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Funny / My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Sunset's Backstage Pass

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  • Most of the Running Gags Sunset has to deal with during her "Groundhog Day" Loop.
    • Rainbow repeatedly accidentally hits Sunset in the butt with a paddle, then apologizes and says she'll "be more careful next time". Eventually Sunset snaps that no, she won't, she'll just do it again tomorrow! Rainbow is confused by this.
    • Pinkie making the joke "what do you call a fan of PostCrush with three eyes? Pinkie Pie!" and none of the group gets it. During the final loop Sunset finishes the joke for her with the explanation that Pinkie Pie has three "I"s in her name, and now the group gets it and laughs.
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  • While in a bathroom stall cleaning paint off her clothes, Pinkie uses it to draw Rarity on the stall door. And she has a "pirate mustache".
  • Sunset loses track of Pinkie in a maze. She lures her out by leaving a trail of candy for Pinkie to follow to the exit. Her next attempt at using this plan with Twilight helping fails, as neither notices that Pinkie is between the two, picking up the candies after Sunset lays them down.
  • The tough-as-nails security guard whose line moves very slowly because "security is an art, it can't be rushed."
    • During one loop, he gets talking to Pinkie about how he missed out on getting a cat, and Pinkie angers him and they get thrown out. On the next loop, Sunset brings him a kitten, and he melts.
    • During the final loop, Sunset quotes the "security is an art" line within ear shot of him, and he fist bumps her as he checks her. This becomes a Brick Joke later when, after throwing them out again, he lets them back in, because these girls "get it" and obviously didn't mean to cause trouble.
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  • Twilight's Techno Babble about the time loop. When she gives the same explanation in a later loop, Sunset parrots it as she says it. And then parrots Twilight's response to Sunset parroting her. And parrots Twilight telling her to stop it.
  • Sunset ditches Pinkie to see PostCrush herself, and Rarity asks her how it was.
    Sunset: It was... perfect.
    Rarity: [scoffs] I was being judgmental, darling. What is the point of throwing shade if no-one's there to catch it.
  • Meanwhile, Pinkie went full "Party of One" off-screen and made a Sunset Shimmer doll out of junk to spend the day with.
  • After reliving the same day over and over, Sunset reacts with deadpan exasperation at things playing out the same way as before.
    • She narrates Snips tripping and splattering his ice cream over Sandalwood, and she pushes the latter out of the way of it as it happens. Snips questions why Sunset didn't just warn him — Sunset claims she did in a previous loop and he just called her a witch.
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    • She then thinks aloud it's time for the artist's girlfriend to break up with him as she begins to walk up to them, only to overhear Sunset.
      Sunset: Three-seventeen, saw the paint guy by the food truck right before he breaks up with his girlfriend. It's not you, it's her, I'm not a witch. I'm just gonna go.
  • When Sunset explains to the girls her predicament after, let's say Pinkie doesn't quite get it at first.
    Pinkie: Are you saying the calendar industry cooked up a conspiracy to make every day today just to save paper?!
    Sunset: No, I'm not saying that at all.
    Pinkie: You're right. It's too obvious.
  • Princess Twilight has a "copy and paste" spell to copy content from a scroll to a book. It takes the form of her using a quill as a mouse cursor to select the area of the scroll she is copying, completing with a dotted outline around the selected region, and then dragging it onto a blank page. The imagery of Twilight using magic to Photoshop-style copy and paste between texts is hilarious.
  • As the Dazzlings leave their van, Adagio questions if one of them left bread in the toaster.
    Aria: It's not my job to not start fires. [gives Sonata a knowing look]
    Sonata: How was I supposed to know you can't put tacos in the toaster?
  • The trio then catch Sunset in the act of searching their van, holding up the toaster as it pops up. Adagio actually sounds upset as she points accusingly.
    Adagio: Don't even think about eating our toast, Sunset Shimmer!
  • As the group discusses Sunset's suspicion of time magic at play, Aria quips "by the way, if there's Equestrian magic afoot here, we call dibs."
  • After Sunset uses her Touch Telepathy to find out that PostCrush was causing the time loop, K-Lo responds with "Pause. How...did you see my brain?" in a weirded out tone similar to a Flat "What".
  • When PostCrush tells Sunset and Pinkie they'll get them banned from the festival to stop them from interfering, they resort to using a drawing since everything except them resets every day. Su-Z brags that she is an art school dropout and can draw their faces so good every day they'll be banned forever. As she is in the middle of drawing them, Sunset and Pinkie share a nervous glance, then when she shows the completed drawing it looks like something a child could do. Pinkie lets out a Big "NO!", while Sunset just looks unimpressed by the drawing.
  • While Sunset and Pinkie are fighting PostCrush over the Time Twirler, the four of them accidentally end up moving their brawl onto the stages as the show begins. Once they realize they are now being watched the four have a moment where they all pause and look at the crowd in awkward silence, until Sunset quickly recovers and smashes the Time Twirler. Shortly afterwards the crowd starts cheering, apparently thinking it was an opening act for the show.


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