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Funny / My Little Pony: Rainbow Roadtrip

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  • The race between Pinkie and Rainbow Dash. Especially since Pinkie chooses to be a Graceful Loser and accept fifth place (since Applejack, Fluttershy, and Rarity were at the balloon before they were).
  • Twilight decides to bring work to the Rainbow Festival.
    Twilight: Sorry. I just had to pack up a few books and papers to grade.
    Spike: And by "few", she means "slightly less than I'm able to lift"!
  • The "rainbow trout" that was advertised in the invitation is just a pony in a trout costume.
    • And he doubles on harmonica.
  • Pinkie and Fluttershy splitting off to see what they can do to help with the festival.
    Pinkie: Let's see. If fifty cupcakes makes a party, that means for the festival, we need... divide by two, carry the one...
    Fluttershy: More?
  • Kerfuffle introducing herself to Rarity.
    Kerfuffle: I'm Kerfuffle, spelled like it sounds, with a double "fff" for the fuff! I should really stop talking now...