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Funny / My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Forgotten Friendship

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"Ha! I'd never make a face like that!"

  • Wallflower rivals Maud for champion of The Comically Serious.
    Wallflower: Excuse me.
    Sunset: I'm sorry. I didn't see you come in.
    Wallflower: I've been here for a while.
    Sunset: I didn't realize.
    Wallflower: I've been trying to get your attention for, like, half the song.
  • And shortly after, this.
    Sunset: I'm Sunset Shimmer. President of the Yearbook Committee and editor-in-chief. Do you want to join? We could always use extra help.
    Wallflower: I'm Wallflower Blush.
    Sunset: Nice to meet you.
    Wallflower: I've been on the Yearbook Committee all year.
    Sunset: Oh! Um...
    [Wallflower makes an "are you kidding me" face]
  • Princess Twilight's awkward attempt to "re-introduce" Sunset to Celestis.
    Twilight: (after several seconds of awkward silence of Celestia staring while Sunset cowers behind Twilight) Sooo, Princess Celestia... (laugh) You'll never guess who's back! Actually, maybe you can guess, 'cause she's right here. But, um... (beat, Twilight leans to whisper to Sunset) Am I helping?
    • Just as funny as it is heartwarming, is Twilight's squeaking grin after Celestia forgives Sunset.
  • Sunset Shimmer tries hard not to laugh as she listens to Princess Luna speak of Equestrian magic, as she's used to hearing Luna say things like "no student parking in the faculty lot", and then there is this gem which also gets Princess Twilight struggling not to laugh.
    Princess Luna: This faculty lot you speak of sounds like a place of great power.
It gets a Brick Joke later on, Vice-Principal Luna really does say that.
  • In the extended YouTube edition, when arriving at the Canterlot Library, Sunset is shocked to see the pony version of Flash Sentry standing guard outside, and continues in after glancing at him quickly. Twilight however continued in without pause, finally avoiding bumping into Flash.
  • Twilight's reaction to the restricted section of the Canterlot library. Every second of it. She starts hyperventilating. Sunset grins and says "Breathe, Twilight". Then there's this exchange.
    Twilight: So many books all unread! Ancient historical artifacts! I just... I thought... I can't...! [gasps for breath]
    Sunset: You sure you're up for helping me go through all this stuff?
    Twilight: [grabs onto Sunset and pleads with her] DON'T TAKE THIS AWAY FROM ME!!
  • Later, her fangasming is so funny that Celestia and Sunset share a look before the unicorn shrugs and the two start laughing.
    Twilight: Can you believe they have Canterlot Cantabiles Volume Thirty-One? You heard me! Thirty-One! Sunset, that's when it gets gooooood! [gasps as she sees another book] Over here!
    • The line gets better in a "Crosses the Line Twice" way if you initially mishear it as "Canterlot Cannibals".
  • It becomes very clear that while Twilight and Sunset are very smart, Sunset doesn't share Twilight's love of learning. At least not learning miscellaneous facts.
    Sunset: [bored] Did you know Chancellor Puddinghead tried to pass a law mandating earth ponies drink carrot juice at every meal? I do. Know that. Now.
    Twilight: Aww, sounds like you got to read all the fun books.
  • Sunset's reaction to finding out how Clover the Clever managed to continue the mission despite memory loss.
    Sunset: Clever! [beat] Oh... Clover the— Yeah, got it.
  • Before Sunset returns to the human world, she claims the reason she is doing so good is because she had a good teacher, referring to Princess Twilight. After the two hug, Princess Celestia angrily asks if that means she wasn't a good teacher. Sunset and Twilight both panic, before Celestia reveals she was just kidding. Sunset is amazed Celestia has a sense of humor.
  • Also, this exchange when Sunset prepares to leave.
    Twilight: I'll stay here and search the restricted section top to bottom until I find a way to get your friends' memories back.
    Sunset: If that's even possible.
    Twilight: Oh, it's possible. Even if I have to reorganize the whole library by subject. Or maybe chronologically! Oh! And fix the broken catalog machine. [pauses, regains composure] I'll figure it out.
  • Pinkie Pie trash-talking Rainbow Dash while playing volleyball with her. Then Rainbow Dash compliments Pinkie on her "game face", and Pinkie briefly goes back to talking in her normal cheerful tone.
  • Spike becomes jealous of human Twilight's camera drone when it hides from Pinkie Pie's intense speech, chasing it around. Especially after it brings him a can of dog food, he says to it, "You're the worst," causing it to fly away. Doesn't stop him from eating what it gave him, though.
  • From the deleted scenes: Rainbow Dash trying to pump up the volleyball game with dramatic commentary:
    Rainbow Dash: It's been a grueling afternoon, but here we are; the final match! Next point wins. A hush falls over the crowd of ten thousand fans...
    Twilight: [looks up from her book] Go sports!
  • When Sunset confronts Trixie at her locker, Sunset says "So, here we are." Trixie responds "Here we do are!" Trixie briefly considers what she's just said, then resumes a stern glare.
  • When Sunset confronts Trixie in the hallway, believing she's the one responsible for everyone losing their memories, she calls her a "blow-hard", though there is a small pause as if she wanted to call Trixie another word that starts with "B". Trixie still gasps as if Sunset did use that word though.
  • Trixie starts making a list of suspects and asks Sunset who in the school may be holding a grudge against her, and Sunset says that, if you go back far enough, it could be anyone. Trixie jots down "Known enemies: all."
  • Trixie and Sunset interrogate Nurse Redheart.
    Trixie: Has anyone come in complaining of memory problems in the last few weeks?
    Redheart: Not that I can recall...
    Trixie: You can't recall? [gasp] We're too late!
  • In the extended YouTube edition, Sunset and Trixie approach Micro Chips in the library and when he sees them coming he quickly tries appease Sunset by asking if she will accept a half-eaten carrot. Sunset is grossed out by this and tells him she does not want his lunch money or his lunch, but Trixie takes it and quickly eats it while thanking Micro Chips. When they ask him about how they heard he has been erasing memory he says he just erased a ton earlier, before it is made clear he is talking about electronics and not real memories. After that, Sunset and Trixie just give him blank stares before leaving without another word.
    Micro Chips: How come no one's ever impressed by that?
  • As Trixie and Sunset ask the other students about the Memory Stone, one of the students they ask is Maud. She admits she hasn't seen the stone, and can't tell them much about it from a drawing... except for a ridiculously long laundry-list of information about its geological make-up. As she goes on, Sunset and Trixie back away slowly with creeped-out expressions.
  • Princess Twilight losing her temper when her research into the Memory Stone hits a dead end. "I'VE ALWAYS BEEN GOOD TO YOU, LIBRARY!"
  • During Wallflower's song, Sunset sneakily snatches her backpack and searches it. Wallflower spots her and abruptly stops singing part way through.
  • Trixie tries to talk Sunset down during their initial confrontation with Wallflower: "Let's not antagonize the person with the all-powerful mystery rock!"
  • When Wallflower erases their memories, Trixie says as she comes to her senses "Hm, what was I saying? Well I'm sure it was something brilliant."
  • When watching a recording of the confrontation, Trixie fast-forwards though the whole song, and notes how long it is.
  • Human Trixie finally gets her Smoke Out trick to work in order to escape the locked yearbook club room... except she can't get herself and Sunset out at the same time, only succeeding in swapping places every time she tries.
  • Wallflower shouting how Sunset remembers she is responsible when she already erased the entire afternoon from her memories, and realizes Sunset's friends can hear her.
  • Sunset tries to talk Wallflower down but instead talks her into some Hypocritical Humor.
    Sunset: Listen. I used to be just like you. Sure, I was popular, but I was lonely.
    Wallflower: You're nothing like me, and I'm not lonely, because I have... plants! [beat as Wallflower realizes what she said] That sounded less lonely in my head.
  • It is in the middle of a sad moment for Sunset, since she has forgotten everything about the human world and is very scared and confused about where she is, but the look on her face when she goes through her magical girl transformation shows she has absolutely no idea what's going on.
  • Twilight tries to give Wallflower the typical In the Name of the Moon speech, but...
    Twilight: Wallflower! You have magic you do not understand! But it is nothing compared with the Magic of—
    Pinkie: Yeah yeah, we get it. LIGHT HER UP, LADIES!!!
  • Once their memories are returned, Pinkie Pie has a momentarily pained look, which is promptly replaced by a "Oooh, that feels good!" expression.
  • After the battle, Sunset is writing a letter to Princess Twilight and concludes it by sending her regards to Princess Luna "and, of course, my second-best teacher, Princess Celestia". Then she sheepishly adds "make sure she knows you're kidding about that part, though."
  • The ending. Everything's back to normal, everyone's getting yearbooks and we're seeing different pictures... then we get a Letting the Air Out of the Band moment when Rainbow Dash realizes the picture of the seven friends is right beside a picture of Bulk Biceps kissing his biceps.
    Rainbow Dash: [as she flaps the yearbook] Oh, come on! Seriously?!


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