach out of his cage and grab some of the other returning magic with a huge evil smirk.
  • Cozy Glow's plans blowing up in smoke and her quickly realizing she's in big trouble:
    Cozy: [livid] You ruined everything! Now Twilight and her ridiculous friends can escape from Tartarus!
    [Twilight and the others suddenly teleport in front of Cozy, shooting scary Death Glares her way]
    Cozy: [nervously] I...mean...Yayyy, all my friends are safe.
  • At the end of the finale, the young six are practicing graduation, but Twilight admits it'll take longer than a semester to learn friendship.
  • While Cozy Glow's Slasher Smile at the end of the episode after being trapped inside a cage in Tartarus next to Tirek at the end of the episode is scary, there's a funny element to it: Cozy Glow, the pony who shed tears in "Marks for Effort" over things at the School of Friendship being too "new" for her and later failing a test, actually smiles when she essentially gets Dragged Off to Hell.
    • There's also something hilarious about how brightly she says "Hey neighbor" before said smile.
  • There's something darkly hilarious that after giving redemptions to other villains like Starlight Glimmer and Discord, the villain that isn't Easily Forgiven and is sent to Tartarus is a child.

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