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Heartwarming / My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic - Season 4

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    Princess Twilight Sparkle, Part 1 
  • Rainbow Dash teaching Twilight how to fly.
  • Twilight and her friends resolving that her new position will not interfere with their friendship.
    • Twilight also doesn't want her friends to refer to her as a princess, saying it doesn't feel right.
  • Celestia commenting on how the Summer Sun Celebration is now a time of joy for her and a celebration of her sister's return, rather than a reminder of what she lost as it had been previously.
  • Celestia promising to always be there for Twilight, and expressing the hope that Twilight will likewise always be there for her. Followed by the two nuzzling each other.
  • The giddy little smile on Twilight's face when she's showered by confetti from Pinkie's letter.
  • Twilight flying to Ponyville to help her friends.
  • Discord congratulating Twilight on becoming a princess, because "You totally deserve it." Even with the cheek-pinching, it actually seems to be a sincere sentiment.

    Princess Twilight Sparkle, Part 2 
  • Twilight's friends helping her against the Everfree's attacks.
  • What's the first thing Twilight does upon solving the problem and releasing Celestia and Luna? Give her mentor and her sister a hug of course!
  • Twilight knows that she and the other mane six will always be connected even if they don't have the Elements of Harmony binding them together anymore.
  • It's nice to see that despite his getting her name wrong and mistaking Rainbow Dash for her (though those may have been on purpose), Discord still values Fluttershy's friendship enough to keep himself under control.
    • To expand on this: Twilight and her friends have just surrendered the one thing (well, things) that could have stopped him if he decided to try to take over Equestria again. Discord realizes this. You can practically see the gears in his head turning, already plotting something devious - and Fluttershy sternly reminds him that if he tries anything, she'll stop being friends with him. And Discord, despite messing with her earlier, despite speaking mockingly about him and the mane six being "friends" earlier, despite being irritating and unhelpful the entire time, despite being a near omnipotent ancient being of chaos...grumpily agrees to back off and poofs on a silly maid outfit to go help clean up. That is the power of friendship.
    • Plus, he actually pulls a Celestia by holding back a key piece of information so that Twilight can learn a valuable lesson. How outraged he'd be if he knew...
    • After the ponies save the Tree Of Harmony and leave the Everfree Forest, Discord appears and congratulates them for saving the day complete with adorable crayon drawings of the "Mane Six". It really shows how much being their friend has changed him.
  • Celestia admitting to the public that until now she had never truly enjoyed the Summer Sun Celebration, then declaring that from now on it will represent and celebrate Luna's return rather than Nightmare Moon's defeat. It was a great public show of solidarity and support for Luna over herself.

    Castle Mania 
  • The ancient castle is full of traps and secret panels that were really there because Celestia and Luna could play there when they were foals. Twilight finds Celestia's entry into their shared journal just happy about how much Luna loved the trap-door-slide in the Hall Of Hooves. It's just brings up really adorable mental images.
    • Even better; it's implied that Celestia built the entire complex of secret tunnels and traps as a gift for her little sister, and kept expanding it when she saw how happy it made them both.
    • A bit of Fridge Heartwarming, looking back at "Luna Eclipsed:" apparently, Celestia and Luna loved scaring each other when they were younger and having fun with creepy things, meaning that the earlier episode wasn't just Luna learning to get along with other ponies, but also her recovering a part of her personality that she'd forgotten.
  • Angel hanging out with Twilight during the episode.
  • Near the end of the episode, when Fluttershy thinks that Angel has been crushed under a pillar (all she saw was a silhouette of a rock with 2 leaves sticking to it), she screams "AAANNGEELL!!" with tears in her eyes. Sure, Angel may act like a spoiled brat at times, but that moment made it VERY clear that, jerk or not, Fluttershy loves him very much. The way she screamed his name also suggests that she sees Angel as more than just her pet; she sees him as her child. The way that she futilely, but determinedly tried to lift that stone pillar on her own to save him proves this.
    • In a similar vein, Fluttershy nuzzling Angel when she finally finds him again.
  • When Fluttershy injures the tip of her wing, Angel is clearly concerned and gently pats the injured bit to comfort her.
  • Throughout the entire episode, Rainbow Dash and Applejack try to prove to each other that they're the braver pony. At one point when the castle scares them, they cling onto each other for dear life showing they do care for one another when frightened.

    Daring Don't 
  • The episode begins with Fluttershy teaching a pair of baby birds how to fly. And the defibrillator's on the right.
  • Rainbow Dash's friends encouraging her to go and save Daring Do. After many lectures about how Rainbow Dash should hold back her attitude, it's very gratifying to see ponies encouraging her to be more of a hero, a trait that many Rainbow Dash fans love.
  • Rainbow Dash and Daring Do save the day, and Daring Do offers a hoofbump. Rainbow Dash's response? The Glomp. And Daring Do actually hugs her back and nuzzles her!

    Flight to the Finish 
  • Rainbow Dash's speech to Scootaloo after she loses all faith in herself, even more heartwarming is the fact she called her by name instead of "pipsqueak."
    • Plus the fact that she flat-out said that it doesn't matter (to her or the other Crusaders) if Scootaloo ends up being able to fly or not. Considering that flying is Rainbow Dash's life, her not even hesitating to make it clear that she's not going to stop being Scootaloo's big sister figure over something as trivial as that is pretty damn meaningful. Once you recall how Rainbow was acting towards Fluttershy in "Hurricane Fluttershy" when she turned in a weak performance, and compare how she's acting here, that is a lot of personal growth.
      • You thought the scene just wasn't heartwarming enough? Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom start to sing "Hearts as Strong as Horses" again. Scootaloo joins in, regains her spirit, and we get that oh-so-glorious Triumphant Reprise as Rainbow Dash and the Crusaders speed their way to the Crystal Empire. It's enough to move a guy to tears.
  • Although the scene of Scootaloo being in her room was a Tear Jerker since she was throwing away her possessions, the fact she has a room is heartwarming in the fact that it's finally revealed she isn't homeless or an orphan as many fans thought.
  • The major Character Development shown for the CMC, that even with them still trying to get their cutie marks, they no longer really care about it and just do it to hang out together.
  • The CMC helping each other train in the song montage.
  • When RD asks 'who's the lucky filly?', Diamond Tiara and some other fillies say 'It's me'. What does Scootaloo say? "Maybe it's us!" Including the other CMC right off the bat.
  • Really, the simple fact that the Crusaders thought that the best way to represent Ponyville was to demonstrate the equality and harmony between the Three Pony Tribes was really sweet.
  • When Rainbow Dash hears that Scootaloo is staying home, she stops the train and lets Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle off just so they can snap Scootaloo out of her Heroic BSoD.

    Power Ponies 
  • In the opening, Twilight catches Spike staying up late to read his comic. After reminding him they have to work on the castle in the morning, Spike says he'll go to bed. When he turns off the light, He reaches out for the comic only to find Twilight has it in her magic. Her response...
    • And earlier that same scene, when Spike is talking about his comic to Twilight (in the way that a young child will talk about a TV show or book to a parent or sibling without realizing that the parent or sibling has no idea what they're talking about), you'd expect Twilight - who was just woken up in the middle of the night - to be annoyed, or say something condescending like "Uh huh, that's nice. Go back to bed, Spike." Instead, she actually smiles and listens, letting him finish talking about it without showing any hints of irritation. Whether she understands (or cares) or not, she was at least humouring him despite the late hour so he didn't feel bad.
    • She may not understand the comic, but she understands his enthusiasm.
    Twilight: Believe me, Spike, if there's anypony who knows what it's like to get lost in a good book, it's me.
  • The ending when Twilight yells at Mane-iac for saying that the only reason they keep Humdrum (Spike) around is because they feel sorry for him. Twilight tells her that even if they don't always need Spike's help they have faith that he'll save them all, since he always comes through for them.
    • Earlier, as the helpless Mane Six are being dragged away by Mane-iac's minions, they call for Spike to help them. They believe in him, even if he has trouble believing in himself.
  • Twilight telling Spike that since they don't need his help cleaning the castle, he can just relax somewhere and read his comic.
  • When the others are taking a break from cleaning the castle to eat, they look around for Spike to join them first.
  • When Spike gets sucked into the comic, Twilight immediately lunges into action to try and save him.
    • When Twilight herself gets sucked in, Rainbow Dash comes to her aid.
    • When the same thing happens to Rainbow Dash, the first pony to try to save her is Applejack.

  • A real life one: When Meghan McCarthy was accidentally credited as the episode's writer, she quickly got on Twitter to give credit to the real writer, Merriwether Williams.
  • During the song where Applejack encourages the others to side with her in terms of getting rid of the vampire fruit bats, Fluttershy's attempt to defend the bats includes a scene involving a bat family, complete with a baby bat that nuzzles with her.
  • After discovering what's happened to Fluttershy, Applejack becomes so worried about finding a way to return her back to normal that she almost completely pushes her main goal of protecting her crops to the background. She even sacrifices the prize apple she was growing and intending to enter in a contest for the Appleloosa Fair, using it as bait to lure Fluttershy out.
    Applejack: ...I just want my friend back.
  • Rainbow Dash's desire for cider seems selfish at first until you realize that every time she mentioned cider, she said "We" not "I", so she still wants her friends to get cider too, not just for herself.
  • Despite siding with Applejack over the bats, Twilight was still willing to help Fluttershy find an alternate solution to dealing with the bats.
  • Despite everyone worrying about Fluttershy, Rainbow still takes to time to console Applejack when she has to give up her prize apple.
  • When Applejack calls her friends over, she says "I need all hooves and claws on deck!" implying that after what happened in "Power Ponies" she still appreciates Spike's help.

    Rarity Takes Manehattan 
  • During the song, Rarity shows some kindness to complete strangers, giving a generous tip to the hotel's bellboy and lending her scarf to a fellow tourist. And she and Applejack work together to fix a cab driver's broken wheel.
    • Her kindness gets rewarded when both the bellhop and the cab driver help get her and her dresses to the show on time.
    • Even when in full My Godwhat Have I Done mode, she still remembers to tip the bellhop...even though he hadn't done anything.
  • When Rarity reveals the tickets for the musical, there are seven tickets instead of six because Spike is there too, and we see him with the other mane six throughout the episode. Seeing as how some fans have complained that he gets left out a lot despite being their friend and an important part of the team, and following up from him worrying that he's the useless sidekick in Power Ponies, this is nice. And it makes sense for him to go with them, since it's to support Rarity.
  • The reason the Mane 5 didn't attend the fashion show, they overslept. Despite how Rarity acted they fully understood she only acted that way because of stress and still wanted to be there.
  • Coco being inspired to believe in the kindness of others and leaving her job with Suri even though that might have been her only chance at success.
  • Rarity giving Coco the offer of making the dresses for the next show. Element of Generosity indeed.

    Pinkie Apple Pie 
  • When Pinkie Pie is convinced that she related to the Apple family, her first action is to go to Applejack's house, call her "cousin", and hug her.
  • The Apple Family welcoming Pinkie into their home as though she was a true blue Apple (especially when Applebloom does it: "I have a sister!") is just so sweet. Doesn't hurt for them to do it in song during their road trip.
  • While we only get to see the tail end of it, it seems that there was a life-coaching conversation between Pinkie and Big Macintosh.
  • Pinkie Pie knew that the family was arguing in front of her, but tells them that even after all they've been through to get there, they're still together as a family.
  • Heck, the way that Pinkie Pie so thoroughly and unconditionally embraces every aspect of the Apple family, through the rough as well as the smooth, with nothing but outright joy is incredibly touching.
  • A small one, but Pinkie commenting that she was "already super-happy as a Pie," but is now thrilled to be an Apple as well, assuring us that her eagerness to be part of the Apple family doesn't reflect any dissatisfaction with her own family (especially since her family is so different from her).
  • The fact that even though Pinkie may never truly find out is she's related to the Apples or not, the Apples still consider her to be one anyway. Pinkie even states that she really, really did want to be a part of the family, and upon hearing that, Apple Bloom perks up and anxiously proclaims the same thing without hesitating! So adorable!
  • Pinkie's lyrics in the song contain the words "You're more fun than the colour pink/Or balloons flying over your favourite drink!" Pinkie more or less described herself (being, well, pink, and not only is her Cutie Mark balloons, but she's prone to hovering over drinks, while affixed to balloons), and her two favourite things, stating that the Apples are more fun than that.
    • Heck. The entire song is one big heartwarming moment.
  • The sheer fact that Big Macintosh, easily the calmest and most stoic of the apple family by far, is being SO openly happy and joyous over the mere thought of welcoming Pinkie into the family, is indeed too sweet to truly put into words.
    • And the "Eeyup!" he says at the end of the episode, when all the Apple family still consider Pinkie 'an Apple to the core', is the happiest and proudest he's ever said it before!
  • Four words: Best Family Hug Ever!

    Rainbow Falls 
  • While a lot of Bulk Bicep's interactions with cast border on Funny Moments, the fact that he spends the rest of the episode enjoying himself with the mane group (with that enjoyment being mutual) shows that although the group are a tight-knit group of friends, they have no problem inviting others as well.
    • Same can be said later when Derpy joins in. Even if she didn't get to compete, she is still included in the victory shot along with everypony else.
  • Speaking of which... The return of Derpy Hooves herself!
    • Also confirmation that she is here to stay [1]!.
  • Remember how Rainbow Dash inspired the other five's cutie marks? Now the same thing happens to her, as sunlight prisms into a rainbow pointing to the Ponyville team's flag.
  • Fluttershy's behavior towards Rainbow Dash. Knowing how much Rainbow Dash likes to win, she ends up very dedicated towards getting Rainbow Dash a medal, going so far as to promise to give all the gold medals that the team might possibly win to Rainbow Dash. Then when Rainbow Dash makes her dilemma known, Fluttershy actually encourages Rainbow Dash to leave Ponyville behind and join up with the vastly superior Cloudsdale team. Fluttershy would let Ponyville lose whatever chance it had at winning the relay race if it meant making Rainbow Dash happy. Loyalty really does work both ways.
    • There's also the fact that she's competing at all, especially when you recall that Fluttershy is terrified of flying where other ponies are looking at her and depending on her, which implies there's a reason she's competing, apart from the desire to win (considering that Fluttershy isn't that competitive at all). She's probably competing in the first place because Rainbow needed three players and everypony else was competing in another event, but you know what? Be damned if Fluttershy isn't there because she wants to be. She's not only perfectly content to be there, but flat-out happy and eager to compete to the point that maybe it actually doesn't have to do with Rainbow Dash because even if Rainbow left the team, Fluttershy would've still compete. Now that's Character Development!
  • The Cloudsdale cheerleaders rooting for the Ponyville team.
  • The whole relationship between Rainbow Dash and the Wonderbolts is pretty nice to see. With all the compliments Spitfire and Soarin' give Rainbow Dash, it's clear that they see Rainbow Dash as an equal and Rainbow Dash most likely feels the same way with her much more composed attitude and her casual chewing-out of Spitfire without having any hard feelings after the fact. Dash becoming a proper part of their team might not be far off...
    • Spitfire being impressed by Dash's boldness yet again.
    Spitfire: Huh. Rainbow Dash, you are something. I saw it before at the Academy, and I'm seeing it again here. We could learn a lot from a competitor like you.
    • After the qualifying rounds are over and all the medals are passed out, Spitfire comes over and gives her Wonderbolts insignia pin to Rainbow Dash. It could be taken as either 'You're working your way up to being a full-fledged Wonderbolt' or 'You understand more about being a Wonderbolt than I do'.
  • Finally, Rainbow's journal entry:
    Rainbow Dash: Oh, I can't deny it. I love to win! But if I ever gotta choose between winning and being loyal to my friends, I'm always gonna choose my friends. 'Cause as much as I love winning, I love them waaaaay more.

    Three's A Crowd 
  • Applejack and Rarity willing to make sure that nothing ruin Twilight and Cadance's day, even if it meant taking care of a sick Discord.
  • Cadance assuring Twilight that while they don't see each other very often, their friendship is unshakable.
    • Really, just seeing Twilight and Cadance together again in and of itself was nice.
  • Discord revealing he and Fluttershy send each other letters on a regular basis, and also asking about her whereabouts while heaping on the praise for her.
  • Even if Discord was faking his illness the fact that Twilight went to the end of Equestria to heal Discord shows that even if they aren't good friends, they're still good enough friends for her to give up a day with Cadance to help him.
    • Discord himself (oddly enough) sure he tried to ruin Twilight and Cadance day, but he did it because wanted some attention. In his own twisted way, Discord just wanted to hang-out with a friend the only way he knew how. That fact that he considers Twilight a friend at all is a huge deal in its own right.
      • He went through this whole thing for Twilight specifically. Jerkass move it may have been to interrupt Twilight's day with Cadance for his own interests, that Twilight, personal student of his arch-nemesis Celestia, is his second choice after Fluttershy, is rather intriguing. In it's own twisted and messed up way.
    • Pinkie willingly offers her help. Sadly Discord refuses it.
    • His happy little dance, revealing he just wanted to see if Twilight cared enough to go on a such a dangerious mission just to help him.
  • A woozy Discord asks if anyone has a fainting couch, and while Rarity doesn't deliver, Pinkie Pie gathers up a pile of luggage to use for that purpose, and Discord actually seems appreciative.
    • Later on, her offer to nurse Discord back to health, give him cuddles, and read him stories.
  • There's something weirdly adorable about the fact that Discord's "Glass of Water" song features one of his requests (read:demands) as "a cuddle with a Pekignese", complete with a miniature Discord cuddling up to a Pekingnese.

    Pinkie Pride 
  • For all her nastiness, Diamond Tiara is willing to compliment Pinkie on the planning of her Cuteceañera. Yes, that Diamond Tiara is actually being nice to someone besides her dad!
  • The first song, where Pinkie is singing about how much she loves making ponies happy with her parties, and the last few songs, where Cheese explains his past and he and Pinkie work together to throw the best party ever, are all adorable.
  • Pinkie having pictures of all the parties she's thrown for her friends and family.
    • A retroactive moment can be found in this scene as well. Close examination of Pinkie's family photo shows that even Maud Pie is smiling.
  • The mane six running after Pinkie and reassuring her that she's still their Party Pony, and that Dash's party wouldn't be complete without her.
  • Cheese Sandwich telling Pinkie the truth about his past. It turns he was actually a shy colt who became a party pony thanks to a party thrown by filly Pinkie. In fact, his rubber chicken friend Boneless was actually one of the rubber chickens Pinkie Pie was juggling during at that party. Eventually, the two come together and throw Rainbow Dash the greatest party ever.
    • Cheese Sandwich "returning" Boneless to Pinkie. It's pretty much a thank you for turning him into a Party Pony (and even then, he has at least a second Boneless to keep him company).
      • Just the realization that Pinkie had been a role model and big influence on other ponies' lives ever since she was a filly is both heartwarming and awesome; basically, she had been spreading laughs and happiness for years even without realizing it.
  • After her participation in 'Rainbow Falls', Derpy gets an 'upgrade' from 'occasional cameo' to recurrent background pony; we can see her in several scenes, and even helps with the party preparations without causing any accident.
  • In the scene Derpy is drinking from the chocolate fountain Rainbow Dash is seen hugging Tank without bothering to check if anypony's looking.
  • Cheese Sandwich being genuinely surprised that Pinkie would just hand over her victory over to him and not even rejoicing in his given victory.
  • A little one is in Cheese's flashback. Cheerilee gives colt Cheese a sandwich, showing that even when she was a filly, she was always kind to younger kids.

    Simple Ways 
  • At the very end of the episode, during the festival, Trenderhoof dances with... Granny Smith.
  • The gentle ribbing of Derpygate with Trenderhoof calling her "unappreciated."
  • Spike throughout the whole episode. We see him doing tons of jobs for Rarity. When he sees her crying he tries to console her. Plus he doesn't even seem mad or upset that Rarity, the girl he has a crush on for 4 seasons, is clearly infatuated with someone else (showing how much he cares about her feelings).
    • Plus when you think about it, Rarity never made Spike feel like he needed to change who he was to get Rarity's approval, unlike Trenderhoof and how he treated Rarity. Which shows how sincere Spike and Rarity's relationship (platonic or romantic) is.
  • We all know Applejack isn't usually one for prettying herself up. Now imagine the effort that she must have put into being Apple Jewel; at the very least she'd have had to get her hair done up prim and proper and gotten her work-worn hooves filed and polished to a mirror shine. All that, just for a gentle rib at Rarity to remind her "this isn't you."
    • Then, after she snaps out of it, Rarity thanks her for showing her how silly she was being and sincerely compliments her on how well she looks.

    Filli Vanilli 
  • The opening, with Fluttershy skipping around singing to her animal friends like a bona fide Disney Princess.
  • All the animals that get adopted because of the fundraiser.
  • Fluttershy just looks so adorable and happy when she's singing without having to worry about ponies watching her. Her final performance before getting caught even shows her going full-on gospel, ad-libbing and swaying and dancing to her own singing, and it's just as adorable as it is funny.
  • Fluttershy's friends supporting and helping her make the 'baby steps' so she can overcome her stage fright.
  • Big Macintosh and Rarity agreeing on letting Fluttershy sing one last time despite Mac no longer having a hoarse throat, as they both know by now how much Fluttershy had enjoyed doing it.
  • Cheerilee fake-swooning over Big Mac and then winking at him is pretty cute too, whether you ship them or see them as Just Friends.
  • The fact that when Fluttershy's exposed in front of everyone, not one single pony laughs at her. Instead, everyone cheers.

    Twilight Time 
  • The CMC get upset when they see all the kids outside Diamond Tiara's pool that aren't invited, and say that the party with all of them would be more fun.
  • The CMC displaying an apology gesture by showing what little bit they learned from Twilight. Scootaloo hands Twilight the fixed scooter, Applebloom grows a tiny flower, and Sweetie Bell using magic to stick the flower in Twilight's hair. It's their way of saying, "We understand if you don't want to forgive us, but we want you to know how sincerely we appreciated your lessons and this is how far we got because of you."
  • Twilight forgives the CMC at the end, and they really do end up improving.
    • In general, Twilight acting like a Cool Teacher to the CMC.
  • Twilight is more than happy to let the entire gang of foals into the library, only getting upset when it's clear they're only there for bragging rights.
    • Seeing Twilight being a Friend to All Children is not only really sweet, it shows how much she's grown since the start of the series.
      • Then again, Twilight was implied to be the big sisterly type even early on in the series, but seeing it in full force like this is really nice.
  • The Crusaders treating Twilight with the same friendliness and respect they always have, it's pretty clear her status hasn't changed how the view her. Just like the rest of the Mane Six.
  • Just hearing Twilight refer to the Crusaders as her friends and vice-versa. A friendship has been implied in earlier episodes, but actually hearing confirmation of it was really satisfying. Especially with Twilight telling the Crusaders she set the event up just for them.

    It Ain't Easy Being Breezies 
  • Spike is horribly guilt-ridden over knocking loose the leaf that messed up some of the Breezies' flight path, but Twilight and Fluttershy don't blame him at all and tell him it could have happened to anyone.
  • Fluttershy rescuing Seabreeze from an angry bee swarm even though he had been a total jerk to her and the others.
  • Seabreeze apologizing to his fellow breezies and encouraging them to carry on with their mission. He even lets them lean on him for support.
  • The Breezies finally getting home and being reunited with their friends and family. Especially when we see Seabreeze has a wife and a baby.
  • Rainbow Dash says she's always wanted to know what it's like to be a griffon, likely a result of her old friendship with Gilda, revealing she still treasures the time that they spent together, despite Gilda turning into a jerk later.

    Somepony to Watch Over Me 
  • After Applejack saved Applebloom, she apologizes for being over-protective, and the two reconcile.
    Applebloom: So... we good?
    Applejack: Little sister, we're always good.

    Maud Pie 
  • Pinkie and Maud's relationship. The two of them are complete polar opposites in many ways, and not only do they love and accept each other, but they think the world of each other. Even when Pinkie's friends are irritated with Maud's behavior, Pinkie never thinks ill of her.
    • Later, when Pinkie's friends realize how much Maud really loves Pinkie, they're happy to accept her as a friend, as they all have something quite important in common, their love for Pinkie. Maud accepts their friendship and, even if still keeping her stoic face, Pinkie can tell she's actually happy for this. Before that, Maud also admitted she was happy that Pinkie had so many friends in Ponyville.
  • After being soundly beaten in a stone-throwing contest, Rainbow Dash swallows her pride and says "I guess you win this one, Maud." It's evident from the forced smile she's sporting that that must've taken a lot for her to say, considering she's stated outright that winning is her passion and she hates losing. But she concedes defeat anyway, being a good sport in the hopes that maybe Maud would warm up to her.
  • At the end, where it's revealed that Maud has kept every single rock candy necklace that Pinkie has made for her in a box. When Twilight expresses confusion as to why Maud hasn't eaten a single one, Maud just simply says that while she's not a candy lover, she loves her little sister. The fact that she keeps the necklaces, instead of simply throwing them away when Pinkie's not looking, shows just how much they (and Pinkie) truly mean to her.
    Maud: I don't really like candy... (smiles) But I do love Pinkie Pie.
  • At one point during the picnic, Maud takes a bite from her daisy sandwich, she then puts it down and then sets Boulder next to it. She's basically feeding him.
  • After Maud saves Pinkie from being crushed and helps her down the rock pile, she gives her a small hug after making sure she's okay. Think about that: it wasn't Pinkie Pie that hugged Maud, grateful her big sister saved her life; it was Maud that hugged Pinkie Pie, thankful her younger sister was alive. After spending nearly the entire episode without showing any outward emotion at all, we see that, beneath her dull-as-dishwater personality, Maud does love and care for her family.
  • Maud usually looks aloof and uninterested, but during the train travel, she takes her time to express something:
    Maud: Thank you for coming with me. I don't know how long I'll be gone on my rock research trip. I'm glad I still get to spend some time with you before I go.
    • It becomes more heartwarming when you remember Maud's Brutal Honesty. If she says she feels glad or happy, even if her expression doesn't change, she's being entirely honest about it; same applies to when she says she's happy for Pinkie having so many friends, and when accepting their friendship offer herself.
  • During the entire episode, Pinkie keeps gushing about Maud. Later, she sums up:
    Pinkie: I only wanted my friends to get to know my amazing older sister.
  • A bit of heartwarming crossed with Fridge Brilliance: this episode explains why Pinkie Pie would want a stoic and unemotional pet like Gummy. Gummy reminds Pinkie of her big sister.
  • The spider who only looks scary and offers Maud a flower.

    For Whom Sweetie Belle Tolls 
  • Sweetie Belle and Rarity reconciling and hugging at the end of the episode. Awwww...
    Rarity: But I never did get to see your play. Any chance I can catch an encore performance?
    Sweetie Belle: Eh, I don't think the play was all that good. To be honest, the costumes were the best part. (hug)
    Rarity: Awww...
  • Sapphire Shores referring to Rarity as "her favorite designer." A nice show of appreciation for what Rarity's gone through filling orders for her.
  • Luna going out of her way to help Sweetie Belle realize that Rarity really was just trying to help her and that she wants Rarity to be happy too, even meeting up with Sweetie Belle outside of her dreams to help her fix the costume.
    • Luna knowing that Sapphire Shores likes dolphins because they swim with her in her dreams and using that knowledge to help a filly reconcile with her big sister.
    • Luna helping because she knows what it's like to be jealous of your older sister but she also knows the guilt that comes from hurting someone who never meant to hurt you. Pretty much everything Luna does in this episode.
    • Also, if you pay attention you notice that when Luna meets Sweetie Belle in the waking world, she doesn't use her unique inflections. It's the first time we hear her speak the way all the others do (she actually sounds a lot like Celestia). She's dropped all pretenses, effectively showing Sweetie Belle a side of her that we're never seen her show. That's how much she wants to help Sweetie Belle and stop her from making the same mistakes she did.
  • A small thing, but Spike telling Apple Bloom and Scootaloo to cheer up when they're sad Applejack and Rainbow Dash couldn't stay to see the play is sweet of him. He even offers to get some punch for them.
  • It's a quick thing, and in the middle of Sweetie Belle doing something she shouldn't be doing (sabotaging the headdress), but she closes the box with magic. She's grown up a lot since the first time we saw her.
  • The revelation of what really happened at Sweetie Belle's fifth birthday party, where, far from trying to outshine her sister, Rarity was doing all she could to save the party and Sweetie Belle's reputation among her friends.
  • Though it backfired, the fact that Rarity took the time and effort to make such elaborate costumes for her little sister's play, despite being behind on a major order, just because she sees it's important to Sweetie Belle.
    • Then, when Sweetie Belle starts chewing her out for "upstaging" her, Rarity doesn't get angry with her but calmly tries to figure out what's the matter and, when that doesn't work, tactfully gives her some space to cool off, all while seeming much more concerned than upset over her little sister's bad attitude.

    Leap Of Faith 
  • At the very beginning of the episode, we see the Apple family at a watering hole, with all three siblings happily splashing about and playing together. INCLUDING Big Mac, who has the biggest grin on his face. Is it as adorable as it sounds? Yes, yes it is! In fact, this is probably the very first time we've ever seen all three of the Apple siblings spending some real, quality time together, and it is the sweetest thing ever!
  • Granny Smith's and Apple Bloom's synchronized swimming routine. Not only was their routine worthy of a perfect 10, you can see very clearly the loving bond shared between a grandmother and her youngest granddaughter. We've seen it before at the end of "Family Appreciation Day", but to see it again here, it's so heart-meltingly beautiful.
  • When Applejack admitted the truth she never tried to excuse her actions.

    Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3 
  • When Rainbow is in the middle of her Heroic BSoD thinking she's never going to achieve her dream, Twilight flies after her to boost her spirits. She points out that Rainbow has shown lots of intelligence and creativity in the past and that she is perfectly capable of learning history.
  • Everyone in Ponyville collaborating to create a lesson plan that Rainbow Dash will notice subconsciously from the air so she can learn the material for her upcoming test. Including play-acting in costume, giant flash cards, and topiary!
  • After all her trouble cramming for the test and suffering a massive Heroic BSoD, Rainbow Dash passes. With a perfect score.
  • A meta example: Amy Keating Roger's decision to name the Wonderbolts' founder Firefly was made to pay tribute to Lauren Faust and her screen name, "fyre-flye" (in turn named after her favorite G1 pony Firefly).
  • Twilight taking time out of her day to help Rainbow Dash study should definitely count. It really shows how much she wants her friend to succeed in accomplishing her lifelong dream of becoming a Wonderbolt.

    Trade Ya 
  • Rainbow Dash going to lengths to get Twilight to call the deal unfair she made with the mare to get the signed first-edition copy of "Daring Do and the Quest for the Sapphire Statue", JUST so she won't lose Fluttershy.
    • The mare even mentioning that was the sweetest thing she ever heard, once Rainbow Dash explains her convictions.
    • Most everything involving Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy's relationship in this episode. Fluttershy goes above and beyond to help Rainbow Dash get her book, and Dash gives up the book without a second thought to get Fluttershy back.
  • Rainbow Dash saying Twilight's old copy of the book is better than the first-edition one because she can read it with all her friends. And then everyone gathers round.
  • Rarity and Applejack getting each other items that are kind of like the ones they wanted, even though they both thought what the other wanted was silly. Plus Rainbow getting Fluttershy the bird call she wanted.
  • Fluttershy easily taming the two-headed dog.
  • Twilight realizing that the old books she didn't read anymore were still special and keeping them.
    • Pinkie trying to help Twilight get a good deal for her books, even though she went about it all wrong.
  • A meta example - one of the sales ponies Fluttershy and Dash interact with seems to be in the pony equivalent of a wheelchair. It's never brought up and no one treats him any differently.
    • The character (named Stellar Eclipse)'s inclusion was actually brought about by the Make-A-Wish foundation. The teen who voiced him, named Sylvain Lavasseur Portelance, has Spinal Muscular Atrophy, and his wish was apparently to voice a character on the show. So DHX studios and the Make-A-Wish foundation worked together to make that happen.
    • Even better - Sylvain didn't just voice Stellar Eclipse, but designed him as well. That's going the extra mile with his wish.
    • It also implies that Equestrian law forbids the abandonment of disabled foals.
  • The fact there are Discord shaped lamps being traded implies that ponies are starting to genuinely like him, or at least don't see him as a threat anymore.
    • Also Fluttershy seems happy upon seeing them.
  • It's nice to see some Crystal Ponies came to the exchange.

    Inspiration Manifestation 
  • Rarity tells Spike he's her Favorite dragon. Even though she probably doesn't know any other Dragons that well, Spike still takes it as a huge compliment. (Plus she says it like even if she did know other dragons he'd still be her favorite.)
  • Rarity calling Spike "Precious Scales" as a pet name.
  • Spike refers to his relationship with Rarity as a "friendship", even while he still obviously has a big crush on her.
  • Spike thinks that Rarity isn't going to like him anymore once he tells her that he doesn't really think that her changes have been good, but once he does she's not offended at all and says he shouldn't be afraid to be honest with her. And this is a pony who usually does not take criticism well (see: the beginning of the episode).
  • A minor example, but during the beginning of the episode you can see Thunderlane and Rumble, and Diamond Tiara and Filthy Rich together at the fair. It's very sweet to see the brothers and the father and daughter hanging out together. It's especially heartwarming if you focus on Rumble and Diamond Tiara's faces - both of them just look so happy to be spending time with their family.

    Equestria Games 
  • The Crystal Ponies really honor Spike for saving their kingdom.
  • Spitfire and Rainbow Dash's congratulatory hoofbump to each other after they finish the relay.
  • Derpy, even if not competing herself (this was established in 'Rainbow Falls', as only a non-competing pegasus could replace Rainbow), is still part of the Ponyville's delegation, most surely serving as an emergency replacement if necessary, and is treated with the same respect and praise as the other athletes.
  • Rainbow Dash being encouraging towards her teammates for the relay, even though she admits they probably aren't going to win. That she's totally okay with them getting second place shows a lot of character development.
    • Especially her exchange with Scootaloo on the train: "Winners or not, we all have a chance to be awesome!"
  • Twilight secretly lighting the torch in the opening ceremony to save Spike from humiliation. Since it was subtle, it still looked like Spike lit the torch, which kept his image intact.
  • After the opening ceremonies, Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom run over to Rarity and Applejack happily and get praised for doing well. Scootaloo runs over to Rainbow Dash, who gives her an affectionate noogie and tells her she did good.
  • The whole episode is a MASSIVE one for Spike, who has shown self-esteem issues before. Not only is he actually hailed for his actions last time he was at the Crystal Empire, but he saves everybody AGAIN and gets a huge confidence boost despite his messup in the beginning of the episode. It's really sweet to watch for those that feel Spike always gets the short end of the stick.
    • In fact, Cadance herself, the Crystal Empire's princess, BOWS at Spike's feet. Even Celestia and Luna give him a respectful, small bow after he saves everyone at the stadium. Basically, even Equestria's royalty considers Spike a hero.
      • Not to mention, Cadance was also a savior of the Empire and with a more public role. But she makes sure that Spike's role is acknowledged.
  • Even though Spike messing up the song was a very cringe-worthy moment, the fact that all the ponies were cringing along with him in sympathy instead of mocking and laughing at him was nice. And even though most of those in attendance didn't enjoy the song, Pinkie was clearly shown rocking her head back and forth to it and smiling, showing that at least someone liked it.
  • Twilight's interactions with Spike in the last third of the episode, where she gets him to leave the hotel room and reassure him that messing up once is no big deal. She continues to be supportive after he saves the games and tells him that he shouldn't be so hard on himself.
  • For characters that otherwise get little interaction with one another, this episode certainly shows that Spike and the CMC are on rather friendly terms. Spike reassures the CMC at the beginning of the episode while they are feeling nervous about their flag carrying task. In turn, they visit him in his hotel room after his humiliating anthem incident.

    Twilight's Kingdom Part 1 
  • When Discord makes a joke about him becoming an alicorn princess too, the mane six all look annoyed - except for Fluttershy, who giggles to herself. She's also the only one who looks happy to see him.
  • All three princesses singing this to Twilight to boost her morale.
    • And at the end, Celestia hugs Twilight.
    • Cadance's words to Twilight in the song are particularly touching:
    "You stand here for a reason. You're gifted and you are strong. That crown is upon your head because you belong!"
    • Princess Luna expressing her understanding about how Twilight is feeling considering she felt the same way long ago.
  • The reveal that Starswirl was friends with Tirek's brother, and likely was a huge factor in his Heel–Face Turn.
  • Discord's casual admission to Tirek that he's being helpful for his friends (specifically, for Fluttershy).
  • Note that in the flashback, Scorpan is wearing a medallion and now Tirek wears the medallion. This implies that Scorpan, despite knowing that his brother had done wrong and deserved to be imprisoned, still loved his brother and gave Tirek a token of his brotherly affection before he departed from Equestria.
  • Twilight realizing that Discord was sincerely trying to be helpful when he bookmarked the entries in their journal that ultimately led them to discovering the keys to the chest.

    Twilight's Kingdom Part 2 
  • Shortly after the same scene, when Tirek has just drained the main cast of their magic, and drained Discord, take a close look at Spike. He's holding Rarity. Even in their darkest hour he's still there to comfort her.
  • When the library is destroyed by Tirek, Twilight can be seen holding onto Owloysious to protect him.
    • A more subtle aspect; the minute she sees the fireball shooting toward her home, Twilight teleports into it, then comes back out with Owloysious in her arms/front hooves. It's very likely that her very first instinct upon seeing that her home was about to be obliterated was to save her pet.
  • After Fluttershy tells Twilight they're not worth sacrificing her power to save, Discord tells her that she is, and he was too much of a fool to realize it. A more subtle one is that Discord shows hints of remorse and guilt even before Tirek stabs him in the back, showing Fluttershy really has changed him.
    • When you think about it, even his betrayal shows that he's a changed Draconequus to some extent. How could a manipulator like Discord get played like a fiddle with the same mind games he used to dish out so liberally? His time around the Mane Six has made him more trusting. He probably expected Tirek to be his friend.
  • Twilight agrees to give Tirek her alicorn magic in exchange for her friends, including Discord.
    • Furthermore, because Twilight made such a decision of such extraordinary forgiveness and generosity of spirit, Tirek's defeat is made possible.
    • Discord giving a sincere "Thank you" to Twilight for freeing him from Tirek.
    • While it is a case of Discord being Easily Forgiven, it does help that Twilight heard Discord's remarkably heartfelt apology to Fluttershy and the others for his betrayal. Knowing that he truly regretted what he'd done, Twilight refused to leave him to Tirek.
  • Discord giving Twilight her key. To elaborate, he didn't know that Tirek's medallion could be the final key to the chest. He gave it to Twilight as a sincere display of friendship and gratitude.
  • Twilight's new castle has six thrones for each of the Mane Six...and next to Twilight's throne is a seventh, smaller one for Spike. The characters may forget his deeds sometimes, but the Tree of Harmony remembers.
  • Spike and Rarity share a glance when they first try their new thrones.
  • When Twilight and her friends share a Group Hug in Twilight's new castle, Discord, who feels guilty about helping Tirek, merely waves to them from the doorway. In response, Twilight uses her magic to pull him over so he can join the hug. It's official: Twilight considers Discord a friend!
  • After Tirek's been defeated, and Twilight's new castle rises, the citizens of Ponyville approach the doors, uncertain of what's happened. Twilight opens and begins singing "Let the Rainbow Remind You" and the entire town breaks out in smiles. Imagine what's going through their minds: the Darkest Hour has just passed, a titanic battle just took place outside of their town...and now they're greeted by their Princess singing them a victory song. Seeing the town's joy as they realize that all is well makes it all worthwhile.
    • Particularly touching is that the scene includes characters like Photo Finish, Diamond Tiara, and Silver Spoon, who so rarely show that much genuine cheer and happiness. It's just touching to show them so genuinely HAPPY that the ordeal is over.
    • One blink and you miss it face in the crowd is ZECORA, seemingly finally confirming her as a full-fledged citizen of Ponyville. They've come a long way from Bridle Gossip haven't they?
  • During the last musical number of the episode and the season, the Rainbow Power released by the Mane Six forms a beautiful rainbow that passes all throughout Equestria. The characters we see it passing? Coco Pommel, Spitfire, Cheese Sandwich, Sea Breeze, Silver Shill and Discord. Aka, everypony (and Breezie and Draconequus) that gave the Mane Six their keys.
    • The looks on each of their faces when they see the rainbow.
    • Coco smiles. After all she went through in "Rarity Takes Manehattan", it's a real treat to see her genuinely happy.
    • Cheese blowing a noisemaker in response to the rainbow.
  • Discord offers Celestia a bouquet of flowers and winks at her. Is he offering a proverbial olive branch, or is it something more?. It's a pretty sweet gesture either way.
    • It's made even more touching when you consider if Discord was able to make the flowers appear out of thin air, it means his magic was restored by the Rainbow Power along with the ponies. Apparently, the Tree Of Harmony has determined that his Heel–Face Turn is genuine.
    • The fact that everyone's welcomed him back despite his mistakes counts as pretty heartwarming, too.
  • Slightly Meta example: Bringing back both Tirek and Scorpan, characters from the very first episode of My Little Pony from 1984. It's a major Book-Ends for the franchise to begin and end season 4 with both a villain and a hero from the original...
    • Another Meta example is the ending song. The rainbow created by the Main Six has always been the equivalent of the original series' Rainbow of Light. "Let the Rainbow Remind You" isn't just a sweet song. It's also, in a way, telling older fans to remember their own childhoods.
  • The final scene, where the Mane Six and Spike all seem to be smiling and waving at the viewers. Along with all the other things that happened in this episode, it just makes for a moving finale.


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