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Funny / My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic - Season 4

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    Princess Twilight Sparkle 
Part 1
  • Twilight trying to fly.
    • Twilight's first flight lesson goes as well as expected, ending with her plowing through the ground.
  • This little bit of dialogue, when Rarity tries to cheer up a nervous Twilight:
    Rarity: Oh, don't be so modest! It's everypony's dream to someday wear a crown and have their coronation ceremony preserved in stained glass for all to see! (sigh)
    Rainbow Dash: I dunno if it's everypony's dream...
    Pinkie Pie: Most of my dreams are about frosting! (drools)
    • Applejack then makes a speech about how the group are all friends and everyone is quick to back her for Pinkie, who's still thinking about the frosting.
  • Rarity having her color pallets with her.
  • After her friends leave, Twilight feels like she's missing them already, only for a messenger to deliver a note from Pinkie saying that she's not missing anything.
  • Spike sleep-checking (that is, acting like he's checking off things on a checklist in his sleep).
  • It may be unintentional and/or on the end of what's certainly a national catastrophe for Equestria, but Spike fainting after being told that the royal guard take their orders from Twilight is utterly hilarious. It's like he knows what's going to happen.
  • Big Mac trying to pull weeds that keep zipping back into the ground.
    Big Mac: Eeyup.
    (bites at weed and misses)
    Big Mac: Nope.
    (another weed pops up)
    Big Mac: Eeyup.
    (misses again)
    Big Mac: Nope.
    (a third weed)
    Big Mac: Eeyup.
    (another weed smacks him from behind)
    Big Mac: Nope.
  • The vine induced Power Incontinence of Rarity and Sweetie Belle.
  • Twilight forgetting she could fly to Ponyville.
  • When Applejack is talking to the others (minus Twilight) about the Everfree Forest expanding, Pinkie Pie can be seen stomping on a vine right next to her. Complete with sound effects.
  • While Spike is riding Twilight as she flies, he suddenly pulls out a set of seat belts. Yeah, Twilight has seat belts.
  • Twilight teleporting into the library to avoid crashing... only to forget to take Spike with her. He hits a window. He then crawls in and starts kissing the ground!
  • Pinkie saying that the Everfree is just a teeny tiny bit out of control, right before her Pinkie sense kicks in and she ducks... causing the vine to hit Rarity instead!
  • Pinkie saying that she hadn't found anything in the books that she'd been going through... only for the camera to pan over and reveal that they're coloring books, and for her to remark that she missed a spot, pick up a crayon, and fill it in!
  • The Mane Six summon Discord, assuming that he's the one responsible for all this. They summon him while he's showering. And he's singing "Winter Wrap-Up" to boot!
    • He proceeds to spend the rest of the scene mercilessly trolling them all, showing that even if he's reformed, his more fun side hasn't been affected at all.
      Discord: The rest of you could learn a lot about friendship from my good friend Shutterfly here. (wraps his arm around Rainbow Dash)
      Fluttershy: Um, it's...Fluttershy...
      Discord: (tossing Rainbow Dash aside) Oh, right, whatever.
  • Discord giving Rainbow Dash a Literal Ass-Kicking with his 'one cloven hoof'.

Part 2

  • After Twilight's vision of the origin of Nightmare Moon ends, it turns out some of her reactions were noticed in the real world, without any context. The result is her friends seriously wondering if Zecora's potion had instead harmed her, while Discord is in full Pass the Popcorn mode.
    • When Twilight is sobbing over a seemingly dead Celestia in her vision, it's heartbreaking. When Discord shows her a recording of how she looked in the real world, replacing her sobs with the sound of a crying baby, it's hilarious.
    • When Twilight takes another sip of the potion, Discord gets a director's costume and whips out a film camera.
      Discord: Ah, I do hope she breaks out into a song this time!
  • Celestia's reaction when Discord asks her and Luna if they'd like to play a game of "Pin the Tail on the Pony" and holds up her tail! Never thought we'd see the ruler of Equestria checking out her own flank. Never mind her face.
    • During which, Luna actually glances at her own rump, as if to make sure nothing similar happened to her.
    • Something about Discord finding the event leading him to stone hilarious, and than freezes midlaugh, as if not even noticing.
  • When Twilight rallies the girls to save the Tree of Harmony:
    Applejack: Well, all right! Let's go save a... tree.
  • The rattling sound when Twilight is shaking her head after the visions.
    • This is accompanied - at least the first time - with her trying to "shake" the glow out of her eyes.
  • Discord filing his nails using Gummy of all things. The fact that the little alligator still has his usual blank expression makes the scene even more hilarious.
    • Not only that, but as he is doing this, he is ignoring two ponies next to him, caught in a vine and screaming for help. When he notices Twilight coming, he wears an expression that literally reads,"Oh, shi—" as he hurriedly teleports Gummy and the vine away. Even better, he treats the fleeing ponies as if they're being ungrateful despite doing nothing to help them for what could have been a solid hour.
      Discord: (as the ponies flee) You're welcome!
  • When the Mane Six (sans Twilight) get to the Tree of Harmony, Rarity asks how they're going to get down. Pinkie then proceeds to fall down the set of stairs that they somehow missed.
  • Discord is lounging on one of the vines in tropical getup when they suddenly disappear due to the Mane six, causing him to fall to the ground. What does he say?
    Discord: Oh pooh.
  • Discord poofs onto Applejack's back wearing a cowboy outfit.
    • Discord literally shrinking when Fluttershy stops him from scheming after he realizes that the Mane Six can't stop him with the Elements any more.
  • We see Discord in a maid's outfit!
    • But he doesn't do windows.
  • Celestia and Luna keeping their stoic, determined expressions even as Discord throws seeds at their faces.

    Castle Mane-ia 
  • During Rainbow Dash and Applejack's "bee stare", one bee goes up Gummy's nostril and comes out the other, with Gummy still sitting there and not even changing his expression.
    • The beekeeper getting his bees back.
      • And the fact that the two of them were wearing beekeeper suits. And we were led to believe that they were doing this dare with only their fur coats for protection.
  • RD and AJ made Pinkie the scorekeeper for their little competition. The scorecard is completely covered in doodles.
    • Immediately before this is shown, Pinkie's doing math on the scorecard which includes decimals.
  • Twilight's wings springing up when she sees all the the books in the Princesses' library, bringing to mind that common meme about pony wings. Not to mention that it's immediately followed by a borderline literal nerdgasm.
  • Celestia and Luna's diary reveals they created the castle as essentially a giant funhouse for themselves. This leads to tons of great mental images.
  • Fluttershy fretting about Angel while we know he's safe with Twilight.
  • The marvelously unexpected Black Comedy Burst where it seems to Fluttershy that Angel has been crushed by a pillar, and then Applejack crushes him some more.
    • It's made even funnier when Angel reveals that he's perfectly fine.
    • The scene would be funny with anyone, but the fact that it's Angel is what makes it hilarious.
  • Pinkie Pie really likes to ring bells.
    • And apparently she gets to ring it because no one else volunteered.
  • Rainbow making pinball noises as she bounces off the walls.
  • The Mane Six narrowly missing each other repeatedly. The fact that they keep scaring each other silly makes it even more hilarious!
  • At the end of a montage of the Mane Six screaming at scary things, Rarity lets out the biggest one of all, after realizing she accidentally damaged one of the tapestries.
    • Not to mention her increasing frustration with the castle's ill-mannered ingratitude. After all, she was only committed to her sacred task of restoration!
    • The castle striking back at Rarity:
    Rarity: Of all the castles in Equestria, this is by far the most ungrateful! (a stone piece falls on Rarity's head) Oof!
    • But what really takes the cake is her reaction when a tapestry - knocked down due to Rainbow Dash's frantic flying - falls onto her. She behaves as if it was driven by some malevolent spirit supposedly haunting the castle and apparently feels the need to excuse her intrusion... by delivering this line, gradually breaking into crying:
    Rarity: I was only trying to restore ancient aaart!
    • Followed by her frantically running around, still crying and with tapestry still over her head.
  • Twilight arriving at the main area of the castle and seeing her friends either running around scared and/or bawling their eyes out, wondering what the heck just happened.
  • Spike and the other ponies comically clinging to Twilight Sparkle as she goes to investigate who's been playing the castle's pipe organ.
    • And the fact that Twilight is still able to walk just fine despite literally carrying five other ponies and Spike. Power Gives You Wings...and Super Strength? Must be the Earth Pony aspect.
  • The scene where Twilight first emerges from the library to find Fluttershy in hysterics clinging to a pillar, Rainbow Dash flying around in a blind panic and pinballing off the walls, Applejack hyperventilating about shadows while destroying everything she sees, and Rarity sobbing loudly under a tapestry.
    • Rarity's line of "She's with me" after Rainbow Dash wonders why Fluttershy is present. There's just something about the delivery that perfectly blends her "just stopped crying" state, her overall frustration, and her embarrassment with the situation. Still having the tapestry draped over her only enhances the moment.
  • When Spike asks Twilight what the organ to the outside means, she responds with an absolutely delighted "I have no idea!"
  • As the ponies discuss how they let their imaginations get the better of them, Pinkie Pie chimes in with this gem:
    Pinkie Pie: I always let my imagination run away from me! Then it comes back with cake!
  • Spike gets flung across the room by spring-loaded trap in the floor, right in front of everyone, but only Applejack reacts to it.
  • SO much derp. No Derpy, sadly, but almost every other character makes Derpy-eyes at some point, from Spike burping up a letter, to Applejack being hit on the head, and Rarity being spun in a trap...
  • Pinkie explaining why she couldn't ring the school bell all week.
    Pinkie Pie: I only had to ring it for, like, five minutes! They said that was good enough! Eh, can't imagine why...
  • Pinkie playing the baseball "Charge!" music on the organ.
  • At the start of the episode, Rarity describes her mission to the castle as being for "the most important reason in my entire life!" That being to examine and restore old tapestries in the hopes of finding inspirations for new clothes. Remember, this is one of the ponies who has helped save Equestria multiple times.
    Rarity: "Yes, well...maybe not the most important thing in my entire life..."
  • At one point during the ending, while the others are talking, Pinkie happily bounces across the screen...and then there's an audible crash.

    Daring Don't 
  • Rainbow Dash's "Four More Months" exclamations, followed shortly after by finding out that the book has been pushed back another two months. Given that fans had to wait just over nine months between Magical Mystery Cure and Princess Twilight Sparkle (not counting the movie) for a new episode...
    Rainbow Dash: Two more months! But I've waited so long already! I don't think I can make it another two months!
    Fluttershy: Yeah, I can vouch for that.
  • Rainbow Dash's Derpy-esque expression after colliding into the tree, along with Circling Birdies made of two actual baby birds.
  • The homage to the Travel Montage from the Indiana Jones ending with a reveal that Pinkie Pie has actually been painting a red line throughout all of Equestria as the Mane Six head to A. K. Yearling's home.
  • Rainbow Dash making the "So Awesome!" face when seeing A.K. Yearling.
  • The Mane Six get caught up in watching Daring Do keep her ring away from some henchponies. After she gets tied up, we have this line:
    Fluttershy: Um... shouldn't we go and help her?
  • The hired goons that rough up Daring Do have Big Ball of Violence cutie marks.
  • Twilight and Rainbow Dash as huge fan-mares throughout the episode. They even debate whether a villain's plan will work by referencing earlier books in the series.
    • When Twilight and Rainbow Dash discuss past books, in the backgroud is Pinkie Pie following along with said discussion (and Fluttershy reacting to Pinkie Pie following along with an expression that shouts "Really?").
  • Rainbow's reaction to the Foe Yay between Daring Do and Ahuizotl. It can best be described as "awkward Squee!"
    • Prompted by Daring Do's response to Ahuizotl's demand for the ring:
    Daring Do: Now Ahuizotl, you know I love you, but I can't give you the ring till I've properly proposed!
  • In the climax, Applejack can't remember how to pronounce Ahuizotl's name.
    Applejack: Drop the ring, Ahui... whatever your name is!
    • Then when the action starts, we get Pinkie hopping around with the most serious expression on her face. Then she steals one of the Rings of Scorchero from Ahuizotl's mooks, briefly using it like a hula hoop in the process.
  • At one point Ahuizotl offers the following idiomatically-interesting taunt:
    Ahuizotl: "Oh, Daring-Do! I will so miss your amusing laughter jokes!"
  • This exchange:
    Twilight: We're going to need a carefully thought out plan...
    Rainbow Dash: I'm coming, Daring Do!
    Twilight: THAT'S NOT A PLAN!

    Flight to the Finish 
  • Rainbow Dash constantly flip-flopping between her usual outgoing enthusiasm and her attempt at being a restrained professional.
  • Several moments from the song "Hearts as Strong as Horses", like Apple Bloom struggling to lift a barbell made with two apples stuck to a stick (until Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo eat most of the apples, leaving the core), and the CMC winning a tug-of-war with muscle-pony Snowflake when he gets startled by a butterfly.
  • All throughout the original "Hearts as strong as Horses" montage, the Crusaders have perfect singing voices. Then, right after they finish and Tiara comes to taunt them, Scootaloo absolutely flubs a verse. This is the codifier of what has become a Running Joke with the Crusaders.
  • When Diamond Tiara suggests ruining the Crusaders' routine, Silver Spoon wonders "What can we do? We already called them blank flanks!" It's like they're practically saying "That's the only thing we know how to do!"
  • The ending, when Ms. Harshwinny is so impressed by the Crusader's display she starts gushing about it, and Rainbow Dash takes the time to deliver an Ironic Echo: "Constrain your enthuisasm, Ms. Harshwinny. Remember: professionalism!"
  • Rainbow Dash's look of "This is really getting old" when the CMC say they'll get cutie marks in flag carrying.
  • Late in the episode, when Rainbow Dash stops the train and takes Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle back to Ponyville to get Scootaloo, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon dish out yet another venomous taunt. Sweetie Belle then flatly says what everyone is thinking:
    Sweetie Belle: I do not like them one bit.
  • Ms. Harshwhinny's highly cartoonish expressions.
  • Scootaloo's sheepish "ta-daaa!" after putting on a complete failure of a show.

    Power Ponies 
  • Twilight's reaction to Rainbow Dash pulling a Leeroy Jenkins.
    Twilight: So much for element of surprise.
  • The entire How Do I Shot Web? sequence.
    • The fact that Pinkie Pie (naturally) is the only one to immediately figure out her powers. Unfortunately for the team and fortunately for the viewers, she rarely uses them practically.
    • Once the portal opens to return them to Equestria, Pinkie comes out with a tray of cupcakes, and when questioned says that they had a whole second and a half before it sucked them in, and the shop was only six miles away...
  • Rarity with Green Lantern-esque powers goes about as you'd think: she makes a tea set, a feather duster to clean off her costume, and stairs to daintily walk down while the others are jumping into battle.
    • Made even better by the fact that once she gets the hang of them she is completely competent with her powers despite this.
    • When a minion tries to drop a billboard on her, Rarity conjures up an umbrella that bounces it right back at him and takes him out. The poor sucker has just enough time to look surpirsed before the sign smashes into him.
    • While Spike is lamenting how useless he is, Rarity insists that he isn't because...he's wearing a cape. That's literally the only justification she can come up with, and it's completely sincere, too! This does nothing for Spike's mood, as Spike knows that in his first few seconds as Humdrum he managed to trip over his cape and as a result fumble the McGuffin right into the Maneiac's reach.
  • Fluttershy as an Expy of The Incredible Hulk and Pinkie Pie as an Expy of The Flash/Quicksilver. Fluttershy spends the episode being her usual self (until Mane-iac injures a firefly) and Pinkie Pie keeps running to the bakery to get cupcakes.
    • The absolutely confused look on the Mane-iac's face when Fluttershy begins getting mad and calls her a "great big meanie!"
    • Special mention goes to the Reaction Shot after Fluttershy loses it and starts tearing apart the doomsday device. With her teeth.
    • And if you look closely at the other five members of the Mane Six, they're all staring in shock as Fluttershy tears apart the Mane-iac's machine.
  • The henchman who's just as concerned about his hair as Rarity.
  • Pinkie Pie distracting a henchmen until she shoves a banana split in his face, the resulting mess looking like a ":(" expression.
  • After the rest of the Mane Six struggle to keep from being sucked into the comic, Pinkie eagerly jumps right in.
  • Maniac makes a lounge out of her mane and slouches on it while watching the Power Ponies struggle with their powers for the first time.
  • Pinkie Pie cleaning the carpet by running and sliding about with scrub brushes attached to her hooves, rear and forehead.

  • Pinkie Pie throwing in a nod to "Winter Wrap Up" as they go to round up the bats: "Fruit bat roundup, fruit bat roundup!"
  • Applejack remarks that the last time they got an infestation of vampire fruit bats, they had to ration their apples through the winter and cancel cider season. It's the last part that has Rainbow Dash freaked out the most, and she cries "Won't somepony please think of the cider?!"
  • During the song, as the rest of the Mane 6 sing on dark backgrounds about driving off the bats, it cuts to Pinkie, who's smiling widely on a bright background, despite singing the same dark lyrics.
  • Fluttershy turns into a vampire! ...Except she's a fruit bat, so she only sucks apple juice.
  • Pinkie believing that Fluttershy/Flutterbat wants to eat all ponies involved and decides to make a retreat, by tunneling away from the farm no less. And then she returns via the same way almost immediately after Twilight explains they can cure Fluttershy's condition.
    • What makes the tunneling even funnier is that her mane is serving as a drill.
    • And her skewed logic that even if vampire fruit bats don't eat ponies, maybe vampire pony fruit bats do.
  • Rarity admiring her reflection in the giant apple as the scene keeps going without her.
  • Rarity's Epic Fail at netting a bat, which ends with her being chased by a bunch of them through the rest of the scene.
  • After Twilight casts the spell, all seems normal until more drained apples start showing up. The ponies investigate the bats and when Rainbow Dash tests them by offering one an apple, it's reading a tiny magazine.
  • While playing around with her bat signal, Pinkie accidentally shines it in AJ's eyes. AJ's (completely silent) reaction is already hilarious, but what sells it is the fact that Pinkie doesn't react to this at all and keeps talking like nothing happened.
  • Rainbow Dash attacking a scarecrow, which she mistook for an intruder.
  • Rarity's attempt to talk Flutterbat down:
    Rarity: "Fluttershy, sweetness, please come down. And do stop being a vampire bat."
  • During the search, Pinkie greets anything odd with a happy cry of "Suspicious!"

    Rarity Takes Manehattan 
  • Pinkie Pie's reaction to everypony's excitement over the tickets to Hinny of the Hills: "I love jumping up and down!"
  • Rarity's "Ahhooee" noise when she has to explain why she's barely shown up to the fashion show on time.
  • Rainbow Dash says that she usally don't like Musicals, because they randomly burst into song... then Rarity starts singing.
    • Not to mention Dash's face when Rarity starts singing is absolutely priceless.
  • Rainbow Dash flying up into the air while gushing about the musical, and then realizing she's in a theater and sheepishly floating back down.
  • Rarity has another breakdown. As always, Tabitha St. Germain busts out the prime cuts of Large Ham for it.
    (Rarity walks into the hotel room, eyes watering)
    Rainbow Dash: Is... everything okay?
    Pinkie Pie: You got the dresses the bellhop brought you and everything, right?
    (Rarity throws herself onto the bed sobbing)
    Rainbow Dash: But... he said he brought them!
    Rarity: And then Suri STOLE THEM!! (ahuh, ahuh, ahuh) I met one of the other contestants who used some of my one-of-a-kind fabric (ahuh, ahuh) and she turned it into a wardrobe just like mine (ahuh, ahuh) only now it looks like I'm the one copying her! My generosity has ruined me, I tell you! RUI-I-I-I-INED!!! (sobs)
    • A bit later:
    Rarity: Oh, why look! There's our friend Rarity going down in flames! Isn't friendship MAGIC?!
    Twilight: Rarity, calm down. What's gotten into you?
    Rarity: What's gotten into you? Well... go ahead! See your little show! Congratu-pony-lations, fillies! Sounds like you've figured out already it's everypony for herself in this town! *runs out, slams door*
  • The bellhop getting a tip just for an offhanded mention of the mane six leaving.
    "...uuuh, miss, I didn't do anything!"
  • After Rarity apologizes for treating her friends so badly, Applejack has this to say:
    Applejack: Yeah, you were pretty rotten.
    Rainbow Dash: Wow, Applejack, I know your thing is honesty, but come on!

     Pinkie Apple Pie 
  • The first scene when Pinkie unexpectedly shows up in Twilight's bookshelf.
    Pinkie: Watcha doin'?!
    Twilight: AGGGHHH!
    Pinkie: 'AGGGHHH!' yourself... but that doesn't answer my question, silly!
  • Pinkie causing a stack of scrolls to defy gravity, much to Twilight and Spike's confusion.
  • Applejack's "Um, the hell?" expression when Pinkie first calls her "cousin".
  • Apple Bloom bouncing on the couch in excitement over the idea of being related to Pinkie...then being launched into the ceiling when one of the springs comes loose. Applejack reacts as if this is a fairly common occurrence.
  • Before Applebloom gives Pinkie the "Best Family Twirl, Ever!", Pinkie & Appleboom do this funny little "Robot" dance. "We're Family! We're Family! You and me are FAMILY!"
  • Applejack is skeptical and asks where it says Pinkie's related to them. So, Pinkie searches the LONG document....going through barn in the process while saying...
    Pinkie: It's riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...*takes in another breath*...iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight here!
    • "Best Granny Wisdom ever!"
  • The few times Big Mac breaks his usual "Eeyup"/"Nope" routine (save when singing and speaking with other characters) are golden:
    Apple Bloom: [The map] wouldn't have been overboard if Big Mac hadn't overpacked all the luggage!
    Big Macintosh: Eeyu— Hey!
  • Later, when the Apples are all apologizing for their respective mistakes, Big Mac manages to say a few words before Granny Smith cuts him off.
  • Applejack keeps pestering Big Mac about the amount of luggage they're packing, causing him to respond which increasingly annoyed versions of "eeyup."
    Applejack: Uh Big Mac, are you sure we really need all that stuff?
    Big Mac: Eeyup.
    Applejack: Are you sure you're strong enough to really pull all that stuff?
    Big Mac: (more annoyed) Eeyup.
    Applejack: Are you sure the wagon's strong enough to hold it all?
    Big Mac: (growls) EEYUP!
    • When they're falling down the Inevitable Waterfall, you can faintly hear him screaming with the other Apples under Pinkie's "Wheee!". It actually sounds a lot like Flutterguy's from "Bridle Gossip", which means, very flat and low.
  • At one point, Pinkie takes a few photos as they are going over the waterfall, one of them has her making a duckface.
  • When Pinkie and the Apples finally make it to Goldie Delicious' house, we find she's collected so much Apple Family memorabilia, she's become a compulsive hoarder. And a Crazy Cat Lady... with a cheetah.
  • Pinkie's absolute joy when the Apples begin arguing at the end of the episode.
    Pinkie Pie: Look at me! I'm part of the Apple family too! I'm arguing! Argue, argue, argue! Bicker, bicker!
  • The Brick Joke involving the cart. At the start of the trip, Applejack is worried that Big Mac might have overpacked, but he assures her that everything is fine. Then they start traveling, and before long they break into an incredibly catchy song. As the song draws to a close, the cart begins to roll off into the distance... and then collapses in a heap. Cut to commercial.
  • When Pinkie shows her scrapbook of photos, one of the pictures she's taken focuses on Big Mac's rear end.
    • After all, every mare goes crazy for the "Hot Buns" of a Big Mac!
  • After the map falls into the river, a fish comes by and grabs it. Immediately after, the fish is carried off by an Eagle.
  • The Scariest Cave In Equestria. We hear the roars of various creatures and the Apples' terrified screams, then we hear Pinkie's camera go off, "Got it~!"
    • Then again with the screaming, "Best scary unidentifiable creature EVER~!"
      • "Say 'terrified'! (camera flash)" And more screaming!
    • When they emerge from the cave, the Apple family are all wearing traumatized expressions, and Applejack and Applebloom are latched onto a trembling Big Mac. And Pinkie is simply humming happily to herself.
    "Huh, I guess that was the scariest cave in Equestria after all."
  • Pinkie's first surprise picture, with the whole family cringing from the flash, while Applejack gets red-eye.
  • Granny Smith's Implausible Deniability that the hat on her head is the one she was looking for.
  • The "Ponylicious" meme popping up shortly before Apple Bloom drops the map.
    Apple Bloom: Found it! Who's got the map, I've got the map! M to the A to the, that's right, P! Ain't no other pony find a map like me (map falls into the river) I'm Apple- uh-oh...
  • "I just wanna saaaaaaaaaaaaaay that I think you are all super-duper!"
    • It's the face Pinkie makes when delivering this line, and the fact that it's right after the Apples have begun to argue, then immediately it's followed by a nonchalant comment about the waterfall.
  • There's something both adorable and hilarious about Big Mac in arm floaties and a duck-shaped innertube.

     Rainbow Falls 
  • Pinkie Pie combines teleportation... with cheerleading.
  • Bulk Biceps' lines. All of them.
  • Rainbow Dash's over-the-top acting when pretending to be injured. The whole thing.
    • As she shouts in agony, Bulk Biceps can be seen exercising by lifting weights while Fluttershy is exercising by lifting a flower.
    • The fact that her excuse is that she tripped over a foam hoof and landed on a "pokey-stick-on-the-ground". To which Pinkie replies with:
      Pinkie Pie: Ergh! If I get my hooves on that pokey-stick-on-the-ground, it'll be in BIG TROUBLE!
    • There's also Fluttershy asking her if she'll be okay by the tryouts, in which Rainbow replies with:
      Rainbow: (exaggerated moaning) I'll be lucky if I ever fly again.
    • The best part of the whole scene: Twilight making a face that's basically saying "I'm not buying this act one bit".
    • Fluttershy carefully specifying that Rainbow Dash would once again be taken care of by medical professionals. You can practically see the writers shaking their fists at the Hurt/Comfort Fic crowd.
  • When Rainbow pretends to be injured, who does the Ponyville team hire for their replacement? Derpy!
    • When Rainbow ends up revealing the truth, though, Derpy (or Bulk Biceps) appears to make an incredibly high-pitched scream. No matter who did it, it's hilarious.
    • Derpy is startled into dropping her flag when Bulk Biceps shouts, and just awkwardly stands there for the rest of the scene.
    • A meta-example, in the days leading up to the episode the showrunners tweeted teasing comments, including Meghan McCarthy jabbing she could predict the exact time on Saturday the fandom would explode. As the livestream chat archives and reaction vids attest, she was right — when Derpy appeared, the fandom practically went supernova.
  • We finally get to see Bulk Biceps try to do wing pushups, which goes exactly like you'd think.
  • There's something especially silly about Fluttershy and Bulk Biceps dancing in flowery frilly dresses.
  • While the others were watching Rainbow Dash in suspense during the qualifying round, Applejack is shown eating one of her brown apple betties.
  • The Hub's overlay leads to this Accidental Innuendo when Rainbow is carrying Soarin' on her back. "Making Family" Fun, indeed.
  • Pinkie Pie's reaction upon learning that Ponyville probably won't qualify without Rainbow Dash:
    Pinkie: (points to a huge pile of pompoms) What am I gonna do with all these now?!
    Applejack: Uh, what were you gonna do with 'em before?
  • Seeing Adorkable bookworm Twilight dressed as a cheerleader is hilariously adorable.

    Three's a Crowd 
  • Pinkie's idea of the best piece of mail ever: a sale on old patio furniture.
    • Said furniture is a busted-up mess.
  • When Pinkie Pie promises she won't forget Fluttershy while she's away, she then gets distracted by a red balloon flying her way. Then later on, when Pinkie gets disappointed that Discord won't let her take care of him, Discord uses the same balloon to get her attention.
  • Rarity's extremely casual delivery while noting how the fate of Equestria has hung in the balance during most of Cadance's appearances.
  • The various silly things that happen whenever Discord sneezes, like a house floating away in the background or a lamp-post sprouting legs, tipping its cap at Discord, and walking off.
  • Discord asks for a fainting couch, to which everypony understandably looks straight at Rarity.
    Rarity: ...What?
  • Applejack's reaction after Discord laments how his illness has left him "simply helpless".
  • Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applejack and Rainbow Dash cringing while Discord hugs them.
  • When Discord says that with Fluttershy out of town he needs the rest of the Mane Six to look after him while he's sick, we get this reaction:
  • Just Discord's arrival in shenaniganry is enough for many laughs. From Discord at one moment dressing up in a patient's gown and bending over (with the girls giving a modest reaction) to the next minute he's laying in a hospital bed giving off one of the most miserable faces. The "I'm dying" motiff for the sake of mini Dark Humor. Yes, even for a show aimed at little ones the writers throw in a lot of messed up humor!
  • Discord's song culminates with a series of ridiculous imagery, including a goat on skis and Discord riding a giant monkey.
  • This line from Discord to Twilight. After all he's done this episode, what a cheeky bastard.
    Discord: Why the angry eyes? You love passing tests.
    • The friendship medallion he made for the two of them; Discord and Twilight, with Discord giving a thumbs-up that covers Twilight's face.
  • Discord has Twilight and Cadance carry him to the ends of Equestria to get a rare flower. What does he have them carry him in? A massive chariot that could hold 500 Discords.
  • Twilight's quiet "Oh" when it turns out the flower they need to get is the size of a redwood.
  • When Twilight and Cadance discover that Discord was faking his illness all along.
    Twilight: You. Were. FAKING?!
    Discord: (shit-eating grin) I was!
  • When Cadence assures Discord he didn't put a damper on her visit at all, we get this reaction:
    Twilight: He didn't?
    Discord: (same time, equally shocked) I didn't?
  • The ending, after Discord gets sick for real:
    Applejack: I don't wanna go saying you got what you deserved...
    Rarity: Well, I have no problem saying it! You got what you deserved!
  • At one point in the episode, Discord wears an outfit that looks suspiciously like Raoul Duke from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, complete with a lollipop instead of a cigarette.
  • While looking for Fluttershy, he looks under Pinkie Pie and a tree, funnier when you realize Pinkie and Fluttershy share a voice actress and the tree.
  • Pinkie Pie's completely innocent tone is what makes this line, when the gang see a spinning object flying toward them:
    Rarity: Whatever it is... DUCK!
    Pinkie: Rarity, that doesn't look anything like a duck...

    Pinkie Pride 
  • The episode is a musical that has Pinkie Pie meeting a ponified version of "Weird Al" Yankovic, who turns out to be her Spear Counterpart and becomes a rival in who can throw Rainbow Dash the best party. Let's be honest, aside from Pinkie's Heroic BSoD, this is basically a Crowning Episode of Funny, and a contender for one of the funniest episodes in the show.
  • Cheese's "Man with No Name" persona. "Weird Al" Yankovic's voice talking about throwing parties in a dead serious Clint Eastwood impression.
  • When promising Rainbow Dash that her party is going to be great, Pinkie gives RD her "certified, Pinkie Party Promise" that it will be just that. Part of the promise involves literally sticking a cupcake in her eye. The rest of the Six are quite notably creeped out by how serious she takes this, let alone how she unflinchingly crams the cupcake into her cornea.
  • Pinkie's attempts at doing other jobs, which she insists on approaching exactly like she's still throwing parties after swearing to never throw another party again.
  • At one point towards the end of her lament, Pinkie makes a cheese sandwich. Solely to punch it.
  • Derpy drinks directly from the chocolate fountain when she thinks no one is looking.
    • What's even funnier is that Lemon Hearts and Mr. Cake both react to this.
    • And Rarity looks in that direction but doesn't react to it.
  • When Pinkie challenges Cheese to the Goof-Off, the rest of the Mane Six (plus Spike) all gasp dramatically. And then we get this little exchange:
    Fluttershy: Oh, no! Not a goof-off!
    Applejack: (whispering) What's a Goof-Off?
    Fluttershy: (sheepish smile) I have no idea.
  • At one point when challenging him, Pinkie childishly pokes Cheese in the chest with her hooves. Their expressions are both gold.
  • The Goof-Off between Pinkie and Cheese begins with Twilight reading the official Goof-Off Rulebook.
    Rainbow Dash: (incredulously) She actually has one of those?
    Spike: You kidding? Twilight has a rule book for every occasion.
  • The Goof-Off is supposed to start at high-noon. But then Twilight points out it's already three in the afternoon. So Pinkie and Cheese settle for 3:10 instead.
  • The entire goof-off song sequence, which takes the form of one of Weird Al's polkas, and includes Al singing a snippet of the "Smile Song" and Pinkie accusing him. Made even funnier by the fact that Cheese is voiced by a man known for song parodies.
    Pinkie Pie: That's my song!
    Cheese Sandwich: What do you mean? I have no idea what you're talking about.
    • Also during this scene, Cheese's float has two cows wearing crude Rainbow Dash masks. One cow's mask falls off, and she just stares at it with a look on her face that seems to say "How did I ever get roped into this?"
    • Cheese Sandwich calls for Boneless to join in. Cut to an actual real-life rubber chicken dancing. Pinkie counters by calling for Gummy to dance as well. Cut to a real live baby gator sitting on a log doing nothing.
    • Pinkie has a Party Cannon. Cheese Sandwich has a Party Tank, which has an uncanny resemblance to a Dalek.
      Cheese Sandwich: Why should you compromise?
      Try this one on for size!
      'Cause nothing quite says cheer
      Like the ringing in your ear
      Of the Cheese Supreme Cannonball Surprise!
    • Pinkie dancing on a giant pinata while singing in Spanish!
  • All of the over-the-top, ridiculous props Cheese and Pinkie bust out for the goof-off and the party.
  • Rarity's rainbow Plot Coupon was a spool of rainbow thread. Dash's was a Wonderbolts badge. Pinkie Pie's item? A Companion Cube rubber chicken. From a guy named Cheese Sandwich.
  • Pinkie getting caught up in Cheese's Western-style departure.
    Pinkie: I never did get that pony's name.
    Rest of Mane Cast: Cheese Sandwich!
    Pinkie: (giggles) Oh yeah!

    Simple Ways 
  • If you're the kind to find the idea of shipping amusing, or even if you don't like the idea of shipping at all, then this is the episode for you since this tears into that idea on a meta level.
  • Pinkie Pie getting so nervous about the announcement of the Ponyville Days Pony of Ceremonies, her head inflates and she starts to float away.
  • When Trenderhoof first shows up, Rarity quickly degenerates into a stammering fangirl who hides behind Twilight.
    • Followed up by Rarity screeching out "I can't!" when Twilight suggests talking to Trenderhoof.
    • Which, in turn, is followed by Twilight's "okay-that's-seriously-enough" expression before shoving Rarity towards Trenderhoof.
  • Rarity's country accent is a wonder to behold, thanks to how it takes Ooh, Me Accent's Slipping and makes it work for comedy. The thickness of the accent varies constantly, Rarity often has to correct her pronunciation, and is obviously speaking slowly at some points to enunciate her words properly. She also somehow manages to keep her own high-class accent while doing it. The result is sheer hilarity.
  • Applejack and Rarity's duel over who's better at the other's lifestyle, which culminates in:
    Rarity: I LOVE BEING COVERED IN MUD! (throws herself into a mud puddle)
    • Rarity's absolute look of disdain before she lands in it really seals the deal.
    • Remember back in Look Before You Sleep, wherein Rarity tried to annoy Applejack by making her play dress up in a bejeweled and frou-frou dress, after Applejack took the first shot by daring Rarity to mess up her mane? Without Twilight there to break up the antics, we now know which one cracks first.
  • Applejack getting increasingly fed up with Trenderhoof's Stalker with a Crush antics and Rarity's try-to-act-more-country-to-impress-Trenderhoof antics while she's trying to work. Especially when Rarity accuses her of stealing his attentions on purpose when she was just going about her normal business.
    Rarity: If there's one thing I love, it's hauling apples!
    Trenderhoof: I'm growing fond of it myself.
    Applejack: (muttering) Maybe you two should try it sometime.
  • While Rarity is pining for Tenderhoof who is infatuated with Applejack, she bemoans to Spike "how could you ever know what it's like to be totally obsessed with a pony, only to find out they're obsessed with somepony else?" After a beat, Spike gives an Aside Glance with a Fascinating Eyebrow in a look that just screams "can you believe this?"
  • Applejack's squiggly smile on first seeing Rarity's country getup.
  • Rarity trying to prove she's "country" by plowing a field. Except she doesn't actually know how a plow works, so she jumps on top of it and yells at it to move, snapping the rope as if it were a carriage's reins.
  • Sweetie Belle walking away while looking at "Country Rarity". It's like she's thinking "Who are you and what have you done to my sister?!"
  • Rarity's Oh, Crap! when Applejack reveals that the dress she's wearing (and that Rarity just got muddy) was one of her own.
    Rarity: (frantically shaking Spike) I need three gallons of boiling water and one ounce of detergent stat!
  • When Applejack comes out of hiding in the henhouse, and sneaks past Trenderhoof, Trend can be seen attempting to applebuck, getting an apple stuck on his horn, and then eating it.
  • Tenderhoof calling Derpy Hooves "unappreciated".

    Filli Vanilli 
  • There are jackalopes in Equestria... and it's adorable!
  • Pinkie saying Fluttershy has "the most beautiful voice ever", considering this is Andrea Libman talking about herself.
  • Applejack's hat popping off in shock when she's awed by Fluttershy's singing voice.
  • "Pinkie Pie, don't be ridiculous!" "Awww, but I'm so good at it!"
  • The way Big Mac lost his voice: Pinkie beat him at a turkey calling contest.
    • Even funnier: the fact that she broke his six-year winning streak.
    • Also funny: Pinkie's Cheshire Cat Grin when she pops up during Macintosh's flashback.
  • The return of Flutterguy. Every moment of it.
    • Zecora chuckling when she remembers it.
    • And she also gives this genius pun:
    Zecora: I can cure this pony that is hoarse...
  • Blink and you'll miss it, but when Flutterguy dubs over Big Mac's singing voice at the pet center benefit, there's a quick shot of Cheerilee swooning in the audience.
  • After the performance at the benefit, a mob of overly-enthusiastic ponies charges a pen full of animal adoptees and carries them off.
  • Once discovered, Flutterguy makes some interesting sounds before running away terrified.
  • Applejack demanding an explanation from Big Mac, followed by her pointing out the plot points that led to that point and Big Mac giving his signature "Eyup" to each one:
    Applejack: Big Mac... you've got some 'splaining to do! (beat) Turkey call?
    Big Mac: Eeyup.
    Applejack: Trash your voice?
    Big Mac: Eeyup.
    Applejack: Zecora remedy?
    Big Mac: Eeyup.
    Applejack: Not quick enough?
    Big Mac: Nope.
    Applejack: Needed a deep voice?
    Big Mac: Eeyup.
    Applejack: Poison joke?
    Big Mac: Eeyup.
    Applejack: Flutterguy?
    Big Mac: Eeyup.
    Applejack: Better now?
    Big Mac: Eeyup.
    Applejack: And that shy filly was living her dream in the shadows because she couldn't bring herself to come into the spotlight?
    Big Mac: Eeyup.
    • Even funnier, which is easy to miss, is that the moment Applejack comes on stage demanding an explanation, Rarity can be seen backing away off the stage with a guilty look!
  • In a bit of Black Comedy, Pinkie Pie repeatedly freaking Fluttershy out by saying the wrong thing and being Innocently Insensitive, and the rest of the cast becoming increasingly fed up with her.
    Pinkie Pie: No offense, you kinda sounded like a dude.
    • And at one point, Rarity bops her on the head with a rolled up poster like a misbehaving dog.
  • "For all her babbling, Pinkie Pie was right about one thing." "Only one?"
  • Spike gushing over Rarity's performance, then reluctantly telling the rest of the group they were fine too.
  • It was super awesome, but admit it. Seeing Big Mac is part of the Ponytones first makes you go "WTF". Then he sings and you laugh your head off.
  • Big Mac struggling to keep up with Fluttershy's ad libbing during her final performance.
  • As Fluttershy becoming more and more enthusiastic in her performances. Keep in mind, that she's usually very shy and reserved.
  • Zippoorwhill's new pet dog quickly discovers the downside of having a hyperactive Pegasus filly as your caretaker, going by the dazed expression and circling stars over his head.

     Twilight Time 
  • Sweetie Belle's Imagine Spot where she and the CMC show off to all the other kids and mess with DT and SS in the process.
    • Apparently, Sweetie's idea of an apple tree is a giant apple with a trunk sticking out.
  • Twilight's adorably messy eating habits. I mean, she was hungry and she's only hanging out with friends in Ponyville, but still.
    • One particular moment has her face covered in ketchup. She picks up a hayburger, uses it to wipe her face clean, and then eats the burger whole.
    • The stalking behavior of the foals and the way they suddenly produce a mass of cameras to snap pictures of Twilight calls to mind "Ponyville Confidential" and that infamous picture of Celestia and the cake.
  • Scootaloo posing and making duck faces when she sees that ponies are taking pictures with her in them.
    • Her reasoning is also hilarious.
    Scootaloo: I couldn't help it! When I don't smile in a picture, I look sad.
  • Pinkie Pie commenting on the ponies looking at Twilight through the window and trying to duck whenever she looks in their direction.
    *ponies duck as Twilight looks at window*
    Pinkie Pie: Nevermind, they're gone.
    *Twilight looks back at Pinkie, ponies pop back up*
    Pinkie Pie: They're back!
    *Ponies duck down again as Twilight looks back at window*
    Pinkie Pie: Nevermind, they're gone. Bye!
    • They then pop up again, taking pictures. Scootaloo poses and pulls Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom into it, prompting Twilight to investigate.... by looking behind.
    Twilight Sparkle: What in the world is going on out-
    • The ponies in the window immediately duck again.
  • Spike and the nachos.
  • Pip being Innocently Insensitive and unknowingly spilling the beans on the CMC, basically saying "I want to be a Cutie Mark Crusader so that I can be friends with a famous princess and others will give me stuff and be nice to me because of it!"
    • Bonus points because of just how thorough and blunt, but innocent it is. That is a line Diamond Tiara would say on purpose to sink the Cutie Mark Crusaders and Pipsqueak spat it out by complete accident.
  • Giant exploding apple.
  • Sweetie Belle's overly dramatic attempt to lift a broom:
    Sweetie Belle: RISE!
  • The disguises the CMC put on in the end.

    It Ain't Easy Being Breezies 
  • Fluttershy trying to get the other Mane Six to cheer quietly, only to get loud herself when they get it right.
  • Fluttershy trying to get Rarity to tone down her dress.
    • Her initial reaction to Fluttershy's objection to the outfit is to think that there's "too much purple":
    Rarity: Oh, there's too much purple on this, isn't there? I knew it. But Twilight refused to admit it.
    Twilight: What!? I —
    • Then, when she does ditch it, it turns out that she's wearing something even shinier underneath.
    • It's so shiny that you can't even see what it is!
  • Fluttershy randomly putting on a bee outfit when trying to calm a swarm of homicidal bees. She seems to have learned a thing or two from Pinkie Pie...
  • The sequence of the mane six transforming into Breezies is part this, part Nightmare Fuel. The result is part this, part massive amounts of cuteness.
  • Seabreeze's apparent Cluster F-Bomb in his own language, which Fluttershy politely declines to translate.
  • It's easy to miss, but when Fluttershy realizes that Seabreeze is missing, she calls out to him twice, then checks the bottom of her left-front hoof, as if she was worried that she might have stepped on him by accident!
  • The juxtaposition that Seabreeze, a pink-haired tiny fairy-like pony creature, probably the girliest thing imaginable, also happens to be one of the most adult-like and realistic characters in the show in terms of personality.
  • How can the very end not be mentioned?
    Rainbow Dash: So, uh, I've always kinda wondered what it would be like to be a griffon.
    Twilight: *smirks* Not a chance.
    Rainbow Dash: You sure? What about a dragon? No? It doesn't have to shoot fire!

    Somepony to Watch Over Me 
  • The various ways Applejack goes overboard trying to make Apple Bloom safe. She puts up nets in the apple trees so apples don't fall on her, wraps a rake in pillows, puts training wheels on the wheelbarrow, puts plastic wrap on all the furniture, and converts Apple Bloom's bed into a crib.
    • And every time she does that, she throws a helmet onto Apple Bloom's head. There's even a moment where Apple Bloom already has a helmet on and Applejack stacks another one on top of it.
    • And her truly Twilight-worthy list of reminders.
  • The chimaera is rather terrifying at times, but the way its three heads constantly bicker is also pretty amusing.
  • During Applejack's confrontation with the chimaera, we see what the snake-charming flute and the lion-tamer's chair she mentioned earlier are for. But how does she use the ricotta cheese? She feeds it to the chimaera's goat-head, distracting it from going after her.
  • Right when Apple Bloom is about to escape and deliver the pies, she starts to sing...only for Scootaloo to shut her up and say that there's no time for a song.
  • Scootaloo's escape plan includes her and Sweetie Belle switching places when one gets too tired... to pretend to sleep.
    • When Sweetie Belle tries to sleep:
    Scootaloo: No! You have to sleep like Apple Bloom does!
    Sweetie Belle: How does she sleep?
    Scootaloo: Like she does everything! With sass!
    • It gets funnier when Sweetie actually does fall asleep, and does indeed sleep with sass (read:snoring).
    • It's also implied that Sweetie is still in the bed because Applejack came to check on Apple Bloom so frequently that they never got a chance to switch. Scootaloo looks bored out of her mind by the time she's caught.
  • One of Apple Bloom's chores involves organizing the "Hats-and-Bows Closet", which is a closet full to bursting with dozens of spare copies of Applejack's stetson and Apple Bloom's bow. We see later that Apple Bloom has a dozen more bows in her closet! Just how many bows does one child need?
  • When Applejack slinks off to check on her sister after she and Big Macintosh go on their deliveries, he watches her leave looking utterly concerned about her, but when he turns around and faces the camera, his bewildered/dumbfounded face is pure GOLD, and he just shakes his head, and presses on, most likely thinking "I worry about that mare sometimes".
  • When Applejack finds Scootaloo hiding in the closet, the following exchange ensues:
    Applejack: Scootaloo!?

    Maud Pie 
  • Every scene with the title character is full of Father Stone level awkwardness, with her terse responses to absolutely anything. The whole episode becomes a great opportunity for the writers to show off their comedic timing.
  • Maud Pie has a perfect Establishing Character Moment, staring dully as Gummy hangs onto her tail.
  • In the crayon-drawn flashback to the rock farm, after Crayon!Maud adds sugar to a cooking pot, Crayon!Pinkie sneaks a mouthful of sugar from the bag when Maud's back is turned.
  • As Fluttershy is asking Maud what type of animal she has as a pet, a very jealous Angel is clearly seen getting more and more upset as she mentions animals that he feels are likely cuter than him.
  • Fluttershy wishing she'd spent more time with Boulder because she's having a hard time remembering what he looks like.
  • This exchange between Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash near the end of the Mane Six's picnic with Maud:
    Fluttershy: On the bright side, Boulder did seem really sweet!
    Rainbow Dash: HE'S A ROCK!!!
    • Note that Rainbow says "he."
  • Maud's hilariously-dull rock poetry.
    You are a rock.
    You are grey.
    Like a rock.
    Which you are.
    • Only to be followed up with...
    Maud: This next one is about rocks. They're all about rocks.
  • Maud's critique of Applejack's cider.
    • Her idea of peeling apples is crushing them with a rock.
  • Rainbow Dash's utter bafflement when Maud states she doesn't really care about winning. Her face is just priceless.
  • Rainbow Dash discussing Maud with the others:
    Rainbow Dash: That pony is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an igneous.
    Rarity: Don't you mean "inside an enigma"?
    Rainbow Dash: No. I mean "igneous". It's a kind of rock! Ask me how I know that!
  • The reveal of the crazy obstacle course Pinkie designed for her friends and her sister. "I call it Pinkie-Rainbow-Rari-Twi-Apple-Flutter-Maud Fun-Time!"
  • "I don't know if you've noticed, but I don't show my enthusiasm for things quite in the same way my sister does." Maud says this as Pinkie Pie does cartwheels behind her.
  • Either Maud doesn't notice she's eating a rock rather than a muffin, or she actually eats them all the time.
  • Rarity's attempt at a hat that will appeal to Maud. Turns out rocks are one thing even she can't make look good, especially when it's constantly shedding.
  • The revelation that Maud hid her pet rock in her pocket the whole time while they were playing "camouflage" ("Like Hide-and-Seek but waaaay more intense") with it, especially Rainbow Dash's reaction to that fact.
    • And this bit of dialogue:
    Applejack: This whole thing is like tryin' to find a pebble in a haystack!
    Rarity: More like in a pile of pebbles...(a rock falls off her hat and onto the ground)
    Applejack: Well ya don't have to make it even harder!
  • Even the Cold Opening before the opening credits is laugh worthy as Pinkie literally picks up and physically tosses both Fluttershy and Rarity into her house... and slamming the door directly into Rainbow Dash's face mere seconds afterward, then immediately fling open the door and yank Rainbow Dash in before slamming the door again.
  • A subtle one, but look at Twilight's rock candy necklace. Even after being crowned a princess, she's still bad at arts and crafts.
    • Rainbow's necklace is a giant lightning bolt in the colors of her cutie mark. It's so heavy that she has to drag it and the tip leaves a scratch in the ground, but Maud has no trouble staying upright once it's around her neck.
  • Rarity is reduced to stammering gibberish when Maud says her dress doesn't say anything.
    Rarity: So, Pinkie tells me you like to express yourself through fashion! Tell me, what does that dress you're wearing say?
    Maud: It doesn't talk. It's a dress.
  • A blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment: After Maud tries to feed Boulder a sandwich, the scene cuts away from them a bit. When it returns, the sandwich is gone.

    For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils 
  • Rarity's Oh, Crap! face upon seeing Sweetie Belle's costumes, as if she's looking at some Lovecraftian horror.
  • Sweetie Belle's hilariously accurate impression of Rarity, arguing about the difference between red, cherry and cinnamon even though Sapphire Shores wouldn't care either way.
    • Becomes a Brick Joke when Sweetie Belle snatches away the headdress.
    Sweetie: You gotta see this with the cinnamon ribbon! You'll love it!
  • Sweetie Belle's first encounter with Luna is quite amusing.
    Sweetie: Princess Luna! It's really you! Or am I dreaming?
    Luna: What do you think?
    Sweetie: Let me see. You just rescued me from a maniacal laughing Rarity-cloud. Yeah, probably dreaming.
    • Their first encounter in the real world is also pretty hilarious
    Sweetie: Oh, good. This is just a dream.
    Luna: Actually, no. This is very much real.
  • Sweetie Belle is trying to get Applebloom and Scootaloo to focus on the task at hand, but the two fillies are more excited to see Sapphire Shores.
    • While it borders on Black Comedy, this dialogue is still hilarious.
      Sweetie Belle: This isn't a trip to see Sapphire Shores. It's a trip to save my sister from a horrible future!
      Scootaloo: Serves her right!
      Sweetie Belle: <gasps> How can you say that?! Rarity doesn't deserve that at all!
      Scootaloo No, "Serves her Right" is another one of Sapphire Shores' songs.
    • Which leads to:
      Applebloom: You seriously didn't know that? Don't you listen to her music?
      Sweetie Belle: I prefer show tunes (cue Applebloom and Scootaloo wincing a little).
  • The scene wherein the CMC are trying to convince the guard to let them it has this:
    Guard: Kid! The only thing I have to do is make sure Sapphire Shores doesn't get interrupted all day by fans like you!
    Sweetie Belle: But I'm not a fan!
    Applebloom: I am!
    Scootaloo: Me too!
    Sweetie Belle: Not helping.
  • This isn't the first time fans have seen Sweetie Belle fall down the stairs like a slinky.

     Leap of Faith 
  • One of the ponies at Flim and Flam's medicine show has parasprites in her hair.
  • Considering what happened last time, it's kind of hilarious how the citizens of Ponyville are so easily duped by yet another song and dance from Flim and Flam.
  • Big Macintosh having a Not So Stoic moment at the waterhole and playing the classic Shark Fin prank on Apple Bloom.
    • He also fishes and uses an apple as bait.
      • And the fish go for it: a few seconds later, there's nothing left of that apple except the core.
  • The scene where we first see the effects the Flim-Flam Brothers' tonic has on Granny Smith. Her grandkids try all sorts of things to rescue her as she lazily paddles down the river in an Old-Timey Bathing Suit, pointedly ignoring their rescue attempts.
  • At the swim meet, Lyra is one of the judges. And a very harsh one at that.
  • the newly revigorated Granny Smith trying to coax Big Mac into doing some late afternoon applebucking with her on what is supposed to be a day off, to which Big Mac awkwardly refuses. Even funnier is the fact that Big Mac's response isn't even his usual nope. It's a flatout no!
  • Likely a coincidence, but in Polish, "zrobić kogoś w konia" (lit. "to make a horse out of someone") is an expression meaning "to trick" or "to deceive". And Flim and Flam are attempting bunco here...

     Testing Testing 1, 2, 3 
  • Where to begin with this one? There was a lot of bickering between Twilight and Rainbow that was pretty silly.
    • Rainbow Dash points out Twilight's tendency to freak out about tests.
      • Specifically, she points out that Twilight freaks out about tests so much that she sings arias about it.
    • When Twilight opens the book that Rainbow highlighted, she's momentarily blinded by all the bright yellow.
    • Rainbow draws a picture of Twilight as really tall (which counts as a meta-joke about Twilight's current character design.)
      • Twilight's reaction makes it even better. We're expecting a book lover like her to freak out about how Rainbow Dash ruined the book like that. Instead, we get this:
    Twilight: Hey! I am not that tall!
    • Also, the fact that Rainbow drew a picture of Twilight in a centerfold.
    • Rainbow squeaking her stool which then evolves into some kind of marching music when Spike and Owlowiscious join in.
      • Spike's face during this scene, like the chance to randomly join in on this is the greatest thing that's ever happened to him.
    • Rainbow places a bicycle horn on Twilight's seat.
    • "I've never heard answers so wrong! Or so... breakfast-related!"
  • Rainbow shooting spitballs at Twilight's flashcards. The first two times, Twilight doesn't notice because her back is turned or her eyes are closed. She anticipates the third one and narrowly avoids getting hit in the eye.
  • Pinkie Pie's "Rappin' Hist'ry of the Wonderbolts".
    • With Doctor Hooves wearing a sideways cap and saggy jeans as one of her backup dancers.
    • Additionally, the rap video is deliberately made to look like a 90's era VHS tape, complete with reduced resolution, a 4:3 aspect ratio, and VHS artifacts. Anyone who grew up in The '90s may get a nostalgic vibe from it.
    • Just the fact that this is apparently her preferred method of learning.
    • Pinkie's reaction to Dash's attempt at imitating it. "That... was pretty terrible."
  • The play that Fluttershy's animals put on depicting the founding of the Wonderbolts. Complete with Opal as Luna and Angel as Princess Celestia.
    • And Opal-as-Luna getting banished to the moon is represented by Owlowiscious picking her up and putting her on the moon background prop hanging from the ceiling. When the play starts going Off the Rails he ends up doing the same thing to Angel-as-Celestia.
  • Rarity showing up in costume.
    Rarity: And I am just the pony to help!
    Rainbow: Rarity, you look ridiculous.
    Rarity: (still smiling, completely unfazed) I am going to ignore that comment out of my desire to help you.
  • Rarity's attempt to teach Rainbow Dash via fashion show quickly devolves into her, Pinkie, and Twilight just saying "Look at us! Look at us!" while they close in around Rainbow.
  • Rarity's unamused look after Applejack dismisses the effectiveness of fashion shows for education. It's the timing that really sells it.
  • Applejack bluntly telling Rainbow Dash that she's "up a creek" when Rainbow Dash says she's only got 12 hours to study for the exam. She looks like she's enjoying Rainbow's panic as well. After that, she still tries to "help" by spouting information on apples.
  • Twilight: "Pinkie, stop rapping!"
  • Twilight's study-cards orbiting her.
  • Rarity-as-Luna's over-dramatic reaction to her "banishment".
    • The Actor Allusion adds another layer of funny.
    • She also says it like Anakin-turned-Darth Vader at the end of Revenge of the Sith.
  • The show literally rewinding to show Rainbow Dash's memory in action.

     Trade Ya 
  • One of the ponies trades Discord Lamps.
  • When Rainbow finally found a pony who wants her lucky horseshoe, she trades it for a crystal chalice, which immediately shatters. Cue Rainbow and Fluttershy shrieking in horror. Several hours later, they finally manage to repair it only to find that the pony who asked for the chalice destroys it anyway for a mosaic he's making.
    • For that matter, the mosaic itself (of a rooster reclining with a silly grin on his face) is pretty ridiculous.
  • Throughout the episode, Rainbow makes one hilarious facial expression after another as she tries to negotiate her way through a ridiculous Chain of Deals with increasingly thin patience. It culminates in possibly the funniest Heroic BSoD ever, with rolling eyes, a weak groan, and a faint.
  • Pinkie Pie adopting a sideshow caller persona just to hawk up Twilight's books to trade with others on the sole basis that she is a Princess.
    Pinkie Pie: Did I mention Princess Twilight got these books from Princess Celestia?!
    Crystal Pony: Woah, wait! You don't mean...
    Pinkie Pie: That's right... (puts on a tiara over the crown she was already wearing) Double Princess!
    • Watch carefully during the "double princess" line. While the first crown Pinkie wears is an obviously-fake prop, the second one she puts on appears to be Celestia's actual crown.
    • Pinkie ends up screwing herself over by inadvertently implying nopony's goods are worthy to trade with Twilight — for the exact same reason.
    • Then there's Pinkie getting a little carried away in her pitch:
    Pinkie: These books made Princess Twilight the princess she is! Before that, she was nothing; big fat zero!
    Twilight: Hey!
  • Rarity and Applejack having a huge argument over who should get the item they want - except they're both trying to get the other pony to go buy their item to show that they're the better friend.
  • The two headed dog is first shown viciously ripping apart its chain... and then camera zooms back and the chain doesn't hold the beast - it just chews on it, while being tied to a pole by a much flimsier rope.
  • Pinkie's Surprise Creepy moment where she ensures that a young filly won't reveal that Twilight almost broke the rules (by accepting a broken pen she didn't really want for all of her books):
    Pinkie: Did anyone see you?! I don't think anyone saw you. [filly raises her hoof] But you're not going to say anything, are you?! Ha ha, just kidding! Or am I? Sometimes I can't even tell! [the filly runs off in terror]

     Inspiration Manifestation 
  • After the puppeteer pony rejects Rarity's design for a puppet theater, as he marches off he turns his puppets' heads around and has them give Rarity disapproving looks.
  • It's subtle, but if you listen, you can hear Rarity literally saying "om nom nom" as she pigs out on ice cream.
  • After Spike finds the "Inspiration Manifestation" spell book, he's comically oblivious to the stone stairs collapsing behind him (and beneath him!) as he reads through it.
    • Before that, Spike's reassurance that it's okay for him to take the book (from the booby-trapped chamber behind the locked gate hidden by a sliding bookcase)
    Spike: What? If I wasn't supposed to take it, they wouldn't have made it so easy to get to.
  • The day after the fair, Spike goes to visit Rarity, only to see mysterious flashes coming from the window. This is followed by a flood of dresses bursting out of Rarity's front door.
  • Rarity making a robin's plain old birdhouse so big and fancy, he can't find his way out.
    Fluttershy: Maybe try the stairs? No, no, the other stairs...
  • When Rarity is using her new magic to spruce up a foal's birthday party, she turns a gelatin mold into an ice sculpture, the cakes and candies into canapes (much to the disappointment of the kids), the party clown into a stuffy butler, and replaces the mariachis performing with Octavia and two other classy musician ponies. And then there's Pinkie Pie's reaction where she's left just plain speechless from shock. It's funny enough to see her surprised, but it's even funnier to see something so out-of-context that it weirds her out.
  • When Spike tries to find Rarity and get the spell book away from her, he spots a band of ponies blinded by the glare from a street literally paved with gold.
  • "Now where was I? Oh, yes... Gold-plated roof-tops for everypony!"
  • How Spike got rid of the book: By eating it whole, without chewing.
  • The out of nowhere reference to Saved by the Bell, of all things.
    Rarity: I'm so excited! I'm so excited!
    Spike: I'm so scared.
  • The ending deserves a mention. Twilight spent hours cleaning up the mess Rarity made, even having to call in Cadance and Luna for help. She's exhausted, and is rightfully pissed off at Spike for starting the whole thing. And Spike STILL makes a smartass remark to her even after all that.
    • Doubles as a nice subversion of the fact that most of the magical problems Twilight's had to deal with end up cleaning themselves by means of a Reset Button. The fact that she (as well as Luna and Cadance) actually has to clean it all up (even though it wasn't even her fault) is hilarious.
  • "PLENTY OF ROOM FER MAH PUP-PETS!" Coupled with the face it's just hilarious.
  • Spike's tongue-twister of a reassurance:
    Spike: So that puppeteer didn't like your exquisitely-crafted "best puppet theater in the history of puppet theaters" puppet theater. [counts the number of times he said 'puppet theater' on his claws and shrugs]
  • Spike and Owlowicious discuss Rarity's Sanity Slippage:
    Spike: I promised I would keep all this between the three of us.
    Owlowicious: Hoo?
    Spike: Of course it's weird she meant me, her, and the spellbook!
  • After Rarity discovers the spellbook is missing, she furiously turns on Spike, who tries to blame Owlowicious. The owl reacts with a deadpan expression that says "Yeah, could've seen that coming."

     Equestria Games 
  • There's something amusing about Miss Harshwinny referring to Spike as "Mr. The Dragon".
    • Also her complaint about how "Next thing you know you'll be asking to put on a rock concert!"
  • Rainbow Dash telling the others to "act casual" as Spike comes by... and donning her pair of Cool Shades.
    Rainbow Dash: 'Sup?
  • Spike briefly becoming convinced he has pyrokinesis, and trying to set an autographed picture of himself on fire with his mind.
  • Spike's butchered rendition of the Cloudsdale anthem, the lyrics of which he doesn't actually know. You feel sorry for the guy, and yet you can't help but laugh.
    • And as it pans to the horrified faces of everypony listening to Spike's made up words for the anthem, it cuts to Pinkie, who's happily enjoying the song. Afterwards, as Spike walks off in shame and defeat, Pinkie lets out a cheery "Nailed it!"
    • And right before that, you hear a baby crying.
    • At one point during the song, a concerned mare covers her child's ears.
    • A very quick blink-or-you'll-miss-it bit. While Spitfire and Soarin' are both visibly wincing, Fleetfoot is in between them standing perfectly still with her mouth hanging wide open, having gone into shock. Spike's rendition broke Fleetfoot!
    • Not to mention that Spike's ad-libbing has him repeatedly mentioning how nice the trees are in Cloudsdale. Being a pegasus cloud city, it wouldn't have any natural vegetation.
    • Meanwhile the griffon athletes are watching Spike's performance with bored, unimpressed looks on their faces, in contrast to the ponies.
  • Spike's official title is "Great and Honorable Spike the Brave and Glorious." There's something hilarious about the Crystal Empire ponies up to and including Cadance constantly refer to him with that title
    • Doubled when Spike is shown a statue made in his honor.
    Spike: Hello,gorgeous.
  • After Twilight takes a seat amongst the other alicorn princesses, the camera pans over to Cadance giving her a wave like a kid at a school assembly.
  • The entire opening ceremony being held up due to a glitch in the torch lighting process may be a nod to a similar event at the opening ceremonies for the 2010 Olympic Winter games in Vancouver (which is also where FiM is produced).

     Twilight's Kingdom 
Part 1
  • Discord's rendition as an Alicorn Princess.
  • A highlight is when Discord forms a door which leads outside of the show. Which he promptly enters.
  • When hunting Tirek, Discord dresses like a police officer; a spirit of chaos in the uniform of a law enforcer. The juxaposition is immense.
  • Pinkie Pie interrogating Boneless (a rubber chicken) to try and find out where the chest keys are.
  • Discord, during his initial encounter with Tirek, makes a hilarious face when thinking about having tea with Fluttershy.
    Discord: Just between the two of us, it's mostly for Fluttershy.
    Tirek: (incredulous) Fluttershy?

Part 2

  • While the Princesses losing their magic and cutie marks is pretty sad, the fact that the black splotches on Luna's rump are not part of her cutie mark but a natural part of her coat is pretty silly - especially if one imagines a young Luna running around looking as if she accidentally sat in ink.
  • Having received the power of the other three Princesses, Twilight gets home and wonders why the sun hasn't risen yet... then realizes she has to do it now. Cue epic music, Twilight channeling her power... and the moon zipping around the sky like a fly before dipping below the horizon, and the sun rising like the same. Shining's reaction sells it.
  • Tirek's face when he attempts to drain the princesses' magic, only to realize they already got rid of it, is priceless. Celestia's smirk when he asks them what they have done makes it even better.
  • When Tirek gets hammy, his voice almost resembles Dr. Robotnik. It's most evident when he screams "WHERE IS YOUR MAGIC!?"
  • Twilight tries practicing to control her quadra Alicorn power.
    • Her effort at teleporting seems to work... before promptly happening several more times, putting Twilight on a palace rooftop, a cliff overlooking a waterfall, the back of a rampaging buffalo, and finally getting her stuck in a rock. Cue epic groan of frustration from Twilight.
    • There's also a scene where she attempts to simply open the front door to her library. Instead, she blows it to kingdom come.
  • Shining Armor tries to attack Tirek and fires a blast of magic at him. He catches it in his hand, condenses it into an orb, then pops it in his mouth and chews it like a piece of candy.
  • Meta example:
    • The "Super Saiyan Ponies!" comments get a lot funnier when you consider Vegeta himself occasionally does voice work on the show!
    • In addition, Tirek is a villain from the G1 cartoon which featured a human girl named Megan. The writer for the G4 episodes featuring his return and defeat? Current showrunner Meghan McCarthy.
    • Another Meghan McCarthy one of these was Meghan writing on Twitter that they were banned from showing Twilight punching Tirek in the face. Just look at what they got away with in the fight.
  • Tirek's hammy delivery when he finds out that there was one more princess in Equestria.
    Tirek: With the princesses out of the way we can now... (Beat, upon seeing Twilight's stained glass window) Is this meant to be humorous!?
  • The new window Discord has created: him riding Tirek like a steed, waving a submarine sandwich, while Tirek wields a sword that's cleaved the top of the sandwich apart. Even the mostly humorless Tirek admits it's Actually Pretty Funny.
  • Discord's grudging acceptance that he hasn't earned a throne yet.
  • As a Freeze-Frame Bonus, when Twilight bursts out of the rock and flies past Tirek, he pulls out of the way and makes a hilarious out-of-character "Huh?" face.
  • Twilight flies towards Tirek, slams into the ground and tries to skid to a stop... only to slam into his hoof, which is bigger than her entire body at this point. She then just tilts her head up to look at him with an Oh, Crap! expression. While it's a serious moment to show the different in size between them, it's also rather Played for Laughs.

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