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Funny / My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Holidays Unwrapped

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  • While the other girls are busy with setting up the backdrop, making snow and putting it in place (or fighting with a raccoon over potatoes), Rarity's contribution is... knitting a scarf for their "snowman". Yet, she still treats it as if it were the most important thing of all.
  • Pinkie counts Adagio and Aria among her list of friends she names when making her souffle, but she is not heard saying Sonata's name. There is some serious irony in the idea that out of all three of the Dazzlings, the only one Pinkie isn't friends with, or at least the one she considers a friend the least, is the one that is the most similar to her.
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  • The Snowball Fight is played dead serious, with Sunset looking around the battlefield in horror as Shell-Shock Silence takes effect. Twilight tries to crawl to safety, Lyra and Bon Bon cower together behind a tree, Snips is taken down in a barrage of snowball fire, with the impacts actually sounding like bullets, and Photo Finish kicks a dog out of its doghouse to take cover inside. Extra Crosses the Line Twice points for Winona Taking the Bullet for Apple Bloom and her screaming in anguish while Winona gets back up cheerful as ever.
  • Granny Smith yells "Fire in the hole!" while ripping the corner of a juice box off with her teeth, as if pulling the pin from a grenade. She and her grandchildren take their snowball fights very seriously.
  • Sunset calls Flash Sentry over to protect her and Pinkie, and he begins to gush over finally being able to help on an adventure. The three of them run out and he throws two snowballs before slipping and falling over, with him lampshading how embarrassing it was. Though he at least gets a small bone thrown his way when the next scene we see him in has him nail Big Mac with a snowball.
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  • When Sunset is hit and falls, she groans weakly as Pinkie goes to her and asks if she's okay. Sunset is fine — she just fell on her keys.
  • Upon realizing the closed school means no toys for the kids, the girls are understandably horrified... until Rainbow Dash gasps and claims "that's worse than clothes!" - to which Rarity immediately takes offense. Her tone sells it.
    Rarity: W-wh... EXCUSE ME?!
  • Pinkie's plan to get Celestia out of the way to sneak into the school is to lure her outside with a plate of cupcakes. That (in Pinkie's Imagine Spot) Celestia starts snarfing down right then and there.
  • Twilight's idea to get the girls inside the school is to just call Celestia and ask her to let them in. It works.
  • Rainbow Dash's face as she tries to deal with Zephyr Breeze.
  • The group's gifts to each other.
    • Pinkie's gift to Sunset is a sequel to the game she played back in "Game Stream" — the one that Fluttershy crushed her in while Sunset screamed and cried in rage. Fluttershy looks excited when she opens it, while Sunset's face shows she remembers that original short.
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    • Fluttershy's gift to Applejack is a gold hammer. Which she absolutely loves and is practically Squeeing over in her picture with it.
    • Applejack's gift to Pinkie is a miniature party cannon.
    • Sunset's gift to Twilight is the giant stuffed parakeet they tried to win in Rollercoaster of Friendship. Both of them can't help but laugh themselves silly over it.
  • Rainbow protests about a time that Twilight got the group to dress up as a quadratic equation, the costumes were so awkward that Rainbow "could barely function". She's horrified to realize she just accidentally made a math pun.

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