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My Little Pony: The Movie (2017), My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (IDW), My Little Pony: Equestria Girls

This page stores speculation pertaining to the 2017 My Little Pony movie.

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     Pre-release Pre-Trailer theories 

If this turns out to be the Grand Finale, the Mane Six will all become god-level alicorns like Celestia and Luna.
Then we'll get a beautiful Tear Jerker scene where Celestia and Luna ascend and literally become the sun and the moon, so that Twilight and her friends can take their place as rulers of Equestria.

It will be Darker and Edgier than anything seen in the series beforehand.

We'll get a twist ending that's basically St. Elsewhere meets The LEGO Movie.
Everything fades to live-action, and all of the characters become plastic toys. We see a red-haired girl named Lauren playing with them. Her parents are surprised at how creative her ideas are, and suggest pitching her idea to Hasbro when she grows up. There would also be some Reality Subtext here, given that Lauren Faust based the character's personalities off of the ones she gave her toys.
  • That would be really cool. Especially if the little girl's mother was played by Lauren Faust herself, and the father was played by Craig McCracken.

The movie will be a Grand Finale to Friendship is Magic, but will set the stage for a new series taking place in the same universe.
The franchise is Merchandise-Driven, so Hasbro might want to introduce a new cast of characters. At the same time, this generation has been very popular with both intended and unintended audiences. The movie will end the current series, but will introduce characters for a new series. The Mane 6 will make appearances in the new series.
  • So... My Little Pony: The Next Generation?
    • "Mister Hoof, arm photon care-packages. Security teams stand-by to love and tolerate."
  • My Little Pony: Rebels
    • Jossed. Season 8 was announced already.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders will get their cutie marks.
And, going on the above WMG, they'll be implied to be the next heroines of Equestria.
  • Jossed. They already got them in Season 5. That doesn't mean that they can't become the next heroines of Equestria, though.

Alternatively, the villain will be a realistic, dictator type with little to no magical powers.
Each villain in the series ends up being more menacing than the previous, and the most menacing villains are always the most realistic. Therefore, it would make sense for the final FIM villain to be the most realistic, and therefore the most menacing.
  • So, Starlight Glimmer turned Up to Eleven?
  • Or Palpatine, who will order the extermination of the Element bearers in a variant of Order 66 using G3 and G3.5 ponies.

Possible ideas for the basic plot.
Suggestions are welcome.
  • Everypony in Equestria has disappeared, save for the Mane Six and Spike. Now they have to find out what happened to them.
  • Spike receives a scroll saying his parents are alive, but being held by a Skullequus called Sludge in the Shadow Continent overlooking Tartarus. On advice from the Princesses, the Mane Six and CMC follow Spike.
  • A Big Bad Ensemble is formed of some, if not all the previous villains from the show, led by some sort of Evil Overlord.
  • All of the major cities and towns of Equestria (like Ponyville, Canterlot, etc.) are destroyed by a disaster, and now the ponies have to migrate to find a new region to settle. In the end, the Mane Six convince them to go back and rebuild their homes.
  • Celestia and Luna go on vacation, and allow Twilight and her friends to temporarily take their place. Then a huge disaster occurs, and Twilight has to stop it herself, without help from Celestia. In the end, Celestia and Luna return and reveal that this was a Secret Test of Character, to see if the Mane Six were capable of ruling in their place.
  • The Mane Six, lead by Twilight, have to travel together to find a rumored artifact that will help them in overcoming some new threat, which has already taken over Canterlot. The threat reaches Ponyville before they can return, so the show's secondary, tertiary, and background characters take it upon themselves to defend the town.
  • The Windigos from the Hearth's Warming Eve story unexpectedly return and the Mane six has to return to the old pony kingdom to find out where they really come from.
  • The Big Bad has destroyed all the one-hit friendship blast emitters and is building a Death Star and dark army to completely blow up Equestria. The popular background ponies steal the Big Bad's plans, warn the Mane 6 about them, and team up with the 6 to destroy both the army and the Death Star with more action and flair than all the villain episodes combined.
  • Sweetie Belle would later have a crush on Spike, and Spike gets confused on her feelings. Later on, either Spike or Sweetie Belle gets kidnapped by the big bad, so the one who stayed have to save the other. May also end on a "I don't know who to choose!" question for Spike, but Rarity might give Spike a push to go for Sweetie Belle for now.

Each of the Mane Cast will get a basic character arc that they'll have to resolve.
Maybe they'll each be dealing with an Elephant in the Room that has been around for most of the series. Some possibilities include...
  • Twilight will be nervous over the idea of possibly becoming immortal. At the end, it's left ambiguous over whether she'll become immortal or not, to avoid angering fans.
  • Applejack will be trying to get over losing her parents long ago, unaware that her father is a Darth Vader Clone relentlessly hunting down the Mane 6 just to see her again. Then she'll learn that her remaining family (including her friends) work just as well.
  • Pinkie Pie, after annoying the others with her crazy antics for the umpteenth time, will be harshly called out (most likely by Rainbow Dash) and will run away in tears. Eventually, she will realize that, while it's okay to be fun-loving, there is a time for work and a time for play, so she'll return and both her and the others will apologize.
  • Fluttershy throughout the series appears to feel more empathy for animals than her friends. Maybe it could have her resolving this?
    • Maybe she could have a sort of Friend or Idol Decision scene where she's torn between rescuing her friends or a small animal (like a bird, a mouse, or a butterfly). She ends up rescuing her friends, but ends up feeling sad about the animal. Thankfully, the animal gets rescued by another one of its kind.
  • Spike (if we can include him) will be depressed over the events of "Dragon Quest", questioning the fact that he comes from an Always Chaotic Evil species. Then he'll meet a wise older dragon who debunks this idea.
  • I haven't thought of ones for Rarity or Rainbow Dash, unfortunately.
    • Mind if I make some suggestions?
    • Rainbow Dash gets frustrated with the fact that her friends, especially Fluttershy, get in the way of quick and decisive action. In the film, this comes to a head as the plot is a Race Against the Clock, so she continues without the rest of the Mane Six. She later gets into a jam and the others have to use their abilities to rescue her.
    • As the conflict in the story continues to escalate, Rarity becomes despondent, believing that her fashion talents are simply frivolous and unimportant. With some encouragement from Spike, Rarity realizes that her ideas can inspire people, and makes a dress for Twilight that has an Ermine Cape Effect. Combined with a Rousing Speech, Twilight successfully rallies the citizens of Ponyville.

Princess Cadance will give birth.
Either she'll do it close to the beginning, and there'll be a subplot where Twilight deals with her new baby niece/nephew (like in The Rugrats Movie), or she'll give birth at the end, and her pregnancy itself will play as a major subplot throughout the film.
  • Jossed. Baby Flurry Heart is born early in season 6.

Possible guest stars.
Lots of movies based on cartoons (like The Rugrats Movie and The Spongebob Squarepants Movie) have had at least three celebrity guest stars in secondary roles, and this might not be an exception. Possibilities include...
  • Jack Black. He HAS been confirmed to be a fan.
  • An actor who was in G1
  • Another Star Trek actor:
  • So far, Kristin Chenoweth has been confirmed as a guest star.
  • Emily Blunt is also confirmed to appear.
  • Syo Jinnai. As Enter's actor, he will portray a secondary antagonist.
    • Unless he can do his lines in English perfectly, Jossed.
  • Pop singer Sia is confirmed to play a character with the name Songbird Serenade. Her cutie mark is a ring of rainbow hearts, very much like Coloratura's. With that in mind, plus her name and the fact that she's voiced by a famous singer tells us what her special talent is. It's baking, of course! It appears she'll be a pegasus with a look much like that of her voice actor.
  • James Earl Jones as Appledad aka Darth Apple.
  • All six Cimorelli sisters as the "Other Mane six" (i.e. Lyra, Bon Bon, etc.), in addition to them singing the movie's OP (See below).

There will be a Shout-Out to the series finale of Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • This would fit in with the above-mentioned WMG of Celestia and Luna ascending, and Twilight and her friends taking their place.

If the film is adventure-based, what previously unexplored places will the characters visit?
  • Saddle Arabia
  • Maretonia
  • The unnamed area with the igloos (seen in the upper left-hand corner of the Equestria Map)
  • Mustangia
  • The Zebra Homeland
  • The Old Pony Homeland
  • Cutie Markine (Tattooine)

The film will make a Call-Back / Continuity Nod to literally every single episode of the series.
That's right. Every one of them.

There will be a Creator Cameo from Lauren Faust as her OC
While she hasn't worked on the show since the second or third season, a cameo from her would be cool, perhaps as an overlord similar to how she and Hasbro treated in EQUESTRIA GIRLS.

The film will have a literal Bookends.
The closing shot (right before the credits) will be a reverse of the opening shot of The Mare in the Moon, with the camera zooming out as the book closes.

The Mane Six will be Decoy Protagonists.
The real protagonist(s) will be...
  • Spike
  • The Cutie Mark Crusaders
  • Celestia and Luna
  • A new pony
  • Megan
  • Doctor Whooves and Derpy
  • Vinyl Scratch
  • Octavia
  • Trixie

Sunset Shimmer will make a cameo.
Maybe sending some sort of distress signal to the Mane Six, warning them of the Big Bad.

The movie won't be the series finale, but it will bring about a major twist...
If any fellow Tropers have ideas, feel free to post your examples here.
  • The "Celestia and Luna become their respective celestial body and the Mane 6 take over" WMG above, the show will then focus either on the politics or on a new set of protagonists
  • The Beginning of a New Myth Arc that deals with malevolent forces that try to sever friendships
  • The Sealing or Ascention of the Mane 6, also leads into to a new set of protagonists
  • The beginning of a new Myth Arc that starts of the next generation, making G4 the first generation to be a prequel and G5 the first generation to be in the previous' continuity may involve offspring of the Mane 6 or the CMC and of course, a Time Skip
  • The CMC get their cutie marks, and their role changes to helping other foals find their talents.
    • Jossed. They got their cutie marks already in Season 5
  • The above-mentioned twist of the entire series being a young Lauren Faust playing with her toys.
  • The villain might be Celestia and Luna's father, I heard a rumor that the villain's name is Cosmos.
  • The movie may have a somewhat Bittersweet Ending, in which the Mane cast all survive and save Equestria, but still end up parting ways.
  • The Big Bad will free all the evils trapped in Tartarus and convince them to join him in his quest for world domination.
  • The movie will have a Evangelion-eque Gainax Ending that will set up a much Darker and Edgier tone in the following season.
  • This animated Star Wars movie with ponies was only the prologue of a Mysterious Empire Myth Arc. In a completely different TV show that begins production shortly after, The Empire will strike back with rejected Power Rangers monsters.
  • The Big Bad, revealed to be the creator of the show's big villains, is killed off in the past, completely resetting the timeline to one where they had never been created.

The film will end with a remake/cover of "There's Always Another Rainbow''.

The film will be a retelling of the pilot.
Considering that the pilot hasn't aged well yet showed a lot of potential, it will be made into a full-fledged movie.
  • Jossed. It's a brand new story.

The film will be a feature length remake of Rescue at Midnight Castle.

Twilight will lose her wings somehow.
She'll spend the movie trying to function as a regular unicorn again. By the end of the film, Celestia will give them back, along with making the other Mane Six alicorns as mentioned above.
  • Darth Apple (see below) will be the one to cut them off.

Characters who Kristin Chenoweth might voice.
Suggestions are welcome.
  • The main villain, whoever that turns out to be. Bonus points if Dove Cameron plays her daughter!
  • Celestia and Luna's mother, seen in a flashback.
  • An Expy of Glinda who helps the Mane Cast.
  • Scorpan's descendant who feels Tirek was in the right and tries to free him.
  • A special guest at Ponyville's big party.
    • All jossed–she's playing the seapony Princess Skystar.

The villain will be called Alicron
Just for fun.

Unlike the usual TV-Y rating of the show, the film will be rated PG or possibly even PG-13

The exact details of how Applejack's parents died will be brought up
While too dark a subject to be covered in the series, a theatrical feature film is a whole other matter. In the case of her father, he is rebuilt as Darth Apple (see below).

If the movie have a Big Bad, It will be a Straw Nihilist, or at least, an implied G-Rated Straw Nihilist
And the Aesop will be "Friendship is more meaningful than you think, and you can still enjoying the life as long as you have friends". G-Rated of course, it's not like the creators wants make the movie too depressive nor too dark for the kids.

The movie will be the Grand Finale for the entire franchise, or at least this generation.
Because G4 has already been running for too long. The movie itself would resolve all the remaining loose plots in the cartoon, show, as the theory above proposed, Celestia and Luna ascending and Twilight becoming ruler of Equestria, while the rest of the Mane 6 could simply be shown as adults, with families and children.
  • Jossed. Season 8 has already been announced.

My Little Pony will win the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.
Because, well, what else is coming out that year? Cars 3? The Croods 2? Another Grinch movie? The only animated film of 2017 that could possibly compete is Pixar's Coco, and even with that, Pixar may or may not have recovered from their Dork Age by then.

Alternatively, the movie will at least get a nomination for Academy Award for Best Original Song.
Considering what Daniel Ingram is capable of, it'd be a crime if he wasn't nominated.

Frank Welker will voice a character.
He's worked with Hasbro many times before (most famously as Megatron), plus he's managed to do some non-Scooby-Doo stuff in recent years (like a brief appearance in Wander over Yonder), so it's not too far-fetched. Maybe he could voice either Celestia and Luna's father or Starswirl the Bearded.
  • It's possible he'll play Stratus Skyranger, a hippogriff guard who will evidently be a minor character (as we only have a toy of him so far, and he doesn't have a Celebrity Voice Actor).

The movie will deal with dimensional and/or time rifts.
Because Starlight Glimmer excessively meddled with the fabrics of space and time for her pettiness, it's bound to create one or more rifts in the ponies' dimension. The Big Bad, if there is any, will be a Bill Cipher-like deity taking advantage of these rifts to bring forth the apocalypse. He/She will essentially be Discord turned Up To Eleven in comparison to the Discord we know and love. Starlight Glimmer will then have to own up to her mistakes and fight the villain by herself if the Mane Six fail to defeat him/her. This also risks Starlight into losing the respect of her genuine friends and potential family if the villain calls her out for her past actions right in front of the townspeople or Equestria's higher-ups, considering that time travel is not a toy.

Humans will show up.
At least in a short gag. Actual humans, not the Equestria Girls kind.

One of the Mane Six will become pregnant and give birth.
Yeah, I know, really crazy, right? But we haven't gotten a pregnancy episode yet (they had a chance to do so with Cadance, but for some reason, they decided to skip to after the foal's birth), and this would be a great (and status quo-changing) opportunity to do so. The question is, which of the Mane Six would this plot be best-suited for?

Equestria will get destroyed
With the Big Bad's very own Death Star.

A character gets Killed Off for Real
The most obvious choice is the world-threatening Big Bad.

Megan will be one of the main protagonists.
And though this is wishful thinking, I'd hope that the main villain would be (in the tradition of more memorable MLP villains being expies) both human and an analogue of Handsome Jack...or Lothar Rendain, on of the two, or maybe a human who's an analogue of Jack and a right hand man who's a pegasus and an expy of Rendain.

Euzeth Gozzo will be the Big Bad.
And he will claim responsibility for every major threat to Equestria. Honestly, how many other baddies from other series was this guy behind?

There will be a Littlest Pet Shop short before the movie.
Jossed: There will be a [1] short instead.

Each of the Mane Six will be forced to fight an evil counterpart of themselves.
The Final Battle will be more epic than the entire Avengers movie.
This movie will definitely go all out with the action scenes.

The Princesses will perform their own Death Star trench run, blasting away TIE Fighters on the way to the reactor core.

The popular background ponies will be part of The Cavalry, channeling their fandom-granted superpowers to slow down the Big Bad's army.
Before the big background pony battle, the Big Bad's army will capture the Mane 6, take them to a colosseum full of droids and insectoids, and tie them to poles. This is where the BG ponies come in. Lyra, Bon Bon, DJ-PON3, Doctor Whooves, Minuette, Octavia, and Derpy will all whip out their weapons at once to beat down said enemies and free the Mane 6 one by one to let them join the carnage. At the end of the battle, DJ-PON3 and Octavia behead both the droid and insectoid leaders.

The movie will deconstruct the entire series.

Twilight will perform a Heroic Sacrifice in the final battle, but the magic of friendship will save her from dying.
She will fly into the Big Bad's mothership's core and empty all her magic into it at point-blank range, destroying it from the inside out. As the now-exhausted Twilight falls to her apparent death, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy will catch her.

Alternatively, she will convert herself into energy to power up her friends and turn the tables. After the Big Bad is destroyed, the power-up is reversed to bring Twilight back.

The movie will reuse the whole original theme tune (with new lyrics, of course).

There will be a Disc-One Final Boss.
The apparent Big Bad will be a normal pony who leads several evil Kaijin to Equestria. After being captured at the halfway point, it turns out she's good and that said Kaijin destroyed her whole civilization. The true Big Bad created the Kaijin, captured the Princesses, and used a hologram projector to frame said Disc-One Final Boss for both.

The Final Battle will span the entirety of Equestria for 30 minutes.

The movie will involve a full scale invasion of both Equestria and the EQG universe.
I discussed this with my friend Power_Play, who thought of this theory. How else would you explain the portal between the two worlds cracking at the end of Legend of Everfree?

Rarity will battle a giant crab

This movie is actually a prequel covering the events directly before the first episode.
These are many of the same people behind the original The Powerpuff Girls, after all, and that movie was made as a prequel with the intent that it's not required viewing but is still significant to world-building. Then again, they might not want to do the same thing twice. In general though, I don't think anything in the movie will be required viewing, due to different accessibility.
  • Seeing as Twilight is an alicorn in the trailers, Jossed.

The series will continue to go on as if the movie didn't happen, albeit perhaps with some minor changes.
This has been par for the course with western animated TV series that get movies. It's the case with SpongeBob SquarePants (twice), Rugrats (three times), South Park, The Simpsons, Doug, and The Powerpuff Girls. The only one I can think of that actually ended with a movie over the past 20 years is Recess. (I'm speaking strictly of movies with theatrical runs though, so stuff like Ed Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show and Wakko's Wish don't count.) This show is still quite obscure in the general public, as much of a splash it made when it first came out. As much as it broke out of the Girl-Show Ghetto, it's still no Breaking Bad, Archer, or even Rick and Morty in terms of public awareness. A wide-release theatrical movie will give the series a lot of mainstream exposure, and the new money it brings in means there's no chance the show will end there. At the same time, the movie audience is pretty different from the TV audience, where there are plenty of people who watch movies but don't watch TV and people who watch TV but don't watch movies. To keep things comprehensible, all of the aforementioned series just keep going as if the movies didn't exist. I don't see why this one would be different, unless they're banking that heavily on the existing viewers.

Derpy will be important to the storyline.
She will reveal that the Big Bad and his troops destroyed all the remaining one-hit friendship blast emitters prior to the movie. Similarly to Yoda, she will teach the Mane 6 the ways of the brony fandom's action-oriented side.
  • Indeed, Derpy does play a major role - by taking a petrification spell meant for Twilight Sparkle, narrowly averting a villain victory in the very first moments of action.

Applejack's presumed-deceased father will appear as a Darth Vader Clone called Darth Apple.
A flashback will faithfully recreate Anakin's transformation into Darth Vader: After being left for dead in a waterfall, Appledad falls to the dark side, beats up a bunch of youngsters, gets curbstomped by Octavia in a Battle Amongst the Flames (making this image Hilarious in Hindsight), loses a foreleg to her cello bow, and catches fire before Doctor Whooves picks him up and rebuilds him with a suit containing a mobile life support system. Darth Apple uses the Force with his reapplied foreleg and holds Darth Maul's twin-saber in his mouth. Throughout the movie, he will relentlessly hunt the Mane 6 down. While publicly feared and shunned in-universe due to his new appearance, all he really wants is to meet his beloved daughter again.

Emily Blunt's character will be the Big Bad
Blunt has described her character as a "nasty pony".

The Big Bad will be a revamped Grogar
While it being a G1 villain makes sense over all, Grogar would probably work the best. Why? Tirek was a Composite Character of several villains, but not Grogar, Grogar's arc of being an ancient evil slowly returning to the world would make sense for an epic movie, and Grogar was one of the most terrifying, powerful, and competent villains in G1, which would fit the feeling of an epic movie.

Princess Celestia will be decisively killed off
Hasbro has a history of killing off loved leaders in their theatrical releases. In the G.I. Joe animated movie, we saw the surprisingly graphic, bloody death of Duke, being speared in the heart by a snake. Plus, there's always the many deaths of Optimus Prime. Consider how many times Celestia was worfed. For bonus points, the aforementioned Darth Apple will be the one to (accidentally) kill her in self-defense, finding Equestria's lack of security disturbing.
  • No. Just no. This would cause all sorts of continuity errors with the series. For instance, Season 7 will still be airing when the film is in theaters, so it'd be confusing to see Celestia dead in the film and alive in the remaining Season 7 episodes. Plus, imagine the Continuity Lockout that would result for people who haven't seen the movie and are wondering why Celestia is mysteriously absent in Season 8.

Luna and/or Moondancer will use Bayonetta's version of Fly Me To The Moon as a Theme Music Power-Up

DJ-PON3 will fire an Orbital Bass Cannon

The movie will have a heavy metal villain song
The closest the show has gotten to this is the heavy section of "Welcome to the Show" in Rainbow Rocks. A full blown metal song in My Little Pony would just be insane!

Octavia will perform the Goldion Cello technique
She will pound her cello bow into a magic golem's heart, rip the heart out, turn her cello and entire body golden, and hit the golem with her cello so hard that the golem Disappears into Light. For bonus points, the original Goldion Hammer music will play during this scene.

This movie is actually a remake of A New Hope...WITH PONIES!
Just giving a logical conclusion to all of the Star Wars WMGs on this page.
  • Of course, Hasbro has access to both franchises.

Dove Cameron will eventually get a role.
Her role will be the daughter of Kristin Chenowith's character. This is only applicable if Kristin Chenowith's character is the Big Bad.
  • Apparently jossed-Kristin Chenowith is playing the daughter this time around, and she certainly isn't the Big Bad.

An adult Flurry Heart will appear.
In order to prevent the bad future that she came from.
  • Said future will be similar to the one depicted in Terminator.

The movie will start with a Star Wars opening crawl.

Applejack will use an extra-long super rope and apple bombs to destroy AT-ATs in the same way as in The Empire Strikes Back.
Tie up the legs with a rope, trip it, then Rider Kick it in the neck. Alternatively, cut the belly open with a lightsaber and stick an apple bomb into it.

The Mane 6 will combine and transform into a Megazord.

Octavia and DJ-PON3 will fight an alicorn cyborg wielding seven lightsabers - of course, using lightsaber versions of a cello and CD.
An easy way to top General Grievous and his four lightsabers.

Lyra will wear golden gauntlets that give her all the abilities of GaoGaiGar except for Goldion Hammer (Cello, see above)

Theories involving Capper the bipedal anthropomorphic cat.
This character looks like nothing we've seen in the series previously, so he seems ripe for WMG material. Speculate away!
  • Capper is the sole survivor of a faithful Order 66 recreation.
  • Capper is the movie's Han Solo, a bounty hunter joining the Mane 6 for the money.
  • Capper will be pretending to be the Mane Six's friend but will trick them and hand them over to the Big Bad for his own interests.
    • For bonus points, Capper will freeze the Mane 6 in carbonite first and sell them to a clone of Jabba The Hutt so the "Other Mane 6" can rescue them.
  • Capper will betray the Mane Six, but will then have a change of heart and rescue them.

Tempest Shadow had her horn cut off with a lightsaber.

The Storm King will be a Palpatine Expy.
An obvious candidate to use Force Lightning and battle fleet-destroying Force Storms, and a massive dark army.

Capper will be part of Captain Celaeno's crew.
From what little we know at the moment, Celaeno is almost certainly a captain in the Wooden Ships and Iron Men, golden age of piracy sense, and a smarmy-looking character in a patched-up greatcoat would certainly fit in, visually if nothing else, in that kind of setting.

Celaeno is a harpy.
She’s an anthropomorphic bird creature, and Celaeno was the name of an actual harpy in Greco-Roman myth.

Tempest Shadow will be The Dragon
Since the Storm King is the most likely candidate for the Big Bad.
  • At the very least there does seem to be a naming pattern going on — Tempest Shadow, the Storm King. Her toy reveal also shows she has the Storm King's symbol emblazoned on her armor, giving this theory a bit more support.

Instead of Rebecca Shoichet doing the opening song from the TV show, Cimorelli will do the Movie opening song.
It would fit, considering both the Mane 6 and Cimorelli are both groups of 6, and what better way outside a cameo in the movie (See above) than to top it off with Cimorelli's take on the theme song to open up the movie?

The Storm King isn't the Big Bad
He'll be driving most of the plot but will end up overthrown by the true Big Bad of the movie.
  • One theory is that Princess Skystar is the real villain who wants to convert the entireity of Equestria into seaponies using some kind of spell and flooding the world with an ancient artifact the main cast was initially going to protect. It turns out that the Storm King was trying to keep it from being misused.

The Storm King's magic will focus on Weather Manipulation.
Names in the show tend to be pretty indicative of what someone is like or of what they do, and the Storm King's name seem to be the kind of title one gets after they've already become notorious, so perhaps his power will center on controlling storms and gales.

A large part of the movie will take place on and Under the Sea.
We know from the release of Princess Skystar and Queen Novo that seapony royalty will be showing up in the movie, and Hasbro released some pictures a while ago showing an elaborate coral palace beneath the sea and of Rarity and Rainbow Dash in the shape of seaponies, swimming along with two others. Besides that, Captain Celaeno is fairly clearly a pirate of some sort (and Capper may or may not be as well), while the Storm King and Tempest Shadow seem to at least have a thematic link to storms and tempests. On the whole, it wouldn’t be surprising if the movie turned out to have an oceanic theme when it comes out.

Princess Skystar and Queen Nova will be relatives of Celestia and Luna.

The movie will be nothing like Star Wars.
Because no one's suggested it yet.

Tempest Shadow will be a Take That! against "edgy" original characters.

The Storm King is Grogar
His color scheme and Appearance definitely harken back to the G1 villain. It's highly unlikely that he was named "The Storm King" when he was born, so it's likely that it's just a title he gained. Also, in G1 he was the leader of a city named Tambelon, which would work well considering that the movie will mostly take place outside of Equestria.

There will be counterparts to important ponies in the Sea Ponies' land.
Princess Skystar and Queen Nova already seem like this for Celestia and Luna.

They will be backup singers for Songbird Serenade.

There will be an updated version of Call Upon the Sea Ponies.
With the show known for their songs and the Sea Ponies being involved, it will be good to do this.

Capper is smaller than he looks.
We haven't seen him next to the Mane Six yet. He might actually be about the size of an actual cat on its hind legs.
  • Jossed - the trailer shows him standing next to Rarity and being about twice as tall as her.

Tempest Shadow is a tragic and sympathetic Anti-Villain who will make a Heel–Face Turn.
The fact that she has a Dark and Troubled Past linked to her broken horn and (presumably) the scar on her face makes it very likely she was captured by the Storm King and forced to work for him. She's getting a song, which I'm betting will be a tragic lament about how she wishes to be free from his grasp. And one of the promotional images shows her with the Mane Six and her horn repaired, implying that they rescue her and fix her horn.

Tempest Shadow will go pod racing.
Her Guardians of Harmony toy has what appears to be a Cool Starship.

The Storm King is a reincarnation of V.V. Argost.
A yeti-esque creature who wants to steal a form of magic and Take Over the World? Come on.

SpongeBob and Patrick will cameo during the seapony segments.
And later play a part in the final battle using their superhero forms from The Spongebob Movie Sponge Out Of Water.

Tempest Shadow will be a Shadow the Hedgehog parody and/or expy.
  • If we're lucky, she might drop a "damn" in there for extra edge.
    Twilight Sparkle: Tempest, listen to me! The Elements of Harmony can't all be used by one pony!
    Tempest Shadow: Nopony tells me what to do! This is WHO I AM!
There will be a reference to Undertale in the movie.
Specifically, minor references in dialogue to the neutral-ending fight with Omega Flowey and the 7 human SOULS.

Princess Skystar is the real villain.

Tempest Shadow and Capper will work together or at least interact.
Tempest being the Straight Man and edgy Deadpan Snarker while Capper is the Mad Bomber type who doesn't take anything seriously - at least until one of them performs a Heel–Face Turn.
  • There's actually a bit of fanart out there depicting this.

Grubber will speak only by Blowing a Raspberry.
  • Jossed - he speaks normally in the trailer.

There will be cameos from Transformers and G.I. Joe characters
Similar to how My Little Pony: The Movie (1986) was intended to have cameos from Optimus Prime and Shipwreck.

Tempest Shadow is a former seapony, and is a friend/relative of Princess Skystar.
From the merchandise revealing that the Mane Six will be turning into seaponies, it's logical to assume that seaponies can be transformed to walk on land. If we look at Tempest, her mane looks distinctly fin-like and, in fact, quite similar to Skystar's. It's also known from PonyRadioCon 2016's movie panel that the seaponies have faced the movie's villains before. Since we later found out Tempest is among the villains, and appears to be the only pony villain to speak of, the odds of her connection to the seaponies are high, especially the main seapony characters.

When ponies are captured in the opening, there will be a parody of the famous Omaha Beach scene.
But without any blood or gore. Instead, a unicorn is shown holding her severed horn, dark magic bolts fly like bullets, and a pegasus is trying to keep the feathers from falling off her cut and burnt wings.

Discord will appear in a post-credit scene where he directly tells the audience to go home.

The movie characters will eventually appear on the show...
... and similar to the Hercules animated series, most of, if not all of, the Celebrity Voice Actors will reprise their roles as their respective characters.

The movie will be successful enough to trigger a resurgence in theatrically-released 2D animated films

Twilight will Force Choke someone

Something, be it a misunderstanding, conflicting ideas, or general stress of the situation getting to them, will cause the mane cast to split up/break off their friendships with one another, only to regroup during the final battle.
Because, really, given the theme of the series so far, this appearing to be a Big Damn Movie and general skitting with this plotline in the past with certain episodes, it'd be more shocking if this didn't happen in the movie.

Capper is related to Catrina.
Maybe he'll mention this in the movie somewhere. ("The only reason I'm a con man is because my late Aunt Catrina forced me into the crime business as a kitten," or something like that.)

Rainbow Dash will copy Quicksilver's Bullet Time run
Alternatively, Twilight will use Witch Time.

A reference to Flim and Flam will be made.
Capper is described as an ex-con man so it will be mentioned he worked with or was rivals with Flim and Flam or Applejack mentions them herself when she learns about Capper.

Possible post-credits scenes if they are used:

There will be My Little Pony-themed movie posters parodying other movies
The Spongebob Movie Sponge Out Of Water did the same thing, with posters parodying Jurassic World, Terminator Genisys, and Fifty Shades of Grey. Considering the show itself loves to make pop culture references (even referencing things like The Big Lebowski and Pulp Fiction), The Movie could do the same, with the following being ripe parody material...

The Storm King is an Evil Counterpart to Pinkie Pie.
  • The previews for the prequel comic shows him breaking the fourth wall and cheerfully talking about giving his army a Pizza Party or a Funny Hat Day. Enough said.

The Storm King will have Stormtroopers

The Mane Six will not transform into actual seaponies
The preview image showing them alongside Queen Novo and Princess Skystar showed some noticeable physical differences between the Mane Six's transformed states and the natural-born seaponies. The Mane Six had a fin at the base of their tails showing their cutie marks, which Novo and Skystar lacked (in fact they lacked Cutie Marks of any sort); their front legs ended in hooves in the same way as they do in their regular forms, while Novo and Skystar's "arms" ended in fins instead; and Twilight and Rarity kept their unicorn horns, instead of acquiring the luminescent "lobes" that Novo and Skystar had on their foreheads. As such, it is likely that they were technically transformed into "mer" or aquatic versions of their regular selves, rather than actually turning into seaponies.

The lobe-like structures on the foreheads of seaponies like Queen Novo and Princess Skystar are the equivalent of unicorn horns, and can be used to channel magic

The Mane 6 will finish the final battle similarly to Bayonetta's.
Dancing for a while and chanting in Enochian, they will materialize a giant alicorn to literally punch out the Final Boss, whose soul then burns up in the sun.

This movie takes place between Seasons 4 and 5.
Unless the next trailer (or the movie) gives Starlight Glimmer an appearance, this is what I'll assume.
  • Jossed - Starlight makes a cameo in the trailer, cheering on Trixie as she's performing.

     Pre-release Post-Trailer Theories 

While in her hippogriff form, Princess Skystar will fall in love with Stratus Skyranger.
  • Jossed. Stratus Skyranger didn't appear in the final movie, beyond perhaps as a background character.

The sea ponies were originally hippogriffs.
This came to me after seeing Skystar as a hippogriff in the trailer. First of all, doesn't it strike anyone as odd that an aquatic character is named after the sky? Secondly, there is a Spear Carrier in the trailer's first interior shot of Seaquestria who has a similar color scheme, head shape, and armor style as Stratus Skyranger, a hippogriff. Third, it's already been established that Queen Novo has the power to transform land creatures into sea creatures, so shouldn't the inverse be possible as well? Fourth, look at the sea ponies' "ears". They look an awful lot like feathers, don't they? And finally, it was established since PonyRadioCon 2016 that the sea ponies have faced the Storm King's forces before. If you look at the Storm King's map in the prequel comic, you can see the land of the hippogriffs in the general area. What better place for an aerial race to hide from an airborne threat than underwater?
  • Another clue has come to my attention: a PDF of Guardians of Harmony toy descriptions explicitly states that the hippogriffs are loyal to Queen Novo.
  • Confirmed.

One of the villains will turn out to have killed Bright Mac and Pear Butter.
Thus making things very personal for Applejack.
  • Jossed.

Tempest Shadow will become a Dragon Ascendant.
Considering the heavy amount of focus Tempest got compared to the Storm King in the first trailer, and how she's already set up as The Heavy for his army. Plus, the Storm King is Affably Evil and concerned with Pragmatic Villainy compared to the much more serious and straight-forward Tempest. With this in mind, Tempest will betray and/or seize power from the Storm King and be the villain the Mane Six ultimately have to defeat to save Equestria.
  • Jossed. She was the one who was betrayed, not the other way around.

The Storm King acquires his staff during the prequel comic or the film.
  • Notice how during the first issue of the prequel comic he is never shown having his staff? Perhaps it's an artifact to enhance his power that he acquires during the later issues or during the film.

Why Tempest is after Twilight:
  • It's a Red Herring. the Mane Six thinks Twilight is the one she is after but it turns out to be someone else from the group who may have something the armada is after.
    • Jossed.
  • After her Alicorn Magic.
    • Confirmed. Tempest needs the power of all four princesses of Equestria to power the staff.

Tempest, Grubber, and the Storm King are meant to parallel Twilight, Spike, and Celestia, respectively.

This might be a bit of a stretch from just watching the trailer, but bear with me.

We can presume that this “troubled past” that Tempest’s bio speaks of has something to do with her broken horn. She could have been a gifted unicorn (not unlike Twilight), but her over-ambition as a filly led her to tamper with a dangerous spell that damaged her horn indefinitely. Ashamed with what she (and possibly others) perceived as an imperfection, Tempest distanced herself from the other fillies and colts, learning to rely on physical prowess and strategy to work around obstacles.

We can assume that the Storm King approached her around the time she was a young mare. Similarly to how Celestia saw potential in Twilight for her magical abilities, the Storm King saw potential in Tempest for her physical and thinking capabilities. However, being a villain, the Storm King didn’t take in Tempest as his student because he wanted to raise her into somepony great, but because he knew he could use her in his conquests. He pretended to be kind to Tempest, encouraging her to push beyond her limits. Tempest would be fooled by this deceit in her desperation for acceptance, eventually fostering a strong admiration and loyalty to the Storm King.

There is little we know about Grubber (although a prequel comic to the film does confirm that he used to be a low-hand member of the Storm King’s army before being “promoted” to second-in-command), but I noticed something else in the trailer. He shares all of his scenes with Tempest in the footage, appearing to act as her sidekick. Being the sidekick shouldn’t automatically make him a parallel to Spike, but if the prequel comic suggests as much, he likes being helpful. Furthermore, like a certain dragon, part of his character seems to pertain to him being a big eater. It certainly wouldn’t be farfetched to assume that the Storm King saw fit to pair him with Tempest as an assistant; an occupation Grubber seems to take pride given his enthusiasm in “introducing” Tempest to the soon-to-be conquered ponies in Canterlot. It’s quite possible that Grubber even admires Tempest in the same vein that she admires the Storm King.

Perhaps at one point in their adventure, Twilight and/or Spike will notice the amount of respect Tempest gives Grubber and Grubber’s loyalty to Tempest. Twilight would have more of an incentive to try to persuade Tempest to turn against the Storm King. Tempest would rebuke the princess’s attempts at getting through to her at first, insisting she has no need of friends, only for Twilight to point out that she does have a friend in Grubber. Tempest would deny it, as her loyalty goes to the Storm King first and foremost. Of course, like any other typical villain, the Storm King will most likely try to dispose of Tempest after achieving his goal, by which point Grubber will display his own allegiance to Tempest. This show of friendship would be the final push needed for Tempest to change sides and help the heroes defeat the Storm King.

Seeing as they helped save Equestria, Tempest and Grubber would be pardoned, but Celestia would give Twilight the final say in what to do with the pair. In the end, Twilight will decide to take on Tempest and Grubber as her students. Her first task as teacher would be to send Tempest and Grubber to a place in (or beyond) Equestria where can learn more about friendship—maybe even form their own little Mane 6 in the process.

The windmill scene in the trailer is a reference to Don Quixote
A town thinks that the windmill is a giant, and the Mane 6 have to "fight" the windmill.
  • Jossed.

Rarity and Capper will have Ship Teases together.
In the trailer you can see Capper staring down at her in a friendly way, hinting that some sort of chemistry will form between the two. However, he and Rarity will NOT be an Official Couple. Instead, he'll get with Rarity's cat Opalescence, which will be Played for Laughs, as a lampshading of the Furry Confusion.

The film will take place in an Alternate Continuity
For example, Canterlot is completely different from the show. Secondly, the film states Tempest Shadow is after the magic of all four Alicorns, despite there being five now with Flurry Heart. And it can't be before she was born, because Trixie and Starlight appear as friends in the trailer. So, my guess is that this film is in a separate timeline, one in which Flurry Heart was never born.
  • Maybe Tempest doesn't know about Flurry Heart, like how Tirek didn't know about Princess Twilight.
  • Alternatively, the movie takes between seasons 5 and 6. The movie started production before season 5 came out so this would make sense.
  • Given the Season 8 is supposed to have at least a few small references to the movie, it's likely that it will be canon (an on that note, it will probably be set between season 7 and 8). Looking at it from a metafictional point of view, Canterlot having different appearances between the show and the movie can be chalked up to different art styles — basically, you've got a theoretical "real" fictional setting or character, and each given work it appears in interprets it through a different lens shaped by its medium, technology, audience, budget, etcetera.
  • Jossed. It's confirmed to take place between Season 7 and 8.

Starlight and Trixie will fill the role of Those Two Guys.
  • Jossed.

Professional critics will ironically be less critical about the film than fans of the show.
Think about it. Bronies will be judging it as an MLP movie, and since the brony fandom is notoriously critical, they'll be constantly going "This is butchering Lauren Faust's vision! The plot is taken from this episode! What's Starlight doing here? (Insert character from the show) is OOC!"

The critics, on the only hand, aren't fans of the show, so they'll be judging it as a movie on its own, not an MLP movie. And if the plot and characterization is good enough (and given one of the writer's previous work, it probably will be), they'll probably enjoy it more than the bronies do.

  • As of the opening weekend, seemingly jossed. It went over well with the fans, but the critics were, well, critical.

Fluttershy's reaction when she first meets Capper will parallel her reaction to Spike in the pilot.
"Oh my gosh! A talking cat!" (pets Capper's head) "I've never seen a talking cat before! I just don't even know what to say!"
  • Jossed.

There will be at least one Actor Allusion to Kristin Chenoweth's role in Wicked with Princess Skystar.
  • Jossed.

Rarity will get into a fight with crabs during the Seapony scene...
... including one three times her size, as a very meta reference to the "Rarity Fighting a Giant Crab" meme.
  • Jossed.

Twilight and the Storm King will form a Good Angel, Bad Angel symbolism with Tempest.
Twilight is trying to convince Tempest to change and accept the magic of friendship, while the Storm King is trying to get her to continue working for him. It especially works because Twilight has wings (associated with angels) while the Storm King has his horned crown and trident (associated with Satan).
  • Bonus points if they somehow reference the famously funny scene in The Emperor's New Groove with Kronk and his shoulder angel and devil, with the Storm King trying to convince Tempest by doing a handstand or something similar.

Potential cameos (besides the ones already seen in the first trailer)
  • Babs Seed
  • Cheese Sandwich
  • Crankey Doodle Donkey and Matilda
  • Daring Do / A.K. Yearling
  • Derpy / Muffins
  • Discord
  • Ember
  • The Mane 6's parents (sans Bright Mac and Pear Butter)
  • Pinkie's sisters (Maud, Marble, and Limestone)
  • Steven Magnet
  • Sunset Shimmer (Likely as a photograph)
  • Thorax
  • Zecora

The Mane 6 and Captain Celeano will sing You Are a Pirate.
  • Jossed.

Black-and-Grey Morality will be a theme of the movie.
Maybe Celestia did something really bad to Tempest in the past.
  • This particular example probably won't be the case; going by Tempest's prequel novel and comic, her scar, missing horn and alliance with the Storm King are due to a nasty accident with an Ursa Minor and an ensuing feeling of alienation from Equestrian society.
  • Jossed. The movie follows the usual Black-and-White Morality of the show.

At the end of the movie, some seaponies will transform into hippogriffs and some won't.

Spoilers ahead for both the movie and Season 8, be ye warned.

From the preview material for the movie, we know that Queen Novo and the seaponies were originally hippogriffs and lived on/in Mt. Aris, rather than in Seaquestria where they do now. When the Storm King's conquest of the southern lands began to threaten them, Queen Novo used the magic of the orb to transform herself and her subjects into seaponies in order to seek refuge underwater where the Storm King wouldn't be able to find them. Now, it's fairly obvious that the movie will end with the good guys winning and the Storm King defeated. In this case, there wouldn't be any reason, strictly speaking, for the seaponies to remain such. If they only took their current forms out of fear for their safeties, there wouldn't be any logical reason for them not to want to go back to the bodies, life and home they were born to once the threat is over.

However, a panel at the 2017 Hascon confirmed that at least one seapony character, Silver Stream, will be showing up in Season 8. Given that the current impression Hasbro has been giving is that Season 8 will take place after the events of the movie, this implies that at least some seaponies will remain, well, seaponies. As a possible explanation for this, it may be that once the time comes for them to turn back, some seaponies will decide that they're too used to their new forms to want to turn back, or that they genuinely prefer being aquatic beings and living in the sea. Thus, while a majority of hippogriffs will return to their old forms, some will remain seaponies and show up as such in future MLP material.

  • Confirmed in "Surf and/or Turf". While many hippogriffs returned to their former lives on Mt. Aris, seemingly nearly as many chose to remain seaponies in permanence.

Alternatively, there were seaponies even before the hippogriffs transformed.
As an alternative to the WMG above (and again, potential spoilers ahead), the presence of seaponies in Season 8 could be explained by not all seaponies in the movie being transformed hippogriffs. It may be that before the hippogriffs had to flee beneath the ocean, there were two parallel societies living together — hippogriffs in Mt. Aris above and seaponies in Seaquestria below. When the Storm King began to threaten them, Queen Novo turned her people into seaponies and they joined their neighbors living below them. When the conflict will be resolved at the end of the movie, the seaponies that were born as hippogriffs will go back to being hippogriffs and the seaponies that were born as seaponies will remain seaponies.

Characters from the show like Starlight or Discord will be relegated to minor roles at best.
Since it's a theatrical release, the movie makers will likely try to make the movie a stand-alone thing, allowing both fans and non-fans to follow the story. As such, characters who are deeply rooted in the context of the show, like Discord or Starlight or the changelings, likely won't play major roles. That said...
  • Confirmed. The movie focuses on the Mane Six and a bunch of original characters, and the rest of the show's characters are relegated to cameos.

We will get a battle scene featuring a ton of the characters from the show.
Characters like Starlight, Trixie, Zecora, the CMC, Cadance, Shining Armour and Flurry Heart will all be involved in the Final Battle. It would be a great way to give us some Fanservice while also keeping them from making the plot too confusing for non-fans.
  • Jossed. The final battle focuses only the Mane Six. Instead, we get a ton of Fanservice cameos in the opening scene, before the villains show up (as well as during the Creative Closing Credits).

The Storm King is literally Donald Trump.
They are both powerful rulers who act like petulant children, and focus on branding themselves. Coincidence? I think not. As the result of a tweeting accident, he was sucked into Equestria and transformed into a storm creature. Good of an explanation as any for the Storm King's background.

In the film's aftermath, Derpy receives a medal of honor for her Heroic Bystander role offscreen
For one, she saved Twilight at the beginning of the film and for two, she is at least affiliated with the Wonderbolts. note 
  • The Season 7 premiere gave us the "Equestrian Pink Hearts of Courage", which were given to Starlight, Trixie, Discord, and Thorax for stopping Queen Chrysalis. So we know an appropriate reward exists, adding some weight to this theory.

Capper will become even more of a Base-Breaking Character than he is already.
Not because of his appearance or personality, but because of all of his little moments with Rarity.

Flurry Heart couldn't have been captured. Why? Because if she was, Twilight wouldn't have been needed. They would've already had four Alicorns. But it also wouldn't make sense for Cadence to be present without Shining and Flurry Heart, especially for a big major event like this. The only logical explanation is Shining Armor somehow managed to protect his daughter for three days in an enemy occupied city. Not only would it be logical, it'd finally give Shining his big moment.

Even if he wasn't in Canterlot but in the Crystal Empire, the guess is still valid. It means that he was able to keep the Storm King's army out. In fact, maybe this is where the Changelings were all this time, helping out with the defense.

The climax is an homage to Return of the Jedi.
After all of the Star Wars WMGs that were posted here, this much has been confirmed: Twilight convinced Tempest to make a Heel–Face Turn through The Power of Friendship, and Tempest saved Twilight by betraying the Storm King and pushing him off a fatal drop, nearly killing herself in the process. It's RotJ's climax with Twilight as Luke, Tempest as Vader, and the Storm King as Sheev.

Tempest will become the head of Twilight's royal guard

Princess Celestia already knew about the Sea Ponies
She was trying to tell Luna to find the hippocampi, not the hippogryphs!

The reason why the Dragons, Changelings and the Crystal Empire weren't asked for help...
All of Equesteria's allies were being invaded shortly afterwards and were pinned down. Doubly so for the Crystal Empire since Shining Armor has to protect his daughter from being used as Twilight's substitute for a 4th alicorn should the Storm King ever find out about the 5th alicorn.
  • In addition, while Dragons are getting on better terms with Equestria, centuries of tensions between the two nations would still be around. So, the Dragons would have no obligations to help free Equestria.
  • As for the Changelings, they might be able to help, but they became pacifistic and may hesitate before acting. In addition, their tech level is way below that of the Storm Guard, who are better armed and higher tech. An outright fight they can't overcome.
  • The Griffons may not be able to act as a whole since they're basically a failed state. Mercenaries may help, but more than likely want payment first. Twilight doesn't have the bits to pay for an army.
  • Yaks would likely help, by their tech level is too low to be effective against the Storm King's forces. In addition, the logistical difficulties of gathering an army, supplying them, and getting them across the frozen north on hoof within 3 days may be challenging.

The movie takes place in season 4
Ignoring Starlight Glimmer cameo, everything else kind of fits better in that time (yes, everything can be handwaved one way or another, but still):
  • Twilight is still unsure of her place as Princess of Friendship, because they haven't faced Tirek yet, nor they have solved any "friendship problem".
  • They don't ask for help of any of their multiple allies because they haven't met them yet. Also, at this point in time, Discord is only friendly with Fluttershy and the others don't trust him.
  • No Flurry Heart. Granted, she could be with Shining Armor, but still...
  • Rainbow Dash isn't a wonderbolt yet.
Although if this WMG really becomes canon, the show writers have to come up with a reason why the events of the movie are never given a mention in the later seasons, which might explain why Word of God states that it takes place between Season 7 and 8 despite that it would lead to a lot of Plot Holes in terms of the absence of the Mane 6 (especially Twilight) and Spike's Character Development from Season 5 to 7 and the huge number of Absentee Actors that would had made much more reliable allies than the hippogriffs. Not to mention, considering of the magnitude of the Storm King's impact on Equestria and the rest of the world, sweeping the events of the movie under the rug during Season 5 to 7 would be the equivalent of ignoring the impact of a modern Mongol Invasion in the real world and unwittingly make Equestria look like an apathetic Sugar Bowl of naivety that doesn't care about it's less than fortunate neighbours with the added bonus of making Celestia look like a complete moron for being out of touch with the events of the outside world.
  • To be fair, events from past seasons are rarely mentioned, unless they are very integral to a character (like Starlight Shimmer's past being brought every other episode). The reason doesn't have to be that convoluted: Capper, Tempest, Captain Celaeno and her crew could be returning everything that was stolen from the other kingdoms, like Abyssinia, even repairing them if they are in charge of the leftovers of the Storm King forces. And we almost never heard about politics in the series, so there's that too.

The Storm King's real name
Guesses are go!
  • It is something similar to his voice actor Liev. Maybe, Leivus?
  • Sheep. He looks kind of like one and it is a similar level of cutesy as Tempest's real name.
    • It also sounds like Sheev.

Despite the inconsistencies in the credits, the Storm Guards really did do a Heel–Face Turn and come to the Friendship Festival.
They had many reasons to reformMy guess is that, after the Friendship Festival is over, Tempest takes over as their leader and turn them from an army of conqurers into a friendship missionary group, rebuilding the lands the Storm King conquered and becoming allies to Equestria. Remember Tempest's line *All this power wasted on parties when there are far greater uses.* What better use than to spread friendship to the rest of the world on behalf of Equestria. Places like Kludgetown may become better places because of that.

Derpy really is "the last princess"
When someone said, "You got the last princess" it was really a hat tip from the creators that Derpy will be the last princess of Equestria. She will rule all with an iron, if ditzy, hoof!

Tempest Shadow gains her Cutie Mark after the finale, and it will be firework themed
We never see Tempest Shadow's Cutie Mark and as she lost her horn as a filly and is shown not to have one then it's entirely possible she never earned it. And this is because due to leaving Equestria and letting her resentment take hold she never learned her special talent. That is until at the end of the movie she realises her broken horn is VERY good at creating fireworks.

This would go a long way towards explaining Queen Novo's refusal to help fight the Storm King again, and why she'd rather keep everyone underwater forever. She already lost one of the most important people in her life to his clutches and is reluctant to risk it again(she notes that the Pearl could wind up in the Storm King's hands if she loans it to Twilight and company, in which case he and his army could use it to transform into something that could infiltrate Seaquestria).

It would certainly explain why he looks similar to Tirek. Tirek never mentions him due to the Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling dynamic or due to his Successful Sibling Syndrome. (He does have his own Empire, which one cannot say the same for Tirek) Or maybe even both.

Capper is the son of Cat R. Waul
Brown fur? Check. Green eyes? Check. Wears predominantly red? Check. Sneaky and has ulterior motives? Check (though Capper does pull a Heel–Face Turn by the end).My guess is that after the death of his mother, young Capper got sick of his father's obsession with trying to eat the mice of Green River, cut ties with him and moved to Abyssinia, abandoning the last name "Waul" and taking up the name "Dapperpaws" instead.

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