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    Dance Magic 
  • When Twilight Sparkle reveals they're still only halfway to paying for repairs at Camp Everfree, Applejack scans the parking lot for more business for their car wash fundraiser. Cue a shot of the completely empty parking lot, complete with howling wind and a random tumbleweed blowing by.
  • Rarity convinces the group that she has a fantastic idea to raise the money they need for Camp Everfree's renovations and that she'll tell them later in the music classroom. The only problem? Rarity doesn't have an idea.
    Spike: You got nothin' huh?
    Rarity: How did you know?!
  • Rarity runs into some of the Shadowbolts when she goes to sign up for the Chance to Prance competition.
    Rarity: Are you girls here to sign up for the competition?
    Sugarcoat: We definitely aren't here because we like standing in lines.
  • As Call Backs to her pony counterpart, Human Rarity uses a fainting couch and drowns her sorrows by stuffing her face with ice cream while she cries and lets her make-up run. The difference here is she does the latter in public, and the former in front of all of her friends, getting her rather awkward looks from everyone.
  • When everyone comes to visit Rarity at her house, Spike can be seen looking very happy at Opal, instead of growling and barking like you'd expect a dog to do to a cat. Either Spike is well-behaved enough to not do that, or he was excited and getting ready to chase her like how he wanted to chase squirrels at Camp Everfree.
  • When Twilight and Rarity go to Crystal Prep, Rarity asks where the dance studio is
    Twilight: They have a dance studio?
    Rarity: Didn't you go to this school?
    Twilight: (sheepish smile) Well, I can show you where the library is.
    • Earlier, Rarity declares her intention to not take the situation lying down:
    Rarity: I am going straight to Crystal Prep! Who's with me!?
    Rainbooms: [awkward silence]
    Rarity: ...No, seriously; who's with me? I have no idea how to get to Crystal Prep.
  • Pinkie Pie's Imagine Spot is drawn in very childish scrawl to emphasize how silly it is. At one point, despite having on a space helmet, Spike manages to take a large bite out of some cheese.
    Spike: Rich with buttery undertones!
    • The way everyone reacts to the imagine spots as if they were real, including Rarity freaking out over her messy clothing in Applejack's idea and the flying arrows in Rainbow's
  • Pinkie builds a castle (specifically Twilight's) out of chocolate bars for no apparent reason while the others are talking.

    Movie Magic 
  • Rainbow Dash keeps interrupting the filming with her fangirling.
  • Rarity telling Fluttershy that actors love interacting with their fans... right before Chestnut's trailer door suddenly opening and smacking Rarity's face. Both Rarity's and Fluttershy's surprised expressions really sells it.
  • Pinkie and Spike take a few minutes to eat some praline bars while conducting their search. Cue Chestnut Magnifico yelling at the director for misplacing her favorite praline bars, and cue Pinkie picking Spike up and bailing out.
  • When Twilight suggests Chestnut might be behind the sabotage, Rarity objects:
    Rarity: Chestnut Magnifico is an acclaimed actress; she'd never do something so dramatic!
    Sunset: An actress? Dramatic? Never!
  • The Humane Seven getting put into Power Ponies costumes in the span of just a few minutes by an impatient stagehand, despite their insistence that they're not actors. When the director sees what's going on, the stagehand gets the sack.
  • Still in Power Ponies attires, the girls spot Juniper sneaking around behind the set. They start chasing her, except the gap between two decors is too narrow for two people at the same time, so Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash end up stuck and squeezing each other. RD's face is hilarious.
  • Pinkie stashing a bucket of pudding from the Stormy With a Side of Pudding set in her hair. "For the road!"
    • And Twilight is completely unfazed by this.
    • "Pudding never lies".

    Mirror Magic 
  • In the beginning when Juniper Montage is whining about how she should be Daring Do and be a star now, she puts on a pair of sunglasses with the lenses shaped like stars. The guy by the counter just looks at her and shakes his head.
  • Juniper runs into a few problems when she tries showing other people her "movie star" persona in the mirror, but they only see their own reflections. For instance, when she shows the mirror to her boss...
    Juniper: Does this look like someone who cleans popcorn spills?
    Boss: [seeing himself in the mirror] No. It looks like someone about to fire somebody.
  • The scene with Sunset and Starlight's first meeting in Equestria, where Starlight tries to talk Sunset into letting her visit the human world:
    Sunset: You really think Princess Twilight would be okay with that?
    Starlight: I don't know for sure that she wouldn't be okay with it
    Sunset: That's not a particularly compelling argument.
    Sunset: Well, I've never seen you in that world, so... chances are you aren't gonna run into yourself...
    Starlight: ...Is something you don't hear every day.
  • Sunset still trying to act like a human when she returns to being a pony. In particular, when Starlight hands her the new journal, she instantly drops it, then tries to pick it up with her hoof, forgetting about her horn.
  • Once Starlight turns into a human, she tries to keep herself from making a scene by "playing it cool". She flicks her hair, stretches her legs...and then hunches over and trots away on all fours with a "cool" look on her face. Naturally, everyone stares at her.
  • The Rainbooms find Juniper at the concession stand.
    Fluttershy: You work here?
    Juniper: As little as possible. [deliberately dumps popcorn on the floor and kicks it away]
  • After getting trapped in the mirror, Fluttershy claims to be freaking out a little bit, but Rainbow Dash points out she doesn't look very freaked-out.
    Fluttershy: It's sort of a deep-down inside freak-out...
  • While trapped in the mirror, Rarity once again gets her priorities a little mixed:
    Rarity: How could this happen on the evening of my very first movie premier? Of all the nights! Curse you, cruel fate!
    Rainbow Dash: Not our number one problem right now, Rarity.
    Rarity: Hm...true. But perhaps we can agree it is in the top five.
  • Watching a fully corrupted and transformed Juniper walking through the mall. Does she start destroying stuff while people start running away in fright? No, she hallucinates that the terrified mall-goers are actually her adoring fans, causing Juniper to wave at them and scare a child she thought wanted to take a picture with her.
  • Just as the mirror world is cracking up all around them, the girls have to stay on a very tiny surviving island of ground, and do so by clinging to each other into a pile with Applejack lifting them all. She has the Super Strength to do that, but balance is another matter. Thankfully, they are freed from the mirror right in time, and fall into a heap immediately — with poor Applejack on the bottom.
  • Starlight, Twilight, and Sunset rattling off their own pasts to explain how they can possibly forgive Juniper for what she did to them.
    Starlight: Manipulated an entire town into giving up their talents so they wouldn't think they were special.
    Twilight: Overpowered by magic I couldn't control and created a rift between two worlds, almost destroying both of them in the process.
    Sunset: Turned an entire school into my own personal zombie army in hopes of conquering a distant pony world.
    [Juniper stares in stunned silence]
    Pinkie Pie: Wow. We are a reeeaaally forgiving group.


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