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"Oopsie, guess my easy bake confetti cake cannon needs a little bit more fine tuning."

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  • Pinkie making a balloon-Discord and, true to chaotic form, it springs a leak and zips away, causing Pinkie to go after it in a mad dash, disrupting Fluttershy's rehearsal in the process. Even when he's not in a film proper, good to know the resident draconequus can still be the cause of a little fun and chaos!
    Fluttershy: (in a knowing tone of voice) I don't think it's the balloon that's out of control, Pinkie Pie...
    • The actual Discord can later be seen partying with everypony else in the credits. It's completely random... just like him.
    • Fluttershy's rehearsal includes twenty-seven happy, singing birds — and one really annoyed-looking Angel Bunny in a bird costume. When the Discord balloon disrupts the rehearsal, the birds scatter everywhere, but Angel just moves a couple of inches and goes straight back to looking annoyed and bored.
  • Twilight freaking out right after a couple of ponies are talking about how collected she must be.
  • The princesses being visibly confused by Twilight's Techno Babble when she proposes her plan that all 3 princesses use their powers to give Songbird Serenade a light show.
  • Rainbow Dash tries to help Rarity decorate the stage for Songbird Serenade's show, and does a rather sloppy job.
    Rainbow Dash: Oh, come on! It's fine.
    Rarity: If you were raised in a barn! ...No offense, Applejack.
    Applejack: None taken. Especially since I wasn't raised in a barn. My family just happens to have a barn. Where I was born. And...spent most of my formative years...
    Rainbow Dash: (zipping past) Rrrrraisedinabarn!
    • Throughout the conversation, Applejack is refilling a cup for a free sample of apple cider, which Rainbow Dash constantly empties as she speeds by.
  • Fluttershy's weak "Yay" from "Sonic Rainboom" makes a cameo.
  • Big Mac going "Eeyup!" instead of "You got this!" can gain some giggles.
  • During "We Got This Together", Spike sings while his mouth is full from eating gems.
  • Pinkie Pie launching a huge cake into the air out of an enormous party cannon... whereupon it lands on Twilight, layer by layer, candle on her horn.
  • Twilight meets Songbird Serenade, who comes off as normal and down-to-earth... before striking a few dramatic "Sia" poses.
  • When Twilight Sparkle, still covered in icing from Pinkie Pie's experimental cake/confetti cannon, goes to greet an amused Songbird Serenade, she accidentally gets some icing on Songbird. The reaction of her bodyguards is pretty amusing.
    Guard 1: You have visual on buttercream?
    Guard 2: Visual confirmed, go for clean-up. (wipes the icing off Songbird's vest)
  • When the Storm King's air-ship arrives, Pinkie assumes it must be something good.
    Pinkie Pie: Ooh, those must be the clowns I ordered! (the airship carelessly knocks over a cardboard cutout of clowns) Or definitely not the clowns I ordered...
  • The arrival of Tempest Shadow and her troops results in the "death" of Brian, a balloon animal made by Party Favor.
    Party Favor: Brian! Noooo!
  • This exchange says a lot about Tempest and Grubber:
    Tempest Storm: Easy as pie.
    Grubber: Ooh, I love pie...
  • When it seems Tempest has successfully turned Twilight to stone, the smoke clears to reveal it's actually Derpy, wearing a party hat. The hat hangs by its drawstring, as though nervously saying "Yeah, this isn't the Princess".
  • When the Mane 6 fall down the waterfall, Grubber inquires the minions if they're going to go after the ponies. The minions merely give a grunt, which could be translated to a blunt "No".
    • Grubber then makes the excuse that he would, but he's already eaten.
  • The Storm King's Epic Fail introduction in the Crystal Ball-like substance — all while Tempest exasperatedly tries to help him adjust the "camera", like she's dealing with a Technologically Blind Elder trying to use a webcam for the first time.
    • The crystal ball has a sound-alike of Apple's Xylophone ringtone. Thus begins the extended cellphone joke.
    • Once he actually gets in focus, his Establishing Character Moment reveals he's Affably Evil goofball.
      The Storm King: Here's the deal; I'm in the middle of a big rebrand here. "The Storm King" is tracking well as intensely intimidating. But you know what? I need to back it up. You know what I need to back it up with? A STORM! That would be GREAT!
    • When the message ends abruptly, we get this very relatable pun:
    Grubber: Sorry, bad spell service.
  • When he tells Tempest he doesn't have Princess Twilight, Grubber tries to cheer her up with something else: "Sponge Cake". Naturally, it doesn't work.
  • Grubber making a Innocently Insensitive remark about Tempest's broken horn, saying it resembles a "chipped tooth on the top of [her] head".
    Grubber: And you know you don't look good in hats!
  • Tempest Tempting Fate when she muses how far six little ponies can get. A Gilligan Cut shows the Mane 6 and Spike out in a desert well beyond Equestria.
  • In the desert, Pinkie Pie, in a state of delirium, makes friends with the beaked skull of some poor creature that must've croaked in the desert.
  • The cactus sticking to Spike's rump, indicating that at one point, he must've mistakenly sat on a cactus.
  • Once the ponies come across Klugetown, Rarity demonstrates that she has her priorities straight:
    Rarity: You know what they say: Where there's a city... THERE'S A SPA!
    Rainbow Dash: Who said that?
    Applejack: In case you forgot, we're on a mission to save Equestria!
    Rarity: I can multitask.
  • In Klugetown, Pinkie tries to engage in trading, using all the stuff she has at the time, which includes: a picture of her sister Maud with Boulder, and a comb that has never been used before.
  • Capper convinces one of the inhabitants of the seedy port town that the ponies infected him with a disease called "Pastellus coloritis," and that his body parts are about to fall off. He immediately reaches for his crotch. The nearby female Klugetown citizen also looks down at him and wails in horror.
  • Rarity instantly taking a shine to Capper naturally makes Spike a little green with envy.
  • When Capper is in disbelief there's such thing as a "Rain-Boom", Rainbow Dash almost demonstrates it. Capper stops her and convinces her he'll take her word for it. Why? He, Spike, and the Mane Six are all still inside his windmill. Rainbow was about to pull off a Sonic Rainboom inside somebody's house.
  • Capper denying the large mountain in the distance when his cover is blown:
    Capper: Objects in window may be less mountainous than they appear.
  • Verko getting all up in Tempest's face. She reacts as much as you'd expect when he asks her if she does tricks. What tops it off, even though her magic deliberately roasted him, Verko thinks it's a good trick.
  • The ponies' escape from the town has a few funny moments as well, like Applejack's "Ah'!" with each bounce of the detached windmill they're hanging onto for dear life, or the very prominent squeaky-toy noise they make when they dismount and fall onto a nearby rooftop.
  • Grubber has a swell time elaborating to Capper on how his fate is "up in the air".
    Grubber: Oh, you're gonna go on a SKIFF! Which is a BOAT! Specifically, a AIR boat! (to Tempest) We make a great team. I love it how you said his fate was up in the air, and I said, "You're GONNA be in the air in the air boat!"
  • The crew of Celaeno's ship discuss what to do with prisoners, hitting on each of the Mane 6's worst weaknesses.
    Crew Member: We should scar them.
    (Rarity squeals with terror.)
    Crew Member: Emotionally.
    (Fluttershy bursts into tears.)
  • When the cast get caught on Celaeno's ship, the parrot pirates are prepared to make them walk the plank, only for the lunch bell to sound off, making them stop for lunch. To Twilight's confusion, she and her friends also get pulled into the room to join the lunch break. Rainbow Dash then bluntly asks why they suddenly stopped for a lunch break when they were about to throw them overboard, prompting Twilight to give her a Death Glare, basically telling her to shut up.
  • For lunch, Celaeno and her pirates have slop with bird seeds in it. But it turns out, they have pudding. Rarity is relieved... until she learns the "pudding" is really more of the same slop with bird seeds.
  • Celaeno reveals how she and her crew were previously pirates. Underneath the propaganda poster of the Storm King, there lies a flag with a skull and crossbones. It's Pinkie Pie's response that sells it.
    Pinkie Pie: Hey! I met that guy in the desert!
  • As Rainbow Dash starts her rallying speech, Twilight keeps trying to get her to shut up:
    Twilight: Rainbow Dash, this really isn't the best time for a—
    Rainbow Dash: (singing) I know the world can get you down...
    Twilight: (face-hoofing)
  • Despite how calm and collected he can be, seeing Capper fall to pieces when Tempest discovers the Mane Six's route to Mount Aris—in a completely different direction from where he was taking her—is priceless.
    Capper: Really? Mou-Mount Aris? I didn't even... Well, that's my mis— I didn't know that they... Mount A— My bad, I didn't, that's my, I'm sorry, I'm very very sorry.
  • While hiding under the pirates' deck, Rainbow asks sheepishly if Tempest might have seen the Sonic Rainboom.
    Twilight: (furiously) Are you kidding me?!
  • The Mane Six bail out of Celaeno's airship with a bunch of cargo. As they're falling to their doom, Pinkie Pie screams for a few seconds, but bursts into a grin and starts giggling gleefully, as if riding on a roller coaster. Rarity is screaming as well... but stops just long enough to check her hair in a mirror that's falling near her. She then proceeds to fall in a more dramatic fashion, throwing a hoof to her forehead and screaming in a more theatrical fashion. Applejack goes from panicked to unamused the moment she sees Rarity do that.
  • When Twilight gathers the others into the falling basket she is about to MacGyver into a hot air balloon, Rainbow Dash smirks and prepares to help her, as if to say "Aww yeah, time to be awesome!" Then Twilight puts her in the basket too. Rainbow pouts.
  • Twilight giving Spike a surprise Heimlich Maneuver to blow fire into the descending hot air balloon to slow its descent.
  • Rarity doing her usual Drama Queen schtick as the ponies struggle to climb to the top of Mt. Aris.
    Rarity: We HAD to crash the balloon at the BOTTOM of the mountain! I simply CANNOT... EVEN! I have NOTHING! THE BAD GUYS HAVE WON!!!!! (collapses) I'm so sorryyyyyyyy-y-y-y!!
  • Princess Skystar going ahead with telling the Mane 6 what happened to the hippogriffs, despite her mother's insistence that she should be telling the story instead.
  • Skystar's response to Applejack pointing out that the hippogriffs fled from the Storm King. Skystar denies it, then confirms it immediately after.
    Princess Skystar: We didn't flee, we swam. Y'know, in order to flee.
  • The Mane Six getting turned into sea-ponies... while Spike gets turned into a blowfish, and is so freaked out about the sudden transformation he inflates himself.
  • Skystar has two clam shells for friends, Shelly and Sheldon. They even have google eyes glued on.
  • When Capper returns, Rarity is less than impressed:
    Rarity: (angrily) Well! Look what the cat dragged in! Himself!
  • After Capper tries giving them a rousing speech, the Mane Six are all excited at his describing the perfect people to fight the Storm King... except Applejack:
    Applejack: Now don't get too excited. He's just talkin' about us.
    (Everyone else groans.)
  • Spike's comment on Capper, the pirates, and Princess Skystar rallying together to help the Mane Six:
    Spike: That's it, right? We didn't make friends with anypony else?
  • Although it's a sad moment at this point seeing Equestria enslaved, there's a Blink-and-You'll-Miss moment. While Songbird is singing, look at one of the Storm King's minions:
    • (A) He's getting a massage from one of the enslaved ponies.
    • (B) The pleased expression on his face.
    • (C) He's using another enslaved pony as an ottoman for his feet. And even with her muzzle covered, she clearly has a strained expression that says "This is going to be a long enslavement."
  • "LET’S GET THIS STORM STARTED! Ooh, hey, that's good. I should trademark that."
  • After the Storm King he manages to take the princesses' magic, he starts fiddling around with it, constantly changing night into day. He then starts manically playing with the two celestial objects while doing a giddy little dance set to an ominous soundtrack.
    The Storm King: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday! Day, night, day, night, day night day night day night sunrise sunset de-de-bup-bup-bup-bup-bah-bah-bum-bum-bum!
  • In order to rescue Twilight, the remaining Mane Six and their new allies attempt to sneak into Canterlot by having the ponies pretend to be Capper's prisoners, with everyone else hidden in a giant cake. When the guard allows them in, Pinkie ends up excitedly smiling, and Applejack reminds her that she looks way too happy for a prisoner. This causes Pinkie to switch to an over-the-top frown.
  • Grubber helping himself to the Trojan cake. When he samples a piece, one of Celaeno's crew members, Squabble, looks back at him. Grubber momentarily wonders "Who puts eyeball in cake?"
  • Pinkie Pie fights against the Storm King's troops the way only Pinkie Pie can: assaulting them with cupcakes and laughing maniacally as the Storm Guard collapses and smears pink frosting on the wall like blood.
  • During the climax, while all of the other heroes are laying the smackdown on the Storm Guards, Fluttershy attempts talking to one with kind words and asking him if he simply has any problems he needs to get off his chest. After the rest of the battle plays out and the heroes decide to press forward, we see Fluttershy consoling the same guard who has now broken into tears!
  • There's something rather funny about Princess Skystar spending the whole movie being a bubbly, cute sea pony princess...and then turning out to be able to physically overpower the Storm King's mooks and throw them around without losing that personality trait.
  • The Mane Five, Capper and Spike reach the castle courtyard only to be surrounded by Storm Guards - then Capper has a brainwave. Cue improvised Spike!flame thrower and Capper cackling like a true Pyromaniac.
  • The Storm King kills the mood when Twilight realizes her friends came back to save her:
    Tempest: What? How?
    Twilight: It's... it's the Magic of—!
    Storm King: (sugary falsetto) Yeah, yeah! Friendship and flowers and ponies and blehhh...
  • The Storm King (again) manages to cap off his short, fairly generic-sounding evil speech in a hilarious way, complete with fist-pumping and pelvis-thrusting:
  • The Storm King betraying Tempest is as cruel as it is hilarious.
    Storm King: Get with the program! I used you! *casually* It's kinda what I do.
  • While it's Played for Drama that he's about to kill Twilight and Tempest, the Storm King's Pre-Mortem One-Liner basically mentions the name of the singer in this movie:
    Storm King: See ya.
  • How do the Mane 5 make it to the castle past the tornado? Two words: PARTY CANNON!
    • One has to see it to believe it, but most of the Mane 5 are all uncomfortably crammed into the canon, whilst Pinkie Pie is the most excited to be blown from it.
  • A slightly dark example, when Songbird Serenade says "To celebrate the fact that we're all still here in one piece"... right after the Storm King turned to stone and shattered to pieces. And seems to have had his pieces disintegrated when Canterlot was restored.
  • The Stealth Pun in Songbird Serenade's song that refers to her actress: "I can see a rainbow."
  • In the end, Princess Skystar and Queen Novo have a happy reunion. And then Queen Novo, still smiling, tells her daughter she is grounded for using the pearl without her permission and for sneaking off. Skystar's expression says it all.
  • Near the end of the movie, it's revealed that "Tempest Shadow" isn't her birth name. The terrifying-looking unicorn with the fractured horn who serves at the right hand of one of the most sinister villains in the series was born as Fizzlepop Berrytwist.
  • There's plenty of humor in the credits to go around:
    • During the credit of Tara Strong as Twilight Sparkle, it's shown that Twilight still can't dance.
    • Tempest/Fizzlepop can't quite dance either. She instead substitutes dancing for jumping and doing kung fu kicks.
    • Also during the credits, the Storm King is shown having been crudely put back together on the dance floor before once again falling apart. Either he's still alive and tried to put himself back together, or the ponies put him together like that to mock him.
    • Spike trying to eat Captain Celaeno's crystal peg leg. Later, we see her peg leg wrapped in bandages.
    • Photo Finish takes a picture of Squabble, the wall-eyed member of Captain Celaeno's crew. When she takes the picture, he looks handsome, and his picture-self winks at the audience.
    • Tempest/Fizzlepop and Grubber playing with a Storm King pinata. Tempest swings and misses, then goes "forget it", takes off her blindfold and just blasts the thing open.
    • Shelly and Sheldon are in the credits too. Literally; they fly in from the sides and smack into the text, displacing it sideways.
    • Capper and the Storm Guards lined up for a kick dance.
    • Apparently, there really is a Queen of the Hippos. This, however, could just be a prime example of the credits being non-canon and not meant to be taken seriously.

  • On top of adding an extra layer of heartwarming to the film, the official Adventure Awaits journal is packed with knee-slapping lines:
    • This part regarding Twilight's love of list-making, and Spike meticulously keeping track of it all.
      Twilight: I feel like I had a million things to do.
      Spike: Nope, just two hundred and eighteen things!
    • Pinkie Pie's instructions for party-throwing:
      Pinkie Pie: Extra-special tip for beginners: Try NOT to have an army of evil Storm Creatures invade at the last minute. This is a total party foul and may make your festival seem just a teensy bit less "fun" and a lot more "totally scary chaos and destruction." JUST A HINT!
    • Pinkie writing about how she and her friends all fell down the waterfall to their doom.
      Spike: But it wasn't to our doom, Pinkie. We're all still here, remember?
      Pinkie Pie: SHH! SPOILERS!
    • Twilight gives Spike full credit for finding the road to Klugetown.
      Spike: Fell face first onto it is more like it, but hey, I'll take the credit.
    • Capper invoking "Move Along, Nothing to See Here" when they get to the part where he tried selling the Mane Six into slavery.
    • Twilight tries getting Pinkie to realize that what was "fun" about their daring escape from Klugetown for her was "horribly traumatizing" for everyone else.
    • While recounting the time Rainbow Dash made that Sonic Rainboom that nearly got everyone caught, Tempest thanks her for making things easier for her. Capper is quick to add that Tempest "wasn't thrilled" when she realized he was leading her in the wrong direction thanks to Rainbow. From her reaction, it's clear no one has been letting her live this down, and probably won't for some time.
      Rainbow Dash: Did I say that I was sorry about the Rainboom yet? I'm really, truly sorry about the Rainboom!
    • When Twilight's friends infiltrate Canterlot:
      Skystar: Sneaking into a castle disguised as cake, partnering up with pirates, fighting monsters...the surface world was even better than I imagined! I couldn't believe how much I'd been missing out on!
      Rainbow Dash: Jeez, that's like, a Tuesday for us.
      Capper: Have I mentioned that you ponies are crazy?
    • Fluttershy calling the Storm King "a mean, awful, terrible, mean...MEANIE!!"


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