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Funny / My Little Pony: FIENDship Is Magic

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  • The flashbacks of Sombra and Radiant Hope's childhood games together.
    Radiant Hope: (after pretending they'd been chased by a dragon, points at Sombra) He eated you now.
    Sombra: (indignant) He didn't! I used my magic spells on him!
    Radiant Hope: He didn't care. You're eated.
  • The entire musical battle between Star Swirl and the Sirens, with each inventing new genres of music and instruments in order to try and one-up the others. Star Swirl invents rap and electric guitar.
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  • The first flashback with Chrysalis takes place a thousand years ago. Spike remarks "why is it always 1000 years ago? That must have been one heck of a year." He goes "thank goodness" when he learns that the siege of Trot didn't happen 1000 years ago.
  • When one of her minions questions if the Trojan Horse tactic is really the best way to get back into Trot, Chrysalis says she'll eat her hat if it doesn't work. The minion then points out that she doesn't have a hat. She amends the statement to her crown. He's surprised it is a crown, saying he thought it was an antenna of some kind. She tells him to shut up.
  • In a bit of Black Comedy, Chrysalis is trying to talk her way out of being eaten by a dragon. One of her lieutenants suggests complimenting its fire breath, prompting it to demonstrate on the changelings. When Chrysalis and her army do escape, Chrysalis snaps "Nitwit." The lieutenant agrees, thinking she is talking about the dragon they just outwitted, only to find out Chrysalis was talking about the lieutenant; she chucks him into the volcano with one hoof and tosses his helmet to another changeling with the other.
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  • Chrysalis finally lures in Twilight into her castle-turned-prison due to appealing to her love for reading books and her hope to reform her, specifically asking for a Daring Do book that Rainbow has on her. When Chrysalis and her army break out, one of them takes the time to take the book with him.
  • At the end of Chrysalis' issue, after Twilight's royal mess-up:
    Rainbow: So... you're going to update your report [on the Changelings] to include the day you let one of Equestria's most notorious villains escape?
    Spike: I have a quill. I can write it in now!
    Fluttershy [angrily]: Who wants to tell Princess Celestia about this?
    Pinkie: Not it!
    • Their expressions (minus Spike, whose face is obscured by Twilight's wing) are also pure gold: Fluttershy, Rarity and Applejack are angry, Rainbow looks annoyed, Twilight seems to have just realized what she's done, and Pinkie... has a half of her face buried in the ground, but appears to retain her usual cheerfulness.


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